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Author's Chapter Notes:
A quickly written story.
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It?s a peaceful day in the suburbs. The sun is at its pinnacle position in the sky, while being surrounded by some clouds. Families are walking their dog or having calm picnics in the park. Kids are playing on the stairs of their front door. Birds are chirping through the air. Everything about this neighborhood is all and well, at least for now.

Then, there comes the rowdiness of one young teenage boy strolling on his set of wheels. The sound of rolling skates on concrete saturates the peaceful air. He sees a woman walking his dog in front of him. The woman is looking at her phone with some headphones on.

?Woah, woah,? he carefully says adjusting his footing to roll away from the dog.

The dog starts barking at him as he got closer, but he smoothly rolls right by it as it growls at him. The woman didn?t even notice him.

He rolls into the park that is next to a mini beach, where several picnics and barbeques that are taking place and there are several joggers just circling the concrete of the park. Clumsily, he rolls through the joggers nearly hitting some of them.

?Woah, pardon me, I?m sorry,? he says every time he hits someone.

He swivels through the incoming traffic of joggers hitting the shoulder of a few. Each person he hits would give him a dirty look. Then, he completely rams into a fat jogger knocking him down and he falls with him.
?Hey, watch where you?re going jackass,? he fat man says to the young boy.

?I?m sorry, I was just rolling by,? he says apologetically as he stands and offers him his hand to help him up.

The man dismisses his hand as he helps himself up.

?You should try actually using your feet, kid,? the fat man angrily says as he walks past him.

?By the looks of it, it seems like you just started, huh old man?? the boy spits back.

?Screw you shit sack,? the old man yells as he continues his run.

The young boy just laughs it off as he continues his skate.

As he strolls past the beach he glances over to see the ocean, but his eye catches something else. It was a blonde woman, looking to be in her twenties about to lie down. She has just taken off her T-shirt to reveal the green bikini she has underneath along with her green undergarments. It also reveals more of her tanned skin. With her astonishing breasts to go along with her stunning butt causes the young boy to drool without paying attention to where he was going. She firmly plants that butt onto the mat she has placed on the sand. He also notices the sunglasses she was wearing as she lies down facing the ocean.

The young boy did not know he had just rolled onto the grass. He keeps his gaze onto that hot woman with the hot body.

An adult man barbequing food for his family notices the incoming skater not paying attention and his heading right towards him.

?Yo, watch out we?re right here!? the adult male says.

The young boy didn?t comply as he got closer. The adult male didn?t move from his cooking position as he thought he would stop, but boy was he wrong. Along with his fast momentum the young boy skates into the barbeque pit and knocks it down along with all the food. The pit knocks the adult man over with all of the overheated food on his skin.

?AHHHH!? the adult man screams.

?Daddy!? his kid screams from behind.

?I am so sorry, sir, I didn?t see you,? the young boy nonchalantly states as he attempts to get onto his feet.


His wife and kids rush over to help him.

?I?m really sorry, if you want I can? drop by your house and maybe?.? The young boy attempts to resolve, but the father were not having it.

?Just get the fuck away from my family you damn Gump,? the wife says with bitterness.

The young boy slowly takes off his skates and sadly walks away with his head down. He sits on one of the benches with the palm of his hands on his face. He looks up and sees the beach in front of him. The woman he was watching fell asleep, and he just stares at her. The young boy lets out a sigh as he rubs his head.

?Hey,? an odd old man in a suit says behind him.

?Do I know you?? the young boy asks.

?Don?t you just want to ride freely, where no one can see you?? the old man says, ?Perhaps you?ll ride better somewhere else.?

?Who are you?? the young boy asks.

?I?m a special guy who does special things for special people like you,? he responds with a smile.

?I was kinda hoping for a name?? the young boy says as he puts his head back down, ?What do you want old man.?

?I?m just looking at a sad young boy, who just wants to skate, and who desires things,? the old man says as he fixates his eyes on the same woman the kid was staring at.

?So what, you gonna lecture me to ?watch where I?m going? like everybody else,? the young boy says in frustration.

?No, I?m giving you the option to do what you want, and how you want it,? the old man conspicuously says as he lifts his eye brows up.

The old man takes out a bottle with the brand of Pepsi on it, but it wasn?t Pepsi on the inside. It was a clear liquid that looked more like sprite.

?You here to sell me some soda?? the young boy asks with a confused look.

?No, just take a sip and you?ll be able to ride and ride, while, you know,? he says as winks as he points at the woman lying down.

?Uhh? I don?t know who are and why you?re trying to sell me a drug, but I think I?m gonna go now,? the young boy says as he grabs his skates and stands up off of the bench

?Trust me young man, I know you have a history of bumping into people,? the old man persistently says with a smile, ?But this will let you ride all you want, if you just take a drink, free of charge.?

The young boy just gives him a baffled look, but finally decides to go through with it.

?Whatever gets you to leave me alone,? the young boy says as he grabs the drink from his hand.

He opens the new bottle and takes a sip of the soda. It tastes sour on his taste buds, but a little fruity on the inside.

?There, ya happy?? the young boy says as he rolls the cap on the lid and tosses him the soda.

?You should feel it about now,? the old man says laughing.

?Feel what?? the young boy says as he starts walking away.

Suddenly, he feels dizzy and completely blacks out, falling to the ground.

The blackout lasts for a while before the boy slowly opens his eyes and comes to his senses. He finds himself lying on some sort of soft ground facing upward towards the partly clouded skies. He sits up noticing he?s on some kind of tan valley of soft ground. It felt like skin. Also, his skates were on. Ahead of him were two large parallel mountains covered by some tight green cloth that was holding them together. He observes his surroundings. He looks behind him and sees the same ground he?s on curved upward. He feels the ground slightly rise up and down, like on rhythm to a breathing pattern.

?Where the hell am I?? the boy asks himself as he stands up.

Little did he know that he was shrunken and on a neck. Suddenly, he feels the ground shift in an upward vertical slope and he begins involuntarily skating towards the two mountains.

?WOAH!? he screams with a smile.

Suddenly, he feels the vertical ground jolt towards the sky, as if it jumped, and saddled back down. The boy loses balance on his skates and connection to the soft ground. He free falls towards one of the mountains. As he slowly falls, he looks behind him and sees gigantic head of the woman in sunglasses just waking. He looks left and right and sees two humungous arms straighten out both directions. Then, he hears the loud sound of a yawn. At that moment he realized he was a bug on a woman.

?Oh my god,? the boy thought, ?She?s a giant and I?m? shrunken.?

The boy smiles as he still free fell slowly. Then, he realized he was about to fall on top of one of her boobs.

?She?s still hot,? the boy said to himself as he continued his gaze at her face as she sits up and he falls, ?This is a dream come true.?

He falls on top of the bikini and lies on the cloth appreciating the sight of the woman?s face and what he was lying on. He sees her amazing hand and large five fingers make their way towards one of the strings of the bikini. She?s going to adjust it.

She lifts the string and the bikini away from her body to adjust its position.
The boy felt the shaking of the ground from the powerful force of her hand as he?s forced upwards. Then, he notices a small window of the bikini opening and he was going to fall inside of the cloth and into her boobs.
He falls into her bikini as he slides down the boobs. His body felt insignificant as he slides down the curved and loose flesh, but his body was rubbing all over her boob which made him erect.

?Oh my god, I?m in heaven,? he thought as put his face on the flesh.

The woman let go of the string and the bikini stamped back into place on her breasts with the boy still inside.

The boy get the air knocked out of him when he reaches the nipple as the cloth behind him propels him to attach to the gigantic sized nipple. It was a rough and hazy feeling compared to the skin. His body was stuck onto it, however.

The woman feels something tiny on her nipple and it made her uncomfortable.

?Eww, what is that?? she says to herself as she pulls her bikini away from her body again and started wiggling her boobs.

The powerful wiggle caused a shaking more severe than an earthquake. The boy?s head feels traumatic as he was forced away from the nipple and his descent downward. Coincidently, he starts skating down her skin and towards her belly. His speed is fast going down her slope. Then, he sees ahead of him six blocks of skin rise and form on the ground. It wasn?t a high rise, so he knew it was her abs.

He skates the bumpy ride on her amazingly giant abs and smoothly goes past each of the pairs. Then, he sees his descent towards the sand past the bottom of the bikini.

?AHHH EWW WHAT IS THAT!?? the woman screams noticing the bug rolling down her skin.

The scream deafened the young boy. Then, to his left he sees the coming of her gigantic and powerful hand approaching him, but it didn?t hit him. He sees her thumb and index finger attach together and form the flicking position. Then, the momentum and largeness of the finger slaps his body with powerful force off of her skin and into the sand.

The woman stands up and walks toward where she flicked the tiny bug. She gets into her crawling position as she sees the bug on the sand not moving.

?I hope I didn?t kill it,? she caringly says as she moves her head closer to see the less than one inch bug.
The young boy becomes conscious as he opens his eyes only to see the giant face of the woman without her sunglasses. Her eyes were light, wide and large looking right at his fragile body. Her gaze looked harmless.

?WHAT ARE YOU!?? she says as her volume booms to his ears.

The young boy lifts his hand up out of fear of the woman being much bigger than he was.

?OH MY GOD? IT?S A LITTLE GUY? ON SKATES!? she says startled.

She observes him as he attempts to lift his upper body, but he can?t.

?Aww, did I flick you too hard?? she says laughing at how ridiculous that sounded.

?Oh my god you?re so small,? she says excitedly with a little screech as she reaches for him with her index finger and thumb with the intention of picking him up.

??Best ride ever,? the young boy says as he loses consciousness again.
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