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“Really? You ate all the chocolates?” Gina asked, the disappointment apparent in her voice as she opened the shiny, heart-shaped box revealing dozens of empty spaces. “What kind of gift is this?”


Nick's face turned a bright shade of pink as he looked right into his girlfriend's eyes, sitting next to her on his bed. “What! I... uh... I didn't know!” His eyes widened as he looked around frantically. “My little sister must have taken them without asking! Oh my God, I'm so, so sorry, babe!”


“Oh, honey.” Gina responded softly, nodding her head with a grin. “I'm not mad. It's just...” She slumped “I was hoping to enjoy these with you.”


Nick saw her puppydog eyes and slight smile. “I know, I know. I seriously should have kept this away from her, though. You know how she is.”


“Oh, I know all too well” Gina noted, raising her eyebrows almost mockingly. “Every time I see her, she's just, like, a huge bitch to me.”


Unable to hide the sting from that sentence, Nick winced for a second. “Yeah, but like it or not, she's my sister and we have to share a house with her. I promised mom that I'd look after her and, ugh.” Nick leaned forward and put his hands on his face. “It's such a nightmare.”


Gina started rubbing Nick's back, her long, curly light brown hair moving as she did so. “Look, I know that it's tough raising her on your own, but she's almost out of high school now, she's eighteen. She should at least know some basic respect by now, like 'Don't eat other people's things'”


“Yeah, but... it's more than that.” Nick sighed. “She barely has any friends at school and... ugh. The only one she ever really talks to is me. Well, other than God knows who else on the Internet.” He ran his fingers through his short, ginger hair. “I just can't wait for her to go off to college soon so I can be here with you.”


Nick jumped as he saw an eye through the slightly open door, then a rush of motion. “Ugh, she was listening to us.” He said as he immediately got up to follow his sister. “Wish me luck!”


Following the sounds of thumping footsteps, Nick followed Holly at a brisk pace. “Holly? Holly! Come on.” He walked to her room and was greeted with a door slammed in his face. Knocking, he yelled through the door “Holly. Open the door so we can talk.”


A shrill, crying voice came from the other side. “No! You don't want to talk to me, anyway! You want me to go away as soon as possible! You love your stupid fucking girlfriend more than me! Fuck you!”


“Holly, it's not about that. Come on out so we can talk. I... I'm sorry for what I said. Now can you open up?” Nick looked down and rubbed the back of his head. He heard a loud knock at the other side of the door, probably Holly throwing something.


“I said FUCK YOU! And fuck that bitch girlfriend of yours! She's trying to turn you against me! GO AWAY!” Holly screamed at the top of her lungs.


“Turn me against you? What are you talki--”


“I FUCKING SAID GO AWAY!” Holly shrieked as loud as she could, right before she cranked up her music to maximum volume, drowning out all other noise.


Nick sighed, turned away, and went back to his room. “She's not talking to me.”


“Yeah, I could hear her from all the way over here. I honestly feel sorry for her, she must be really anxious and confused. Graduation is a confusing time for a lot of teenagers.” Gina said, the bass from Holly's music penetrating the walls from all the way across the house.


“One thing she said was pretty weird, though.” Nick said with an ache in his voice.


“Weird, Holly? Nooooo” Gina responded with a wry grin.


Nick chuckled. “But seriously, she said that you're turning me against her?”


Gina raised one eyebrow up. “What kind of fantasy is that? I've been nothing but nice to her!”


“I know, that's the whole thing. Once she calms down I really want to have a talk with her.” Nick said, calmly.


“Well, before then, can you get me some more chocolates?” Gina said as she fluttered her eyelids.


“You got it, love! And you can even pick them out this time because, well, the surprise was ruined and I'll make doubly sure my sister won't eat them.”


After coming back with not one, but two boxes of chocolates, Nick and Gina came back to see Holly sitting at the kitchen table looking glum as she ate a big plate of fries completely slathered in ketchup, reading from her tablet. Her bright red hair reached down to her shoulders, where she was wearing a white babydoll tee shirt with a pink symbol over her B-cup breasts and jean shorts so short that they almost showed off her ass. Her milk white legs hung from the chair so her bare toes barely scraped the ground. Even for an eighteen year old, she was rather short and thin. Her face was long and extremely pale, but she was still cute, with small hazel eyes and a wide mouth with thin lips. She wasn't exceptionally beautiful, but she was still pretty in a very simple way.


“Hey Holly-Rancher! Hollywood! Jolly Holly!” Nick said, cheerfully, trying his best to make her happy. “Think you got enough ketchup for those fries?”


Holly didn't react, she just kept eating her fries one at a time, extremely slowly, while keeping her eyes on the screen in front of her. She licked some excess ketchup from her lips and kept scrolling down on whatever she was reading.


“Ooooh kay. I'm gonna be up in my room if you need me. You know I'll always be there for you, right?” Nick said in a light tone. Holly stopped chewing for a second, licked her lips, and swallowed hard.


Heading upstairs, Gina asked “What the Hell was that about?”


“I guess she's still mad, but I've honestly never seen her act like that.” Nick responded as he closed the door behind him and locked it. “Anyway, time for chocolate, finally.” They both plopped down on Nick's bed and took the boxes out of the shopping bag.


“Finally!” Gina responded, ripping open the plastic and popping the box open immediately, tossing a small, brown cube into her mouth without hesitation. “Mmmm, coconut” she said with her mouth still full.


Nick picked up a milk chocolate piece and dropped it into Gina's mouth as she opened wide overhead. “Ahh, strawberry cream! No weird flavors so far. All delish.” She said.


CRACK! Gina and Nick both jumped in shock and turned their heads; the door was completely gone! The hinges were swinging, holding on to nothing. In the door frame was Holly, furrowing her brow and contorting her eyebrows to look absolutely enraged with her hands on her hips.


“Excluding me again? Pushing me away again? I'm sick of this! I'm sick of your bitch girlfriend stealing you away from me!” Holly screamed. “I'm tired of it I'm tired!”


Gina meekly hid behind her boyfriend.


“Holly, what did you do? What happened to the door?” Nick yelled, partly in shock and partly in anger. Standing up, Nick shouted “Holly! Come on! Let's talk about thi--” Holly held up a tiny, pink ring and a bright flash blinded him. Closing his eyes, he felt his stomach lurch like he was falling a great distance.


Feeling wind over his bare, naked skin, he heard Gina yell “Nick! What is happening? Nick!” from behind him. Mouth agape, he saw his girlfriend completely naked, covering herself on what appeared to be a big, white sheet. Still trying to regain his sight, he blinked a few times and started running over to her.


“Ah ah ah, not so fast!” Boomed a high-pitched voice from above. “You're my LITTLE brother now!”


Looking upwards, Nick's heart sank as he saw his own sister towering above him, like a petit redheaded Godzilla. He felt a lump in his throat so large he couldn't say anything but “Guh... guhh... whuh...”


Gina looked up and screeched, horror in her eyes. “AIYEEEEEE! AIGGGHHH!” Her voice cracked and she started coughing. “Nick! Cough, cough. What is happening?”


Nick crawled backwards away from his gigantic sister. “Augh... guhh... whuh...” He started sweating profusely, not able to get his eyes off of Holly, instinctively trying to get away. His heart raced, he felt ice-cold fear course through his veins. As he bumped into Gina, he embraced her as hard as she could.


“Nick!” Gina shouted, her naked skin feeling sweaty to the touch. “You... your sister is a monster!”


Cocking her hips to the side, the thin, pale, redheaded Holly opened up her mouth and smiled extremely wide, baring her straight, white teeth. Even at normal size, Holly had a large mouth, but to the people cowering on the bed below, it looked absolutely cavernous.


“Gina... I don't know what's going on... I don't...” Nick's voice was quivering as he held on to Gina tightly.


“I... I... I...” Gina muttered as Holly's massive hands descended upon them.


Both Nick and Gina let out screams as they were lifted extremely fast up to Holly's face.


“You belong to me now!” Holly said with a smile, her hot breath, smelling strongly of ketchup, wafting over them.


“Put us down, Holly! What are you doing?” Nick screamed, trying to hold back tears of fear.


Gina just struggled and screeched as she and Nick were placed on Nick's desk. “What's she gonna do?” Gina screeched at Nick.


“I... I... I don't know. I don't know.” Nick stuttered.


“Oooh, chocolates? For me? Thank you, Nick. Thank you for buying these for me.” Holly said, anger in her voice. “Let's try this one, first.” She said as she popped one in her mouth, chewing it with her large mouth wide open. After swallowing it with a loud gulp, she rubbed her belly and went “Mmmm. That was so sweet. Let me try another one.”


After eating five or six of them, she smiled, showing off her chocolate-stained teeth, and let out a soft burp. “These are excellent chocolates you bought me, Nick. Thank you for treating me like a good sister should be. Thank you for buying me things and being such a good brother.” After each word, Holly seemed to be getting angrier, gritting her teeth by the last sentence.


“Nick... I... I... I'm scared. She looks pissed. What's she gonna do?” Gina cried, shivering in Nick's arms.


“I'm finally being treated like I deserve.” Holly remarked in a devious tone, rolling around in Nick's bedsheets, the blankets looking like tidal waves to the tiny couple on the desk.


Scanning the environment with his eyes, Nick noticed that every possible way off the desk meant an impossible drop; they were stuck there as Holly dropped massive chocolates into her mouth and swallowing them. Watching the bulges travel down Holly's throat caused Nick to shiver. “Those are as big as we are.” He thought, clutching Gina even harder.


Holly covered herself in one of Nicks' blankets and moved around slightly, causing the fabric to ripple a litle bit. “Oh, look, your little girlfriend, she's mine now, too.” Holly boomed, her anger turning into rage.


The massive Holly sat up, her lower body still covered by the blanket, her boobs shook under her tee shirt as she waved her arms sarcastically while saying “Isn't it nice that we share everything, like brothers and sisters are supposed to?” She giggled so high she squeaked. “Isn't it nice that your girlfriend can be my girlfriend, too?”


“Wha? What's she saying, Nick? What's she saying?” Gina squealed frantically while shaking Nick. Nick's heart sank and his stomach churned in disgust as Holly pushed the blankets off of her, revealing that she took her shorts and panties off, exposing her unshaven crotch covered in auburn pubic hair. Putting her finger on her lower lip, she stood up and walked towards the couple on the desk, moving her hips seductively while still wearing her tee shirt.


A shadow loomed over the tiny couple, fingers the thickness of tree trunks heading for them. “I just wanted you to share.”


Gina belted out a blood-curdling screech as she was hoisted up in the air, Nick unable to keep her aground. “HELP ME! AIIYEEE! HELP! PLEEEeeee....” Gina screamed as Holly brought her out of earshot.


“Time for you to play with me like you play with my brother. It's not fair if he keeps you to himself, like he does with everything else.”


Nick could see Gina struggling, waving her arms hysterically as she was carried away between two of Holly's fingers.


Nick leaned so far forward, he almost fell off the desk. “NOOOOO! YOU CAN'T! DON'T! PLEASE! I'LL DO ANYTHING! HOLLY! PLEASE!” He shouted as Holly laid her back flat on his bed and spread her bare white legs.


“My turn!” She giggled as she spread her pussy lips wide open with two of her fingers and plunged Gina face-first inside her wet, pink, glistening vagina. “Oh! Oh, yeah. Yeah.” She moaned as Gina was forced into her body.


Eyes blinded with tears, Nick yelled out “GIIIIIIINNNNNAAAA! NOOO! LET HER GO!” Resisting his natural aversion to seeing his sister's vagina to look for Gina's tiny, kicking legs, Nick screamed “GIVE HER BACK RIGHT NOW! GIVE HER BACK! GIVER HER BAAACK” Sobs taking over the last word.


“Yeah, UNGH, yeah, YEAH, OHHH, yeah, little bitch. UNGH. Up my pussy. Ungh, yeah. Eat my pussy. Keep struggling, yeah.” Holly moaned as she lightly rubbed her clitoris with one hand and spread her labia with another, Gina's soaking wet legs still sticking out, kicking in midair. Holly let go of her pussy lips and dragged Gina out of her wetness, allowing her to breathe. Nick was watching intently as Gina rubbed her body all over, seemingly horrified at what was taking place. “You're mine.” Holly whispered as she shoved Gina into her wet pussy, feet first this time, sticking her finger deep inside, making sure Gina was completely lodged in her womanhood.


As Holly writhed and moaned on the bed, Nick leaned forward, as far as he could, knowing that attempting to get anywhere near Gina was completely futile. The slight scent of pussy filled the air as Holly's vagina leaked wetness, all over Gina and all over his bed. Every time his sister moaned, Nick winced in disgust. “Oh, oh yeah, yeah! You're mine now. All mine. UNGH!” Holly shrieked.


“LET HER GO!” Nick yelled as Holly fished Gina out. Still obviously conscious, Gina continued struggling, trying to get her hand free of Holly's grasp. Holly pushed her deep inside her body and started using Gina as a tiny dildo, sliding her tiny body in and out of her while still lightly rubbing her clit.


“Yeah, yeah, ungh, yeah.” Holly lightly moaned in her high-pitched voice as Gina's glistening body rubbed against the inside of the teenage redhead's vagina. Her breathing became faster, sweat soaking into her tee shirt, her moaning becoming louder as she started sliding Gina faster. “Oh... ungh.” She grunted. “Oh.. Unff.. Oh... Oh.... ooooh! OH! OH! OH! OH YEAH! OH YEAH! YEAH!” She started sliding Gina in and out of her so fast, Nick could barely see her through the motion blur. “YEAH! YEAH! OH YEAH! OH! OH! OH! OH! YES! AH! AH! AH! AHHHHHHHHHHH!” Holly screamed in ecstasy as her entire body tensed up “AHHHHHHHHHHHH” and then deflated at once, causing a sighing “Yeaaaahhh.”


Nick slammed his hand on the desk several times and cried. He tried to suppress his tears, but feeling helpless as his love was tortured like that was too much for him to bear. “FUCK! FUCK!” He shouted, enraged and anxious, hearing the wet, slimy sounds of his sister fishing his girlfriend out of her vagina, sobbing and still completely conscious.


“Thank you, Nick.” Holly breathed, her neck flushed with red. “Here's our girlfriend back.” She said, tired, as she got up from the wet spot on his bed and walked over, dangling Gina by the ankles. Her curly hair now several shades darker and completely soaked through, Gina was shivering and pale. When she landed right in front of him, she vomited what looked like gallons of vaginal fluid on to the desk in front of him. Nick tried to hug her, but she pushed away with oily, slick hands. “DON'T TOUCH ME!” She shrieked, her skin pallid and almost green, tears falling from her reddened eyes. “DON'T TOUCH ME.”


Gina immediately got up, crossed her arms in an “x” across her chest, and ran away to the other side of the desk and curled into a ball, weeping. Nick walked over to Gina, who was still reeking of Holly's vagina, and asked “Gina! Are... are you okay? Are you hurt?” in the most concerned tone he could possibly give. “GET AWAY!” She shouted “GET AWAY FROM ME. DON'T TOUCH ME.” She rolled into a tighter ball and fell sideways, bawling as hard as she could. “GET AWAY, GET AWAY, JUST GET AWAAAY.” She screamed as she put her hands over her face. Nick just stood there and stared at her, not knowing what to do or how to react.


“Well wasn't that just fun?” Boomed Holly's voice above, her hands on her still naked hips. Gina retched and shrieked, putting her hands over her ears as Holly talked. “Now, what should I do with you, little big brother?” Nick just craned his neck up slowly, feeling his tears run down his cheeks.


“Oh! I know! Let's do something we hardly ever do anymore, let's have lunch together!” Holly squealed as her hand descended upon him. He shut his eyes tight as he felt his sister's fingertips lightly press on his torso and force him up in the air. “I still have some fries left, but you told me before 'Got enough ketchup there?' Well, I'll show you how much ketchup I have! We'll share it!”


Thump, thump, thump, went Holly's feet as they marched down the stairs into the kitchen. Looking down, Nick's heart dropped as he saw the plate, still with fries and ketchup on it. Feeling a sharp descent, Nick instinctively screamed until his entire upper body was soaked in cold ketchup, his sister smearing it over his body. A sharp ascent caused Nick's chest to tickly slightly. “Got enough ketchup there?” his sister giggled, Nick unable to see her through the thick liquid that covered his face, arms, and torso. “MMMMMM” He heard from above as his sister's fingers let him go


Without warning, a hot, tight sensation covered his whole upper body as a gigantic, soft tube surrounded him, making extraordinarily loud sucking sounds. He shouted in the darkness as his sister sucked on his body with her lips like a piece of spaghetti, pulling him in. He felt every detail of his sister's lips as they sucked him in starting with his face, then his neck, then his shoulders, then his arms, then his torso, and his belly, stopping there. Then his sister pushed him out slowly, feeling the massive, soft lips slither over his arms, and his chest again. Covered in saliva and ketchup, Nick tried squirming, but his sister pulled him in again, quicker this time. Now, the lips slithered over his belly, then his cock, then his legs, until only his feet were exposed to the air outside Holly's mouth.


Sliding him out by his feet, all Nick could say was “Ugh! Ugh!” as he spit out the mixture of ketchup and his sister's saliva. “AHHH! NOOO! AHHHH-” he screamed as he was, again, submerged in the red pile of ketchup and brought to his sister's face. Wiping the red goo from his eyes, he immediately saw Holly's tongue slither out from her massive mouth and head right for him. Now held in her palm, he felt thousands of taste buds slime across his naked body. Trying to push her tongue off was no use, the giant, wormy muscle was too strong for him to resist. He just laid there as his own sister dragged her tongue across his bare body.


A breeze blew across his wet skin as he sensed motion. Craning his neck upwards, His sister's smiling face loomed over him like a crimson storm cloud. “Isn't eating with your sister fun?” She grinned and opened her wide mouth and tossed him on her tongue. Nick tried crawling on the hot, slick surface, but each time his quivering body tried to place a limb down, he slipped. Looking forward, Nick screamed “NO, NO!” as Holly's lips closed, sealing him in humid darkness. The tongue under him slithering about, he was forced into the roof of his sister's mouth as she licked over every inch of his body. Forcing her into her soft cheek, below her lips, and under her tongue, it was as though she was making sure he slid to each part of her mouth at least once. Nick gagged at the strong mixture of scents: ketchup, chocolate, and saliva, which all hung heavy in the humid environment of Holly's mouth.


The spit covered him easily, making him slick and gripless, he couldn't push on any part of Holly's mouth without slipping. Making every effort to get to the front of her mouth in the chaotic darkness, he was blinded by a sudden burst of light. “Guh! GUH! Nnnn! NNNNOoo!” He shrieked as he saw the nozzle of a ketchup bottle overhead.


Red goo poured all over his slick, spit-covered body in the heat of his sister's mouth. Every attempt he made at spitting out the ketchup just led to more ketchup and more saliva getting into his own mouth. Washed around, feeling slick cheek, soft tongue, and hard palate on different parts of his wet, warm skin, he could do nothing but shut his eyes as hard as he could and breathe air when a bubble came. Other than that, he was completely at his sister's mercy.


A loud “GULP” sound filled his eardrums as the ketchup washed over him in a torrent. He dug his fingernails into his sister's tongue as the wad of ketchup was swallowed behind him. Holly filled her mouth with air again and Nick could finally breathe. Breathe rank, ketchup-smelling air, but breathe nonetheless. “Augh, ugh!” He shouted as he felt forced forward like a rocket.


Landing on a fleshy pad with a bubbly mass of saliva, he crawled out of the slime ball and wiped his eyes. Looking down, he saw the zebra maze of Holly's handprint, craning his neck upward, he saw Holly's wicked, grinning face.


“Wasn't lunch fun? Isn't it nice to eat with me? Let's go back to see how my little girlfriend is doing.” Nick laid down limp, exhausted, and smelling of ketchup. He didn't even flinch as he was dropped down next to Gina, who was still rolling in a ball in the same spot, the vaginal fluid now dried and crusty. She was humming “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” to herself in a meek, quivering voice. “Oh, Gina.” He said, crawling to her on all fours. “Gina...”


“Ni... Nick... I want to die...” Gina replied in a dry, rough voice. “I can't do this... I can't” She squeezed her eyes and softly sighed, tears flowing from between eyelids with crusted pussy juice on them. “I just want to die.” She seemed exhausted and almost calm.


“Don't say that. Don't say that, please” Nick said as his heart was sinking. His sister watching overhead. He placed his hand on her shoulder and she jumped, standing up immediately. “DON'T! DON'T TOUCH ME!” She screamed as her legs quivered and she collapsed on the floor bawling. “DON'T!” She scratched the crust off her arms, leaving deep, red rakes across her skin.


“Gina... Gina... I'm sorry... Gina...” Nick's jaw was quivering as he watched his girlfriend scratch the skin on her neck and her face.


“I... I need new skin... I need new skin... I'm so dirty... I can't do this. I just can't. I want to die.” Gina kept whispering as she ran her fingers through her crusted curly hair as flakes of dried pussy juice fell out of it like snow.


“Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God,” Nick kept repeating as he put his hands over his face, looking down as his sister's shadow loomed over them.


“Hey, let's go on a date! My treat!” Holly boomed from above as she gently grabbed Nick and Gina and placed them both right on the wet spot on Nick's bed. Nick dry heaved as the strong scent of his sister's pussy still permeated the air. Gina was still rolling and mumbling to herself.


Holly opened her legs and positioned herself so Nick and Gina were between her massive, pale thighs. Leaning over, she grabbed the box of chocolates from earlier and threw the lid across the room. Picking up one of the milk chocolate cylinders, she lowered it in front of Nick and demanded “Take a bite” He leaned forward and just before his mouth touched the candy, she took it away. “Now you know how I feel.” She boomed as she put it in her mouth, chewed noisily, and swallowed.


Nick just sat shaking, listening to his girlfriend's whimpers as she scratched herself so deep she broke the skin. “So dark... so... so dark... need... new... skin... unclean... so... so... unclean.”


“I can't wait until we're together forever, Nick.” Holly giggled, smiled, and ate another chocolate. “I can't wait until you're a part of me.”


Nick went dizzy, not knowing the implications of that, his mind went into chaos. “What does that mean?” He thought. “What... what's going on?”


Holly broke open one of the chocolates above his head, oozing soft, golden caramel. “My favorite. I hope it's yours too!”


Scooped up in less than a second, Nick and Gina were again in the massive hand of the teenage redhead. “You both are going to be a part of me. Then you can never abandon me, Nick. You can never run away to our girlfriend because she'll be with me, too. You're both going to be with me. Forever.”


Gina shrieked, sounding like nothing human, and put her hands in her crusted hair as she was forced into the caramel pool. Nick retched and tried to push the liquid away, but he knew it was of no use. Both stuck in the caramel waist deep, they both looked up at Holly's massive, brightly smiling face.


Holly slowly raising the two chocolate pieces to her mouth, she whispered breathily “Whereever I go, you'll be with me. I'm gonna eat you up and you're gonna become me. Everywhere I go, everything I do, you'll be with me. In me.” Her hot breath, still smelling strongly of ketchup, wafted over the couple as Holly brought them closer and closer to her mouth, torturously slow. “Now you can never run away, Nick. I can't wait to feel you inside of me.”


Holly's mouth opened wide incredibly fast as Nick and Gina were tossed inside the hot, moist, humid cave. The chocolate immediately melting on contact, Nick felt himself pressed into the soft mass of candy all around him. The caramel, sticking to his hair, was impossible to wipe away. Hearing Gina shriek caused his blood to feel like ice. His heart beating out of his chest and fear overwhelming him, he couldn't do anything but squirm his limbs in random directions. An Earth-shattering “MMMMMMMMM” vibrated his entire body and caused him to develop goosebumps all over his skin, even though he wasn't anywhere close to cold.


The thick mixture was all-encompassing, over every centimeter was his sister's slime and the chocolate piece that she was eating with him. The massive tongue pressed him and Gina into a round, slimy piece of chocolate and caramel, swirling them around in the tornado of saliva.


Firmly in place, neither of them could move in the sticky mass of chocolate in Holly's mouth. Nick grit his teeth as the sound of “GULP” surrounded his entire body, shaking him to his core. Both he and Gina slid into Holly's throat with ease.


Trying to struggle, the caramel held him in place like cement as Holly's esophagus rubbed against the front of his body. The wet, tight tube pulsed rhythmically as he descended further and further into his sister's body. He wanted to back away from the soft, slimy membrane that was slithering past his bare skin, but he couldn't even move a muscle, the caramel-chocolate mixture was far too sticky for him to squirm. Nick tried screaming, but even that proved impossible over his sister's heartbeat.


Nick's brain was fluttering with a cocktail of emotion: disgust, fear, confusion, and the general sense of doom. The deeper he slipped into Holly's body, the more panic took over. Claustrophobic and terrified, he tried calling out to Gina, but all that came out was “MMMMPH!” Not knowing what to do, he just let out tears as the sphincter to his sister's stomach entrance accepted him, Gina, and the chocolate they were embedded in.


“AIYEEEEEEE!” shrieked Gina as the bolus of food slopped down in the hot chyme below. Still unable to move, Nick struggled to get free as the chewed mash of chocolate that he and his girlfriend were stuck in started to sink slowly into the digesting mash of chocolate, ketchup, fries, mucous, and enzymes. “AUUGGGHHHH!” Gina continued to yell as the mass the trapped them continued to sink into Holly's gut. Nick kept squirming, trying to loosen the sticky caramel's grip, but it stuck to him like glue. Gina fared the same. The brown mass was now almost completely submerged in the hot, chunk soup inside Holly's stomach.


As it sank further and further, it began to soften through heat and digestion, allowing Nick to free himself. Busting out from below the surface, Nick breathed in the disgusting odor, the strongest vomit smell he has ever experienced in his life. The acrid scent burned his nostrils and caused his eyes to water and yet, even on top of the puke, he could still smell the strong scent of ketchup.


The hot soup was hard to move through, but Nick desperately wanted to reach Gina. In the pitch darkness, the sea of chunky vomit forced him up and down, causing exhaustion in his arms and legs. Digging through the sweltering stomach mixture to find the chocolate mass, he dove down deep, stinging his eyes, poking his arms around to find something, anything in the torrent of puke.


“AIIIEEEEUUGGGGHHHHH!” shrieked from the other side of the stomach, it was the most horrific bone-chattering screech he ever heard from a human being. Nick, despite his exhaustion, fear, and disgust, attempted to swim towards the shrieking, but his sister's stomach started to churn. A wave of chunky soup smacked into his face, forcing the digesting food into his mouth and up his nose. Sneezing and spitting, he still pumped his arms towards the horrific screaming.


As he pushed himself against the relentless current of the thick mash, he touched something for just a moment, a slick, fleshy surface. “GIIINAAA!” He yelled, desperate for a response. He tried to force himself forward towards the soft skin, but when a wave of chyme forced him forward, he just ended up face-first into his sister's stomach wall. “AUGHH! AUGH!” he screamed as his sister's rugae slithered against his naked skin.


“AAGGGGHHHHHHHHHH UGHHHBblbglgblg” Shrieked Gina's voice from behind him, he could tell she screamed through the vomit. Kicking off of his sister's stomach wall, he was immediately forced backwards into them again due to the strong, thick current. Mucous covered him head-to-toe, as the forceful current kept violently smacking him backwards into the wrinkled folds of the stomach. Finally, a helpful churn forced him forward into the darkness, the hot mess that surrounded him seemingly endless.


“GIIIINAAAA!” He shouted. “GINAAAblbblbl” He screamed as a wave of food slapped its way into his mouth mid-yell. Coughing, he continued to swim in any random direction, desperately grabbing around for Gina in the hot, thick soup of his sister's stomach.


Despairing, he began to give up hope of finding her as the adrenaline rush of being swallowed started to wear off and exhaustion began to take over. “Guhhh... Juhhhh... Giiinaaaa...” He whimpered as he flopped around the sweltering slime.


“AIYEEEEEGH!” A shriek right behind him spurred him into action, turning around right away and lunging forward. He felt skin! “GINA!!!” He screamed.


“NIIICK!!! HELP! AAAAGHH!” She replied in a voice of horrified agony. Nick kept swimming towards her, treading the slime as he embraced her, trying to keep her wet body afloat. “NICK! WE'RE GONNA DIE! NIIIICK!”


“GINAA!” he shouted back, Gina in his arms. “GINA I LOV--”


A massive bolus of chewed chocolate came from the darkness above, landing directly on Gina's head, forcing her deep, deep below the surface. The slick surfaces caused Gina to slip right out of his arms, replacing her with a mass of Holly's latest mouthful. “NOOOO!” He shrieked, diving deep into the chyme, feeling around for her body, feeling nothing but hot goo slipping along his bare skin.


Almost suffocating, he resurfaced and took in another breath of acrid, acidic air as another mass of chewed up chocolate landed right next to him, splashing warm slime directly into his eyes. “Augh!” He screamed as yet another bolus of chocolate landed directly on the other side of him. Massive balls of chocolate landed unpredictably all around for several minutes. Trying to keep afloat, he swam as fast as he could to avoid the falling slime balls.


“AUUUGHH!” A stream of warm milk slathered down from the stomach entrance above, landing on Nick in a series of wet slaps, like he was being pelted with a fire hose. Spitting out the milk his sister swallowed, he continued waving his arms in the thick mixture when a warm, soft mass landed directly on top of him. He knew the flavor: ketchup. “MMMPH! MMMMPH!” He screamed, his heart beat extraordinarily fast, he was overcome with fear and anxety as he attempted to push his way out of the mass of ketchup and fries that surrounded him on all sides.


Pushing his hands in a random direction, he felt the soft floor of his sister's stomach slime by his face as the mass of food caused him to sink. Coincidentally, he landed directly on Gina's now unconscious body as the current pushed him backwards, into a tight, wrinkled hole. Trying to shake Gina, he held on to her body tightly as the hole slithered over him and the unconscious body of his girlfriend.


Entering the tight tube of Holly's small intestine, he was pressed so firmly against Gina's naked body that all his remaining air was forced out of his lungs. The fleshy pipe lined with rings slithered over him as they caused him to descend into an air bubble. Breathing as much air as he could, he tried to wake Gina, but he couldn't even move his own arms. Slitding along his own sister's intestine while pressed into the unconscious body of his girlfriend, he started weeping as his skin began to tingle slightly.


Nick just sobbed as the burning became more and more severe as Gina remained unconscious. For all Nick knew, she could be dead. His head still in the gas bubble, he shrieked in agony as the acids kicked in. He grit his teeth, grunted, and kicked his legs as his skin felt like it was on fire. Squirming from side to side, his entire being was vibrated as Holly's body emitted a deafening “GROOOOAAANN”, causing Gina's body to slip below him, along with the large gas bubble that was his lifeline.


His face now completely covered with digestive enzymes, Nick swirled his body from side to side. Exhaustion took him, his eyes felt like they were being branded with hot pokers, and he could feel which parts of his skin were dissolving faster than others. He could do nothing but wave around frantically as the tube brought him deeper and deeper into his sister's body.


Letting out the last of his air, Nick went completely numb and the only thing he could hear was a dull hum. He tried to squirm, but whenever he tried to move, his body didn't respond. His mind began to fade away and Nick was filled with a deeper fear than he could have ever imagined. Complete dread occupying his final thoughts, he continued slipping through his sister's body, never leaving it alive.


Holly ate the rest of the two boxes of chocolates in one complete binge session. Wanting her brother to feel her belly as stuffed as possible, she just jammed a few in her mouth, chewed once or twice, and swallowed them down hard. She muttered to herself “All for me. None for you. All for me. None for you” as she filled her mouth with the candies.


Heading downstairs, still with her pants down, she drank directly from the milk jug, thinking strongly as to what it must be like for her brother swimming around in her stomach. Thinking maybe it was kind of like a warm swimming pool or, at worst, a hot tub, she thought herself as a good person for giving her brother a quick, merciful death. She smiled as she chowed down on the french fries and ketchup she had before, making sure she felt as stuffed as possible. Not even bothering to wipe her mouth, she shoved the fries into her mouth and swallowed as fast as she could. Letting out a belch, she yawned and patted the small bloated lump on her normally flat belly. “Ugh, I'm stuffed!” She shouted. “But at least you're with me...” She smiled, pointing to her stomach. Her belly responded with a “GROOOOAAANN.”


The next day, Holly was combing her bright red hair in the bathroom mirror. Thinking “My brother is with me, I just know it,” she smiled wide, her big mouth showing off her gleaming white teeth. Walking gleefully into her brother's room, she went through every drawer, every cabinet, and every inch of his closet in order to invade his privacy as much as she possibly could. She even went through his computer and checked all his emails, feeling scorn at the loving notes he'd send back and forth to Gina. In one last act of defiance, she selected every single correspondence he had with Gina and hit “Delete.”


Nick and Gina's bodies were completely unrecognizable at this point. Only a few skin patches left on Nick and Gina was almost completely gone except for her bones. Slithering in the hunk of feces that entombed their corpses, they were slowly pushed into Holly's descending colon. At almost 100 degrees Farenheit, the corpses were nearly baking in the humid environment of Holly's gut. As the brown log continued through the teenager's large intestine, more and more water was being absorbed, wrinkling what little flesh Nick had left.


Nearly completely digested, Nick and Gina were among the nuggets of shit near the front of the bowel movement. Twisted into unnatural positions, they looked like remains found in a peat bog. Finally deposited in Holly's rectum, they remained still until Nick's jealous sister decided to release them.


Feeling pressure build on her backside, Holly stood up, yawned, and returned to the bathroom. Scratching her ass, she looked in the mirror and smiled again, knowing full well she was going to be letting go of her brother's bones. Pulling down her panties, she sat on the toilet and spread her ass cheeks wide. Letting out a warm stream of piss, her asshole widened as what was left of her brother and his girlfriend slid along the inside of her anus. Dropping with a soft splash, Holly wiped herself and looked down at her own shit with excitement. To her delight, she could see two jumbled skeletons in the piece of shit floating in the yellow water.


Letting out a sigh of relief, she flushed the toilet and washed her hands. She looked down, pointed at her stomach and whispered “Now you'll always be with me. Forever and ever.”



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