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?Where are we?? Leonard asked.

?We are approximately 5 feet away from the door.? Sheldon responded.

?The door? Where is there a? wait. Is that big thing a door??

?Why yes. Very observant of you. It?s a wonder your only an experimental physicist.?

?Sheldon. Why is the door so big??

?The door isn?t big, we are small. I made a shrink gun because Howard told me it was impossible.?

?And then you shrunk us??

?Well I had to make sure it worked.?

?How do we get unshrunk??

?Simple. Because I forgot to set up the automatic reenlargment setting, we have to get someone to use the gun on us.?

?And how do you suppose we do that??

Just then, Penny walked into the apartment.


?Hey look. It?s Penny. She can help us.? Sheldon said.

?And how do you suppose she will find us??

?Simple. We climb up to her ear and explain everything to her.?
?Sheldon. We have no upper body strength. How are we going to do that??

?We start on her shoe and find easy ways to move up her body.?

As if Penny knew they needed help, she walked toward them. Her foot landed right next to them. The duo managed to grab onto her shoestrings. Once Penny realized the guys weren?t home, she turned to go back to her apartment. She had to hurry and get changed for her audition she had in an hour. She ran back to her apartment and kicked off her tennis shoes into her bedroom. As the shoes sailed into her room, so did Sheldon and Leonard. They landed in a black fabric bowl on top of a pile of clothes.

?Where are we?? Sheldon asked.

?I don?t? Wait. That smell. That is Penny?s perfume. We are in a black fabric bowl that smells strongly of Penny?s perfume. We are in her bra.? Leonard responded.

?Well that will get us a lot closer to her face than her shoes will.? Sheldon figured.

As Sheldon finished his sentence, the biggest breasts they had ever seen greeted him and Leonard.

?Because we are so small, we are going to need to get into her nipple to help shield us from when her boobs start jiggling.? Leonard said.

?Are you sure you aren?t just trying to take advantage of the situation?? Sheldon asked.

?Maybe a little.? Leonard said with a smile.

As the bra made contact with Penny?s chest, the guys ran for the biggest hole they could find. They discovered, to both of their surprises, that Penny had recently pierced her nipple. They dove into the vacant hole. Penny finished getting dressed when she realized she forgot to put her nipple ring back in. She ran over to her dresser and grabbed it. She pulled down her shirt and moved her bra so she could apply it.

?Why is there suddenly light?? Leonard asked.

?I don?t know. Ill go out and look.? Sheldon said.

Sheldon climbed out of their safe hole and looked around. Not seeing anything, he turned around to climb back into the nipple hole. It was at that moment that Penny inserted the ring into her nipple.

?Well that?s no good.? Sheldon said.

?Sheldon! What happened!?? Leonard said.

Sheldon couldn?t hear Leonard. He decided the best course of action would be to climb up Penny and get to her ear. This would be more difficult not that her bra was pushing him into her boob. He could hear her heartbeat all around him. He tried to imagine how big her heart would be compared to him. He figured he could probably crawl around inside of it if he got the chance. As he started his way up Penny?s breast, Penny began to run to her car. She was late to her audition and couldn?t afford to miss this opportunity. For Penny? this just caused her boobs to bounce as she ran. For Sheldon and Leonard, their worlds shook violently. Leonard was safe in the confinement of her nipple, but Sheldon was not so lucky. Despite the earth shattering jiggling, Sheldon made it to the top of Penny?s breast. Luckily for him, Penny had just gotten in her car and was driving toward her audition. She was so happy Bernadette was going to be there to support her. It meant a lot to her. The problem was, knowing that someone would be there to watch her audition made her nervous. She began to sweat minimally at the thought of it. This was nothing noticeable to her, but it was certainly noticeable to Sheldon. As Sheldon tried to get higher up on Penny?s chest, he began to slip. The sweat was becoming a major pain to deal with. As Sheldon finally reached Penny?s collarbone, Penny got out of the car at her audition. She was immediately greeted by Bernadette who ran up to her to give her a hug.

?I know you are going to do great. I have faith that you will get this part.? She said.

?Thank you. I think I will too. I have my lucky ring on, if you know what I mean.?

?Did you ever tell Leonard about that??

?No. I was waiting to surprise him. He seems to be into piercings and I wanted to make this one special for him.?

?Well I bet he will love it.? Bernadette responded.

The two girls went into the building and sat down to wait for Penny?s name to be called. Little did they know that Sheldon was no longer on Penny. Because of their height difference, he had been forced onto Bernadette?s glasses when she hugged Penny. He was grateful because now he was closer to someone?s ears. As he took his first step toward Bernadette?s ear, his foot slipped and he fell off the glasses. The tumbled through the air until he was suddenly lifted up in the air. His world went dark and he became stuck in something thick. He tried to move, but he couldn?t. As Sheldon fell, Bernadette picked that moment to breath in deeply through her nose. Her intake of air brought Sheldon along with it and now he was stuck in Bernadette?s nose.
Chapter End Notes:
This is my first story I'm still trying to figure out the logistics of everything. Please bear with me while I figure everything out. Any constructive criticism would be overly appreciated.
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