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Story Notes:

Disclaimer: This is a transgender GTS story, expect giant dicks. If that's not your thing then avoid. 

All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.






Scot’s friend nudged him as they walked across the School grounds, the two sixth formers were heading home late after doing some research in the school library. The school was almost deserted apart from one other boy who Scot’s friend was gesturing towards. Scot recognised him instantly; he was in year 10, 3 years below them, as evidenced by his school uniform which seemed ill fitting on his slender frame. He was sitting on wall studying some papers and paid no attention to the boys as they walked towards him.  “Hey.” Scot shouted as they drew closer, the boy looked up nervously but said nothing and went back to his reading. “Hey.” Scot repeated in a more menacing tone as him and his friend loomed over the lone boy. “I’m talking to you.”

“What.” The boy spat out without looking up, his tone emphasising that he had no interest in conversing with the two older boys.

“Just wanna know what you’re reading.” Scot replied as he snatched the papers from the boys hands.

“Give ‘em back”” The boy cried as he stood up, only to be pushed back down by Scot’s friend. Scot’s friend repeated the boys words, imitating his effeminate voice.

“It’s a play.” Scot laughed as he began reading out lines in a mocking voice.

“I said give it back!” The boy cried again as he lunged forwards once more, only to once again be pushed back.

Scot looked the boy in the eye, through the tears which were forming he could see the hatred in the boys piercing green eyes. Scot drank in the boys impotent rage. “Why don’t you come and get it.” He smiled holding the papers out towards the boy. The boy growled as he lunged forward again trying to grab the papers, Scot quickly pulled the papers back and his other arm landed a hard blow to the boys stomach. The boy let out a short cry before crumpling on the floor, trying to catch his breath. Scot took another look at the script the boy had been studying. “Fucking queer shit.” He remarked as he threw the papers to the side, letting them scatter in the wind.

“See you tomorrow, Justin.” Scot’s friend said as the two left the younger boy to collect himself and the papers.


Scot awoke suddenly from his dream and was plunged back into the darkness of his prison, he blinked a few times hoping his eyes would adjust to the darkness but it was no use, he breathed in deeply, he still couldn’t get used to the smell of his own sweat and excrement that mingled with the lingering odor of tobacco and weed which still clung to every part of his cell. He lay there for a moment contemplating his dream, he hated dreams about his old life, sometimes they made him miss it, other times they made him feel as if he almost deserved his fate. As the dream faded he began to focus on his raging thirst and the sharp pains of hunger in his stomach. He rolled over on the cold metal floor, the celling was too low for him to stand so he crawled around desperately searching for the plastic bowl his water was kept in. As he felt it in his hands he could tell it was empty, he licked it desperately hoping for a few precious drops but to no avail. There was nothing he could do but to lie back down and wait.

Scot couldn’t tell how much time had passed before his whole world suddenly lurched sideway, the sound of wood scraping against wood filled his ears and small dots of light shot through the air holes in his prison roof. Scot sat up excitedly, banging his head on the ceiling. He listened carefully as he heard large object being pushed around just on the other side of the prison walls. Then, just as suddenly as it began, his world shifted again, there was that same sound of wood scraping against wood and the small dots of light vanished. Everything was still and again he waited in the darkness.

After some time, as Scot was drifting back to sleep, everything shifted again, the same scraping sound filled the air and the small dots of light again appeared in his cell roof. This time however he felt the cell being lifted, his heart raced with anticipation as he felt it swaying slightly for a short while before being placed back down. He heard the creak as the roof was lifted off, the bright light flooded in, dazing him for a while. He climbed to his feet and his dry lips cracked as he smiled and looked up trying to focus on those same green eyes he remembered from his dream, though his time there was no hatred in them. As his vision cleared he looked at the soft feminine features of his captors face, a silver ring marked the side of her lower lip and her brown hair was now long and formed into dreadlocks, below her face her small breasts were visible through her tight t-shirt. Sometimes Scot still couldn’t believe that the boy he used to bully had become such an attractive girl.


“How’s my little guy?” The girl smiled down at the dirty, emaciated figure before her. She had hated him when she first found the tiny figure and realised who it was, she almost crushed him beneath her foot there and then, but decided it would be more fun to take him home to torment for a while first. But over time her hatred faded, it was hard to hate something so pathetic, and she liked it that her former bully had been reduced to a loyal and obedient pet. “Do you need your water bowl refilled?”

Scot nodded desperately in response and quickly grabbed his bowl and held it up for her. She took it from him between her finger and thumb and left the room, she knew Scot no longer had the will to try and escape. After a short while she returned and carefully placed the toy dog bowl on her desk Scott quickly scrambled out of the tobacco tin and got down on his hands and knees to drink, much to his captors amusement.  As he drank she removed the dirty piece of tissue he used as a toilet from the tin and replaced it with a fresh one. She then took another tobacco tin from her pocket and removed a bag of tobacco and placed it on her desk next to her grinder,  she twisted the top a few times before unscrewing the lower chamber and resting in on the desk beside the tobacco, this was followed by a rizla she placed down flat on the desk, ironing out the crease slightly with her finger. She then turned her attention back to her pet, who was still drinking, she waited for him to finish before speaking.

“Are you hungry?”  The tiny man nodded again. “I have some food, but first you have to earn it.” Scot looked at what had been laid out and knew what was expected. He quickly ran over and clambered into the pouch of tobacco and gathered up all he could hold and then ran over to the rizla and dropped it in, it took several trips to fill it up, then several more to fill it with weed. The girl smiled down at her pet, she enjoyed watching him labour away for her. When he was done Scot looked up at her expectantly. “Uh uh.” The girl waved her finger “You’re not quite done yet.” She added as she pulled a strip of card from her tobacco tin. Scot looked at what to him was a very thick piece of card, they both knew he wasn’t capable of rolling up, but Scot knew she wanted to see him try. Scot struggled with the card for a few minutes before the girl got tired of watching him, he was standing on the card, pulling the end up toward shim but just couldn’t roll it tight enough, when suddenly the card was lifted from under him, sending him rolling across the desk. The girl laughed at the sight and waited until Scot was looking back to roll the card into a roach between her thumb and forefinger. She wanted him to see how effortless it was for her. She added the roach to the rizla and rolled it into a joint, and started smoking. The tiny man looked up at her expectantly. Again she raised her finger to him. “I want to see how well it smokes first. If it’s no good then you haven’t earned your food.” She intended to feed him anyway, but she enjoyed playing with him like this. The man waited anxiously as she smoked. “Not bad.” She suddenly exclaimed before pulling a small piece of fruit and half a stale crisp out from her pocket, Scot’s face beamed with gratitude, they were more than he could possibly eat and he didn’t care that they were covered in lint. She left Scot to eat as she started up her computer; she’d recently started at university and had plenty of work to do. Scot for the most part sat in silence or explored her desk, he was just glad to be out of his tin and spending time with her. Occasionally when she needed a distraction she’d make Scot entertain her in some way, one of her favourite games was to get Scot to take over typing, she’d dictate a sentence and scot would have to run from key to key jumping up and down to try and press it. Of course whenever she did this she made sure he saw here delete everything he struggled to type just so he could see how easily she could retype it. Other times she’d demand he try to climb something or lift some small object which she knew would be too heavy for him. All of her games served to remind him how weak and powerless he now was. But despite the regular humiliation, Scot was still grateful to be let out of his tin and have some human interaction.

Soon the evening drew to a close, the girl shut her laptop and without saying anything to Scot she got up from her desk and began to undress, Scot watched silently as she stripped down to her pants, he dreaded what was coming next. As she approached he could see the bulge growing in her pants, she plucked the tiny man up and walked with him over to her bed. As she lay down she placed him onto her belly button and pulled her now erect cock out from her pants. Nothing made Scot feel more worthless than seeing this girls dick loom over him, many times his size. “Here.” The girl demanded pointing to her nipple, Scot started running without hesitation, as he made his way across the girls soft flesh he could feel her breathing becoming deeper. Soon her hand which had been rubbing her nipple slid down across her body and began playing with her dick. Scot tried to ignore this as he began climbing her breast and began his task of massaging her nipple. The girl moaned softly as he did so and before long reached the point of orgasm. At his small size he could here her cum splattering against her stomach but he didn’t want to turn around to see it. Without getting up the girl reached over to her bedside table for a tissue to wipe it up before drifting of the sleep. Scot climbed down and lay between her breasts, comforted by the warmth of her body and sound of her breathing and heartbeat Scot drifted off to sleep himself.


It was a couple of hours later when the girl awoke and sat up, Scot woke to find himself tumbling down her stomach and over her now flaccid cock. Landing on her soft bed between her thighs, before he had a chance to collect himself he was plucked up and carried over to his tin and roughly dropped inside. He pleaded for her to refill his water bowl, but the girl paid no attention and with a flick of her finger knocked Scot off his feet and pushed the lid firmly back onto the tin, which was then dropped it back into her dresser drawer before going back to bed.


It was another two days before She went back to Scot, he could hear her heavy footsteps as she stumbled towards the dresser  ,she picked up the tin roughly and took it with her as she sat on her bed, she brought the tin close to her face as she opened it and smiled down at the tiny man as he tried to shield his eyes from the light. “How’s my special little guy?” She slurred as the smell of alcohol and cannabis on her breath washed over Scot, he hated it when she was drunk.

“Please, I need some water.” Scott immediately begged.

“Where’s your bowl?” The girl inquired eying the tin.

“I don’t know, you left it out last time.” Scott croaked through his dry mouth.

The girls laughed in response. “Never mind, we’ll get you some water in a minute. I’ve also saved a bit of kebab meat for you.” Scot’s eyes grew wide with anticipation; it was a rare treat for him to be given meat. “But first…” the girl paused for a moment as she grinned at the tiny man and bit her bottom lip. “I want you to do something for me.”

“Please, I’m so thirsty.” Scot protested. “I’ll do anything but please let me drink first.”

“No, no, no.” The girl replied with an exaggerated pout, as if talking to a baby. “Work first, then you get a treat.” Before he had time to protest the girl plucked him up in a firm pincer grip, she was always rougher with him when drunk. She deposited the tin beside her on the bed and slouched back as she dropped him onto her stomach, which was still covered by her black tank top. Scot watched as she pulled her skirt down and revealed her semi erect cock. “Climb it.” The girl commanded. Scot hesitated slightly as he climbed to his feet, he took another moment to steady himself from the girls deep breathing made the ground move beneath him. “Climb it. Now.” Came the command once again. Slowly he approached the giant cock and began climbing. He could feel its girth grow and the flesh firm up beneath him as he did so, coupled the sensation of the giants pulse throbbing through it. “Rub it, make me cum.” Came the Giant girls next command. Scot didn’t know how he could even begin to wank off a dick many times his size, he pathetically tried massaging it with his hands, though his efforts were hindered by his attempts not to fall. “Put your body into it.” The girl demanded impatiently, soon Scot was frantically rubbing his body against her shaft, dry humping her and even licking it in a desperate attempt to make her orgasm. After some time the giant reached her hand down and nocked Scot from his perch back onto her stomach. “Fucking pathetic.” He heard her mutter as she wrapped her fingers around her dick and began pumping. Again she was going to show Scot how much easier it was for her. She sat up as she neared climax, Scot tumbled down her stomach falling against the shaft of her dick, he quickly crawled away onto her thy, fearful of being crushed as she masturbated. He barely noticed as she picked up his tobacco tin prison with her free hand and brought it to her cock. She let out a loud groan of pleasure as she finished, the thick white liquid flooding the tin. They were both silent for a moment as Scot realised what she had just done.

“Well I’m afraid you don’t get your treat.” The girl smiled as she picked Scot up. “But I wouldn’t let you starve.”

“You can’t do this to me.” Scot desperately protested as she brought him over the tin. “I’m a human being, I need food and water. “

“Don’t be silly.” The girl giggled as she dropped him into the hot thick liquid. “There’s plenty to drink and it’s full of protein to help you stay big and strong.” Scot gagged as he felt the thick substance fill his nose and mouth. His eyes burned and every other sense was assaulted by it, the taste, the feel , the smell and even the sound of it sloshing around him as he struggle. He was still fighting to regain his composure as he was plunged into darkness, the girl dropped the tin onto the floor and rolled over to sleep.

Scot was stuck on his hands and knees in his tin, not enough room to stand or sit up, but he couldn’t lie down without submerging his head in her cum. As his listened to her snoring he thought about his situation, he didn’t know how long it had been since he’d last drunk and he didn’t know how long it would be until he could drink again. He closed his eyes as he lowered his head and began to lap up the liquid, it took all of his remaining will power to swallow it but as he continued to drink it got easier. The worst part was he actually felt grateful for being given anything.


Scot had been on his hands and knees for some time, the thick liquid had long since cooled around him, when he felt the giant girls footsteps vibrate through the floor, he heard her open the curtains and those familiar beams of light shot through the air holes. Throughout the day he could hear the girl going about her business as he prayed for her to open the tin. Occasionally he shouted for her help but she didn’t respond, Scot assumed she simply couldn’t here, but for all he knew she could also just be ignoring him. As they day went on Scot heard her talking on the phone about her night out. Only hearing half the conversation he couldn’t tell exactly what had happened, but it was clear that she’d been on the receiving end of some kind of transphobic comment. Scot began to reflect on the night and they why he’d treated her back in their schooldays, while the girl always enjoyed tormenting him, it had always been done in a playful way, and in truth he’d come to enjoy it, it was the only kind of interaction he had with anyone. He’d even come to rationalize her treatment of him, he couldn’t blame her for resenting him after the way he’d treaded her as kids, over time that resentment seemed to dry up and the conditions she kept him in had just become a habit. The worst treatment, like the forgotten water bowls, he’d always attributed to carelessness rather than malice.  She’d always been quick to rectify the situation when she’d realised her mistakes,  aside from last night anyway. She’d never been as deliberately cruel to him as she had then, forcing him to choose between dehydration or her cum.

After some time Scot felt what was now a familiar sensation of the tin being lifted off the ground and carried across the room. “Please don’t shut mi in the drawer.” He quietly repeated to himself until he felt the tin be set down again. He heard the sound of the lid being pulled off as the sudden light dazzled him. She looked down at him and covered her mouth with her hand as she laughed, her face conveying both embarrassment and amusement.

“I’m sorry.” She said, sounding half convincing, as she plucked him up and dropped him unto some tissue paper. “I was really drunk.” Before Scot could respond she folded the paper around him and rolled him between the sheets, removing most of the access cum, but still leaving him feeling sticky all over.  “It won’t happen again. I promise.” She added as she opened up the tissue.

Scot got up and took a moment to steady himself after his quick clean. “It’s ok.” He said as he looked up at the giant girl. “I overheard you on the phone, you were talking about last night. I’m sorry to.”

“What?” was the only response for the girl as she looked down, her smile fading.

“I’m sorry, Justin.” Scot repeated, he could feel his hart start to race as the girl just stood over him looking down, her smile was gone and there was now just an awkward silence.

“What the fuck did you just call me?” The girl finally said, her words slow and deliberate.

“I... I’m sorry” Scot stammered. “I didn’t mean anything, you just… You never told me your new name.” There was another long pause while the girls eyes remained fixed on Scot.

“It’s Giustina.” She finally replied in the same slow deliberate voice. There was another long silence.

“Sorry, Giustina.” Scot finally plucked up the courage to speak. He swallowed nervously, hoping he was saying the right things. “I wasn’t trying to insult you, I just wanted to apologise for everything I did to you.” There was another silence as the giant stood their motionless. “What I did b-back in school.” Scot nervously stammered.

There was a sudden crash as the girl slammed her hand down onto the desk next to Scot, the force knocked him from his feet. He looked up, his ears ringing to see her palm was flat on the desk and he was lying between her forefinger and thumb.

“What YOU did to ME?” She spat as she brought her face down close to Scot. He was still lying prone on the desk as he looked up into those huge green eyes, he could see the same look of hatred he recalled from his dream. “I’m not that little boy that got bullied anymore. And you’re sure as fuck not the kid that bullied him.” She brought her face down even closer before continuing, her voice had sunk to almost a whisper, but being so close and small every word still reverberated through Scot. “That kid’s dead. All you are is a disgusting little bug that I keep alive for my own amusement.” She stood up to her full height. “You’re nothing. Do you understand?”  Scot nodded desperately, he was wide eyed with fear. “Where’s Scot?” The girl asked.

“Dead.” Scot quickly replied.

“And who are you?”

“Nothing, just a bug.”

She looked down at him, he looked more pathetic than ever, he was still lying prone, shivering from fright and still glistening from her cum. But now she couldn’t look at him without seeing the boy that used to bully her. Without a word she suddenly swept her hand across the desk, sending him flying through the air. The pain shot through him as he landed in a heap on the carpet, he collected himself as the giant stepped towards him. Suddenly he flung himself at the stripy sock covered toes in front of him , kissing the fragrant fabric. “Please forgive me, I’m so sorry.” He begged before being flung unto his back by a quick flick of her foot, he looked up into her eyes. Again he saw that same piercing look he remembered from his dreams, though it was soon eclipsed by the sole of her foot as it covered him and surrounded him in darkness. She stood there for a moment, savouring his struggles before increasing the pressure. Though she didn’t quite apply enough pressure to kill him, just enough to maybe break a rib or two, then she slowly began twisting her foot. She couldn’t hear his screams as Scot was slowly ripped apart between the course fabric of her carpet and her sock, but she knew he must be suffering. She continued until she thought there was nothing left alive and pressed down feeling what was left crunch beneath her. 


She sat back down in her chair and looked at the red stain for a while before opening her desk drawer and pulling out another tobacco tin. She opened it up to reveal another tiny naked figure, the man blinked for a moment as his eyes adjusted to the light. “You remember your friend Scot?” She asked coldly. The man nodded slowly, he could see she did seem her usual playful self and wasn’t sure what to make of the question. With that she plucked the man up, lent forward and dropped him into the gory stain bellow. “Clean him up.” The man hesitated for a moment.

“I don’t have anything to clean with.” He said nervously as he looked up.

The girl leaned forward and let a large wad of saliva fall onto the stain before throwing down a peace of tissue paper.  Then without a word she leant back in her chair and crossed her legs, flexing her ankle as her foot dangled so the tiny man could see what was left of his old friend mashed into the fabric of her sock.  She watched silently as the man began his grim task. 


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