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I've always been a "chill" guy. Never picked on, never picked a fight, and had A's and B's. But they're always sayin' High School is a whole new world. I didn't believe it till the first day of school. New kids, new halls 'n classrooms, and new opportunities. Yeah. I mean girls. I'd never win in a comeback battle, but I was the wise-guy/ class clown of every class. And in middle school, girls fall for it. Now you gotta be a jock to get a girl? But I was one of those who could, well, "adapt." And I did. Became a full blown jock. JV football wide receiver. Got a few girls interested in me. But none really caught my eye because Kensley Stewart was my one and only.

So, why not describe her? She was pretty tall. Even taller than me, and I'm 5'9. I'd say she's a good 6'0. But her dad was like 6'7 and her mom 6'5, so she was kinda short. "Short." A cute face, blonde, large breasts; maybe DD's. Beautiful, round blue eyes. And a nice butt. Pretty good attitude, but I wouldn't want her pissed at me. But then I wouldn't want any girl angry at me. I did everything to get her attention, but once I did, I fazed out. Eventually, I stopped trying.

That was almost 3 years ago. I'm almost a senior in high school. Grades went in a nose-dive in my mid sophomore year. Good news though. Kensley talked to me more often. I got her digits, and we texted frequently. But still, we weren't dating. Maybe this is how we were destined to be; once again, the friend-zone wins. But me and my stubbornness drove me wild. I couldn't get enough. So I went online and looked up how to ask a girl out. Wiki help didn't help (Surprisingly). I surfed the web for about two hours till I saw an ad displaying in large, neon letters: "Wanna get the dream girl? Make yourself irresistible! Come by Oreal offices and check in for a new experiment called Mad Man! Offer ends soon! Don't tell your friends!"

To be honest, it stunned me. I knew about ad tracking, but it was so perfect! The only person I live with is my uncle Charlie, and he's always outta town. Last time I saw him by even webcam was 6 months ago. He said he moved to New York, and he'd be sending me money for rent but that's all. So I was a free man. I checked the clock, and forgot it was Saturday. Barely 10 o'clock A.M.! Immediately I got up and started my car, and drove 30 miles to downtown Dallas. I rolled down my windows and put on some Hank Williams Jr. tunes. Hey, if you're gonna live in Texas, you gotta know and listen to Hank. When I got there, "Family Tradition" was playing, an old HW Jr. classic. I barely dragged out of the car because, well, It's a real good song.
I checked in and as soon as I sat down, a tall man in a lab coat rushed toward me and said, "You must be the one." Confused, I reluctantly followed him and he had a vial of blue liquid. It reminded me of Kensley's beautiful, perfect eyes.
Chapter End Notes:
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