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Author's Chapter Notes:

I refuse to apologize for the many inevitable puns I make in the chapter titles.

"Are you sure that this is a good idea, Anne?" Paris asked timidly. "I mean, come on, now . . . she's on the track team. I don't feel like having a bunch of jocks on my bad side."

"Shut the fuck up, Paris, I'm not stupid. It's not like that bitch has any friends," Anne commented.

"Yeah, she's only on the team because she happens to be super fucking fast," Kayla snorted. "If she decides to stand up for herself, she could beat the fuck out of us."

Evy laughed. "Don't worry, guys. Diana has, like, a negative spine. She's a complete softie. She's never going to touch us- and if she does, she's more likely to hit on us."

Lynn and Becky looked at one another and made a face. "Dyke," they said in unison.

Tamara, Penny, and Rei peeked from around the corner. "Oi!" The British brunette called. "We found the locker! Number fifty-five, right?"

"Yeah, Penny," Anne called. "See?" She looked pointedly at the nervous Paris. "At least someone listens. Hey, Val, Andrea, Natasha! We found it!"

The entire group clustered around the small athletic locker, with a few legitimately grinning girls enjoying the prospect of their intended act of vandalism. 

However, they found themselves confused- not counting the ratty clothes the tall lesbian wore (which were hanging just outside an equally beat-up duffel bag), all that was in there was a small spray bottle: one so small that what had to be only a few spritzes left filled the container to capacity. The tiny bottle wasn't even large enough for a label.

Anne grabbed the small glass object with interest, before giving herself a half-spray on the wrist and taking a tentative sniff. "Perfume?" She said, mildly surprised. "The dyke landed a date?"

Kayla grabbed the bottle next, intrigued, spritzing herself lightly and testing the scent. "She's got good taste, though. This smells expensive."

Andrea grabbed it next, laughing and taking some for herself. "Probably why the bottle's so small. Couldn't afford a whole bottle, so she got this tiny thing."

Evy snatched it from her, giving herself a spray. "Andrea, don't make fun of the hobo dyke," she laughed, tossing it to Val.

Val spritzed herself, and gave the twins a spray each. "Guys, we're running out, here. It would be totally cuntish of us to take all of it."

"Which is exactly why we're doing it," Penny laughed, taking her spray to the chest before handing it off to Paris.

The short girl gladly gave herself a spray, her moral objections forgotten, before handing off to their group's admitted token minorities. 

Rei grinned widely, spraying Tamara before herself. "And that's the last of it. It's amazing, too, holy shit . . ."

The girls then set the empty bottle aside as they went to spray-paint the locker . . . until they realized that it looked higher up than it should. In fact, Rei could particularly recall Anne being taller than her, so why were the two girls seeing eye-to-eye now . . .

The twelve girls screamed in simultaneous horror as they realized they were shrinking- and, worse, with the exception of Penny, their clothes weren't shrinking with them- and even then, only the Brit's shirt followed her down to miniscule size, as evidenced by her skirt quite abruptly falling. 

They struggled to be free of the pile of clothing, but the lot of them spent far too long tripping over their own clothing, and heard the bell go off.

The track meet was over, and Diana would be returning- and hopefully the home team had won, because none of the miniaturized teenagers wanted to be anywhere near a frustrated titan.

Diana returned to her locker, and eyed the pile of clothing in shock. She quickly looked to find the bottle of shrink perfume, and shook it. "It's empty . . . FUCK! Can I GET a good DAY here, FUCKING CHRIST!" She shouted, punching the metal door to her locker, denting it slightly. 

The twelve tormentors gulped simultaneously. Not only had the school track team lost, but taking every drop of the shrinking perfume had only pissed this girl off more.

Suddenly, fingers the size of trees shuffled through the clothing, grabbing girl after helpless girl, finding all twelve and putting them on her locker. Meanwhile, she picked up the clothing and made shot after effortless shot into the trash can in the corner, hustling before her team made it back.

Once the girls' clothing was disposed of, she faced the dozen girls in her locker, none taller than 3 inches. "I spent three months saving up for that bottle," Diana said in a dangerous whisper, silencing any questions before they were asked. "Now, that bottle had twelve doses of shrinking spray. One dose takes you down to 1/23 your height, and can also be used to UNDO its own effects on someone who already shrank."

The girls' eyes went wide in terror as the implications hit them, but it looked like Diana wasn't done talking. 

"Now, maybe- just maybe- I wanted to test it for myself . . . but you used it all for yourself. That's fine, that's all well and good . . . I can do demanding giantess just as well as I do feeble tiny," Diana grinned, pushing long black hair away from her face and behind her ear, "but, you see, I bought that bottle to use it on myself. So, you girls are gonna work it all off."

"H- how?" Paris asked timidly, the only one not weighted down by terror and/or conscience. 

"I'm glad you asked," Diana grinned, blue eyes sparkling in glee. "For the next three months, while I work my ass off to afford another bottle, you guys are gonna do odd jobs for me. Think of it this way . . . the more I like you, the sooner you get to be a person. Until then, you are nothing. I give you jobs, and if you do them right, you might- I cannot stress the word MIGHT enough- get to go first when I bring you all back to normal. Fuck up, and I might forget about you, and wait a few days to turn you back into people. If you really piss me off, well . . . I think it was one of you that started the joke of running around saying that I stepped on you. Might not be a joke anymore."

"You can't do this to us! People will ask where we are!" Anne was emboldened to yell.

"People will be looking for people, or the bodies of," Diana grinned as she scooped the small ladies into her backpack. "If things go south, there are a million ways I could kill you without anyone but me knowing what happened. So, you might wanna learn how to put me in a good mood . . . or I might make my own fun when I get home."

With that thought, the twelve teens screamed as Diana's locker door closed.

Chapter End Notes:

Now, I've thought of 7 fates, but this means that 5 of these girls are getting ignored thus far. 

Maybe you guys could help me change that.

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