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Pamela's Stomach
By Supernova


Anne tried kicking her legs free, but to no avail. Stuck waist-deep in what looked like milk chocolate, she attempted to push down until sweat beaded off her brow. Not knowing how she got there, fear struck her heart as she looked around her environment: the walls looked like they were miles away, blurry with distance. Looking up, she saw a white ceiling lined with fluorescent lights. All around her was a big, flat, chocolate bar, rendering her immovable.


She tried digging herself out, but her short nails only scratched the surface superficially, not even making a dent. Becoming more and more anxious, she shouted “Help! Help! Can anyone hear me?” Her anxiety rising, Anne wondered how she even got there. She just fell asleep one night in her dorm room and woke up here, trapped. She pinched herself and slapped her arm, but nothing seemed to wake her up. Looking down, starting to tear up, she was overcome with a looming shadow.


Craning her neck upwards, she caught sight of an absolutely immense young woman. Anne inhaled short, gasped breaths as she took in the shocking sight of the incredibly massive stranger. Wearing yoga pants that covered her thick thighs, big, round ass, and curvy hips, the giant woman adjusted her black bra straps under her tight, white tank top that showed off her big breasts. The giantess, not looking at Anne for the moment, was curvy, pale, had dark shoulder-length hair, and was wearing bright red lipstick over her full lips. Though the giant woman was pretty, Anne looked at her like she was a monster.


“Anyway, as for you, little lady!” The giant woman boomed from above. “I'm Pamela and... well... and you're my snack.”


Anne gasped in shock and horror as she tried to catch her bearings and realize her situation. Snack? What? What's going on?


Feeling a lurch upward, Anne shrieked in horror as the world around her became a blur of motion. Eyes wide open, she caught sight of Pamela's wide open mouth, saliva dripping from the palate on to the tongue below, just inches from where she was stuck.


The chocolate in front of her broke off with a crack, Pamela's glossy lips rubbing against Anne, leaving some wet, glossy lipstick on her face. Anne felt a rush of warm, moist air rush down from above as Pamela exhaled deeply from her nostrils. “Mmmmmm.” Pamela moaned as she chewed the chocolate bar right in front of Anne's tiny face.


Anne hyperventilated. Short, gasping breaths left her lungs as she wiped off Pamela's glossy lipstick from her cheek.


Squelching and wet slapping sounds emanated from Pamela's mouth as she chewed with her mouth wide open in front of tiny Anne. Anne cringed as the massive, brown ball of chewed chocolate rolled around in Pamela's mouth, mixing with saliva and mucous. She winced and pursed her lips as Pamela's warm, humid breath wafted over her, smelling strongly of milk chocolate.


Pamela's mouth slowly closed, trapping the chewed chocolate in moist darkness. Anne shivered when she heard a massive, hard “Gulp” come from Pamela's giant throat, sending the chewed chocolate slithering down.


“You're next, sweetie!” Pamela boomed from above, licking her wet lips, hovering the chocolate bar with the embedded Anne mere inches from her face.


Anne cried hysterically as Pamela opened her mouth slowly, seeing cords of saliva hang from the roof of her mouth. Seeing the chocolate-stained tongue come closer filled Anne with fear, causing her to wretch, pounding on the solid block that trapped her.


“No! No! No! Please!” Anne screamed as the bottom of the chocolate bar slid along Pamela's tongue. “AIYEEEE!” She screeched as the massive lips closed behind her, sealing her in humid, wet darkness.


Anna put her hands up in the air as Pamela's moist palate lowered upon her. Suddenly overcome with a rush of thick saliva, Anna tried in vain to push it away. Feeling the chocolate melt around her legs, she felt her whole body loosen from the trap that immobilized her. Now feeling wet, slimy warmth over every inch of her body, partially melted chocolate was forcing its way into her mouth and eyes.


“MMMMMMMMM” Pamela moaned, the sound vibrating Anna to her core as the slop soaked into her hair.


Anne tried her best to catch her bearings, but Pamela's tongue kept forcing her into the thick ball of chocolate, which was becoming softer with each passing second. Now entirely embedded in the brown mash, Anne was completely pressed into the melted mass of chocolate. Wet squelching came from every angle, the heat was nearly overwhelming. Tears flowed freely from Anne's eyes, mixing with the massive curvy girl's saliva.


Feeling a sudden shift, Anne's blood ran cold. A loud gulping sound resonated through every bone in Anne's body, sending her sliding down into Pamela's throat with the wad of warm, partially melted chocolate. Now pressed up against the soft ball of candy, Anne felt extremely claustrophobic as she felt her skin slither against Pamela's constricting esophagus, slowly descending into her body.


Soft, fleshy walls surrounded Anne on all sides as her arms pressed into the bolus of chocolate. Pamela's calm heartbeat shook Anne as her slow descent terrified her into convulsions. Screaming, but her mouth full of chewed chocolate, Anne could only muster muffled yelling as she felt her feet become more constricted in the sphincter leading to Pamela's stomach.


Disgusted, Anne writhed and struggled, the sphincter slithering past her ankles, knees, and hips. Trying to slow her descent, she pushed her arms out wide, but that only served to get her more stuck in the chewed ball of swallowed chocolate. Now the sphincter up to her chest, Anne's anxiety overwhelmed her, knowing any second she was about to drop into a deep, dark, hot chasm.


Letting out a sharp shriek, Anne felt herself in freefall for a split second as she landed in a thick soup of partially digested food, deep inside Pamela's body. Immediately blasted by the heat and humidity, Anne yelled as the first wave of chyme washed over her, sending her under a sea of hot, thick vomit. Her nostrils burning with the sharp, sour scent of puke, Anne cried hysterically as the relentless tide of hot vomit forced her in various directions, seemingly at random.


Anne let out a grunt as she was slapped against the wet, wrinkled wall of Pamela's stomach. Now lodged between two folds, Anne tried pushing them apart to free herself, but another wave of partially digested food washed her under, causing her to slip deeper into Pamela's body.


Now stuck under the chunky mixture of Pamela's stomach contents, Anne waved her arms frantically, trying to free herself from the powerful folds of the massive organ. An immensely loud groan shook Anne and the vomit around her, shaking her free. Swimming upwards, Anne spit out an entire mouthful of sour chyme and took a deep breath of acrid, humid air.


Trying her best to swim and keep afloat, Anne tried grabbing on to one of the folds in the walls without getting stuck, but a massive gas bubble emerged and exploded right next to her, splattering her upwards, causing her to stick to the top of Pamela's stomach.


Still in complete darkness, Anne was no longer swimming, but was instead hanging from a wad of mucous, dangling from the ceiling of the hot digestive organ. Staying still for as long as possible, any subtle movement caused the spot of mucous she was stuck to to shift, making her position more precarious. Crying, Anne's tears dripped into darkness as wet squelching sounds emanated from below. Breathing in the acrid air caused her to dry heave out of horror and disgust, knowing that any second she'd fall back down into the digesting mass.


Unable to see anything, Anne screamed in sheer horror as she was given time to think of her hopeless situation. Feeling doom and dread overwhelm her, she lamented as she knew she wasn't going to get out of this situation alive. Only smelling the foul stench of vomit, she tried spitting out as much of the disgusting fluid from her mouth, trying to rid herself of the rancid taste.


Without warning, a massive belching sound came from above, vibrating Anne and the spot of mucous that adhered her to the top of Pamela's stomach. Now shaken loose, Anne fell yet again into the soupy mixture of eaten food. Sinking into the soft liquid, the tiny victim attempted swimming to simply take a tiny amount of control in the chaotic environment. Treading vomit, Anne tried to, again, swim to one of the stomach walls to poke or prod it in order to get Pamela to throw her up, her last hope for survival.


Relentless heat pulsed against Anne's bare skin as the ocean of vomit washed over her again and again. With each thrust forward, the tide sent her back. At the complete mercy of Pamela's stomach churning, Anne gave up swimming in complete frustration. Slamming the puke mixture below her with her fists, it was too thick to even make a splash. Screaming in horror, she heard a wet squelch from above. She looked up, despite not being able to see anything in the complete darkness.


Breathing deeply, Anne jumped in shock as a giant wad of warm snot landed squarely on top of her, rendering her immobile. Now unable to move her arms, the snot trapped her like a net. Now sinking under the vomit in a ball of mucous, Anne pursed her lips and shut her eyes tight as the heavy liquid covered every inch of her body. Flailing her arms in order to swim upwards, the thick mucous prevented her from moving in any meaningful way. Instinctively screaming, the thick slop entered her mouth, the salty liquid mixing with the sour vomit.


Never more disgusted in her entire life, the exhausted Anna finally managed to break free from the swallowed loogie only to be continually pounded by Pamela's vomit. Her whole body now sore from constant struggling, Anne tried to keep her eyes open, despite being slapped in the face by the stomach contents every time she emerged.


Anne continued crying, her tears washing away the vomit built up around her eyes. Every single strand of hair now soaked with a stranger's bodily fluids, Anne felt intensely, thoroughly unclean. Her mind a frenzy with disgust, fear, horror, and dread, she finally made it to one of Pamela's stomach walls, yet again. Now pounding at the slick, mucous-covered surface to get Pamela's attention, she was met with a loud groan and another massive churn of the stomach. The walls, moving up against her, now sandwiched her and slid against her, trying to digest her like a piece of food.


Now on the verge of going unconscious, Anne went limp as the stomach walls rubbed against her and smothered her. Tears still flowing from her eyes, Anne closed them as she simply allowed Pamela's body to have its way with her. Jaw quivering, gasping for breath, Anne could hardly stay awake as exhaustion overtook her. As her body slipped from the stomach's churning, she was yet again forced under the digesting chyme. Unable to move her arms any longer, she didn't swim, she just gave up, going unconscious and never waking up again.




Pamela swallowed and rubbed her belly, knowing that a tiny woman was sliding down her throat. Paying close attention to any struggles she might feel, Pamela didn't keep her hopes up, as that usually happened when her stomach was empty and right now it was very, very full.


Walking to her computer desk, she perused Twitter for a few minutes, eventually letting out a small belch. “Oup, she gave me gas, hehe.” she said to herself. Continuing to simply chill out, she wiped her stuffy nose before she sucked back the contents and swallowed hard, thinking of how the tiny lady inside her would deal with that. Putting a wry smile on her face she kept putting her hand on her belly to figure out if she could feel anything.


Nearly giving up, a few more minutes went by when she jumped in surprise, a slight kicking! Feeling like butterflies in her tummy, Pamela felt as though this meal was a success. Enjoying the kicking feeling of her tiny victim, she put her pajamas on, turned the light off, and went to sleep wondering how to catch another tiny lady.




The following evening, Anne's broken body was embedded in a hunk of Pamela's feces. Slithering along Pamela's colon with the rest of the shit, Anne's body was stuck in a fetal position, lodged between two lumps of brown mush. The water being drained from her body, Anne's skin wrinkled up and yellowed, her hair clumped in the log.


Deposited in Pamela's rectum, Anne's face rested directly behind the massive anus. Pamela, wearing short shorts that showed off her big, round ass, felt the bodily pressure to go to the bathroom.


Dangling a tiny woman over her glossy, bright red lips, mouth wide open, Pamela said “Right after I swallow you, I'm gonna shit out the one from yesterday.” A tiny, high-pitched squeak came from the woman as Pamela placed her victim on her tongue's center crevice. Tilting her head back, she let her tiny victim slide to the back of her throat, swallowing her with a quick gulp.


After feeling the tiny woman kicking inside her body, she walked over to the bathroom without closing the door, as she was home alone. Sitting on her toilet, she let the urine trickle out of her first, then she relaxed her bowels and allowed Anne's body to fall into the toilet.


Anne's face now rubbing against Pamela's anus, she was finally let free from her prison as she landed in the toilet bowl with a plop. After wiping the residue clean off her, Pamela looked in the toilet to see Anne's tiny body embedded in the brown log.


With a smirk, she flushed away Anne for good, focusing her attention on her next victim, who was still squirming deep within her stomach.



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