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Story Notes:

Well this was a very odd request i got. I offered to write a story to an artist i truly enjoy and... this was the outcome she asked for lol. MsPaintGTS is by far one of the best artists around in my opinion and i highly recommend taking a look at her Deviantart page to see her work and why this story came to be.

Now this story isn't like my usual work. It's not based around any media, "waits for gasps and shock" yes i know my name being Franchise Writer or in some circles Grimahr, it would imply i'd stick to that criteria but i wanted to make sure she had a happy birthday, so i came out of my comfort zone to write this.


I hope you all enjoy it along with her, so without further adoo~


Turn off the lights,


sit back,


get comfy,








Author's Chapter Notes:

Well this was a very odd request i got. I offered to write a story to an artist i truly enjoy and... this was the outcome she asked for lol. MsPaintGTS is by far one of the best artests around in my opinion and i highly reccomend taking a look at her Deviantart page to see her work and why this story came to be.

Now this story isn't like my usual work. It's not based around any media, "waits for gasps and shock" yes i know my name being Franchise Writer or in some circles Grimahr, it would imply i'd stick to that criteria but i wanted to make sure she had a happy birthday, so i came out of my comfort zone to write this.

I hope you all enjoy it along with her, so without further adoo~


Turn off the lights,


sit back,


get comfy,








*Knock, knock, knock*


“Nya?” Serena’s ears twitched slightly as she heard a gentle rasping on her front door. Stretching tiredly, she purred contently as she got up having just woken from her nap. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, her tail waved back and forth excitedly as she made her way to the door.

“Hello, nya?” she said happily as she pulled the door open but got no response from the other side. Blinking in confusion she peaked out looking around, no one was there however. Her tail wiggled agitatedly as she shut the door.

“That was mean…” she mumbled in annoyance, she was having such a pleasant dream to. Walking back to her couch she was about to lay down when she heard a knocking on the door once more. Scowling her tail twitched sharply as she ran to the door.

“Yes!” she snapped before growling in anger when she saw no one there again. Clenching her fists she took a step outside before her foot bumped into something. “Nya?” Serena looked down confused, there was a large brown box just lying on her doorstep.

Turning her head slightly she looked around again but no one was around. Whoever dropped it off apparently wanted her to see it though. Shrugging she picked it up before bringing it inside. Kicking the door shut behind her she made her way towards her couch before setting the box down on one of the cushions.

‘I wonder who left this for me.’ Lifting her hand to the front of it her nails extended slightly before she traced her finger over the tape cutting it. Pulling the flaps to the side the first thing she saw was a bright pink card.

As she opened it, she read the message silently. ‘Dear Serena, I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday. Hopefully this will make your day a Little more entertaining. Sincerely…’ she frowned slightly. There wasn’t a name at the bottom of the card.

‘Well that’s weird,’ she sighed setting the card down to the side before looking back in the box. There was a large red covering at the top hiding what was beneath it from sight. Moving her hand closer she shivered slightly. What if this was this some kind of a joke? If she looked in the box would something just jump out at her?

Serena’s ears fell, that didn’t sound pleasant at all. ‘Well… the card did say happy birthday…’ She hadn’t told anyone about her birthday beside her close friends, maybe they told someone else? Debating back and forth whether to open it or not her curiosity finally won.

Sighing she shook away her worry moving the cloth away before gasping in shock. “W-W-What?!” she stammered as she looked down at dozens of tiny people. As she looked closer her tail suddenly twitched in anger before she hissed. All of the tiny people… where dogs.

More specifically, she saw dozens of tiny dog girls. Their ears and tails being proof they weren’t neko’s like herself. Immediately her anger spiked, she hated dog girls! They were mean and vicious! Always attacking poor neko’s for fun or sport, they were despicable… however…

Serena’s tail slowly lowered before swinging back and forth as a guttural purr escaped her lips. ‘Their… their so small… like mice girls!’ her lips twitched slightly as a smile appeared. “Well… this really is a surprise, nya.” She grinned viciously as she bared her fangs to them.

The dog girls screamed in fear as the saw the looming face of the titanic Neko, was this hell?! Her hair was black, going down well past her shoulders, her pointed ears matching in color as they twitched in agitation.

She wore a large baggy black shoulder less shirt, resting just above her pale breasts. Moving down she had a tight fitting pair of black jean shorts held up by a pure white belt, what it was made of they couldn’t really say.

Anything lower they couldn’t see but every once and awhile her black tail would flick into view. Resting near the tip of it was a small white bow giving her a full monochromic look. Well, that was true except for the golden bell around her neck, the choker like the belt also being white.

Serena heard the tiny squeaks coming from the dog girls but couldn’t understand any of it, they were just so tiny! “You must know this won’t end well for you guys, nya.”  Serena muttered quietly as she smiled cryptically.

As she continued looking at the shrunken dog girls her ears twitched as she something moving from the corner of her eye. Looking down she scowled as she saw a small tear in the corner of the box. Looking down her tail swished back and forth playfully as she saw a few of the dog girls running around.

“Nya? When did that happen?” Serena lifted her foot up before tugging off a worn black sock. Looking back inside the box she giggled before shoving it in where the hole was. The dog girls cried as they were pushed aside by the damp fabric.

“I don’t want any more of my toy’s to get out, nya.” She chirped happily before looking back to the floor. A feral grin slowly formed as she got on her hands and knees. “Come out, come out. I promise I won’t hurt you if you do, nya.” As expected none of them ran to her. She didn’t mind though, she proffered it this way.

Crawling across her white carpet, she lowered her head to the floor before looking around at eye level. She didn’t have much experience hunting considering where she lived but she did make up for it in other skills. As she saw something move she immediately jumped as her hands clamped around one of the dog girls hiding by her couch.

“I caught you, nya.” She said in singsong voice before seeing a small dribble of blood drip from her hands. Opening her grasp, Serena whimpered seeing the crushed form of the dog girl. ‘I didn’t even get to play with you yet…’ Her ears folded down sadly.

Whatever regret she felt vanished almost instantly however as she saw something moving towards her kitchen. Her tail twitched before she lowered herself to the floor. Looking closely she zoned in on the small dog girl running away from her before leaping in the air.

The dog girl didn’t know what hit her as she was crushed in an instant as Serena landed on her giggling happily. It was more fun when they perished the way she wanted them to. Lifting her foot up, she looked at the blood stain on her lone white sock.

“I guess I don’t need this now, nya.” She tugged the white garment off before crumpling it into a ball. Looking back at the box on the couch a sly smile graced her lips as she tossed the sock towards it. The dirty sock went in naturally. She only wished she could hear their little screams.

‘I wonder how bad the smell is, I haven’t washed those in a few days…’ her tail swung back and forth as she tried to picture their faces but her attention was forced away as she saw the remaining dog girl running towards her front door.

Crawling on all fours once more, she stretched contently before walking over deliberately slow. “Run faster! I’m catching up, nya!” She taunted the small dog girl as she ran for her life. This was almost boring to her. It took only a few steps to catch up and the shrunken girl wasn’t even near the door frame yet.

Reaching down Serena giggled as her fingers curled around the dog girl. She made sure to be gentler this time. She didn’t want an unfortunate repeat of her last toy. As she lifted the dog girl up, she couldn’t help but smile giddily. Was this fates way of getting even with these dogs? What did they do to deserve such a cruel (or in her case fun) punishment? Or perhaps they had simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time. She couldn’t say but she honestly didn’t care either. They were just bugs now.

“Hi there!” Serena laughed happily as she saw the dog girl struggling franticly in her grip. Her looming cerulean eyes must be as big as saucers to her. “Are you scared of me, nya?” Serena muttered quietly as she studied the small girls face.

Immediately the dog girl nodded. “There’s no need to be scared. I’m not going to hurt you, Nya.” Serena smiled warmly before lifting her hand over her head. “My stomach is.” Her mouth opened wide. The dog girl struggled with new vigor as she was held over Serena’s mouth but she could do little more than gaze down the maw of the colossal cat girl.

Releasing her grip, the dog girl screamed as she fell into her mouth. As Serena felt the dog girl hit her tongue, she closed her mouth around her. Her large organ slammed against the tiny dog girl as she was swished around in her maw.

She could feel all the frantic movements. This had to have been hell for her. Purring, Serena pooled her saliva where the dog girl was before swishing it around, this was just too entertaining. She continued tormenting the small dog girl for another 5 minutes but she began to grow bored with her slowing movements.

“Ok, I’m done with you now, nya.” Serena sighed tilting her head back. Even though she couldn’t hear the small dog girl scream she could still picture the look of pure and unbridled horror she must feel as she saw the last glimpses of light through her teeth before she saw swallowed alive.

Shuddering, Serena gulped ending the dog girl’s torment. As she licked her lips, she couldn’t help but wonder what a whole group of those dog girls would feel like inside her stomach. Would they all struggle and tickle her insides before they were digested?

Shivering Serena moved one of her hands towards her jean shorts, this was turning her on. Suddenly her eyes lit up as a sadistic smile graced her lips. Her stomach wasn’t the only place she could put them, she had almost forgotten that.

Moving back to the box excitedly she almost fell over laughing as she saw the entertaining sight. Her massive white sock was smeared red. Apparently the tiny cloth has been thrown with enough force to crush the group of tinies underneath it.

The dog girls in the box where either crying, screaming or clawing at the box in desperation… it was wonderful. Picking up the dirty sock she gave it a quick shake letting the bodies stuck to it flop back into the box, much to the other dog girl’s disgust.

“Sorry about that, nya. I didn’t think this little thing could do so much damage.” She giggled shaking the dirty sock over them. Tossing it to the floor she reached in pulling out the black counterpart before letting it join it’s white one.

“Let’s play a game.” Serena bared her fangs to them before gripping both sides of the box roughly. “We can play cat and mouse. Guess who will be the mice, nya.” She purred before lifting the box up. “All you have to do is run… but if I catch you… I don’t know what I’ll do just yet.” She breathed huskily before licking her lips.

“Feel free to go to any room of my house, it’s more fun when I hunt, nya.” She watched their expressions turn back and forth. Some were relieved, other’s where fearful. A couple even had the audacity to look enraged at her.

“Well, time to go!” she suddenly turned the box over casting the screaming dog girls to the carpet below. As the wave of tiny women hit the floor they immediately began to scatter in every direction. Serena’s tail swished back and forth franticly, every instinct in her very being was telling her to hunt them all down! But… she could be patient. It was more fun this way.

Looking down her eyes lit up seeing a small group of the dog girls crawling away. “Oh? Why aren’t you fleeing? Did you think I was just kidding, nya?” Serena lowered her body looking down at them before seeing why they hadn’t fled.

“It seems you dogs are cruel to your own kind to…” she whispered darkly. The small groups of dog girls on the ground were the unfortunate ones. Apparently when the tidal wave of tinies had begun to run, they didn’t care what they trampled over to get away from her.

“It’s kind of pathetic, nya…” Serena lowered her face till it was inches from their bodies. “All weak and helpless… trying desperately to get away but no one will help…” lowering her ears, she felt somewhat bad for them. “You can thank me though. I’ll put you out of your misery, nya.” Serena stood up before lifting her bare foot over them.

Lowering her foot a sickeningly sweet smile crossed her lips as she felt the gentle crunching underneath her foot. She had done this before a few times but it was with mice girls. She was never really a hunter but on occasion one would find its way to her… and she played.

But this… this was something else. Mice were fun but these dogs, this was primal. This was the order it should have been, with neko’s in charge. They were nothing but insects beneath her now. Lifting her foot up, Serena looked at the blood stains littering her sole.

Shivering she leaned down before giving her foot a long lick. The blood mixing with her sweat, it was like an aphrodisiac. She was turned on now! Moving her foot back, her pupils narrowed before slitting completely, her tail swinging back and forth rapidly.

She was ready now. She almost never felt like this but…she loved when she did. Slowly her ears moved up and down as she slowed her breathing, she could hear it now. Closing her eyes she listened quietly before hearing the rustling of her carpet, the shrill screams around her, she could hear it all.

Crouching low, she looked closely in the direction she heard the noise before her tail went ridged. Bolting forward she shot over a small group of dog girls. As her eyes zoned in she could see them clearer. Their faces, the terror etched on them was perfect.

Grinning viciously she grabbed them before bringing them over her mouth. Squeezing her hand she felt their bodies crushed together, their blood dripping down steadily into her mouth. ‘More…’ she purred licking the blood from her hand, it was intoxicating.

Throwing there mangled bodies in her mouth she swallowed what remained before crouching low once more. Her ears began to circulate again as she listened closely. This heightened awareness, she could hear them all.

There were plenty in her living room still, but some had made it to other rooms to. She could hear some in the kitchen, her bedroom, the laundry room, even the bathroom… she wanted them all. Moving her hands under her black shirt she slowly began to tug it off.

She honestly didn’t know if any of the dog girls were looking at her but she liked to think they were. She was a goddess to them, and they got the privilege to look upon her body as she saw fit. As the black shirt was pulled off she tossed it to the couch, before pushing her arms underneath her breasts happily.

Her pink and white striped bra barely contained her ample bosom. Moving her hands down she gently hooked her thumbs underneath her jean shorts before giving them a sharp tug. As the garment fell to the floor she gently stepped out of it, making sure to bend over to display her perk ass, barely covered by her matching pink and white striped panties.

They were actually a few sizes to small but they were her favorite ones, she couldn’t bear to replace them. Giving one of her breasts a quick grope Serena shivered biting her bottom lip. She wanted them now!

Crouching low, her eyes dilated again as she honed her senses. Pouncing forward, she jumped over a chair in the kitchen before snatching up a couple of the dog girls hiding behind it. “You lose,” she breathed huskily before giving them a quick sniff.

They smelled like dogs, she despised that smell. Lifting them over her bosom she dropped them between her breasts before crouching low again. She wanted a few more. Repeating the same process, Serena eventually found about 20 of them. At half an inch each, she had a good handful now trapped between her breasts.

“I warned you~” she sang out moving her hands to the sides of her breasts. “You…” her hands pulled her breasts apart letting them fall in. “Lose!” she grinned sadistically as she slammed her breasts together. With her senses the way they were now, she could hear it all.

Their tiny cries just before the sickeningly sweet crunch that followed with blissful silence. Moving her breasts back she dipped her hand in smearing the blood around. It was just one of the things turning her on. She wanted all these dogs to know what would happen if she caught them.

Panting softly, she smeared their blood over her lips darkening them. “Who’s next?” she said to no one in particular before crouching low again. As her eyes surveyed the living room she pouted. Apparently her little show had scared the dogs a little too much. She couldn’t even hear them breathing.

Growling softly Serena began to slowly stalk over the carpet as she looked for them. Since they were smaller then mice girls, this would be a real challenge, one she longed for. Peering under the couch she saw nothing. They were smart not to hide in such obvious places… Or so she thought.

Twitching her head to the side, Serena bolted to her bookshelf before reaching behind it. Grinning she tugged a handful of dog girls out. Safety in numbers didn’t apply in situations like this. “You lose~” she giggled.

There were about 15 of them in all… but what to do with them? Shuddering she felt something stir in her loins. ‘I guess that answers that.’ Smirking she hooked her free hand around her panties before pulling them down slowly.

“Since I’m in such a good mood I’ll let you pick, nya.” The dog girls looked at her fearful unsure of what she meant before their eyes widened. Serena smirked seeing their shock as she revealed her flaccid member to them. Amongst dogs, futa were relatively normal but for neko’s, only 1/5 of their species had one.

“I know, isn’t it so cute? I’m special aren’t I, nya,” she chirped happily. If they weren’t terrified before they were now as Serena moved towards her couch. Plopping down, Serena crossed her legs before dropping the dog girls between them.

“So? Have you decided what you want yet, nya?” the dog girls stood frozen as they gazed up at her lust filled eyes. “I can use this~” her hand moved to her member giving it a few gentle strokes, coaxing it to life. “Or I can use this~” her other hand moved under her balls to reveal her dripping nether lips.

“I just need to know which you want more, nya.” Her smile turned vicious as she stared them down. The cowering group of dog girls stood still, unsure of what to do. “You know what? I’m feeling extremely nice… I’ll let you pick who goes first, nya.”

Her smile turned feral. “Pick amongst yourselves… who wants to be the first to please me.” The dog girls looked to one another before a fight broke out. Serena watched amused as one of the dogs was thrown away from the group as they backed up. They had just thrown her under the bus. The nature of dogs was survival of the fittest after all.

“So we have a winner?” the lone dog girl gazed up petrified, her cerulean eyes staring into her as she grinned. “Congratulations… you’ll be last.” Her smile turned vicious once more as she stared to the group. “They’re all first!” the group went into a panic now as they tried to climb out, but every time they got on her legs she’d just give them a gentle shake knocking them back down to the couch.

Gently, Serena picked up the lone dog girl before placing her between her breasts. Looking back at the group she purred contently as she watched them all screaming in terror. “Since you didn’t decide I’ll use this first, nya.”

Scooping up the small group of dog girls she gently brought her hand to her flaccid member. Immediately upon grasping it, Serena mewed in pleasure as she felt the dozens of hands and legs kicking against her sensitive skin.

“Nya! Like that yes!” she moaned blissfully. Mice girls were a better fit but the feeling of power that came with this was much better, it was boarding on orgasmic! Groaning softly Serena pumped her hand up and down, her full length now showing at about seven inches as she stroked her member faster.

It was rather tricky to do but she managed to put enough pressure on the dog girls without killing them, yet enough to feel there rapid movements as they were forced up and down her length. Feeling the droplets of pre-cum drip over her index finger, she knew she wouldn’t be able to hold off very long.

Applying more pressure, her breath hitched as she pumped faster, she was reaching her peak now. Finally once she felt herself about to climax, she released her grasp on the limp dog girls letting them fall under her.

“Gah!” she howled softly as she felt her orgasm shoot out of her and onto the tinies below. Panting softly, Serena grinned as she watched her essence being poured over their tiny bodies. Their whole forms where nothing, as they were buried underneath piles of her thick release.

“T-That… was nice,” Serena panted softly as she watched the dog girls trying desperately to swim out from under her juices. “I thought all dogs could swim nya.” She taunted softly as she watched their movements slowly beginning to stop.

“Aww, are you all finished already?” Serena pouted seeing their limp bodies just sinking now. She wanted to play a little more with them sadly. Sighing, she stood up stretching happily before reaching between her breasts. Pulling out the lone dog girl she smiled happily before facing her towards the drowned group.

“They saved you from their fate,” she purred. “But now I get to decide yours.” Spreading her legs, Serena bent over showing off her flexibility as she brought the lone dog girl behind her. “Since they played with my penis, it’s only fair I put you somewhere even better, nya!”

Feeling the frantic movements from her fingers she knew, the lone dog knew where she was headed. Grabbing one of her perk, white cheeks, she spread her ass apart before lowering the dog girl in. “Make sure to wiggle in there, K nya?”

She couldn’t hear a response but what did it matter, she was going to enjoy this either way. Moaning softly Serena bit her lip as she forced the screaming dog girl inside her anus. It was rather tricky also. She wanted her inserted alive. Too much pressure and she’s just pop. Where’s the fun in that?

Shuddering, her tongue hung out in pleasure as she felt her finger pushing inside her ass, she loved that feeling. It only felt better as she felt the gentle tickling sensation of the dog girl being forced deeper in. ‘It must smell terrible in there. I wonder how long it will take for her to suffocate.’

Serena shivered in excitement, what would happen if she forced a hand full of them up there? Grinning from ear to ear she crouched low before honing her senses… however. Biting her lip, she growled angrily as she felt the pleasant sensation inside her ass, it was distracting her.

‘I just find more first,’ she clenched her ass hard before feeling the tingling sensation stop. Smiling happily she closed her eyes before listening. As she stood there, her ears rotated around as she listened for anything.

Instantly her eyes shot open as she bolted to her bedroom. Running through the door she grinned seeing the large group of dog girls caught completely off guard by the near naked neko. “You all lose!” she hissed before lunging for them.

Most of the group was easily caught on her first attempt but she had to make a few more pounces before capturing them all. Lifting them up, Serena’s eyes lit up giddily as she looked at the group of about 30.

Purring happily, her black tail swished back and forth as she tried to figure out what to do first. Deciding her first idea was best, she stuck her rear in the air before bringing the handful of dog girls towards her ass. “One at a time, nya~” she sang out happily as she dropped them all into her ass.

Almost instantly she felt her legs buckle under her as the dog girls fought and struggled against her anus, it felt wonderful. Mewing contently she forced her hand in, crushing many of them against her cheeks. The ones crushed however where the fortunate ones. All the others were forced lower, and lower before they finally where pushed deep inside her ass.

Moaning happily, Serena rolled to her side before arching her back in pleasure, this was euphoric! ‘They’re all fighting inside my ass!’ panting softly, she pulled her hand back seeing a couple of the dog girls that had survived her rough insertion.

Smirking, she moved them lower before pressing the struggling dogs against her nether lips. Serena’s eyes rolled back as a guttural purr escaped her lips. Bringing her free hand to her hardening member she pumped it softly as she forced the remaining dog girls in and out of her lower lips.

Mews, mixed with moans as her tongue hung out fully. If any dog girls where secretly watching her, this had to be one hell of a sight. One hand pumping her long shaft, and the other half way inside her quim as she laid there a sweating mess. This pleasure, it was just too good!

Letting out a pleased cry, Serene clenched her ass as she tried to crush the dogs inside her. Their lives would feed her pleasure. In her eyes that was a noble cause and an honor. Gritting her teeth she gave a final cry before bucking her hips, her orgasm flooding out of her and onto the dog girls being washed out by her flood of juices.

Pumping her hand harder Serene panted in exhaustion, it was difficult to bring both organs to release but when she did… she… felt…” AHHHHHHHH!” Serene screamed out loud as she reached her climax, pumping her hand up and down rapidly, her penis shooting out its loud freely over her.

Breathing slowly, Serena’s eyes fluttered open as she moved her drenched hand to her lips. Licking the blood mixed semen from her fingers she shivered. The feral feeling from before returning as her eyes slit. This primal feeling, this feeling of power, it was fantastic.

Rising up her eyes looked back and forth as she surveyed her bedroom. She wanted more, her hunger wasn’t quenched just yet.  Her attention was drawn elsewhere however as she felt her bowels gurgle. Blushing, Serena’s eyes turned back to normal as she stood up.

‘I’ll get more in a bit.’ Stretching out, she walked casually towards her bathroom before freezing as she opened the door. The tip of her tail began twitching spasmodically as she looked at the large group of dog girls huddled together on the tiled floor.

‘W-W-Why… why is there so many of them…’ Serena shivered as her eyes began to slit again, she wanted them now! The dog girls immediately began to scatter but it didn’t matter. Serena’s large fingers scooped them all together before bringing them up to her face.

“You dogs really are stupid… do you even know where you are, nya?” her mouth began to twitch into a sickeningly sweet smile. Turning around she cast their vision to the large porcelain bowl below them. Immediately their eyes widened as the dog girls screamed somewhat harmoniously, or at least what she thought it sounded like.

Moving her hands over the bowl, she opened them slightly letting the majority of dog girl’s fall into the waters below. Grinning deviously, Serena gently set the rest down on the toilet seat. “I’ve never done this before. I’m looking forward to it, nya.” She purred turning around, displaying her perfect cheeks to them.

Lowering her rear she could hear them much better now. Their shrill screams echoed out of the toilet bowl, it was music to her ears. As she felt her ass make contact with the toilet seat, she could feel all of them. Every dog girl, every one she crushed. She was ready to go again already, this was turning her on so much!

Moaning softly, Serena ground her ass into the seat happily as she bounced up and down. Once she finished off the dogs on the seat, she cast her vision downwards towards the ones inside the bowl. Spreading her legs apart she peered in between her legs to watch the show.

“You guys sure are lucky. If you were in my bedroom, you’d look something like this, nya.” Grunting softly, Serena relaxed her muscles as she felt the contents of her bowels slowly being pushed out. As she heard the gentle droplets of water splashing it was soon filled with more screams.

“Yea, they were fun… but you guys will be even better, nya.” Purring happily, she pressed on her stomach grunting softly. Blushing, Serena let out a quiet fart as she continued to push. Their screams were just what she wanted to hear.

‘You insects should be honored…’ she grinned before she heard the water splash under her. Peaking in the toilet, the water was tossing the tiny dog girls all around now. It was only going to get worse from them now.

Sighing happily, she began to gently release her bladder next. As she looked in, the water was slowly turning a light orange color. There must have been more tinies up her ass then she remembered. As the last few drops fell away, she wiped up the remnants of what was left inside her ass before tossing the toilet paper in with the rest of them.

Standing up, Serena looked in at her work. Surprisingly most of the dog girls inside the bowl had lived through her torrent of fluids. “Jeez, your more like cockroaches then dogs, nya.” Grinning sadistically she moved her hand deliberately slow as she reached for the toilet handle.

“Are you ready to be flushed?” hearing the echoing screams from below made her giggle, insects begging for their lives? How trivial. As her fingers grasped the handle, she began to pull it down but stopped as a light went off in her head.

“You know what, nya… I’ll let you decide whether you live or die.” Serena bared her fangs to them before going towards her sink. Pulling out some tooth floss, she gently tugged off a large piece before moving back to the toilet.

Tying one end to the tip of the handle, she tossed the string inside the toilet bowl smirking. “Here’s your freedom. Just climb the rope and you can live.” Immediately the swarms of dog girls began swimming towards the strand of tooth floss in a hurry.

Smirking Serena left the bathroom happily as she headed towards the living room. ‘I’m hungry…’ Hearing her stomach growl was confirmation of what she felt. Licking her lips hungrily, she made her way towards the kitchen. She hadn’t checked there yet for any tinies. If she was lucky maybe there would be enough for a snack.

As if planned, as soon as Serena stepped foot in her kitchen she saw a small trail of dog girls trying desperately to climb up her counters. “Talk about jumping into the lion's den, nya.” All eyes turned to the colossal half naked Neko before panic broke out.

Immediately the dog girls on the counters dispersed while the ones on the floor tried to find shelter. ‘Jeez they are cockroaches.’ A sly smile graced her lips as she stepped fully into the kitchen. Seeing the tiny dog girls running towards her sides brought a smile to her lips before she giggled happily.

“I don’t like bugs in my home, bye bye!” She laughed childishly as she stomped her foot down hard on two of the fleeing girls. If they weren’t frenzied before, they were now. The dog girls all pushed away from one another as they scatted trying their best to not be seen by Serena.

“Hey… come back here.” Serena muttered darkly as her eyes slit. Lifting her foot high in the air, she grinned from ear to ear as her foot slammed against the tiled floor. Stomping back and forth she laughed insanely jumping around, the white floor slowly being dotted with red.

As her laughter died down her eyes slowly turned back before she frowned, they were all gone. “Awe… I wanted to play some more…” she whimpered sadly before her ears twitched. Looking back to the counter her eyes lit up as she saw dog girls lining them.

None of them moved as they gazed at the ground in horror. “Wow you guys are so sweet! Waiting for me to finish like that… I should reward you.” Serena purred. Her words seemed to bring them back to reality however as the dog girls all began running around, some even going as far as to jump off the counter to the floor below.

‘What a waste…’ shaking her head Serena moved towards her cupboards before pulling out a small glass cup. Humming happily, she began to flick the tiny dog girls into one another as she herded them together. Once she had a good group she placed the cup over them, trapping them there.

She wanted a captive audience… amongst other things.  Looking at the other ones still freely running around she took her time to grab a few things from her pantry. Moving back towards the cup of captives she had to stifle a giggle as she saw a few of the free ones pounding on the glass trying to free the others.

“I guess some of you loyal at least. I admire that, it’s so rare with you foul insects.” Even with the happy tone she spoke, venom dripped from every word. Setting a bag of bread down, Serena moved to one of her drawers before pulling out a knife.

Reaching in the bag, she pulled out a couple slices before dropping them on the counter, crushing a few dog girls in the process. Humming once more she began to open a jar of peanut butter next before scooping a good portion out and smearing it over her bread.

Moving the knife back to the jar she grabbed another small lump before hovering it over the dog girls outside the glass cup. “Here, you must be famished, nya.” She giggled dropping the massive drop of peanut butter over them.

‘Survival, such a strange trait.’ She shook her head amused as she saw all the other dog girls surrounding the cup go over to the massive (to them) pile of food before eating vigorously. ‘They must realize that’s going to happen to them. But… there letting their hunger get the best of them.’

Sighing, Serena closed the jar before dropping the knife in her sink. Trailing her finger over the counter, the dog girls inside the cup tried pointing to Serena but the ones on the outside paid no mind to them before they were scooped up in the gooey mess by her finger.

Licking her lips, she brought the small glob towards her mouth before moaning loudly as she licked away the peanut butter. Crouching, Serena stuck out her tongue showing the trapped girls what was happening to their friends.

Inside her mouth, tiny screams could be heard as Serena’s tongue swished back and forth drowning, the helpless dog girls in her saliva. Purring loudly, she retracted her tongue before snapping her teeth shut. The look on their faces was priceless.

Smirking she looked over the counter chuckling to herself as she picked up the rest of the dog girls she could find up before dropping them on her sandwich. Sadly with their size, the peanut butter trapped them like glue to the gooey bread.

“You know, I could have made something else, nya. Maybe some stew? Perhaps some nice roasted chicken.” She cooed before looking back at the trapped dog girls. “But something about peanut butter really gets me in the mood. I think it has to do with the fact there bodies will be stuck to the inside of my teeth, nya.”

Serena licked her lips ferally as she gave them a toothy grin. “Hmm… maybe I should add a few of you on my sandwich also~” she sang out tipping the cup over. The dog girls screamed and cowered against one another but Serena only laughed tipping the cup back over.

“I’m just kidding, jeez. I have other plans for you guys so just enjoy the show K, nya?” Bringing the sandwich to her lips, she licked her lips before taking a large bite from the center. Leaning closer to the glass, she chewed with her mouth open as she watched their reactions.

The dog girls all had similar looks, anger, fear, & revulsion being the most prominent. Gulping loudly, Serena licked her lips smearing bits of food and blood over her lips. Grinning, she leaned in before giving the glass a kiss.

The dog girls on the inside tried not to empty their stomachs as they saw the smeared remains of their friends plastered to the glass, it was a gruesome sight. Going back to her meal, Serena made sure to repeat the process with every bite. It was entertaining to play with the stragglers she felt but swallowing them alive was the best of all, because she knew where they were headed.

Tossing the last bite inside she chewed it quickly, as her tail twitched franticly, this had turned her on something fierce. “Mmmmm, that really hit the spot, nya.” She rubbed her stomach happily before moving her hand to the glass.

“But now that I have my energy back…” her smile turned primal as she shoved all the tiny dog girls into her hand. “It’s time to play, nya.” Clenching her hand, she made her way towards her bedroom. It was getting late now. Time had just flown bye while she played.

As she entered her bedroom, she moved her free hand to her back before releasing the strap on her bra letting the last piece of clothing fall away. Pouncing on her bed, she purred before curling up on her back.

Gripping her limp shaft, she gently began to pump her length moaning softly as she coaxed it to life. With the struggling dog girls in her other hand it didn’t take her long to do so. Once it was at its full length, Serena reached into her hand before plucking out one of the small dog girls.

“I-I’ve… I’ve never tried anything like this before but… I think it will feel amazing.” She blushed brightly before lifting the tiny girl over her shafts slit. Blushing darker she slowly inserted the struggling girl into her, whimpering as she felt the kicking sensation that followed.

‘T-T-This f-feeling… I-its, oh wow…’ Serena panted softly as she felt the tingling sensation. It was tickling her to her core. Reaching back into her hand she pulled a few more out. One by one, she repeated the same process until she couldn’t even hold still any longer.

Hissing she shoved the rest of the dog girls into her dripping nether lips growling angrily. She wanted to saver this, but these freaking insects were turning her onto much! Panting, she moved her hand back to her shaft before pumping it rapidly. This wouldn’t take long at all.

“Uhhh, uh… uhhhh!” she panted louder and louder. She had to be thankful she lived alone or else her moans might have been interpreted the wrong way. Screaming happily, she pumped her free hand into her lower lips as she forced the lot of dog girls deeper in her depths.

With both hands working in and around her now this was ecstasy! Gritting her teeth she screamed into her Pillow as she felt her peak close. The dog girls were too much! No mouse girls had ever done what these bugs had… she was addicted now.

Screaming loudly she gripped her shaft tighter as she pumped faster with both hands, she was about… about to…

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Serena let out a loud high pitched scream as she felt her orgasm flood out of both her nether lips and shaft at once. Crying happily she continued to pleasure herself as she felt her juices fall over herself. She was in heaven…

As her hands fell to the bed lifelessly, her eyes began to open and close slowly as she felt her body trying to rest after that. ‘What… what a perfect… birthday…’ her lips slowly formed a smile as she felt herself drift off to sleep.




~ Epilog ~



The next day Serena had begun looking for more of the dog girls and found a few but she didn’t kill them like before. She wanted this to last, she wanted more. Leaving the ones she caught in a cage, she left food around the house to lure out the rest.

Whatever ones she caught she’d just keep for breeding. After all, futa’s were more common in dogs anyways. The rest lured out however… their fates were sealed whenever her feral side took over. Her morning was even more entertaining as she went to the bathroom.

Checking the toilet, it had been flushed during the night. Apparently escaping the bowl had been too great an offer to resist. Pinching off the tooth floss robe she tossed it in the bowl before relieving herself.




Flopping on the couch, Serena smiled happily as she curled up for her afternoon nap. This was just… so… purrfect…


Knock, knock, knock


Blinking in surprise, Serena sighed getting back up before going to answer the door. “Hello, nya?” she peeked out before seeing doorstep vacant… well, except for a large brown box with a card on top. Grinning she picked up the large box before bringing it in, an idea of its contents already in mind.

As she set it down, she took a peek at the card first. “Dear Serena, I hope your birthday was everything you hoped it would be. Time to stock up? Sincerely…” the card held no name. Scowling she extended her nail before trailing it over the tap to peek inside the box.

As she moved the flaps to the side to peek inside a sinister smile graced her lips. “Stock up indeed, nya” she chuckled softly… Even though her birthday ended, she was going to enjoy this gift for a long, long time.


Chapter End Notes:


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