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Author's Chapter Notes:

Decided to come back for round two cause why not. Hope everyone enjoys.

From Tom's ride he got curious as to what the city center (proper spelling mind you) had in store for him and used his super vision to look ahead. Coincidentally a marathon was taking place and he came right in time to see the first person cross the finish line.


Looking closely Tom could see that there were really only two people about to cross. The distant second was an absolutely drenched redheaded woman in a purple gear seemed on the verge of collapse. Far in first was a brunette man in blue and black with a sheen of sweat but not a drop on him.


This is nowhere near close, Tom though. I have to fix this.


Suddenly the woman grew a foot taller while the man lost one. The man looked back as the woman started to close the distance between them. A bead of sweat crawls down his face.


"No need to hurry," Cody said, "we're about to finish anyways."


Diana looks at him confused but too out of breath to reply.


"You're only hurting yourself," he said as he lost another foot.


She averts her gaze and grew in height and annoyance.


The distance between them had reduced to half of what Tom initially saw but he still wasn't satisfied.


The Cody's face was almost as drenched as Diana's now. Not only was this the hardest he pushed himself in the marathon, it was the hardest he ever pushed himself. He won countless races with so much ease he must have been born to win them. Holding onto that thought with all his might he screamed back "I don't know what you think you're doing but first place is mine!"


Diana glared at him, her lungs burning to respond. But she just scoffed at this three foot idiot talking down to an eight and a half foot person like herself.


The finish line was just ahead and Cody had only a small lead left.


He was infuriated. This race was supposed to be his and now it might not be. He only came up to this woman's knees but he was built to race and she wasn't. He deserved to win and communicated this and several profanities to the woman about to overtake him at the top of his lungs.


About three feet from the finish line Tom made his move and rapidly shrunk the man to one millimeter and watched with pride as the woman came first. Diana falls onto her hands and knees upon finishing tears welling in her eyes as she realized she did it. Despite everything she did it. But she still had one thing to take care of.


She took some deep breaths and adjusts herself into a sitting position. She took off her beaten shoes, the smell gagging her and some of the spectators. Then she took off her slick socks with a wet sound. Diana took a moment to enjoy the cool air on her burning feet before getting up and making her way to her abuser, socks in hand.


She stood above him as he continued to struggle across the finish line and bent down to get a closer look. She gripped both ends of both socks in each hand and put them half a foot above him. She wrung her socks as hard as she could, putting more emotion in this act than thought was possible. A torrent of sweat crashed down upon him. Cody fought hard against the putrid flood but vainly, waves of rank saltwater overtaking him for a moment before he breaks the surface again. Diana felt drops trailing from her fingers and knew she still had more. Readjusting her grip, she wrung her socks again and flicked the beads from her hands into the puddle to make the man suffer more. And suffer Cody did. The second smaller torrent struck closer than the first and made him gag on the sea invading his lungs and mouth. His tongue and nose was useless, overloaded by the scent and taste of dead skin, mold, and sweat. The massive drops were artillery fire all meant for him, no more like divine punishment because no war could ever deliver as much fury in these explosions as this ten foot woman squatting above him.


Diana looked at her work, a massive lake she had conjured to smite his ruin but to her a puddle of a puddle that didn't even seem to touch her bare feet. Satisfied, she prepared the final touch and screamed "Fuck you!" with all the air her fiery lungs could muster and dropped her socks on top of the puddle. Her pride welled as she stood up and put this man behind her, turning around to take her rightful place as first.


Off to the side was Tom who had willed himself there to witness justice firsthand and make it sweeter. With his superior senses he heard everything and knew how justice radiated from this moment. He had to make it more somehow, something worthy of song, and with that he grew the woman one more time. 50 feet, 100, even more but he wasn't paying attention to her at all. He was growing her to have as a consequence the growth of her act. Her sock and puddle grew with her until the woman was 300 feet tall and the sock stretching across the entirety of the road. The dingy white socks had spilled onto both sidewalks and even pushed aside the makeshift fencing. The puddle of sweat now a pool straining the storm drains with its might. The smell of decayed flesh forced back all observers except the miserable organizers who couldn't abandon their post and reporters covering the event. The sock and the moat before and after it would act as the final obstacle before the finish line. And with one last thought Tom shrunk the rest of the marathon runners to one inch.


Tom willed the smell to ignore him and started to look for a seat next to the new additions that he willed to be something that just happens sometimes in a marathon. Tom sat down at a good spot and finally saw the army of one inch runners finally catching up. He looked back to see the winner calmed down and basking in her glory. He was about to enjoy the rest of the race when his super eyesight caught something.


On the edge of the sweat puddle inches from the finish line was Cody who finally escaped his ocean of punishment. He might be small but he could still cross that finish line and Tom wasn't having any of that.


Cody had survived. It was hell but he broke land. The finish line was in the distance. He can still make it. Then a tremor made him lose his footing. Another tremor followed shortly. And then another tremor after that. Sure everyone his size was used to tremors but these were different. They were way bigger than the average person. In fact the only time he felt tremors like these were from the woman he was racing just earlier. More like her? And then he saw them.


Officers Lawson and Steiner had received an anonymous tip that Cody Wallace, famed nano racer, had been running in their very own city. There were rumors but it was only recently confirmed that he won his last one because of performance enhancing drugs. They had come to pick him up and have him return his earnings.


The blonde officer picked up the speck of a man and held him to her face.


"Cody Wallace, you're under arrest for illegally earning money from competitions. We'll be taking you to the station where you can kindly return what you've taken."


Officer Lawson then put the man on her right shoulder and told him "This is only your first offense so keep it that way."


That doesn't sound right, thought Tom. Let's try that again.


Officer Lawson took the man from her shoulder with her left hand and used her right to pull back the elastic on her pants and underwear. "You've got some balls coming into this town knowing what we do to any offenders here."


She held him above her deep sweaty abyss and was about to let go. "Oh and while this should be really obvious you wouldn't believe the amount of idiots in the world. Don't go near my poop chute." And with a snap of her pants she put him in his rightful place. They're work done, Lawson and Steiner move on the patrol the rest of the city.


Tom sat back and pat himself on the back for doing some good work. He showered himself in his own praises as he watch thousands struggle over Diana's socks. In the end, it took so long that the marathon had to shut down without a second finisher since it was in danger of going past its allotted time to operate. Diana helped by cleaning up her mess and shaking out her socks to quickly sort everything before the event organizers got in trouble. She got most of them out before putting her socks and shoes back on and head home. Tom feeling so proud of the justice he delivered ventured further into the city center to administer even more.

Chapter End Notes:

Hope someone else comes on for this cause it'd be a shame if it died. I suggest something with skyscrapers if you need ideas. No one really touched on them much. And may a request nano nose content for next chapter?

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