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Little Pink Ring

By Supernova


Amelia woke up to her face pressed on an unfamiliar flat surface and belted out an ear-shattering screech. Clawing her way through the musty pitch black darkness, the startling change of scenery caused her heartbeat to race, not knowing where she was after falling asleep in her own bed the night before. Or was it still night?


Amelia's mind raced in confusion and terror as she crawled on her hands and knees over a completely empty, dark toom with a floor that felt like a big sheet of wood. “Help! Please! Get me out of here!” she screamed, to no response. Completely naked, she groped around the featureless environment, placing her hands against a sudden, sheer wall. Standing up, she was still unable to find any way out. Her chest painful with anxiety, she jumped in shock when she heard gasping coming from behind her.


“Hel-- help!” coughed a voice from afar.


“Hey! Where are you! I can't see you!” shouted Amelia, running her fingers through her curly brown hair.


“Wh-where am I? What's going on? Help! What the fuck? Help! Aiyeeeee!” the voice screamed as Amelia felt the floor thump with her movement.


Thud! The wall boomed as the other woman slammed into it after running at full speed in a panic. Falling on her back, Amelia heard sobs coming from below. Kneeling, Amelia asked “Are you okay? Do you know what's going on?” The reponse was only crying.


Amelia jumped as she felt a hand grasp her thin ankle. “Who are you? What's going on? What the fuck?” said the woman through panicked, sobbing breaths. “Where are we?”


“I... I don't know!” Amelia's heart started racing again. “I'm fucking scared, I don't know what to do, I'm trapped here just like you and... and...” she burst into tears, her back to the wall, and slid down sobbing. She bit her lip and squeezed her eyes shut. “This is a fucking nightmare!”


Clawing at the walls, the woman kept sobbing. “We're kidnapped, aren't we? We're gonna die, aren't we? I was just... I was just sleeping and I woke up here! We're in some weirdo's basement, aren't we? Oh God. Oh... Oh God...” She wept and started pounding the wall, which had a surprising bit of give to it, vibrating the entire chamber.


“Wha... what's your name?” asked the woman, noticably distraught, despite Amelia being unable to see her in the darkness.


“Amelia. What's yours?” She felt a little bit calmer, though her anxiety was still so overwhelming that she had to fight to get every word out.


“How do I know I can trust you?” She asked, her voice cracking as she sucked in her snot from crying. Amelia felt a pang of anger. Didn't she know she was in the same situation?


“I guess you can't” Amelia sneered. “All I can tell you is that you're as stuck as I am.”


“Whatever, Amelia, if that is your real name!” the crying woman screamed.


“What reason do you have to doubt me! Hey, I don't know what to tell you.” Amelia's fear started to be replaced with frustration. “We can either whine about this and distrust each other or we can work to find a way out!” Amelia started breathing heavy, she didn't need this.


“It's hopelesss. It's too fucking dark.” the woman said in a whiny tone.


“It's not hopeless. I'm going to try to find an exit. Sit here and mope for all I care.” said Amelia as she stood up, her hands never leaving contact with the wall.


Deliberately running her hands against the wall so not to trip, Amelia kept feeling for a way out, or anything at all on the completely flat, featureless surfaces of the wall and floor. Feeling a sharp corner, she turned, making sure to keep her bearings and constant contact with the wall. The only thing she could hear was the other woman's soft sobbing in the distance.


Putting her ear up against the wall, Amelia tried to hear something, anything that could give her any clue as to where she was. Plugging one ear to drown out the weeping, she placed her other ear directly on the wall and heard a strange sound from the other side that she couldn't quite make out. Giggling? Screeching? Amelia was confused, so she continued her journey as she turned another corner in the darkness.


Slowly and deliberately walking, she almost tripped on something fleshy. Another body! Amelia lightly pressed her foot on the person lying on the ground. “Hey, hey... you awake?” She asked apprehensively.


A sharp gasp came from below. “Oh my God! What! Who are you? What's going on here?” the woman asked in an angry tone.


“I... I don't know. I just found you on the ground here, like I was.” stated Amelia, feeling her nervousness rise up again.


“What? Where are we? What the fuck is going on?” the woman asked sharply. “Who the fuck are you?”


“I'm Amelia and... I don't know. I just don't know. We're trapped. I don't know. I don't know.” Tears flowing from her eyes as she finished her sentence, Amelia started breathing heavily and sweating profusely. “We're trapped in this... box... and I can't find an exit. And it's so dark. Me and some other girl woke up here. We don't know. I don't know.” Tightness constricted her chest. “I'm just so fucking scared.”


The woman, still in the darkness on the ground, said nothing.


“I... can you help? You don't happen to know where we are, do you?” Amelia asked, her voice getting higher as the sentence went on.


“No.” The woman said, coldly.


“Well, can you help me find an exit?” Amelia asked again.


“No. No. No. No. No. No.” The woman let out breathy bursts of air just saying “No” over and over again until Amelia sensed she was getting angrier. “No!” She shouted, elbowing the wall so hard that it cracked slightly, revealing a bit of light.


“Whoa! What!” Amelia gasped as she saw light seep through what looked like a rip in the darkness.


The woman on the ground gasped at her finding, then sneered “Tch. You could have told me the walls were paper thin.”


“I didn't know! I don't even know what the room looks like. It's been dark since I woke up!” Amelia shouted. “Aiyee!” She shrieked and jumped as she felt a cold hand on her shoulder from behind.


“Molly” the woman behind her sniffed. “My name is Molly” It was the first girl Amelia came across, clearly still teary-eyed and slightly weeping.


“Ugh. I guess I should say that I'm Paula.” the woman on the ground remarked.


“Well, Molly, and Paula, let's try to get out of here now.” Amelia said as she tried to push her fingers through the tiny crack in the wall, to no avail.


“You're not doing it right, I'll show you two how it's done” Paula quipped as she punched the crack hard, widening it a little bit, but not enough to let in enough light to see outside.


Behind them, Molly sat down on the ground and curled up into a ball, crying hard. “We're never going to get out! Never!” She sniffed and bawled as Paula kept punching the crack in the wall.


Amelia, still anxious, suggested “What if... what if you kick it?”


“Don't tell me what to do!” Paula screamed as she pushed Amelia back, causing her to trip on Molly below.


“Ow! What did you do that for?” Amelia screamed over Molly's constant sobbing.


SNAP! Paula kicked the crack in the wall with as much force as she could, causing the wall to open up wide, then bounce back, like a pliable piece of wood. “Cause I'm fucking pissed!” yelled Paula as she kicked at the opening again. “I'm the only one working to get us out of here, anyway.”


“Ugh! As if!” Retorted Amelia, her slight Valley Girl accent coming out.


“Look girl, I don't know about you, but I got shit to do. I'm not crying on the fucking ground or whining about someone being mean, I'm busting out of this fucking place.” Paula said as she nailed a well-placed punch on the ever-loosening flap of wall that was allowing more and more light in.


“Well... can we at least look through the fucking crack you've created? Jesus, I want to get out of here as much as you do an--” “What the fuck?” Paula interrupted Amelia as she peeked her eyes through, the faint glow of the outside revealing Paula's straight auburn hair, heavily tanned skin, and hazel eyes.


Amelia leaned in next to Paula and was immediately overwhelmed with confusion as the image outside came into focus. “What the...”


“What...” Molly sniffed on the floor. “What is it?”


Amelia's jaw dropped instinctively as she saw an immense carnation pink wall in the distance covered in a brightly colored poster with Katy Perry licking a lollipop over the words:



“Okay, now I'm even more fucking confused. Where the fuck are we?” Paula asked rhetorically.


“Molly, you're going to have to see this for yourself.” Amelia said, looking back into the darkness.


As she stepped up to the light, Molly was found to be a plump, but not obese woman with brown eyes and pin straight chestnut brown hair that dropped to her lower back.


“Wha? That's a poster for the Katy Perry movie. It looks so – sniff – big! Oh God. What's going on?” Molly wiped her eyes, reddened from crying, and collapsed back on the ground to weep.


Amelia and Paula continued to look through the crack. “It does look big, doesn't it?” Amelia asked.


“Yeah. It does. This is like a fucking Twilight Zone episode. Wait. Fuck. I think I heard something.” Paula exclaimed as a massive shadow quickly covered the light through the crack, passing by in less than a second. “What was that?”


“I don't know!” Amelia blurted out as the light flashed again. “Is there someone out there?”


The box shook with a quick succession of vibrations, boom, boom, boom. “Oh, what the fuck is going on?” Amelia inquired as the booming came closer and the ground shook, like an earthquake, causing her to fall over Molly again. Paula grabbed the rip in the wall and managed to stay on her feet.


A loud knocking sound came from a distance. Amelia and Paula put their ears to the opening to hear a woman's muffled voice.


“Emily? Em? Are you in there? What are you doing? Redecorating your dollhouse?” Asked a plain, nasally female voice.


A shrill, juvenile-sounding girly voice responded, sounding much closer. “Ashley! I'm nineteen! I, like, do whatever I want!”


“Uh, okay. Whatever. I'm going out. I'm not going to be back until later tonight. Enjoy having the house to yourself.”


The three sat in silence, listening to every word, none of them moving a single muscle. Amelia sweat profusely, her hair clinging to her forehead, her chest feeling like it was going to burst from nervousness.

Another sudden shake of the box led to Paula falling down as well. Light began beaming from above through straight slits. Crinkling sounds filled their eardrums as the floor shook back and forth. The three were then awash with light from above with a massive silhouette shadowing above them. Once, their eyes were able to focus to the sight above, the three of them screamed in unison.


Above them towered Emily's massive, naked body. She was clearly fit, with pale, blemish-free skin that gave off a healthy glint, a slightly unshaven pussy was right below her perfectly rounded, proportional hips. Looking up, this lead to a flat stomach and sizeable D-cup breasts that complimented her somewhat thin frame. She had cute, round cheeks and a small, delicate nose and thick, glossy lips. Her big blue eyes were accentuated by her long, upward-facing lashes. But, to the three girls below, her most striking feature were her bright blonde pigtails, pointing sideways off her head, reaching her shoulders, held up by two pink bands.


“Hello, little ones!” Emily exclaimed, putting her hands on her cheeks, smiling widely and exposing her perfectly straight, white teeth.


The three tiny women continued screaming and tripped over each other crawling backwards, crab-style. Amelia, wide-eyed in terror, kept thinking “This must be a dream. This must be a dream. I'm having a nightmare, this must be a dream.”


Tall walls of brown cardboard extending upward on all sides of them, the women all huddled into a corner, Emily's shadow looming over them.


Amelia couldn't stop gasping, her panic in full-swing. She continued to sweat heavily, the glean now completely covering her skin. Her eyes were wide and staring at the monstrously tall woman above, not knowing what was going on or what was going to happen. Her heart beating extremely fast, she felt her chest tighten and her tongue becoming numb. Tears flowed freely from her eyes, but she didn't sob, she was too scared to sob.


Molly, on the other hand, bawled and screamed as she wrapped her knees close to her body. Screaming and crying, she kept rolling back and forth in a ball, wailing like a banshee.


Paula was just motionless, looking upward, gaping. Just slightly, Amelia noticed Paula's jaw quivering.


“What... what is happening?” Amelia asked quietly.


“I don't know. I don't.” Responded Paula, her voice shaky, but deep.


Emily boomed from above “Well, I, like, totally want to, like, meet you and stuff!” She tilted her head sideways and put her hands on her hips. “Then we can play.”


Molly was still crying loud as anyone Amelia has ever heard. Not knowing what she meant by “Meet you”, Amelia still huddled in the corner with the other girls, instinctively trying to get as far from the massive threat above as possible.


“Oh, don't be shy. Just, like, come out from that corner, pleeeeeeeeeease.” Emily put on a faux-cutesy voice for the last word that chilled Amelia to the bone.


The women didn't respond, Amelia and Paula continued to look up in fear as Molly just cried endlessly. “Ugh, fiiiiiiiiiiine, I guess it's right to the playing. Here, let me take you two, first.”


Two perfectly manicured hands reached into the cardboard box. The three below screamed as fingers the size of small trees descended upon them. Seeing the glint from the glossy pink nails caused Amelia to close her eyes in fear as she felt two immense digits gingerly grasp her by the torso.


Amelia screamed like she had never screamed before in her life as Emily brought her up so quick she thought her neck was going to snap. Looking below, she saw the box with tiny Molly in it become smaller incredibly quick, she felt like she was on one of those scary carnival rides that shoot you up in the air. The feeling of vertigo exemplified her fear as the nausea in her belly caused severe dizziness.


Looking to the side, she saw Paula already fighting against Emily's massive fingers, slamming her fists down as hard as she could, Emily not reacting at all.


“Well, you two, time for you to, like, play with me! Look at all the nice stuff I set up just for you!” Emily said in her shrill, nasally voice.


Amelia felt deeply embarassed as she saw two tiny chairs, a tiny table with a miniature tea set, and two tiny pink dresses neatly lined up on the pink carpeted floor. “Tea time!” Emily shouted.


Gently dropped on the carpet a few inches away from the strange objects, Emily looked down and sat on the ground in front of them. She spread her bare legs wide open, pressing her feet together, bowing out her legs in a circle so Paula and Amelia were trapped on all sides.


“Now put on your pretty dresses, girls. We're having a tea party!” Emily said as she picked up a dainty white teacup with a pink floral pattern and took a sip.


Paula stood up and shouted angrily “Hey, fuck you! You kidnapped us! I'm not putting on your fucking dress!”


Emily put on a wicked grin “My, aren't you a feisty little one! Here. I'll even ask, like, nicely. Put on your dress pleeeeeeeeeease!” She clasped her hands together and fluttered her eyelids while smiling as she was uttering the last word.


Paula said nothing, just stood tall and extended her arm to show Emily a big, bold middle finger.


“This won't do. This won't do at all. You're being a bad, bad girl, and bad girls get punished.” Emily said as she reached down to pick Paula up by the left leg. Dangling upside-down, Paula just folded her arms in complete defiance. “Hmmm, what to do, what to do, what to do...” Emily said, rubbing her chin. “Oh! I know!” She exclaimed as she picked up her cup of lukewarm tea.


Paula unfolded her arms and began waving them as Emily dropped her into her teacup. “Hope you like swimming, you little bitch.”


Amelia looked up at the scene and covered her mouth in horror. Her heart dropped at what she was witnessing. Not wanting to experience the same fate, Amelia crawled frantically to the frilly pink polka-dotted doll dress and slipped her arms and head through the holes it as fast as she could. She felt the fabric cling to her sweaty skin as she forced her curly hair out of the neck hole. She ran to the tiny chair and sat in it, hoping that's what the massive Emily would want.


“See? Your little friend there knows what to do.” Amelia breathed a sigh of guilty relief as Emily spoke into her teacup, with the tiny Paula trying to claw her way up the slick side.


Looking up, she saw the pigtailed blonde woman take several swigs of tea, seeing her throat move with each swallow. Amelia's forehead furrowed and her eyes teared up, she grit her teeth and tried to control her breathing and not succumb to panic. She heard an extremely loud slurping sound from above, knowing that Paula was around or near Emily's mouth, if not in her stomach already.


After taking a particularly large sip, Emily began to swish the tea around in her mouth like mouthwash. One cheek would puff up with liquid, then another, then the puff would be behind her lips. The horrific sound filled Amelia's eardrums, so much so that she covered her ears with her hands, not wanting to hear anything above her. Despite that, Amelia could still hear gurgling through Emily's humming of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” Emily closed her mouth again and continued swirling the liquid around in her mouth, giggling as she did so.


“Bleh!” Emily shouted as she spit the mouthful of tea back into the cup. “That's what you get! Now, promise me you'll be nice. I set up this tea party for you and everything. Would you rather, like, have a nice little tea party or do you wanna get punished again? Now be a good little dolly and, like, put on your dress. Next time you're, like, mean or whatever, you're gonna get swallowed up!”


The giant woman reached into the teacup and lifted Paula, soaking wet and covering her face with her palms, and gently placed her next to the puffy pink dress.


“And we wouldn't want that, would we?” Emily asked, putting one hand on her hip and cocking her head to the side, mockingly.


Paula went on her hands and knees and coughed. Even from a slight distance, Amelia could tell she was breathing heavily. Amelia felt a tinge of surprise as Paula crawled slowly to the dress and slipped into it, the dark tea soaking into the fabric. Paula hung her head low as she dragged her feet over to the miniature chair.


“There, perfect.” Emily said, taking a sip of tea.


Amelia sat across from Paula, who just hung her wet hair down almost entirely over her face and pouted strongly. She couldn't imagine what being in her position must be like, being swished around in someone's mouth, totally helpless.


Emily took an eyedropper and squirted a tiny bit of tea into each of their tiny teacups. Looking ridiculous in the oversized, puffy, humiliating pink dresses, the two terrified women brought the chairs closer to the table, the massive Emily looming overhead the entire time, her pigtails forming a strange silhouette above.


“Now, time for some tea.” Emily scootched closer to the women, her bare vagina inching closer to them. Amelia looked for a second, but felt disgusted at the sight of Emily's large, meaty, dark labia and looked away. The slight odor of pussy lingered in the air as Emily's glistening womanhood advanced to mere inches away from them. Though, to the tiny girls, mere inches meant several body lengths.


Paula continued pouting and slouching enough for her hair to completely cover her face. Paula was squeezing her eyes as hard as she could and sobbed softly to herself. Tears didn't flow, but Amelia could tell that Paula's hard demeanor was beginning to crack.


“Now drink some tea, ladies.” Emily said sweetly. “Or else.”


Amelia slowly picked the teacup up, overflowing with tea from the eyedropper. Paula practically lunged for it, bringing it up to her mouth for a big slurp. As Amelia was lifting it, she noticed her hands couldn't stop shaking.


“Fuck this. Fuck this. Fuck this. Fuck this.” Paula kept whispering under her breath.


Emily's voice boomed from above. “Isn't this nice? You, in the polka dots.” Amelia's heartbeat began racing again. “Tell me about your day.”


Amelia looked up to see Emily's big, blue eyes wide open, staring at her in a frightening, almost sociopathic way.


“I... um, well, um, I” Amelia stuttered. “I, um, uhh”


Emily shrugged her shoulders. “Oh right. Too bad I can't, like, hear you or anything. Anyway. My turn. “Ugh. My sister is, like, such a bitch. Aubrey thinks I'm her little fucking slave. Like, what's with that? Just because she's a whole two years older than me doesn't mean she can, like, boss me around. Like, I'm in a sorority now, that ugly bitch couldn't hack it if she tried.” Her high, piercing, shrill voice put goosebumps on Amelia's skin.


“Anyway. You, the bad one. The one who looks like the girl from “The Ring”. Yeah, you” Emily said, pointing at Paula.


Paula's head turned slowly and deliberately. Her pouting expression not changing.


“I, like, already know the answer to this, but how was your day?” The blonde woman smiled hard.


“Fuck you, fuck you, FUCK YOU!” Paula screamed at the top of her lungs.


“Paula, stop! You don't know what she's gonna do!” interjected Amelia.


“Fuck you, too!” Paula yelled, causing Amelia to slightly jump in surprise.


“Look, whatever you're saying, I can't hear it. But anyway, my turn.” She said as she put her palm on her chest. “My bitch sister is such a fucking mess. You should, like, see her room. It's all covered in goth and computer shit. Like, hello, you're twenty one, aren't you a little bit old for the, like, Halloween stuff? And she calls me immature for doing, like, keeping my dollhouse and stuff. Like, she's such a fucking nerd, too, like, she fucking dyes her hair black, okay? Like, who does that? And she, like, wears such nerdy glasses and has, like, no sense for real style, right? Like, what the fuck?”


Each sentence blended into each other in Amelia's head. She was too frightened to pay attention. Paula continued to sit down motionless with the same pouted expression on her face, not saying anything, not moving, just pursing her lips and occasionally squeezing her eyelids.


“And, like, she's going to school for fucking engineering? Like, what the fuck? She should do something normal, like finances or something. Like, who has time for all that nerdy stuff?” Amelia felt as though if she heard the word “Like” one more time, she was going to snap.


“And, li-- Hey! What are you doing?” Emily turned her head towards the box on her desk, where tiny Molly was being kept. It looked as though Molly was trying to get through the crack in the box, but unfortunately became stuck at the waist. From a distance, Amelia caught that she was struggling hard to get free. “Well, we could use another guest.”


Emily gently plucked Molly from the box and placed her next to the two already seated at the table. “You're getting punished later for this, by the way, but for now we can just have a little, pleasant chat.” The giantess leaned over, not moving her legs, and opened one of the drawers on her desk. After pulling out a dainty yellow dress, another miniature teacup, and another doll chair, she placed them in front of Molly, who seemed to have run out of tears. Her face still puffed and her eyes still bloodshot, she complied immediately and practically launched into the dress.


Molly sat at the table with the other two, Paula not moving her head for the entire ordeal, and Amelia still overcome with anxiety. “Wha-- what's going on?” Molly asked as she looked at the soaking Paula, who was still hanging her head low. Molly began weeping again “What's going on? What's going onnnn” Her voice quivered and tears flowed down her face, she wasn't done crying, after all.


“Sit still, listen to her fucking bullshit, and just do what she says.” Paula snapped, coldly. Amelia widened her eyes.


“Oh—okay.” Molly's foot was bouncing nervously and her sobbing was constant.


Emily continued to blather on “Anyway, back before I was rudely interrupted, I was saying that, like, she hates when I have friends over. Like, just because she hangs out with her small weird group doesn't mean that she should be fuckin' jealous of my sorority.” Paula leaned forward on the table and put her hands over her face.


“Like, my sisters are more of a sister to me than my own sister is! Can you believe that? Like, our parents are away for the week in, like, Aruba or something, so I'm throwing a big fuckin' party tomorrow just to throw it in that bitch's face. She hates parties, so fuck her. What's she gonna do, tell on me? Like mommy and daddy are gonna fly back from Aruba. Riiiight.” Molly continued to cry loudly, Emily too large and far away to hear. Amelia was experiencing a mixture of emotions ranging from fear to anger to annoyance. Molly's crying and Emily's booming, shrill voice was a potent mixture of terror and irritation.


The immense blonde woman continued to talk for at least ten minutes, Amelia toning the voice out after five, just staring at the teacup in front of her, not knowing what would happen next.


“Ugh, anyway, I'm, like, bored now. You, in the yellow, time for your punishment. The other two ones in the lovely pink dresses have to watch.” Emily said, with a devious tone in her voice.


“Wha, what? No! What's gonna happen to me?” Molly grabbed Amelia's dress hard. “What? No. Punishment? What does that mean?” Molly's voice began to get more frantic as she continued crying. “Heh-heh-help! Please! You've gotta help me! Amelia, right? Help me!” Molly went into panic mode, relentlessly crying as the giant woman's hands descended towards the three girls.


Surprisingly, she went for Amelia and Paula, still in their chairs, they grabbed on to the pieces of hard plastic as tight as they could as Emily raised them up to a small shelf overlooking a massive queen-sized bed. “If I see you, like, looking away, I'll kill you. You hear me? Close your eyes and I kill you. Turn your head, and I kill you. You won't like it. Heehee!” The high-pitched giggle caused Amelia's skin to crawl, but she knew Emily was dead serious. Paula continued to sit hunched over in silence, her dark hair and dour demeanor contrasting hard with the bright pink dress.


Perched up above the bed, Amelia looked at the pigtailed blonde woman rummaging through her dresser drawers. “Ah, here it is.” She said with a smirk as she picked up a small, transparent bottle filled with clear liquid.


“You're coming with me, you little weasel.” She leaned over and picked up Molly, stripping her naked from her yellow dress.


Emily, with Molly in one hand, and the bottle in the other, layed down with her back flat on the bed and spread her legs wide. Amelia and Paula both gasped at the same time. After Molly was on Emily's belly button, the small woman began looking around frantically, dripping tears on the giant woman's soft skin. With her free hands, Emily began pouring the thick, clear liquid from the bottle on her fingers. “You ready for this, bitch?”


Molly kept crying, screaming, and crawling around Emily's bare skin. From Amelia's vantage point, she could see Emily lean forward slightly, and put one of her wet fingers far up her asshole and swirled it around. “Oh... oh my God” left Amelia's lips almost instinctively.


The blonde girl with pigtails looked down at the woman crawling around on her belly. “I'm getting ready for you. Here, have some for yourself.” She covered Molly with a deluge of lubrication.


It was clear to Amelia that Molly had no idea what she was in for. “We have to do something!” She shouted at Paula, who just kept staring, her eyes wide and mouth agape.


Emily picked up the squirming, wailing Molly and hung her over her face as she continued to lube up her anus. “I think it's time for you to go in, now.”


With that, she thrust the tiny brunette between her legs and past her pussy lips to her now loosened asshole. Amelia screamed in horror as she saw Emily quickly shove Molly face-first up her ass so far that only her ankles and feet were showing.


“Oh, oh yeah.” She moaned as she began to lightly rub her clitoris. “Yeah, keep squirming. Yeah. Ungh.” Amelia could see Molly kicking around, lightly stretching the lubed anus, but Emily clenched the sphincter and pressed the tiny woman's ankles together.


Amelia couldn't keep control of her breath, this was the most horrifying sight she had ever laid eyes upon. Glancing at Paula, she saw one single tear run down her cheek, the first sign of actual tears from her. The sight caused Amelia's chest to tighten to painful levels. “What the fuck! What are we gonna do? Are we gonna get shoved up some crazy girl's ass? She could be dead down there! What the fuck!


Paula just put a finger over her mouth and went sharply “Shh!”


Emily kept moaning as she stuck several fingers inside her vagina. “Ungh, yeah, you girls like seeing your friend up my ass? Yeah. Ohhh! Oh yeah! Do you? Ungh!” She removed her slimy fingers from herself and fished Molly out of her ass, bringing her to her face again. As she was being lifted, Amelia saw that she was still conscious and completely soaked with lube and sweat. She kept wiping her face of the slime that covered it. “You like being up my ass, little one? Here, try the other way, sweetie.”


Emily reached down to her anus again and slipped Molly in, this time feet-first. The sphincter wrapped around her right below her boobs, the plump woman was completely unable to push herself out, as the asshole was clenched too tightly around her. “Ah ah, I can feel you, take this.” Molly let out a tiny shriek as the anus clenched.


This time, Amelia could see Molly's desperate struggles as her upper body poked out of the blonde woman's asshole. Still fingering herself while rubbing her clit, she moaned as her vaginal juices dripped onto Molly's body, making her even wetter than she was before.


Amelia felt like throwing up watching this unfold, sucking down her panic and trying to control her breathing.


“Time for a change!” Emily said, as she plucked Molly from her wet anus. Without skipping a beat, she shoved Molly deep into her vagina. “Oh! Oh yeah, that's much better. UNGH! OH! OH YEAH, THAT'S IT. KEEP SQUIRMING YOU LITTLE BITCH!”


Paula's tears kept flowing from her face, dripping onto the shelf below, her face still wide-eyed. Amelia began sobbing, while breathing heavily.


Emily continued to rub her clit with tiny Molly inside her glistening wet pussy. “YEAH! Oh! Oh! OH! OH! OH YEAH! OH! UNGH! AHH! YEAH! UNGH! AHHHHHH!” She breathed extremely heavily for a few seconds, then sighed deeply. “Oof. That was good. That was really good.” She reached down between her legs and pulled out Molly, who slipped out with a “Shluck.”


Emily's chest was flush with red patches and her face looked pink. “Now that wasn't so bad, was it?” Molly just covered her face, completely motionless, but conscious.


Here, dollhouse time for you three. Emily picked up the two plastic chairs with one hand and Molly in the other. With her foot, she opened the roof of a pink-and-white plastic dollhouse and dropped the three in, leaving the roof open.


Molly was completely covered in a thick layer of rank slime. Smelling strongly of pussy, she just rolled up into a ball on the ground and covered her face in her hands, saying nothing. She just breathed heavily, no sobbing, no wailing, just the sound of her breathing extremely slowly through her hands.


Paula and Amelia both looked up at their captor, who sat in front of the dollhouse, looking down smiling. “Now that one of you satisfied me, I'm getting a lil' hungry. Wanna play a game?”


Paula stood up fast, tears in her eyes, and shouted “NO! Fuck you, cunt!”


“Wha? What was that? Was that a “No” I just heard? I can't hear shit you say, but fuck if I heard that one! You're saying “No” to moi? It doesn't work like that, honey, not when I'm in charge.”


Amelia turned to Paula. “Hey, you! SHHHHH!”


Paula kept going. “No, fuck you, Amelia! I'm sick of your fucking games here, bitch! Let us go! And yeah, I'm fucking saying NO! NO! NO! NO! NO! HEAR THAT, BITCH? NO!” Emily's hand descended quicker than Amelia could even see, snatching up Paula and ripping off her doll dress.


“Here you go, bitch, here's what I think of this “No” you keep, like, talking about.” Emily said as she quickly stood up and smeared Paula between her relatively large, wrinkled, pussy lips, still wet from before. “Ungh, I'm, like, so sensitive right now, but how do you like my cunt, cunt?”


Amelia shrieked and shivered. “Oh fuck!” She shouted. Molly remained in the same position, just breathing through her hands while covering her face, not reacting to the horror at all.


“Ahh! Get in there real good!” Emily said, rubbing Paula's naked body between her wet, slimy pussy lips. Unceremoniously, she removed Paula and dropped her in the dollhouse right on top of Amelia, getting pussy juice on her bare, sweaty skin.


Paula immediately spit up a mouthful of vaginal fluid on the dollhouse floor and broke down crying. Falling down with her face flat on the floor, grabbing her soaked hair in tight fists, she bawled so hard she started coughing. Wailing loudly, she didn't even make an effort to wipe the slime off her body.


On one side of Amelia was a motionless, silent Molly, on the other side of her was a bawling, screaming Paula. She looked up to see Emily's smiling face hovering right over her.


“Now, time for a game. You're my favorite one, but you're still going to have to take off your little dress. Tea time is over.” Amelia complied immediately. “Good. Now, the little fat one, come here.” Emily said as she picked up Molly, who was completely silent, even when being raised up to the giant woman's face. “And now you, little one!” Amelia shrieked and screamed when grabbed, not knowing what game this was, not knowing what was going to happen. “Grab on!” Emily exclaimed as Amelia was brought to one of Emily's dangling pigtails. Amelia held on to the cords of bright blonde hair like her life depended on it, apparently Emily had Molly do the same.


“Ok, so what's gonna happen is this. I'm, like, gonna shake my head back and forth with, my mouth open and whoever I suck up first gets swallowed!” Amelia's heart started beating quickly just as the world started spinning.


Dangling on Emily's hair as the pink room sped around her gave her vertigo and anxiety, being rushed around, she kept being slammed into Emily's face, then the back of her head. Swinging several times, she saw her mouth approaching fast, but she smacked into her upper lip, only to be swung back again to the back of Emily's blonde head.


From Paula's vantage point, it just looked like she was turning her head really fast and making her pigtails slap herself in the face, but to the women grabbing on to her hair, it was a complete nightmare. Motion blur surrounded Amelia, who could do nothing but hold on and hope she didn't land in Emily's mouth. She screamed as she felt Emily's hot breath over her, but felt relief as she was swung away, then anxiety again as she approached the mouth.


Without warning, the spinning stopped. Amelia looked at Emily's face to see tiny Molly's upper body protruding from her puckered lips. She couldn't look away as a loud slurping sound accompanied Molly being sucked inside Emily's mouth, then some wet slapping sounds, then an audible gulp.


Emily picked up Amelia, held her in front of her massive face and went “Ahhhh!” sticking her tongue out and exhaling heavily on her. Smelling her rank breath, Amelia winced as Emily said “All gone!”


Amelia was, again, placed in the dollhouse next to the crying Paula. “She's gone, isn't she? She fucking ate her, she fucking ATE her!” Paula screamed as she crawled over to Amelia and hugged her, still covered in Emily's pussy juice. She cried into Amelia's shoulder, feeling the drips of warm tears run down her skin. “She's gone. Molly is fucking gone. She's dead. Or as good as dead. Oh god, what if she's still alive in there? Oh god, oh no. It's gonna happen to us. It's gonna fucking happen to fucking US!” She continued to bawl like Molly was earlier.


“I... I don't know what to do. It's... I'm... I don't know.” Amelia said.


“You don't know what it's like. You don't know what it's fucking LIKE!” screamed Paula, still smelling strongly of Emily's crotch.


“I... I know. It's just, like. These walls are too high to climb up... and...”


“What are you two bitches talking about? Your mistress is, like, up here, ya know!” Emily boomed. “Anyway, I'm gonna, like, go to sleep. Gotta get ready for the party tomorrow. Don't y'all go escaping on me. G'night!” Emily said as she closed the lid on the dollhouse, sealing the two tiny women inside.


In the pitch darkness, Paula said “This is so fucked up. This is just so fucked up. I was just sleeping and... and woke up to this nightmare. I don't know. I just don't know anymore. How did we get like this? How is it already night? We must have been out a lot longer than it seems.”


“Yeah, I guess. Maybe we can get out through the windows?” Amelia stated as she walked up to one of the hard plastic mesh openings and pounded hard. “Nope. I'm too exhausted to even try. I just want to lay down and die. This is a fucking nightmare.”


“I fucking know.” Paula bit back. “It fucking sucks. I need to get the fuck back home. I can't die here. I can't die here. I just can't. I just can't fucking do it.”


“Hey, do you think I want to die? Do you think I've been just waiting for her to eat me or shove me up her ass or whatever sick shit she's gonna do?” Amelia asked, annoyance in her voice.


“Fuck you, you stupid bitch! What did she do to you? Fucking nothing. She swung you around a little bit. Who gives a shit? How would you like it if she did to you to what she did... what she did to m--... what she did to...” Paula burst into tears, sobbing hard. “You don't know what it's like.” She sniffed. “You don't know what it's fucking like.”


“I know, I know” Amelia reassured.


“No, you really fucking don't. You don't have a fucking clue. You will, though.” Paula sniffed. “You fucking will.”


“I'm fucking exhausted.” stated Amelia.


“Yeah, well, how do you think I feel? Do you know what she fucking did to me? She... she... used me.” Paula wailed and screeched continuously.


“I'm sorry.” Amelia whispered meekly, but Paula responded only by crying louder.


Amelia walked to one of the windows and put her fingers through the mesh, looking out of the dollhouse at Emily's bed, where she was already sleeping soundly.


“Ugh, why are you doing this?” she murmured to herself right before she laid down on the floor and passed out sleeping, despite Paula's crying.


The next day, light entered through the mesh window, making a checker pattern on the floor where Paula was sleeping. Amelia opened her tired eyes, on the floor between her and Paula, she noticed a large piece of bread and a thimble of water. Extremely hungry, she lunged for the bread and took as many bites of it she could. In her hunger, she woke up Paula. “Ugh. So this wasn't just a fucked up dream. Fuck.”


“No, it's real, unfortunately.” Amelia said, dryly, expecting a biting retort from Paula.


“Any sign of her?” Asked Paula.


“Let me check.” Amelia turned and looked through the mesh window to see a perfectly made bed, no sign of Emily anywhere. “Nope. No clue. I just got up.”


Paula leaned forward to get a handful of bread. “We're fucking stuck in here, aren't we?”


“For the time being, yeah.” Amelia replied.


“It's like being in fucking jail. Ugh.” Tears rolled down Paula's cheeks. “Ugh. No. I can't cry again, I can't cry. I'm too strong for this shit.”


A shadow passed over the mesh window. “What was that?” Paula perked up.


Amelia looked through the window again to see a tall, thin woman with jet black hair, tight blue jeans, thick-framed glasses over big brown eyes, full lips, C-cup breasts shown off by a low cut black top that exposed a decent amount of cleavage, and perfectly maintained eyebrows. She was looking in Emily's drawers muttering to herself. “I know she has it. I fucking know it.”


“That must be her sister. I don't know what she's doing, but it looks like she's looking for something.” Amelia noted. “She seems really pissed.”


“Why wouldn't someone be pissed at that bitch?” Asked Paula. “She's a fucking cunt.”


The shadow passed over again as Aubrey stormed out of the room saying “Tch! Fucking cunt!”


“See?” said Paula, mockingly.


Amelia smiled for the first time in days.


Hours passed. The two women spent time trying to break down the door, to no avail, failing to break through the window, and even attempting to push the ceiling up. The whole dollhouse was completely sealed, no way out other than through the roof. The women both laid down, exhausted.


“It's no fucking use. We're never getting out of here.” insisted Paula, sweat beading at her brow.


“I actually wish we were in that stupid box again. At least you were able to punch through it.” Amelia commented.


“I was, wasn't I? Well, it was more like a well-placed elbow that did it. I wrecked that shit.” Paula proclaimed proudly, punching the air.


Amelia began to feel more at ease, her anxiety began to subside, and she was feeling more comfortable with Paula. Able to breathe slightly easier, she still felt helpless and trapped.


“When do you think she's coming back?” Paula asked, causing Amelia's heart to sink, a harsh reminder of their dire situation.


“I don't know. I don't want to know. Hopefully not soon.”


Before Amelia finished the word “Soon,” the door opened quickly. Both of the tiny women jumped in shock and jumped into each other's arms.


Emily rushed in, each footstep feeling like a thump to the two shrunken women, grabbed a book on her desk labeled “Advanced Finance,” opened it, and sighed, sounding relieved.


She closed the book and put it back where she found it, turning her head towards the dollhouse. Walking towards them wearing a pink mini skirt and a white crop-top tee shirt, exposing her flat midriff and long, smooth legs, she leaned forward, opened the dollhouse roof, and said “My bitch sister didn't come in here, did she? Oh well, I can't fucking hear you anyway. Nahh nahh. Little bitches.”


Amelia and Paula looked up and noticed a figure in the doorway just standing there as Emily kept looking down at them.


“Hah, hah. Stupid little bitches.” Emily said, sticking her tongue out.


“What are you doing?” Aubrey asked, plainly, causing Emily to jump in surprise and immediately grow flush with embarassment, closing the roof of the dollhouse.


“Nothing! Like, what the fuck are you doing? Get out of my room!” Emily shouted.


“I'm not in your room.” Aubrey responded dryly, standing on the other side of the door frame.


“Ugh! You just don't get it! Go away!” Emily shrieked as she slammed the door shut. “Bitch!”


Emily leaned close to the dollhouse and opened the roof again, now whispering. “Hey, little sluts, guess what? A few minutes ago, I, like, shit out your friend.” Amelia winced and held Paula tighter, Paula held her closer, too. “Yeah, like, her face was all fucked up like this” Emily made a strange face, crossing her eyes, wrinkling her nose, and sticking her tongue out. “It was, like, super gross, so I flushed her away. Just thought you'd like to know, like, where she is and all. Anyway, bye!”


Emily closed the roof of the dollhouse and left. Amelia felt tears on her shoulder. “Oh, God, poor Molly. I wish we could've done something. I wish we could fucking do something. I want to fucking punch a wall right now.” Paula's nails started digging into Amelia's skin.


“It'll be okay. It'll be okay” Amelia reassured, patting Paula on the back.


“It won't be. I can't see it. We're so screwed.”


They jumped and heard the door slam and loosened their grip on each other. “She's gone” Amelia commented. “For now”


As the sun began to set, Amelia kept trying to pry the mesh off the window, where she thought was the best chance of escape. “Hey, Paula, help me with this!”


Paula immediately got up next to Amelia and said “Okay, on three, pull with everything you have. One... two... three... PULL!” To their surprise, the mesh actually split from the seam near the top of the window.


“Whoa!” Exclaimed Amelia. “We're on to something here!”


“One... two... three... PULL!” As soon as they pulled, the seam ripped backwards all the way, causing Amelia and Paula to fall flat on their asses.


“We did it!” Shouted Amelia, hugging Paula in glee. As they were running towards the new opening, the roof opened wide, stopping them both in their tracks.


“I fucking knew it.” Said Aubrey, angrily, the black-haired girl looming over them, looking like her sister only with black hair and brown eyes.


Amelia grew pale as she saw her reflection in Aubrey's big thick-framed glasses. Gasping as Aubrey's hand descended, Paula just shouted “Fuck!”


Pressed into Paula, Amelia felt flesh on all sides, some from Aubrey's hand, some from Paula's naked body. “God damn it! God damn it. God damn it.” Paula kept repeating. “We were just about to escape. We were so fucking close.”


Aubrey put her hand on her desk and dropped the two tiny women in front of her.


“Look. I know you're scared right now, but you just have to wait a little bit, I can fix this, I promise.” Aubrey said in her monotonous, dry, but somewhat nasally voice.


“Wait? Fuck you! I can't wait!” Paula screamed.


Amelia looked around, Emily wasn't kidding, Aubrey's whole room was a mess of wires and computer equipment, cases stacked on top of monitors, keyboards, mice, a sheer wasteland of tech garbage. On the black walls were posters for various metal bands that had logos so illegible that Amelia couldn't make out what they said.


“Hold on. Let me just get my microphone.” Aubrey said as she looked down and picked up what looked like a really high-quality studio microphone. “Just give me a sec.” She hooked it up to her computer below and put on a not-so-stylish pair of Sennheiser headphones. She clicked a few buttons on the keyboard, pointed the microphone so it was at eye-level with the tiny women, and clicked the mouse twice. “Okay. Now I can hear you.”


Both women screamed in unison. “HELP US! HEEEEEEELP! HELP! HELP!”


Aubrey took her headphones off her ears. “I know! Stop screaming! God! Hold on, let me lower the volume a little bit. Okay. Now try.”


“Your sister is a crazy bitch! Help us!” Paula shouted.


“She fucking ate someone! Get us out of here! Get us away from your crazy fucking sister! We want to go home!” Amelia screamed.


Aubrey closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths. “Okay. Okay. Look. I know my sister is a psycho and I know you want to get home but-- wait, did you say she fucking ate someone?”


Paula screamed “WE WANT TO GO HOME!”


“Okay, I get it, I get it. I'm just a little surprised by that.” Aubrey noted, still in her dry tone of voice.


“SO ARE WE!” Amelia shrieked into the microphone. “FOR THE LAST TIME, GET US OUT OF HERE!”


“Okay, but, like, don't you want to get back to normal size? I'm the only one that can do that for you.” Aubrey raised her eyebrows in a very matter-of-fact way. “You just need to do something for me, first.”


Amelia whispered into Paula's ear “We can't trust her.”


“Yes you can” Boomed the giantess from above, who seemed to be more relaxed now, leaning her head on her hand as her elbow was on the table, looming her face over the two below. “Don't be surprised, this microphone is very sensitive.”


“Wha... what do we need to do? Can't you just fix us now? Can't you just call the police or something?” Amelia asked, wary of the tower-sized woman above them.


“Don't fucking say the word police to me.” Aubrey hissed. “And I can't un-shrink you right now, that's the whole point. Look, I don't know how much time you spent in Emily's room, but did you happen to see a little pink ring anywere?”


“WHAT?” Paula screamed into the microphone, causing Aubrey to wince. “A fucking ring? Seriously? That's what this is all about? Fuck you!”


“No, no, no. Look. It's my ring. If you can tell me where this ring is, I can unshrink you with it. It's not just a piece of ugly jewelry, it's what got you here in the first place. That bitch Emily stole it from me and I need it back. If I don't get it back, you don't get back to normal size.” Aubrey said this, almost bored-sounding.


“I... I didn't see any ring” Amelia chirped, with Aubrey immediately rolling her eyes and looking up at the ceiling. “But...” Aubrey looked down.


“But?” She asked.


“But after you went into the room earlier, she looked into her finance textbook for whatever reason, and it didn't look like it was for studying.” Insisted Amelia.


“Bingo.” She immediately got up, took her headphones off, and opened the door, only to find a raging party right outside the room. “Fuck.” She slammed the door right away. “I can't just walk into her room and go through her shit right now.”


Aubrey sat back at her desk and put her headphones back on.


“What the fuck do you mean? Just sneak in there!” Screamed Paula.


“I... I can't. I don't know if she's in there or not. Look, I need your help again. There's a vent up there that connects my room to hers through the central air conditioning. I'm an engineering student, I can give a tiny microphone and camera to you and transmit it to my desktop using bluetooth. It's mostly used for miniature drones, but you're the perfect size to use it. I just need you to spy on the room to tell me if the coast is clear. If it is, I'll rush in and get the ring before she even knows. I'll get you from the other side of the vent and bring you back here. Hopefully she's drunk by now.”


“What if there are people in there?” Paula asked.


“Then we wait until the coast is clear, duh. That's what you're there for.” Aubrey responded.


Amelia asked. “This looks really dangerous, why don't you just go in there yourself?”


Aubrey shot back. “She has a fucking shrinking ring. I'm not fucking around with my crazy sister during her crazy party. Do you know what could happen?”


“Ugh, fine, just give me the stuff and I'll do it.” Demanded Paula.


A few minutes later, Aubrey snapped a tiny camera to Paula's chest with a tiny microphone right next to it, tied together with soft rubber wiring and connected her skin with tiny strips of electrical tape.


“I look like an idiot” said Paula.


“Well, you look like someone who's going to save both of us.” Amelia smiled. “You'll do great.”


A tiny blue light emitted from the camera on Paula's chest, Aubrey activated the bluetooth.


“Okay... got a clear picture on the desktop, here. Microphone check, just say One Two... uhh... I didn't get your name.” Aubrey noted.


“Paula. My name is Paula. And this is Amelia.”


“Okay. Say One Two, now, Paula.” Aubrey said dryly.


“One Two.”


“Okay, everything seems to be working fine now. The picture's nice and crisp, in full HD, sound quality is good too, you ready, Paula?” Asked Aubrey.


“Yeah, I'm ready, let's just get this shit done.” She said almost proudly.


“Good Luck” Paula and Amelia hugged each other hard.


“Watch it, you'll smudge the lens,” Aubrey said as she placed her palm flat in front of Paula, who climbed up carefully. Amelia just sat back and stared at the glowing monitor screen, the picture Paula was transmitting was unbelievably clear, this must be some seriously advanced technology to get a picture so crisp from a camera so small.


Amelia glued her eyes to the screen, watching Paula's ascent into the ventilation duct. “Okay, I'm in.” buzzed from the computer speakers.


The vent was almost pitch dark, illuminated only by Paula's bluetooth light and bright lines illuminated by the vent. “So far so good, I see where the vent leads to. I'm almost fucking there. Let's hope this room is fucking empty.”


“Okay, just, like, keep going or whatever.” Aubrey said, resting her head on her fist as she looked on the screen.


Paula, was proceeding extremely slowly, making each step deliberate, but the light from the vent duct ahead was getting closer and closer.


Loudness surrounded them as noisy partygoers surrounded them on all sides outside Aubrey's room. Not feeling comfortable at all with so many people around, Amelia just shivered and tried to focus on Paula's mission.


“Okay, I'm here. Fuck.” The live feed of Paula's camera showed a huge crowd of women, Emily's sorority sisters, drinking in Emily's room. Some were standing, but Emily herself could be seen sitting on the bed talking to someone.


“Ugh, typical.” Aubrey stated.


“So... what now?” Asked Amelia.


Aubrey replied “We wait until they get bored and leave. This could take a bit.”


After waiting several minutes, the party got much more crowded. Outside of Aubrey's room it was standing room only. The music was loud, the bass was deep, and the incessant sound of talking filled every room. Thoughout the endless white noise of the chatter outside and in Emily's room, Amelia heard one line that made her blood run cold. “Hey, it's kind of hot in here.”


Amelia stood up, without skipping a beat, and said “Paula! Get out of there! Get out of there!”


Emily said, herself, “Yeah, it's, like, hot as fuck in here. Let's pump some AC!”


“Oh FUCK!” Paula shrieked as Emily pressed a button on a remote control near her bed. What felt like hurricane force winds forced Paula out of the vent and caused her to go flying throughout the air.


Aubrey raised an eyebrow as Amelia screamed. The camera view was so chaotic as she was in the air, but Paula landed with a soft splash. Amelia yelled “Oh fuck! Fuck! You have to do something!”


The camera pointed up to see the inside of a cup and the underside of some random woman's face. Aubrey widened her eyes and pressed “Record” on her monitor.




Aubrey completely ignored her and took off her headphones, staring at the computer screen like nothing else mattered.


“HELP! HEEEEELP!” Paula screamed as she floated near the top of the cup. “HELP! CAN YOU SEE THIS? HELP! HELP ME!” Her cries of desperation sent waves of anxiety and fear through Amelia's body.


“AUBREY! LISTEN TO ME! SHE NEEDS HELP! CAN'T YOU SEE THAT?” Amelia felt completely hopeless as she watched her friend struggle to keep afloat in the cup.


Above Paula loomed a massive girl that looked to be of Arab descent. She had pinstraight black hair held back by a hairband, a fair complexion with clear skin, a long aquiline nose, and thick, dark eyebrows.


Amelia shrieked almost in unison with Paula as she saw the rim of the cup tilted towards the woman's mouth. Seeing the foam and other liquid rush into the darkness between the sorority girl's lips wracked Amelia's nerves.


“DO SOMETHING OR SHE'LL DIE!” Amelia kept screaming, trying to get Aubrey's attention, but Aubrey just stared wide-eyed at the screen through her black thick-framed glasses.


Amelia saw the giant woman's mouth leave the screen, back to a position looking up her nose. “Oh, God!” Amelia shouted. Feeling dizzy, she leaned on Aubrey's right hand, which was covering the mouse.


“AIYEEEEE!” Paula shouted through the microphone as the screen showed a massive pair of lips parting, causing foam and beer to wash into the darkness like whitewater rapids. “AUGHH!” Paula's hands pushed on the lips as they closed and pushed backwards, back into the cup.


The giant woman towering above Paula let out a slight belch. “Ooh, excuse me.” She said to the girl she was talking to.


“Aubrey!” Amelia pounded on the massive woman's fingers, to no effect. “Go in there and save her! PLEASE! HELP HER!” She knew Aubrey couldn't hear her, but she tried anyway. Shivering overtook Amelia, her heart started beating rapidly, her eyes welled up with tears. “AUBREY! PLEASE!”


The bright screen still showed a brilliantly clear 4K video of Paula's arms holding on to the side of the cup, looking up to see the nostrils of the woman above, as the foam sloshed around. Paula kept screaming “HELP! GET ME THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!” She spit the beer from her mouth. “COME ON! HELP!”


Aubrey bit her lower lip and exhaled slowly as the screen showed the woman lifting the cup for another drink. “Come on” she whispered.


Amelia belted out a shriek when she saw Paula's point of view as she was being washed towards a stranger's wide open mouth. “GULP. GULP. GULP.” came from the speakers over Paula's screaming. “NO! NOOO! PLEASE! OH GOD! NOOO!” the tiny woman shouted as the current took her.


Bawling and screeching, Amelia put her hand over her mouth in horror as she saw the giant woman's lips overtake Paula from a first-person view. The blue light exposed the inside of the woman's mouth, the wrinkled pallete, right before the speakers emitted an extremely loud swallowing sound.


The monitor showed the blue-tinted inside of the woman's esophagus as it slithered along the front of the camera, lit by the bluetooth indicator. Paula's muffled shouts were mixed with sounds of squelching and slithering, as well as the calm heartbeat of the woman that now surrounded her on all sides.


“Oh... oh God! Oh no! Oh fuck!” Amelia fell to her knees, feeling nauseous, she couldn't keep her eyes off the screen.


“MMMPHF!” shouted Paula, in desperation, as she slimed down the partygoer's esophagus, spit bubbles partly covering the screen.


Amelia felt like throwing up from the dizziness, watching Paula's view after she was swallowed whole.


The wrinkled sphincter of the sorority girl's stomach entrance slimed over Paula's body, to which she responded with a grunt. “Agh! AHH! FUCK! AHH!” Paula shouted as her upper body entered the woman's stomach. Despite the blue light, all Amelia could see was darkness. “AIYEEE!” Paula shrieked as she fell for a split second into a pile of partially digested goo.


Torrents of slime and foam covered Paula's body, as Amelia could see on the screen, illuminated by a pale, blue light. Sounds of groaning and bubbling came from the high-quality speakers, giving Amelia an accurate account of what Paula was going through. Seeing her hands trying to swim against the constantly moving current of vomit caused Amelia's eyes to blur from tears and dizziness. She felt like she was going to faint.


“P'TOO!” Paula yelled as she spit out a mouthful of vomit that was forced into her mouth. “GUHH! HELP ME! AIYEE!” She screamed as another wave of foamy chyme washed over her, forcing her into one of the stomach walls. The wrinkled folds, looking blue from the tiny light, slithered over Paula's arms as she tried to get a grip on the slick surface. Paula's view pointed up at the stomach entrance above, seeing a wave of beer squirt from it, splashing on her slightly. “UGH! AGH! AHH!”


The undulating stomach walls slithered against Paula's arms as waves of slop kept slamming her, all in full view of Aubrey and Amelia, both of whom had their eyes glued to the screen. Amelia just kneeled down and sobbed, watching Paula struggle in a stranger's stomach. The slime covered Paula's arms as she desperately tried to hold on to one of the wrinkled walls, slipping each time. With one determined lunge, she was able to clamp on to one of the stomach's slick rugae and hold still.


“Guh! AUGH!” Paula shouted as the electrical tape gave way off of the camera and microphone equipment, peeling off of her in the constant flow of puke and foam. The camera shifted as it left Paula's body and lodged itseld between two of the stomach wrinkles, pointing right at Paula's face.


Aubrey kept her eyes focused on the screen, Paula's horrified face reflected in her glasses. She licked her lips slightly, her eyes wide, not looking at anything but what was happening to tiny Paula.


Paula's hair was completely soaked with a chunky mixture of digesting food and thick foam. Her face was covered in vomit, but Amelia coud see tears running down her cheeks, washing away the thick mixture as she held on to one of the stomach wrinkles for dear life. “Help... me” Paula whimpered, as another wave of digesting food washed over her as she remained clamped on to the sorority girl's stomach wall.


Amelia just kept sobbing, her hand over her mouth, watching Paula become weaker and weaker as she was covered by the slimy vomit. Amelia saw Paula's expression: her eyes were open wide, her mouth was contorted in a gaping frown, her eyebrows were angled to show horror. Paula seemed as though she was giving up. Her hands were slipping more each time another pile of slop landed on her.


Angered at Aubrey's apparent indifference to this, Amelia crawled over to Aubrey's hand and bit her skin as hard as she could. She couldn't even pierce it, looking like Aubrey couldn't even feel her, her bespectacled face still transfixed on the live stream of Paula in the sorority girl's stomach.


The look of fatigue covered Paula's face, causing bags under her eyes, as she started to look more blank than horrified. “No! NO! Don't give up, Paula! DON'T GIVE UP!” Amelia shouted as the vomit-covered woman continued to slip backwards into the ocean of digesting food.


Aubrey leaned forward, intent on watching Paula slide further and further back into the chyme.


The camera shifted: the sorority girl's stomach started churning. With the sudden push of the stomach wall, Paula immediately slid off of the stomach wall and into the sea of vomit. The camera gave a clear view of her trying her hardest to swim back to the wall, but the churning continued to force her back into the darkness. The only thing the live feed showed was the churning slop, the soupy mixture that now covered Paula's entire body.


“I guess that's the end of her.” Aubrey plainly stated. “Oh well.”


“You BITCH!” Amelia shouted, right before she saw a hand emerge from the current of the sorority girl's vomit. Paula swam up as hard as she could, trying to get to the stomach wall, helped by a wave of slime behind her, her face was forced right near the camera lens as she reached out to grab it.


Paula held on to the equipment, which was still lodged in the stomach fold, on either side of the camera, giving it an angle of her face like she was taking a selfie. Another wave of digesting food landed on top of her as another spray of beer came from above. “Aghh! Ahggghgh” She shouted, sounding pathetic and almost inhuman as she finally slipped back into the constant torrent of puke.


“Hmm.” Aubrey hummed as a limp, motionless arm emerged from the thick chyme, sinking slowly into the deep.


Amelia couldn't stop crying. “Paula... poor Paula.” She whimpered and sobbed, her hands going through her curly hair. “P... Paula.”


Looking up at the massive screen, Amelia looked for Paula, but there was no body to be seen, just a current of digesting food, white foam, and falling beer. The camera's view vibrated as a loud belch came from the computer speakers. “She... she's gone. I can't believe it. She's gone. She's fucking gone. AUGH!”


A shadow loomed over Amelia. Craning her neck, she saw the massive Aubrey's face hovering right over her body as she put her headphones back on. Aubrey clicked the “Stop” square on the live feed on the monitor, saved the recording, and closed the window.


“FUCK YOU! YOU KILLED PAULA! YOU LET HER DIE!” Amelia screamed into the microphone, her voice quivering and cracking. “You... you let her die.” Her words were broken with sobs. “Why... why would you...”


“Whatever.” Aubrey sighed. “It's not like I expected that to happen. It was cool to watch, though.”


“YOU CRAZY BITCH!” Aubrey cried.


“It's not too smart to call someone so much bigger than you nasty names.” Aubrey coldly stated. “I'm going to get my ring back from my bitch sister. I didn't actually need Paula to do anything, I was just, like, fucking around. Good luck sitting here by yourself, though. I'll be right back.” Taking her headphones off and standing up, Aubrey walked out of the room, leaving the door wide open, a huge crowd right outside the door.


A rush of fear overcame Amelia, she began to sweat again, not wanting to be seen by any of Emily's crazy friends, she hid behind Aubrey's headphones. “Oh God, oh god, oh god.” She whimpered, seeing shadows pass by the massive door, not knowing how strangers would react seeing her like this.


She rolled up in a ball, hoping no one would see her. Thinking about Molly and Paula, how she was the last one, how Aubrey was just as crazy as her sister. Anxiety shook her body, her chest restricted, and she shivered even though she wasn't cold. She just rocked her body back and forth and hoped for the best, not having the capacity to think of a plan of escape right now.


Looking down, she wondered when Aubrey was getting back and what would happen when she did. Amelia was beginning to resign herself to her fate, softly sobbing, feeling helpless and stuck, like a trapped animal. The chest pain she felt was getting worse, each second felt like an eternity, hoping no strangers would find her, her heart sank even more as she noticed a shadow overtake her body, looking up, she gasped. Emily's face looked down at her, grinning.


“So that's where you went!” She shouted in glee.


Amelia crawled backwards as Emily's massive fingers descended upon her body and grabbed her lightly by the torso, right under her breasts. “You went to get my sister for help? You're, like, so dumb. After all I told you about her crazy ass.”


Amelia continued crying. The nightmare never stopped. She went limp and just accepted whatever Emily was going to do. She was done struggling.


“Well, what to do, now? You broke out of the dollhouse, so I gotta find a way to punish y-- Oh, hi, sis! I have your little friend, here.” Emily bragged as Aubrey's silhouette stepped into the doorway.


Aubrey stepped forward. “Oh. That's nice. Look what I have.” She stated in her monotone voice, holding up a pink ring with a tiny, white light on one end.


“You fucking thief! You stole it from me! Give it back!” Emily exclaimed as Aubrey slammed the door behind her. “Give it back right now!”


“No.” Aubrey proclaimed.


“Fine, if you don't give me my ring back, I'm gonna fucking swallow your little friend here.” Emily sneered as Amelia felt a sudden jerk upwards.


Screaming, Amelia felt Emily's hot, slick mouth over her naked body as she was gently placed on the tongue's center crevice. All the resignation Amelia felt before melted away as Emily's saliva covered her body, slipping on the slick taste buds. Emily's hot breath smelling strongly of beer, Amelia gagged as her heart was beating out of her chest. Through the frame of teeth and lips, she could see Aubrey holding up the pink ring in front of her. She screamed even though she knew no one would help her.


“Tch, like I care.” Aubrey scoffed as a blinding pink flash filled the room.


Amelia felt dizzy as she regained her sight. Shaking her head a few times to regain her bearings, she saw, right in front of her, a naked Emily at exactly her size, her big, blue eyes wide in fear. Looking down and looking up, Amelia noticed she was on Aubrey's desk again.


Without hesitation, Amelia jumped towards Emily and punched her in the eye socket, not even caring, nor noticing Aubrey looming above them


“Fuck you, you fucking bitch!” Amelia raged as she pulled Emily's hair towards her and slapped her in the ear at least five times. Falling down forward, Emily landed on her face as Amelia kicked her in the ribs. “Cunt! You fucking cunt!”


Amelia looked up at Aubrey's giant fingers heading right for them. Emily took that opportunity to tackle her and scratch her boobs. Amelia, fueled by adrenaline and rage, pushed Emily back off of her, causing her to land on her ass.


Aubrey's fingers grasped Emily's right leg. “Augh!” she shrieked, not in pain, but in surprise. Seeing Emily being lifted up into the air, Amelia ran towards her and grabbed on to her long, blonde hair, one handful on each side, like pigtails. Emily screeched at her hair being pulled, causing Amelia to just grab on harder.


A rush of fear went through her body as Amelia realized that she was being lifted up as well! As soon as she felt her feet leave the ground, she knew it was too late, if she let go, the drop would kill her.


Both Emily and Amelia yelled in fear as they looked down to see Aubrey looking up at them, her full lips parting to reveal a slimy, cavernous mouth filled with straight, white teeth. Her tongue slithered out of her mouth slightly, the slimy wet glint reflecting the light above.


Emily shouted “No! NO! I'm your sister! You can't! You can't!” But she was much too small to be heard. Aubrey exhaled deeply as heavy, humid breath wafted over them as she slowly lowered the two women into her open mouth.


Amelia belted out the loudest sound she ever made as she felt Aubrey's tongue slither along her back while descending into darkness. Emily tried shaking her head, but Amelia's fingers held on to the blonde locks with a vice grip.


“AGH! NO! AUUGH! AHHHHH!” Emily screamed as both she and Amelia were deposited into Aubrey's hot, wet mouth.


Amelia retched as she was immediately covered with slick saliva over every inch of her skin. The heat felt like she was being punched, the smell was rank and reeked of acrid sourness. Feeling the massive tongue rub over her entire body, she was pressed into Aubrey's hard palate, along with Emily. The two women were tangled with each other, being forced left and right as the black-haired woman's tongue played with them.


Slithering between Emily's wet, naked body and the inside of Aubrey's cheek filled Amelia with abject terror. Trying to push Emily away, Aubrey's tongue kept forcing them together. “AUUUUGH!” screamed Amelia as Aubrey's wriggling tongue slimed across her back with Emily right above her, pressing into Aubrey's wrinkled palate. Never before had she felt so violated as the thick slime soaked into her hair, got into her mouth, and in her eyes. Rubbing against Emily's bare skin, each time Amelia pushed to get away, her hand simply slipped away without any grip.


Both women embraced each other out of instinct as they felt themselves forced to the back of Aubrey's immense throat. Screaming in unison, Amelia grit her teeth as Aubrey's large taste buds at the rear end of the massive tongue. Amelia clenched her eyes as she felt Emily deeply sobbing as the two slick, naked women were pressed together even further as a loud “Gluck” sound filled their eardrums.


Both women slid down Aubrey's esophagus at once, head first. Amelia felt Aubrey's throat slide by her back as she felt the slimy Emily struggling and crying profusely at her front. Completely soaked, over her own and Emily's screaming, she could hear Aubrey's calm heartbeat as it slightly vibrated her body. Emily tried pushing away, but her sister's espohagus was holding them too tightly to allow them any give.


Through all the terror and disgust, in the back of Amelia's mind, she was glad that Emily was descending with her, even though her slick body kept squirming.


The two reached Aubrey's stomach entrance. Emily let out an ear-shattering screech as soon as her head poked from the wrinkled hole. Amelia sobbed and wailed out of complete terror and disgust. They finally ceased their embrace as they both fell into the hot, thick soup of Aubrey's stomach.


“AIYEEEEEEEEEEE! HELP ME! AIEEEEGbblgblbl” Emily shouted as her sister's vomit washed into her mouth.


Amelia splashed over and over as the thick mucous and digesting food covered her whole body. The heat was unbearable, the sounds of disgusting squelching were ubiquitous all around, the acrid stench burned her nostrils, and she couldn't see a thing in the complete darkness. Trying to keep afloat in the chunky, hot mixture, Amelia moved her arms through the chyme, feeling like she was literally in Hell.


“Augh! Ahh! Help! It burns! AIYEEE! HELP!” Amelia heard Emily shouting from the other side, on top of all the squelching. “aiiiiyeEEEEEE” the screaming got louder as a wave of vomit washed Emily right into Amelia, causing their bodies to crash together in a torrent of slime. Amelia shrieked as a wave of Aubrey's slime entered into her mouth and lungs, causing her to cough uncontrollably. Taking hold on one of the wrinkled walls, Amelia coughed so hard that tears left her eyes. The heat itself pounded on every inch of her body like a hammer and Emily's tortured screams sent a chill down her spine.


The taste of the warm vomit was beyond horrific, filling her nasal cavity with the disgusting acidity. Amelia continued to retch and cough, but she jumped as she felt Emily grab on her ankle unexpectedly. “HELP! AHHGHblblbl” Emily screamed as she tried to keep afloat, but her voice muffled by the torrent of mucous and food.


Still coughing, Amelia spit out Aubrey's stomach contents from her mouth and snorted them out of her nose. Wave after wave of the chyme kept flowing over Amelia's naked skin and she could feel every little detail of it sliming against her. Hot motion filled the torrent of liquid as Aubrey's stomach churned, forcing Amelia deep into Aubrey's stomach. Now not knowing which way was up and which was down, she swam deeper into the vomit, now surrounded on all sides. Feeling the bottom of Aubrey's stomach, she pushed against the wrinkled surface upwards, getting a lungful of foul air.


Emily was still shouting. “P'TOO!” she shouted as she spit out the vomit right on Amelia's face before she screeched. “Ahh! Help! AIEYAA!”


Amelia jumped, she heard grumbling coming from all around and a sudden downward motion. “AHH! OH NO! AHHH! OH GOD! NO!” she shouted as she felt the chunky, digesting mass started flowing sideways, into Aubrey's intestine.


Amelia, through the squelching and draining noises, heard Emily screeching almost right in front of her as they, along with the digested mass of food, flowed closer to the exit of Aubrey's stomach.


“AGH! AGGHH! NOO! HELP!” Emily grabbed Amelia's ankle, but slipped immediately. “AGH! NOO! PLEASE! NOOO--” She shouted as she was cut off by a torrent of hot chyme that washed over her before forcing her into her sister's small intestine.


As a wave of chunky soup washed over her, Amelia yelled for help as the slime inched her closer to the stomach exit. Knowing it was hopeless, she still tried to swim against the current, but the mixture was too thick to move her arms effectively. She closed her eyes and grit her teeth as the slimy, wrinkly hole slithered over her body face first. Pushed rhythmically, she was forced through the hole into a tight tube lined with fleshy rings: Aubrey's duodenum.


Emily's screams permeated even through the thick goop. The flesh was surrounding her on all sides and she couldn't breathe in the darkness. The intestine kept slithering and sliding her deeper into Aubrey's body as she started to feel a slight burning sensation. Amelia let all the air out of her lungs and screamed into the thick soup as the burning became infinitely more intense. As she realized she was being digested alive, Amelia squirmed hard, panic taking over her body, her will to live overpowering her. As soon as a gas bubble passed her face, she breathed in hard, only to scream it out immediately.


The acids secreted around her put her in immediate agony, the heat of the stomach was nothing compared to the acidic boiling sensation of the intestine. Amelia struggled in vain, but the fleshy tube held her in place. Burning acid covered her body from head to toe, smearing it on her scalp and in her eyes. “MMMPF!” Amelia shouted through grit teeth. Not hearing Emily's screeching anymore, she felt the intestine slither over her bare, burning skin deeper down with a loud groan. Claustrophobic, suffocating, and burning, Amelia knew that she was close to the end.


Bodily sounds echoing all around her, Amelia slipped into a small gas bubble and breathed in hard, haggard breaths. She tried to scream, but nothing came out, only a pathetic hiss. As the acids continued to work on her lower body, she silently cried in pain, her eyes stung too much to open and her tears felt like hot lava. She couldn't smell anything, as the inside of her nose felt burned, and she couldn't move her arms, as the tube was too constricting. The intestine slithered her out of the gas bubble and she screeched as her body was submerged in digestive enzymes again.


Blind from the pain, her entire body went numb and she felt suddenly overwhelmingly exhausted. Her muscles relaxed and her lungs let out all the air she had. Her mouth went limp, and the only thing she could hear was a constant ringing, like tinnitus. Amelia could see nothing but darkness before she slipped further into Aubrey's body completely unconscious, never to awaken again.


Aubrey's body groaned. She rubbed her belly after swallowing her sister and that random tiny woman and laid down on her bed with her tablet. Still hearing the party outside, she rolled her eyes and put her headphones back on to put some music on blast. Even through the loud music, she could still hear grumbling from her stomach.


Getting up, she decided to put on her pajamas and at least try to go to sleep. Putting on a big tee shirt and pajama pants, she rolled over and looked at the small, pink ring she stole from her university, fidgeting with it between her fingers. Promising to herself that she'd never lose it again, she sat up and put it, and her glasses, in the nightstand next to her bed.


Thoughts of her own sister didn't enter Aubrey's mind as she tucked herself in, covered her head with a pillow, and went to sleep.


The next day, Emily and Amelia's partially digested corpses were tangled together, sliding along Aubrey's descending colon. Both with blank expressions on their faces and their skin yellowed and burned, their whole bodies were completely covered in Aubrey's soft, brown feces. Going further down, more water was absorbed from their bodies, wrinkling their skin and turning their eyes into near-raisins. Their eye sockets, their mouths, and their hair all covered in shit, they were deposited in Aubrey's rectum, where their bodies would remain until they were released by the woman who ate them.


Feeling a familiar pressure in her backside, Aubrey stood up from her computer chair and yawned. Walking through her house, she couldn't react any way but sighing. Cups everywhere, broken glass, beer spills, empty liquor bottles, the entire house was a mess. Looking to her right, she saw on Emily's door a sign that read “Em Em – WHERE ARE YOU? - Lisa”


“Oh, right.” Thought Aubrey as she stepped over cups and other detritus from the night before to get to the bathroom. She walked into the bathroom, closed the door, pulled down her pajama pants, and sat on the toilet.


Emily and Amelia's bodies shifted slightly, then slithered slowly along the inner wall of Aubrey's rectum. Aubrey's anus widening, the log of feces that contained the two women gradually slithered out, Emily's face rubbing up against the asshole and dropping into the toilet as Amelia's body remained stuck on the ass as residue. Aubrey wiped Amelia's remains off of her, stood up, and looked into the toilet at her sister's dead body floating in the yellow water along with a hunk of her own waste.


She didn't change her expression, she just pulled down the handle, flushed away the remains, and walked calmly back to her room to brainstorm new ways to use her little pink ring.


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