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 Waking up in complete darkness and sore, aching joints, Jessie jumped in shock. Last thing she remembered, she was falling asleep soundly in her apartment after a long night shift at the hospital, not this round, pitch black prison. Feeling around for an exit, Jessie only felt smooth, rock-hard surfaces, as if she was inside of a bubble. Thinking it might be a dream, she pinched herself painfully on the arm, only to realize the reality of her situation. Trapped without any sign of escape, Jessie’s heart started beating faster, sweat beading on her forehead, her jaw quivering and close to tears, she screamed as loud as she could. “Help me! I’m stuck! Help me!” The reverberation stung her ears. No response from the outside. She pounded the hard, round surface with her fists, not even leaving a dent or a crack. Kicking it was equally useless, only making Jessie sorer after waking up in such an uncomfortable position.

Feeling a ridge or a seam of some kind around the exact center of this bubble, Jessie tried to force her fingers inside and maybe pry open this strange contraption that trapped her, but to no avail. Tears dripped from her eyes and soaked into long, white, billowy nightgown when she noticed her environment shift up and down slightly, in a regular pattern. Slightly shaken, like a miniature earthquake around once per second, Jessie attempted to pound on the walls once again. Hearing muffled sounds from outside, she couldn’t even begin to guess what they were. Thinking she heard a door slam, she felt an immediate jerk to the side, knocking her back into the concave wall, causing her to tumble down towards the seam. Both sides of her body on different sides of the ridge, she listened closely: cracking! The seam was opening just enough for Jessie to fit her knuckles through, though it still didn’t move when she tried to separate it. Knowing the familiar feeling of hard plastic, she wondered who trapped her there and why.

Listening through this new opening, she could hear words coming from the distance. A woman’s voice, older, maybe forties? “Maggie! I told you to be back before dinner! It’s 6:00!” the woman shouted, obviously angry. “Mom! I’m 18! I can do what I want now! And plus, dinner isn’t even on the table yet, so I guess I did make it back before dinner!” shot back a shrill, younger voice. “Young lady, you’re still in high school and you still live in my house. My house, my rules. You understand me?” replied the older-sounding woman. “Yes, mom.” Dejectedly responded the voice who Jessie could recognize as Maggie. “Be down in ten minutes, I’ll have the table set by then. I hope you won’t cut it so close this time.” Demanded Maggie’s mother. “Ugh! Fine! Whatever!” acknowledged Maggie. Jessie was jostled back and forth as she felt her world shake once again, now hearing footsteps knock against a wooden floor.

As more waves of movement surrounded her, Jessie tried to grip on her surroundings, but the flat surfaces provided no grip. Still bathed in complete darkness, Jessie tried to breathe deeply a few times to lower her heart rate. She had no idea what to make of that conversation she just heard, not recognizing any of the voices, thoughts of kidnapping passed through her mind. Who were they? Why was she there?

Jessie’s eyes immediately stung as she was surrounded in light once again. Her pupils contracting to pinholes, she shielded her eyes with her left hand as the blurry world came into focus. Apparently, she was in a clear, plastic ball, as the walls were completely transparent. Trying to make what was behind the warped images behind the plastic, all she saw was motion blur and the shadows of whatever it was that held the sphere in place, looking like large pads. Landing on a large, flat surface, she felt the ball roll back and forth a few times underneath her, not enough to knock her on her ass, but she was still unable to stand up.

Hearing creaking and cracking from all sides, she looked up to see the seam separating the bubble in half and lifted away. Blinking a few times until what she saw was in focus, Jessie felt a rush of anxiety and terror even more severe than when she realized she was trapped. Looking up, she saw a young-looking woman, only absolutely massive, looking down right at her. This massive girl had white, pale skin, straight shoulder-length blonde hair parted in the middle and pushed behind her ears, a long Aquiline nose, big hazel eyes, and thick black horn-rimmed glasses. Only able to see her top, she saw the girl wearing an immense tower-sized dark grey Dr. Who tee shirt, the graphic on the front slightly warping from her small boobs pressing against it. Her face slightly blurry with the distance between them, the woman hovered closer. Jessie gasped in shock, barely able to process her current reality. Looking up, she could see every minute detail of this woman’s face as the giant girl, who Jessie assumed was Maggie, stare at her with wide, interested eyes. “Whoa” whispered Maggie, her breath wafting over Jessie, showing off her shiny metallic braces and thin, but glossy lips.

Staring in shock, still sitting in the half-sphere Jessie screamed “Help me! Please!” as her heart was still pounding so hard it was almost painful. Waving her arms, she kept screaming, quivering, and crying.

“I can’t hear you, hold on.” Said Maggie, calmly, as she shifted so her gigantic ear was mere inches from Jessie, looking to the tiny woman like an immense spaceship.

“Let me go! Please! Help me!” Screamed Jessie, her voice made slightly louder by echoing off the plastic half-sphere. Jessie’s face ascended, looking down at her, raising one of her dark, bold eyebrows above the rim of her glasses.

“Let you go? No way! I went through the trouble of shrinking you and trapping you. What kind of person isn’t up by the mid-afternoon anyway? Like, hello, morning was a few hours ago.” Explained Maggie in a condescending tone.

Feeling a twinge of frustration and anger on top of all the fear, Jessie kept screaming instinctually, knowing this girl wasn’t going to give her up easily.

“Look, I can’t keep you for long. Dinner’s almost up and I’ll catch Hell if I’m late for that. You probably heard that before. I’ll be in big trouble if I’m not down there soon.” Said Maggie in a concerned voice. “Anyway, down the hatch!”

Jessie was confused. Down the hatch? What did that mean? She felt wind blow back her light brown hair as she looked up to see Maggie’s mouth, filled with braces, come at her at almost lightning speed.

“AIEEEEEEEEEEEEE” Shouted Jessie as she realized what was happening, time slowing down as adrenaline rushed through her veins. In the half-second that she spent ascending to the slimy cavern, Jessie saw every minute detail of Maggie’s mouth. Her lips, wide and stretched, framed Maggie’s teeth, straight and white, but with shiny, metallic braces held in place by dark gray rubber bands. The slimy sheen of Maggie’s saliva covered her slick tongue, tiny bright pink taste buds dot the surface in stark contrast to the slight, thin white coating that turned parts of her tongue a lighter shade of pink. Now at the cusp of her mouth, Jessie saw Maggie’s glossy lips closer than she ever would have liked as the edge of the half-sphere landed on the lower portion, spilling her on to the wet, surface.

First contact with the slimy muscle gave Jessie a wave of immediate nausea, as the cocktail of emotions she was feeling made her whole body feel drained and overloaded at the same time. Absolutely disgusted, Jessie breathed in her first lungful of stale, rank, humid air as she looked behind her to see Maggie’s lips closing behind her, covering her in darkness. Immediately, she felt her newer, more disgusting prison become wetter as a wave of thick saliva coated her body, coinciding with the loudest slurping sound Jessie ever heard. Feeling the wetness all over her body, Jessie tried spitting out the saliva that entered her mouth and wiping it from her eyes, all in vain. Pressed up against Maggie’s palate, she listened in horror as she was peeled off again and again, hearing “Shluck, shluck, shluck” each time, experiencing the fluid wash over her to be swallowed. Her long hair being sucked towards Maggie’s throat, she felt her nightgown get ripped off, leaving Jessie completely naked, adding an element of humiliation to her already terrible experience. She tried holding on to it with what energy she had left, but the saliva made it too slick, letting her last worldly possession slide down this evil girl’s throat.

Now feeling the fleshy, wet walls over every inch of her body with no protection, Jessie screamed once again as she was lurched forward harshly, and without warning. Feeling her body enter a tight tube face-first, she wretched and struggled as Maggie’s esophagus restricted her movement. Hearing Maggie’s heartbeat get closer and closer over all the wet smacking, Jessie screamed even louder, even though she knew in her heart it was useless. Still slithering down into darkness, she was suddenly stopped by what felt like a gigantic kiss on her face. Enveloping her, Jessie felt the entrance to the stomach slide over her whole naked body, feeling every detail of the wrinkled ring undulate over her body, spitting her out into the pit below.


Maggie, sitting at her desk, closed her eyes and swallowed. She could feel the tiny lady struggling down her throat, thinking of what she must be experiencing as she did so. Maggie wondered how scared and confused the tiny lady must be, knowing that this was the end. A confusing, horrifying, humiliating, painful end. Feeling the bulge slide down past her larynx and down behind her chest, she felt a little tiny bit of pressure by her heart as the woman entered her stomach. Giggling and feeling the little girl’s fluttering in her empty stomach, she wondered what it’d feel like once she added her dinner to the mixture.


Amy landed in the wet sack with a plop. Immediately sliding between two stomach folds, Jessie screamed her heart out, making her voice hoarse without even breathing in first. When she was out of breath, she had to inhale her nearly suffocated lungs. The most acrid, sour, disgusting smell felt like it was assaulting her entire being. Entirely covered in thick mucous, Jessie tried to crawl, but it barely did any good, the stomach floor was much too slick to move around easily. In a panic, Jessie struggled to move as best she could, waving her arms and legs at random, trying to navigate the slimy stomach that now entombed her. The wrinkles in Maggie’s stomach, folding almost as tall as Jessie was, proved almost impossible to traverse. When Jessie thought this couldn’t get any tougher, the walls and floor started to undulate on her own. Jessie, now nervous at this new development, still tried to figure out how to move, but was instead moved herself by the movement of the stomach itself.

She screamed as the stomach walls pressed into her, sandwiching her between two wrinkles and sliding together, causing the familiar growling sound. Jessie’s entire body shook as the stomach walls ground against each other, the growling so loud it sounded like roaring. Still with enough energy to scream, Jessie tried pushing the stomach walls away from her, but they kept sliding against her, trying to churn her despite the stomach only being filled with mucous and other slime. Feeling her naked body start to tingle, Jessie’s knowledge of the human body provided her with the insight that this was the beginning of digestion. Whining and gasping for breath even in this humid, stinky environment, she still fought for her life with every ounce of strength she had left.


Grabbing the plate of string bean casserole and mashed potatoes, Maggie asked her mother in the sweetest voice she could “Mom, could I please eat in front of the computer tonight?”

“After that bratty attitude before? No way! You’re going to eat here, in the dining room, like a good girl.” Responded her mother.

Maggie smiled and pulled out what she viewed as her trump card, literally from her back pocket. “Well, you’ll have to see what I managed to intercept at one of the offices at school today. My report card. You’ll get to see it earlier than anyone else. Check it out. All As.” She said as she felt a little flutter in her stomach, causing her to smile subtly.

“Well… Okay. Fine. For a good report card. But just this once. And I don’t want any more attitude, you hear me?” Said Maggie’s mother.

“I hear ya!” Responded Maggie, giddily running up the stairs with the plate of food, laughing as she felt the tickling sensation behind her chest grow stronger.

Jessie wiped the vile muck from her face, her eyes starting to burn, smelling and tasting nothing but the most acrid vomit smell she could imagine. Entirely coated in the slime, Jessie struggled as the stomach attempted to digest her, feeling the wrinkled walls slither against her torso, bare breasts, legs, and face. “Ugh! Ugh!” was all she could muster to say. Suddenly feeling a burst of warmth from elsewhere, Jessie felt her body become submerged in a massive wave of a slimy mixture. Being jostled in and out of this blob, the gross substance covered her from head to toe, adding itself to the mucous. Screaming at this new form of disgust, she heard slimier wet smacking as the blob became larger and larger, until she was practically swimming in Maggie’s vomit.

Trying not to get more of this fluid in her mouth, Jessie tried to suppress her screams, though each time a new food bolus entered Maggie’s stomach, she couldn’t help but let out a shriek. The heat of the environment was unbearable, the vomit mixture wiping away all of her sweat. Feeling anxiety to the point of giving up on life entirely, Jessie just wanted to die as Maggie’s stomach churned and shook the tiny woman to aid in digestion. Feeling an increased burning sensation, the pain started becoming so severe that Jessie couldn’t think of anything else other than death. She just wanted to let go. She was so scared, only wanting to lay in her bed and wake up the next evening ready to go to work. Jessie thought the situation was impossible, but sure enough the acidic, hot vomit kept washing over her naked body, surrounded by an organ trying to end her life.

Now completely submerged in Maggie’s stomach contents, Jessie kicked her legs and waved her arms, not feeling any stomach walls or air pockets. Not able to breathe, she kicked and waved her arms, the soupy mixture completely enveloping her. Surfacing, Jessie could only lament as suffocation didn’t take her, her body instinctually taking in a lungful of burning, sour air. As she was lifting her head into this air pocket, she heard the distinctive, loud sound of belching. The air pocket became smaller and smaller as the burp went on, eventually forcing her completely under the disgusting pool of chewed, digesting food, mucous, and stomach acids.

Fighting exhaustion, Jessie’s body went limp and lifeless. Though she was still fully conscious, she sank, not able to fight the current of the churning anymore. After drifting to sleep, Jessie never woke up again.


Sitting at the computer surfing through the endless stream of pictures Tumblr could provide for her, Maggie relished in the fluttering and the struggles of the tiny woman inside her. Knowing that a real human life was ending inside her made her feel strong and powerful. Rubbing her belly, she tried to feel a kick or something with her hand, but apparently the tiny lady was too small to have an effect like that. Sending another mouthful of mashed potatoes down to her new, little friend, the nerdy-looking girl smiled, thinking about how she’d deal with her next victim. She let out a long, drawn-out belch and pushed the completely empty plate of food to the other side of her computer desk. Disappointed that the struggles were becoming minimal at best, she wondered if it’d feel better if she ate a few people at once. Looking down at her shrinking device, a neat, fashionable ring, she twirled it and posted on her blog “Hey, anyone want to meet up? I have free food.”

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