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Story Notes:

A year ago to do this day, August 3, I published my first vore story on this website. Called "Not-So-Happy Meals", it was a short 1 ch. story of a hot girl eating her bullies with a shrink ray that I had written several months before. The positive feedback on that story inspired to continue writing a prequel story called "The Party" that I had abandoned and the first chapter of that was released almost 2 weeks later on August 16 that introduced characters such as Tommy and started fleshing out the backstory more, giving birth to the Voreverse series as it is today. Over the past year, I have published over 96,700 words of stories onto this site. I experienced some relationship troubles along the way, especially to keep this series afloat but i'd do it all again for my loyal readers who have stuck with me since the beginning and have continued to review my stories. Thank you guys and girls, it really means a lot to me.

Id also like to announce that this will be one of the last stories in the Voreverse, which I plan on ending some time in Spring of next year. It's the 8th story in the series and i'd like it to go to 10, with the 10th one being a really big, long epic conclusion to everything that began a year ago today. And with that Ill finally post this story. I had this idea for a while and I hope you like the 8th story in the Voreverse, All-Nighter.

1. School's Out

It all began the next day, the day after they had almost been unknowingly digested inside Emma. Simon and Jenny arrived on their buses around the same time that Tommy pulled up to school in his Jeep.

            “Hey,” he said, strolling towards them from across the parking lot. “There’s my favorite girl.” He gave Jenny a kiss on the cheek and she blushed.

            Simon winked at her. She winked back, then gave Tommy a return kiss on the cheek. Smiling, Tommy turned to Simon.

            “Don’t we have the best girlfriends?” Tommy said.

            “We do indeed,” Simon said.

            Tommy looked around as they started walking towards the school buildings. “Say, where’s Claudia?”

            Then Simon spotted her. His girlfriend was walking towards them from another part of the parking lot. Other people walked past them from the buses and other cars, heading towards their classes, all eagerly awaiting the end of the school year just a few weeks away.

            Simon smiled until he realized that Claudia wasn’t smiling. In fact, she looked angry and as she got closer he could see she was storming, not walking towards them. Tears were visible streaking down her face.

            Jenny rushed forward. “Claudia, what’s wrong?”

            A lump formed in the pit of Simon’s stomach. Deep down, he knew what was coming.

            Claudia said nothing as she walked right up to Jenny – then gave her a hard smack across the face. Tommy ran forward to catch his girlfriend as she stumbled back. Some people around them started to notice.

            “What the fuck Claudia?” Tommy said, glaring at her.

            A smirk appeared on Claudia’s face as tears continued to run down her cheeks. She glanced from Jenny to Simon. “I have some interesting news. I’m afraid this involves you, Tommy.”

            He let go of Jenny, but kept a hand on her shoulder. Simon’s heart began pounding in his chest as Claudia’s eyes locked with his as she spoke.

            “Simon and Jenny slept with each other.”

            Everyone around them stopped moving and turned their heads. Claudia was still staring at Simon, the smirk on her face failing to conceal the ocean of tears welling up within. This was her worst nightmare come true in front of everyone.

            Tommy looked confused. The hand slid off of Jenny’s shoulder as he turned to face her. “Jenny, is that…?” He looked beyond her to Simon. Their silence told it all.

            “True?” came a voice.

            They all turned to see Emma strolling in, and air of satisfaction around her. She put her elbow on the shoulder of Claudia, whose head looked down to the ground.

            “You bet your ass it is,” Emma said. “I overheard them talking yesterday after you walked off, Tommy. The video proof is already on every social media site.” She held up her phone.

            Everyone around them started talking out their phones to check if what Emma was saying was true. After a little while, some of them looked up at Jenny and Simon in disgust.

            Claudia was crying, tears streaming down her face, but she kept a piercing glare directed at Simon, who just didn’t know what to do.

            She mouthed: “I loved you.”

            He wanted to mouth back: “I did too.” But he didn’t know if it had ever really been true anymore.

            “Come on,” Emma said, guiding Claudia away. “Hang out with the cool kids now.” Emma looked over her shoulder and flirtatiously looked Tommy and up down. “You too, sexy boy.”

            Tommy wasn’t crying. He just looked at Jenny, who was starting to tear up, with a solemn look on his face. She reached out for his hand. “I’m so sorry.”

            Tommy moved her hand away and followed Emma and Claudia as they headed off to the buildings.

            Simon and Jenny were left standing alone amongst the crowd, who shot them looks and then departed, now leaving them only by themselves.


A few weeks later

Simon woke up to a rumble in his belly. He sat up, shirtless, and stretched, then rubbed his hungry stomach. He walked out of his room to the kitchen and looked both ways, making sure his parents weren’t up. Then he went to the freezer and pulled out the ice cream container. He grabbed a spoon, sat down, and dug in.

            As his esophagus guided heaping scoops of cool mint chip flavor down to his expecting stomach, Simon sighed with relief realizing that school was over. It was the first day of summer. Yesterday had concluded several weeks of being shunned and made fun of but he and Jenny had made it through. Together. In a way, having their cheating come out had been good because it allowed them to stop hiding their affections for each other.

            They had even changed their Facebook relationship statuses to “In a Relationship”, but Simon had to delete several of the comments from the post of people calling them sluts and cheaters. He took out his phone as his tummy went to work on the ice cream.

            Tommy’s Facebook status now showed that he was in a relationship with Emma, as he had been for the past few weeks. Claudia had unfriended both him and Jenny but her privacy settings were low and he could see that she had simply hidden her relationship status for her About tab altogether.

            Simon sighed, then a burp escaped from his lips. He sniffed. It smelled like mint chocolate. Licking his lips, he put the phone down and ate more of the ice cream. The container was nearly full when started, now it was halfway down. He took one more bite, then realized he was thirsty and went to get a class and the carton of Tropicana orange juice. He poured it out into the glass and sent it down his gullet in a few big swallows. It tasted nice and refreshing and he rubbed his belly, which gurgled as it settled in.

            A few minutes later, he realized this had been a mistake. The OJ wasn’t mixing well with the ice cream and soon his stomach was gurgling loudly with indigestion. He had a tummy ache too. Fortunately, his phone buzzed and he saw he had a text from Jenny. She wanted to meet for lunch. Perfect.

            He burped again. It smelled like a weird mix of mint and orange juice.

            Simon groaned. His belly gurgled some more.


A few hours later, Simon’s digestive system felt more at ease as he met Jenny at the local Subway, her favorite sub place. She always ate the foot long and downed a large soda. Every time, she’d show off her slightly bloated tummy to him and he would kiss it as they got back to his car.

            Today, she was having her usual but he was sticking with a light sandwich because of his tummy troubles earlier in the day that were still settling down.

            She was wearing a grey t shirt that exposed her midriff and some white short shorts and she wiped her mouth sitting across from him as she finished swallowing the last mouthful of the $5 dollar foot long. Jenny let out a big burp and patted her exposed tummy.

            “You’re so cute when you do that,” he said, gazing at her gorgeous belly.

            She gave a smile, then continued drinking her soda. “I have to tell you something.”

            “Please don’t tell me you’re pregnant,” he said. They had sex a couple of times over the past few weeks to cope with the shunning. Plus there was no shame in doing it now.

            She let out a little laugh. It wasn’t an annoying laugh, but a cute laugh. “No,” she said, staring at her soda. “I’m not pregnant. Well, maybe with a food baby…” She gave her tummy a pat, then let out another soft belch. Simon smiled, feeling a boner come on in his pants.

            Jenny rubbed her stomach and continued. “I just wanted to let you know that tomorrow night I’m going to a sleepover at Emma’s.”

            “What, why?” Simon said.

            “Claudia’s going to be there and Emma said she’s going to get us to “kiss and make up”. At least that’s the way she said it.”

            “It’s probably a trap.”

            She shook her head. “Emma will tease us, but I think she’s still been treating Claudia like shit over the past few weeks. I need to make things right with her. There’s still a government conspiracy after us and we need to stick together with Tommy. He’s the only one other than Karey who knows about the shrink rays and the Program.”

            “You think Tommy’s fucked Emma yet?”

            Jenny thought for a moment. “Maybe. He wanted to take his time with me, but I don’t think that he cares anymore.”

            “His first time was with a girl named Autumn. He lost his virginity to her in under a week of knowing her.”

            “And what happened to her?” Jenny said.

            “She got…,” he shuddered, remembering. “Eaten.”

            Jenny nodded.

            “I was there,” he added, remembering how Cat washed her down with a bottle of beer and never even knew…

            “We’ve been eaten too,” she said.

            “True,” said Simon. “I wonder if Tommy still would have saved us if he had known what we had done.”

            “I think so,” Jenny said. “He’s a good guy.”

            Simon sighed. “Please don’t go. This just sounds like a bad idea.”

            “I know,” said Jenny. “How about this: you drop me off and if everything seems okay, you can leave and pick me up in the morning. If not, we’ll just go and…” She nudged him under the table. “Have some fun…with our bodies.”

            He smiled, quickly eyeing her from her gorgeous face down past her firm breasts and down to her seductively sexy tummy. Her ass wasn’t too bad either. But Simon knew this girl was more than that. They were in love. All he wanted to do was hang out with her this summer. But she was convinced that she needed to try and fix things with Claudia. Simon just couldn’t bring himself to see her after what he’d done. He’d gotten that girl to lose her virginity to him so that he could try and cover up the fact he’d lost his to Jenny a few days before. He was a monster. But Jenny was right.

            “Fine,” he said.

            “Thanks,” she said, touching his arm. Then she burped again and quickly covered her mouth. He imagined it smelling like soda mixed with mayo, lettuce and a whole bunch of other things wafting up to her nose. It made him get a hard on.


That evening, Claudia and Karey drove to a drive in theater for a showing of some movie. Claudia didn’t really care and Karey could tell.

            “Want some popcorn?” Karey asked, offering some next to her as they sat in the backseat.

            Claudia just stared off at the projector screen in the distance, but she wasn’t paying attention. It was some superhero flick about a guy who could turn himself really small and then resize himself. She doubted that was a very realistic situation that could ever happen to her or any of her friends, but that was all she thought of the movie anyway.

            Karey touched her arm. “Hey, schools out for the summer. Live a little.”

            Claudia didn’t say anything.

            “Remember how I didn’t rub it in your face after you found out because I thought it was a mistake for you to hold out for him to pop your cherry?” Karey said.

            “You just did,” Claudia pointed out. “And he did fuck me. He just fucked her first and used me. Hell, Jenny fucked Simon before she fucked Tommy. And she told me how dreamy it was “losing her virginity”. She was never talking about Tommy. She was talking about the night she fucked Simon. The night both of them betrayed me.”

            Karey leaned over and kissed her cheek. Claudia turned and kissed back. They had done this a few days over the past few weeks. Her parents just thought she was remaining single for a while after she learned Simon cheated on her, not that she was experimenting. So far, she liked the experiment. But it still disturbed her.

            She pulled back. “I’m not a lesbian.”

            “Neither am I,” Karey chuckled. “There are cute girls and cute guys. Who says you can’t date both?”

            Claudia said nothing. “I’m not bi either.”

            “You can be bicurious, occasionally trying new things out while mostly being straight,” Karey said. Claudia nodded, liking that description.

            “Why do you like me?” Claudia asked. “Is it just because I’m cute?”

            “No, silly,” Karey said, her eyes lighting up as she looked into Claudia’s. “Yes, I do think you’re one of the cutest girls ever, but I also think you’re really sweet and nice and boys like Simon shouldn’t take you for granted. Now I’m not going to judge him or Jenny, but I will say this – Love is love, be true to yourself and your partner.”

            Claudia nodded.

            “Now you want to really experiment?” Karey asked, a wild gleam in her eye.

            Claudia looked up, suddenly getting really horny. She blushed. Karey leaned forward and kissed her. They kept making out as Karey pulled Claudia’s top off. Claudia then leaned back against the interior of the car door and slid off her shorts and panties and Karey tore of her shirt.

            Claudia pulled her bra over her head and kissed Karey’s breast. The girl moaned in pleasure as Claudia began sucking on her nipple. Then Karey pushed her back, sliding out of her own short shorts and panties. “You’re good Claudia, but this is how it’s done.”

            She crawled over Claudia and lay on top of her. The girls kissed and Karey moved down, her lips caressing her throat, boobs, stomach, and finally a shiver of excitement went through Claudia’s spine as she went beyond.

            Karey worked her tongue expertly, going in deep. Claudia arched her back in pleasure, moaning. Karey went down on her for a good minute before Claudia came. Karey lapped up the wetness, but got a bunch of it her hands, sticking her fingers deep into Claudia’s pussy for added pleasure.

            They she took the substance and rubbed it across Claudia’s stomach, then her breasts. The girl giggled. Then Karey let her lick her fingers. “Mmm,” Claudia said, rubbing her belly. “Tasty.”

            “That’s all you, girl,” Karey said. Then she kissed her full on the lips and moved her hips to grind their crotches as closely together as they could get.           Karey grabbed Claudia’s right hand and guided it to her nether regions. “Show me what you’ve got,” she said.

            Claudia went deep, shaking her hand like a vibrator. Karey arched her back and began thrusting and moving her lower body like she was masturbating with Claudia’s hand, although Claudia was doing most of the work.

            “Almost there, baby!” Karey shouted.

            Claudia went harder and faster. Karey came.

            A few minutes later, Claudia was now lying on top of Karey as the two girls panted. Their smooth skin and fine hairs felt so good pressed against each other. Claudia never wanted it to end, except she was horrified that her parents would find out. She brushed that thought out of her mind as she prepared to tell Karey something.


            “Yeah, honey?” Karey said.

            Claudia briefly thought how lucky she had landed Karey as her first same-sex partner. She was a hot and petite blond, but they went together like bread and butter. She had never felt such pleasure in her life. But she had to tell her.

            “I’m going to Emma’s house for a sleepover tomorrow night.”

            “What?” Karey said, propping her naked body up against the door. Claudia was still straddling her.

            “Jenny’s going to be there and Emma thinks its time we put aside our differences.”

            “But Emma hates you,” said Karey, running her hand down Claudia’s smooth flanks.

            “Stay with me tomorrow. We can do so much more together. I’ve got dildos and other toys.” She smiled. “Come on, Claudia. Emma’s just going to bully you. We don’t need them. Let her fuck around with Tommy. But even he deserves better.”

            “I know. He’ll be there to protect me if anything goes wrong but I don’t think Emma would try anything with him around. But this is just something I have to do.”

            She pulled away from Karey, sprawling her own naked body across the other side of the back seat. “I’ve got to do this.”

            “Hey,” Karey said, coming over. She kissed Claudia again, full on the lips and the two girl lovers slid down, groping every each of each other’s beautiful bodies. As Karey moved to bury her face in Claudia’s breasts, Claudia opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling, wondering what her parents would say if they ever found out.


The next night

Tommy closed the front door behind him and took a look around as Emma led him into the living room.

            “So, when’s everyone coming over?” he asked.

            “They should be here in about 30 minutes,” his girlfriend said. She was wearing a white t-shirt that clearly exposed her belly and some pink short shorts. The slight curve of her tummy just below the navel was almost too much to bear in this lighting, in which he could make out some of the peach fuzz of the smooth hairs on her stomach. It gave an insta-boner.

            Tommy smiled. She was no Jenny, but Emma was still smoking hot. Normally he wouldn’t have wanted to date her because he liked nicer girls, but now he doubted whether or not there actually were any. He thought of the night he slept with Jenny over spring break, how she had only done that to cover her lies. She had betrayed him. Simon had betrayed him. Emma just wanted to fuck him.

            And they had, two weeks ago. He let her go down on him in the backseat of his Jeep after seeing a movie with her. They had done it again a couple times since. One time was even doggie style, which was a first for Tommy. Emma told him she lost her virginity to some guy at a party last summer at slept with a handful of guys like Mark, Drew, and a few others to feed her sexual appetite throughout the year.

            Now she led him into the guest bedroom just off the hall and stripped off her t-shirt revealing her push-up bra.

            “What are you doing?” Tommy asked.

            “It’ll be quick,” she said, kneeling down before him. She tugged at his zipper and then ripped his pants and underwear down. “There’s my boa constrictor.” She went to work. Tommy titled his head back.

            “Oh yeah baby, keep going,” he moaned.

            She went harder. He built it up until he just couldn’t hold it any more. Then he came. Emma was a swallower. She gulped it all down just as the doorbell rang.

            “I’ll get it,” she said, pulling back and wiping her mouth. She put her shirt back on as Tommy pulled up his trousers.

            After doing so, he followed her to the door. She opened it to reveal her hot blond friend Rachel next to a suntanned buff dude in his late teens.

            “This is Drake,” Rachel said, running her hand down his muscled arms. “We met a party last night.”

            “What a hunk,” Emma said flirtatiously. She looked back to see if Tommy was jealous. He played along, pretending to look angry. Emma was pleased with herself but Tommy didn’t tell her she still had some white stuff at the edge of her mouth.

            “And we brought the star of the show,” Rachel said, pulling Claudia through the door.

            “Hi Tommy,” she said, looking relieved to see him. Other than that, she was holding her left arm and rubbing it, clearly shy and nervous around the other girls. Over her shoulder was a duffel bag that had everything she needed for the night. Rachel and Drake carried ones too.

            Tommy had thought about leaving, but he wondered that if Drake was the only guy left the girls would all just have one big orgy with him and Tommy especially didn’t want to miss that.

            Then another car pulled up outside and Emma ran for the door. “Oh perfect, Kelsey is here!”

            Tommy’s blood ran cold.

            Emma opened the door to reveal a stunningly beautiful girl who was in her late teens. She had dark brown hair and was wearing an orange bikini. She hadn’t even bothered to bring clothes, not that Tommy minded. She was slim but fit and all around beautiful. He bet she was a great kisser because her clone had been one too. But that clone was dead, washed down the throat of a hot girl at party many months ago. An eternity away.

            This clone was officially named Kelsey-2, more commonly known by her alias “The Huntress”. An assassin for a mysterious government agency known as the Program.

            And she was undoubtedly here to eat him.

            Could this night get any worse? Tommy thought, making his way past her.

            “I have to get something from my car,” he said.

            Then he was out into the night air. Perfect, he could escape now and –

            He nearly stumbled right into Simon and Jenny, who were hand in hand. “What the fuck are you two doing here?” he blurted. Emma hadn’t told him anything about this. Then he saw the duffel bag over Jenny’s shoulder. Oh fuck, he thought. Oh fuck.

            Simon and Jenny just glared at him. “Hi Tommy,” his ex said softly.

            “Shut it you two,” he snapped. “You’re staring at me like this is all my fault. If you two whores had just kept your passion in your pants or at least had the decency to tell us we wouldn’t be in this romantic shipwreck. And guess what. The Huntress is here to kill us all.”

            Both of their eyes went wide.

            “Have a goodnight,” he said, storming off.

            “Jenny!” Emma called from the house.

            She looked to Simon. There was nothing she could do. She had to go. “Coming!” she said and ran towards the house.

            Simon didn’t know what to do either. He turned to follow Tommy out to the street. There were no cars going by and nobody out. It was a quiet night in the suburbs. Except he thought he saw something off the sky. Briefly it looked like a black helicopter but he couldn’t hear anything so he just assumed it was his imagination.

            “You know Simon,” Tommy said, spinning around. “I never pegged you for the scandalous type. I didn’t even think you would get laid this past year because you were to chickenshit to do anything with Claudia let alone fuck my girlfriend. I didn’t even think Jenny would give you the time of day.”

            “Well maybe you were just so high up in the clouds Tommy that you didn’t notice you had become a sex-obsessed, womanizing asshole. Jenny loves me because I actually care about doing more than fucking her,” Simon shot back.

            “Love? You think she loves you?” Tommy said. “You’re in high school. You’re together now because you’ve got nobody else to turn to. But one day she’ll be done with you and move on to some other guy to fuck.”

            “You just don’t get it Tommy. What do you see in Emma? She’s a lying, eavesdropping, manipulative bitch. She ate us for crying out loud!”

            “That wasn’t her fault,” Tommy pointed out.

            “All you want her for is her body,” said Simon. “You just want her pussy and that’s it. Ever since you banged Autumn you’ve slid down this road of becoming obsessed with sex.”

            “I waited!” Tommy shouted. “I waited for a while. Jenny wanted my dick and I decided I wanted to wait.”

            “And then it became all you could think about. You just repressed those feelings, Tommy. But they were always there.” Simon had a strange feeling. It felt like they were being watched, but he didn’t see anyone around.

            Then Drake came out of the front door. “Hey guys, there are some really hot bitches here tonight. Literally, my dick is hard off the wall right now. If we stick together we can all get some serious pussy tonight, bros!” He threw his arms around their shoulders. “What do you say to that?”

            Simon was horrified that this was all someone like Drake could think about. Tommy didn’t seem to mind. “I’ve already fucked two of them,” Tommy said. “Emma and Jenny.”

            “Fuck bro,” Drake said, his eyes going wide. “Give me five!” Tommy high fived him. “You have my entire respect.”

            “I fucked two of them as well,” Simon said, getting defensive. “Jenny and Claudia.”

            “Awesome man – wait, you both fucked Jenny?” Drake said confused.

            “While she was dating me,” said Tommy.

            “And now that he found out, she’s dating me,” Simon said.

            “Damn bros,” said Drake. “This is some serious shit right here. You can’t both be fucking the same girl.”

            “He cheated on Claudia too,” Tommy said. “He lies to everyone. So does Jenny.”

            Drake shook his head. “When was this?”

            “Spring break,” Simon said. “The truth came out about three weeks ago.”

            “Don’t worry guys,” Drake said, throwing his arms over their shoulders. “Tonight we’re gonna make everything alright.”

            “Don’t move!” hissed someone.

            The three boys looked around.

            Suddenly surrounding them were six men dressed in dark military gear. They all had assault weapons aimed at them.

            “Holy shit!” Drake exclaimed throwing his hands in the air like he very much cared. “I only dealed a little weed guys!”

            “They aren’t after your drugs,” Simon said, putting his hands up.

            “They’re a black ops unit,” said Tommy, shaking his head. “Shit it keeps getting worse.”

            “Are these the boys, Rayne?” called the leader, walking towards them.

            “Absolutely, Killian,” said Rayne, a tough ginger guy who looked like he could wrestle John Cena.

            Killian, the leader, looked like a fit man with a moustache, which he scratched as he moved forward. He spoke with a Texas accent. “Shit. This third boys not on our list. Guess he’s collateral.”

            “Intel indicates the Huntress is here tonight too,” said another man with a British accent. “Can we have a little fun with her for going rogue, boss?”

            “Shut up, Flynn,” Killian said.

            Flynn, the British one, sighed and scratched his crotch.

            “What are we waiting for?” Rayne said. “Bag these bitches and we’ll take the Huntress.”

            Simon squeezed his eyes shut, bracing to be shot. At least this night couldn’t get any worse he thought.

            But it did.

            “Looking for me?” came a sweet voice. They turned around to see the Huntress in her orange bikini, a hand on her hip. The soft hairs on her arms were visible as the house lights illuminated her from behind. Her tummy roared with hunger that even Simon and Tommy could hear from here. She licked her lips. “You all look delicious.”

            The six men were all immediately taken by her, but they were professional. They raised they weapons. But it was too late.

            The Huntress raised her shrink ray first and fired a wide blast at all of them.

            And so began the all-nighter.



Chapter End Notes:

Thanks for reading guys. I won't be able to have the next chapter up for a little while cuz Im gonna be busy, but I figured I'd be able to time chapter 2's release the 1 year anniversary of the Party on the 16th. As Im sure you can guess from the cliffhanger, the next chapter (and this whole story) will have some similarities with The Party but much higher stakes and with a different Kelsey trying to feed them ;) plus the evil military guys too. I promise its gonna be a fun story, sorry for the lack of vore in this chapter. What'd you think of it though?

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