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Author's Chapter Notes:

I plan on adding more chapters later on. For now I want to keep my stories short and sweet. Enjoy :)

A Better World


30 more minutes till the end of the school day for chemistry class for bunch of seniors. Dan and his other fellow peers all wanted this school year to be over, so they can graduate and leave this town. However that day was only a few weeks away, just thinking about it made him shiver in excitement. While copying down his notes, he looked over at his friend Tori who was too focused on the board to realize her friend was looking over at her chest. With a bit above average body for a black man Dan couldn’t help but try his luck.

“If only… If only I could.” Dan replied to himself and carried on writing notes.

For the longest time Dan wanted to take her breast and make them bigger, so big that they bust through her shirt. Even though he has a giantess fetish, some other aspects of it as well projected themselves onto the girls he meets every day.  For instance, he thinks about the other girls having specific things happen to them in terms of becoming a giantess. As of now his mind was set on Tori boobs growing to huge sized portions.

At the end of the period he proceeded to lock up his books for the weekend in his locker. Luckily for him Tori’s locker was right next to his.

 “Hey Tori, mind if I come over later?” Dan replied to her.

“I don’t see why not Dan, besides you live right down the street to me anyway, so yeah.” She responded back while putting her textbooks away.

            During the bus ride home the pair discussed weekend plans, as for Dan it would always result in doing nothing but truckloads of homework. As for Tori she would always go down to the city and either go shopping or hanging out with her city friends. As they got off the bus Dan told Tori that he would be right back, he had something to show her. Later on he showed up which a bag of food. Tori then led Dan inside her old suburban house.

“Dan what’cha cooking up for me since my parents aren’t home?” Tori replies as she sat at the kitchen table while Dan started preparing dinner.

“Oh you know… Some baked salmon, broccoli, and something special.” Dan responded back.

            Even though Tori may think Dan is being a friend as he was for years, but Dan was putting his dream into action. If he were to fail Dan will certainly get beat up. After the meal was cooked, Tori set the table and Dan slipped in some white powder substance into her food.

“Dan you were always such a good cook.” Tori told Dan and proceeded to take a sip from her cup of soda.

“When you have time on your hands and one around to cook for you, you got to learn to cook for yourself.” He spoke back.

            Hopefully the powder would work its magic soon enough in order to make his dream come true. With each moment passing moment, Dan started to tremble at the fact of what might happen.

“Dan, are you ok?” Tori blurted out breaking the silence between them.

“Yeah, I was just thinking about something.” He responded back not able to meet her gaze.

“Oh, you look like something was bothering you.” She assured.

            Just like that Dan began to notice the subtle hints around Tori body; she appeared to be sleepier. Without even knowing Tori began to doze off at the kitchen table. Like other man with the magic power to project his fantasy on a girl he took Tori to her room and laid her on her bed. Dan then began to wonder when she wakes up would she be sad or happy. For Dan she better wake up and not found out what he done otherwise she going to beat the crap out of him. Soon Dan found himself going to sleep himself on account of it being late. Dan soon began to doze off in Tori’s chair locking his on Tori’s body.



Chapter End Notes:

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