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“And I got’cha!” you hear from behind as bright pink light blinks at you like a flash bulb. Life appears to be moving in slow motion as you sense yourself falling forward, seeing nothing but motion blur. Waves of dizziness and nausea wave through you as you try to focus your vision on the floor below. Face down, holding yourself in a near push-up position, you realize the little rocks embedded in the sidewalk below are much coarser than they were before. You nod fast to try to regain your senses. What just happened? You were just walking along an alleyway as a shortcut to the parking lot after a long day at the law firm and then a sudden bolt of sickness hit you. Looking up, you see that the end of the alleyway is impossibly far, as are the two walls next to you, strangely enough. Investigating the change in environment, a shadow hovers over you, slowly. Falling on your chest, you quickly flip yourself on your back, causing your heart to sink at the sight above you.

An impossibly large young woman takes up all your peripheral vision as she kneels down on the ground, staring at you from up above. Your eyes widen, your heart starts beating faster, your jaw starts to jiggle, is this vision real? Are you just sick? Did you hit your head? A thousand thoughts flutter through your mind as the massive girl, probably hundreds of feet tall, smiles at you from afar, exposing her white teeth still covered in grey braces. Observing her with unblinking eyes, you notice her long, thin face, big hazel eyes behind thick-framed black horn-rimmed glasses, her big hawk nose, and her big, glossy pink lips all framed by perfectly straight shoulder-length yellow-blonde hair parted in the middle.

Now feeling like you’re thinking at light speed, you flip your body over again, digging your toes into the ground to launch yourself forward. Is this a dream? How is this possible? Your heart beats faster than before, you feel the sweat dripping off your face. How long since you saw the pink flash? Was it seconds? Minutes? The entire situation confuses you, giving you a headache as you manage to stand while bursting into a run. You sprint so quickly that the ground feels like it’s slapping the soles of your shoes, sending waves of pain up your legs. Breathing deeply, you don’t think of anything but running away from the giant girl behind you until you try to step with your right foot and unexpectedly land on nothing.

Waving your legs in the open air, you feel a slight pressure below your armpits. You’re being lifted up! You try to put down your arms, but two fingers are applying enough pressure to render you nearly immobile. Jerked backward, you see the girl stand up as you pass her Converse low-top sneakers with short socks, her long, smooth-looking pale white legs with some sand grains pressed into her knees, her khaki shorts that barely went past her crotch, and her tight-fitting navy blue tee shirt with the “Star Wars” logo slightly warped by her somewhat small boobs. A quick jostle shakes you up as you find yourself in the now-familiar push-up position as you touch the soft, leathery ground below you. A rush of anxiety overwhelms you as you realize you’re on the giant girl’s palm, mere inches from her face.

Now sitting down, arms behind you for support, you gaze up the massive girl’s nose, her nostrils pitch black. You see her thick, glossy lips part to whisper “You’re mine now” in a chillingly calm voice, her braces glinting, her hot, humid breath wafting over you, smelling slightly rank. Now frightened to your very core, you can do nothing but stare in disbelief, feeling tears fall down your cheeks but no emotion other than fear to accompany it.

Hearing your own lungs begin to hyperventilate, the airy sound almost distracts you as you catch sight of a massive tongue slithering out from between the woman’s pink, shiny lips. The long, slender muscle group looks wet, covered in the woman’s goo-like saliva. Inching ever closer, you land on your back as your legs become slathered with wet warmth. Screaming now, you gaze towards your legs to see the slimy tongue slide along your body, passing your waist, heading for your face. Gritting your teeth and squeezing your eyes shut, a wave of nausea fills you as your whole body is completely covered with this young woman’s tongue, from head to toe. The thick, warm saliva soaking into your clothes, you can feel the taste buds rub against your neck and face, leaving a trail of spit where it slides. The rank smell is now unstoppable as your eyes, nose, and mouth are covered with the warm fluid. Balling your hands into fists and pursing your lips tightly, you have no choice but to wait as the woman takes her time giving your body one massive lick. As the tip of her tongue finally stops touching your face and slithers back into the giantess’ cavernous mouth, she whispers breathily “One lick for now, just to show you what you’re in for later.”

Now lying down flat, out of breath, and frightened, you see the immense girl’s face grow smaller and her fingers grow taller as they surround you. Surrounded by the soft-padded flesh of this girl’s palm, you attempt to squirm against her tight pressure, but no response. Knowing the seriousness of your situation, you close your eyes and hum, attempting to distract yourself from the smell of your captor’s saliva, which still completely soaks you. Only able to see a sliver of light through the giant woman’s fist, you shout a number of times whenever a shadow passes, growing more desperate with each attempt. Feeling the familiar sensation of walking, you know instinctually that this girl is taking you somewhere. Your heart still beating quickly, you begin to almost feel used to this horrific situation, as if fear has become natural to you. You experience your heart rate bounce and fall rapidly as each minor bump or jostle shocks you, not knowing what to expect.

Listening intently, you hear doors open and close, your captor shouting “Hey Tori! Check out what I got! I told you I wasn’t lying!” You hear footsteps knock on hardwood stairs, shaking you violently. “Tori! Are you in there? I have a surprise!” You hear another door open.

“Maggie! You seem excited!” You hear another voice, another young woman, probably around the same age as the massive kidnapper that surrounds your whole body.

“Tori! Check it out!” Bright light blinds you as you find yourself on your back again, looking up. Regaining your focus, you see a freckled brown-haired girl, also wearing braces, with long, curly chestnut brown hair, thin eyebrows over dark eyes, a big, round, down-turned nose with round nostrils next to two round cheeks, and a slightly overweight frame.

Investigating your surroundings, you see light pink walls almost impossibly far away, a white desk looking large enough to be part of the Grand Canyon, and various pink-shaded Impressionist paintings mounted on white frames scattered almost randomly around the room. Looking at your captor, Maggie, gave you chills down your spine as you thought back to what she said earlier “Just to show you what you’re in for later.” What did that mean? Did it have to do with Tori?

Looking at the brown-haired girl, you saw she had a slightly different style than Maggie: a magenta blouse that showed off her big boobs and dark blue tight-fitting jeans that accentuated her thick thighs. Mouth agape, showing off her white braces, the curvy Tori asks “Maggie, is that a real, tiny person?” with wonder in her eyes.

“Yup! Got him with my shrinking ring just before I came here. People are so dumb. They’re, like, super easy to catch.” Your captor responds in a matter-of-fact tone. “Hey! Let’s go catch another one! I can show you!” Maggie exclaims.

“Definitely! Holy shit, like, we’re going on a bug hunt! Do I, like, get to keep whoever we catch? And do whatever the fuck I want with ‘em?” Tori asks excitedly, her boobs jiggling as she spoke.

“Totally, but I want to show you my favorite way of playing with these little ones. Once you get one, we’ll head back here and I’ll show you.” Maggie says, her voice vibrating your little body as she speaks.

Darkness overwhelms you as Maggie’s soft palm envelops you once again. Now with a view of the outside world between two of her fingers, you see nothing but motion blur as she swings her arm back and forth while walking. Hearing doors slam and feet step against the ground, you catch pieces of conversation as the two girls hunt for another victim.

“This is the best place to get ‘em.” Maggie notes as you see the familiar ground in the alleyway where you were first shrunk. “These idiots think they’re smart, cutting through here to get to that parking lot. Here. Take my ring, point the jewel at whoever you want to make tiny, and press the button on the side lightly. You’ll hear a click and boom! You have yourself a snack.”

“A snack?” Tori asks, sounding surprised.

“I told you I’ll show you later! Wait! Shut up! Someone’s coming.” You hear Maggie say as you attempt to force your face between her fingers to get a better view.

Now completely still, you see Tori standing with her back turned away just a few feet in front of you, looking towards the entrance of the alleyway. Her hand on her wide hip, you see Tori’s jeans bulge out, the rear pockets far apart, showing off her big, round ass.

From around the corner walks a tall dark-haired woman in her mid-twenties, wearing a black tank top, a black-and-white patterned dress, and holding a zebra-striped purse. Ignoring the other two girls in the alley, the woman walks between them, muttering “Excuse me” as she passes. “What was that, bitch?” You hear Tori say, raising her right hand at the woman in the tank top.

A pink flash illuminates the alleyway, making the tall girl look like she’d disappeared. The purse, still normal size, falls to the ground with a plop. “Wow! She’s so tiny!” You hear Tori shout.

“I know! It really works! Take her and we’ll play with her back in your room.” Maggie responded. “Also… let’s take her purse. She might have some money.”

Again feeling the constant shaking of being trapped inside Maggie’s fist, you suffer through the few minutes as you’re suddenly face-first on a white, flat, hard surface. Feeling your skin stick to your clothes as the saliva evaporates, you cough and crane your head, looking at the room. Familiar, you recognize it as Tori’s pink-walled room, the same one as earlier, and you’re on Tori’s white desk.

From across the room, you see Tori sitting on her bed, her belly bulging slightly, and her lightly tan, freckled skin blush as she looks at the tiny lady in her hand. “Oh my God. It’s a tiny person. My tiny person. In my hand, right now.” Tori stares downward towards her hand, eyes wide.

Maggie sits in front of you, looking away on Tori’s desk chair.

“Now that you have your own tiny person to play with, let me tell you about the second most fun you can have with one. Get this: Swallow her whole. Feel her wriggling all the way down. It makes you feel such a rush of power, like you’re unstoppable. You can even feel them fight and squirm in your belly if you pay close enough attention.” Maggie lectures, Tori looking intently.

“Swallow ‘em whole, huh? Sounds kind of adventurous. Like a new, exotic food or something. I like that.” Tori said, her brace-filled smile looming above the tiny woman below.

As you hear this exchange, you can’t move. Sweat rolls down your sticky face, your chest starts burning from the relentless beating of your heart, you begin to shake, questioning reality. Was this even real? Swallowed whole? Is that how you’re going to die? Your mouth feels dry, your eyes burn, your breathing pattern turns nearly random. Fear grips you as each word sounds as if it’s being uttered by a demon in a nerdy-looking girl’s body.

“Well, if we’re gonna swallow them whole I’d rather you show me how it’s done, first, Maggie. I don’t want to, like, make any mistakes or whatever.” Nervously utters Tori. “Here, take my little lady and I’ll take the person on my desk.”

“Sure! Just give her to me and I’ll show you!” You see Maggie stand up and walk a few paces forward, seeing her ass jiggle as she walked. Tori placed the tiny woman in Maggie’s hand softly, as to not hurt her yet.

“Okay, just watch this!” Maggie says as she turns to face both you and Tori. Maggie cocks her thin hips to the side as she raises up the tiny, squirming woman above her head, and looks up. “You take them like this…” Says Maggie, opening her mouth as wide as she could.

Lowering her hand towards her mouth slowly, you see Maggie stick out her shiny pink tongue. Only seeing the blurry far-away image of the woman in-hand, you still notice the tiny woman struggle as she makes contact with Maggie’s tongue. Seeing Maggie let go of the tiny woman caused you to instinctually cover your mouth and scream as loud as you could. Your eyes widen as disgust overcomes you. You can’t help but look as Maggie’s tongue slithers back into her mouth with a little added passenger. Now delirious with fear, you stare intently at the bespectacled thin blonde girl as she closes her mouth.

“Mmm!” You hear Maggie moan from across the room, paralyzing you with fear.

Doing nothing but staring, you hear wet smacking as Maggie loudly sucks on her treat. Hearing Maggie licking her lips, smacking her tongue against her palate, and opening her mouth all causes you to feel sicker and sicker, knowing that an innocent human being was suffering in her sea of rank saliva.

Shock takes over your body, causing you to feel faint as you hear a loud “gluck”. A tiny bulge travels down Maggie’s throat, descending behind her chest.

“Ahh! Tasty.” You see Maggie trace down the tiny woman’s path to her belly, below her left breast.

“And… I get to do that with the one on my desk?” You hear Tori ask, only increasing your fear.

“Yup! Just pick ‘em up and swallow ‘em! Just like I showed you.” You hear Maggie say.

Tori stands up, causing her boobs to jiggle slightly. Seeing her walk over feels like you’re about to be hung and the executioner is on their way. You feel too hot for the temperature in the room, you try to open your collar but it’s still drenched in a mixture of Maggie’s saliva and your own sweat.

Looking up, you see the underside of Tori’s big boobs, hovering over you like sideways-pointing mountains. Still in shock at your situation, you don’t even react when you feel Tori’s fingers press against your torso and raise you up to her face.

“Well… here goes nothin’!” Tori says, sending jolts of fear through your exhausted body.

You feel the world become a blur, raised up past Tori’s head so you can look down at her already gaping upward-facing mouth. You squirm and shiver as Tori’s face creeps up on you from below. Time moves slowly, allowing you to truly stare in horror at the outstretched lips, the cords of saliva connecting her tongue and palate, and her braces-covered teeth all glistening with wet goo. Screaming, you see her throat open up, her dangling uvula hanging below you as if it’s pointing to the dark chasm of Tori’s throat. A warm, humid breeze wafts over your body as darkness surrounds you and the heavy smell of her breath fills your nostrils.

Coming into contact with the back of her tongue causes you to shriek uncontrollably, making your throat immediately sore. The thick, warm liquid covers your body once again as Tori’s fingers let go. Sliding downwards, you try to climb up Tori’s tongue, but you’re unable to grip her slick taste buds. Your heart sinking, tears flowing from your eyes, you shout “No! No! Please!” as the light above you closes off, trapping you in the darkness of Tori’s hot, wet, humid mouth. Hearing nothing but disgusting wet squelching, fear overwhelms you as the massive tongue presses you into the soft palate above. Thick saliva is forced into your mouth, the slick throat surrounds you and a massive movement below forces you down into the soft, claustrophobic tunnel below.

Feeling Tori’s throat slide over every inch of your body makes you wretch and struggle as the tightness around you quickly becomes unstoppable. A massive “Gluck” sound vibrates your whole body as the walls around you slither upward and downward, gently guiding you towards Tori’s stomach. Your arms forced at your sides, even your mightiest push can’t slow your descent. While being surrounded by the near-hundred degree heat of Tori’s innards, you hear a massive, calm heartbeat pass mere inches in front of you. Sliding downward in a rhythmic, peristaltic motion, a sudden stop leads you to shiver in surprise.

Your feet, now being sucked through a small sphincter, become exposed to a more open, but more acrid environment. As the stomach entrance accepts your tiny body, you let out a small shriek as it unceremoniously deposits you into the pool of partially digested stomach contents below.

Overwhelmed by wet warmth, you widen your eyes and scream, much louder than before, in sheer frustration and fear. Trying to swim in the thick soup, you feel bits of undigested matter between your fingers and in your hair. The heat feels like you’ve been stuck in a hot, tiny car for hours, the darkness is so bleak that you don’t know if your eyes still work. Sloppy, wet sloshing sounds fill your eardrums as the vile mixture of mucous, undigested food, and gastric juice wash over your whole body in waves. You throw your arms in desperation, pushed into the stomach wall by the powerful churning of your fleshy prison. Slipping and sliding against the wrinkly membrane, you claw at the wall in fear, only to be pushed under by another powerful churn. Surfacing again, you take in another lungful of sour, acrid air. The smell is a horrific, headache-inducing overwhelming mixture of hot vomit and mucous.

Even coating the inside of your nostrils, Tori’s stomach contents soak into every crack, pore, and orifice in your body. Tasting the digesting mass causes you to dry heave to the point of chest pain, the disgust of this violation shaking your very being. Spitting it out just causes more of Tori’s warm vomit to wash over your face. The air, so thick that you can’t breathe it without coughing, is more humid than even a closed bathroom after a hot shower.

Hearing groaning and wet smacking all around you, you’re forced between two of Tori’s stomach wrinkles by another quick churn. Still paralyzed with fear, you cry as the stomach acids begin to burn your eyes. Screaming, more of Tori’s vomit forces itself down your throat as another wave of chyme plops full-force against your face. Now at the complete mercy of Tori’s stomach, your muscles begin to weaken as exhaustion, both mental and physical, overwhelms you.

Your sore arms push away at the floppy wrinkles as they slither over your tired body. Not fighting the disgusting current anymore, your mind wanders and thinks its last few thoughts before your death inside the curvy, brown-haired eighteen-year-old. Are they going to kill again? Who will their next victims be? Why did they choose me?

Seeing bright lights flash before you as the stomach’s walls squeeze you tightly, your limp body refuses to give up consciousness in your hot, torturous prison. Smelling and feeling this strange girl all around you, you feel intensely unclean, as if your whole identity was invaded and stolen. Tears flowing from your sore eyes, you lament how short your life was and how it’s unfairly cut short because a selfish girl wanted a sick snack. Anger courses through you as her stomach walls slide against the bare skin on your face, pressing you into the digesting mixture.

It becomes much harder to think, you feel your consciousness slipping away as you’re slid between two slimy folds. “Why me?” You think, wincing, as another wave of hot vomit covers your entire body, submerging you in the thick slime. A frenzy of disjointed thoughts race through your brain before it shuts down completely, making Tori’s digestive system the new master of your lifeless corpse.


Tori shakes her head back and forth rapidly, her curly hair bouncing around. “Wow! You can feel it! It feels like butterflies are in there!” Tori rubs her belly, pushing her sizable breasts slightly as she does so.

“I told you it’d be good!” Maggie says, pushing her blonde hair behind her ear.

“You wanna get some more? Please? Please, please, please?” Tori asks excitedly, shaking her hands in a begging motion.

“Absolutely. Let’s stuff our fucking faces. I’m so glad I got to show you this.” Maggie says, grinning.

“Oh, and Maggie, I have one question for you.” Tori states with concern in her eyes.

“Sure, what’s up?” Maggie questions.

“You said before that swallowing them was the second most fun you could have with a shrunken person. What’s the most fun you can have?” Tori asks.

Maggie lifts up one eyebrow above her thick-rimmed glasses. “Just think about it. If they feel so much fun struggling in your tummy, imagine how good they must feel struggling between your legs.”

Tori’s eyes widen, lit up with excitement. “That! I want to try that! Let’s do it!” She exclaims, grabbing the pink-jeweled ring as she drags Maggie out the door to find more victims.


The next day, your dead body slithers along Tori’s colon embedded in a thick hunk of fresh feces. Twisted into an unnatural position and digested to the point of physical mutilation, your face is frozen in an expression of terror, brown mush filling your mouth and eye sockets. Stuck sliding inside this woman’s intestine with six other bodies, your corpse is squeezed through the tight tunnel, becoming drier as water is absorbed through the walls. The other victims of Tori’s eating binge are all clustered around each other, some even completely surrounded in the massive log.

Pushed into the rectum, you and the other victims stagnate up Tori’s ass for hours as she puts off releasing you from her body. Your face slides against the inside of Tori’s anus as she relaxes the pressure built up inside of her for the past several hours. More of her victim’s bodies slide against her wet asshole as they’re all deposited into the water at once with a plop.

Her bowel movement now floating in the toilet below, she wipes herself clean of any residue left over, including the body of a young woman she swallowed down the evening earlier.

Letting out a sigh, she flushes the toilet and washes her hands, not even thinking of the tiny victims her body just let go.


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