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Anna wiped sweat off her worried, furrowed forehead. Being in a crowd always made her uncomfortable, but being trapped inside the immense, dark cardboard box caused her heart to pound out of her chest. With only a sliver of light shining through the top, she could see the various people she was stuck there with, all terrified, some in an absolute panic. The din was overwhelming, hearing cries and screaming from at around twenty or thirty people, both men and women. Tears in her eyes and anxiety causing her immense chest pain, she tried to remain calm, despite the man right next to her pounding on the cardboard wall shouting “Let me out! Please! Please let me out!” The floor constantly being lightly shaken rhythmically, every few minutes the prisoners saw the sliver of light widen above them to see their captor’s face as she opened the top of the box to allow in another one of her shrunken victims. Each time this happened, nearly everyone screamed in unison, causing pain to Anna’s eardrums.

Barely an hour ago, Anna was just walking along a New York City side street when she came across a young, black-haired, tan-skinned woman wearing a black tee shirt, gold chain necklace, and dark blue jeans with thong sandals. The girl, holding a cardboard box labeled “encogido”, stopped and smiled at Anna and raised her right hand, on which she wore a large ring with a tiny pink light shining from the top of it. Before Anna could even say “Hello” she was surrounded in an extremely bright pink light, temporarily blinding her. Once she regained her vision, she looked up to see the same girl towering above her like a skyscraper. Her right, ringed hand descending towards her, Anna screamed as she was raised into the air and placed into the crowded box as if she was just a part of a collection.

Now the crowd much larger than when Anna first joined, she attempted to dig through the cardboard, but at her size it might as well have been hardwood. Noticing that the box hadn’t opened to accept any new members for a while, she could hear doors open and close, even on top of all the screaming and begging by all the people around her.

Hearing muffled voices from above, she couldn’t even begin to tell what was being said as the noise inside the boxed, dark prison was much too loud. As more people began to hear them, an overwhelming “Shhh” came over the crowd, as if everyone decided at the same time that it would be a better idea to listen than to panic. Despite one person still bawling her eyes out and screaming, they could finally hear the words coming from outside. Two young female-sounding voices were talking to each other in Spanish. Unfortunately for Anna, she couldn’t understand that language at all. The voices, getting louder and more argumentative, coincided with a few quick jostles of the box itself, causing nearly everyone to fall down.

The voices stopped, causing the captured people to talk amongst themselves, the nervousness of the crowd audible through their conversations. Standing next to a young man sitting down cross-legged with a blank look on his face, he looked up to Anna and said softly “I… I know what they’re saying. Do you?”

“No… I don’t.” Responded Anna, her voice quivering.

“I got the gist of the conversation. They’re sisters. The one holding us, the one who apparently shrank us, wants to keep us as little pets and take care of us in some… tank or something? Fishbowl? I think ‘Pecera’ means fishbowl. The sister was having none of that, she kept saying ‘It’s my ring! It was my idea! They’re mine!’ That’s when the box shook. The last thing I heard, the one holding us then said something about ‘Protecting us from her slutty sister’ and that’s all I got.” Said the man, now having most of the crowd around him listening to his translation.

The whole crowd jumped in shock as the box shook with a short “Thump”. Now not moving at all, the box appeared to be on some solid surface. Light filling the box, everyone in the crowd craned their necks to see their massive shrinker look down at them with a big smile on her big round face. With perfectly shaped eyebrows, obviously colored light brown contact lenses, black pin straight hair, Anna thought that she would be pretty in any other context. Looking up at her in horror, the gigantic woman might as well have been a monster. Listening to her say a few sentences in Spanish, she held up a fishbowl, said a few more words, and walked backwards, out of sight from the crowd.

The man next to Anna started to speak immediately, as if it was his job. “She said something like… do you like your new home… uhh… don’t worry, I’ll take care of you… uhh… we’re going to have lots of fun… uhh… something about her sist—“ Darkness suddenly overcame the crowd as the top flaps slammed shut, followed by what felt like a constant earthquake. Everyone bouncing up and down, shrieking filled the area.

Anna, terrified and crying herself, grabbed her curly blonde hair, tears flowing from her green eyes, dropping down on to her short-sleeved white blouse as the floor bounced up and down relentlessly. Hearing a door slam loudly and the snapping sound of a lock, the box laid still after one final shake. Hearing extremely quick, angry, muffled Spanish and loud door knocking, she knew that her captor was locked out of the room and they were at the mercy of the sister. Listening to a muffled voice speak to a slightly less muffled voice, the man next to Anna listened intently, ear on the side of the box. Once the voices stopped, the man looked at the crowd behind him, all eagerly watching, and widened his eyes, shaking.

“Uhh… the girl behind the door said… ‘fine, you can have them’ uhhh… the one above us said… uhh… ‘serves you right’ or something like that… uhh… the one behind the door said… uhh… ‘I’m gonna get mom’ uhh… and then nothing else.”

Light filling their prison once again, they looked up to see their new captor at around knee-level. Anna figured they were on a small coffee table or maybe a chair. Her skin several shades lighter than her sister, the giant woman was wearing cut-off high-waisted blue jean shorts and a white tube top that exposed her skinny midriff, and a gold chain around her neck with the name “Carmen” dangling over her boobs that were just big enough to create a small cleavage. Trying to observe every detail, she saw the woman, who Anna figured was named Carmen, was wearing big gold hoop earrings, extremely shiny pink lip gloss, wet-looking hair slicked back into a ponytail, and was caked with makeup. Though she definitely looked Latina, the giant woman was pale, with a thin-shaped head, big hawk nose, and big dark brown eyes.

Lowering her face directly into the box, the immense woman giggled and gave a few big, fake-sounding hearty laughs, spreading her breathy humidity over all the trapped little people. Her tongue slithering from between her glossy lips, everyone started trying to run to the opposite side of the box. Caught in the stampede, Anna kept running, her hand grabbing the striped collared shirt of the translating man, whose short hair stayed still in the chaos. Looking behind her, she saw the horrific sight of three people stuck to Carmen’s massive tongue, causing Anna to shriek. Seeing the long, thin tongue re-enter the girl’s mouth with the three people, two women and a man, caused nausea to the frightened Anna.

Everyone now pressed to one side of the box, trying to get as far away as possible, they listened in horror as sucking sounds came from above. Each time the woman opened her mouth, she let out the shrieks of her first tiny victims. Anna clearly saw the wet, slimy people roll around on the massive, wet tongue struggle for their lives. Seeing cords of saliva connect them to the roof of the woman’s mouth caused Anna to gasp. Now completely still, Carmen looked down at all the people with her mouth completely closed and gulped down hard. Anna’s heart sank in terror as she saw the bulge slowly travel town Carmen’s throat. The crowd reacted in panic, everyone pushing towards the edge of the box despite there being nowhere to go. Carmen stuck her tongue as far as it could go and opened her empty mouth saying “Ahhh”, licked her lips, and closed her mouth again.

Carmen stood up, cocked her thin hips to the side, and rubbed her bare belly. “Mmmm!” the crowd heard from above. Looking up, she saw two immense hands descend towards her and others in the crowd. Everyone trying to flee from the hands, Anna tripped forward, landing flat on her face. Looking directly up from the floor, she saw that the giant woman was spreading her fingers and pressing them against the walls of the box as people were caught in the triangular spaces between them. Carmen closed her thin fingers, trapping two, sometimes three people between each finger. Anna saw Carmen’s hands raise up in the air with around twenty tiny people stuck between her fingers, though she couldn’t be sure of the exact number. Seeing them hover away, she lost sight of them as she saw Carmen wink at the few people left in the box and walk away.

Looking around, she only saw six other people, the box seemed practically empty at this point. The translator was gone. Looking around, she saw an older blonde woman in a red pantsuit on her hands and knees crying, a young man on the ground shaking back and forth in a ball, a middle-aged man in a business suit slamming his fist against the cardboard wall, a black woman with an afro and thick glasses trying to dig at the corner with a pencil saying “I don’t have time for this” over and over, a hipster-looking girl with a collared shirt and a miniskirt staring into space with her mouth open, and a bald, bearded man sitting with his back to the wall and his hands covering his face. Each expressed a different flavor of terror. Anna herself felt mortal fear, but was unable to do anything but hop up and down with her hand grabbing her hair, crying.

Without warning, Anna heard the sound of springs pressing, as if someone was sitting on a bed. She heard some words in Spanish, which she couldn’t understand, followed by silence. The box still open, though only the ceiling visible, Anna listened intently at what was going on outside. Anna heard four wet, slimy-sounding slurps coupled with a “Mmmmm!” Loud, wet, sucking sounds shook Anna to her core, she knew that living people were suffering in Carmen’s hot, slick, slimy mouth at that very moment. Anna’s breath started getting heavier, biting her lip in terror, she just stared upwards at the ceiling, not knowing where else to look. Carmen spoke a few words in Spanish, sounding like her mouth was full of marbles, and continued sucking and slurping loudly.


Carmen sat down on her puffy, pink-covered bed and crossed her legs. Holding two bunches of people between her fingers, she knew that she couldn’t handle them all at once. Pursing her lips in thought before raising her eyebrows, she licked her glossy lips and looked at the 13 tiny people between the fingers of her right hand and said deviously “Usted es todo mío.”

Shoving four fingers in her mouth, she slurped up ten people at once. Feeling the tiny people slither and struggle around inside her mouth made her squirm with delight. After sucking the three people between her thumb and pointer finger into her mouth individually, she felt a pleasant salty taste cover her tongue. “Mmmmm!” she said as she started toying around with the thirteen horrified people in her mouth. Feeling her saliva soak into the pile, getting between her victims, she said something unintelligible to even herself to the four people in her left hand as she felt the tinies slide against each other. Feeling each tiny hand against the roof of her mouth made her try to smile, but she could barely close her mouth because it was so full. Sucking off all the people’s flavor, she tried to make the sounds as loud and as gross as possible for the people still outside her body.

As her lips began to tire, she sucked on the people a few more times, one accidentally slipping down her throat. Seeing how many she could swallow at once, she tried gulping as hard as she could, feeling a few victims slide down her gullet. Still with a few people sliding over her tongue and over her cheek, she swallowed a few more times to suck down the stragglers down to her stomach.

Feeling the people slide down her throat exhilarated Carmen, still with four people in between the fingers of her right hand. The tiny victims fought extremely hard down her throat, kicking and struggling all the way down, especially when she swallowed a few at once. Now that she could relax her mouth, she let out a sigh and a “Phew” as she felt the crowd wriggle around inside her stomach.


Anna heard the constant “shluck, shluck” of Carmen’s mouth suck on all of the victims. Anna felt like she was splashed with cold water when she heard the first loud “Gulp”. Goosebumps dotted her whole body, causing her to shiver. “Gulp” she heard a second time, causing her to gasp and cover her mouth. “Gulp. Gluck. Gulp.” Each time Carmen swallowed, Anna felt more anxiety. She heard a sigh of relief and a “Phew” from above as the wet, smacking sounds came to a close. Not being able to see this scene gave Anna a sick sense of gratitude.

Anna heard the springs shift some more, followed by devious giggling. Hearing the sounds of someone’s skin brush up against cloth, she wondered what Carmen was up to. Listening closely, Anna could hear some screaming from above, which gave her mixed feelings: Not everyone was eaten, but they were still at the mercy of massive Carmen.

Anna listened, hearing a zipping sound and what might be cloth falling to the floor. Carmen let out a breathy “Ahhhhhh”, Anna heard, not knowing what this meant. The “Ah! Ah! Ah!” that followed confused Anna even more, as she didn’t hear any more screaming. It didn’t sound like swallowing or eating. The six other prisoners now in dead silence, they could hear quiet wet sounds from above. It didn’t sound like sucking, it sounded like something else. “Kth Kth Kth Kth Kth Kth” the wet sounds made in quick succession. The captives looked at each other in confusion until they heard an obviously sexual moan, putting a look of terror on their faces. She heard two more gulps in a row as the moaning continued.


Henry fought the massive Latina’s fingers with all his might. Slamming his fist down on the slightly wrinkled surface caused soreness to his hand. Looking up to see Carmen’s mouth full of tiny victims, he shook in fear and desperation, not wanting to be next. He’d much rather be anywhere else, even back in the box translating the Spanish, despite not knowing it that well.

Hearing revolting slurping and seeing spit drops fall down Carmen’s chin, he saw her eyes look down at him and the three others trapped in her hand and say something with the people in her mouth.

“blrhg flr coño flrgh” Henry heard Carmen say, not recognizing anything but the word “coño”. Not remembering what that meant, as he hadn’t taken Spanish for many years, he knew it definitely wasn’t something good. It sounded almost like a curse word.

Hearing gulps, Henry looked up to see bulges slide down Carmen’s throat, slipping down behind her chest. Seeing Carmen look down deviously, Henry’s mouth dried up immediately, feeling cold sweat bead across his face. Jerked up quickly, he screamed as Carmen’s mouth came closer, quietly slipping two people, a teenage boy wearing a college tee and a Hispanic-looking woman, into her mouth.

Somewhat relieved that he wasn’t in the woman’s maw with them, Henry still pounded down on the fingers that squeezed his torso. “Let me go you giant bitch!” He shouted, knowing full well she couldn’t hear him. Making eye contact with the other young lady trapped between her middle and pointer fingers, she saw tears falling from her eyes and her jaw quivering. Henry felt a twinge of guilt at being unable to help, but that was almost completely masked by the terror he was feeling himself. Carmen’s other hand not visible, they both heard a zipper noise and cloth fall with a plop.

Sensing he was descending, he let out a scream, along with the young brown-haired white woman, who obviously enjoyed tanning. Feeling Carmen slide and shift, their world was in a frenzy, seeing nothing but motion blur. When their vision steadied, both of them started screaming extremely loudly when they caught sight of Carmen’s massive, spread vagina.

Covered in tiny, shaved black hairs above it and to the sides, they saw the wet pussy get closer and closer. Henry fought with a renewed vigor as the tiny lady grabbed her hair and screamed. Seeing Carmen’s middle and pointer fingers spread open her lips, the victims could see the bright pink opening leak clear, musky-smelling fluid as it readied itself to accept its new occupants.

Both victims screamed in surprise and fright as their bodies were pressed together. Both trying to push the other away, they both felt pressure on their backs as Carmen’s fingers squeezed them together.

Both Henry and the woman screamed as they felt their feet come into contact with the warm, slimy vaginal fluid. Slipping in slowly, they heard Carmen let out an “Ahhhhhh” from above as her vagina began to envelop them. Now up to his neck in pussy, Henry wriggled as he slipped against the vaginal walls and the woman he was trapped with. Pushing against her, his hands slid across her skin and pressed against the inside of Carmen’s pussy. Both still able to breathe, as their heads were still outside Carmen’s crotch, they felt their environment get wetter and wetter as they moved.

Sweating, Henry felt extremely uncomfortable as the pressure against his skin was enormous and the heat of Carmen’s body was nearly unbearable. Sliding against the inside of this strange woman’s most private area, he felt constant movement as the giant woman rubbed her wet clit just above them. As the masturbation got more intense and quicker, both victims felt a pressure against the top of their heads as Carmen’s fingers pressed both of them further inside the pussy. Now only their faces exposed to the air, Carmen’s pussy juice washed over their noses and mouths and soaked into their hair. Smelling and tasting nothing but the gamy fluid, Henry and the other victim screamed in unison. Henry, hearing the other captive shriek, the tiny woman pushed against him so hard that the whole pussy around them stretched slightly. This caused an influx of wetness and audible, screaming moans to be heard from above. The woman pushed against Henry again, stretching the immense, slick pussy even further, another loud moan coming from above. Hearing a series of shrieking, loud moans, both victims felt the pussy clamp down on them much harder than before as they both experienced a flood of fluid wash over both of them. Then a dead stop. Still covered in rank, smelly pussy juice, they couldn’t move as their bodies were still wrapped in tight, slippery flesh. Tasting it in his mouth Henry spit, but the nasty flavor remained.

Henry was gasping for breath, the tiny woman was crying. Carmen laughed and stuck her pointer finger into her pussy, fishing out Henry and the tiny lady, holding them in opposite hands. Looking at the two tired bodies, limp from exhaustion, Carmen laughed and held them above her face. Opening her mouth wide and sticking out her tongue while opening her throat, she went “Ahhh!” and began lowering both tiny people into her mouth at the same time.

Only with enough energy to wriggle slightly, Henry was still absolutely terrified as he saw the big-nosed Latina’s slick, slimy, dark throat get closer. As his feet came into contact with the massive woman’s tongue, he felt pressure become relieves as he slid down the woman’s tongue like a waterslide, unable to get a grip on the bumpy surface. Sliding towards Carmen’s throat, he saw the inside of her lips get further away until he felt a tight tube surround him, sending him to the dark depths below.


Hearing the shrieking moans of Carmen sent shivers down Anna’s spine. She didn’t know if Carmen put people inside her pussy, but she didn’t want to know the answer to that anyway. All seven people, now with blank, horrified stares, all sat down in silence as they listened to Carmen masturbate.

“Ungh! Oh! Oh! Ahh! Unn!” Carmen shouted, as the “Kth Kth Kth Kth” sound continued. “Oh! Ohhh! OHH!” She shrieked as the sounds got wetter and wetter.

Anna covered her ears, but it wasn’t enough to mask the two gulps she heard after Carmen reached orgasm. She cried, knowing that each gulp meant another death. Hearing clothes flutter about and feet stomping on carpet, Anna heard a pounding at the door. Hearing Carmen’s whining in Spanish, she heard the distinctive sounds of someone putting their clothes back on, pants zipper and all.

Hearing a doorknob jiggle and a door creak open, she heard loud, angry Spanish come from two women, one of which she recognized at the girl that shrank her. Footsteps getting closer, she looked up to see three massive women. The girl that shrank her, Carmen, and an older Latina woman who looked as though she was in her late thirties. The older woman had a round face and wrinkles around her eyes, but was still very young-looking, not seeing a single grey hair on her head, looking like a pretty newscaster.

The two faced Carmen, yelling. Carmen yelled back, but she was clearly outnumbered. Not knowing what they were saying, Anna kept hearing Carmen refer to the older lady as “mama”, which she finally understood.

Carmen’s mom stomped her foot, shaking the entire box with a jolt, pointing her finger at Carmen. “Una más!“ she shouted at Carmen, which seemed to end the arguing. Carmen folded her arms and rolled her eyes as her sister grabbed three victims and the mother grabbed three victims from the box. Now Anna was all alone. Looking up, she saw Carmen’s sister run off somewhere with three victims in hand as Carmen’s mother shoved the three others in her mouth immediately, gulping all of them down at once with a harsh “Gluck”.

Anna, now desperate but emotionally exhausted, pounded her fist into the floor. Knowing there wasn’t anything else to do, her severe anxiety boiled up as she heard a door slam and then lock from the inside. It was just her and Carmen now.

Feeling a shadow cast over her, Anna craned her neck to see Carmen’s face contorted with anger. Her hawk nose wrinkled, her brow furrowed, she sensed she was incredibly mad about the situation that just unfolded. Anna maintained eye contact with the massive woman as she heard zipping and cloth falling below. Hearing Carmen kick something away, she saw massive fingers descend, still smelling strongly of pussy. Grasped between two gigantic, smelly fingers, Anna screamed, knowing that Carmen wouldn’t loosen her grip. Feeling jerked and hung upside down by her ankles, she couldn’t tell what the giant woman was up to as she heard a draw open and something open with a small “pop”. Swinging back and forth, she saw Carmen still wearing the tube top, but nothing on her lower half.

Facing the wall, she didn’t know what to make of the sounds she heard behind her. It sounded sort of wet, as if some kind of slime was rubbing against skin. Hearing Carmen let out a quiet, single sexual moan drove Anna into a panic. At first she was feeling terrified acceptance, but now she was just terrified, she didn’t want to go anywhere near this woman’s vagina, as she heard the other people were. Goosebumps covered her body as she waved her arms in a frenzy, her emotion completely taking over her helpless body as it swung by the ankles. “Ungh, Ahh” She heard from above, the slick, sloppy sounds continuing outside of her frame of vision. She heard a slam and a plop, as if Carmen just moved.

Now feeling the wind pass her by, she saw she was being jerked to the side, seeing Carmen with her right leg standing up on the ground and her left knee on her desk. Being held in Carmen’s right hand, she saw the giant left hand pinch her left ass cheek, spreading it wide open, the hand itself glistening with some kind of fluid that smeared on Carmen’s clear skin.

Shrieking in terror, Anna was forced underneath Carmen, between her legs. Smelling the massive womanly scent of the pussy above her, Anna waited for the moment that she was going to be forced up this woman’s sex organ in horrified terror. Wincing and gritting her teeth, she knew that Carmen’s pussy was going to be extremely hot and wet, wondering if she was going to suffocate on her juice.

Being held upside down, she looked up to see Carmen’s pussy pass by and a giant, shiny asshole right above her. Seeing tiny black hairs surround it, Anna shrieked in horror as the wrinkly orifice came closer. Realizing now that she wasn’t going to be near the pussy and instead was going to be shoved up a stranger’s foul ass, Anna struggled as much as she could, screaming so loudly that her voice cracked. Seeing the skin around the asshole was a darker shade than the rest of Carmen’s body, Anna noticed that the asshole had already been slickened, probably a result of the “Pop” she heard earlier, probably some kind of lube. Bawling her eyes out, Anna’s eyes started to become sore as she felt her feet slide on Carmen’s anus, feeling the wrinkles slide over her toes.

The tightness now enveloping her feet up to the ankles, Anna kept screaming and crying in absolute disgust, smelling the rank air between Carmen’s legs. Unable to see her legs because of Carmen’s fingers in the way, Anna sensed that the tight anus slid up to her knees, her shins so tightly pushed together that it caused pain. Feeling Carmen’s asshole slither up to her waist, Anna tried kicking, but to no avail, the squeeze of the massive ass was far too tight. Continuing to be shoved up, she started gliding into the massive rectum at an increased rate. Screaming too loudly to hear Carmen’s moans above, Carmen let go of Anna completely, allowing Anna to see the massive ring of an anus wrapped around her torso in horror. Feeling a massive finger press against the top of her head, Anna tried pushing against the anus with both hands so that she wasn’t slid in any further. Unfortunately, the anus had been lubed too well, causing Anna’s hands and forearms to slip right into the tight sphincter. Not knowing what else to do, she struggled by wriggling her torso back and forth, but Carmen continued pushing. Seeing the anus get closer to her face, she felt extreme disgust as she felt the rectum squeeze almost her entire body mercilessly. The extreme heat and moist environment made Anna want to pass out, but the adrenaline pumping through her veins made her extremely awake to experience every detail.

Experiencing the rectum undulate against her skin, Anna felt Carmen’s quick pulse press against her torso on all sides. Still crying, she was literally up to her neck in this woman’s ass. Looking around, she saw every little tiny hair, wrinkle, and piece of slime as the anus glided around her head, allowing only her face access to air. Her ears only able to hear Carmen’s heartbeat, Anna was enveloped in darkness as Carmen let go of her ass cheek, slapping it back into place. Anna tried to struggle, but she wasn’t even able to move an inch in such a tight, strong, hot environment. Feeling moisture all over her body, the only thing Anna could do was wiggle her toes. Not even her arms could move with the massive smooth muscle wrapped around her tightly.

Smelling the foul stench of this woman’s ass was overwhelming to Anna. Sweating, she was barely thankful she was able to breathe in the small air pocket between Anna’s ass cheeks. Feeling her breath bounce back at her from breathing so close to the skin, the humidity made inhalation even more difficult, as her lungs were very restricted up Carmen’s ass. Constantly feeling the calm pulse press against her torso, Anna tried wriggling, Carmen responded by clenching.

Anal sweat covering Anna’s face, she could do nothing but lay still, as any struggle led Carmen to squeeze her even tighter. Crying over the constant “lubdub lubdub lubdub” of Carmen’s heart, Anna thought to herself how she would have preferred being stuck up her pussy rather than tortured up her ass like this. At least everyone else’s torture was quick, why did she have to experience the long, drawn-out tightness of this woman’s rectum? Not realizing what Carmen was even doing, she just felt completely humiliated and alone, feeling an incredible amount of desperation and shortness of breath in the hot, dark, smelly prison of Carmen’s ass. Feeling the anus right under her chin, Anna couldn’t even open her mouth, the muscly, slick hole squeezing tightly around her head. Despite this, she still tasted the salty, sour taste of the sweat and lube that covered her from head to toe, soaking into her hair.

Not knowing how many hours had passed, Anna could only resent her continued consciousness. Being helpless and humiliated for so long shattered her will to live, wishing only to pass out and suffocate, but her body simply was not letting go.

Pain stung Anna’s eyes as brilliant, white light came into view. Screaming as she experienced the rectum slithering against her skin, she felt her body falling forward. As her vision came into focus, she saw a large pool of water below her, surrounded by pure white: the inside of a toilet bowl. Feeling the anus loosen its grip on her and force her out, she let out a shriek as her body fell down and landed in the cold water with a splash. Alone in the toilet, she looked up to see Carmen’s asshole and vagina in full view, framed by the underside of the toilet seat. Seeing Carmen stand up and put her panties back on, followed by her high waisted shorts, she was so tired that she could barely keep afloat.

Water in her eyes, she tried wiping it off as she felt Carmen’s fingers grab her once again, lifting her out of the toilet water. The sound of lightly running water filled Anna’s eardrums as she looked over to the sink. She shrieked as she felt her blouse and skirt get literally torn off of her body by the giant Carmen, who then forced her under the lightly running warm water.

The giant Carmen washed off the tiny lady’s body extremely gently, not causing Anna any undue pain, minus the humiliation and terror. Anna tried pushing away the soapy Q-Tip from her skin, but that did nothing. She felt the tiny cotton swab scrub every inch of her body, including between her legs and behind her ears. Anna shut her eyes tightly to not allow the soap to get in her eyes and closed her mouth so she wouldn’t have to taste it. Still between Carmen’s fingers, Anna was dunked under water and swirled, rinsing off all the soap applied by the Q-tip.

Now on the bathroom counter, she saw a huge cotton swab come down on top of her, patting her lightly. Nearly dry, she just laid there limp, completely drained and given up on life. Brushed into Carmen’s giant hand, Anna felt herself being carried to an unknown location, she didn’t care where. No matter where it was, it was better than some stranger’s asshole. At least she was clean.

Sensing she stopped, she looked up from Carmen’s hand up to see Carmen’s gigantic mother hovering over her. They exchanged some words in Spanish, ending with Carmen flipping her hand over to exchange Anna over to her mother.

Landing on Carmen’s mother’s hand, she looked up to see the round-faced slightly overweight woman give Carmen a sharp look. Frowning, she said a few more Spanish words, causing Carmen to stomp away angrily. Craning her neck, Anna saw Carmen’s mother bring her closer and closer to her massive face. Passing her large breasts that looked like planets beyond her magenta blouse, she saw slightly erect nipples make tiny mounds from the fabric. Her shoulder-length, straight dark brown hair framed her tan, but fair, face. She saw every detail of this woman, every tiny pore, every wrinkle, every miniscule hair that covered her skin. Underneath two immense nostrils now, Anna let out a scream as she felt the massive woman inhale, giving Anna a good whiff.

Brought back down below the woman’s boobs, Anna shook in terror, a familiar feeling at this point. Not knowing exactly what would become of her in this situation, she just looked up at Carmen’s mother, who raised one of her eyebrows.

Anna jumped as she felt her body quickly ascending on the woman’s hand. Looking up to see a gigantic open mouth and shiny, slimy tongue, she tried to scream, but no noise came out. Feeling the woman’s saliva coat her skin entirely, Anna struggled as the slick tongue glided against her. Pushing her to the roof of the mouth, the tongue rubbed its taste buds all over Anna.

Confused, horrified, and disgusted, Anna moved her arms and legs to try to grab a hold of something, but the surfaces were much too slippery to grip. Carmen’s mother’s hot mouth forced Anna towards the dark, slick gullet just inches away. Tears still flowing from her eyes, Anna tried to scream as the smooth, but bumpy tongue positioned her right above the Hispanic woman’s throat.

Lurched forward, Anna slithered through a tight ring, descending feet-first down the giant woman’s esophagus, a stranger whom she didn’t even know the name of. Wriggling, trying to slow her descent, Anna just wretched in disgust as the esophagus’ walls slithered against her, pushing her downward relentlessly. Despite the fact that she had very little energy left to fight, Anna still struggled as she felt her feet and ankles sucked through a tight ring below. Sliming through the stomach’s entrance, Anna put her arms out to the side so she wasn’t sucked through, but that plan failed, sending her into the deep, hot, dark, humid, malodorous pit of this woman’s stomach.

Immediately landing face-first into vomit, Anna rediscovered her voice as she screamed while spitting out the stomach contents. Completely surrounded by digesting food, Anna waved her arms to at least move her body, but a wave of chyme washed over her, sending her over to one of the stomach walls. Now being churned uncontrollably, Anna didn’t put any more effort into fighting the current: death was inevitable at this point. She felt the wrinkly, soft, mucous-covered stomach walls press against her, sending her into piles of muck and slime.

Trying to wipe the digested food out of her eyes, the stinging and burning started becoming more apparent in this hot, wet sack of an organ. Sliding against the wrinkles of the stomach, Anna accepted her fate as the mush covered her whole body. Not even attempting to swim, she kept sinking down below the digesting vomit, letting the stomach have its way with her. After several minutes of constant churning and oppressive heat, Anna went unconscious from shock, never to leave this woman’s body alive.


The attractive, older Hispanic woman swallowed with a “Gluck”. Closing her eyes, she relished in the woman’s struggles as she slipped into the depths of her powerful body. Carmen’s mother sat down in her dining room, reading a book, enjoying the tickling of the little lady in her stomach. One of her favorite ways to relax, she always enjoyed when her daughters brought home shrunken people. Luckily she was told of this latest batch before Carmen took all of them for herself, next time she should keep a closer eye on them. Thinking that she shouldn’t still have to keep an eye on them at 18 and 19, at least they still brought home snacks.



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