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Thumping and slamming from downstairs wake you up from a peaceful afternoon nap. Hearing two shrill voices from below, you realize that your younger sister, Amber, and her friend, Jill, are back from a long day at school. Covering your eyes, you think to yourself about how you can’t wait for Amber to finally leave for college next month. Even though she just turned eighteen, she’s still as annoying, loud, and talkative as ever. You just want to be as far away from her as possible. Her little Gothy friend Jill isn’t that much better, either. You say nothing of Jill’s obviously bad influence on Amber, but she just gives you the creeps: Always wearing all black with thick eyeliner and that short haircut of hers all remind you of some kind of witch.

Trying to drift back to sleep, despite the din from the kitchen downstairs, you’re jolted awake by knocking on your door. Begrudgingly getting up from your warm bed, wearing pajama pants and a tee shirt, you lazily and slowly walk over to the door, dragging your feet as you move. Opening the door, you see Jill standing just a few feet in front of you, looking up at you with puppy-dog eyes and her hands behind her back. “What do you want, Jill?” You ask, annoyed at her intrusion.

She exposes her right hand and points it right at you. A bright pink flash overwhelms you, knocking you back flat on your ass. Immediately, you feel the thickness of the carpet below you as your hands sink in between the fibers. Regaining your vision, you look around to see the soles of Jill’s boots, the rubber as tall as you. Jill, hovering above like a skyscraper, waves at you, wiggling her fingers as she does so.

What just happened? Thoughts race through your mind as you attempt to catch your bearings. Why is Jill so big? Am I small? Did she shrink me? What was that pink flash? Fear starts gripping your chest, your heart starts beating faster and faster. You see Jill squatting down from above, catching a glimpse of her white panties under her black miniskirt. As her fingers reach out for you, thick as tree trunks, you start gasping for breath out of sheer shock. Close enough to see her complex fingerprints, you fall back even further, now laying on your back, completely helpless.

You feel Jill’s thumb and forefinger press against the sides of your torso as you’re jerked up into the air at a near-blinding speed. Feeling like you’re going down a drop on a wicked roller coaster, the fear in your chest explodes into unbearable anxiety. Jill’s face only inches away from you, you can see every pore, every wrinkle, and every tiny hair that covers her young face. Her immense lips give a wry smile as you try to push her fingers apart.

“Jill! The mashed potatoes are ready!” You hear from downstairs, recognizing it as your sister, Amber.

Jill’s eyebrows raise up. “Coming, Amber!” She shouts, licking her lips after uttering those words.

Your world shifts as you’re pressed into Jill’s palm. Jill lightly shakes you as she carries you downstairs, seeing shadows pass by between her fingers.

Brightness overwhelms your eyes as you feel yourself unceremoniously plopped face-first into a pile of soft, white mush. Tasting the mashed potatoes, you attempt to move forward, but sink with every movement you make. Only complete stillness prevents you from being submerged completely within the soft food. Looking around, you see the dark capers dot the landscape of white, fluffy peaks and valleys.

A shadow overtakes you, eclipsing the light from above. Looking up, you see the gigantic face of your younger sister, Amber. Paralyzed with fear, you stare up at her, your mouth gaping. You notice her long hawk nose, her curly light brown hair framing her round cheeks, her grey eyes under perfectly trimmed dark eyebrows, and the clarity of her lightly tan, but fair skin.

The massive image of your sister causes you to flail in terror, trying to get her attention, but to no avail.

“This looks great, Amber!” Jill shouts, causing you to look at her from across the room.

“Thanks! The little black things are capers. I figure I might as well be adventurous.” Your sister says, completely unaware that you’re desperately stuck right under her nose.

Now again fixated on your sister’s massive face, you jump in panic as the spoon makes its first descent. Scooping up a massive-looking mound of mashed potatoes right next to you, your body shifts as the mush below you flops into the crater. Craning your neck in complete panic, you shriek as you see Amber shove the spoonful of food into her mouth, gulping it down without even having to chew.

Your heart beats even faster than before, you try to wipe the potatoes off your face, but end up smearing it even more. Terror grips your entire being, you never feared something so much as you fear your own sister right at this moment. Another spoonful travels up to Amber’s massive mouth, swallowed down yet again. Seeing her throat muscles jump and the bulge travel down her throat made you squirm in horror, leading only to further sinking.

This can’t be happening. If you don’t get out of this bog soon, you’ll be nothing but an afternoon snack for your own sister. Trying to swim on your chest, the potatoes do not give, unforgivingly causing you to sink. Now up to your armpits in the mash, you can do nothing but look in horror as spoonful after spoonful is swallowed down into your sister above.

“Please! Help me! Don’t eat me!” You shout, knowing that she can’t hear you.

A burst of adrenaline blasts through your veins as you feel a cold, flat, surface slide past the soles of your feet. Now unable to sink further, you flail with even more purpose than before as the massive spoon starts shifting upward. “Please! Help me! No!” You scream, trying in anxious desperation to get your sister’s attention. This all happened so quickly. Just a few minutes ago you were quietly napping in your bed, now you’re staring up at your sister’s gaping maw, ready to consume you. Passing by her spaghetti-string top and her pink bra strap, you see her clear-skinned shoulders and collar bones as you’re raised up from the rest of the potatoes.

Seeing her pink lips part, time slows down as you notice the bits of un-swallowed mashed potatoes, cords of slimy saliva hanging around, and the glint of the goo that covers the inside of Amber’s mouth. Hot, humid breath washes over you, smelling strongly of buttered mashed potatoes mixed with spit, sending a chill down your spine. Sweating, screaming, and now crying, you try to swim backward, pushing the mounds of mash away from you, trying to get away from your sister’s mouth by any means necessary.

As your sister’s mouth widens to accept you, more light enters the slick cavern, showing the pieces of white mush pressed into her molars and sloughing off the roof of her mouth in slimy drops of saliva.

You can do nothing but scream loudly as your sister’s lips pass all around you. Gripped with horror, you slam down on the potatoes around you in frustration. Darkness overtakes you as Amber’s palate presses up against you, forcing you further into the spoonful of mashed potatoes. The spoon slid from her lips, trapping you inside the hot, moist cavern. Now with your sister’s saliva soaked into your hair and clothes, you continue shrieking as the ball of mashed potatoes is shaped into a more swallowable form by her tongue. Rolling around, you slide against her wet tongue and cheeks, becoming more nauseous in this disgusting situation.

Your whole body is covered in the gross mixture, helpless to do anything about it, you attempt to push the fleshy walls away, only submerging you more as the potatoes become softer and slimier.

A loud, wet “Gluck” sound shatters your sanity as you feel a quick descent into a tight, wet tunnel. Slithering against your sister’s throat, you feel her esophagus press against you from all sides as it quickly forces you downward. Stuck in a wad of saliva and potatoes, any attempt at a struggle is useless, the motion of the peristalsis is too strong to resist. Feeling your face slide against the inside of the incredibly hot tube, claustrophobia creeps over your body as the food bolus continues deeper inside your sister’s body.

Slithering through a tight, fleshy ring, you plop down into a raging sea of partially digested food. Immediately completely submerged, you attempt to swim upwards, but the hot, thick, slimy vomit is moving much too quickly for you to figure out which way is up. Still submerged, you’re slammed into one of your sister’s stomach walls, forced upwards, sliding up against one of the wrinkled folds.

Feeling your lungs fill with air, you realize your head is finally above the digesting mass. Gasping for breath, you notice the acrid smell of the environment around you: sour, burning, and strong. The mixture entered your mouth in the initial landing, tasting like a sour mixture between vomit and mashed potatoes. Hearing another “Flop” next to you, a warm semi-solid mass presses into you as your sister eats more of her snack.

Surrounded by slimy sounds, you keep screaming, no matter how relentless the current of vomit is all around you. Pushing against your sister’s stomach, you plead for your life as yet another massive wave of digesting potatoes pushes you under, deeper inside Amber’s body. Sliding against the bottom of the stomach, you clench your fists, purse your lips, and close your eyes as hard as possible while the current pushes you between the slick wrinkles and folds.

Reaching the surface again, you can feel your air supply running thin. The heat is near-overwhelming, feeling like a sauna. Now with barely enough space between the stomach contents and the top of Amber’s stomach, you try to keep your face above the vomit as a near-constant flow of mashed potatoes keeps falling through the stomach’s entrance. Pushing your hands up, you feel the slimy, mucous-covered walls undulate and pulse as the mass below you gets deeper and deeper.

The walls around you compress and squeeze, forcing you downward, exhausting your body through the constant swimming in the thick slop. Desperately trying to find another rancid air pocket, you flail almost randomly until you feel your right hand splash. Now only with enough space for your eyes and nose, your forehead constantly rubs against the soft, pulsating walls of your sister’s stomach.

Tears dripping from your eyes onto your already wet face, you feel a massive lump in your throat as you realize that this is the end of your life. Eaten by your own sister, the thought would make you wretch if you weren’t so busy trying to keep afloat.

With each plopping sound, the air pocket gets smaller and smaller. Your eyes burn, your arms and legs ache, and your mind is in a frenzy. Knowing the air would soon disappear, you attempt to grasp one of the stomach wrinkles above, but you quickly slip off. Digesting food sliming over you again, you resurface, only to hear a belching sound from above. The air pocket grows smaller and smaller above you, your legs kicking to keep you afloat. As the wet belch continues, you reach for the pocket, but only feel the slimy roof of Amber’s stomach. Luckily, you breathed in the last lungful of good air you could, desperately looking for a bubble or pocket of air you can inhale.

Growing more desperate, exhaustion almost overtakes you as you miraculously slither into another air pocket tucked between two of Amber’s stomach folds. Now barely conscious, your skin burns like it’s on fire and your eyes grow numb. Not feeling anything physically at this point, you feel your last emotions, disgust and terror, as your sister’s body snuffs the life out of you with a disgusting squelch.


“That was so good!” Jill says, rubbing her belly.

“Oh, definitely. I cleaned out that whole bowl, I’m stuffed!” Responds Amber, letting out a long burp.

“Amber! Gross!” Jill notes, biting her lower lip.

“I burped so hard it gave me butterflies! My belly tickles, now. I guess I shouldn’t eat so much! I’m gonna get fat.” Amber says.

Jill responds, leering at Amber up and down, eyes fixated on her belly. “Nah, it’s good that you ate all of it. Nothing goes to waste.”


Twenty-four hours later, your acid-burned corpse slithers down your sister’s descending colon, reduced to nothing but a bowel movement. Embedded in the solid, brown log, your skin rubs against the inside of Amber’s large intestine as it slowly makes its way towards her rectum. Your face, frozen in horror, is inundated with your own sister’s feces.

As it slips into your sister’s rectum, the warm shit that contains you is pressed on all sides, further twisting your dead body into the round shape that will soon exit the massive girl’s body. Now fully compressed, your body is forced into a near bone-breaking shape as it’s pressed into the inside of Amber’s asshole.

Amber, feeling the pressure of needing to relieve herself, enters the bathroom, locks the door, pulls down her panties, and hikes up her short skirt as she sits down on the toilet seat. Your body is smeared across your sister’s asshole as the log slides from Amber’s rectum into the toilet. Landing with a plop, the toilet water splashes below your body, your corpse still clinging to Amber’s anus as leftover residue.

Wiped off with a crumpled piece of toilet paper, your lifeless body is deposited into the toilet along with everything else your sister’s body couldn’t process completely. As a mixture of water and urine soaks into the paper, your sister flushes you down, never to be seen again.


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