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“Come on, girls! Wake up!” Ashley heard booming from above. Squinting away the bright light as she regained consciousness, she tried to focus her vision and come to her senses, as the last thing she remembered was falling asleep on her friend’s couch after a night of partying.

Feeling her whole body droop downward, Ashley looked up to realize that she had been stripped naked and tied to a tall wooden post, hanging from rope binding her wrists and ankles. Immediately screaming and wriggling to get away, Ashley shrieked in terror when she clearly saw what was in front of her: the upper body of an immense woman. The room looked completely dark, save for the spotlight illumination on her and the woman in front of her.

Still shrieking in terror, Ashley looked to her right to see two other naked women, tied to individual posts just as she had been, each screaming, squirming, and glistening with sweat.

Now with sweat of her own dripping down the side of her pale face and soaking into her dirty blonde hair, Ashley just stared up in shock at the giantess that hovered over them like a mountain. Gasping frantically, her heart beating much faster now, Ashley observed the woman’s features as time seemed to slow down: The wavy, shiny, black hair that fell past her shoulders, her pale, slightly wrinkled skin covered in light makeup, her big, round, hazel eyes with just a trace of crow’s feet showing next to her dark winged eyeliner, her long hawk nose with thin nostrils, her voluptuous red lips. Ashley figured the thin woman must be in her late thirties or early forties as she saw the giantess’ bare, smooth shoulders under a black tank top and bra straps.

The giantess seductively placed her index finger on her lower lip. “So, which one of you lovely ladies gets to be gobbled up first?” Ashley’s eyes widened, her heart rate increased, and her ears stung from the relentless shrieking coming from her and the other tied up women on the poles next to her. She wriggled until her wrists were sore, still bound to the upright pole.

Looking upward, she saw the giantess’ mouth open wide, her big, red lips parting to expose her slick, glistening tongue and massive, straight teeth. Ashley kept screaming “No! No! Please!” as the mouth above began its descent downward, the woman’s face getting closer and closer to the three trapped women. Ashley winced as she saw the slimy orifice head straight for her, hot breath wafting over her, smelling slightly minty. Ashley screamed with even more force as the giant woman’s shadow overtook her, now able to see every tiny taste bud and lip wrinkle in extreme close-up detail. The slightly undulating tongue, the glistening white teeth, the stretched lips covered in lipstick, all of these things put Ashley into a state of extreme terror as they inched closer to her.

“Actually, just kidding!” The giant woman said, her words blasting humid breath over Ashley. “I think I’ll play a little game first. How about eeny-meeny-miny-mo or something? I can’t just eat one of you tinies right off the bat! I haven’t even introduced myself, yet! I’m Hannah and, by tomorrow, I’ll be shitting out what’s left of you.” Hannah let out a high-pitched giggle.

Ashley’s emotions were in a frenzy at this point. Tears flowing from her eyes like a fountain, she cried and screamed at what she had just heard. Just last night she was at her friend Tara’s 18th birthday party and now she was in an unbelievably terrifying predicament. Just wanting to get herself free, Ashley pulled at the rope above her, but it stayed tight. Craning her neck, she saw Hannah pointing her finger at the middle girl, the one tied up to the post right next to Ashley.

“Eeny meeny miny mo!” Hannah’s finger shifted from girl to girl, Ashley couldn’t help but feel a rush of anxiety each time she was pointed at. “Catch a lady by the toe!” Ashley saw Hannah’s skinny arms move and her B-cup breasts slightly jiggle each time she shifted. “If she hollers let her go.” Ashley sniffled, sobbing softly now. “Eeny meeny miny mo! It’s you! You’re first!”

Hannah was, again, pointing to the middle girl. The two girls not chosen both looked at the unlucky one in unison and in silence.

“No! No, please!” The red-haired girl shouted and pleaded through her tears as Hannah’s mouth opened wide and descended towards her slowly.

Widening her mouth, Hannah leaned forward towards the redhead, her tongue wet with anticipation. Ashley could feel the humid breeze flow from above as Hannah’s immense face got closer and closer.

Ashley screamed as Hannah’s mouth completely surrounded the girl next to her, loud, wet sucking sounds coming from mere inches away followed by a gulp. She gasped in horror as she saw a tiny bulge slide down Hannah’s throat as the giant woman’s face ascended.

Hannah sat upright and opened her mouth wide and laughed. “Ahh! See! I sucked her off!”

Ashley looked to her right and saw just a slimy wooden pole: no woman to be found. Her eyes widened, she grit her teeth, and her eyes were sore from so much crying. The anxiety was so severe that Ashley felt as though her chest was being crushed.

“Which one of you wants to join her in my tummy?” Hannah asked, cocking her head back and forth playfully. “Fuck it! You’re next!” Hannah’s hand quickly descended towards the other woman, a black-haired pale woman, face now red with emotion.

“Please! Not now! Not now! Please!” the tiny woman shouted, face pointing upwards at the massive Hannah. “No! Please! Please, please, please!” She kept shouting as Hannah’s fingers lightly pressed against her sides, sliding her up off the pole that held her.

The tiny woman screamed as she was brought closer to Hannah’s face, close enough to feel the breath flowing from her nostrils.

“Well, down the hatch!” Hannah said as she faced the ceiling, opened her mouth wide, stuck her tongue out, and lowered her tiny victim onto her slick taste buds. Immediately after the tongue slithered back into Hannah’s mouth with the tiny woman, a terrifying, wet “Gluck” sound chilled Ashley to her very core. She knew she was next.

“Mmm! I feel her wiggling all the way down. She must be excited to meet her friend in my tummy. Now you’re next, little lady!” Hannah pointed straight at the wide-eyed, terrified Ashley.

Ashley closed her eyes tightly after she saw Hannah’s massive hand make the descent towards her. She screamed when she felt the immense, telephone pole-sized fingers press against her torso, she let out sobs when she felt her back rub against the pole that held her, and she looked up in teary shock as she saw Hannah’s massive face loom above her. Now on Hannah’s hand and still bound in rope, Ashley sobbed uncontrollably, thinking of her life and her plans for the future, both about to be cut short by this massive, hungry woman.

“Time’s up! In you go!” Hannah said as her mouth widened and her hand brought Ashley closer to her gaping maw. Ashley saw every tiny detail of Hannah’s mouth: The slick, glossy lipstick, the tiny folds in her lips, the pools of saliva around her teeth and tongue, the image disgusted Ashley as she balled her hands into fists and shouted for her life. Hannah’s breath wafted over her, filling her nostrils with warm mint. Sweat kept dripping down Ashley’s face as the immense mouth loomed closer and closer, ready to take in its next meal.

Ashley jumped when she heard a door creak open loudly, light filling the white-walled bedroom as a light flicked on. Hannah quickly sat upright, ascending away fast, as if she was surprised as well. Squinting her eyes, Ashley saw her own friend Tara walking towards Hannah from behind.

“Are you being weird again, mom?” Asked Tara, her curly brown hair bouncing as she walked. Ashley looked at the massive Tara, who was thin and had a big nose, like her mother, but had a rounder face, cuter cheeks, thin lips, and thick-framed glasses that covered her brown eyes. Tara was obviously sniffling, with a tissue in her hand, she must have had a cold.

“Tara, it’s me! Help! I’m down here!” Ashley shouted, her voice cracking.

Hannah smiled. “Tara, now that you’re eighteen I think that you’re ready to try one of these little ladies. I saved one just for you! Happy birthday!”

Ashley’s heart sunk. A frenzy of thoughts burst through Ashley’s mind. Tara wouldn’t really eat her, would she? They’re friends! Could she even see who’s down on her mother’s hand?

“It didn’t look like you were saving her for me. It looked like you were about to eat her.” Tara said with a condescending tone in her voice.

“Oh, never mind that, sweetie. Just take this one and gulp her down right quick. You can feel her fluttering around in there on the way down and even, sometimes, in your belly.” Hannah said.

“Hmmm. Okay. If you put it that way it does sound kinda fun. I’ve honestly wanted to try one for a while.” Tara boomed from above.

Hannah looked down at Ashley. “You hear that? You’re gonna be her first time! Isn’t that great?”

Tara put a finger on her lower lip and asked “What’s gonna happen to her? You know, after I swallow her down.”

Hannah looked down at the hyperventilating Ashley and grinned. “Well, first she’s gonna slide all over your tongue and spread her tasty sweat all over the inside of your mouth, then she’s gonna slither all the way down your throat, where she’ll wriggle and squirm all the way down into your tummy. She’ll squirm and squirm and squirm until she gets digested in there, it feels so good. Then, after you’re done with her, you just flush her away in the toilet tomorrow. It’s a… unique experience.”

Tara’s eyed widened. “Whoa. I have to try this.”

Ashley couldn’t believe her situation. She tried biting her lip to wake her up from this awful dream as she was unceremoniously passed to Tara, who let out another sniffle. Now in Tara’s hands, Ashley looked up in horror at her massive friend’s face, seeing every tiny detail, makeup and all. Feeling herself ascending, she couldn’t get her eyes off her friend as Tara opened her mouth wide.

Feeling the slick, slimy tongue for the first time sent Ashley into a complete panic. Trying to break from the ropes that held her wrists and ankles together, she squirmed in vain as she landed on the massive tongue’s center crevice. The heat became unbearable and the smell was so awful it reminded Ashley of poison. Seeing cords of spit and mucous connecting the palate and tongue, Ashley screamed as she saw the palate lower down on top of her.

Now in complete darkness, Ashley tried fighting against Tara’s slick, muscular tongue as it slithered over her entire body. Slick with saliva and mucous, Ashley grunted in frustration as wave after wave covered her face and soaked into her hair. Feeling her friend’s tongue slither over her naked body revolted Ashley, causing her to shiver and shake uncontrollably as wet smacking sounds surrounded her. Forced between the tongue and the hard palate, Ashley pushed her bound hands upward, trying to push the roof of the mouth away from her as Tara’s disgusting thick mucous dripped downwards.

Every inch of Ashley’s body was now covered in slimy fluid as Tara’s tongue continued playing with her. Ashley felt each individual taste bud slime over her bare skin, over her face, breasts, torso, and legs. Just yesterday Ashley was having fun with Tara at a party, now Ashley is just a mere snack for her.

Sobbing, Ashley screamed as she felt her body lurch forward. The taste buds below her felt much bigger as she felt herself forced dangerously close to the back of Tara’s throat. As the flesh around her squeezed tightly on all angles, Ashley still felt the massive tongue below her. A harsh snorting sound vibrated above as a thick wad of warm snot slathered over her whole body, washing her downwards into Tara’s throat with a “Gulp”.

Ashley shrieked in horror as her sanity shattered, slithering down Tara’s tight, hot, wet esophagus with a mass of mucous. She felt the walls around her pressing and sliding against her skin as she descended deeper into Tara’s body. Still shrieking, she kicked back and forth, trying to fight the endless strength of the esophagus’ peristalsis. Now exhausted, Ashley fought the soreness and squirmed even harder as she felt the entrance of Tara’s stomach slide over her feet and ankles.

Easily pushed through the sphincter, Ashley fell for a split second into the dark pit of Tara’s stomach. The stench was completely overwhelming, causing Ashley’s eyes to water as she splatted down into a thick muck of body fluids and partially digested food. Trying to swim anywhere, she couldn’t unbind her wrists, so she was completely at the mercy of the churning stomach around her. Wave after wave of Tara’s vomit washed over Ashley, getting into her eyes, nose, and mouth.

Sloshed between two of Tara’s stomach folds, Ashley continued crying both out of fear and because the stomach acid burned her eyes. Unable to move, more masses of chyme covered her entire body, sucking her down under the surface. Still without the ability to swim, Ashley managed to land the soles of her feet into the stomach floor, pushing herself up above to the acrid air. Sneezing the vomit out of her nostrils, Ashley screamed in vain as another wave of vomit washed over her, filling her mouth with sour fluid.

The heat was nearly unbearable, at almost 100 degrees Farenheit, Ashley felt like her body was giving up on her. The constant jostling between the stomach folds, the acrid stench, the stinging acids, the endlessly flowing vomit, and the constantly churning walls all overwhelmed Ashley as she fought emotional and physical fatigue. Each time she surfaced, she instinctually inhaled the biggest lungful she could, despite it smelling poisonous. Ashley just wanted to give up, but her lungs insisted on breathing and Tara’s stomach insisted on digestion. Each time Ashley was starting to fall asleep, she was violently bashed against a stomach fold, jolting her awake into the slimy hell that surrounded her.

Now being forced between two stomach walls rubbing together with a loud groan, Ashley found her voice and screamed as warm semi-solid masses fell onto her from above. The taste of sour peanut butter filled her mouth as she was jostled quickly into the digesting mixture. Ashley, unable to even move her arms or legs in the thick slop, continued being rubbed by the folded walls. As more of this peanut butter-like mass fell from above, Ashley found the air around her becoming staler and less breathable. Gasping for breath, she felt the top of Tara’s stomach as it continued filling with chewed food and body fluids.

Now only a tiny air pocket available to her, Ashley tried keeping afloat, but her bound wrists just caused her to sink deeper into Tara’s stomach. Now completely submerged in Tara’s stomach contents, Ashley went unconscious, allowing her friend’s body to fully digest her.


Tara snorted her stuffy nose and swallowed the tiny lady along with the snot from her now-clear nose. Now breathing freely, she traced the descent of her victim into her belly with her pointer finger as she felt the tiny woman’s struggles all the way down. She felt a little bit of pressure by her heart as the little lady entered her stomach, immediately fluttering like “butterflies”.

“Wow! You’re so right! I can feel her wriggling in there! This is so awesome!” Exclaimed Tara, excited about her first time swallowing someone.

“Believe me, there are plenty where that came from.” Said Hannah. “Hey, what do you say we have a little, uh, competition?”

“Competition, what do you mean?” Asked Tara. “Ooh! I can feel her kicking around in my tummy!”

“Oh, y’know, let’s see who can eat more tiny ladies in a month. Whoever loses has to buy a big lunch.” Said Hannah.

“That sounds so fun! But how can I make ladies tiny? How do you do it?” Said Tara, feeling another flutter come from her stomach.

“Happy eighteenth birthday, Tara.” Hannah said, giving Tara a small, metallic ring with an embedded pink jewel on top. “Just point the gem at whoever you want tiny and press the little button the side and boom! They’re zapped to, like, an inch or two tall. By the time they realize what’s going on it’s already too late.”


Ashley’s dead, broken body rubbed along the triangular colon walls as the log she was stuck in traveled slowly towards its destination. Reduced to nothing but Tara’s shit, Ashley’s partially digested skin developed a yellow-brown tint from the constant exposure to digestive chemicals and waste. The wrist and ankle bindings still undigested, Ashley’s corpse was still tied up, along with the seven other bodies embedded in Tara’s fecal matter.

Now deposited in Tara’s rectum, the eight partially digested women remained stuck there for two hours as the woman who ate them went about her day. As Tara felt the familiar pressure of needing to go to the bathroom, she simply walked to the nearest toilet, hiked up her skirt, pulled down her panties, and began releasing the eight women from their fleshy prison.

The front of Ashley’s naked, dead body slid against the inside of Tara’s anus as the long brown turd started falling into the toilet. More dead ladies rubbed against Tara’s asshole right before the piece of shit that contained them fell into the cold water below with a splash. Floating and facing upwards, Tara’s body was then covered with a stream of warm urine.

With a wipe and a flush, eight women were reduced to nothing but a teenage girl’s bowel movement, never to be seen again.


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