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Story Notes:

This story is in 2nd person - with it being my first time attempting writing anything this way. I think it turned out alright. 


You wake up feeling out of sorts. You cannot see anything and cannot for the life of you tell where you are. All you know is that you feel wound tight, as though your body folded in on itself. Your world feels cramped, but as you try to shift, you realize you cannot move. Panic is beginning to well up in you, but it does nothing to help as you wait for your environment to change or your body to start functioning.

Eerily, you notice that you also can not hear, taste, or smell anything. The only thing you can sense is the flat weight that presses upon you. Time is indiscernible, passing without any measurement. You notice that you do not feel tired or hungry, just helpless.

Out of nowhere, your world shifts. You feel the vertigo of being lifted at an immense speed and the weight presses further into your body. To one side, the weight is torn away, revealing cooler air and light, but you realize that you cannot see the change; you just have a sense that it has. Your world turns so that the opening faces upward and the confinement moves away from your body, slightly. A solid warmth moves into the new space, pressing into you from either side. You are lifted out of your prison, into open air, held up by large fleshy prongs.

You hear a voice, but you know that there was no sound. It resonates within your mind, registering as words. Do you know where you are?

You cannot help but think that the question asked is a ridiculous one. No, I do not know where I am, you think to yourself.

A chuckle sounds in your head, alerting you to the fact that your thoughts were heard. Let me show you, the voice offers. Your mind reels as you can suddenly see, your eyes trained at your hand, which holds a newly unwrapped condom. Do you know where you are now? You are confused. You try to look around, to shift your vision, but your eyes refuse to move. You will not succeed in shifting your vision – those are my eyes you are looking through.

As the thought sounds in your mind, you notice that the hand you are staring at is not yours. The hand turns, displaying the condom, and you feel your body tilt with the movement. You feel your heart drop as you try to deny what is being presented to you.

You are starting to get it, the voice tells you in an encouraging fashion that seems so out of place. And now that you get it, I can move on.

Your vision shifts outward, beyond the condom – beyond you. You register bare, hairy legs and as your vision continues to shift, you see a massive, partially erect cock. A hand comes into your line of sight and begins coaxing the dick towards full arousal. And then the hand holding the condom moves. You feel your body meet fleshy heat and a slight moisture as you watch the condom get placed on the very tip of the phallus. Your fears are confirmed as your body is unraveled, getting completely filled to the brim by the cock. You are stretched beyond your natural shape and all you can feel is the heat and pulse of the monster that resides within your entire body.

When you are in your proper place, a hand strokes lazily along the length of the cock, stretching you further as more blood fills that dick. Your job, from now on, is to catch all of my semen as I enjoy many pleasures in life. Do a good job for me. You can feel the smile in the voice, mocking your existence.

Vision shifts away from you, to a woman’s face. She has drunk with lust, and you watch her lips form the words “fuck me – I am ready.” The fingers leave your body and you watch the two bodies get situated on a bed.

Which hole do you think we are going to enter? Panic fills you nearly as much as the phallus that gives you shape with the precum spilling into you. You struggle to grasp your new position in life. Have you ever been inside a woman before?

When the two bodies are situated, vision returns to you as what feels like your face, but is really just the tip of the man’s cock which you cover, smears around the vaginal juices that drool out of the aroused woman. Then you are pressed to her opening, teasing for a moment before watching your body slowly disappear within her. You feel the man’s cock and the woman’s pussy meld together around you in a crushing grip that affords no comfort.

You are pulled from her warmth, her juices soaking your whole length, before you are slammed back into her, friction making the already molten cave sear your being. After watching yourself slip in and out of her a few times, your connection to vision is lost and you are left to feel the steady pump of your body into the woman.

You are getting used to the rhythm, learning when to brace for impact, but then things shift and you are temporarily in open air. It is so jarring to feel the rush of cold, but then you are being thrust back into the woman, reaching deeper, being consumed further. The tempo changes, becoming more frantic, and the heat and fluid becomes more suffocating.

Are you ready to do your job?

You try to protest, to scream back with your thoughts, but you feel a last powerful thrust and molten semen explodes into you, expanding you to the point of pain. The woman constricts around you, sucking the semen out of the cock and into your body. A few lazy pumps slosh the semen around in your guts.

You are pulled into the cool air once more and vision returns. You watch the hands of the man pinch your body to keep the semen from escaping and pull you off his cock. He ties your body, sealing his spunk within you, making you a permanent containment unit. You see his hand toss you without care and you do not even see your body hit the floor as he moves back to his lover, your vision vanishing again. You are left with only the sensation of being full of his steadily cooling seed. 

Chapter End Notes:

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