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Author's Chapter Notes:

Each world will be done in multi-chapter arcs, so that everyone's favorite female characters from each movie gets explored. Just wanted to clear that up!

Everything had happened so fast. One second you are at home, relaxing on the couch watching TV, the next you're enveloped by a bright white light and everything disappears. You feel like you're falling, and then suddenly everything goes black.....


(Some time later...)


You awaken to feel your head pounding and your vision slightly blurred. Everything is still bright from that light and your ears are ringing. Fortunately, you quickly regain your sight and the ringing stops. The first thing you notice is that everything looks bigger and very....computer animated looking. "Huh," you think to yourself, "This place looks kinda like a cartoon." Then you look down to see that, not only do you look computer animated yourself, but all of your clothes are gone! You look up to see what looks like a huge bed in front of you. Mentally, you piece together what's going on and you finally realized the obvious: you've been shrunk and sent to some other world!

Getting to your feet, you look around you and realize that, of course, you are in someone's bedroom. From the appearance of the massive (to you) bed and all the other furniture and decor that surrounded you, it looks like this is not only a girl's bedroom, but far too fancy for any young lady. No, it looks like a princess' bedroom, meaning that the building you're in is obviously some kind of palace. You make your way to a nearby window, and climb up to the windowsill to get a better look at where exactly you are. What you see surprises you.

The building you're in is DEFINITELY a palace, alright. A 19th century European one, to be sure. The courtyard seems full of people dressed in village attire and royal dresses. And yet it looks strangely familiar, somehow....

Suddenly, you hear the booming sound of footsteps heading to the bedroom door. You hop down from the window and hide underneath the bed, peaking out very carefully to see who was entering. The door opens, and your jaw immediately hits the floor as, gazing up, you finally realize why this place looked so familiar!

In comes the gigantic (to your size) form of Queen Elsa, from the movie Frozen, in her trademark ice-blue dress. You were half an inch tall in the kingdom of Arendelle!

Chapter End Notes:

The action starts next chapter, and the start of the arc for the first world. Don't get "left out in the cold"!

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