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Bernadette felt an itch in her nose. She sniffled to try to get rid of it. Unfortunately for her, it didn?t go away. She tried to ignore it. Penny left to go get ready for her audition. As Penny walked away, Bernadette wondered what it would be like to biologically be a part of her body. For a long time, this had been a question of hers. In fact, it was the entire reason she went into microbiology. She fantasized about being a small part of someone?s body. Once she graduated graduate school, she started designing a formula to alter someone?s DNA to match a specific body part of someone they are touching while they drink the formula. Her plan was to use it on herself to merge with Penny. Penny has the best body out of her group of friends. She would love to be apart of it. While she was thinking all of this over, her nose started itching again. She decided to get rid of the itch once and for all. She started to walk over to the tissues but felt a sneeze come on before she could grab a tissue. Before she had a chance to grab a tissue, she let out the biggest sneeze of her life.

Sheldon felt a tremor and started to worry. He didn?t want get sucked into her nose fully. The last time Bernadette had breathed in, it had dislodged Sheldon from her snot. He was now dangling from one of her tiny nose hairs. This, he assumed was causing major irritation to Bernadette. If she took in too much air in her nose, Sheldon would be lost in Bernadette?s body. This thought terrified him. He decided to try and make his way out of her nose. If he looked straight down, he could she her gigantic cleavage heave as she breathed. He wondered if he could survive a fall straight into that bouncy haven. He couldn?t risk it though. He would not risked killing the greatest mind of the 21st century on a whim. He decided slow and steady was the way to go. He slowly progressed down Bernadette?s nose, avoiding any sticky snot as he went. He was close to the entrance of her nose when something strange happened. He looked down and saw her cleavage start bouncing wildly. ?She must be running somewhere.? He thought. As he finished his thought, he was suddenly blown out of her nose.

Leonard was fairing much better than Sheldon. While he was trapped in his girlfriend?s nipple, at least he didn?t have to worry about falling out. For some reason, he felt the ground get a little stiffer. As time passed, the ground became more and more stiff until it was extremely hard. Because he and Penny were going out, Leonard figured the only reason could be because Penny was cold. He was actually correct. The people in charge of the audition said Penny was auditioning for a nude portion of a movie. Because she hadn?t had a big break yet, Penny gave up her trepidations of going nude so she could be in a movie. The cold air felt good against her naked body. She was glad she decided to wear her nipple ring. It would definitely help her chances of getting the part.

?We need you to dance around. You will potentially play a seductive dancer.? The director said.

?I can definitely do seductive, just ask my boy friend.? Penny said.

?She sure can.? Leonard thought.

Penny began to dance for the director. She decided to use her assets to her advantage. She began to lean forward and shake her breasts. Leonard felt his world shift. He was now standing on what was once a wall. Penny moved again and Leonard was thrown around his nipple hole. Penny decided to go all out and decided to start smashing her boobs together. She put her hands on her boobs and pushed. This caused Leonard?s world to become condensed. Penny was pushing her nipples into her boobs. This was pure agony for Leonard. Leonard?s world closed in on itself and caused major claustrophobia issues for Leonard. Just when Leonard thought his body was going to explode inside his girlfriend?s nipple, the pressure stopped.


?You got the part!? The director said.

?That?s great.? Penny said jumping up and down.

            As soon so the formalities were signed, Penny ran out to tell Bernadette the great news. They hugged while Bernadette congratulated Penny.

            ?This is so great! I can?t wait until the guys hear about this!? Bernadette said.

            ?I know! I was hoping Leonard could be here too but he wasn?t home when I tried to talk to him.? Penny said.

            ?I was with you. I was closer than I think I will ever be again.? Leonard thought.

Penny and Bernadette went back to Penny?s car. As they drove home, Sheldon began to regain consciousness after having passed out from being sneezed out of Bernadette?s nose.

?Where am I?? Sheldon wondered.
Chapter End Notes:
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