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Author's Chapter Notes:
This was the first real collaboration by Littletoy and myself. While it didn't turn out as well as we would have liked its pretty decent.
Camp Capers

Camp Capers: Or the continuingadventures of Richie, the wonder doll.


Story by AsukaFan and Littletoy






--Hey Dudes this is LTFan46.I know you guys aren’t gonna ever believe this but a few weeks ago I met thisguy on the Internet who was only 5 inches high. I know you think I’m full ofshit but I really know it’s true, because he was on this chicks web cam.  I was browsing the web for cheerleaders withweb cams and this one girl was at cheerleader camp and she had her laptop therewith a web cam. And like one night she had this little dude named Richie whosays he got shrunk and was being held captive. Well just let me tell you Inearly came right there as this girl and her friends put on this show ofplaying with this little dude, I was about to contact ASFan47 until one of themturned off the web cam. It seemed like he was captive of these young hotties24/7. Man it’s like he’s living in all our dreams. But he had his ownperspective, as you will see.


Well I guess the little dudemust have seen my screen name cause a couple weeks after that he came onlineagain, only on a different computer. He was jumping up and down on the keys andpushing a mouse frantically trying to do something. Then this girl ran up and Isaw her hand just swoop down on the dude and grab him out of sight from the webcam. Before he abruptly was disconnected I got this e-mail. I guess he wastrying to send it quick before he got caught. I haven’t heard from the dudesince but I don’t think I’ve heard the last from the lucky guy.


Anyway guys do me a favorand check this out. I’m not crazy I know this happened because I saw it with myown eyes.







My name is Richie Hanes andI am a doll.




I used to have the coolestjob in the whole world; working at my Mom’s summer camp for spoiled, beautifulyoung women aged 15 to 18, all from wealthy families. I was immersed in theworld of hotties and I was the only guy their age for miles around, since theCamp is way up in the northern part of Michigan. All the counselors arecollege-aged girls who were former campers themselves. Some of these girls Ihad known for almost seven years because they had spent every summer at thecamp. And I guess I am still immersed in that world but not in the way you or Icould have possibly imagined. 


Let me explain here. It allstarted about a month ago, during the hot humid months of August in the finalweeks of the season. It had been a rather uneventful summer for me that wasspent folding towels and washing dishes and whatever demeaning chores my Momwould impress upon me to do.


“It’s a family business andone day you will take over Richie,” she would lecture me while handing meanother load of dirty laundry to sort through. My Mom’s actually can be kind ofdense because she never knew or never realized she had just handed me dozens ofgirls’ panties and bras and other skimpy undergarments. And that was about asclose as I had gotten to any of these young women. Many of them I consideredgood friends of mine. They all would take turns flirting with me but they werenever serious about it. Mostly they were just amusing themselves and theyunderstood that I knew that. I think they just liked teasing me and tormentingme but some of them had also gotten to know me quite well so I was forevertrapped in that “friend” stage that sucks so bad when you really want to nailthem, not talk to them.


So there it was on this hotTuesday evening about nine o’clock at night. Supper had beenserved and the camp had just finished watching a movie in the campamphitheater. The camp’s 8 counselors were enjoying a last bit of free timebefore rounding up their charges in groups of 10 to a cabin for lights out at 10:00. Most of the girls werewriting letters home, reading (no TV), gossiping, playing cards or wereshowering and getting ready for bed. I had just left the mess hall and washeading for the big log cabin house where I lived with my Mom. It was strictlyoff limits for the rest of the campers but it was my home. As I was about tohead up the gravel driveway I saw to my left a bright streak in the sky. Ameteor. That was pretty common for up north so it was only because I heard itslam into the ground near the camp that I decided to investigate. I headed offon a path of pine needles toward where I heard the impact.


As I ran through a woodedpine forest that started on the outskirts of camp I could see a smoldering fireand a scorched patch of forest floor.  Iquickly ran the last few meters to stomp out what was left of the fire, lest itstarts an inferno among the all the dry vegetation. It hadn’t rained for days.I stomped the fire out and in the center of the scorched patch of earth that Iquickly realized was a small impact crater. Something in the center of the tinycrater caught my eye just as I was turning away - I should have run away inretrospect- a gleaming, metallic substance that glowed deep green. It was coolto the touch as I picked it up in my hand. I thought about how cool it would beto have a meteorite. Just as I was going to put it in my pocket the green glowintensified until a green flash radiated outward from my palm and swept throughevery atom in my body, causing me to shudder and almost pass out.


The tiny green meteorite suddenlyflew from my hand and rolled to a stop about ten feet away from me, and beforeI had time to react I big Owl, thinking it had found dinner, swept down andgrabbed the meteor in it’s claws and started flying away. But then somethingextraordinary happened. Another green flash and the damn Owl, meteorite in beakjust exploded and disappeared. There was no sign of either. I cursed my badluck at losing the meteor but as I recovered from the green flash that hadswept through me I heard a familiar noise that I had grown to love. It was thegaiety and laughter of young women in the flower of their beauty. Intrigued Istumbled forward through the trees trying to make out whose voices I heard. Iwas heading in the direction of the bath house and as I neared closer the soundof running water could clearly be heard, along with this grinding and poundingnoise through my head that got louder and louder each minute. I could see theclearing and the bathhouse just a few meters ahead and I slowed so I could proceedsilently. I decided to play a little joke on the girls and would jump out andscare them when the emerged from the showers. I thought I could make out Bethand Kelly both 17 in there. Both were good friends of mine. Also Jana, 15, whoI knew but not well and I didn’t think liked me very much, and Stacy, 16, whowas a first timer but who I couldn’t help but notice because of her stunningNordic looks and manner that was either shy or aloof. I wasn’t sure which yet.There were a couple of other girls there whose voice I could not recognize.


As I approached thebathhouse I was momentarily intrigued by a ray of light coming from a smallhole in the side of the wood wall. What the fuck, they’ll never notice Ithought as I bent over to look in at the forbidden fruit showering andlathering up inside of the bath house. Meanwhile I was too stupid to realizethat something evil was happening to me. A tingling spread now through my wholebody, causing me to stumble and bump the bathhouse sidewall. It made an audiblenoise and with horror I heard the water flow cease and the sounds of femalevoices. Suddenly I got really dizzy and the world around me swirled anddistorted as I staggered to my knees.


“Hey what was that?”


“Is someone out there?”


“Hey, I think it’s Richie! Ibet he’s spying on us!”


“Oooooh! Let’s give him areal show!”


“Yeah, it must be murder tobe around all us girls all the time. I know if I were a guy it would drive mecrazy.”


“Hey! Are you going to lethim get away with spying on us like that? The Perv! We should kick his ass.”


“But it’s a cute ass, isn’tit? Such a cutie to be the only man around. If I were he I’d spy on me too.Maybe we should be nicer to him.”




“Go find him and ask him ifhe wants to play cards with us tonight. I’m in the mood to have a guy around.”






            “Okay.Hey Richie is that you out there? Don’t come in here until we have our robeson, the girls want to ask you a question.”


            Iguess I was not really listening closely anymore. As I listened to the girlshave their conversation their voices seemed to get deeper and louder and thebathhouse building seemed to rise before me like a castle in the sky. The treesspun around and high into the air. Then the ground shook with rhythmic beats.By the time the girls had emerged from the bathhouse to look for me I hadmiraculously shrunk down to the size the size of a little action figure typedoll. I was trapped as a half dozen teen girls were making a beeline for whereI stood frozen in terror only a few yards from the entrance, calling out myname!


Kelly was the first personto come into view. Her white, fluffy soft robe wrapped around her now giganticbody. I watched as they kept getting closer and closer. I wanted to run but mylegs wouldn’t move. About 3 millimeters in front of me was Kelly’s foot. Istared up at her in awe as she and the girls looked around for me. Her drippingwet body was before me. I wanted so badly to touch her but fear kept me incheck and I only stared at her in a frozen paralysis.  As I looked at her ankles I saw my reflectionin the water droplets that cascaded down her body. Everything on her ismagnified; it was like I was looking through a magnifying glass at her.  I slowly craned my neck upward, which was nolonger as easy at it sounded. My body was shaking and quivering like a bowlfull of Jell-O.  I strained to see muchof anything. I remembered exactly what she looked like. Her brown locks of hairrunning over her shoulders, her deep baby blue eyes that followed my everymove, looking so intently and innocently back at me. Her trim, athletic bodythat made me just want to grab it. Her pert athletic breasts are just the rightsize. They are a handful, roughly mid b cup I would say. Her body is almost fatfree.  Everything about her was justright. She isn’t spoiled or snobby like the others. You see she worked all yearlong just so she can come here. I even talked my Mom into lowering her rate.Her family isn’t rich in fact they are middle class. Which made her the mostunique girl I have ever met since the rest of them were rich.  As she stood in front of me I prayed that shewouldn’t see me like this. She was one of my best friends in the whole world andI didn’t want to appear before her. Not as some scared tiny mouse quivering andshaking at her now titanic bare feet. Her baby blue painted toenails matchedher eyes. The glitter in the toenail paint sparkled in the moonlight.  My body finally does something, but the wrongthing. I stumbled forwards onto her foot.


“I guess he wasn’t hereafter all girls.”


“I bet the little creep ran,Kelly.”


“Hey Rich isn’t that kind ofguy. He may have been sneaking a peek but he is not the kind of guy to run, heis a stand up guy who takes responsibility for his actions and if I rememberright he took the blame for your little Mustard incident. His Mom gave him awhipping on his ass so bad he couldn’t sit down for a week.”


“Yeah, but still the thoughtof him seeing me naked the way he did makes me soooo mad. He should have justwalked in and we could have made out on the floor.”


“EWWWW, do you know whosefeet have been on that floor.”


“Yeah your feet, I bet thegarbage can outside of our bunk would be a much more cleaner place.”


“My feet smell like roses.“[giggle]


“I am joking anyway let’sget out of here I want to play cards.”


“I am going to look aroundfor Richie for a few minutes I will catch up with you girls.”


“Alright Kell.”


            Asthe other girls walked off it sounded more like I was in the middle of a herdof stampeding Brontosaurs then it did a group of girls walking away. As soon asthey were out of sight I tried to get off Kelly’s feet without her feelinganything I then felt a massive earthquake and I leapt towards her ankleshugging them as best I could. I tried to shut my clattering teeth up but thefear and cold air made them unable to stop.


“Richie? Richie Hanes? Is -is that you? What are you doing down there at my feet? Why are you so tiny?You’re just like a little doll! Holy fuck just look at you. This is absolutelyamazing!”


“Kelly, please, don’t hurtme. It was a total accident. I didn’t even get to see anything because you allnoticed just as I put my eye there. I was going to play a prank and scare yougirls but I somehow shrank by this meteorite and now I think I’m stuck thisway! Or was it you and the girls who did this to me? Was it? Please…if you makeme big again I won’t ever do it again…Please, I am so sorry…I will even get myMom to give you a refund…Please, I beg you…Please, please, please…change meback.”


[Giggles]“Rich, as much as Iwould love to say this was my HANDY work, my Palm-sized friend this is not ofmy doing. Who ever heard of a guy shrinking? There’s no such thing possible. Ifit were I would have shrunk you along time ago just so I could tease you andplay with you. I could have a whole army of shrunken men at my feet bowingbefore me like the goddess I am.  BowRichie, BOW I say before you new Queen and master Kelly Waters!”


            Interror, I immediately started bowing right there on her foot. I even I kissedit in between each bow. I was to terrified to say anything, I just didn’t wantto die. I wanted so badly to look up at her but I couldn’t. I just couldn’tbring myself to look her in the eyes. I was a sub human now. I was rodentsized, owl food, I wouldn’t last a day in these woods. I would probably end updead or stepped on by one of these girls. I was truly alone in the world. Whowould want to be friends with a man who can’t even do much of anything on hisown?


            [Whilestifling a giggle]”You’re soooo cute Richie, but I was just joking. I don’twant you to worship me. You’re my friend. Why would I ever treat you like that?Although it might be fun to dress you and undress you with different outfits.Just kidding.”


            Iwas a bit relieved hearing those words but it was probably just out ofsympathy.  I jumped off her foot andstarted heading toward my house when in one swift jump I watched her pass overme and crashed down in front of me. The shockwaves from her landing made mestumble and fall over in the grass that is now soapy and wet from the group ofgirls.


“Um, What are you doing?Where do you think you are you going?”


“I was going to go back tomy house Kelly.”


“I don’t think so. Youwouldn’t last five minutes in these woods.”


“I can’t stay here. I’mgoing home.”


“Oh, yeah Richie?”


“Yeah. I want to.”


 “I think not. I know we’re friends and all butI’m not leaving you here. I’m sorry but I can’t just let you go Richie. Now,this is for your own good so don’t fight me. You can’t anyway cause you’resoooo small!” [Giggles]


“Stop saying that Kelly!It’s humiliating!”


“But you ARE small! You’reteeny! So Nyah, Nyah make me 'lil Richie!”


“That's it little girl I amgonna make you pay!”


"Oh this is gonna bepriceless!"


I walked up to Kelly's footand laid into her with a barrage of kicks and punches. I then took a few stepsand charged head first into her big toe. My entire body lurched forward as Ifell face first in the dirt.


"Oh my god![Uncontrollable laughter] Oh, I mean ow, Oooooh [hops around on one foot]Please Richie, show me mercy.” [Sniffles]


"I'm sorry I had to beso rough on you there."


I started to get up afterbeing embarrassed in front of my friend Kelly. As I stood up I quickly tumbledback over and grabbed my head. My vision started to fade in and out as I wasnow lying back on the ground. I turned my head upward slightly to see Kelly nowcrouching down next to me.


"Richie!! Are you okay,Oh no, I'm so sorry! This is my fault. Oh I should have lifted my foot upyou’re hurt now I’m so sorry. What can I do to make you feel better?"


"Well, there is onething you can do. I don’t know if it will help but it may ease the pain. Idon’t know if I will make it."


"What…is it?"


"Well, A littlesex"


"RICHIE HANES! Youlittle shit. Ooooo I was worried about you. That’s it just for that Ooooo, Idon’t know yet but you’re in deep trouble little man. You might have to sleepin my laundry bag tonight."


"No need to be hastyKelly! We all know you sweat like a pig."

            "Excuse me? You did notjust say what I heard you say."


"Ummmm errrrr…"


“No use trying to make upnow. You made your bed and now you have to lie in it."


"Yeah that’s theproblem, I don’t want to lie in it.  Ithought we established that. What about your cabin counselor? Molly. I am notgoing to be put on show like some runway model, I just won’t and that’sfinal."


 “But it’s about time you spent a night in thegirls bunk. Besides it’s only like ten of us in there.”


“But I’ll get lost in there.I can’t stay there Kelly.”


 “You'll be sleeping with me. There is plentyof room.”




            Withouteven asking I saw her fingers pass over me and around me. They closed tightlyaround my torso. Her sweet smelling scent encased me as I was lifted upeffortlessly.


“Kelly! Put me down thisinstant! I mean it, do you hear me! I said put me down! Nooooo…”


“Quiet you will alarm thewhole camp. Shhhhhhhh…”


I felt her eyes looking atme. Checking me out, I could tell she wanted to revel in my tiny size, exploremy body, and touch it. Clutched in her supple fist I found myself twisted everywhich way as Kelly gently turned me in her hand, exploring but exercising greatrestraint as we started heading for her bunk. Then I couldn’t see anything asshe instinctively held me close against her bosom. I still couldn’t bringmyself to look her or anyone in the eyes. I didn’t deserve to. I was a nothing now. I’d probably be dead in 2days.


She entered her cabin withlong confident strides, easily overwhelming me, her tiny new captive. I knowshe probably wouldn’t intentionally but what about unintentionally and whatabout her cabin mates? God I remember hoping she would hide me good but shejust walked over to her bed and dropped me in the center of it.


I started to walk around onher now massive bed. This was the first time I had ever stayed in one thesebunks. I never realized how horrible they were compared to my house. It reallywas roughing it. Kelly's bed stretched on and on in every direction, or so itseemed. I was unsure of what exactly I should do so I just sat there.


"This is your firsttime in my bunk and you’re going to just sit there?"


"Well what would yousuggest I do?"


“I got a wonderful idea ofwhat we can do but I have to use the girls room Ok Richie don’t make anytrouble while I am away." She ordered.


I looked around andthankfully there was nobody else in this side of the cabin. I looked around tosee four other beds in the room with dressers and closets. I know that therewas another room with another five beds on the other side of the cabin, plus asmall room for the counselor. I could hear muffled noises on the other side ofthe wall and I knew that meant one thing; that there were girls in that room onthe other side of the cabin. But before I could worry about them the cabin doorburst open and two young girls, now towering, titanic giantesses, walkedcasually in to the room.


They were Bridget and Tarafrom the 16-year-old girls cabin. Bridget is about 5’ 4”, with shoulder lengthdirty blonde hair and green eyes. She has a very cute slim figure and an impishsmile. I remembered her from the other day when she tripped me in the mess halland I dropped a whole plate of fried SPAM, to the delight and applause of theother campers. I got so mad at her. I walked over to her table shoved a bunchof the Spam back in her face. Bridget is such spoiled little pretty girl whogets anything she wants she deserved what she got. All the while I was coveredfrom head to toe in Spam and I had to pretend to laugh it off but I was angrywith her at the time until she just smiled at me sweetly and turned to talk toher friends. Tara was a blonde girl about 5’ 6” with plush lips, short straightblond hair and brown eyes. I didn’t know her at all personally but I’d heardthat she was from Chicago.


“I swear that Kelly Waterssaid she had a flashlight under her bed. She said I could borrow it.”


“Where is she Tara? Maybeshe’s at the nature center.”


I don’t know her bed isright here- OH MY GAWD! Bridget, LOOK!”




“It’s Mrs. Hanes’ son! Lookat him! He’s…tiny!”


In a flash the two girlswere towering over Kelly’s bed, staring down at me in wonder. I cringed astheir chests and torsos swayed close but above me. Their hair made swishingsounds as they leaned in close. Bridget immediately reached out and pushed me overjust like she did in the mess hall before. Her long hair fell all aroundme.  I tried to fight my way out of hersea of hair but before I even had a chance to move she had already backed awayfrom me, towering above me.




“HAHAHAHA! You fell for thattrick again!”


“Hey you little wench! Stopit! That’s not funny!” 


Bridget and Tara quicklyknelt so their chests were at my level. As they breathed excitedly I could seetheir breasts heaving with each breath, rising and falling in rhythm.


“Bridget, don’t hurt him,we’ll get in trouble. Are you all right? How did you get so tiny? You look likea little toy or something. We won’t hurt you will we Bridget?”


“Oh, I guess not. Wimp.”


“Please girls-“


Both the girls’ heads and Iturned at the sound of a toilet flushing. Before I could react Bridget reachedout and seized me in her possession, her fingers pinned my arms easily and thebed surface dropped away. Me, an 18 year old helpless in the fist of a 16 yearold!


“Hey…hey! You put me down!Put me down! Help!”


“Here, Tara you carry him.”


Bridget quickly stuffed medown Tara’s shirt, pinning me in her modest cleavage, held against her chest atthe waist by her bra. I could see the neckline of her shirt just above me. Thensuddenly I was lurched upward as Tara got up off the floor.


“Bridget! I can’t believeyou just did that! I don’t even know him! Are you okay in there, Richie? You dolook cute like that I must admit. Awwww….”


“Let me out of here.Mmmmmphfft---“


“Tara let’s go before we getcaught! Let’s take him to our cabin.”




“Hush Richie, we’re justtaking you to our cabin.”


Quickly Bridget and Tara getup and bolted from the cabin, forgetting all about the flashlight. They hadsomething even better now. In between Tara’s small breasts I was finding itvery hard to breathe. There was plenty of fresh air rushing through the fabricof Tara’s T-Shirt, but she had her arms crossed over her chest, which was squeezingthe air from my lungs. With every step Tara took I was shaken. Tara and Bridgettalked excitedly as they walked up the long path to where the 16-year old girlscabin was. When they got to the cabin they went into their room. I felt Tara’sslim fingers curl around me as she sat down on her bed and pulled me out fromher bra.


“Hey please let me go.You’ll hurt me!”


“Awwww aren’t you the cutestlittle thing! You’re adorable. What a little doll you are!”


“Give him to me.”


“No Bridget, leave me alone-“


“Shush. Come here, you.”


Bridget quickly snatched meout of Tara’s fingers into her clutch. She held me up to her face and laughedat my puny struggles to free myself from her fist. Squeezing me in her handuntil I cried out in protest she smiled triumphantly. She inspected me fromevery angle, and then she started crushing me against her breasts, purring likea kitten the whole time.


“You’re so adorable. You’reour little doll man to play with Richie. I don’t know how you got like this butthis is too cool.”


“I am not your doll. I’m aperson. Don’t hurt me Bridget, please. Put me down!”


“Careful with him! He mightbreak.”


“Ok, Ok, down you go littleman.” Bridget sets me down on her nightstand next to her bed.


"Lets a play littlegame."


“What’s that you got there,a doll?”


I looked up to see Stacylooming over me, approaching the nightstand. He blue eyes sparkled with wonderat the sight of me. Before long I was in her fist, dangling upside down beforeher fascinated face as she started stroking and cooing at me like a pet, whichat this point I was.


“Can I play with your newlittle man?”


“We just got him. We weregoing to.”


“Lets take off our tops andmake him choose which of our tits he likes the best.”


“Yeah that’s a great idea. Ibet he picks me.”


“No me tiny tits. You don’tstand a chance.”


“Oh yeah?”


In a flash I was staring upat four teens getting ready to pull off their tops for me.


Tara, Bridget and Staceywere all topless standing above me. It was like a dream come true only I wastoo small to enjoy any part of it. Stacy had scooped me up and plopped me downin the center of Bridget’s bed. I looked up to see Bridget lowering herdangling breasts on top of me. I struggled for a good five minutes before myhead popped out between her average sized breasts. As Bridget stood up shepinned me to her chest with one hand and I found my legs dangling out of thebottom of her breasts kicking and flailing wildly, kicking against her abdomen.This caused an eruption of laughter.


“Girls, Keep it down. You’regoing to wake up the whole camp.”




I heard the footfalls ofCarmen walking over. Stacey and Tara moved and stood in front of Bridget butluckily I was already spotted. I had known Carmen for many years. She came hereevery year since she was 14 and now she is just turned 21.


“Richie Hanes is that you?What happened to you? You look so cute.”


“Carmen it’s a long story,it started with a meteorite and I shrank and Kelly found m-.“


“Hey slow down little man,you’re all excited. Slow down or I will have to put you in my dresser draweruntil you calm down. I will have to confiscate him from you girls.”


“Yes Carmen.”


“Thank you so much Carmen.Can you take me home now?”


“Take you home? RichieHanes, you are 5 inches tall and standing in the palm of my hand and the onlything you can think of is going home?


“Hey, what are you doing?”


I watched helplessly asCarmen opened up the window and yelled to the cabin next door.




Megan was one of the othercabin counselors. She was 6’4” tall and had luscious brown hair and deep greeneyes. She plays pro volleyball now but she still came back every summer here.She had been here just as long as Carmen. I had spent many nights dreaming ofMegan. She started college this fall actually. She was going to UCLA and wasgoing to play pro volleyball in between somehow. When Megan walked into theroom I was not prepared for her sheer height.


“Holy fuck, is that RichieHanes!”


In one swift motion sheswiped me from Carmen and sat down on Bridget’s bed. Her massive fingers heldme tightly in a fist.


“Megan, please be carefulwith me! What do you think you’re doing? Put me down!”


 With her other arm she took off her shit andrevealed her tits. My jaw was rolling around somewhere on the floor. Her titswere firm and athletically toned as was the rest of her body.  She had a perfect tan and was just overallthe hottest girl in this side of the Milky Way. 


Grinning at me like the girlwith a new toy that she was, I was immediately moved to her breasts. Meganbegan grinding my face into her nipple.


“You like these my littletoy man?”


“I declare Megan the winnerof ‘Tit Fest 02’.“


“Oh you are just so cute. Imay have to figure out a way to keep you like this.”


“Come on girls let’s playwith him. What should we do first?”


“Let’s all fuck him silly.”


“Don’t be ridiculous youwould kill him in an instant.”


“Ok then how about we playhide and seek.”


“With a five inch tall man,in the woods?”


 “Lets see hmmm I know. Bridget, Tara, Staceylay down on the floor flat so your stomachs are as close together as possible.  Carmen, crouch next to Bridget and make sureyour mouth is level with her stomach and put this tooth pick in your mouth.”


“What the hell is going onhere, I demand to know!”


I was then placed on Tara’sstomach, as Megan blared ‘What Does It Take To Be #1?’ by Nelly.


“Sorry Richie, the song addseffect. OK, you have to walk across the girls stomachs’ and grab the toothpickfrom Carmen’s mouth and walk all the way back here, and if you do then we willbe your slaves for tonight but if you can’t, then we all get to play with youall night long.”


“Alright, it looks likeBridget is going to jumping into the lake and then carrying me home butt assnaked with her nipples all hard from the cold water and the cold night air. Herpussy will be wet and dripping with water as she knocks on my door and hands meto my mother.”


“Yeah and if we win I amgoing to stuff you in my smelly shoes and you make you live the rest of yourlife licking my feet.”


“Bridget, it’s not fun ifyou kill him.”


“Yeah those big boats youcall feet could crush a small child and when I say small I mean Shaq-sized.”


“You’re horrible, you allare just horrible.”


“Okay Richie GO!”


I streaked across Tara’schest just as I was about to jump she used her abdominal muscles to bounce meback towards the start.


“Ooof! Hey!”


With an eruption of laughterfrom the girls that made crossing her stomach even more dangerous now becauseit was bouncing up and down from her laughter, I crawled over to Stacey’sstomach just barely missing another abdominal thrust by Tara. Then I ran acrossStacey’s stomach as a sea of honey squirted down on me.


“Glug! What the fuck? Blubblub blub….glub…”


“HAHAHAHAHA that is sofunny.”


“Hey! That’s cheating!”


“No it’s not! We make therules here.”


I fought and crawled my wayout of the honey after about five or six minutes, only to see Megan’s tonguelower onto Stacey’s chest. This made Stacey laugh and I was bounced back intothe pool of honey. Megan’s tongue made a beeline straight towards me clearingthe honey with ease in it’s path. I was stuck to the honey like glue untilMegan’s tongue and her hot breath passed over me. The moment it did I took offrunning but she blew as hard as she could on me and I rolled away the back to Tara’sstomach.


“Hey girls watch what I cando with him, watch this…”


Tara then took the libertyof bouncing me around so I ran in between her tits for cover. As I wiggledthrough middle of her tits I guess she must have been ticklish there becauseshe busted out laughing. I ran around her tit and jumped onto Stacey’s face. Ipulled myself up by using her hair as a rope. The moment my feet hit her soft cheeks I almost fell off but I continuedto run across her face. I leapt over her mouth but she extended her tongue andmy foot slipped in. Her mouth closed around my right leg. I tried to pull itfree from her mouth but I couldn’t get it out. I tried kicking but her teethalmost sliced my foot in half.


“Hey Stacy don’t! Let me go!Let me go don’t eat me! Girls, help me she’s going to eat me!”


“UH OH, someone may not beable to continue.”


I then looked up at her noseand started tickling her nose hairs. As she sneezed I was blown off her faceand back onto her stomach with a soft ‘splat’ that echoed around the room. Icrawled and ran across her stomach dodging and fighting off Megan’s fingers theentire time. I leapt onto Bridget’s stomach which was skinny but not asathletically firm as the other girls. Bridget is more of the beach bunny type.When I was about half way there I saw her hand come for me. I dove up and overher hand and grabbed the toothpick from Carmen’s mouth.


“So what! Say how? Say who?Fuck what? Fuck me? Fuck you! I WIN!” [In a cocky tone]


I did a little moonwalkacross Bridget’s stomach and spiked the toothpick into her stomach. I then dida little victory dance and spun around.


“Yeah, someone’s going inthe lake.”


“Umm you have to make it allthe back to the start.”


“What? Really?”


“And guess what? You lose.”


Megan grabbed me by theankle and let me dangle over Bridget’s stomach while I flailed away with mylimbs helplessly dangling several inches above the undulating flesh.  She laughed as she swung me against Bridget’sbreasts several times, and then gently lowered me down onto the surface of thestomach. Megan’s finger pressed me firmly down and into Bridget’s stomach. Itried to push it off or crawl out from under her mighty finger but in the end Ihad to give in much to Bridget’s glee.


“OK I give now let me up.”


As soon as Megan removed thefinger I started to back down her tummy but my foot caught in her navel and Ifell back. I looked up to see Tara’s hand swooping down for me. I managed tododge it and I started crawling up Bridget’s stomach toward her face, butTara’s hand dropped over my back and held me face down against the dark blondehaired girl’s stomach. The pressure from Tara’s hand pressed me into Bridget’stummy flesh. I realized that my cock and balls were in the depression of hernavel so I started humping her belly button. Even though I was too weak to moveTara’s hand she noticed my grinding movements and laughed at my puny efforts tofuck Bridget’s navel. Bridget also noticed and urged me on.


“Hey girls look even mybelly button is too big for his dinky dick now.”


“Oh that is so precious.Isn’t he sweet? Let’s take his clothes off so we can see his tiny hard on. Hemust have one by now.”


“Stacy don’t you dare takemy clothes away or you will regret it.”  


“Oh, what are you going todo fight me off with a toothpick? Kick out with your tiny little churning legs?Ooooo I am so scared my little toy man. Can’t you hear my teeth chattering infear?”


As they all stood up I sliddown Bridget’s stomach and hit the floor. A little dazed and stunned I lookedup at all the girls standing up.   I wasdirectly between Megan’s shoes. She looked impossibly tall.


“So what do you want to donow?” says Carmen


All their heads turnedtowards the doorway as they saw Kelly standing there. Her eyes were burningwith rage. Each step she took forward said only one thing: Stay Away.  Her breathing was in an angry manner. Sheclomped forward, step after step, it echoing the through the now silent bunk.Her eyes were locked on the group of girls.


“Is there a problem Kell?”


“Oh yes there is a problemand I think it needs to be addressed right now.”


Kelly then grabbed a batthat was propped up against the bunk she was walking by. The closer she got tothe girls the farther back Bridget and Tara got. As Kelly passed by a windowshe flung the bat at the window, shattering it instantly.




“Carmen Stuff your cakewhole and save it for someone who cares. NO one steals from me and on top ofthat steals my little doll best friend from my bunk. I was worried and nowthere is going to be hell to pay Bridget. Your friend Tara gave you away whenshe said, ‘Bridget I hardly know him. Awwwww he looks cute down there.’”


Megan and Carmen’s headturned towards Bridget and Tara who were now halfway towards the back door.


“Both you two over here,front and center. Kelly, drop the bat. Stacey Grab Richie”, Shouted Megan.


In a daze I just stood theredumbfounded as Stacy’s fingers curled around my body and lifted me up to hersoft chest.


“Lemme go Stacy.  You can put me down now honey; playtime isover. Megan and Carmen you can take me home now.”


Bridget and Kelly told theirstories and Megan looked over at Bridget.”


“Now Bridget you shouldn’thave stolen Richie like that and Kelly, you had no right to break that window.Why don’t we all just have a little fun and at the end of the night you cantake Richie back to your bunk with you. Does that sound fair?”


            “Waitwhat about me? Don’t I have any choice in this?”


            “Ohyou have a choice, you can either shut up or you can die under my breasts.Which will it be, dolly?”


            Iremained silent. As they turned toward each other to try and resolve thesituation my female prison quickly turned and walked out of the room. I yelledout and struggled against Stacy’s power but the other girls don’t hear ornotice that Stacy has just stolen me away for herself.


“---OK girls so Both Bridgetand Kelly agree---.”


As they turned towards thebed they all noticed that Stacey is gone.


Meanwhile Stacy was runningalong the footpath to the 17 Year old girls cabin with me clutched in her fist,held out in front of the as she jogged through the woods.


“I’m going to see if myfriend Veronica will hide you for me little man. She’ll get such a kick out ofyou when she sees you.”


“Hey c’mon Stacy, what doyou have against me? I don’t even know you. Can’t you just please put me downand let me go? Don’t leave me with Veronica. Or at least take me back to Meganand Carmen I’m sure they’ll help me.”


“HA! No doll I’ve decidedI’d like to keep you for my very own. You have to do whatever I say or I’lltake you to your Mom, and I’m sure you wouldn’t want her to see you like thiswould you?”


She continued walking as shespoke down at me, her fingers encircling my body in a tight hold. I kicked andsquirmed against her power with no result. It was double humiliating when it'ssomeone I don’t even know and she just takes me like a dessert in a buffetline. I looked down at her long legs covering what was to me dozens of meterswith each step. Then we were at her friends cabin. It looked like the girlsstill hadn’t made it back in for the night except for one girl who was readingin her bed. She had long brown hair and eyes and she looked to be engrossed inwhat ever she was reading.


“Hey Ronnie.”


“Sup Stace, What’s newGirlfriend?”


“Hey you there, your friendkidnapped me. For god sakes don’t listen to what she says please. She is gonnabe in BIG trouble.”


I doubt that my squeakyvoice did much to get her attention.


“Ronnie look up.”


And she dropped me onRonnie’s stomach before I could even see where I was. I bounced against thesoft stomach and came to a rest on top of it. The fabric of her T-Shit wasbeneath my body as I came to a sitting position on top of her navel. My buttsunk in on the T-Shirt where her navel was and I looked up at Veronica. Herlong brown hair was tied up in a bun, she had a slightly olive complexion andthe smooth skin of her thighs rose up behind me like as her legs were drawn upand she was holding the paperback book she was reading just above her C cupbreasts.


“Hey, what'd you put onme?"


“Hey yourself girlie. I amMrs. Hanes son. Richie. And you can do me a favor and let me down off yourstomach, understand? I am not some toy for your amusement I am a livingbreathing human being and I got shrunk by a meteorite and…”


"I don't rememberasking how because I really don’t care. Wow. You are just the coolest littlething. And you fit so nicely on my tummy!"


"I am not a thing I ama man."


"I think you’re a Thingso you’re a thing. If you don’t like it...."


"Whatever bitch."[Mumbles under his breath]


Staring down at me intentlythe girl wasn’t paying me any mind at all. Instead she put the book down on thebed beside her and her fingers darted out to seize me about the middle withirresistible force. I flew over her abdomen like Peter Pan and floated right infront of her big brown eyes. I kicked and fought her but that just enticed herto laugh at my tiny struggles against her slender fingers. As she started tospeak to Stacy her warm pleasant breath washed over me as she held me out infront of her face.


“He talks and moves andeverything! He’s real! Just look at him struggle Stacy. Where did you get him?He’s adorable, like a pet. Are you going to keep him?”


“Of course I’m real stupid,I ain’t no pet, understand? And I insist that you put me down this instant, oryou will be in a lot of trouble-“


"Well you used to be abig shot but now I see just a little bitty man who has to do whatever Isay."


She then dangled me over hermouth from her slender fingers. I felt her release me and I as I fell towardsher mouth she grabbed me just before I fell into her mouth.


"Just kidding. Wait, noI'm not."


She dropped me again, Iscreamed even louder as Stacey halfway laughed but has a hint of concern in herlaugh.


"I'm Sorry.... No I’mnot!"


She let me fall this timeand I don’t scream knowing she will catch me, but this time I didn’t see hermove at all. I started screaming thinking she is really going to do it when atthe last moment she closed her mouth and I rolled down the side of her face andonto her bed.


"So what’s the 411 onthis bitch."


"Who you calling'bitch, fool."


Both girls break outlaughing.


"You’re pricelessmidget. I like this guy Stacie you might not get him back. I could toy with himall day like this."


I felt her shove me overwith her tongue. I tumbled off her bed and landed into a pile of her wet socks.I then felt myself being plucked up into the air and dropped backed down on herchest.


"So yeah you weresaying."


“Kelly from the older girlscabin found him earlier and then Bridget and Tara from my 16 year olds cabinstole him from her. I stole him from all of them and I wanted to leave him withyou for a while so they don’t catch me with the little man. If you hide him forme until the morning you can play with a live doll man for tonight. How aboutit girl? Wanna play with a pocket sized hunk?”   


Stacy took me back fromVeronica and gave me a kiss to my midsection before settling me against hersmooth neck.


“No Stacy don’t you’ve gotto bring me back to Kelly! I am not some doll to play with young lady. Now youtell your friend her to put me down and pick up her book and go back to readingok.”


“Hey Stacy I justremembered, I just made some s’mores. Want one?”


“Sure. It’s hot in here doyou mind if I take my shirt off?”


“Good idea. I will too. Howabout you doll man?”


Stacy lowered me to Ronnie’sbed and then lifted her shirt over her head. I looked up and gasped because shewasn’t wearing a bra and it looked as if her breasts were firm enough that shedidn’t need one. Both girls took their shirts off and were sitting cross-leggedon the bed with me in the middle staring up at the goddesses on either side. Isaw Veronica reach behind her to her night stand and she grabbed a graham crackerand put a slab of Hershey’s bar on it, then a marshmallow she had toasted andwas still warm. Ronnie then grabbed me, giggling at what she had in store forme. She pressed me against the marshmallow and chocolate and then grabbedanother marshmallow and another graham cracker and sandwiched me into thes’mores. My body was soon covered with gooey marshmallow and chocolate andgraham cracker crumbs.


“Ronnie what are you doing,you aren’t going to really eat him are you?”


“I just can’t help myself. I'msorry down the hatch you go where you come out no one knows! [Giggles].”      


“No Ronnie, please don’t eatme! Stacy help! Let me out.”


Suddenly I heard a crunchand Ronnie’s lips brushed against me as she took a small bite from the cornerof the graham cracker. I heard the loud crunch of her chewing and realized withterror that that could have been me.


“Mmmmmm you’re so good. Doyou want a bite Stacy?”


“Give me that you ditz. Ifyou want S’mores I’ll give you S’mores.”


With that Stacy pulled apartthe graham crackers and laughed at the site of me stuck to one of the crackers,all covered with gooey confection. Laughing uncontrollably she swiftly thrustthe graham cracker with me stuck to it and plastered it against Veronica’schest. The force she used to slap me against Ronnie’s chest caused the crackerto crack in half between my back and Stacy’s palm. Stacy then began smearing meall over Ronnie’s breasts and down her stomach and back up to her neck thendown and around her again and again, smearing s’mores goo all over her friends’torso and me with it in the process.


“Get me off of here rightnow. BOTH YOU ARE SUSPENDED FOR INDEFINATELY.”


"Oh, I think you’re theone who is suspended, Suspended to my belly."


"Ooooo you get me offof here right now."


"No more emptythreats?"


"I was trying to fillyour empty head but I was running out"


"You better lick allthat off me chump."


“Hmmm now that I think aboutit I could use a little snack, but you’ve got gallons of stuff on you and me. Icould never get it all off at my size.”


“Awwww…let me help himVeronica, here…”


Stacy leaned down until herlips met my tiny body stuck to her friends’ chest. Her tongue swirled around mefrom head to toe, licking off the marshmallow and chocolate from my front, hertongue sensuously teased my groin and her plush lips kissed me all over, as shetasted me. She drew away and was clean in the front. However was still stuck toVeronica’s chest from the back. Ronnie however plucked me from her chest withlittle effort and rubbed my back into her left breast so I was stuck with mybody contoured to her breast and I am looking out. I looked up just in time tosee Stacy pucker her lips and press hard against my middle, crushing me betweenher lips and Ronnie’s boob. I started to like this and I begin squirming inecstasy but the girls though I was struggling and they loved this. Stacybrushed her long blond hair out of the way and leaned over and kissed me hardagainst the breast over and over and over. Finally she drew away and started toput her shirt on.


“It looks like you have yourwork cut out for you then little man. Thanks for watching my little doll manRonnie. I will be back in the morning to get him.”


“Don’t worry Stacy, nobodywill ever find him here. He’s going to be my little secret [Giggles].”


“Please you girls are out ofcontrol here. I am not a human snack! I do not taste good! I’m not a S’moresdammit! Put me down you, you, you, well, just put me down!”


“I am going to have such funwith you tonight my little doll man.”   


In a flash I was left alonewith the dark haired goddess, on her breasts. Her fist closed around my torsoand she started rubbing me and grinding me into her again, chirping out ordersto lick all the S’mores off her. He hand was too fast and I couldn’t possiblykeep up my tongue at this rate. I managed to clean off one nipple andsurrounding aureole in about 10 minutes. Apparently that wasn’t fast enough forher because she closed me in her fist again and held me up to her face.


“I guess there’s too muchfor a little doll man like you to eat. Let’s go get cleaned up.”


I protested in vain as shecarried me outside and down to the bathhouse. I was taking a shower with herwhether I like it or not. I prayed no other giantesses are in there when sheshowered.


“Veronica, listen to me, notStacy, you’ve got to let me go. Take me back to the counselors, take me back toMegan!”


“But why? I’m sure thoseheifers just want you for themselves. You’ll be my little doll for tonight, andStacy’s little doll tomorrow for as long as she wants you to be.”


“No Ronnie put me down! Yousqueezing me! Ow!”


“Oh sush, you little shrimpyman. You have to do what I say cause you’re my toy for now. You’re coming withme to the showers.”


“I don’t want anyone else tosee me.”


“I heard about your littlepeep party. It’s only fair that since you were looking at us that we shouldlook at you. Don’t worry most of the girls actually kind of like you so you’llbe safe with me.”


I kicked and struggled andfought her. She giggled and held me up to her lips for a kiss, licking more ofthe S’mores goo off my midsection as she did so.


“Mmmmmm, you’re delicious. Icould eat you up.” She snapped up one of my flailing arms in her lips as shewalked with me and playfully sucked it, tasting the s’mores and me. Then shehungrily attacked one of my kicking legs the same way, running her lips andtongue over it in the process.


            “Heystop that! You’re pissing me off!”


The air was cold andVeronica’s grip was strong and sweaty. I kept squirming and trying to fight myway out but she only squeezed stronger and stronger, taunting me with her girlpower.


“Stop fighting me. You’rejust my little dolly man now so get used to it.”


“Please Ronnie take me home.Put me down.”


‘Ummm…never. I like, own younow. Well, for tonight at least. You’re Stacy’s new little toy man now.”


As we walked in thebathhouse I found myself on the other side of the wall this time. She shed herbathrobe and went to the sink and rinsed me off. I was then stuffed into thepocket of her discarded robe as she walked over to the shower. I started tomake my way out of her pocket. As I poked my head over I notice that she keptlooking back over here every few minutes and it was a long drop to the floor. Iran back into her pocket and started to think things over but I soon justdecided to do something crazy and I speed out of her pocket as fast as I can.As I stepped off the ledge I closed my eyes and tried to not to scream as Ifell. The fall seemed to take forever with my eyes closed. The swirlingdarkness soothed and calmed me slightly as I continued to fall. I impacted theground hard. I stood up but my body felt like pudding as I ran. I wanted tojust collapse but I kept on running knowing that I didn’t have a lot of time. Ikept looking behind me as I ran knowing that Veronica wouldn’t be far behindme. I streaked out of the bathhouse not knowing what to expect. I startedheading for home but I was way too tired. My body was about to give up so Iheaded toward the woods. Just as I made it about half way to the trees I sawone of the girl's camp T-shirts lying on the ground. I crawled into the sleeveand lay down, falling asleep almost instantly.


The next morning I woke upfeeling rejuvenated. As I woke up, still in total darkness I was afraid to lookoutside. I wanted to walk outside and find out if this is all a dream or not. Ijust wanted things to be like how they were. Who would ever want to spend theirlife shrunk like this? It’s a nightmare. Being played with by gigantic girls,toyed with to near death, almost eaten this was farthest from bliss or a dreamthat there was.  This was more like hellthen anything else. No, because at least hell wasn't so mean that they gave youlittle glimmers of hope and happiness and then just take them away.


Knowing that I have to facethe facts at some point I crawled out of the sleeve to see that it’s still buttass early in the morning. I started heading up the camp road towards my house.The rocks on the road make it pretty difficult to walk but eventually I made itto the main entrance area where the campers got dropped off. Just as I wasabout in the middle of the driveway I heard a loud rumble. It sounded like amillion horses were running by me. Dust was being kicked up into the air.  The air was so thick with dust that it hurtto breathe. I start coughing profusely. A slew of rocks pounded my body relentlessly. A screeching halt soundedlike metal grinding metal as the dirt filled air cleared I looked up to see ared convertible in front of me.  Atitanic black boot slammed down in front of me. The force from the boot shovedme end over end a few feet.  As her otherfoot came down I tried to run but her hand darted around me from seemingly outof nowhere. She picked me up by my head and shoulders. I dangled in mid air asshe had my head and shoulders between her pointer finger and thumb.


“So, they have midgetcounselors now [Snorts]?  I am so NOTlistening to a thing you have to say.”


“Put me the FUCK downgodammit.”


“I will put you wherever theFUCK I want.”


“Hey Jen, Jen do they havebaggage hands here?”


“You prissy ass bitches haveto carry your own stuff.”


“Oh, What a odd thing to do.You mean they don’t have hired help at this camp? You owe us big Jen Jen.”


I still can’t see the faceof the other girl but this girl I am with is still holding me in her grasp asthey walk down the trail.


“Listen couldn’t we talkabout this? Put me down already. I don’t like being held like this. In fact Ihave been able to walk since I was three.”


“Sorry midget, I thinkyou’re staying with me for as long as I am here.  You’re our little room service boy in thisplace. I expect my own bunk and things to be clean. I will not spend the summerin such filth.”


“Excuse me? This is theoutdoors; it’s not supposed to be clean.”


“Yeah and the Air smellsfunny here Miranda.”


“Yeah I know Riley.”


“Umm ladies, that’s becauseit’s clean air.”


“Oh, that would make sense.”


“Umm Jen Jen.”


“That’s Jennifer to you antboy.”


“Do you think you could spinme around so I could see your friends?”


“Awe, he’s a sweetie. Let ustouch him next Jen Jen.”


“Put me down you giantdaddy’s girl!”


“I think I could but Iwon’t! And if you don’t like it well there is not much you can do but take it.”


As they entered the areawhere the campers stayed I was shoved into her pocket.  I heard her zip up the pocket I was in. Iremembered why I hated designer jeans.


“Hey tall girl! Over hereostrich! Chop, chop!”


“Oh, hi are you Jennifer?Your dad called us and said you would be coming for the short season.”


“Yeah well our suitcases andstuff are in the car would you go get them?”


“The campers carry their ownstuff sorry.”


“I don’t think youunderstood me. I said get my luggage and get it NOW.”


“I told you.”


“Well I told you different,so you can get it or you can pay the price.”


“Young lady I am in charge here.I expect to be treated--”


[Jennifer cuts in]”--HoweverI decide to talk to you.”


“You, know Jen Jen we don’treally mind carrying our stuff.  It’sweird but--.”


“Miranda no.”


“Get our stuff now, youtoo-tall, over grown bitch on a power trip.”


“Excuse me? You are so notcalling me the bitch.”


“Oh guess what? I like justtotally did, bitch, so get my stuff or you can kiss your job goodbye.”


“Your daddy said you neededa attitude adjustment and I can see what he meant. I think you can spend thesummer in the isolation cabin.”


“Alright girls let’s go.”


“No, I mean alone, justyou.”


“And I said they are comingwith me because if they aren’t we are walking back to my car and we are leavingand I believe you are responsible for me this summer so if something wouldhappen.”


“Fine, just go.”


“Megan it’s me Richie helpme I am in the pocket help me please mmmmmphfft...”


I tried yelling for Meganfrom inside the pocket but it was no use. There was way too much shouting between Jen Jen, Miranda and Riley.  And Jen Jen had pressed me with her hand tosilence me. Soon I could feel the girls walking again. I spent the better partof the next 2 hours in this pocket.  Iwas finally taken out to see the other two girls with Jen Jen before. Theylooked about 16 or 17, real hot.  Theywere identical twins. Identical twin slender blond cuties.  I was tossed over to one of the blondebeauties by the other one like I was a rag doll.


“Hey! Help! Please becareful not to drop me! Let me down young lady, do you hear me?”


“Awwww you’re so cute andtiny.”


“Isn’t he the most preciousthing you have ever seen? They have all sorts of wild forest creatures here Iguess.”


“I am not a creature of theforest. I am a man. My Mom owns this camp and I got shrunk by a meteorite thatfell in the woods and--”


“Oh, really, we have neverbeen to the woods before. We are from Los Angeles.”


“I am sorry about Jen Jen;she is really nice once you get past her outer shell.”


“Oh I am sure she islovely.”


“Hey let’s go to the beach.You want to come shorty?”




“Okay great you’re coming.”


“Riley! He didn’t evenanswer.”


“Well I did for him let’sgo.”


I was set down on one of thebeds and I watched in awe as the girls just took their clothes off.  They were so natural about it too. Notnervous or worried, or asking me turn away they just undressed right in frontof me like I am not even there, until Miranda spotted me looking and decided tomake a little show of it for me, bending over and shaking her small breastsover me. Se laughed as she pulled back from out of my reach only to bend overagain until I thought she was going to drop her breast over me completely,trapping me against the bed. Instead she dropped her bra on top of me and Istruggled to get out from under it.


“Hey what are you doing? Getthis off me get this off me I can’t move it help!”


“Miranda! You’ll scare thelittle thing to death! Help him get it off [Giggles]!”


“OK…awww that is sooooocuuuute. Here let me help you, poor little weak doll man…”


“Miranda, be nice. He can’thelp it being so teeny. He’s just as helpless as a kitten and he doesn’t needyour teasing. Even though he is a little creature he still has feelings.”


Miranda then reached downand hooked the bra in the middle by her index finger and lifted the bra off me.I was completely embarrassed that this girl had more strength in one fingertipthan I had with my whole body. They saw the dejected look on my face over beingtoo weak to move the bra off of me and I was swiftly lifted up to Riley’s lipsfor a reassuring kiss, and then set down on the bed again so the girls couldfinish dressing.


I started to think that itmight be so bad. Granted, Jennifer is a bitch but these girls don’t seem halfbad. I was then seized up roughly and with lightning quickness by one of thegirls, I was not sure how to tell the twins apart, I just know their names wereMiranda and Riley. I think it was Riley. She clutched my squirming figure inher hand and off we went.


 As we arrived at the beach the girls threwtheir towels down on the ground and stretched out.  A Massive bottle of sunscreen was squirtedonto their backs and then Riley plucked me up in her fist and tossed me ontoMiranda’s smooth back. I already knew what they wanted me to do so I startedrubbing in the sunscreen oil.  This wasone of the most incredible sensations I have ever experienced. I slowly rubbedthe oil onto their backs with my entire body. Their soft skin felt heavenlybetween my fingers and against my body. I crawled across Miranda’s smooth softsilky back rubbing the oil in bit by bit. I could hear her relax, purring andmoaning as I made my way across her back.


“It’s like you are massagingmy back as you walk across it. You’re such a cutie. I love this. The girls backhome would just eat you up. Maybe I will have to take you home with us to meetthem, little doll mmmmmm…zzz.”


Once I finished with the oilI used her hair as a rope and climbed up onto the top of Miranda’s head. I thenslid down her arm like a fire pole. I looked up at her and noticed that she wassleeping so I made my way over to her twin. Riley was on her back. Against my better judgment I climbed up onto herbikini top. I laid my head against her bikini and relaxed, enjoying the softnubile-ness of her flesh.  As I lie thereI saw her looking down at me. I quickly jumped to my feet.


“I am sorry Riley pleasedon’t hurt me. I was just resting don’t h--”


“Awwww you’re such a doll! Iwouldn’t hurt you, and don’t worry we won’t let Jen Jen hurt you. Let’s playlittle doll man, ok?  I know come withme. Hop up onto my hand.”




“I said hop onto my handlittle toy man. I want to play with you. Hop on or I’ll give you to Jen Jen.C’mon little fella, I won’t hurt you.”         


I nervously crawled into thepalm of her hand. As she walked away from the towels I was shaken from side toside and the scenery rushed by me at dizzying speeds. I knew she was trying tobe careful so I didn’t say anything even though it shook me up a little. I wasthen set down in the sand and Riley turned her back to me. I was not exactlysure what she was doing but I just waited for her to say something. The wavescrashed up onto the beach and started to drag me back out with t them but Iluckily make it free and dashed up onto her foot.


“What are you doing backthere? It tickles.”


“Sorry, but the waves aretoo strong for me. I’ll drown.”


“Awe don’t worry Riley willsave you. Your castle is done.”


I was then dropped in thecourtyard of a sandcastle made to scale for me. I walked in and out ofbuildings and marveled at the detail of it all.


“This is amazing! How didyou do this?”


“Oh me and my sister makethem all the time. This was just a quickie. Wait here she would love to see youin here like this.”


As she walked away Icontinued exploring the ins and outs of the sandcastle. I started to walk outthe door when I heard Jennifer bellow out from above.


“You better run the big baddragon is coming to get you.”


“Stop Jennifer, just leaveme alone OK? Riley will be right back.”


“You better worry aboutyourself, not Riley, shrimp boy.”


Her foot stomped down ontothe castle. The sand spilled over the doorway blocking me in. I started runningtowards the other doorway but just as I turned the corner she dumped water downover the entrance and the heavy wet sand spilled down over the that doorway. Iran to the wall and start trying to dig my way out but Riley had packed thesand down too tightly for me.


“Oh no, little man whathappened?”


“Riley the waves came andruined your castle.”


“What! Oh no, the little manis in there.”


“He is, Oh no.” [In a coldcallus voice]


“Help me Riley, Jennifertrapped me in here and almost stepped on me.”


“You can be so mean topeople sometimes. He didn’t do anything to you. He’s just a tiny defenselessliving doll.”


“It is kind of funny thoughRiley. A grown man can’t even get himself out of a sandcastle.”


“You’re both horriblesometimes. He’s just a helpless little doll. C’mere little thing…”


I started running as I saw agigantic fist crash through the ceiling. Her fingers curled around me, drawingme up into her powerful girl grip.


“Hey, careful Riley, you’resqueezing me too tight! Riley please loosen your grip can’t you hear me?”


I saw all three girls nowhovering around me.


“Hey let’s bring him back toour room. We can have some real fun there.”


As Riley held me up againsther chest I hated to do it but I slipped myself out from the bottom of her gripand somehow I fell to the ground undetected by the girls. I watched them walkaway somehow knowing that I haven’t seen the last of them. 


I lazily started walking upthe long road towards the cabins when I saw a strange girl running towardsme.  I tried like hell to get out of theway but she was much too fast. I was then shoved down into the ground, by hersandy feet. I tried to scream but I found myself being plucked up from theground by her foot and slammed back into the ground. My body screamed in painbut finally, it stopped.  I soon realizedwhy as I watched her place her foot into the canoe.  I then saw the camp counselor, gorgeousbrunette Samantha Stevens, yell out “Okay Campers, We are going to Navi Islandfor the night.”


I cringed as I slid off ofthis girls foot at the thought of having to spend the night with a group of 15year old campers on a island with no way off it unless I stick with them. Ishook my head as I felt this girl start to paddle.


Some days it just doesn’tpay to even get out of bed.


So there I was, at thebottom of this rowboat, clinging to some girls’ pant leg as they rowed over toNavi Island in the middle of Deer Lake. There were four girls in the boat withme along with Samantha, the counselor. I cringed at the thought of Samanthaseeing me like this. She was only 20, a college junior at Michigan I believe. Ihad known her since she started attending camp when she was 16. She didn’t needto work her for the money that’s for sure. Like most of the other girls and thecounselors here her family was well to do, but her father had insisted on herkeep coming back because there were no guys here to fool around with hisdaughter. And it kept her out of trouble. That was a big motivation for a lotof the girls’ families actually: to stash their daughters here for the summeras a way to keep them out of the clubs and bars and other situations theydidn’t want their princesses to get into.


Samantha and I had alwaysbeen on friendly terms, if not particularly close. She was friends with some ofthe other counselors and older campers and in fact she and Kelly were goodfriends. I began to think that maybe if I revealed myself to her that she mightbe willing to take me back to Kelly. But not in the boat here.  There were four other girls here and hedidn’t want to start a commotion that would result in the boat being tippedover so I waited for the girls to row to the little island. I could heardistant voices along with the ones in my own boat and I realized that therewere four other boats rowing along with this one. Apparently all 20 of the 15year olds were going on the overnight along with the counselors, Samantha andBecky. As they rowed I almost puked as the girls fought and argued over whichof the N’SYNC guys was cutest and which lipstick to get and which of them wasgoing to score with the camp owners son…hey wait a minute, they were discussingme! Since I was the only guy in camp I was an easy subject to broach I guess. Iheard the girls agree about how cute I was and about it was a camp tradition toflirt with me.


“He’s really cute, that guyis a doll. I heard he tried to spy on some of us when we were showering lastnight, but I guess he got away cause I haven’t seen him since. I bet he waslooking to see what I look like naked.”


“Trish! He’s a senior! He’dnever look at you, or if he did he’d never look twice.”


“I bet he would, who couldresist me? I know I’m pretty and boys are always staring at me. I’m sure he isno different than other boys…”


“Well if you would close thelegs they wouldn’t stare.”


"Hey I am avirgin."


"Only toabstinence."


“Hey look who’s talkingKarolyn. I seem to remember you making out hitting on more than a few guys atthe Blossom Festival.”


"Keyword there beingmaking out, I don’t lower myself to the levels you do!"


"Oh whatever! You dropand spread ‘em before the cop even asks you to."








“Okay, enough girls. I agreethat Richie is cute but we are about to dock the boat so grab your stufftogether and get ready to step off on to the dock.”


“As the girls got off Iheard the one called Trish whisper to Karolyn, “I bet he COULDN’T resist me ifI tried.”


“No he’d pick me first. I’mhotter.”


“Would not!”


“Would too!”


I had no idea which girl Iwas clinging to. I was holding on to the bottom of her pant leg. Most of theother girls were wearing T-Shirts and shorts but this girl was wearing sweats.As she strode the length of the dock I preyed the other girls would not see me.Luckily they didn’t because they were carrying their bedrolls and other gear.The girls chatted as the walked through the footpath leading up from the dock.The island was small and mostly wooded except for two small clearings onopposite sides of the island. I heard Becky order the girls to split up and Iwas soon with the group headed by Samantha to one of the clearings.


“Ok girls get your tentspitched and in a half hour we’re are going on a firefly hunt. Did you allremember bring your nets?”


"Well my Tent's pitchednow what?"


I know nobody heard me butit’s always good to make light of every situation you’re in, or something likethat.


I dropped off the pant legas the girls stood around. I dashed into the undergrowth at the edge of theclearing as the girls got busy pairing off and pitching their pup tents.Samantha got to work building a campfire. What should I do? It was alreadyafter sundown and in a few minutes the area would be crawling with giant girlswielding butterfly nets. If that weren’t bad enough I had no way to get offthis island under my own power. I walked back into the wood to wait until itgot dark out. I would be forced to seek help and the more I thought about itthe more I realized that Samantha was my only hope. I prayed she wouldcooperate and that I could get to her. My thoughts were interrupted by thesound of breaking twigs and crunching leaves. Someone was coming. I can heartheir soft voices giggling as they clumsily picked their way through the woodedarea.


“I am NOT touching any bugs.We’ll just pretend to look and tell Sam we couldn’t get any.”


“Yeah who gives a shit aboutfireflies? I want a cigarette.”


“Nobody smokes here. Thisisn’t like at cheerleading camp Daryn. You’re too young to smoke anyway.”


“I’m almost 16. And I’m verymature for my age.”


“Whatever…hey what is that onthe ground over there?”


I suddenly heard from behindfeet clomping over to where I was. Then something swooped over my head, justmissing me as I broke into a run. I turned back to see two towering teensscanning the ground for something. One of them was holding the object that hadjust missed me. It was a huge butterfly net. She had almost caught me.


“What was it Laura?”


“I don’t know…I could swearit was a little person.”


“A what?”


“Oh, never mind. It wasprobably just a chipmunk or something. It’s dark and I couldn’t see itclearly.”


“You’re such a ditz Laura.There are no such things as little people. I wish there was though. It might befun.”


“Shut up Daryn [Laughter]! Itold you it was probably a chipmunk.”


“Yeah, let’s move over tothose rocks.”

As their voices faded andtheir footsteps moved farther away I breathed a sigh of relief as havingavoided detection. But no sooner had I caught my breath than something droppeddown over me, enclosing me in a flimsy white material that I could see andbreath through.


“Gotcha! Lets see what wehave here.”


“Karolyn, what is it?”


“Hey! Help! Nooooo! Let meout of here please.”


“Trish did you just hearthat?”


Suddenly I was upended and Ifell over. As soon as I had done so I felt something against my back and theground dropped away, leaving me hanging at the bottom of the butterfly net asKarolyn stood up, holding the net up high above her for Trish to see the tinycaptive sunk to the bottom. Looking up I could see the trees and the darknorthern sky through the opening at the top of the net. It must have been atleast 10 to 15 feet above me. I kicked and struggled to free myself but I justended up getting tangled up worse at the bottom of the net.


“Karolyn let me look.”


“I think it said something!”


Karolyn lowered the netopening down to where she and Trish could both look down in on me.

I looked up to see two hugefaces appear, looking down at me with astonishment.


“Trish, look at it, am Iseeing right?”


“I think so. It looks like alittle person.”


“Look, he’s moving. And hewas trying to say something.”


“Hello little man, what areyou doing out here? Hey Karolyn he looks cute in there.”


“Trish you are so dense.It’s not a man, it’s just a little doll somebody left in the woods. I’ll throwhim back into the woods.”


“No wait, let me take himback with us. I want to look at him closer.”


“Oh, alright, he is kind ofcute.”


“Hey can you girls hear me?Let me out of here at once. Take me to Sam!”


“Oh quiet in there. I’lldeal with you later. Now we have to get ready for campfire stories.”


Then I felt my net beingtwisted around as Trish sealed me in. It was useless so I just swung hopelesslyas she and her friend carried me back to the camp. Trish quickly put the netinside her sleeping bag and then she zipped the bag up so I could not escape.


“Be back in an hour or soafter lights out. Then we’ll talk little doll. You are so cute.”


“Hey wait I’m not a dollI’m---“




“Whatever. Back later.”


It was a hot and stuffyhour. I could hear the whole group of girls telling scary stories and singingcampfire songs. I hate Kum-ba-ya. I never wanted to hear it again.  Is that all they knew to sing here?


“OK campers lights out. Wehave to get up early in the morning so no screwing around I mean it.”


“Yes, Sam.”


I could hear girls tellingone another good night. Then there was a rustle of tent flap and someone gettinginto her sleeping bag next to my prison. Then the flap again and someone elsewas crawling into the tent.


“Hey, Karolyn, is the littleman I caught still here?”


“Oh, that doll you took? Idon’t know where did you leave him?”




“Here in the sleeping bag.”


Suddenly the bag opened andthe net was lifted once again, only this time the floor was turned upside downand I was upended. Trish had lay down in the sleeping bag herself and haddumped me out of the net in the space between herself and Karolyn’s sleepingbag. It was close quarters in the tent so I could smell their scent of perfumeand baby powder that they used.  Bothgirls were lying on their sides, facing each other and me in the middle betweentheir outstretched bodies. A flashlight clicked on and I could see Trishholding it over my head illuminating the tent with a soft glow.


“Hey be careful! What’s thebig deal?”


"Well I would have tosay more of a LITTLE DEAL."


"Yeah sorry for beingSHORT for words."


"Yeah, we only gave youa SMALL chance of actually being real."


“[Whispering] Oh my goshTrish you were right. It IS a little person. He’s moving and talking! Look athim!”


“[Whispering] You didn’tbelieve me. I told you so. Isn’t he neat?”


“[Soft Giggles] But wheredid he come from, how did he get this way? Can you understand me little doll?”


I stared up at Karolyn, theamused blonde girl with green eyes and a pert upturned nose. Laying on her sidelooking at me, her vertical chest was taller than I was, and her bosom heavedmenacingly just a few feet from me, even though I judged her to be an A cup atbest. She was sitting up propped up on one shoulder. Her other hand hoveredjust a few feet above my head.  Staringdown the length of her slim body I judged her height to be about 5’ 3”. Shelooked like the cheerleader type.


“Of course I understand you.Please help me I got shrunk by a---“


“Ooof! Hey!”


Karolyn had reached out herindex finger and poked me gently in the stomach. I stumbled backward andexpected to hit the ground on my ass but before I knew it Trish had slid herpalm under me and scooped me up to her face as I fell backwards.


“HA! I gotcha little man!Hold still while I look at you and you won’t get hurt.”


“Put me down young lady! Youare so in trouble and so is your friend here-“


“What are you going to do,phone the camp office? I doubt you could even press one button on a cell phonetiny.”


“Karolyn, stop teasing himlike that. Can’t you see he’s frightened? He’s so cute in my hand.”


Trish held me in front ofher cute face while her free fingers began plucking at my limbs.

Held just inches from her face I studied her rightback. Her short black hair was cut at the shoulders. She looked taller thanKarolyn, about 5’ 6” which was tall for her age. Her lips were full and herfigure was not yet voluptuous but the curves were there. Her breasts lookedonly slightly more imposing that her friend Karolyn’s and I supposed she may bea low B cup instead of the A cup of Karolyn. She started blowing on me, thenher fingers constricted around me and she started examining me from all anglesuntil she was convinced I was real. She put the flashlight down between her andKarolyn. I shouted to her to put me down as she dangled me by my ankle just infront of her face while holding her palm under me in case I twisted out of herpinch.


“[Whispers] Karolyn he lookskind of familiar.”


“[Whispers] He does, doesn’the? Little man who are you? And you better answer us or we will put you out inthe woods.”


“Help me I’m Richie Hanesand my Mom owns this camp and I got shrunk by this meteor and I’m trying to geth---“


“[Hisses] Quiet, you’ll wakethe other girls! Hey! It’s the owners’ son! The one we were talking aboutearlier in the day!”


“[Whispers] Oh my god Richieis that you? How did this happen? No, wait you can tell us later, we want toask you a question? [Giggles] If you had to choose one of us would it be me, orKarolyn? ”


“What? How can you ask methat at a time like this? Put me down this instant I need to get help.”


“[Giggles] Not until yousettle this. Who’s hotter, me or Karolyn?”


“[Whispers] Trish you arebad. The guy’s a senior and he’s going off to college.”


“You’re just jealous becausemy boobs are bigger.”


“They are not.”


“Yes they are.”


“Um, ladies I can decidethis--”


“[Whispering] You aren’tready yet to deciding anything until we say so Richie. You’re going righthere…”    


Karolyn grabbed me fromTrish’s palm and lay back in the sleeping bag. My tiny legs churned and kickedas she held me over her body at arm’s length, studying me.


“Karolyn no, put me down!What are you doing? I’m afraid of heights, don’t drop me.”


“Wow you really are a littleliving doll! You’re so cute and helpless! Relax dolly I’ve got you. I want youto tell me if my boobs are ok.”


“What? No! Mfffph---“


With sickening swiftnessKarolyn lowered me beneath her shirt and in between her small boobs. Clutchedin her fingers I couldn’t really so much but she soon started rubbing me allover her chest with her hand under her shirt. I tried to reach out and grab hernipples as they raced past but she was too strong for that. I ended up beingclutched against her tummy while she laughed uncontrollably.


“Karolyn be quiet and givehim to me. You’ll wake everyone. I’ll show him whose tits are bigger and it’snot yours. Come here little man.”


Trish giggles softly as sherolled over on top of Karolyn. She pinned the smaller girl down on the groundand laughing, reached under Karolyn’s shirt in an attempt to grab me. Karolynlaughed and tried to hold her shirt down so Trish couldn’t get her handunderneath but Trish tickled Karolyn’s stomach and I was bounced up and down byher laughter, then I was seized by Trish’s fist and brought out. Trish rolledback off Karolyn and lie back in her own sleeping bag. She whipped her shirtoff and I was set down on her slightly larger breasts.


“Hey be careful with me, I’mnot a toy you know.”


“Oh yes you ARE a toyRichie. I heard about how all the girls flirt with you and now it’s my turn. Ithink it would be cool to keep you like this forever and ever and take you hometo live with me. You could be my little pet doll man, wouldn’t that be great?You could play on my tits every night. Trish then pushes her breasts togetheron top of me, trapping me in between her perky young breasts. The pressurealmost crushed me as I struggled for freedom between her boobs.


“HAHAHAHA! Karolyn couldn’tdo this to you doll, her boobs are too tiny!”


“Let me out you’re crushingme.”


“I am not. I’m just givingyou a hug. You’re so adorable like this. You’re mine now. Mmmmmmm.”


“Ok you win Trish. But in afew years I bet my boobs get bigger. And even now they’re still bigger than hecould ever handle!”


Karolyn’s hand snakedbetween Trish's breasts and seized me.  Ifelt myself being dragged and slid out from the middle of Trish's bosom. Itried to bite Karolyn’s finger but my teeth don’t even break her skin. As shetook me she waved me back and fourth through the air, making me appear to fly.I looked down to see her eyes tracking me as I was moved back and fourth aboveher, suspended by her arm as she pretended I was flying over her like Supermanover Metropolis. She swooped me way down between the valley of her breasts,then back up far over her head, then down over her stomach and back up throughher valley and above her face. She kept doing this over and over and overagain.


"Look Trish! It’sSUPERMAN! He can make me orgasm in a single pump. God he’s so fun to play withlike this."


[Muffled laughter]


"You better put yourHanes on Karolyn."


"Oh yes, Ibetter."


"What are you talkingabout? Put me down this instant or I will give you the beating of alifetime."


"OOOOOO a beatinghuh?" [In a curious voice]


I gulp as I am set down onthe tent floor and both girls sit up and just look at me.


"Is it hot in here? Ithink it’s hot in here. I am just going to step outside don’t wait up forme."


"Oh, you aren’t goinganywhere!"


Trish's fingers darted backaround me. She dropped me onto her chest and gave me a gigantic hug. I staredup to see Karolyn grab me out from Trish's hug and stuff me into her pants.


"Well if my breasts areto small for you Richie Hanes, you’re gonna be fed into the deep dark abyss asa sacrifice to your goddesses."


"Excuse me, let mempfff opfff--"


"Get this off ofme." [In a muffled voice]


"Oh my, oh my, oh,Richie you feel so good in there. Trish, you won’t believe this."


"[Whispering] Hush!Somebody is coming by."


"I can’t help it. Idon’t know if I can ever go back to my dildo again.  Richie is hey what are you mppfff---"


Trish quickly silencedKarolyn by giving her a long kiss. Karolyn’s hands started to reach into herpants. She shoved me to the side of her pussy and started pumping her finger inand out. I watched in amazement at the speed and power of her fingers. Herjuices started to dribble out and I tried to crawl out of the path so as not toget covered in them but it was of no use; her cum washed over my hands andknees. I looked for a way out knowing this is only a prelude of things to come.


"Sorry to have to dothat Karolyn but you would have made us lose our little man. Oh my god isRichie still in there."


"How’s the viewTINY?"


"Oh, He is doing hisLITTLE part."


"Oh, so he is having aSMALL Effect?"


"Yeah but it was SHORTlived."


"That’s notfunny!"


"Sorry for my MINUTEquips!" [Trying to stifle a laugh]


"Yeah, they wereINSIGNIFICANT." [Giggle]


“Ok little man, which one ofus are you going to sleep with? There’s plenty of room for you in MY sleepingbag [Giggles more].”


“Mine too [giggles] you cutelittle teeny tiny doll man.”


“Hey stop calling me that!”


"Okay my bed it is.Sorry, Trish. He is already under my covers."


As the girls calmed downafter awhile I noticed that they must have been asleep. I started to make mymove. I forced my way out of Karolyn’s panties and started crawling up herchest. Her stomach rose and fell as I crawled up onto it. As it rose up I lostmy balance and slid down beside her. I couldn’t believe how my life haschanged. I never thought I would be spending my night having to crawl out of a15-year old girls’ sleeping bag. I nervously crawled over Karolyn’s hand tryingto wake her. As I was in the middle of her palm, her fist closed tightly andshe rolled over. She drew her hand up and out of the sleeping bag. I started tothink about how lucky I was until I saw her put the hand I was clutched inunder her pillow. I kicked and squirmed but it was no use. I lie there inKarolyn’s hand for a couple of hours until she turned again and she drew herhand out leaving me under her pillow. I crawled out from under pillow and justas I was standing up, a hand darted around me like a dagger. I was gripped andpulled up from the ground. I was upended and then dropped onto Trish's sleepingbag. I looked up at her to see that she is still sleeping. I crawled towardsher neck so I can slide down to a more shallow point where my fear of heightswon’t be as bad. As I stepped down onto her breast I must have stepped onto hernipple because her eyes darted open.

"Well hello there doll.I knew you wanted me. You can’t resist me."


"No wait you don’t--"


"My sexy body is tomuch for even Richie Hanes to resist."


"No, I was just--"


"No need toexplain.  I will tell everyone for you.Trish Hanes! How lovely, and it rolls off the tongue a lot better then KarolynHanes"


A hand then darted around meand I was jerked up into the air.


"It’s Samantha Hanesnow go to bed."


“You’re supposed to besleeping.”


“Sam! It’s me Richie! Thankgod you’re here you’ve got to help me get back to Kelly.”


Sam smiled at me in her fistand held me against her supple chest.


“Hey! Samantha, I canexplain!”


“You can explain in my tent.You’re coming with me.”


“You girls get to bed. I’lltake care of the little Richie-doll here.”


Ignoring my struggles Samcarried me into her tent, which she shared with Becky, the other counselor onthe overnight.


“Listen to me please, get meback to Kelly. I know she is worried and I am tired of being grabbed, used andabused. I just want to be big again. You have no idea what this is like for meand now here I am being grabbed again why not just announce to every damn girlhere look RICHIE HANES has been shrunk come play with him! Hell I am sure halfof this camp already has! All you girls seem to think it’s so funny seeinglittle me shrunk and helpless. Well, I Don’t. I am tired of it I would ratherbe dead then be subjected to this. It’s the same damn shit night after night.”


“I don’t really know what totell you Rich. I mean, I have never been in your shoes. I am not going to useyou or abuse you or put you on display, and if you want to go back to Kellythen I will get you to her. But you are going to have to trust me and stay outof sight until we can get back alright? Now hush.”


I spent the rest of night inSam’s travel bag. It felt good to finally be headed in the right direction. Itook a long nap and was awoken by shaking. The bag was unzipped and I saw Becky’s face beaming down at me.


“Well well, what do we havehere?”


“Becky it’s me Richie!Samantha put me here for safekeeping. Go away!”


Becky’s tanned Latina facetook up the entire opening of the bag. I tried to yell for Sam but it was muchto late for that.  Becky’s well-manicurednails were the first to touch me. I heard Becky spill some lame excuse on whyshe had to get back early and asked Sam to take both groups back. Before I evenheard a response I felt the movement of this prissy Latina girl running back andforth. I then heard footsteps beside her.


“What are you doing hereTrish?”


“I know about the little manand that’s why you are leaving. I am going too or else I am going to tell Samyou swiped him.”


“Listen here, both you ofyou. I am not open to debate. I have--”


“You have shit. Stuff ittiny!” Bellowed Becky


“How dare you? You havenever talked to me like this before?”


“Yeah well you have neverbeen five inches before.”


“Why you two-faced bitch.”


“Yeah well life’s a bitch.”


“Then you marry one.”


“Here you go Trish, whydon’t you play with our little Richie doll.“


“Hey! Let me down. She’sonly 15 and boy crazy fercrissake. Aw, c’mon Becky…”


A devilish grin was onTrish’s face as she grabbed me and stuffed me in between her boobs. I tried tofight my way out of her breasts but it was no use they were much too big andmuch too strong but I didn’t give up. I tried pushing myself up or down but Icouldn’t seem to move. It was like I was glued there. If only her breasts weresmall. No wait a sec, they WERE small. Only at my size were they big.


“HAHA, I Love this. Younever had time for me before Richie. I tried all summer long to get yourattention. You never gave me the time of day well now you sure are, huh? Ithink I am going to tell everyone at camp that Richie was all over my breastshe just couldn’t get enough of them. I will just leave out the fact that youare 5 inches tall! HA!”


“Get me out of here!”


“You told us you liked hugs.This is just one big breast hug!! Don’t worry my big bad B’s will keep you safeand in place.” [Giggles]


I felt so degraded that alittle 15 year olds breast could so easily overpower me. I could hear Beckystart to tie up the boat and I was shoved from side to side as Trish’s breastsswayed back and forth, back and forth. Unfortunately Trish smacked intosomething. She staggered back and I tumbled down only to see a gigantic Jen Jenstanding in my path.


“No! You get away from me Imean it!”




“Excuse me, that little manis Property of Trish Runnels!”


“No, I found him firstdimwit. He is Jennifer Windham’s and if you don’t like it maybe you should dosomething about it.”


“Girls, girls, girls no needto fight.”


“Here this should hold youwhile we settle this I don’t want my prize to run away.”


“What did you call me?”


“I said you’re my prize andyou are. My little living doll! Here, this’ll take care of you.”


“Hey get thing away from me!Let me go dammit!”


I fought like the dickensbut it was no use Jennifer’s powerful fingers wrapped around my ankles andwrists and she easily hog tied me up using her scrunchy, and dropped me on theground.


“Get this fucking thing offof me right now YOUNG LADY! I know you can hear me. I have had just aboutenough of this. I WILL NOT BE HELD PRISONER BY A SCRUNCHY! I am pulling rank.Pick me up. Take me to camp. Give me to one of the counselors and I am goinghome! That is how it’s gonna work. NOW PICK ME UP RIGHT NOW DO YOU HEAR ME?”


“Listen tramp, Richie Hanesdoesn’t like Bitches!”


“Then why am I with eitherof you two. Oh, sorry slip of the tongue.”


“Oh you little Pig fucker.That’s the only thing you can make squeal! So I know you aren’t talking to meare you shrimp?”


“Jennifer, You take thisscrunchy off of me right now! Bend over and pick me up!”


“Yeah bend over you’re usedto being in that position.” [Giggles]


Everything happened in slowmotion. I watched Jennifer push Trish backwards and Trish stumbled. A darkshadow came over me. I tried to move out of the way but the scrunchy had mebound way too tight to even think of moving. Trish’s ass fell right on me. Iwas shoved into the soft sandy gravel. She quickly rolled off of me and I sawJen Jen and Trish looking down at me in horror.




“IT wasn’t me.”




“What about the little man?”






My whole body felt like ithad been run over by Bea Arthur driving a doughnut truck. The clomp, clomp oftennis shoes soon overwhelmed my ears. I started crying in pain. I felt like ahelpless wounded creature.


“OH MY GOD! You’re hurt! Youshould have never left me! Now look at you!”




 Riley’s warm soft caressing grip comforted me.She held me against her bosom as she ran to one of the cabins.




“Oh, hush I’m just carrying tosee if Kelly can patch you up. Stop squirming against my boobs and you won’thurt as much. Stop struggling.”


I couldn’t really seeanything, but I hurt so badly that I didn’t think I wanted too. I heard herswing a door open.


“KELLY! KELLY! KELLY! Ifound this wounded forest creature! You have to help him! Give him CPR!”


[Thought to self] “Yeah CPRon my dick!”


[In a weak voice] “I am nota forest creature. I am…a human being!”


“Shhhhh…Don’t talk littleforest animal. Kelly and Riley are here to nurse you back to health!”


“Oh fine why bother. I am alittle forest creature. Fine.”


Kelly then walked overtowards me. As she sat down on the bed next to me I felt her give me a gentlekiss as she cleaned and bandaged my wounds. I then heard Carmen and Megan walkin, followed by Becky. They all had concerned looks on their faces as I liehelplessly on the table. They started discussing what to do.


“Well I think I should bethe one who applies bandages!”


“You just want to hold himagain Megan!”


“So what’s wrong with thatCarmen! He’s sooooo squeezable.”[Laughs]


“I haven’t even gotten tohold him yet”


“Well what I shame Molly andyou won’t because he loves me. He’s my little pet man.”


“What the fuck are yousmoking Kelly, he loves me: The Latin Princess of Northern Michigan!”


“You aren’t even the LatinPrincess of the barn yard let alone Michigan!”


“Girls godammit! I am notsome trinket you can fight over! I have rights too!”


“Yeah the little creaturehas feelings.”


“Oh yeah, then he’ll feelthis!” Carmen snatched me up and cuddled me against her tits. Her purringreverberated throughout my body. The heat from her boobs makes me instantlybetter.


 “Carmen mffffph—“


“I gotcha now little one. Imay never let you go.”


“Carmen you’re smotheringhim! He can’t breath against your boobs!”


“Don’t you wish you couldcause that problem for him Riley? He’ll never smother in yours and Miranda’stiny tits, that for sure.”


“Well, out boobs may besmall but we can do other things with the little man, right Richie? Now put himdown on table.”


Carmen put me down on thetable after playfully kissing me on my bandage to make it feel better. Nosooner had she done so that Becky reached for me. Megan stopped her.


“No you don’t. Leave himbe.”


“I can grab him if I wantto.”




All of a sudden the roomerupted in a huge catfight. I settled down to watch the all girl fracas butsuddenly in one swift motion I felt someone grab me from behind. I tried toyell but their hands were around my mouth. I was soon carried out of the cabin,off into the night. As she pulled her hand away from her face I saw a fairskinned brunette with blonde tips. I recognized her right away. She was fromCamp Klondyke Cheerleading Camp, which is on the other side of Deer Lake.


“Kristen what are you doinghere!”


“What are you doing 5 inchestall? Huh? So cute! Tonight is our night and I heard the commotion and saw youon the table so I swiped you. Don’t worry it’s just for tonight. You can meetmy friends as a little doll now and I promise to have you back by tomorrowmorning where I left you.


“Not now I—“


“How could you forget aboutour night? We have met like this for 4 years now.”


“Well, I have a lot on mymind.”


[In a playfully teasingvoice] “I see how it is. You shrink and now you’re too good for me. You andyour little Shrinkee girl friends and your titanic girlfriends.”


“Hey, you know I love you,baby.”


“Well, we will see.”


“You have told me no for 3years now Richie. I say you are going to come back to Camp and meet the girls.”


“The answer is definitely nonow.”


“Well I don’t think you arein much of a position to be arguing my little Kit Kat.”


“Your little what?”


“My little Kit Kat bar, so I can eat you all up!Now, let’s go back to my camp before the storm hits. Trust me ‘k?”


“Wait a minute I don’t want to be shown off like atrinket. They’ll toy with me. I don’t want to go.”


Great, were off.”


“Well I don’t know….”


“Thanks, you’re the bestRichie, not to mention the cutest guy around. We had a date and I’m keeping outdate.”


“Yeah a date to the moviesnot to meet your cheerleading squad.”


“Don’t worry you won’t leavemy sight. I promise.”


“I’ve heard that before.Kristin if you could just put me down on the ground I’ll—“


Before I could argue shestuffed me into face first down her pants so my legs where sticking up and outof her pants. As she ran through the woods drawing nearer and nearer to campKlondike I hope she would make good on her promise to return me tomorrow.


Camp Klondyke Cheerleading Camp for girls was on theother side of Deer Lake. It's run by the United Cheer Association as one ofit’s regional cheerleading camps. There are about 150 girls in this camp aged14 to 18.  Unlike Camp Hanes, Klondykewas intended for High School cheerleaders to train for their schools upcomingfootball seasons. The girls all got put into squads when they arrived. Thesquads all had girls of different ages in them and they are all from differentschools except for a few squads that have more than one girl from the same highschool on it and even then no more than two. This is done so the girls wouldall make new friends and learn to work together as a team. Even two sets ofidentical twins in camp were split up into different squads. Each squad hadeight girls in it and they live in two room cabins with 4 girls to a room. Eachsquad in addition had one ‘squad leader’ who must be on a NCAA schoolcheerleading cheer or pep squad. The squad leaders lived in a few cabinsseparate from the campers.


I started to feel a very different feel. We weremoving but it felt more like we were moving up instead of forward. Then I heardsomething break.




I was then turned back around as I was lifted out ofKristen’s pants to see my own bedroom. It was your normal guys’ room with someclothes on the floor. Posters of Anna Kournikova and Britney Spears graced mywall. My room looked incredible at this stature. I always thought of it as kindof small but now it was far from small. As Kristen sat down on my bed shegleamed down at me.


“I’ll take you back to my camp in a little whileRichie.”


"You know you’re the first girl to be inhere."


"Whatever, don’t lie to me Richie Hanes."


"I am serious. I don’t invite camp girlshere."


"Oh, then maybe we should go."


"No, you can be here. I want you here really. Imean it’s only fitting the most important girl to me, is the first girl to bein here."


"I’m sure I am the most important girl to you.Mr. I have 300 girls around me 24/7."


"Really, you are."


"Uh huh, that’s not what I hear fromKelly."


"How'd you hear about her?"


"Oh you know have you ever seen the picture ofher house."


"Well yeah, it’s on her dresser."


"Well do you know who that tiny person you seein the background, tanning in the backyard is? Well that’s me. I hear all aboutyour passes at Kelly Mr. Hanes."


            Kristen's hand darted around me. Ifelt each individual finger curl around my body as she lifted me into the airand then dumped me in her lap. I rolled over on her lap ending up on my backwith her looking down on me with a pissed off look.


"How could you lie to me? I thought I wasspecial but I guess I am just another girl you want to fuck well maybe I shouldlet you have your way with me. Come on Richie!!! FUCK ME!! That’s what you wantedisn't it!! I said fuck me LITTLE RICHIE"


As Kristen's pants fell to her knees and she layback on my bed I gulped at the seemingly angered giantess. I started walkingtowards the edge of her panties and tried to lift up the elastic strap of herpanties. I started to bend with my knees and it didn’t even budge. I then triedfalling backwards while holding onto the edge but still nothing. I then triedpushing her panties down but that’s more like trying to push a semi with yourpinky finger.


"What’s wrong can't you get in?" [Giggles]


"Kristen I didn’t lie to you.  All the girls flirt with me at camp and Kellyis no different. You’re the special one because you’re the person I sneakaround with not her and besides Kelly doesn’t make my little man stand upstraight."


"I can’t even find your little man. Is it stillthere?"


"Yes it’s still there."


            "Well it doesn’t look like itcould do a whole lot for me. What else do you have to offer?"


"Hey I am hours of love here. I make love withmy whole body I am not just a dick. That’s why I am special."


"Uh huh, that’s just something guys with smallpeckers say to make themselves feel better."


"No one has a bigger dick then me."


"Richie, I have dildo's bigger then you."


            As Kristen sat back up I couldn’thelp but run towards her stomach. I tried to reach my arms around it as far asI could. Her stomach pushed me in and out slightly as she breathed. Out and in.I closed my eyes as this happened and started to pretend that I was full size.However, reality struck. I felt her gently place her warm hands around me. Icouldn’t help but shed a single tear, as I knew what I desire I could neverhave. As I felt the rise and fall of her stomach as she breathed a tear rolleddown my cheek slightly moving from left to right but always remaining in adownward motion. As it struck her bare skin the sound of a tear splashingagainst Kristen’s bare skin resonated through me, sounding like a single waterdroplet hitting the pavement amplified tenfold.


"Richie what’s wrong?"


            "My size is the problem. Lookat me I am too small for anything you should just drop me on the ground andsquish my body underneath your Adidas. My Mom thinks I'm dead hell my familythinks I am dead. I don’t exist anymore. I have nowhere to go and no one inthis world. I am alone."


"Richie, you aren't alone because, I, [longpause] I love you."


"You really shouldn't. I am useless."


"Stop that, you won’t ever be a toy to me. Iloved you big and I will love you small. When we get to cheer camp a lot ofthings will change but my feelings for you will not.  Tonight will be crazy but after tonight Iwill make sure it’s just you and me okay. I promise. Now how about we go."


            My bedroom door swung open and I sawanother of my female friends barge in. I could not help but stare at Ashley, asshe looked incredible like this. Well maybe incredible is overkill but shelooked quite good. She didn’t even see me. This was amazing.


"What are you doing here? I am gonna call thepolice."


"No wait Ashley it’s me Richie here in Kris'slap"


"Richie? Is that really you? You looklike…"


"I know a doll."


"What happened to you? Your Mom thinks you’redead. The camp is in a frenzy and they are talking about giving refunds andclosing for the summer and look at you you’re so tiny."


"Well I hate to cut this short but we have togo."


"Not without him."


“Put him down!”


“Oh you can have him in a second.”


“Okay well hurry, I will be outside.”




I was swiped from Kristen’s lap and held againstAshley's stomach. I tried to fight my way out of her hand but it seemedimpossible as the more I squirmed the tighter she held me.


"Squirt let me go!"


"I don't think you can call me squirt or halfpint anymore Richie."


“I can too.”


"You’re so adorable like this. I just want tobring you back to Canada with me."


"I’m not going to Canada with you PERIOD!"


"Oh yes you are Little Richie. Don’t worrythough you will like it there."


"No I mean I’m not going to Canada I am going tocollege this fall and."


"Awww how sweet you think you still have achoice. You’re my good friend Richie and you need my protection. You are justtoo little to make your own decisions so you need me more then ever now.”


“I am a grown man Ashley!”


“Hush now, it’s settled and that’s final”


Ashley stuffed me into her purse as she headed downthe stairs and towards the front door. I heard her tell my Mom something but Icouldn’t make out what it is. I heard a few sobs and then Ashley scurried outthe door leaving me to be thrown about in her purse.


“Where is he?”


“Oh here you go. I stuck him in my purse.”


Ashley handed me over to Kristen like I am some kindof toy. Ashley shoved me into Kristen’s chest. I felt Kristen’s fingers coilaround me and hold me into her stomach. She then pushed me down into her pantsand I could feel her warm massive body pressing against me as she ran.


"What were you doing at Ritchie‘s?"


"Oh, Mrs. Hanes called me and said he wasmissing yesterday and I came by to see if they had any new information on him.Everyone is quite worried."


             As I struggled upside down in my prison inKristin’s pants I could hear the distant rumble of thunder. It sounded like athunderstorm was building. We walked and walked for what seemed forever but wasreally only about 20 minutes on foot. I had never actually been inside Klondykebecause it was separated from my camp by the lake and the road that takes youthere is not the same road to my Mom’s camp. To get to Klondyke by car meant youhad to drive 15 miles out of the way through a dusty road just to get on themain road to camp. But to go to Klondyke by foot you only had to take the paththrough the forest and over a wood and rope bridge over a swamp that surroundsthe lake on two sides. The wind picked up and started swirling and I could hearthe leaves rustling. The thunder got louder and the pings of raindrops began tomake their presence known in my prison.


            “Hey Kristin, slow down, you’remaking me dizzy! Let me out!”


Then I heard the clomp of her shoes as she andAshley crossed the rope bridge over the swamp toward a camp full of fluffyyoung cheerleaders who will no doubt be very curious and intrigued by me. Shepaid me no mind apparently and when the shaking eased up I realized she waswalking on pavement. Apparently we were in the camp and I knew it would be onlya matter of time until a familiar scene presented itself once again. I prayedKristin wouldn’t do anything to hurt me but I couldn’t be too sure about herother squad members. Meanwhile outside her pants I heard more thunder gettingcloser.  I heard and felt her steps,which were light and graceful but to me they were like twin jackhammers at 6AM. I heard Kristin say bye to Ashley and see ya later or something like thatas each girl hurried to her cabin. Kristin bounded up the steps to her cabinwith youthful energy and greeted her fellow squad members.  I was able to eavesdrop in on theconversation, listening with trepidation for the moment when she considered itappropriate to haul me out. I continued kicking with my legs but Kristin hadpulled her T-Shirt down over her waist to conceal my struggles.


            “Hey Kristin the radio says there’sgonna be a bad storm any minute. You got back just in time.”


[Outsidethere is more ominous thunder] 


            “So how was your date with the TowelBoy from Camp Hanes. Did he get anything off you.”


            “Yeah is he cute? We need a guyaround here right about now.”


            “Yeah having no boys here reallysucks the big one.”


            “No that’s Anna.”




[Loudlaughter erupts through out the room]


            “Kiss it, girl.”


[Thegirls notice lightning flashing outside]


“Hey how come you get to date the only guy withinmiles of here? I want him too?”


            “Yeah Kristin maybe you need tolearn to share.”


            ‘OK fine then, here you are he’s allyours girls.”


            Kristin’s strong fingers wrappedabout me as she reached in and plucked me from her jeans. He gently set me onher bed and smiled down at me.


            “Here we are in my cabin little man,and these are the other members of my squad. Say hello to Melissa, and Heatheron the two beds there, they’re 17.  Tracyand Anna are practicing and 16 years old and in the next room are Julie who’s18 like me, Libby, who’s 14, and Kendall who’s 15. ”


[Ina loud voice]”Girls! Didn’t you hear me? I said I brought you a man and he’sall yours!”


She then whispered to me she was just kidding, shewouldn’t let them hurt me; she just could not resist showing me off to thembecause I’m so unique now and she has never seen anything like me and besides,she always liked me.


            I blink in the light as I surveyedthe room. It was a typical barracks type camp cabin, with four beds and somenightstands and lamps. I could see a doorway on the other side of the room. Itwas wide open and it looked like another identical room with four beds on theother side. I could see young girls all around me in this room and the other.The girls were just hanging out doing various things. One girl sat on her bed readinga teen magazine while she brushed her long straight blond hair wearing nothingbut skimpy underwear. On the bed across form her; another girl in an oversizedT-Shirt was painting her toenails while listening to headphones. In the centerof the room two other girls were practicing their cheer routines in theircheerleading outfits. The sounds of peppy, dance type music were blaring from aboom box at their feet. Over in the other room three girls wearing sheernightgowns were sitting cross-legged on the floor, laughing and gossiping amongthemselves.


            Melissa and Heather noticed mefirst. They stopped what they were doing and rushed to the bed to look at me asI nervously stood my ground in the center of Kristin’s bed. Their shouts ofsurprise alerted the others and before long there are 7 girls and Kristincrowded around the bed looking at me with wonder and amazement. They were allkeeling on the floor, their pert chests pushing out from their toned bodies,jutting out over the bed on all sides of me.


            “Hey it IS a man! A teeny tinyman!" [Giggles]


            “What is it? Where did it comefrom?”


            “Yeah why’s he so small? He lookslike a doll or something.”


            “He’s only a toy! This is a jokeright Kristin?”


            “How does he move on his own likethat? Does he use batteries?”


            “Can he talk?”


            “Does he do tricks?”


            “Roll over.”


            “Can I touch him?”


            “Can I borrow him sometime?”


            “I want one.”




            “Me too.”




            “Yeah me too, this is sooooo cool!”


            “Hey it’s getting creepy outside.Listen to the storm.”




            “It’s just a rain shower youimmature Miss prissy.”


            “Fuck off Kendall!”


            “Hi girls what’s up? I’m Richie andI love cheerleaders. You girls are always so peppy at the football games.” 


I said this while spinning in a circle to see theircurious lit faces on every side of me. Their laughter was deafening even thoughit was really just soft giggles. I tried to backpedal to the head of the bedbut one of them stuck out her index finger, I think it was Tracy, and I trippedover it and fell backwards on my butt. Their laughter was punctuated by my loudyell as Melissa immediately seized my legs and lifted me off the bed upsidedown and held me up for the girls to see.


“Be careful with MY MAN girls and don‘t forget he ismine.”


            “I thought we shared thingsKristen?”


            “Well my boyfriend isn’t one ofthem. He only has enough love for me”


            “I can love more then tha--.”


            “RICHIE SHUT UP!”


            “I was just saying I Don’t see why Ican’t--”


            “Well that’s just the way it is.”


A pair of tree trunk like fingers curled around meand I was lifted up into the air. My first instinct was to panic but I slowlystarted to remember whose company I was in and relaxed a little bit. A pair ofgigantic eyes beamed down at me. The eyes look like gigantic watermelons at mysize. I bet my hands could fit into her eyes a lot more then just once.  As I am upended I found myself staring andfingers prodding my ass.


            “Firm, I bet you had a nice ass.”


            “Oh he did I got photos.”




            “What, you should be proud of it.”


            “Well I don't want your friendsseeing my ass.”


            “Well it’s not like you are in aposition to argue Little Richie and you promised me you would be good.”


            “I made no such promise.”


            As soon as I said that I new I wasin trouble. I saw Kristen staring down at me with the look. When I was fullsize her look scared the shit out of me. She had this way of just staring atyou and making you feel like a small man and she was a towering goddess and nowwell you don’t even know how true that is.


            “Somebody is in trouble.” [Whippingnoises]


            ‘That’s why you should just walkaround nude.”


            “Great idea Kendall. New house rulesall men must be naked at all times.”


            “Lets vote so you can’t say we arecheating you Richie.”


            “All in favor say Little Richie.”


            All the girls in unison say ‘LittleRichie’. I looked down at the bed, as I knew I have lost. Libby grabbed andripped the shirt right off my back. She easily ripped off my shirt like itwasn’t even there. All the girls erupted in laughter as I saw the shirt lyingbefore me. It felt like a part of me was gone. That shirt had gone through a lotwith me and now it’s gone. Melissa then knocked me over with her pinky fingerand then grabbed my pants. I instinctively grabbed hold but my grip was nomatch, as they pulled right off like they were 14 sizes to big.  The girls all clapped and jumped up and downin delight, as I lie there almost naked. I knew Kristen loved this and I had toadmit this is was an amazing feeling having gigantic cheerleaders stripping medown. I even started to playfully dive for my clothes trying to get them backbut one of them would blow out just in front of me and then I would scurrytowards them again then someone else would blow them. This went on for about 5minutes until I felt Kendall’s massive finger push down on me. One quick swipeof her nails ripped my boxers to shreds. I watched as Kendall scooped up myclothes in her hand and then Libby stuck out her tongue.


“Here let me wash those dirty things for you.”


            In a moment the gigantic Libbyswallowed all my clothes. She then stuck her tongue back out just to show thatthey were truly gone.


            “ALL DONE!!”


            “Oh look at his tiny dick. It’s soprecious.”


            “Awe, look girls it’s saluting us.”


            “Not much of a salute if you askme.”


            “You’re so mean Anna.”


            “Well I’m being honest.”


            “Well if you can’t say anythingnice.”


            “OH well may as well check out thegoods.”


            Melissa snatched me up again.  


            “Help! Put me down!”


            “Uh, like THAT is gonna happensoon...”


            “Missy, you’re scaring the poorlittle thing! Be gentle with him he’s my friend Richie.”


            “So THIS is the guy you’ve beenseeing once a week? Isn’t he a little on the small side?”


            “Don’t listen to her Kristin, Ithink he’s cute. He’s adorable.”


            “But you think ALL boys are adorableKendall. You’re still just boy crazy that’s all.”


            “Want me to put you down now littleguy?” Melissa asks me in a surprisingly soft tone.


            “Please yes, put me down on the bedok?”


            “Well too bad. Here Libby you holdhim, my arm is tired.” Melissa swung me across the bed to the youngest of thesquad members. Her small slender fingers firmly wrapped around my torso as sheeasily took me into her grip and righted me. Libby had long black hair and wasvery thin. She laughed at my struggles as I hung helplessly next to her face,her index finger bracing me in the small of my back.


            “Hello little toy boy. Going down?”Libby releases her grip suddenly and I scream as I plummet what seems to be thedepths of the Grand Canyon but is really only a foot drop to Kristin’s bed. Ibounce as I hit the mattress and before I can hit the mattress again her handquickly swoops down and scoops me up before the second bounce, then lifts me upto her face again where she toys with my flailing limbs with the index fingerof her free hand.


            “Hey what do you think you’re-“


            “Oops, sorry.”


            “Oops? That is no oops you did thaton purpose.”


            “I said sorry.”


            “Well sorry doesn’t cut it. I am soout of here. See you Kris.”


            As I slid off the mattress andcrashed down onto the floor I dusted myself off. I started walking towards thedoor when a stocking clad foot crashed down in front of me. I looked up at thelong slender leg and saw a blue skirt fluttering high in the air and then apair of Pink cotton panties hugging up against her money spot.


            “Wow, you’re the biggest ‘ho I everseen.”


            “Excuse me shorty?”


            “How come you’re not staying in aHO-tel? I think your panty HO-se have a run in them. It must be hard being sofar away from HO-me.”


            She easily pushed me over with herfoot. She placed her feet on either side of me. I started to run like afrightened mouse across the floor but Libby seized me up once again. She smiledas she grasped me in her hand. She rolled me around in the palm of her hand andthen tilted her hand and I dropped off and fell to the bed again, only to haveher scoop me up again after the first bounce. She giggled and did it againuntil it was apparent to all the girls that she was playing with me as if sheis playing a child’s game of jacks, only I am the ball and jacks rolled into one.


[Outsidelightening crashes and a tree limp cracks and falls somewhere nearby]


“Please girl, Kristin, make her stop!”


            “Ok Libby, that’s enough.”


Holding me to her lips, Libby pouted indisappointment, gave me a quick kiss and then set me back down on the bed.


            “Is that all you can think of? I canthink of lots to do with him.”


            With that Kendall seized me. Shegrabbed me from the bed and sat on the floor with her legs crossed.


“Gawd, you are sooooo cute. I wonder how you gotthis way, hmmmm?”


            “I can tell you girl, it wasn’t easyfirst there was this meteorite and then this flash and there was this owl andI—mmmmpfff--“


            “Pipe down and let me hug you. Youare just so adorable. I…” [Giggles]


            Kendall proceeded to hug me to hersupple chest. Her fingers started pressing and kneading me into her soft bosom.I could smell her pleasant scent through her shirt and I could feel the stifffabric of her bra underneath her nightshirt. Her breasts were not large to any manin the world, except me. Soon Kendall was demonstrating to the others how funit was to have a little man. She put me down on the floor and stood up toweringover me as I cowered between her feet. Her legs seemed to rise above me likethe Eiffel Tower.


[Outsidethe rain is now coming down in buckets]


            “You better watch out teeny or Imight step on you.”


            “Kendall NO---“


            Her bare foot crashed down onlyinches from me. The other girls broke out in hysterical laughter as Kendallstarted chasing me haphazardly around the room, stomping at me with her footjust missing me time and time again. I frantically ran under one of the girls’cots only to have Kendall lift it up with incredible strength, exposing myposition.


            “Peek a boo, I see you, Richie.”


            “Kendall I mean it. Leave me thefuck alone. Stop it this isn’t funny! I’m a friend of Kristin’s you can’t treatme this way. Kristin tell her to stop this. It’s not funny.”


            “Kendall leave him alone, he didn’tdo anything to you. He can’t even defend himself. He’s just a helpless littledoll now. You love to pick on my boyfriends.”


            “That’s because they’re so easy toplay with, and that was before. Now?…Awwww, I’m so sorry little toy man - NOT!HAHAHAHA!  I was just teasing you. Iguess you’re easily scared huh? I didn’t mean anything by it I was justplaying.”


Kendall then reached down under the bed and grabbedme tight in her hand, squeezing only enough to make me squirm. She gave me aplayful kiss that covered my chest with her lips, and then sat me back onKristin’s bed again.


            “What do you girls want with me?Kristin tell them I have to go back!”


            “I said not till tomorrow littleRichie doll. You’re ours tonight.”


[Quietly to herself] “And then mine tomorrow.”


            “Hey, girls we got to practice oursteps.”


            “Let’s give Richie a privateperformance and show him our moves!”


In a flash Tracy and Anna were looming above me intheir cheerleader outfits. I gasped at the short skirts and tight sweaters theywere wearing. The skirts showed off their luscious long legs, perfectly firmthighs and calves. Kristin turned on the boom box and hit the play button onthe CD player. Annoying cheerleader sports music pumped into the room.










As I sat on Kristin’s bed in awe watching Tracy andAnna flaunt their bodies as they did their routine, the rest of the girlsrushed to get in formation behind them, bumping and grinding away. I wasmesmerized.






Melissa then started improvising a cheer on the spotin between laughter as I cowered in fascination. I had never before seen somany firm little bods prancing around me before.




            “That’s not funny! Hey! Mphhffff---“


            Suddenly I was enveloped in darknessas something was thrown on top of me. Everything around me was a rustlingnoise, covering me and making a noise like paper being scrunched up every inchI moved. The girls booming laughter was all around me in deafening volume. Iwondered what was so damn funny until I realized that Tracy and Anna had boththrown their pom-poms down on me at the end of their little routine, trappingme helplessly on the bed. I couldn’t believe I was no longer strong enough tobudge a pompom weighing a few ounces.


            “Get these things off of me yougigantic over wound up fluff chicks do you hear?”




They didn’t hear me as a gigantic crack of thunderrang out. Then the power went off. Before I could react I was grabbed by one ofthe girls and taken into the other room kicking and screaming all the way. Ifelt the bedsprings squeak as someone lay down on a giant bed, holding meagainst her giant flat stomach.


            “Hey I can’t see it’s so dark!What’s going on? No please let me go Kristin HELP!”


            “Who’s got a flashlight?”


            “Who’s got some candles?”


            “Who’s got the little Richie doll?”


            “I do. I was just going to play withhim since the power went out there’s not much else to do.”


            “Ok Julie just don’t hurt my littledoll man ok?”


            “Help! Where am I? Whose bed am Iin? Who grabbed me I demand to know! Let me go you ditzy cheerleader! Let me goright fucking now!”


            “Hey the radio said there’s a floodwarning. The footbridge will probably be washed out.”


            “You mean he has to stay here pasttonight?”


            “Last time the bridge washed out itwas weeks before it was fixed. We may have to keep him for awhile now.”


            [In unison] “Yay!”


As I was held fast against the stomach of one of thecheerleaders in her bed, I cringed as the rest of the girls erupted in squealsof delight. It seems I was going to be a guest here for a very long time…


“Kristen!!! Youcan’t let this happen! You said you would watch me. Your teammates are treatingme like a toy.”


“Awwww, are youscared without Kristen. Well Julie is here. Kristin is in the other room. Don’tworry tiny I would just like it very much if I could play with you.”


            As the lights started to flicker back on the thunderous poundingof the girls as they race into the other bedroom where I was shook my verybeing. The lively bodies of the seven other girls swarmed back around me.  Before I had time to react I found myselfbeing tied to one of the girls’ pom poms. I tied to fight my way free but theknot is much to strong so my attempts were futile.


            “You’re gonnalove this tiny. Help perform our routine with us.”


All the girls then got into their positions.I started to cringe, as I already knew what was going to happen.  As they started to cheer my body wad thrownto left and thrown to right as the string like thing I was tied to flew wildlyabout. Maybe Karolyn was right when she called me Superman. My stomach churnedand bubbled. I could feel myself growing queasy as the routine dragged on.




            The music was starting to really get to me as this original Cheermix that sounded like a jock jams compilation with a techno beat played in thebackground.  My arms and legs wereflailing wildly as I flew through the air attached to the pom-pom. As it was thrownup in the air my heart skipped a beat but the pom-pom and me were caught by adifferent girl and she started to go about her motions which were much moredance like.




[Techno version of ‘Cotton Eye Joe’started]


            I begged for them to stop the insanity but none of them listenedas they continued about their dance. A few more minutes go by and finally theinsanity stopped as the music came to an end. Libby’s face popped into view asshe turned the pom-pom so I can only see her face.


“What did youthink tiny? We are AWESOME aren’t we?”


“Well you aresomething that’s for sure.”


“What should we dowith him girls! We have our own little mascot to cheer us. We shouldincorporate him into our routine.”


“Yeah and we canshrink a cheerleading outfit for him.”


“We could never get an outfit to shrinkthat small even if we use hot water.”


            “Or we can toss him around during the routine or we could fastenhim to our sweaters.”


“Yeah I have to dolaundry tomorrow anyway I will shrink one of mine on purpose anyway just tosee.”




“I knew you wouldjust love it Richie” Bellows Anna.


“Oh I got it LibsI know what we can do!”


“What Kendall?”


“Okay I stickRichie in my breasts like this.”


“Kendall what are you doing to me now? HeyLmmmfffft--!”


“Kendall that’s mean. He’s going to thinkyou don’t like him if you’re always suffocating him doing that.”


“I know, but Ijust can’t help it I love how he feels in my breasts. Now Libby you try to grabhim out of my breasts only using your breasts and then once you get him thenext does it and so on.”


“Yeah that soundslike fun.”


“Don’t I get a sayin this?”


“You’re a guy allyou care about is Tits and Ass and you’re getting a lot of TIT right now.”




[Outside the rain is now a torrentialdownpour. Lightning flashes constantly]


            Kendall’s breasts engulfed me as she shoved me into them. Sheprobably had I would guess a high B low C. I tried to shove the breast but it had no give and I was too weak tobudge it.  I could just barely see as myhead just stuck above Kendall's breasts. But my vision was blocked by Libby’smuch smaller chest coming on top of me blocking out my vision.  Even though Libby had smaller breasts itlooked like the Goodyear blimp in stereovision coming at me. Libby starteddoing a pumping motion over Kendall’s breasts. She placed her chest so herboobs fit into the gap of Kendall’s breasts and then slid and pressed themagainst Kendall’s chest. I felt my body slowly pushed towards Libby’s chest andaway from Kendall’s with each passing breaststroke. My protesting voice wasmuffled and my body already sweaty with the immense heat and little air.  Finally I was freed from Kendall’s but nowtrapped in Libby’s mid sized B cups. I see her walk over towards Tracy. NowTracy looked to have a rack and half if you ask me. As Libby shoved her chestagainst Tracy’s breasts Tracy’s boobs were like a vortex; they sucked me upinto them like a vacuum cleaner.


“Awwww you look soadorable stuck in there like that. It’s the most precious thing I have everseen.”


            “This is ridiculous. Take me out of here.”


            “You’re righttiny it IS ridiculous. YOU’RE ridiculous. Cute but ridiculous.”


“Hey Tracy comehere.”


“What Heather?”


“Come closer, thisbetter not be porn again.”


“No I got my webcam hooked up.”


“OH god no!! You arenot showing me off to other people!”


            I had no real choice as Tracy shoved her chest into view of theweb cam. My face and expression were shown across the web cam network. Igrabbed onto the top of Tracy’s breasts, which held me captive and started pullmy way out as Heather zoomed her web cam in on me, and Tracy’s breasts.


LTFan46 says: Whoa Dude, what the hell is in her breasts?


Cheergirl2002  says: It’sour mascot his name is Richie he was shrunk by some weirdo rock or something Idon’t know how happened never really cared when he explained it.


LTFan46 says: Can I get me one of those rocks? You can shrink meand play with me too like that.




            “Get back down in there little tiny.”


            Tracy took herfinger and shoved me back down into her breasts eliminating any progress I hadmade. Kristen’s mid B’s started to push over me and began humping Tracy’sbreasts, trying to pump me out and into her chest.


LTFan46 says: Holy fuck, this is the greatest show on earth. Can Iput you on my buddy list?


Cheergirl2002 says: Okay, you look like such a hottie in yourpictures.




“You are so cute in my boobs Richie. Youfeel real nice in there.”


            As Kristin pulled away now having me held snuggly in her breastsshe started walking towards the web cam with her arms stretched out and shakingher breasts wildly. I tried to fight my way free but I was only thrown into herleft tit and then back to her right tit as they flowed from side to side. Itried to yell out Kristen’s name so maybe she would stop but my voice istotally silenced by her tits.


LTFan46 says: I can’t believe this is not pay per view!


Cheergirl2002 says: HEHE, I can’t wait for my turn. I hope myboobs are big enough. My breasts are so tiny my younger sister has bigger onesthen me. I am low B. It sucks, Tracy has such big ones.”


LTFan46 says: Your breasts are plenty for that little guy. Goddamnhe is lucky. Why can’t that be me? He is living my fantasy!


“911, 911, I amgoing to mpfff--”


LTFan46 says: I hear ya buddy, I may need a medic too and I amjust watching.


            I finally pulledmyself out of Kristen’s breasts. I leaped off into Heathers hair. She quicklyflung her head from side to side by reaction alone since I felt more like a bugthan a real person.




[The Room erupts with squeals of laughter]


            Heather leapt upwith me holding onto her hair as she started swinging her hair like crazy.


“Whoa Nellie! Downgirl! Down girl! This isn’t the Ft. Worth Rodeo and you ain’t no bucking broncoso stop swinging me stop! Stop! Stop do you hear? STOP THIS! Help me girls thisis out of control!”


The other girls were trying to calm herdown but I soon lost my grip and she started jumping around on the ground. Herwhite socks slammed down all around me at irregular intervals. I tried to timeher stomping but it was impossible. I felt like I was part of ‘Lord Of TheDance’ as her feet were everywhere, just barely missing with me with each blow.


“Oh my god Richie,I'm so sorry I thought you were a bug!”


“Well thanks, Ifeel special!”


“I will make it uptoo you. You can sleep with me tonight.”


LTFan46 says: God Damn it motherfucker!! Let me into that action.Put me in the game, SHRINK ME, SLEEP WITH ME!!


Cheergirl2002says: You want more?


LTFan46 says: Oh god I gotta tell my buddy ASFan76 about this.He’ll flip. This is just the material we need for a cool story we are workingon about a guy who gets shrunk and played with by young women at a cheerleadingcamp in Michigan…


Cheergirl2002: Sure have him log in.


LTFan46 says: I will. I just gotta sign on to MSN Messenger he’salways on there...HEY! What do you mean ‘.NET messenger service is down formaintenance and should be up again shortly'? Not now OH FUCKING GODDAMN ITALL…oh never mind, on with the show!


Cheergirl2002 says: Hi, I am Heather’s friend Libby. How mad wouldyou be if I did this and turned off the web cam?


LTFan46 says: GOD NO!!!!!


Cheergirl2002 says: BYE BYE NOW!!!!


LTFan46 says: YOU BITCH NO!!


[The thunder and lightning have subsided a bit but it’s stillraining cats and dogs outside]    


Heather started to reach down for me butjust before her fingers curled around me I leapt over her hand and took offrunning across the floor.


      “Not this timegirlie. CATCH ME IF YOU CAN!”


Tracy dove for me but she fell just shortas I juked to the left and continued aimlessly about the room. Libby jumped offthe bed at me but overshot me. I ducked and she flew a few feet [on my scale]over me. Melissa crouched down and I jumped onto her skirt and started climbingup her skirt as she searched the floor for me.


“Where did he go?”


            I felt her stand up, and the girls spread out looking for me.


As she scanned the room for me she twistedleft then right. As she did her skirt flared out and whipped me back and fourthslapping me helplessly against her thigh and then whipping back against herrear. I hang on as my body went vertical like I was hanging on to a tree in ahurricane. When the momentum of her skirt diminished I pulled myself onto herwhite sweater and stared up the length of her sweater and saw a gigantic EHSacross it with the letters EHS imprinted onto a football. I was small enough sothe minute holes in the sweater worked as footholds. Her sweater was loose so Islammed back and forth against her stomach as she moved around. I was abouthalfway up her sweater when Julie spotted me and pointed me out on hersweater. 


“Dammit busted.”


Melissa started to bring her hands towardsme but I let go of her sweater just in the nick of time but then found myselfplummeting towards the floor.


“Ha! Lapped you girls again! You’ll nevercatch me---ooofff!”


I landed onto something hard, yetcushioned at the same time. 7 faces then appeared overhead.


“Get him out ofthere quick. Those are Libby’s Cheer practice shoes.”


“No shit girl Ican smell those things up here. NO man deserves that no matter how small!”[Giggles]


“Bite me Julie!”


“What do you putin there? Stink bombs?”


“You can bite metoo Kristen.”


“Watch it freshman! With a mouth like thatyou’ll never get voted on the varsity team this fall.”


            “My shoes are stinky ‘cause I work so hard.”


“Well get him outof there. It’s mean to keep him in there.”


“Yeah what are you waiting for get me thefuck out of here!”


“Uh, someone better learn some manners ifhe doesn’t want to spend the night in there.”


“Ok, Ok sorry. May I please be taken outof this shoe?”


“That’s better tiny. You sound all cuteand small when you ask nicely.”


            Heather’s hands grasped me like a doll and pulled me out ofLibby’s shoes. I breathed in mouthfuls of fresh air. Heather cuddled me upagainst her cheek and softly massaged me against her face.


“We have earlypractice let’s go to bed girls.”


“Yeah you’re rightKristen.”


[The rain is now a steady gentle splattering sound and the thundergrows distant as the storm moves on]


            Heather and allthe girls stripped down to nothing, and then put on their various sleepingattire. Kristen grabbed me and informed everyone that I was going to sleep withher. They all stared at each other and had a conversation with their eyes. Iknew it was about me but I couldn’t figure out what they were saying withoutreally saying anything. As Kristen in her New York Jets Boxer shorts clutchedme close and crawled into bed she held me against her like a child clutching astuffed animal. The heat from her soft warm body made for a pleasant sleepingarrangement.  I smiled as for the first timeI actually enjoyed myself with these girls tonight. I burrowed myself deep intoKristen’s bosom and tried to fall asleep.


“I don’t see whyKristen gets to sleep with him.”


[All the other girls] “Because, didn’t yousee the signals? She is in love, stupid and too dumb to act on it but don’tworry since that bridge is washed out they will both find out soon enough, andRichie is going back to New York City with Kristen.”


“I guess but Iwish he could go back to Apple Valley California with me.”


            I fell asleep in Kristin’s arms. The lights were snapped off and Iheard the girls say goodnight to each other, and me. An hour later or so mydeep sleep was disturbed as I felt something grab me around the waist and pullme gently but insistently from Kristin’s grasp. She stirred slightly but didn’twake up. Before I had shaken the disorientation from my head, I began squirmingas the luscious 18-year-old Julie walked back into her room with me in hertight grasp.


            “Hey! Where areyou taking me? MMMMfffpptf—”


She held me tight against her midsectionas she took me to her bed.


            [Whispering] “Shush, you’ll wake the other girls, I’m just takingyou to my bed for a little while doll. Then I’ll take you back to Kristin’s bedand she’ll never know you were gone.


[By now the rain has stopped completely and the sound of chirpingcrickets can be heard outside on the clear cool evening.]


            Julie swiftlysnuck back over to her room and crept into bed with me. I was afraid to wakethe other girls because I didn’t want to anger the headstrong 18 year old. Shewas at the peak of her physical powers and naturally I feared for my life at mytiny helpless size. Julie snapped one of those chemical light sticks that glowsfor a while and placed both the light stick and me on her belly, and then shepulled the covers over her head and smiled at me, her secret little midnightcaptive. The glow from the light stick bathed the under covers with a palegreen light and I could see she was topless. Julie set the light stick on herpanties and grabbed me and stood me on her tummy.


            I looked overheadat the covers. She had drawn her legs up so her knees were like tent poles tome as I stood nervously on her stomach. I was like being in a circus tent witha floor of soft female flesh.


            [Whispering]“Isn’t my tummy soft and firm dolly? Many guys would love to sleep right whereyou are standing. Why don’t you lie down and get some rest there, tiny littleman?”


            “Yes Julie youare incredibly soft and you smell nice too, But I don’t like being snatchedaway from Kristin like that without your asking my permission understand. I’mnot a toy you airhead, I’m a living man.”


            [Whispers]“Living doll man is more like it silly. I said lie down.”


            “I’m not sleepy.”


            “Oh, who cares?Lie down. You’re so cute when you resist he he he!”


            Julie beganlaughing at me as I stood my ground on her stomach. Her stomach began rollinglike the ocean waves and I was soon striking a surfer pose with my armsoutstretched and trying to balance myself and remain standing on her tummy. Itwas time to cue up the “Hawaii Five-O” theme music and I felt like yelling“CAWABUNGA!” as I balanced as best I could on top of her. I was actuallystomach surfing on a girl!(authors note: ok I know surfers don’t talk like thatbut I always liked the imagery from the opening credits of the ‘Hawaii Five-OTV show – more so than the actual show - so deal with it. We return you no toour regularly scheduled story…) Her soft, near silent giggling was too violentand I fell face forward on her stomach with a little splat. I looked up at hersmiling face, as she was absolutely delighted at having a chance with me alone.Her fingers came down over my back and held me flat to stomach for a while asJulie began whispering and cooing at me.


“Gotcha! Awwww, aren’t you the cutestlittle thing? I have GOT to figure out a way to take you back with me toMinnesota in the fall. Come up to my breasts.”    


      Julie didn’t waitfor an answer she just curled her slender fingers around me and slid me up herchest until I was at her breasts. She stood me up at the base of her leftbreast and nudged my head, enticing me to play with her nipple. I had no realchoice and I had to admit I enjoyed seeing it become erect at my efforts. IKissed and sucked and licked and crawled on top of it and humped it andanything else I could thing of doing with a breast. Julie kept urging me onwith her pinching fingers, kneading me into first the left then the rightbreast. Then she grabbed me and began kissing me and licking me over every inchof my body as she was obviously pleased with my efforts. Her cheeks wereflushed as she started getting excited and she put me inside her panties. Ifelt her fingers at my back on the other side of the fabric as she rubbed me intoherself. Her juices began flowing and I started thrusting her with my tiny cockbut I doubt she even noticed as she started playing with her breasts with herfree hand and pleasuring herself with me with the other. I struggled mightilyfor the next half hour as Julie used me as her personal sex toy. When she wasthrough I was sopping wet and sore, and I immediately felt very tired as Juliepulled me from her panties and gave me a big kiss.


            “Oh little man[Kiss] you were wonderful [Kiss] thank you so much for that. [Kiss] It was justwhat I needed.


            “Can you put meback with Kristin now please Julie?’


            “Not so fast. Iwant you here with me.”


            “But I want—“


            “You want what?You want whatever I say you want. You are just my little teddy bear and I cando whatever I want with you. Here you go little thing you can stay here.”


            She dropped meinto her cleavage as she pressed her breasts together. She wasn’t reallysquishing me but trapping me nonetheless. No way I could circumvent the powerof her breasts. Her breathing slowed to a gentle rise and fall as she enteredthe sleep state.


            “Hey, come onJulie, no Julie. Julie? Julie? Shit.”




            “Dammit, Kristinmight be angry and take it out on me. Oh fuck it, what can I do I am never incontrol any more…”


            The glow of thelight stick faded out as Julie fell asleep clutching me like a tiny actionfigure between her soft, plush, young breasts.  


            Hours later Ilooked outside the window from the arms of a sleeping Kristen. I realized Juliemust have woken up during the night and slipped me back into bed with Kristin.I noticed that it had stopped raining. Seeing that all the girls are asleep, Icrawled out from Kristen’s arms and I slid down her bedpost and walked towardsthe door. As I walked towards the door I caught a glimpse of the clock but itwas still flashing 12:00. I crawled under the door and thought to myself I willjust be out of here in a moment. As I crawled out I saw the sun rising over thelake. It’s so pretty I thought to myself. Just then I heard some footsteps. Theclunk, clunk, clunk sounded like someone walking. I nervously jumped to my feetbut in the excitement and hurry to get back into the room I slipped and tumbleddown the stairs onto the sidewalk. I picked myself up and ran towards thesteps. I tried to reach the top but the steps were too high. How pathetic, Ithought to myself. There are only two steps up to their cabin and I can’t evenreach the top of the step.


“Well, well, wellwhat do we have here? It looks like a tiny little man! But how? You’re socute!”


“Please help me. Ifell down the steps and I can’t back up them and I don’t want Kristen and thegirls to worry.”


“I think you’rethe one who should be worried little man.”


“I have a name youknow. It’s Richie Hanes.”


“I don’t care whatyour name is you’re coming with me now.”


             She quickly and withouthesitation grabbed me; I had no time to react. As she picked me up I tried tofight off her grip but it was no use as she started walking towards her cabin.I could feel her run up the stairs and open up her door. She dropped me on herbed and sat down next to me.


“It looks likeit’s Mandy McAllister’s lucky day.”


            I looked up at Mandy’s long blonde flowing mane of hair. She hadon contacts, which made her eyes look the same blonde shade that her hairwas.  Mandy was there is no other way tosay it she was tall. Mandy, I would guess, was easily 5’ 11” and was veryathletically trim. She was one of those girls who were hot enough to be thebest looking girl in your school yet she could still play a sport and be goodat it.


“Well I have cheerpractice so where can I put you where you won’t get away? Hmmm…Oh, I know!”


            She dashed out of her room and ran around the corner. I saw hergrab what looked to be a birdcage. She then ran and got some rope from herfootlocker and then we walked for about a mile. We took so many twists andturns that I had no clue where we were but I knew she did. We then stopped nextto a bubbling hot spring in the nearby woods. There was a branch that hung overthe spring.  Mandy then tied the birdcageto the branch so it was suspended above water. It was just far enough wherewith her long arms she could reach in and grab me but the average personcouldn’t grab with out getting very wet because of the springs immediate 4 footdrop off. I was then set in the cage and she closed the door on the cage andstarted to walk away. I was halfway shocked by the recent events


“Hey, let me out of here. You can’t leaveme like this.”


"Sure I can, and I am, and if youdon’t like it get yourself out. I came here a roundabout way and I am goingback a different yet still roundabout way so even if you get out and swim toshore you will have no idea where to go and how to get anywhere, so you’restuck waiting for me. Don’t worry. I’ll bring back some food, and then we canhave some fun. We will have to work on some pet tricks. I have a whole routineplanned for you to do. Roll over, beg, etc so if you want to eat you better getused to pleasing my friends and me. I am in charge completely, you are just onemore amusement to me and when I tire of you it will be eradication so youbetter just not become the norm."


As Mandy disappeared into the woods Icould do nothing but shake the bars of my cage and scream her name, knowing Iwas stuck until she decided to come back.


“Damn didn’t even leave me so much as abreadstick.”


A few hours passed by in which I slept andlooked out for Mandy or anyone else who could free me. Finally I heard somerustling in the trees. I looked up and I saw a cute redhead approaching thesprings wearing a little bikini. She looked to be about 5’0”. She had her hairin a ponytail and looked to weigh almost nothing. She looked fairly weak andskinny like one of those girls who can’t even bench the bar. As she eased downinto the water I saw her approach me in the cage.


“Ooooooooo!You’re so tiny! What are you doing in there?”


“Mandy McAllisterimprisoned me in here. Please let me out. It has been hours now and I’m hungryand starving.”


“Awww you poorthing. My name is Jenna. What is your name?”


“It’s Richie.”


“Hmm the bars lookold and rusty maybe I can just--”


            I watched in sheer amazement, as this weak looking petite girlbroke the old rusty bars off the cage. Bars that I couldn’t even budge. Themoment she broke the bars off I waited for the inevitable but I was surprisedwhen she didn’t grab me right away.


“Do you want me topick you up or do you want to climb into my hand or do you want to just jump inor something.”


“You mean I have achoice? You’re not going to just grab me?”


“Well if you wantme too I will.”


“Well, I--.”


“Ok then come here.” [Giggles]


“Careful, please. You’re so big andpowerful to me.”


            Nervously she extended her hands out to reach me. She touched me,giggled with wonder, and then withdrew her grip. Then her fingers slowlytracked back towards me and gripped me gingerly as she pulled me out of thecage. She then lay back into the water and floated with her head just above thewater. She let go of me and I swam towards her as she reclined in the waterrelaxing and floating on her back.


            “You can soak withme little guy. You look so cute dog paddling in the water all tiny like that!”


            After awhile westarted to play in the water. I would start to swim away from her and she wouldgrab me but I would swim out of her fist or she shot me forward out of her fistlike a cannon using water and her fist as the propellant.




            Jenna squirted meout of her fist again and again and I flew up in the air in little arcs andcame back down into the water again. I was treading water in front of her whenI was suddenly jerked under the water by an irresistible force. Then I wasreleased and I popped back up spitting water from my mouth.


            “Hey what’s thebig idea? Glub--”


            I was seized andjerked under again. Wasn’t sure what was going on until she started humming afew bars of the ‘Jaws’ theme.


            “Dum dum….”




I was pulled down again. I popped back up.


“Stop Jenna!”


“Dum dum….Dum dum…Dumdum…dumdumdumdumdumdumdumdumdumdumdum…”


“Better watch it, here comes the big badshark to eat the little teeny dolly!”


“Do I look like god damn Captain Quint?”




“I’m gonna need a bigger boat…”


I was plunged into darkness as the petiteredhead took my upper torso in her mouth and plucked me from the water in herlips. My tiny legs were sticking out her mouth kicking wildly.


            “Ptui! I’ve tasted better my little snack.”


            She spit me backout into the water.


She then looked up at her waterproof watchand told me that she was leaving.  I thenstarted swimming towards her.


“Wait don’t go, orat least take me with you. I need you, please help me.”


“Awwww you’resooooo cute. Sure I will help you. I don’t know why anyone would leave youhere. You’re so defenseless and in need of big strong protection so I guess Iwill help you. Don’t worry; you can come live with me in my bunk. All the girlsthere are super nice.”


“No! Hide me from the others it’s tooembarrassing…”


“We’ll see dinky.”


“I changed my mind. You’ve been so nicebut I’m not sure if I can trust you.”


“Well it’s too late you have no choice.”[Giggles]


“I’m outta here. Oh wait, what’s thatbelow the surface there?”


I dove down under the water and swam rightinto her Bikini bottom. I tried to peel it away from her body but I was justnot strong enough. I then felt her fist close around me, and this time Icouldn’t escape. I rose up out of the water, my lower half encased in her fist.


            “Please Jenna! Not so tight.”      


“You don’t belongin there tiny. That’s for big people to play with.”


“I’m 18.”


“Oh please, you are not. You’re too littleto be 18. Little people are not big people. And you are little. Very little,actually. So you can’t be 18. Mary Kate is going to adore you when she seesyou.”


“You are NOT showing me off to yourroommate.”


“She’s gonna love you. You’re such acutie.”


Jenna carried me back to the cheer camp. Isaw her enter the mess kitchen and grab a tray of food. I then found myselfplaced onto the empty compartment of her tray. She carried the tray and I to alarge house-like cabin and went inside with me. I looked around for otherpeople but I noticed we were alone.


“Don’t you eatwith the rest of your cheerleader teammates?”


“Oh no, I am not oneof the cheerleaders, I am one of the squad leaders. This is my first yearcoaching. I am just a frosh in college but I am one of the best cheerleaders instate so here I am. This is our cabin. I share my room with Mary Kate. She is areal party girl, a little on the wild side like me but nice so don’t worry. Oh,there are ten other rooms with 16 more squad leaders in this big cabin so youmight want to keep quiet if you are shy at your size.“


            I watched in awe as she ate her dinner. We were sitting on her bedin her room. Pounds and pounds of food entered her so fast it was amazing andthen just vanished. She then set her fork and knife down. And looked at me.


“I am done littlefella, you can eat up now you must be hungry.”


“I want a pizza, call Dominoes.”


“You can eat this, it’s good.”


“I don’t want someone’s leavings.”


“It’s this or nothing pipsqueak. I don’thave any other food in the cabin, sorry.”


            I looked up at her and then back at her the food scraps left onher plate. I started devouring them hungrily them even though I was a bitembarrassed and insulted, but I didn’t have the heart to be mad as she was sonice and kind to me, even if she liked teasing me.  Just then her roommate walked in. I was onthe bed after having finished my scraps, leaning back against a fold of herblanket.


“Oh Hi Mary Kateguess what I found today? You will never guess what.”


She spied me immediately.


“Oooo Ooooo what is that? Look at thelittle person!”


             I turned my head to see a5’ 2” blonde haired knockout walking towards me. Her pert breasts jutted outfrom the plain white cotton T-Shirt she was wearing. Both these petite girlstowered over me, and their small, barely B cup breasts loomed and dangled overme much too much for 3 of me to handle let alone just me. Her hair also was ina ponytail. I watched it bob up and down as she walked towards me. With a gulpI wondered what would happen next.


            “I found him today by the spring. Hewas trapped in a cage and I freed him. He was so cute I just couldn’t leave himout there all by his tiny self. He is so helpless. A little tiny thing like himwouldn’t last five minutes without us.”


Mary Kate moved slowly closer, looming larger andlager in my field of vision.


            “Whoa wait a second here, back off,do not even THINK about touching me, honey. I can easily slip through yourgrasp and be out of here like shit through a goose.”




She sauntered over to the bed, her head bent over,smiling down at me in a condescending manner. Her arm shot out and her fingerseasily constricted around my middle, trapping my arms against my sides. I sawthe bed drop away.


            “Hey you, what did I just say? Wereyou not listening? Do you not have ears?”


            “It’s not that I didn’t hear you,it’s more like I don’t care and if you want to get technical You said not tothink about touching you so I didn’t. I just did it without thinking. Make upyour mind.”


            “Putme down this instant! Jenna, make her let me go.”


            [Giggles] “Don’t look at me tiny.You were the one who wanted to come with me. Jenna just likes to have fun shewon’t hurt you. Be a good little man and play nice with her.”


            “What are you? A toy? A living doll?Tell me please, I want to know.”


            “Why? It’s not like you reallycare.”


            “Yes I do honest. I want to helpyou!”


            “A meteorite shrank me. I live onthe other side of the lake. I’m Richie. What about you bright eyes? You’rehot.”


            “Oh, well can't you make it moreinteresting; like you were shrunk by Aliens or, I know, I know, okay here wego:  Your ex girlfriend shrunk you andtried to extract revenge on you but you escaped her evil clutches and then asyou were running through the forest you hurt your leg and was rescued by Jennaand brought back to civilization.”


            “Umm, but that didn’t happen.”


            “Well you need to captivate youraudience.”


            “Well why don’t you un-Captivate meto the floor please.”


            “Oh of course what was I thinking?My manners are horrible I will just set you on the ground and let you roamfreely.”


            “Yeah that’s the spirit. A hottiewho is nice, too. I like that. So how about A bed, me, you and a little Wine.”


            MaryKate laughed out loud at my bad line and I was immediately suspended upsidedown by her fingers. Held in front of her lips I tried to reach out to them andthey are only a few feet away but they may as well be a hundred miles away.


            “Hey! Do I look any better upsidedown?”


“You seem to be alive alright.”


“Of course I’malive you little vixen. Didn’t you just ask me where I came from not twofucking seconds ago?”


“Ooooooooo such language!”


“Well if you would turn me right side up I wouldn’tbe so mad.”


“I think I like this.”


“Jenna! Make her stop right now! I swear youcheerleaders are all the same.”


“Don’t bother me now Richie, I got the new‘Seventeen’.”


“Mary Kate I’m about to pass out from the bloodrushing to my head.”


“So this will really be fun then.”


Mary Kate held me out at arms length and laughed atmy struggles. Then she tucked me down her sports bra, underneath her cottonshirt. I was still upside down and my little legs kicked frantically underneathher shirt. Her athletic looking body is trim and firm and her smallish breastssoft and warm against my back. Mary Kate stepped in he center of the room andraised her hands over her head then did a cartwheel across the room culminatingwith a headstand against the wall. As she flipped upside down I was turnedright side up. I got my head cleared for a few seconds as she hung upside downagainst the wall like for a minute before getting back on her feet.


“Mary Kate what are you doing with him?” Asks Jennaas she looks up from her magazine.


“I was showing off my cartwheel and back flip. I’mvery flexible.”


“He looks flexible too. Like a Gumby doll.”


“I’m not a doll, I’m a big strong virile young manand don’t you forget it.”


“Oh my gawd you are just the tiniest little thingever! You are sooooo small! Come on over to MY bed for a while, tiny.”


“What if I were to say no, hypothetically.”


“As if.”


Mary Kate shrugged and carried me over to her bedand put me down at one end. The mattress springs squeaked audibly as sheclimbed up. She sat on her knees at the head of her bed and studied me.


“That better, tiny?”


“Are you going to help me or what?”


“Or what.”


“Why can’t you let me go?”


“I can’t you’re Jenna’s. And besides this is fun.”


“Fun for you or me?”


“Well, me for sure.”


She reached out and poked me in the stomach and Ifell back on the bed.


“Stop that!”




“What do you mean?”


“I said run. Away from me. Across my bed.”


“What’s the point? You’ll catch me.”


“That is exactly the point. I think that it would befun to catch you. Run.”


Mary Kate watched with amusement as I ran to avoidher clutch. As I ran across her bed she turned away from me, unconcerned at themoment about me actually escaping, and she reached over to a nightstand andpicked up a bottle of her nail polish. Then she reached out lazily and snatchedme aloft just as I reached the end of the bed. Her fingers curl around metightly, squeezing me playfully. I kicked and struggled against her as shelowered me to her chest and pinned me there with one hand. I sank into her softbosom, my kicking and squirming barely noticeable to her amused face.


“That was fun. Can’t you do a better job trying torun though? I barely had to move to catch you, tiny little thing.”


“I am not a thing, miss. Would a thing tell you thatyour boobs are soft and warm?”


“Ooooo you’re a little charmer aren’t you? If I putyou down do you promise to you’ll run from me? It was fun catching you likethat. I think it kind of turns me on.”


“I’m not your fucking thing do you hear me?”


“Okay pipe down then while I do my toenails. Heythere’s an idea.”




“Help me paint my toenails.”


“No I won’t you fuc—“


“It was so sweet of you to volunteer Richie. Here…”


Drawing me out of her bosom again Mary Katesuspended my kicking, screaming, form in mid air as she pulled her knees up onthe bed so she could reach her toes. She opened up the bottle of nail polishand set the little brush cap aside.


[Giggles] “We won’t be needing this.”


“What am I supposed to use?”


“Nothing I use you tiny.”


She gripped me tightly, and pinning my arms sheupended me over the opening of the nail polish bottle and pressed my headagainst the opening, then turned the bottle over so pink polish coated my hairand scalp. The shit burned my eyes and nose and I gagged as it dripped over myface.




“What are you doing over there?”


“Nothing Jenna, he’s helping me.”


Mary Kate then proceeded to paint her toenails withmy head. She did it real slow so the polish went on nice and smooth. Istruggled against her grip but she had me in her clutches.




“I told you Jenna he’s helping me—“


“That shit will poison him! Get him cleaned offnow!”


I couldn’t believe how powerful the petite five-footredhead sounded as she yelled at Mary Kate to get in the shower and clean meoff. Mary Kate looked kind of disappointed, but slipped on her bathrobe andcarried me to the door so she could take me to the camp showers.


“Wait I’ll come with you. Just to make sure youclean that shit off him good.”


“It’s water soluble.”


“I’m coming anyway.”


Jenna grabbed her robe and both petite squad leadersrushed off to the showers, which were in a nearby building. No one else wasthere. Mary Kate carried me to the counter top and pulled all my clothes off. Iwas stripped with alarming speed. She set my clothes down next to the sink andthen started running her fingertips over my scalp as she turned the faucet on. Warmwater cascaded over my head, flushing the nail polish out of my face and hair.I opened my eyes to the sight of Jenna removing her robe, revealing herstunning tight little body.




Mary Kate tossed my naked body, limbs and genitalsflailing, over to Jenna in a high arc. I screamed but Jenna had me easily inher clutch as she caught me. I looked back to see Mary Kate removing herbathrobe as well. Her body was equally impressive with really perky breaststhat stuck straight out without a bra. Jenna grabbed a bar of soap and MaryKate had a bottle of shampoo as they move into one shower stall together andset me down on the floor.


“What about me?”


“What about you?”


I started walking towards the shower a little upsetabout them not helping me but then again I do get to see two girls naked andshowering, and yeah why I am still out here.


“I love girls, girls, girls, girls I do adore. Putyour number on this paper because I would love to date you.”


“Awwww you’re so cute.”


“It’s about time you got in here. You’re so slow.”


“I only have two legs.”


“Well so do we and we are in here.”


“Well [long pause] ummmm [long pause] I have shortlegs.”


Jenna then scooped me up and she held me up againstthe showerhead and then let go of me. The water sprayed me onto her. I hit justbelow her neck and started to slide down her nude body. I frantically lookedfor something to hold onto as I slid down her but I found nothing. I slid inbetween her breasts, the water has made them slick and I just flowed rightthrough with the water.  Her slick bodyis acting like a slide as I cascaded down. I looked up at her and her breastsblocked my vision of her head.  As I amjust about to slide off her stomach something grabbed me like a clamp and Icame to a sudden halt. Then I am pulled away from Jenna by Mary Kate’s slim,powerful fingers.


“Jenna, did you bring the washcloth?”


“I forgot.”


“I’ll just use him instead.”


“Girlfriend you are so bad. I get him next.”


“Hey there’s plenty of me to go around.”


“Silly little doll. I can barely see your cock. Youcan be our washcloth.”


Mary Kate then started lathering me up against a barof soap.  Then she used me to clean offher breasts.


“My nipples are dirty. Use your tool to get themclean.”


“Excuse me? I thought my tool was too small and hehas a name.”


“Well tell Jimmy I am sorry.”


“His name is Jeffery and he expects an apology.”


“If you don’t start washing –“


“Yeah, yeah, I know I am going to be sorry. You aregonna make me pay. I will be in big trouble. You will make me rue the day Iever saw you.” [In a monotone voice]


“I was thinking more like we would fuck silly anduse you as a double tipped dildo and you can please us both at the same time.”


“Can I? If that’s what I get for not washing yourtits I can’t wait to see what other punishments are. Maybe nipple rubs or evenpussy cleaning, “


She rubbed my tiny cock against her nipples,swirling me around and around and over her breasts and nipples. I must havecome about six times in ten minutes as Mary Kate rubbed me on her chest, thenswitched to her legs. I was dripping with soapy water as she drew me up theback of her calves, thighs and rubbed me against her ass. She brought meagainst her pussy and pretended to fuck me, rubbing my soapy body all over hernether regions. Her stomach came next and I took pleasure every time my cockpopped in and out of her navel. Mary Kate then stepped under the water to rinseoff and handed me to Jenna.


“Little doll get me clean.”


Jenna was very petite and skinny. As she rubbed meover her ribcage I could feel her ribs just under her skin. Her skin was paleand smooth. The soapy water was flowing over and around me as she rubbed meagainst her tiny tits. I tried to grab onto one of her nipples but her handmoved me around so fast that there was no way I could get a good grip. SuddenlyI was covered with a gooey substance as Mary Kate poured shampoo all over me.She grabbed me playfully and started rubbing me into Jenna’s red hair to latherup the shampoo. I was buried in hair and shampoo foam and fingers as shemessaged me into Jenna’s scalp. She used her nails to get down deep in Jenna’shair and work me in good. Hair was all around me. Hair was everyone andeverything for me. I tried to grab a few strands but they easily slippedthrough my fingers as Mary Kate moved me through Jenna’s hair.


“Your turn now.”


“Oh I washed my hair this morning. He is cleanthough. Put him on the counter so he can put his clothes back on.”


Mary Kate then set me down next to the sink and Istarted putting my clothes back on. She watched with amusement as I put myclothes back on, then she walked over to the hooks where she hung her robe.Mary Kate and Jenna started talking about stuff as they absent-mindedly toweldried off. They then put their robes back on and walked of the shower room.


“Do you have the tiny man?”


“He is in my robe pocket.”


“Lets get ready for bed then…”


“Hey girls you forgot about me! Wait up! “


Aaaaah who was I kidding? I was standing on a vanity35 feet off the ground. The girls completely forgot about me like I didn’t evenexist.


Suddenly I hear a shower in a stall in another partof the room turn off and I hear feminine humming. Her back was turned to me asshe walked out of the shower stall and started toweling off. She was about toput on her robe when she suddenly whirled around and faced the vanity andspotted me. Her firm body was exposed in all it’s glory as she turned in mydirection.


“Ashley it’s me Richie on the counter, Thank god youare here OH MY GOD you are awesome!”


“Hey no peeking! What are you doing here Richiedoll?”


“They left me here.”




“Jenna and Mary Kate. They forgot me.”


I couldn’t take my eyes off Ashley’s nude wet body.


Ashley quickly pulled her robe on and walked towardthe vanity; fingers outstretched to envelope me in her grip.


“Are you going to take me back to them?”


“No little man, you’re coming with me to my cabin. Ibet my cheer teammates would like to meet you.”


“Well they can wait a little longer I think.”


“Sorry Richie you know I gotta have my way”


“Come on squirt. You owe me.”


“What’s with that squirt thing? I bet you’re noteven bigger then my toe.”


“I am too and you very well know it.”




“I can just wait for Mary Kate and Jenna to comeback you know. I am quite capable of taking care of myself.”


“We both know that you can’t. You’re just too smallto be making those kinds of decisions. That’s why you’re lucky to have a friendlike me who is willing to make them for you and do what’s best for you.”


“I am sure they’ll be back for me once they see I ammissing.”


“You’re coming with me and that’s final.”


“Come on half pint! Be reasonable.”


“What part of final don’t you understand?”


“Well then can I at least ride in between yourboobs?”


"Keep your arms where I can see themtiny."


"I guess that rules outa hand job."


“You’ll do whatever I say todo my doll.”


“I’m not meeting your fellow Cheerleaders. Come on,you’re suppose to be my best friend start acting like it.”


“I’m sorry, you’re right I promise just me and youtonight okay? We won’t do anything. No chasing you around the room, or rippingyour clothes off, no grabbing you or playing with you. You can just lay on mybed all night and do nothing okay?”


“That sounds so much better. For once my lifedoesn’t sound like it’s part of someone’s weird fantasy or a story written by acouple of buffoons.”


Ashley concealed me in her robe as we walked back toher room. I couldn’t exactly see much but I didn’t mind. I was surrounded bywarmth and softness from all sides. She brought me out from her robe as sheentered her room.


            As we walked into Ashley’s room Isaw two girls who looked exactly alike sitting on a bed playing cards. I lookedaround to see where she was going to put me but she walked straight over to thebed.








“You promised.”


“My bad, I’m sorry I forgot.” [Her face became allpouty eyes and quivering lips]


“Oh don’t cry it’s alright. You can show me off Iguess.”


I was then speedily lifted up to Ashley’s face andshe gave me a gigantic kiss and jumped up and down while twirling around. Theroom spun about in a kaleidoscopic swirl. She then pulled me away from her faceand shoved me back towards her lips and kissed me again, and then gentlylowered me against her breasts and gave me a hug. As her arms pressed againstmy back my face was shoved against her breasts.


“You’re so easy to manipulate Richie.”


            “Mmmmpffff! Mmmmmpfffpt!”


I was screaming for air but she kept hugging medeeper and deeper into her cleavage.




            “Hey Ashley what’s up girl?”




“So what is he?”


“He looks like a little action figure.”


“He looks kind of stupid looking to me.”


“I think he looks fun to play with.”


“He looks so dorky though.”


“You girls are hurting his feelings.”


“Oh, you act like the little doll has feelings. It’sa toy. No feelings, plastic, put it in the microwave and it melts.”


“Hey, like you two are ones to talk. You have nobreasts.”


            “That’s what you think.”


“Wow it talks! Do you program it what to say?”


“I AM REAL!! How ditzy can you be? You two must benatural blondes because it shows.”


“This is my friend Richie. Isn’t he cute?”


“Yeah I was shrunk by some –“


“You mean it’s REAL?”


            I was then quickly snatched by up byone of the twin girls. She started turning me around in her hand and dropped medown on the bed a few times then picked me back up and tossed me up in the airand caught me, then twirled me around in her hand like a baton.


            “Hey what is this? I’m a man notsome Majorette’s prop! Let me go.”


“Cool, he feels so warm. I don’t like his clothesthough. You should dress him better Ashley. They look like Kmart specials.”


“THEY ARE NOT!! They’re Wal-Mart get it right.”


“Who wears wranglers anyway?”


“Seven year olds do.”


“Well he is probably only 10. He looks young.”




“Hello I am still here!! I’m like 18.”


“He sure is nosy for a little thing.”


“I know, when I found him on the shower vanity hewas being all bossy, anyway where’s the Jagermeister?”


“Oh yeah. I stole it from Mary Kate. She had ithidden under her bed.”


“You girls can’t drink. I cannot be handled afteralcohol. It’s a law, don’t drink and drive, don’t drink with shrinks.”


“Oh so you mean –“


            I think it was Angie who grabbed mefrom her sisters’ hand and dumped into a large glass. Jagermeister spilled outover me like I was standing under a shower. My clothes and me smelled likeblack licorice. I closed my mouth and eyes so I didn’t get any but then Iswallowed it anyway. I started swimming up towards the rim but before I couldget out I felt her tilting the glass back. Her cavernous mouth opened up wideand I started swimming back towards the opening so I didn’t get swallowed. Icould hear Ashley and Angie’s sister laughing as they both took swigs.


“HELP ME!! HELP FOR GOD SAKES.” [gulp gulp]


“What is he saying?”


“It sounds like drink more, drink more.”


“Oh don’t worry little guy we will. I like him. Heknows how to have fun.”


“You said he looks dorky.”


“Well he is a real party animal. Look at him inthere. Having the time of his life.”




[I gulped down a few more swings by accident as Amycontinued to drink from the glass and had yet to take a breath.]


            As Amy drained out the Glass intoher mouth she dumped me out from the glass and into her palm. As she tilted theglass she did it so quickly that it felt like I was in an airplane that justinstantly dropped 40,000 feet.  I landedroughly into the palm of her hand and she lifted me up to her face. Her eyeslooked buzzed and as she stood up I saw her wobble slightly.


            “Hey little guy. Where did you comefrom? You look like you would be a great fuck.”


            “What! ASHLEY!!!”


            ‘Oh right, I have a condom in mypurse.”


            “But you said—“


            “I changed my mind. Deal with it.”


            I watched as she got up equally aswobbly and grabbed her purse and took out a condom. Both girls then draped thecondom over my head and much of my chest. Angie grabbed the condom and held itby the open end so I was swinging from her fingers upside down.


            “Get ready little maaaaaaan!”


 I felt mybody plunged into Angie's awaiting pussy. It happened so fast that I didn’teven see her take off her clothes. I could feel her fingers clutching me aboutthe middle as I was put into her. As she pumped me in and out faster and fasterand harder and harder her screams become louder and louder, loud enough to beechoed into all the neighboring cabins.




I tried saying something, anything but the condommade my voice nonexistent and she plunged me into herself faster and harderwith each passing moment. As she climaxed her sister grabbed me from the condomand started to lick the juices off me.


“I love frosting. Especially white frosting likethis. It’s so warm, it must be just made.”


            Her tongue worked around my wholebody. It hit every crevice and nook and cranny. As she pulled me out of hermouth I saw her drop down to the floor. She crawled under her bed with her fiststill gripping me. As she crawled on the floor she slammed me into the groundwith each crawl she took. I saw her grab a remote control jeep from under herbed and she shoved me into it.


She then grabbed some gum from her nightstand andchewed about 12 pieces at once.  Istarted to crawl out of the remote control car when she spit the gum out of hermouth and onto me. She used her fingers to work the gum over me. Pressing itaround my body and sticking me too the jeep. She then grabbed the remotestarted to drive me around the cabin. Ashley then started chasing me around theroom yelling out “VROOM, VROOM, VROOM.”


 Amy thenturned the jeep sharply and crashed it into in her bedpost. I spilled out ofthe jeep with most of the gum still all over the chair of the jeep. As Itumbled out onto the floor I was scooped up by the drunk Ashley. She walkedover to her bed and fell on it, holding me suspended above her breasts, studyingme.


“HIYA RICHIE!! Are you having fun?”








“OOO is this a strip search? How come you get to bethe cop? I always have to be the criminal. You be the criminal this time I canbe a real good cop.”


“No! This isn’t role playing.”


“Okay I will put you down if you lay down on theground and spread your legs.”












            She picked me up and walked over toan old empty fish tank and then dropped me in. All three girls crowded aroundlaughing while commenting on how cute I looked. Just then a new girl walked instill wearing her cheerleader garb.


“Hey girls what’s…oh I see drink—WOW what is that?”




“Awww, sure precious, I will help you. You’re sotiny.”


Her hands moved lightning quick as she gripped me. Itried running around in the fish tank trying unsuccessfully to avoid herfingers but she had her way. She laughed at the sight of my tiny legs kickingback and forth from the bottom of her clenched fist as she lifted me out.


[Amy, Angie, and Ashley in unison] “OOOOOO So quick!Did you see her move? NOOO THE MATRIX HAS US.”


The girls erupted in a fit of drunken laughter, somuch so that they didn’t really pay attention as the girl moved swiftly to thedoor and exited the cabin.


I watched in horror as I was carried away formAshley and into a neighboring cabin. Okay well horror is a little strongsounding. More like enthusiastically waiting to leave.


            As we, (and when I say we I mean heras I was lazily held in her grip, her fist slightly clutching me, and thenletting go) left the cabin she toyed with me in her grip. Just as I was aboutto leave the tips of her fingers she closed her fist around me again to only letgo of me until I was touching her fingertips so she could scoop me back upagain. As we walked into the bunk I saw seven other girls all sitting at atable gabbing away about various things.


“Hey Amanda what’s that?”


“It’s this little man I swiped from the girls nextdoor. What a prize huh?”


“But he’s so tiny. I need a man like him. Myboyfriend back home is such a jackass. I have always wanted a man I can hold inmy hand.”


“Men suck, they should all be put on earth toworship us.”


“Well that’s only because you a feminist Taylor.”


“Nothing wrong with that. Now hand the little shitover here.”


“Alright but don’t kill him.”




“Are you scared?”


“Scared? Scared is a understatement more like I justwet myself enough times to dirty three more pairs of pants then I own!”


            Taylor’s long flowing auburn hairflowed around me as she bent down to look at me in Amanda’s hand. She thenplucked me out of her grip and walked into the next room where her bed is. Isaw above her bed a poster that read:


“Men, more revolting than a fermenting pube.”


I was tossed casually onto the bed, and the moment Ihit I bounced 2 feet up into the air, and smacked the mattress again. I rolledoff but she kicked me back up and onto the mattress with her foot. I started torun but Taylor started to sit down. Her ass shadowed over me and I was shoveddown into her mattress by her luscious ass, an ass that would have made JLOjealous.  As she wiggled her butt backand forth getting comfortable I was left to lie there sweating like a pig.


“That’s where a man belongs. Beneath a woman. Ishould keep you forever just so I can play with you anyway I want. You can bethe example for all other men. The model of what all men should be.EXPENDABLE!”




“MMMMHMMM, point well taken it has been filed underwho cares what you have to say so shut the fuck up before I smack you the fuckup”


Taylor then raised herself off the bed a little. Isaw my chance and streaked across the bed like a drunken sailor. She laughed atmy attempts to get away from her.


“Ah-ah-ah! You’re not going anywhere tiny. You stayright here with me on the bed, ok?”


“Get the fuck away from me you Femi-Nazi in Sketchers!”


“Is that any way to talk your superior?”


“The only thing you’re superior to is the sweat offmy balls.”


“Watch it tiny or you’ll end up a permanent stain onthe mattress.”


“Ok if I apologize and be a good little man will youlet me down off your bed?”


“Why should I? You’re fun like this. I like playingwith you.”


With that Taylor smiled devilishly as she grabbed mein her fist. She lay back on her bed, holding me high over her head as far as shecould extend her arms. Looking down at her face I saw her beaming at me inpleasure, her auburn hair framing her face. Her lush body was spread out belowme like a golf course done in cheerleader garb.


“Goddam Taylor, put me down!”


“Oh Okay.”


She dropped me, and I plummeted what seemed to beseveral stories onto her chest. Luckily her soft breasts broke my fall but shestarted laughing, which immediately bounced me up and down on her chest,knocking me about somewhat.


“Going up.”






She grabbed me again and raised me back in the air,then dropped me again. This time she spun over and got out of the way of myfalling body, letting me drop to the bed. I look up to see the world blottedout as she lowered herself on top of me, crushing me to the mattress under herchest. The weight of her boobs pinned me to the mattress with irresistibleforce. I couldn’t budge an inch. I could feel her tit spreading out over mybody underneath her sweater. I tried squirming yelling biting and even headbutting against her breast, holding me in place on the bed.


“Say when, little man.”








“You have to say the magic word.”




“Oh if you insist then.”


I could breathe again as Taylor got up off me. Justas I started to catch my breath her chest slammed down on top of me again,pushing me into the mattress.


“I changed my mind bug. I squash bugs. Should Isquash you?”


I couldn’t answer her trapped as I was underneathher chest.


“Okay then get up.”


I looked up as her torso lifted itself up off of me,and then just as quickly rushed back down on me again, pressing me harder intothe mattress. My screams were muffled underneath the swell of her breast.


            ‘I swear you’re no good to me atall. You’re more useless than a regular man.”


            Taylor then pulled me out from underher and grabbed a bra from one of her cheerleader teammates’ dressers. She putme in the center between the cups and pulled it back like a slingshot, holdingthe elastic side straps in a fist, stretching them as far as they could.


            “No, Taylor NO!”


Paying me no mind whatsoever she released her fingerfrom the center of the bra and shot me out across the room.






            One of the other girls in the room Ihadn’t noticed before raised her hand and I slammed into her palm and startedto fall towards the floor. She then scooped me up with her other hand andbrought me to a table. As she lowered her head I could hear her annoyinglysmacking her gum like a cow.


“So, like what are you doing so tiny?”


"Well do you promise to listen if I tell you?”




“Okay well this meteorite landed on and I went topick it up and th—“


“Yeah so what’s your name?”


“Why do I even bother?”

            I was then lifted up off the tableand shoved into her back jeans pocket with my legs sticking out of the pocketand moving like I was running. I heard her say bye to the other girls and thenshe left with me still in her back pocket. I heard her clomp out of the cabinand soon I heard her entering one of the other girls’ cabins.


“You feel so awesome down there”




“Oh hi Kristen! How come you’re staring at thefloor?”


“Because I lost something.”


“Oh well check this neato dolly I found.”


The girl removed me from her rear pocket and held meout for Kristin to look at.




            I was ripped from this other girl’shand and shoved into Kristen’s awaiting bosom. I could feel her run off with me pressed hard into her breast. She flunga door open and I was spilled out onto the floor.”


“Richie you look horrible what happened to you?”





“Oh that’s horrible I am so sorry I have horriblenews too. The bridge was washed away and the main highway is flooded over. Theynamed this whole county a disaster area. Road and rivers are floodedeverywhere. No travel is advised all week for the major cities and it could bea month for little rural Bum Fuck Egypt counties like ours”


“You mean I am stuck here?”


“Oh don’t worry I have it all figured out.”


“Oh I'm sure you do.”


“You can spend the next 4 months in my breasts soyou never have to leave me.’


“Ummmm how about NOOOOO!”


“Why not? You always liked squeezing them before andnow they can squeeze you!”[Giggles]


“Not funny!!! Look can you at least call my home.”

“Lines are out.”


“Cell phone?”


“We are out of everyone’s calling area”


“Well shit.”


“Don’t worry! But hey I am gonna leave you with myfriend Caroline overnight okay?”


“Why? Can’t I just stay with you?”


“Because Libby is sick with the flu and I don’t wantyou catching it too. It could be fatal for a little man like you CARRIE COMEHERE! SCHALEK! THAT MEANS YOU BONER GET OVER HERE NOW!!!”








“YEAH OMG = OH MY GOD!! You are like so totallyawesome. You are just so tiny and miniature everyone needs a little you’”


“LIKE OH MY GOD REALLY? NO WAY I MEAN LIKE NO WAY!!Okay Kristen I am not staying with her.”


“She is my best buddy and my neighbor we goeverywhere together.”


“Yeah we even shower together.”




“Yeah we hangout with Kelly from the other camp alot too, so yeah.”


“Come on little man you are LIKE SOOOOO Gonna loveme. I think you are like a total CUTIE PIE!”


            As Caroline scooped me up and shovedme against her I tried to escape but it was futile as she held me tightly andfirmly against her.


“Hey put me down dammit! Kristin help me please.”


”Now you be good with Caroline my little Richie.”


“Um, it’s nice to meet you Caroline. Now pleaselemme go.”


“No way! You’re cute like this. You’re coming withme.”


I was her prisoner!


            As Carrie carried me out of thecabin I looked over Carrie’s shoulder to see Kristin waving goodbye as shedisappeared into the distance.


“Kristin please don’t let her take me away! I wantto stay here with you.”


“Awww, cutie I wish you could too but Boner willtake good care of you.”


“Hey! Put me down! Where are you taking me?”


“You’re like, staying with me tonight. Total duh! Imean like come on, were you not listening. ME you and my cabin little cutie!Don’t worry it’ll be lots of fun I promise.”


“I’ve heard that before. You girls just think I’msome toy. Even Kristen who says she loves me lets her friends handle and playwith me like I’m a G. I. Joe Action figure.”


            “Her friends like played with you?How? That like must be fun.”


            “Not fun! Those girls did all sortsof things to me. The grabbed me and squeezed me stripped me and chased mearound the room. They put me on their bodies and used me to pleasurethemselves. They even showed me their cheerleading moves and tied me to apop-pom during one of their practice routines. I almost passed out fromdizziness.”


            “Oooooooh I like that! We’ll playtoo Richie, okay?”          


            “Absolutely not! They could havehurt me, or dropped me or stepped on me by accident.”


            “You’re like you’re totally in mypower. This is so totally unbelievably awesome.”


            “Please don’t get any ideas Carrie.”


            “That’s exactly what I am gettingmore and more of every second. C’mon little cutie, let’s hurry to my cabin.”


            “You’re going to do those things tome?”


            “Nah cutie, I got like, other ideasfor you. I promise you’ll have fun cutie.”


            “That’s what I’m afraid of Carrie.”


            The world rushed by as Carriecarried me to her cabin. Her long brown hair draped over me as she pressed mehigh on her left shoulder. I could not see where we were going, only where wehave been as she quickly made off with me. Then I bounced as she bounded up thestairs to her cabin. As she set me on her bed I looked around with relief tonotice the room is empty for the time being. Carrie towered above me. I noticedfor the first time she was wearing one of those cotton long sleeve undershirtswith the buttons down the front. I could see the outline of her bra underneaththe black material. She also was wearing a pair of gym shorts exposing her longthin legs that seemed to stretch for miles and miles.


            “It’s real hot and it’s lights outin an hour or two so I think I’m gonna get undressed and you’re helping meRichie.”


            “Don’t be ridiculous Carrie I can—“


            “You can start here doll.”


            Her hand came down to pluck me fromthe bed before I could protest any further. In a flash, I was imprisoned in herfist. She lifted me up and smashed me against her vertical stomach and orderedme do climb up her shirt, undoing the buttons as I did so. I have no choice butto grab onto the cotton material just below the level of her belly button.


            “There you go little helper, only 6buttons shouldn’t be too hard.“


            “Um, I never took rock climbing ingym.”


            “Oh, I never took Care and Feedingof Little Tiny Men in Home Economics.”


            “I am doing all the work here. Can’tyou bring me to each button at least?”


            “My clothes are totally still on.This is like so not naked. In fact this is like the exact opposite of being naked.”


            I sighed and started undoing herbuttons while she looked down on me. The first two buttons where not that badas I climbed beyond her stomach higher on her abdomen, just below her chest.When I twisted the third button I noticed it was harder and harder to undo thebuttons as the force of her small breasts stretched the fabric of her shirtpulling on the buttonhole. She giggled as I twisted the fourth button with allmy might and when it finally was free the sides of her shirt separated a bitmore. I had to clutch one side of the shirt and put my leg into the buttonholebelow me using it as a kind of rope ladder as I ascended toward the fifthbutton. Now not only did I have to climb up but I also had to deal with whatwas a modest swell of her chest outward. Modest to everyone but tiny me. To meit meant that I would have to hoist myself up over the shelf of her boobs toget at the sixth and final button.


            “Carrie come on can’t you at leastgive me a hand here.”


            “But you’re doing so good!  I love the sight of you dangling from mychest like this, this is bitchin’!”


            She gave me a playful little shakeof her chest as I grabbed the sixth button right at the level of her cleavage.


            “Stop that, I’m about to free fallhere. I am not bitchin’ I am a person about to plummet to his death from agirls undershirt. “


            “Aren’t you done yet?”


            Unnnnnngh! I struggled mightily andgot the button out of the buttonhole. The two sides of her undershirt poppedapart with impressive force.




            I was clinging to the side of hershirt as it swung out and whipped to the side. I held on as my tiny body waswhipped with the shirt. I hit the side of her arm and bounced off and down tothe surface of the bed. Before I could bounce off the mattress her fingerswrapped around me and plucked me back up into the air. Carrie held me just afoot from her lips and spoke to me in a slightly condescending manner.


            “Good job cutie! I so totally lovethis. It’s so fun to boss a little guy around.”


            “Thank god that’s over.”


            “Now undo my bra.”




            “The clasp is in the front. Here…”


            Carrie shoved me between hersmallish breasts and removed her hand so I dangled with my arms wrapped aroundthe bra clasp. I tried with all my might and after huffing and puffing Imanaged to work the clasp open with an abrupt ‘Snap!’ The bra flew open and thecups fell off her breasts.


To make matters even worse Carrie started humming“The Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze’ as I swung wildly from the undersideof one of her bra cups.


            “Maybe Kristen will totally let mekeep you. I think we could like do this every night. You could dress me too. Icould lay in bed and you could pull my bra over my breasts and –“


            ‘Stop right there cupcake. I am not dressingyou too”


            “My breasts are more than cupcakesto you.”


            “More like wedding cakes.”        


            “I don’t see my breasts yet.”


            [Mumbles under breath] ‘Well if theywere bigger you just might.”


            “What? I didn’t hear that?”


            “Oh nothing.”    


She still was humming as she lay down on the bed,still wearing her shirt and bra open at the chest. I dove defiantly under hershirt and started crawling up her sleeve. I tried to get to the end and maybeescape from her sleeve.


“Stop it tiny that tickles. You are supposed to behelping me undress come back here.”


I managed to crawl all the way up her arm and Islipped out of her sleeve. Before I could celebrate her fingers trapped me inher fist as I had crawled right into her hand like a dummy. Carrie instantlydeposited me back on her chest.


“Okay now finish taking my top off and hurry upabout it I am getting restless. You’re too slow gawd I could have done it 12times by now oh, never mind shrimp.”


 She clutchedme in her fist and stood up again. This time she used my body to catch herclothing on and strip off. My feet slipped inside the waistband of her shortsand they came off easily as she moved me lower, my legs stripping them off andto the ground. She did the same thing with her shirt. She moved me along hersmooth arms as she slipped her arms out of the cotton fabric. The bra she didherself and then I was held in her fist as she stared at me, wearing only apair of panties.


“Thanks for the help. You were so good.”


“Hey I’m the man! Now Carrie if you’ll—“


Just then the room door burst open and three girlswalked in. They were all wearing robes and had towels wrapped around theirhair, as it was apparent they had just come from the showers.


“Hi Carrie what’s up?”


“Sabrina, Gabby, Pam, check this out!”


“Hey Carrie wait, don’t do this! Hide me please!”


“What are you, high?”


“OHMIGAWD, Carrie has the little man the whole campis talking about!”


“Yeah I was playing with him and I wanted to showhim to you. Isn’t he adorable?”


“He’s a doll!”


“An adorable doll”


“Adollable! That’s what he is!”


The girls all erupted with laughter at their newword to describe me. Pam then made an immediate grab for me but Sabrina was toofast. She snatched me from Carrie and ran to the other side of the room withme. The other three girls immediately gave chase as Sabrina clutched me to herbosom. She ran right over Carries bed, her feet messing up the covers. Theother girls were right in hot pursuit. Sabrina bounded up onto her own bedstill running from the others. The room echoed with the squealing laughter ofthe girls as they chased my captress. Pam then cut off Sabrina at the next bedand got up on it.


“You lose Sabrina, hand him over!”




“For god sakes let the insanity end. I am surroundedby Teen Flesh”


With another shriek of laughter Gabby picked up apillow and clobbered Sabrina with it. The force knocked me out of her grip andI started to fall but Pam grabbed me easily and pinned me to her stomach.Meanwhile Sabrina had a pillow of her own and she slammed it into Pam’s back,causing her to let go of me. I flew up and right into Gabrielle’s chest andfell down into her robe. My little legs were sticking up out of her cleavagekicking back and forth madly. By now the girls were clobbering each other withpillows as the fracas had erupted into an all out pillow fight. There werefeathers everywhere. Their musical laughter filled the room. Gabby’s robe cameundone in the front and I slipped out onto one if the girls’ beds as theycontinued the fight.


As they fought I grabbed hold of the sheet thatdangled down beside the bed that I was on and slid down to the floor. I startedsprinting towards the door. Gabby’s foot crashed down in front of me and I doveover her foot and continued running without her noticing.  Just ahead of me I saw one of the girls cheersweaters lying on the floor. I looked back and saw them looking for me. Icrawled into the sleeve of the sweater.


“Pick everything up off the floor he won’t get far.”


“Okay, That means get your stinky cheer clothes offthe floor Sabrina.”


“They don’t stink Pam!”


“Well you wore them so they do.”


I felt myself shoved deeper into the sweater as itwas picked up and tossed into something. I heard the slam of a lid and then thescuffling of feet along the wood floor. An hour went by and I crawled around inthe sweater trying to find a way out.  Ifinally managed to crawl out of the sleeve just as the lid was shot open and 3faces were beaming down at me.


“Trying to hide I see.”


“You bundled me in here.”


“Who cares how I want to see him.”


“Me too Carrie.”


“Me three.”


“I bet he’d be fun to sleep with.”


“You might break him.”


“Yeah he looks so fragile.”


“I bet he’d squish easy!”


“You’re so mean Sabrina. I’m sure the little dollguy has feelings.”


“I’m sure the only feelings he has are to cop a feelfrom us.”


“Hey girls that’s not true. I can’t help it if I ama stud muffin. Check this out…”


“Awwww that’s so cute. Look how he’s trying to bemasculine for us.”


I then started to do a little bump and grind danceon the bed. All the girls were kneeling over me, their long hair swaying downaround me, giggling loudly. I was quickly plucked up by Gabby and raised to herlips.


“Hey! Put me down! I will not be treated like thisyou oversized fluff chick!” 


“Fluff chick? Carrie, didn’t he learn any manners? Ishould squeeze him to a pulp.”


“Come off it Gabby last week you couldn’t even killa little spider.”


“Yeah he’s just upset because he belongs to somebodynow.”


“Oh, I guess you’re right. He looks so cute Icouldn’t stay mad at him.”


“Lucky for you hose bag.”


“Watch it half-pint I could still get mad and youcould have an accident.”


“Ritchie, stop antagonizing Gabby. She didn’t meananything by what she said.”


“Me? What about her? She started it.”


“She did not Ritchie, why don’t you pick on someoneyour own size!”


[Giggles erupt from all the girls]




Just then the cabin door opened up…


I felt myself shoved into something and then heard athwap sound as I slid down a hill and then to the middle of whatever I was in.I looked to the left and then to the right and a saw gigantic thigh muscles oneither side of me. Two powerful legs were in motion on either side of me. Ilooked at her flower printed panties and started pounding on them hopingsomeone would help me but knowing none of them probably would.


“Oh hi Ami what’s up?”


“It’s lights out girls.  That means now!!”




“But nothing get in bed and turn the lights out.”


“Wait we got--.”


“You got trouble if I don’t see your Asses in bednow!”


“Yes ma'am.”


            “Good night Gabby! What did you dowith the little man?”


            “Oh when Ami walked in he bit myfinger and ran off” I tried looking for him but Ami wouldn’t even let me move.”


            “I know she wouldn’t let any of usdo anything but walk to bed. It’s not your fault. Our door is locked and so arethe windows he can’t leave this room. So we can find him tomorrow.”




            “NO CARRIE!! GABBY HAS ME! I am inher fucking panties!  Gabby forchrissakes let me out of here.”


            The temperature rose about 200degrees in a matter of minutes as she pulled her flannel sheets up over her. Istarted crawling up towards her waistline using her pussy as a foothold.Immediately I knew it was a mistake as she blew her load immediately. I wasshot against her panty and slid down, coming face to face with her giganticpussy. I looked at both arms and my legs. What a mess I thought to myself. Ikept waiting for her to pull me out but she didn’t really do anything.  So I took matters into my own hands. Istarted to sit up when I realized that I couldn’t. Her cum had bonded me whereI lie.




            “Who’s the hose bag now littletwerp. You can just stay in there.”


            “What did you say Gabby?”


            “She talks in her sleep Carrie. Youshould know that by now.”


            “Yeah you’re right.”


            “CARRIE! PAM! I’M HERE! SHE HAS ME!”


            Morning finally came and I awoke tofeeling my body pulled from her crusty panty and carried over to her dresser.As she dressed she just looked at me hardly blinking. Then without sayinganything she grabbed me again and we left.


            “You won’t get away with this.”


            “I already have now shut up.”


            “I refuse to be handled like this.”


            “You know I am doing this out oflove.”


            “LOVE? More like out of PMS.”


            “You get to help me with my choreslove.”


            As we walked into the mess hall Inoticed that it was empty.  We walkedtowards the right hand corner I saw a gigantic mixer looming in the distance.With every step it got closer and closer. All at once I felt her grip loosenand I dropped into the gigantic metal bowl. As I hit the bottom I tried toclimb out but it was no use. A few minutes later flour was dumped all over me.


“HAHAHA, You look like Casper.”




“OH?” [In an intrigued voice]


            Water was then dumped on me with afew other ingredients. I swam to the top and continued yelling but Gabby justhit the start button and walked away. A gigantic mixing rod shot down next tome, and started tugging me under. I hit the bottom of the bowl and started strugglingtowards the top. My head popped above up for a moment and then I was grabbedback down beneath.  I found myself almostout of breath as I was stuck in a massive ball of dough. I started digging andkicking but the dough was too sticky. I started to panic and kick and flail,which only made things worse. A few moments later I felt everything lifted upand then dumped onto something.




            “Yes that’s my name.”


            “Get me out of here.”


            “Well I better knead the dough.”


            She shoved her hands into the dough.I felt her fingers pass by me as she stuck them into the dough and started toknead. Her fingers wrapped around me and started massaging me into the dough.She grabbed some of the dough as she kneaded it and squeezed the dough and mebetween her fingers.


“You feel so good.”


“Get me out of here NOW! I didn’t think you werethis mean! You were flirting with me before.”


“Well what can I say? I’m a bitch, I’m a tease I’m agoddess on my knees.”


            As she wrapped the dough around mycock I heard her whip her head around.


“Hey Gabby what’s up?”


“Oh hi Susie, I am just ugh making some dough.”


“What for? You don’t even know how to cook.”


“Well you got to learn sometime right.”


“I’ll help you.”


“NO you can’t I mean I can’t pull you away from whatyou are doing.”


“Oh I am not doing anything I don’t mind helping.”


“Great then thanks.” [In a fake nice voice]


            A new set of fingers were alsoshoved into the dough. I felt myself bunched up and squeezed into a ball withthe dough and the shoved into the counter. Then I was picked up again alongwith the massive dough ball, and shoved back onto the counter.  Then the dough rolled over my body and Iturned over and over, and then I felt Gabby’s fingers as they grabbed onto me,curled me up into a ball, and then rolled me and the massive dough ball around.


“Well I think it’s kneaded enough.”

”Are you sure? I liked that part.”


“Yeah, you dirty whore.”


“Oh so you want to play it like that huh bitch.”


“Yeah I do, you don’t want none of this.”


“HELP SOMEONE PLEASE HELP.” [Muffled out by thedough]


             The foreign set of hands entered down andgrabbed a large wad of dough next to me and ripped it away form the pile andtossed it towards Gabby. Gabby then retaliated by grabbing some chocolate syrupon the counter and squirting it onto Susie. Susie then grabbed somestrawberries from the fridge that were in a bowl soaking in strawberry juiceand tossed the entire bowl of strawberries onto Gabby. Gabby grabbed a jar ofpeanuts and tossed them all over Susie. Susie tore into the dough and grabbed a hold of me.


“What the fuck?”


            As I was pulled out I saw mydough-covered body was gripped in her hand. I was covered in dough, nuts, andchocolate syrup.  Susie had long wavy blondehair, blue eyes, and a really young look to her. I saw varsity written on thetop of her sleeve so I knew she had to be at least 17 or 18 if she was on thevarsity team.


“Gabby look a little man. Is this why you weremaking dough? You were playing with a little man. You used this man.”


“No, Susie! It’s not what you think!”


“I bet it’s not you were fucking around with thisguy weren’t you. He smells like cum, your cum.”


“No let me explain.”


            I was set down on the counter as thegirls were standing very close to each other with a ‘were gonna fight’ look intheir eyes.


“ACTION, ACTION, WE WANT ACTION A-C-T  I-O-N ACTION, GIRLS, WE WANT ACTION” [While saying this I was jumping up and down, doing highcheerleader-like kicks and using two small dough balls for pom poms.]


            Susie shoved Gabby to the floor andI ran to the edge of the counter as this had now taken a very violent turn. Iwanted to step in but I was utterly helpless. Susie tore off Gabby’s clotheswhile throwing a few punches into her chest. Gabby then reversed and rolledover and kneed Susie in the stomach. Both their clothes get shred off during abarrage of punches.


“STOP THIS IS CRAZY! I am enough man for the both ofyou.”


            Susie then rolled back over andpinned Gabby to the ground and started making out with her.




            Both girls were rolling on the floorand the nuts, strawberries chocolate syrup and dough were being mixed andcovered both their bodies.




             Susie then grabbed me tightly and shoved meinto Gabby. My legs were kicking back and forth outside of Gabby’s pussy andthen my stomach and legs were shoved into Susie as they used me as a livingdildo. I could smell both their unique juices and scents as I was tugged betweenthe two with both of the girls’ pussy muscles fighting over me trying to drawme into their respective hosts.  I couldhear them kissing and they were still rolling around on the floor. My dough andcum covered body got unloaded upon by a barrage of cum from both girls. Theystarted to pull away but quickly both were sucked back together as I was turnedaround and then shoved back into both of them.




            This time I was rapidly plunged allthe way into Gabby and then shot into Susie and drawn in deeper, then shot backinto Gabby. My cum ridden body hurt all over as I they continued their pleasureof not only me, but also themselves. My swollen cock had orgasms so many timesit was ready to go on strike. They finally pulled away and strings of cumstretched onto and into both of the hosts as they separated and I dropped thefloor covered in their juices.


“You’re such a dirty whore Susie.”


“You’re filthy Gabby.”


“That was so great.” [In unison]


“That was the best sex we have ever had.”


            Both girls walked out leaving melying in a mess of cum, strawberries, chocolate syrup, and nuts. As they walkout I hear a loud crunch sound.


“I just busted a nut Susie.”


[Bothgirls laugh]


“I know I did.”


            I was lying on the cold tile floor.I tried to pick myself up but I couldn’t even move. It was like I had nomuscles at all. I could only lie on the ground as both girls had used me to maxand beyond that. My throbbing cock wanted to cry as it was in so much pain. Theclock they knocked over during sex reads 5:55 am. I can only stare at thepassing minutes as my immobile body lay on the floor and I felt like I wasdead.


As the clock changed to 7:18 I heard footsteps approaching.


“OH MY GOD what happened in here Paige?”


“I am not sure Mira. Hey what’s that on the ground.”


“I don’t know grab it and let’s go. We havepractice.”


“It looks like a man!”


“It is a man. A cute man.”


“But he’s so tiny! What should we do with him?”


“Take him of course.”


“Okay but where are we going to put him?”


“Hmm, I know! Give him here.”


Quickly she snatched me up and held me under afaucet and washed me clean. I was grateful for the cleansing but apprehensiveas usual at the prospect of yet another new mistress.


            My lifeless body was dropped intoher C size bra cups.


“Look how lifeless it is. I bet it’s just a doll.”


“I think you’re right but oh well, in my bra thedoll goes, just in case he is more than a little doll. He can keep my leftbreast company ‘cause I don’t have time to take him out.”


            I feel myself clasped onto Mira’smassive chest. Most of the girls before had such small breasts but C sizebreasts were massive. My dick was pressing into her nipple and my legs werepressed into the bottom of her breasts. I was pushed into her tit flesh by thebottom of the bra and my head and upper chest were shoved into the top of herbreast. I was shoved deep into her tit flesh by the top of her sports bra. As shewalked I felt myself jiggle only slightly as I was mashed into her sports bra,which kept her breasts from moving.


            We were on a practice field.


“Okay girls we are doing a full routine today.”


“OHHH Do we have to?”


“It’s gonna be a long practice and I am going topush you hard so let’s start.”


The girls started jumping around and doing all sortsof tricks, as I remained a tiny helpless prisoner in Mira’s bra.


“That dumb doll feels good in there. I might justkeep him in there all day.”


“Do it.”




“Okay girls assume the position full time. Mira, getready for your back flips and then jump up into the air and do a 540, and thenland on the ground on your knees. Paige and Marissa will come at you from theside doing back flips and then land on their knees beside you as Emily,Charity, and Maria start their dance routine. And you three on your kneesremember you’re supposed to be slave-like but try to dance too while you downthere we don’t want sticks.”




            I couldonly mentally scream out as I heard the music start and I knew I was in forquite a ride while I as was stuck in this bra.


The music blared out of a cheap PA system on thefield. As soon as the girl started moving I started bouncing up and down helplesslywith her breasts. I screamed. I yelled. I kicked. I bit. None of it made a bitof difference as my cries were blotted out by the sounds of 150 Cheerleaders in18 teams enthusiastically screaming and stomping and shaking in time to thebeat.


My head quickly got dizzy by the rapid back andfourth movement of Mira’s breast. Up and down and up and down and left andright and left and right. I started to notice that after a few numbers hersports bra started to give a little and that I was sliding backward, downthrough her bra a little bit more with each jiggle of her breasts. I slid downa bit so my face was now even with her nipple. I couldn’t resist touching andplaying with it a bit but I slipped even lower as she cheered with her team. Itried to hang on to her nipple as I slipped ever lower through her bra but Ididn’t have the strength to hang on. The next thing I knew, I was falling thelength of her chest and abdomen through the bottom of her sweater, down thelength of her skirt. I managed to somehow grab hold of the hem of her skirt atthe last second before falling to my death.


As Mira twirled and shook I whipped around herthighs as her skirt flared out and spun back and fourth. I was able to hang onfor most of the practice this way but during the last number I began to lose myhold through fatigue. I thought for sure that this was the end of me as I hungon with all my might.


Just as the song ended she did one last kick spin,which caused me to lose grip. My tiny insignificant self was flung away withsuch velocity that I was shot up high in the air. I closed my eyes as I flewthrough the air. I dared open them and saw my trajectory was taking me all theway to where yet another of the teams was doing their work. I dropped rightdown and bounced off the chest of a hot slender girl with straight brown hair.I ricocheted forward and hit the ass of a petite blond girl and then bouncedoff crazily and flew backwards into the stomach of a tall girl with dirtyblonde hair. Her stomach was taut like a drum so I banged off it forward intothe back of a red headed girl. I slid down her back and over the curve of herrear on to the ground. I thanked the gods for my luck, as I was apparentlyunhurt. Then I noticed the shadow suddenly looming over me, blotting out themorning sun. I looked up to see 16 legs all around me like a forest of flesh. Icraned my neck higher up and saw giant torsos, and above them was eight youngfemale faces looking down at me with wonder.


“Oooooo what is that?”


“It looks like a tiny guy?”


“Don’t be silly he’s not a guy, he’s a toy or alittle doll or something?”


“NO wait, isn’t that the little guy Kristin has?”


“It must be. He’s so cute!”


“Can you understand us little guy?”


“Mooooooooo…mooooooo…quack quack…hownow brown cow? Well fuck yeah I can understand you Mickey Mouse club, Mr.Rogers watching, bunny eared, shit faced, ‘OOOOO LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME’, prissyass, mall shopping, ass kissing, DADDY GIRLS hopped up on more ecstasy thenBritney has silicone brats.”


        “Thedoll can talk!”


 “I am notyour damn doll. I am not your stupid toy. I am not your plaything. You're gonnatake me to Kristen and just walk away. You’re going to make like your Mom justafter she got paid. You’re gonna rollover and get out of bed and leave. Nowplease take me back to Kristin and she will explain everything okay?”


“Excuse you?”

            “Excuses, excuses take me toKristen.”


“Not so fast if you’re Kristin’s then what are youdoing here? Maybe we should keep you for ourselves.”


“Yeah why should Kristin get you? I say finderskeepers.”


“Yeah Michelle good idea.”


Suddenly the cheerleader named Michelle reachedforward and quickly grabbed me in her fist. I looked up at her slender form andstraight brown hair and sultry face. She smiled triumphantly as she brought meup to her chest by legs kicking and churning. The other girls crowded aroundher. I felt their fingers against my back and rear as Michelle crushed me toher chest.


“Hey wait! Mgfffffffrtfg!”


“Michelle you are so mean. Let the little thing be.He’s not bothering you.” 


“Well then I guess you don’t want your turn holdinghim.”


“I didn’t say that I just meant…I don’t know justforget it. I’ll take him next.”


“No me next.”


“No me.”


Michelle wasn’t listening. She was completelyentranced with me as she hugged me. She knew I really did belong to Kristin butfor the moment I was hers and hers alone. She loved the idea of how easily shehad caught and overpowered me. I felt her small boobs give underneath me as Iwas pressed gently into her. I wondered what she would be like in bed andfigured that if things went as per usual since I had bee shrunk, that itwouldn’t be long before I found out. 


Something else I noticed just then. In the distanceI heard screaming between two of the teams. I could make out the voices ofKristin and Carrie shouting at each other…


“How could you lose him? I trusted you with hislife.”


“Well I’m sorry I thought I could trust my roommatesbut one of them must have taken him and lied about it.”


“I’ll never forgive you for this Carrie! NEVER!”


“Fine! Be that way!”


“He could be in serious trouble right now or evendead for that matter!”


“He’s just a toy anyway. I swear Kristin you make afederal case out of everything! I said I was sorry.”


“I want my red top back. Or did you lose that too?”






“Hey Kristin I’m over here with—“


“Not so fast tiny I just think I’ll keep you formyself.“


“Come on Michelle please take me over th—“






“Shhhhh tiny we have to finish.”






“No, hel—“


“Hey what do you girls got over there? Is that myRichie?”




“Hey shut up you. No comments from the peanutgallery. This is between Kristin and I.”


“But, but—“


“But nothing you will go wherever you are taken toand you will not have a say so because you are a tiny little man who needs theassistance of others to get by in life. In return we get to do what we wantwith you and you will be taken care of and have your every need met. There isno debate understand?”


“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa there gingersnap. I don’tneed anybody. I’ll show you. Let me go and I will take care of myself.”


“No. I bet ff I return you to Kristen she’llprobably let me have you for a while. You’re not going anywhere unless I letyou and I’m not letting you.”


“Michelle, I said is that my Richie?”


“Yeah we found him here. He is just the cutest thingever.”


“I know. Give him back to me.”


“Okay but would it be okay of I came to your cabinlater to borrow him for the night? He really is cool and the girls and I wouldlove to play with him.”


“Well since you did find him and returned him to meI guess that would be ok. You have to promise not to harm.”


“Yeah, cool. Here he is.”


“Thanks girlfriend. I should have trusted youinstead of Carrie. She’s the one who lost him. Come by this afternoon and youcan take him to your cabin for the night.”


“Oh, thank you so much Kristin. This will be so muchfun.”


Kristin is standing next to Carrie as she reachedfor me. Kristin’s strong fingers clamp about my tiny body into her grip. Sheholds me up to her face and starts scolding me.


“Come here you, you are in such big trouble how didyou get away you could have been hurt oh I could just spank your little tushfor worrying me so. Now Carrie and I aren’t speaking and you are in sooooo muchtrouble…”


“But Kristin it wasn’t my fault—“


“I don’t want to hear any of your pathetic littleexcuses doll I figure you tried like the dickens to escape Carrie after she wasso nice to you too. You are too much trouble for me I’m a busy girl and I can’tspend every waking minute worrying about you I should just give you away to theother girls how about that then you will see how you should have been lessincorrigible. Just wait till we get back to the cabin, you little bundle oftrouble you…”


“Hey Kristin c’mon I can explain.”


“I bet you can well I have heard about enough ofyour LITTLE explanations. Runtilstiltskin.”


“What did you call me? And I am not little. I amjust not very vertically inclined.”


“Meaning you’re a runt, shorty, small fry, shortstack, knee high to a pinhead, when you walk into a restaurant you can’t evenget into the booster chair, You’re---“


“Well at least my breasts don’t double as zits”


“Excuse me? I think I am more woman then you canhandle.”


“You’re more woman then a wild bore with rabiescould handle. And we all can put two and two together on why he has therabies.”


Kristen then closed her fist around me. End ofdiscussion. I felt her carrying me for about five to ten minutes until weentered her cabin. She put me down on her bed. I looked up to see her sternexpression and saw the other girls pile in after practice. I couldn’t helpnotice they all started shedding their cheerleading outfits. In a moment theyall had stripped down to their underwear. It was quite a show.


“Hey look, the shrimp’s back.”


Anna sauntered over in just her sports bra andpanties. The 16 year old reached out and scooped me up without even asking.


“Hey Kris can I play with him for a while. I didn’tget to much the other night.”


“Well, he is supposed to be punished for gettinglost. And Michelle is coming in a little while to borrow him for the night.”           


“But I never got to play with him pleeeeeeease? Justfor a little while ok?”


“Kristen I said I was sorry.”


“I guess I can’t stay mad at you Richie. I like yato much and you are too cute.”


“Of course that’s what my Mom says too.”


“Err, wait a minute.”


“Hey young lady put me down this instant! Put medown!”


“What’s that? Hey pretty girlie pick me up thisinstant? You flatterer you. I suppose just because you asked so nicely.”


“I asked no such thing.”


“What? You want to play with me too. Richie, I loveit when you get all frisky.”


“I SAID PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW! Get your claws offme.”


“Okay Richie, we can go back to my bed.”


“Kristen, Do something.”


“I am doing something. Doing nothing is doingsomething.”


“You’re lucky I am allowing you to hold me. I canstop you whenever I want to but I choose not to”


“Uh huh.”


“Oh I am a bad man. People fear me in 49 states.”


“Cockroaches don’t count as people.”


“SHE SAID COCK…hehehe.”




“WHAT? Aren’t we in your room yet? Lets get thisshit over with.”



“ANNA REMEMBER he is not to be left unsupervised foreven one second do you understand me Anna?”


“Sure. C’mon teeny you can come to my room for a while.You can help me with my High School summer reading list. I’m reading “TheScarlet Letter.”


“Ugh I hated that book.”


“Me too you can explain it to me tiny since you’veread it.”


“I just read the Cliff’s Notes, actually.”


Anna grabbed her paperback copy of “The ScarletLetter” and flopped face down on the bed, lying on her stomach. She raisedherself off the mattress a bit, and then set me face down on the bed. I feltimmense pressure on my back and as I craned my neck to either side I saw her modestbreasts pressing against the mattress. I realized she had put me in hercleavage between her chest and the bed. She was holding the book up and if Icraned my neck up I can read along with her. I had forgotten how boring thebook was. So I stopped reading along with her. Every few minutes she’d stop toask me about what she’d just read. If I didn’t know the answer she’d leanforward and crush me between the mattress and her cleavage a bit harder.


“Hey Anna careful don’t crush him. He’s fragile.”


“But he won’t tell me how the book turns out Julie.I don’t want to read this crap.”


“Don’t blame him just because you’re too lazy to dothe work. You had all summer to read that.”


“Hummmph! What good’s having a little man if hecan’t do your homework for you? I hate “The Scarlet Letter.” It’s a dumbbook.  I want to read about new falloutfits and shoes instead.”


“Anna I’m sorry! I forgot how the novel ends. Pleaselet me out I’m getting squished like this.”


“Ok this time doll. You better be thinking of waysto make this up to me.”


“Oh I know, I could cuddle with Kristen and we couldwatch save the last dance and eat popcorn.”


“How is that helping me?”


“You’re so self centered must everything be aboutyou? Do you realize you’re fat compared to me? You weigh like tons. You’re likean elephant to me.”


“I am not fat. I lost 3lbs. I try to work out, heywait a minute. Nice try shrimpola but I think you can help me do a couple ofthings.”


“Like fix your face it looks so hideous. You lookedmuch better last time oh wait that wasn’t you I was thinking of. You werealways ass ugly.”


“Excuse me? Is someone growing some balls here? Justfor that I think you can start reading the odyssey for me.”




“Well, start reading hurry.”


I walked over to the book and started trying to turnthe cover over. I couldn’t it was too heavy for me. I looked back at Anna whoshowed me no compassion and just urged me forward.


“How the hell am I supposed to lift the cover? Thisbook is bigger then me it’s hardcover.”


“You have 20 minutes to summarize it for me in noless then 20,000 words or else you will be ANNAlyzed for punishment.”


I dropped my pants and pointed my ass at Anna.


“Okay spank away.”


Anna curled her fingers around me and then droppedme on her back. I looked up at her ponytail and I already knew what she wantedme to do. As she started to stand up I had no choice but to grab onto her hair.Anna started walking about the room and her pony tail and me swung from side toside as she walked.”


“WHOA NELLY, WHOA NELLY, PLEASE WHOA, PLEASE, HeyAnna this pony is a nag just like you.”


“I want that scrunchy off now or else I mightaccidentally drop somebody in my suitcase and forget about him until I am readyto go home.”


That being all the inspiration I needed I startedclimbing up her ponytail. As it swung from side to side I was almost flung offit several times.  Anna then puts in aKorn CD




Anna started head banging and doing a little bootydance and her hair and me was flung wildly around. I now pull my arm over herscrunchy as she danced her way into the bathroom.


“OH I am so hot.”


I saw a huge spray bottle come into view. Her hairbecome wetter and wetter with each pump and I slid down her ponytail and fellonto the floor.


“You’re so pathetic Richie.”


“Well you cheated you stupid bitch!”


“You’re a stupid bitch what? You cheated what? I amleaving what?”


I did a little spin move and then moonwalk out ofthe bathroom. I turned back around and faced Anna well more like faced hersandal clad foot, but anyway I pulled my pants down and shook my ass at her andthen took off full bore toward the door.


“NEANER, NEANER, NEANER you can’t catch me!” 


I dashed out back into the other room and sawKristen reading. I froze right away and ran to the left. I was then suddenlysnatched up into the air by a cold, cool clammy grip.


“Hiya, member me!!”


“Heather hi, can you hide me?”


“Where should I hide a tiny man who could goanywhere? Maybe my feet?”


I felt her rub me against the soles of her foot.They smelled surprisingly good. It smelled like peach scented lotion, like itwas just put on. The bottom of her foot felt smooth and silky. I rather enjoyedit but I was soon held back in front of her face.


“No you can’t go there. I know, maybe my Breasts.”


I was then shoved between Heather’s breasts and shestarted jumping up and down in bed yelling “I DID IT ALL FOR THE NOOKIE, SO YOUCOULD take that cookie and stick up your, and stick up your--”


I was jolted from the left and to the right and thenfinally I was bounced of her breasts and landed on her bed. Her massive baresole crashed down on me, shoving me into the bed, and then she bounced back upand sat down with me between her legs.


“Come on little man, come closer to me. We canplay.”


The cabin door burst open just then. It was Michellecoming to get me.


“Hi Kristin, I came to take Ritchie for a whilewhere is…oh there you are! Hi you little action figure!”


Michelle walked over to Heather and quickly took mefrom her. In an instant I was struggling against her chest again.


“Hi Michelle. Go Ahead. I just want him back by themorning ok? And please, please I beg you do not lose my little friend. And tellyour cabin mates to be nice okay?”


“Kristin no I want to stay here with you. Pleasedon’t let her take me please no.”


“Would you like some cheese with that whine Richie?Now you be a good little man and go with Michelle and do whatever she tellsyou. And I don’t want to hear that you’ve escaped again or I’ll give you toTaylor. Got it?”


“I know you want me. It’s okay, you don’t need tohide it. I am just too much man for you. You can’t handle my throbbing pythonof love.”


“OH YEAH YOU KNOW IT, I WANT YOU BABY” [in asarcastic teasing voice]


“Don’t worry I may have done every girl in this roombut you’re my favorite”

            “Excuse us you did who?”


“Well Michelle I think it’s time to be getting toyour cabin and step on it.”


“Hey what are you doing? I said step on it not walktowards Kristen.”


“Runtilstiltskin, you better watch it or we mightmake it orgy night.”


I squeaked out a reply from my position buried inMichelle’s chest. I felt my teen escort moving and felt the pounding of hersteps as she turned and left with me to return to her cabin. Her hold on me isas secure as I have ever experienced in all my travails as a shrunken man. Ihad no other option but to see what she and her teammates had in store for mein their cabin…

”Come back soon Richie, I miss you” says Kristen meekly.


“This is going to be great Richie. You can play withme all night and all day and live with me. You can please me in so many wayswith this new size. All men should have to be like this. So portable andefficient for women. It’s nice to see a man like this for once. A man is giventhe short end of the stick for once. Richie don’t worry you will simply lovethe things I have planned for you.”


“Unless they consist you fucking yourself I am sureI won’t.”


“You listen here! Runt, if you ever want to seeKristin again.”


“Yeah yeah yeah I Know, I know. Do what you say blahblah blah. Please you blah blah blah, entertain you blah blah blah. Whateverhappened to the good old days when TV was the only entertainment you needed?”


As we walked into the Michelle’s bunk I couldn’thelp but feel a little uncomfortable. She flaunted me openly so all the girlscould see me as she dropped me on her bed.




            “Little? Who you calling little? Iam a full sized man can you hear me?”




“Hey, back the FUCK off girls. I ain’t some sideshow attraction understand?”




            “Dibs? What the Fuck you talkingabout dibs? No little cheerleader gets dibs on me I get dibs on you.”




“Listen you, you aren’t my sweetheart and I am NOTyour little doll ok? So I can’t be yours -- are you girls even listening to me?Halloooooo up there!”


“ARE YOU GOOD AT MATH RICHIE? I got some homeworkhere.”


            “Homework? I can’t even lift apencil! This is insanity do you hear? It’s a MADHOUSE! A MADHOUSE I TELL YA!BWAHAHAHAHA!”


“He looks so cute just like a toy.”




“Oh he is trying to yell back at us. How cute.”




“His voice is so squeaky like a little mousy wouseyISN’T IT CUTIE?”




“He sure is a bossy little thing for someone who isknee high to a grasshopper.”


“I AM NOT! Hey what are you doing?”


A blonde haired girl dressed in a fuzzy sweater anda skirt scooped me up. My head was buried into her white fuzzy sweater. Shethen started tossing me up into the air and then tossed me to Michelle.




“He is so light!”


“Think fast!”




Michelle then tossed me over to a brown haired girlwith glasses and braces but had a real cute face. She still had hercheerleading outfit on as she grabbed me and sat down on a bed.




            “Well that’s a relief honey—NOT!”


“Quiet you-- Yeah Michelle, you’re right. He is thetiniest little thing I have ever seen. Why does he have clothes on though?”


            “Kristin put them on me.”


            In a second she just ripped my shirtoff and tossed it towards the floor. It landed in a sneaker. She then grabbedthe ribbon from her hair and tied it around me. I watched intently as her hairfell down across her shoulders and she shook her head back and forth so herhair would fall down her back the way she wanted it too. With the ribbon tiedaround my waist she tossed me over to a conservative, shy looking girl who wasclearly black.


            “Wow, heis the tiniest thing in the world. What should we do with him? We have him fora whole night”


            She playfully tossed me up an downin her hand like a ball as she walked over to her bed and lay back, spilling meout onto her stomach. As I fell I grabbed onto a button on her shirt that wasbeing pushed outwards by her breasts.


“Would you girls stop? I am not a toy”


“We haven’t done anything to you yet so there isnothing for us to stop.”

”You have to--.”


“We are merely letting you fly about the room likesuperman.”


            “But I can’t fl—NOOOOOOO!”


“Here you go Embers!“


(Author’s note: Emily’s nickname Embers comes from a24 Hour restaurant chain in the upper Midwest, like a Perkins or a Denny’s)








“It’s a two for one special at the gap.”


“Smart ass.”


“NO IT’S SUPERMAN!!! The star of Smallville.”


“They must have known you were coming when theytitled that show. Smallville. Starring Richie Hanes as Clark Kent. It’s allabout a boy form another planet who is five inches tall WHO JUST GOT SWALLOWEDBY MY PUSSY!! OH no Superman the black hole has you in its mighty grip!”




“Way to role play Richie. You make this even morefun”, bellows Michelle.


“I am not mpfff!”


Just as she shoved me in I heard a phone ring. Emilywho I heard the girls all call Embers got up and answered it.


“Oh hi Mom. What’s up? Oh, the baby kicked cool.”


[MOM ON PHONE] It’s so amazing I can’t believe Ihave a little person inside of me.”


“Yeah I know I have a little person inside of metoo! Well gotta run Mom seeya."


“YOU WHAT YOUNG LADY!?!?!?!” [Click]


“Where was I? Oh yes…”


            I fight my way to the surface and myhead popped out of her pussy.  I grabbeda hold of some of her loose pubic hairs. For once I wished girls wouldn’t shavedown here. I tried to pull myself out but her titanic pussy muscles draw meback in.


“OH NO SUPERMAN! What are you going to do!’


“Can SUPERMAN ESCAPE? Will he get away? Tune in nextweek same SUPER TIME, Same SUPER CHANNEL!”


Her muscles pulled me all the way back in andstarted pulsating me up and down slightly. I could feel her juices starting toget flowing. I was then yanked out by the ribbon and shot out into the air. Ashorthaired blonde girl grabbed me.




“YEAH! [In unison]”


“S, S, S-U-P-P-P-P-E-R   S--U--P, P--E--R -M--A--N GO SUPERMAN!”




            Emily sauntered over towards me andpicked me up and put me back on the bed. All the girls lowered their heads sothey were level with the bed. Then the girl with the fuzzy sweater grabbed me.


“I know what we can do.”


“You can put me down honey, that’s what you can do,ok?”


“WE should each get 3 hours with little Richie hereto do whatever we want with him.”


            “Do whatever you want with me?  I have rights and I will not be ignored likethis!”    


“What a awesome idea.” They all yell in unison theiragreement.


“I hate it! It stinks. It is so not happening.”


“OH you’re so silly Richie. You don’t get a vote andbesides girls, Richie is mine for tonight I don’t have to share him anymore andI'm not.”


            Michelle grabbed me and walked overto the other side of the cabin and laid down on her bed with her feet proppedup into the air. She immediately ripped my pants and boxers off and tossed themcarelessly to the side.  Before I had achance to yell at her I heard the dinner bell ring.


“Saved by the bell squirt. See you when I get back.”


“Hey don’t I get to eat too?”


“Why should you? It’s not like you are a person. Ishould get some dog food for you.”


“Come on Michelle let’s go.”


“Hey please feed me!! I’m hungry.”


“I suppose come on rug rat.”


            Michelle grabbed me and tossed me tothe girl with the fuzzy sweater and the short skirt. Her fingers clasped aroundme as the group of 8 walked out of the cabin.


“I don’t care what you do with him. He no longerinterests me.”




“You’re boring played out. No fun, pointless,unimportant, not special, you are soooo last week! In fact you are so last weekyou are practically last month.”


“Don’t listen to her Richie she’s just teasing. Wehave all sorts of fun stuff we can do. Lets go.”


“Hey, where are we going? The cafeteria this theother way.”


“Yeah but it’s gonna be just me, you, and my bestfriend Marissa.”


“And if I say no?”


“Silly you don’t have any say in things.”


            I wanted to cry as we walked intoyet another cabin. As soon as the door swung open all eyes were on me.


“Oooooh what’s that? GIVE IT!”


“Where have you girls been? You have no idea whothis is?”


“Who? It’s a stupid Ken doll get real!”


            My eyes were locked on all the girlsin this room. They all had their cheerleader outfits on and my cock wasstarting to give orders.




“Wow, it talks. I wish they had talking Barbie andKen’s when I was a little girl. Do you plug it into the wall somewhere?”


A dazzling brunette grabbed me quickly. She startedrotating me end over end in her hand.


            “Wait a second here! Don’t lemmego.”


“Where do the batteries go on this thing? Hey, theygave Ken a dick finally! Where do you plugs this thing in.”


“Hey, Hey, Hey there you stop this immediately! ”


“Stupid doll, don’t you hey me or I will rip yourbatteries out!”


“Marissa, that’s not a doll! It’s a real man.”


“Get outta town!! Men are big, and strong, and havemassive abs that I can wrap my arms around when I hug them and squeeze theirbig strong arms. Men aren’t little puny things like this. What would I do withthis thing? It’s about the same size as my dildo. I can squeeze the living shitoutta this thing. This is no man. This is a toy. Where’s the Mattel logo?”


“Marissa really!! It’s a tiny man.”


“You’re serious aren’t you?”


I watched helplessly as all the girls gatheredaround me. 


“Hey you are serious! Look at his little legs kick!WOW!”


            I was dropped on the floor and 8girls all sat around me in a circle.


“I know let’s sneak the little guy to Figaro islandand we can camp out and play with him all night without having to follow thestupid cheer rules.”


“Yeah greatidea. No one ever goes there anyway.”


“Yeah and then were gonnaplay Spin the Richie” Whoever Richie’s head points to do has to do the dare.”


“Yeah hurry let’s go and sneakthe boat out before Camp Director Roberts catches us.”


“She’s ancient she about40.”


“I know that’s justdisgusting even if she does look like Julia Roberts.”


“Can you still drive whenyou’re 40? That’s over the hill you are practically extinct.”


“Yeah and miss Roberts is anice lady!”


“Julia Roberts huh? Bring inhere I will do her up.”


“Does she have perky boobs?Does she have a nice ass? Does she look like Rachel over there?”


“So you like my perky boobshuh? How would you like a tit wash little man?”


            BeforeI could even react her tits were all over me shoving me into the bed. Her warmnude tits washed over my body like silk. They smothered me, dangled over me,and then smothered me again and again as she dropped them over and about mytiny body. I playfully tried to fight them off but I really loved every momentof it. As she pulled away I turned over to conceal my hard on.”

“UH OH someone has ahardy-wardy! Ooooo my little man has a hard on how cute!”


“I am not your little man!”

“I love it when you try tobe big and strong for me yes I do but you’re just way too defenseless.”




“Yeah Ms. Roberts is cutebut at 40 years old it’s time to put the cheerleader outfit away.”


“I know that’s a good dare.Someone has to stick Richie in between her ancient boobs.”


“RACHEL LANDGRAF!!! Thislittle man has done nothing to you and you are proposing death to him!!”


“Oh alright but it would befunny to see him dangling from her ancient tits.”





The girlssnuck into a shed and grabbed some tents, and then sprinted to the docks. Theyquickly looked back to make sure no one is around. They all jumped into theboat and shoved off. I could see two islands in the middle of the lake separatedby half a mile. As the girls arrived on Figaro Island I nervously awaited thespin the bottle game wondering what horrible acts these sinister girls wouldpull on me. Rachel, Emily (embers), Marissa, Holly, and 4 other girls I didn’tknow all sauntered onto the island.


The girls trekked up to a clearing at the top of theisland. Marissa had me suspended securely to her chest, pinned underneath herpalm. The ponderous weight of her breast pressed against me as we made our wayto the camping area. The next hour was a blur to me as I was handed off fromone cheerleader to the next as they set up two large tents, much larger thanthe tents that the girls in the other camp had, each of these tents was bigenough to sleep four girls. Make it four girls and one tiny man. By sundown thegirls were through setting up the tents. As the sleeping bags were laid outacross the floor of Marissa’s tent I was immediately grabbed by Holly, a mediumsized 5’ 4” blonde with a stunning 34B-24-34 figure. Her hair was done up inpigtails. Like most of the other girls she was wearing gym shorts and a graycotton T-Shirt that reads “I JAM THEREFORE I AM” on the back and “KlondykeCheerleading Camp” on the front.


            Holly lay down on top of hersleeping bag and Marissa, Embers and Rachael soon entered the tent and climbedon top of theirs. Holly gently set me down in the center of the tent. The girlswere sitting cross-legged on the tent just looking at me and giggling to themselvesat my current predicament.


            “I can’t believe this. I can’tbelieve he is really real and all ours.”


            “Listen babe my Mom has a lot ofpull around these here parts. I suggest you temper your enthusiasm.”


            “Oooooooo I’m so scared. Dollman’s goingto sic his Mommy on us. What’s she gonna do hit me in the shins with a littletwig? Dial up the police on her Fisher-Price phone?”


            “No you airhead she’s normal size.Like you. I’m the one who shrunk!”


            “Don’t be silly you couldn’t have anormal sized mother. It’s not like as if you’re a real boy who got shrunk orsomething. You’re just a cute little doll for us to play with.”


            “Embers chill out. You’re making thelittle thing mad.”


            “So? Toys don’t have feelings!”


            “So! What do you mean so! I haverights! You look here missy I don’t know what you think I am, but I’m aperson.”


            If you’re a person how come I canpick you up like this?”




            Before I could flinch Embers sweptdown on me, her long pale fingers curled around me and I was whisked skywardinto her grip. She held me close to her as the fingers of her free hand startedpinching my kicking legs in an effort to suppress them.


            “Be Careful! Stop it! Let me goEmbers!”


            Just then my protesting wasinterrupted as the other four girls entered the tent.


            “Harmony, Nikki, Jackie, Erin take aseat so we can start. Here’s the rules: you get one spin each, you play withhim a little and then whoever gets him last gets to sleep with him.”


            [In Unison] “Ooooooooooo!”


            The girls all took seats on thesleeping bags sitting up looking at me in the center. Marissa brought out aplate and set it next to me.


            “Okay girls who wants to spinfirst.”


            “You girls can’t be serious!”


            Nikki reached forward for me andseized me up in her hand. She turned me on her side and set me on the plate.Gripping me tightly and ignoring my squeaking protests she spun me on the platewith a flick of her wrist. I spun round and round and round and I almostblacked out. I saw parts of young girls spinning in and out of my view. FinallyI came to rest with my head pointing n the direction of Holly.


            “I WON, I WON, I can’t believe it.This is such an honor I would like to thank the academy and--”


“Shut it before I make you shut it”


“Oh and what are you gonna do if I grab you likethis?”


            “Get away from me you bully inpigtails!”


            Her fingers quickly closed around mystruggling form.


            “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt youcutie.”


            “Put me down! Hey, what are youdoing I said put me down mffffp!”


            I was buried in Holly’s breastsbefore I even knew what to do. Holly pried one of her bra cups away from herbreast and smiled as she slipped me inside, then put the cup back over herbreast. I was arranged over her breast so her nipple came into contact with myface. As her nipple got erect it poked me in the face. I gave into temptationand began sucking and biting it. She started rolling around on the ground and Ifelt her full weight shift onto me, and then no weight at all I was slowlydragged out of her bra and then tossed up into the air. Then she would stickout her finger and I was forced to grab on. She then would toss me back up intothe air and then this time I had to grab onto a strand of her hair she hadsticking out. I managed to just barely grab onto it.


“Hey stop this at once!! I am ordering you stop thisthing NOW!”


“We can’t stop everyone hasn’t had a turn yet.”


“I am not a plaything.”


“You’re right you aren’t a plaything, you’re morelike a toy fabricated for our own personal amusement.”


            Holly then dropped me between herbreasts and started squeezing her tits on either side of my head. I could hearall the girls squeal in laughter as my head looked to be engulfed by Holly’ssmall pert breasts.


            “Now that’s a good little man. Girlshe feels so good like this.”


            “MPFFFF OPFFFF NOW!!!!”


            “All I could make out was more,more.”


            “I MPFFF MPFF STOP!”


            “What? Please more! Please more!”


            “If you want the game to end saystop right now.”


            “MPFFF MPFFF NOW.”


            “I heard more please right nowHolly.”


            “I heard that too.”


            “Okay Richie your wish is ourcommand.”


            “Next spin.”


            “Mmffffffftp hey what the fuck don’tever do that again, Nooooooooooo! I said stop! Not more. Stop!”


            ‘We all confirmed that you said‘more’.”


            “Well confirm again.”


            “Okay who all heard ‘more’?”


[Theyall raise their hand]


            “YUP, still ‘more’.”


            Holly had quickly set me on theplate again. This time it was Nikki, who was a slender girl of about 5’ 6”,with long brown tresses. She looked only to be about 15.


            “Ok you dumb toy man what should Ido with you?”


            “I have a suggestion: PUT ME DOWNRIGHT FUCKING NOW!”


            “How about NO FUCKING WAY! We ownyou sweetie.”


            “You can’t own me! I am not forsale! And besides according to humanforsale.com I am worth well over 9 milliondollars! No money has exchanged hands here!”   


Nikki then put me down the front of her shorts. Icould smell her scent, as I was right up against her panties. I struggled toget inside of them with no luck whatsoever. Nor could I escape her shorts herhand just pinned me there. Nikki got up and started dancing. She did a pelvicthrust towards the fire and I felt my body heat rise immensely. She thenstarted swaying her waist from side to side I started to slowly slip out of herpants. I flew into the corner of the tent. Unfortunately the tent was a bitripped up in the corner and the floor material was missing for about one footsquare. I landed right there in soft muddy ground. MY feet sunk into the muckand I was held into place.


“Get me out of here right now PICK ME UP DO YOU HEARME PICK ME UP (I never thought I would be saying that.).”


“OH no, the little doll man is stuck in the groundand can’t get free! Whatever is he to do?”


“Oh I know.”


Nikki kneels down on her hands and knees and letsthe string from her shorts dangle down just above the damp ground where I amstuck.


“You better grab on or die little man.”


I dejectedly forced myself to grab onto thestring-like rope from her shorts. I climbed up the waist and as she stood up asI saw Holly lying down. Nikki swayed her hips quite fast from side to side andI started to fall. I luckily grabbed onto the end of the rope as Nikki loweredme down towards Holly’s mouth. I heard her mouth slam shut. Then open back up.Her teeth were nipping at my feet.  Nikkilowered me into Holly’s mouth and then Nikki stood back up as Holly closed hermouth.




            “HAHAHA this is great look at himscream.”


            “You’re cruel Embers.”


            “Well life’s a bitch.”


            “THEN YOU SHRINK ONE!”


            “Awwww, are we scaring you? Okay wewill stop.”


            I was then lowered back into Holly’smouth and her tongue swirled around me playing with me and licking me. Nikkithen stood up and pulled the string out of Holly’s mouth. Holly stuck hertongue out of her mouth and caught me. She then opened her mouth and Nikkilifted the string again, lowered me into Holly’s mouth to start the processover again, only this time as Nikki playfully lowered me down and up in and outof Holly’s mouth it started to snap open and closed.  I land in Holly’s mouth face down and couldfeel her hot breath on my feet and her teeth bearing down at me. Nikki jerkedme back up using the rope that tightened her shorts.


            “Did I scare you tiny whiney? Don’tworry! It’s all over.”


“Thank god.”


“Okay next spin!”


Nikki put me on the plate again and gripped me andgave me a spin. I landed on Holly again so Nikki had to spin me again. It’sEmbers. She immediately plucked me upside down from one ankle.


“Emily this ain’t funny! Put me down at once!”


“You should see this from my perspective. It’s ariot.”


“Sadistic bitch!”


“Awwww, I’m just teasing little thing. You’re socute I just love playing with you! You are so fun. A tiny little man!”


Embers swung me straight up through the air by myankle. I tumbled end over end up and then dropped until she caught me in herpalm. She pinched my ankle and swung me up again and caught me. She startedgetting a rhythm as she did this to me over and over.”


            “Oopsy –Daisy HAHAHAHA!”


            I tumbled off her hand and rolled intothe corner with the torn floor. Emily placed her foot atop of me. I started toconvulse and scream as she ground me into the wet mucky floor




            She then raised her foot and stompsit back down on me watching me sink farther and farther into the muck.


            “Okay I’m done…oops my footslipped.”




            “I’M SORRY, here let me help you.”


            Her hand then fell right on top ofme, pressing me into the muddy floor even farther.


            “Oops I lost my balance there.”


            “Why I oughta--”


            “Why you oughta what? Lie there andtake it because there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it.


            “So next turn BITCH.”


            “Who you calling a bitch?”


            “I’m calling the two legged midgetwith the whiney voice –“


            “Yeah, yeah well at least I don’thave to wake up everyday to see your ugly mug.”


            “Excuse me?”


            “What, did you fart? Or did youbelch?”


            Embers reached down and grabbed me.She thoroughly washed the mud and muck off me with some water from her canteen.She then gave me a really wicked spin. This time I was pointing at Marissa. Atfirst I thought Marissa was going to pass on her turn but I was suddenlydropped into a liquid container containing a sugary liquid.


“Hey little man how ‘bout a nice Hawaiian Punch?”




I took a gulp and realized Marissa had put me in aglass of Hawaiian Fruit Punch. She raised the glass to her plush lips and I hadto brace my arms to the sides of the glass to keep from falling into her mouth.I let go from exhaustion. As the liquid is drained I was almost upside down inthe glass. My head banged into her lips just as she closed them. Her tongue ranacross my face as she smacked her lips.


“Mmmmmmmm you taste good. You’re delicious. I thinkI’ll have some more.”


“Marissa please!”


“But I’m still thirsty, aren’t you?”


“Leave me alone MARISSA!”


“Awwww is someone getting upset? Well don’t get yourpanties in a uproar.”




I felt gallons upon gallons enter the glass. The redfruit punch covered my body.  I swallowedsome but I mostly tried to just keep myself from choking. I felt the glassstart to tilt back up toward her mouth. I started paddling in the cup. I lookedback and saw gallons just disappearing into the back of her throat.




[Thegirls erupted in laughter]


The empty glass was then tilted back and my asssmacked the bottom of it. I watched her tilt the glass back toward the plate. Igrabbed onto an uneven ridge on the glass to keep myself from falling. Shelifted the glass over her head and saw me hanging. Marissa shook the glassvigorously to get me out. Finally one of her shakes broke me loose and Itumbled onto the plate. I started to run off it but a wad of tape was putacross my back.


“HAHAHA scotch tape is to strong for him. Look athim struggle!”




“OH what’s wrong? Stuck?”


She spun me so hard my clothes started to dry outfrom her manual spin dry cycle.


Jackie won that time and I was instantly dropped inher lap. I begin to wonder what she has in store for me until I heard thewhoosh of her fingers as she grasped me around the middle and raised me up toher lips.


“Now you smell like fruit punch and I love fruitpunch. Let me help you.”


“Thanks I’m almost dry now. I don’t need any—“


“Nonsense. Here let me…”


Jackie popped me in her mouth face first so shecould suck the fruit punch flavor from my clothes, hair, and body. I felt hertongue swirl around me.”


“Mmmm this is like having a living Lifesaver.”


“I prefer butterscotch.”


“Oh be quiet I didn’t ask you. The candy doesn’t geta choice what flavor it wants to be.”


“Think women got choices? My dad was right barefootand pregnant is where they belong.”


Her mouth slammed shut and I felt her press me tothe roof of her mouth, grinding me against it. The upper half of me was insideher. I could hear the girls giggle at the sight of my tiny legs kicking backand forth as they protruded from her lips. I tried to scream out in pain but noair was getting to my lungs as her tongue firmly ground me into the top of hermouth.


“Barefoot huh? Pregnant huh? In the kitchen huh? Howdo you like this?”






After what seemed like hours I was spit back ontothe plate and I saw Jackie angrily looking down at me she started to run at theplate when I saw Holly and Emily holding her back.


“LET ME at the little punk! I will kill him!”


I tried to run off the plate but I got tangled inthe scotch tape. I looked back and Jackie was not even standing anymore she hadleapt into the air but Holly and Emily caught her and Jackie was kicking herlegs and flailing her arms trying to break free.




“HE DIDN’T mean it Jacks.”


“Yes he did!! Look at him! He is a bully!”


“He’s only 5 inches tall.”


“OH, don’t let his size fool you!”


“Next spin! You better spin him. If he lands on meagain I will fuck him up.”


“JACKIE! Be good!”


“You should tell him to be good!”


“He’s just a little toy!”


“Well I still think he should apologize.”


“I’m telling that whore sorry!! Especially not afterI had her Mom screaming “HAVE MERCY” as I fucked her and not only did I fuckher I RODE HER ALL NIGHT LONG!”


“Oh that’s it! IT’S GO TIME WORDS ARE OVER!”


“JACKIE SETTLE DOWN! Don’t let him get to you.”


            “I am telling you he is a bad, badman.”


            “He’s no man! He is just a doll.”


            “Just sit down and have fun.”


            “FINE! But you better watchyourself! Now spin the damn TOY!” [She then stuck her tongue out at me]


It’s Erin this time. She gave me a little smilebefore taking me up nonchalantly into her clutch.


“You look soooo kissable. Mmmm….”


“Erin no I’ll suffocat---“


My voice was drowned out by the smack of Erin’slips. She started kissing every square inch of my body. She murmured and cooedto me in between kisses.


“MMmmmm…” *SMACK*…so nice…*SMACK*…Tastegood…*SMACK*…cute little thing…*SMACK*…I don’t want…*SMACK*…to hurtyou…*SMACK*…awwwww…”


“Next spin!”


It was Harmony’s turn. The tall lanky redheadimmediately put me in her bra and hugged me through her shirt. I kicked andstruggled against her smooth slinky body but she didn’t even pay the slightestattention to my struggles.  MeanwhileRachael was all excited because she won through the process of elimination. Icould hear her clap excitedly as she anticipated taking me to bed with her.Harmony kept me trapped in her bra for a little while longer. Then she handedme to Rachael. Nikki, Jackie, Erin and Harmony piled into the other tent asthey said goodnight to the other four girls and to me.


Rachael had taken me and laid back in her sleepingbag. She held me suspended just above her impressive breasts. Breasts I hadexperienced before and hoped to soon again.


“You’re sleeping with me tonight little man. Ifyou’re nice I may give you another tit wash.”


Sooner than I expected as she lowered me to her titsand squeezed them together over me.



[Giggles] “You’re so cute you look like you belongthere.”


The other girls then started talking amongstthemselves as Rachael closed her eyes and lay back, hugging me to her breasts.The experience of having me in her power made her drunk with pleasure and shedozed off while her friends were gossiping and not paying attention to me. Isaw my big chance, as the tent flap is open just a few feet away. ConvenientlyRachael shifted to her side away from the others. Her grip loosened and Islipped silently to the ground and bolted out through the open tent flap. Freeat last! Free at last! Thank god almighty I’m free at last!


Running as fast as my little legs could take me, Iscampered down the hill to the beach. I was terrified that my absence would bediscovered any second and they would come and catch me and then I would be in aworld of pain. The small rowboat the girls used towered above me like it wasthe Titanic. Just as I started to think I’d never get off this crummy island Isaw a Styrofoam dinner plate floating near the shoreline. In a second I grabbeda plastic spoon almost as big as I was and I jumped onto the plate. I used thespoon as a paddle and minutes later I was navigating Deer Lake. I gave thefinger to Figaro Island. I figured I would and should try to get back to myMom’s camp again. I paddled and paddled in that direction but the tide wascarrying me toward Navi Island, where I had been caught by Trish and Karolynlast time and then tried to seek Samantha’s help. I saw a campfire on theisland heights and realized another overnight group from Camp Hanes was there.


I jumped off the plate as it neared the Beach ofNavi Island. I could see 4 rowboats from Camp Haines to my right. I had decidedthat even if I should get caught here at least it’d be by girls from my campthis time. Maybe one of them would be nice enough to take me to my home.


As I approached one of the campsites on the islandit was well after midnight. I had completely lost track of time during myescape but by the position of the stars I could see it was very late. I musthave paddled a few hours just to go a quarter mile between the two islands.


My legs burned as I took the long walk up the hill.I could see a campfire burning low and five pup tents arranged in a circlearound it. Except for the crackling of the dying fire there was just thecrickets chirping. The girls were all asleep. I contemplated waiting untilmorning to stow away on one of the girls’ backpacks or pant legs so I could getback home. I then noticed a flashlight shining briefly in one of the tents. Iknew it was stupid but my curiosity got the better of me and I couldn’t resistchecking out the girls. Moronic, huh? Some shrunken dudes never learn. I forgotwhich tent I saw the flashlight go on in so I just choose the first tent. Icould hear the gentle breathing of two girls but it was too dark to see theirfaces. I turned and headed for the entrance flap when I heard the click of theflashlight. I turned around and was immediately blinded as the light is shonein my eyes.


[Whispers loudly] “Tara, get up quick!”


            “Bridget leave me alone I finallyfell asleep. What is--“




            “Where have you been? The girls areall worried sick about you. They thought they lost their little camp mascot.”


            As Bridget leaned forward in hersleeping bag and made her slow and deliberate move to grab me I held still andsaid out loud to no one in particular:


            “Oh, shit. Not again!”


“For Christ sakes Bridget PUT ME DOWN!! TARA, TELLHER TO PUT ME DOWN!!”


“Bridget put him down it’s not right to do that tohim. He is a person.”


“Damn straight I am a person now put me down you110lb BULLY!!”


“You got that right.”


            Bridgetscoffed and grumbled a little then firmly set me back down on the floor of thetent. Immediately I felt Tara’s hands dart around me.


“HAHA bitch!! I got him now.”




            Bridget grabbed my legs and startedto pull me toward her but Tara started tugging me back. I could feel my bonescrying out in pain, as both girls were now pulling their hardest.








            Bridget darted out of the tent withme in her hands and Tara in hot pursuit. Bridget hurdled one of the pup tentsand headed into the woods. It seemed like we ran forever and finally Bridgetsat down on a fallen log and set me down on her lap. I walked over to the sideof her leg and realized it was way too far down to jump, and then I looked backup at her. Bridget was smiling down at me. She picked me back up and startedhugging me.


            “TARA HELP SAVE ME!”


            “Oh, poo. We lost her way back inthe woods.”


            “Bridget what do you want from me?”


“I was so worried RICHIE! You are in so much troublelittle man. You can’t just leave like that. You’re so helpless and of need ofprotection. I mean Richie, a cat or dog, mouse, rabbit, squirrel, anythingcould have gotten you.”


“Hey, nothing can hurt me I would fight them off.”


            “Oh please, you couldn’t fight off aflea you’re so tiny now.”


            “Yeah well you can fight ME off.”


            Saying this I leapt up and ontoBridget’s stomach. As my hands grabbed onto her T-shirt I started pullingmyself up toward her breasts. My arms and legs were screaming and straining inpain from the paddling and the shenanigans at Cheer Camp. Just as I reachedBridget’s breasts I started biting a whole through the shirt. She grabbed meand putted me away from the shirt.


            “Hey imp, I don’t remember givingyou permission to climb on my tits.”


I could feel each finger grabbing and prodding mynude body separately. Her fingers ran up and down my nude body as she held mebefore her face.


“I don’t think you deserve my tits little man. Mytits are the greatest things this side of the Milky Way.”

”They’re kind of small to be that great.”


“What? Are you questioning the Royal Tits? Thesetits OWN you, little man. You should bow down to them.”


“ROYAL? OWN ME? What have you been smoking? You’re abitch Bridget. When I first met you I thought you were conceited and a Bitch.Now you’re just a very large conceited bitch who has to have everything her wayand everything has to be about you or else you won’t be happy.”


[Giggles] “Yeah, that sounds about right.”


“You’re a cute teen nightmare. I might as well justleave. Bye-Bye!”


“Don’t think so. I’m not letting you down.”


“Bridget I said put me down! You’ll never own me!”


 “You don’tunderstand do you? You’re coming home with me Richie. You are destined to bemine. To pamper and primp my feet every morning and then once me nails arepainted you run up my chest and start trying to wake me up. And then if youhave done a satisfactory job I might leave you some table scraps from mybreakfast and then I will take you to school where you will take notes for meas I sleep.”


“Yeah and then your alarm clock goes off because youare dreaming if you think I am going home with you.”


“Oh you are.”


“Like fuck I am!! I would rather go home with thatgirl Jen Jen. I may not like her but she is going to look me in the eyes andsay she is going to abuse me, toy with me for her own pleasure and then once Iam no longer of use to her get rid of me. You don’t think I see that.”


“Oh, whatever. We’re done talking. Entertain me.”


“What? Excuse you! I am not doing shit for you.”


“Boy I feel like leaving and I am always forgettingthings on this island. I wonder what I will forget this time?”


            “Your head if it wasn’t screwed on.”


            “That’s it I’m going.”


“You can’t leave me here! I’ll never make it back bymorning!”


“Oh what a shame.”


“Shame on you for teasing me like this.”


 “I don’t hearthose magic words being said.”


“Please, take me with you Bridget.”


“Nope, those aren’t the magic words I was thinkingof.”


“No, you don’t mean--”


“Well see ya around.”


“Okay, okay! Please Queen Bridget Ruler of my world,Giver of life please bestow upon me your mercy and allow me to travel with youand you can go FUCK YOURSELF!”



“Errr, I mean to travel with you and entertain youand hope for your kindness.”


“I suppose we can see how it works but I better hearsome groveling and thank you’s.”


             As we walked back to camp I started to feelcompletely embarrassed about having to beg Bridget for everything. As weentered her tent we lay down and she shoved some lotion at me. As I walkedaround the bottle I read in big letters Raspberry scented foot lotion. With a sighI started applying the foot lotion on my feet.


“It could be worse I guess. This stuff does feelgoooood!”


“No dumb ass it goes on my feet! Why would I careabout your feet?”


“Well my feet hurt too!!”


“Well my feet are all you should be concerned with.My Royal Feet.”


“Like I could give two shits about your damn feet.”


“You’d be concerned if they were about to smash you.They NEED this lotion so get to it.”


“Well aren’t we the little self centered Priss.”


“What did you call me?”


“I said you’re the center of the Universe.”


            “Uh huh.”


            I started applying the lotion allover her feet. With small hands and her gigantic feet it took 30 minutes perfoot to just properly apply the lotion. As I finished she lowered her foot ontop of me. I tried yelling but nothing helped.




Her foot then lifted up into the air just as I sawTara enter.



”HAHA you look so cute Richie! I didn’t know you liked feet. You’re a footmanhuh?”




            Bridget’s raspberry scented lotionfilled my lungs. Bridget stretched her foot around the back of her neck anddeposited me between her breasts.


            “Hey how can you do that?”


            “Well I’m double jointed. That’s whyI am so good at gymnastics.”


            “Cause you got small tits!”


“Well I heard you liked small tits Richie! What doyou think of mine?”


            I dove between her breasts andstarted crawling down her chest. I could hear Bridget start to laugh as I dovebetween her boobs. She then stood up and started walking somewhere. I now clungto her tits so I wouldn’t fall.

”Please Bridget! I’m slipping!”


            I was then submersed in water. Icould feel Bridget’s muscles and body pushing away and displacing tons upontons of water over me as she swam through the water. She had taken me down tothe lake for a midnight swim. I felt her stop and start to tread water. As sheplucked me from her breasts and dropped me into the water I watched her stareat me as I sunk.




“Awwww isn’t that cute! My little Ken doll can’tswim! I thought plastic floated.”


            One of her breasts shot towards meand I grabbed onto her nipple. I placed both hands on her nipple as Bridget turnedto float on her back. I fell backward off the breast, smacked into her stomachand started to slip off. I scurried back onto Bridget’s stomach as she floatedin the water.


“Welcome to Land that Bridget Built. Worship meRichie!”


“Like fuck I will! Get me off of here!”


“Alright in you go.”





            It was too late. I watched herfinger easily flick me into the water. She started laughing as I splashedaround in the water. I then felt something at my feet and all the sudden I wasengulfed by a gigantic mouth along with hundreds of gallons of lake water. Ifelt the mouth start to close and the teeth just above my legs. I pulled mylegs into the mouth as it closed and then I felt a massive tongue work intoposition and shove me around from left to right and then I was shot up into thesky. I crash-landed back onto Bridget’s stomach and I ran towards her massive Bcups and slung my arms around them.




            Awwww, you little ‘fraidy man.”   


“Save ME!!”


“Awwww...How cute you’re hugging my breast sotightly for help I can just flick you off like this.”





            I was thrown back into the water andI somehow managed to stay afloat. I looked around at the water and everythingwas calm. I could barely see the island in the distance. I couldn’t see themouth that had tried to eat me so I started swimming back towards Bridget whenI felt a tongue at my feet. I turned around and looked at where my feet wereand saw nothing. Then on my back I felt a tongue. As I spun around I sawnothing but Bridget staring up at the stars not really paying any attention tome. I saw nothing but I felt something on my head shoving me under the water.It felt like fingertips.




I looked at Bridget’s hands just before I wassubmerged and saw them on her stomach. I tried to fight the fingers off but Icouldn’t do much of anything. Finally I felt nothing holding me down and I shottowards the surface. As I popped up I saw Tara staring at me in a bikini. Shereached out again and plucked me from the water.






“Tara that was mean! You scared my little man.”


“Awwww, he likes it.”


“I do not!”


“See I told you!”


“Well I guess if he likes it then...”




“Awwww what are you gonna do? Cry to Kelly? WAAAHHHKELLY HELP ME WAAAHHH KELLY BRIDGET AND TARA ARE BEING MEAN TO ME! HI, I’mRichie Hanes, Camp Baby. Maybe we should call you Richie Pampers because youact like you’re still in diapers, always whining about something. ‘Put medown!’  ‘Take me out of your breasts’.‘Don’t stick me in your pussy’, ‘I don’t want to play with you!’ ‘Be nice tome’.”


“Well if you would be nice to me…”


“Why? You’re our little toy now. Girls love to playwith their toys.”


            I was then shoved into Tara’s Bikinibottoms as both her and Bridget swam back. I could then hear the sand at their feet and both of them tramping backtowards their tent. 


            Then I heard a rubbing noise as thegirls dried off with their beach towels. Tara’s towel rubbed over me, drying meoff a bit.


I heard them clamber into the tent and start laydown in their sleeping bags.


“Good night Bridget.”


“Good night Tara.”




            I crawled towards the exit of Tara’sBikini. Her smooth still damp skin made it difficult and no darkness entered towhere I was.  I took a deep breath and Itook in her luscious scent and then I started climbing up her using her pussyhairs. I poked my head out of her Bikini and started crawling up her flatstomach. With every step her muscular well-toned stomach vibrates ever soslightly. I crawled up to her breasts and squeezed in-between them.  The bulk of her breasts were on either sideof me. I relaxed momentarily as her breasts pressed upon me from either side,smothering me in their softness. I poked my head just barely out of Tara’sbreasts, and two fingers clasped onto my torso and plucked me out. I was setdown onto the top of Bridget’s sleeping bag. She stared at me and smiled.


“Richie you look so cute like this. I know everyonetells you that but the best part about you being like this is that we get tohave fun with you and I get alone time with you like right now. I love sleepingwith you and having you lay on me like this and being dependent upon me. I likebeing needed like this by you. I hope you get to be like this forever.”


“Well I want to grow back right fucking now.”


“But don’t you like being the little doll for thewhole camp?”


“How could you say that? This is a nightmare forme.”


“You should get used to being our little doll.”


“USED to it? Used to what? Being USED? You girls dowhatever you want with me you don’t care what I think.”


“Well why don’t you try enjoying it for a littlewhile. You can do whatever you want okay.”


            “Okay then I want to go home.”


            “I mean whatever you want as long asyou are my little captive.” [Giggles]


“Well alright I guess so.”


            I slid down her chest and landedwith my back leaning up against her armpit and my legs stretched out towardsher hands. I walked down the length of her arm. I looked back at Bridget andsaw her eyes just following me. I climbed into the palm of her hand. As Icrawled across her palm I realized how uneven and bumpy it was. The groves andlines on her hand were so much bigger. Her skin was incredible. It felt goodagainst my body. I laid my head down in the palm of her hand and snuggled upagainst it. Her skin warmed my body and I no longer shivered as I crawledacross her. I hated to leave her hand but as I got off her hand I ran towardsher frizzy hair. I got down on my hands and knees and started crawling aroundin her hair. Her strands of hair were everywhere around me, engrossing andhugging my body. As I crawled about her hair I started to laugh because ittickled my entire body. I started climbing up her frizzy curly hair. I poked myhead just above hers.


“What are you doing up there.”


“Oh nothing. I just needed to touch something soft.”


            I kissed the top of her head andstarted to climb down her face. I stuck my leg onto her nose and then ended upstraddling her nose.


“Hehe you look funny there.”


“You have a bony nose.”


            I slid down her neck and noticed theclasp for her bra was in between her mountainous beauties. I crawled to theclasp and started pulling back on it but it didn’t budge. I then kicked at itand tried biting it but nothing worked.


            “Oh, let me help you. You’re so punyand weak.”


I was then shoved out of the way and Bridget’smassively strong hands easily undid it. I smiled back at her and climbed to thetop of her bra with one of the clasps in hand.




            I rode her left bra down her breastand onto the floor. I then crawled into the cup and started to smell the scentof her tits. I curled up in her b sized cups and relaxed.


            “Now you made your bed you can liein it.”



”Good night Richie.”


            I woke up early the next morningwith me sleeping in her bra like a hammock. Tara’s face was beaming is down onme. She scooped me out of Bridget’s bra and carried me out of the tent to thecenter of camp.


“Bridget…err Tara what’s the big deal. I wassleeping there. Put me down this instant! Put me down!”





            A siege of girls burst out of theirpup tents not even bothering to crawl out they just stood up and shrugged themto the side. Tara started to look around in all directions seeing nothing but16-year-old girls running at her. She held me up high above her head and all 20girls dove onto her, knocking us over onto the ground. Bridget crawled out ofher tent half asleep




            I could hear Bridget’s voice from myplace under the sea of girls. Hands were grabbing for me from all over, fromevery direction. I was trapped in a sea of girl flesh. I bounced from tit toass, to head, to hand, and back to tit. I screamed for help but all the girlskept reaching for me. They started pulling hair and biting each other. One girlwould grab me and then another would kick me free. I somehow managed to the topof the pile without them noticing. I stood atop the pile of girls as theycontinued to wrestle.




            I turned towards Bridget to see herstanding with her hands on her hips, staring at me. If looks could kill I wouldhave been dead.




“NO BRIDGET it wasn’t me let me explain--”


            Her voice easily out shouted mineand I was grabbed from the sea of girls. She held me tightly as she walked withme in her grip back into the tent. She unzipped a baby blue backpack and dumpedme in. I landed on a pile of dirty clothes.


“You can just stay there and think about what you’vedone. Do you hear me little man? I am very disappointed in you.”


“But, but it's not--”


“Save it! You just wait till we get back to themainland. You are in so much trouble.”


            I took advantage of my free time totake a nap in Bridget’s bra some more. There wasn’t really much to do or see. Ilazed about her backpack. I could feel the backpack being carried then set onthe boat. For a long while I heard the splashing of oars in the water. I thenfelt the backpack being picked up and Bridget stepping off the boat. I thenfelt the bag slip and I spilled out. She had dropped the backpack on the groundjust beyond the dock. She then bent down grabbed the bag and continued on, notrealizing I had fallen out.




            I chased after Bridget as fast as Icould but I then saw something flash out in front of me and I fell backwards onmy ass.




            Two hands closed around me and aswas I picked up into the air.


“Yes Jen Jen its me. Now please put me down!”


“Hey Jen Jen what did you find?”


“Oh just something that will make your sister veryhappy Miranda.”


“Oh? You mean the tiny little doll man?”


“Yep, but first I get my play time,”


“Okay let’s go back to the cabin.”


            As we walked back to the cabin Iknew my fate was sealed. The isolation cabin where they were at was far awayfrom the main camp and there was no real trail there. It really was isolated. Idon’t even know if I could ever hope to find my way back at this size. I then heardthem walk up the 2 flights of stairs to the cabin, which was elevated as it wason the side of a mountain. As the door shut I was spilled out onto a bed andsaw Jen, Miranda and then Riley staring down at me.


“HELP! Please help someone let the insanity end,”


I stared up at the three titanic girls. Riley waspractically in tears she was so happy to see me again. Miranda made a show ofbeing all pleased, but Jen Jen had a mischievous look on her face that told meI was in for a long day.


Riley could hold back no longer. She reached downand took me up in her embrace like a rag doll. I tried to break free from heriron grip but she didn’t even notice I was struggling as she held me out atarm’s length and twirled me in circles jumping up and down.






The room whirled around at a blinding speed. It waslike being in one of those centrifuge machines that the Astronauts train in tolearn how to deal with extreme G forces.


[Giggles] “Oops sorry little forest creature. I justgot so excited to see you again my little friend. Do you want a hug?”


Not waiting for an answer she then hugged me againsther chest. Her fingers camp up and spread out over my back, trapping me againsther chest.


“Riley he’s mine for now.”


“NO! Get away from him you’ll hurt him!”


“How would you like to spend the whole school yeareating lunch at the loser table?”


“Here you go Jen Jen he’s all yours.”


I was handed to Jen Jen. She gripped me tightly andlifted me to her face. She squeezed me tight in her fist and laughed at mestruggling in her fingers.


“You know, you are sort of a cute specimen.”


“And you’re a jism-guzzling hose hound!”




“I said you’re the reason I’m still hanging around.”


“The reason you’re still hanging around midget isbecause I’m allowing you to be Riley’s little possession for now. But don’tcount on her or Miranda helping you in the long run. I’ve decided you should bemine.”


“YOU’VE decided? I’m not going to be anyone’s,understand? Especially not some oversized rich bitch in boots.”


“What did you call me?”


“I mean, some rich goddess like you.”


“Uh huh.”


“Little forest creature! I’m surprised at you! Benice to Jen Jen or we’ll put you out in the forest.”


“Yeah you tell him Ry.”


“”But Riley I’m afraid of her.”


“Then show some respect and maybe she will put youdown.”


“Well Jen Jen you can let me go anytime here.”


“You know, I do think you are kind of cute likethis. You are so, like, mine. I don’t know why, but I’ve just got to have youfor my own. Maybe it’s because deep down I am sort of attracted to you mylittle Richie doll.”


“I thought it was because you liked taunting andteasing me.”


“That too.” [Giggles]


“Jen Jen you be nice to him. Forest creature, benice to her while Miranda and I take a nap.”


“Jen, I was thinking. Can’t we all live in harmonyand just get along.”


“We do get along. You do what I say and don’tquestion me and everyone will be happy, my mindless midget.”


“Thanks for understanding fat ass...”


“What did you call me?”


I said you got a Phat Ass. You know ph fat as intight, fly, slammin, so let’s keep this on the down low, ‘k?


“Do something! You’re so boring. Entertain yourgoddess!”


“My what? You are NOT my godde—err, good lord lookat those tits!”


My eyes were locked onto Jen as she started changingright in front of me. Her every movement made was followed under my watchfuleye.  She sauntered over to the dresserand I watched her ass sway from left to right, then right to left with herevery move. Her arms pulled out a new outfit and my eyes cried out in pain asshe started to get dressed. The nude goddess Jen is so lovely in an ‘I haven’tever eaten a meal that costs under 59.99 sort of way’.


“Richie be a dear and tie my hair up for me while Ilay here and watch TV.”


“TV? These cabins aren’t equipped with--”


“--I brought my own pocket satellite TV.  I just plug it in like so, and stick up thisantenna and it can pick up any channel in the world.”


“Does it get the playboy channel?”


“My hair isn’t being pulled back! I can still see itall in my eyes!”


“Jen it would just take you a second to do it and itwould take me 80 times as long.”


            Jen dropped the massive scrunchyover me. I looked down at it, noting how it extended over my kneecaps. I knewJen was quite serious so I pulled myself up onto her back, only using one handsince I had to drag the scrunchy up with the other. As I pulled and pushed itup her back I could hear a great American movie playing, a true classic amongstall well educated movie critics. Yes I am referring to the movie ‘Clueless’starring Alicia Silverstone. I believe it made it into the AFI (AsukaFanInstitute) top 100 movies ever made.


            Just as I reached Jen’s hair she satup causing me to have to grab onto her hair with one hand and hold the scrunchywith the other as I dangled at an ungodly height.


“Jen! JEN! For god sakes lie back down!”


“Oh I love this part.”


“Well love this part with your tits resting on thebed!”


“Richie! Hurry up my hair is still in my eyes!”




“But it’s still blocking my vision that’s the only‘but’ I should be hearing. Now get your butt up there and tie my hair backdoll.”


            I slowly made my way up Jen’s hair.I was just about on top of her head so I flung the scrunchy on top. I swungfrom hair to hair pulling her hair closer and closer together. I then grabbedthe scrunchy with my other hand using my knuckles somehow managed to get herhair tied up.


Just then the door burst open and Kelly and Bridgetwalked in, followed by Molly who was the counselor responsible for Kelly’scabin of 17 year olds. Jen Jen quickly shook her head back and forth and I felloff and dropped on the bed as the girls entered the cabin.




“See Kelly I told you he was here. He fell out of mypocket while on my way to give him back to you and by the time I noticed he hadfallen out of my pocket I saw Jen Jen carrying him off toward the confinementcabin.”


“Thanks. You’re a little snitch BITCH!”


“And you’re a fucking hose hound


“And you’re such a spoiled little brat Miss Clairolhair!”


“What did you call my hair? Excuse you! This hair isworth more then your escrow bitch and why should you get him? Itried to get him from Kelly before and I got caught so why shouldn’t you? I gethim before you.”


“Bigger escrow? Your pimple popping Father canbarely keep his Mickey D’s janitor job so I know you aren’t talking.


“You’re the one born to say ‘Would you like to supersize?’”


“Well you wish you could super size those tits youhave. I know I would if I were you.”


“My Royal Tits.”


“The only thing royal about you is the fact you’re aROYAL PAIN IN THE ASS!”


“You’re mama’s so ugly she stuck her head out a carwindow and got arrested for mooning.”


“Your mother is so ugly, when she moved into her newapartment the neighbors chipped in to buy her a curtain!”






“You can’t yell at him JENNIFER WINDHAM!!!” (Note tobuffoons writing. Change all previous Jens names to this and then delete this notewhen completed)




“You can’t even keep the men you pick up on thestreet corners.”


“I should ask your Mom for some pointers.”


“My Mom is not a whore you and know it JEN!”


“Your Mom is so fat she looks like she is smugglinga Volkswagen!”


“HA! Good one JEN!”


            “Thanks Richie.”




            “You can’t yell at him Bridget.”




            “IF YA SMELLLALALALALA what ROCK ISCOOKIN!” [Richie then does the peoples eye brow]


            “RICHIE!” [Everyone in unison]


“Please don’t take the little forest creature awayfrom us. He’s such a cutie! Pleeeeeeease?”


“You dimwits don’t understand his Mom owns the camp.He’s a real man shrunk to a doll.”


“Don’t be silly there are no such things as shrunkenman. He’s a leprechaun or something.”




“Wow he sure has a loud voice for such a littlepipsqueak. How are you Richie? Lookit how small you are!” [Giggles]


Molly walked up to the bed and leaned over me as shesaid that. Her silky long brunette hair fell all around me as she bent over toinspect me. Her slim 5’ 8” body arched over me. Molly was moving her head fromone side of me to the other as she looked at me in amazement from all angles.


“Molly please stop this madness. Help me get to ahospital or something I’m being held captive against my will Molly, you’ve gotto help me pl—“


“Ooooo his voice is so squeaky! You’re so tiny! He’sjust a little doll now. Aren’t you Richie? C’mere you look so cute like this…”


Molly reached out gently and grasped me by thescruff of my neck. Pinching me between her thumb and forefinger she raisedherself to her full height and held my struggling form out in front of her,high in the air. The girls momentarily stopped arguing and started laughing atmy struggles dangling from the fingers of the 21 year old counselor.


“Wow he’s so light! I can’t believe how light you are!You hardly weigh anything and you’re SO weak! I can barely feel your squirming.Take it easy there, little. I’ve got you. Keep steady tiny I wouldn’t want todrop you.”


“Let me go you glorified baby sitter!”


“Now be nice. It’s not my fault you got like this.”


“I don’t care Molly this isn’t fair. You girls won’tleave me alone. I gotta get to a hospital so they can find a way to restore mysize.”


“You know, I could get used to this. It feels toocool having him at my mercy. I think I’ll just drop you in my bra and take youback to my cabin.”


“What? No! Mffffffpt!”


Molly popped me in her cleavage with just my headsticking out. She walked to the door but Jen Jen, Miranda and Riley blockedher. The girls lunged at Molly who sidestepped them and ran through the cabinfollowed by Bridget, Kelly, Jen Jen, Miranda and Riley. Molly suddenly handedme off like I was a football to Kelly, who drew the crowd toward her then sheflipped me to Bridget. The three girls played keep away the Richie from theother girls for the next ten minutes before the cabin door slammed open with abang.


“Riiiiiiiiiiiiiichieeeeeeeee! Are you in here? Ohthere you are! Just what is going on here girls?”








Bridget put me on the bed and Mom walked over to me.I thought she would be happy to see me but she had a strange look on her face.


“Girls could you leave us alone for a minute ortwo?”


“Sure Mrs. Hanes.”


“Mom thank god you’re here!”


As the girls left the room Mom grabbed a chair andsat down at the side of the bed. She was dressed up like she was goingsomewhere. She leaned down to me and spoke:


“Richie I was so worried about you. I’ve beenlooking all over for you. I had some big news for you but this has sort ofdampened things for me you understand. I…I’m getting remarried Richie. To GlenHocking, who owns the Feed Store in town. I’ve sold the camp Richie. I’m movingup to Mackinack Island with Glen now that camp season is almost over.”


“That’s great Mom congratulations. When are wemoving?”


“Try to understand dear this is my last chance athappiness since your father died. I couldn’t put this on Glen now. Hospitalbills and Medicine and special care it’s all too much for a new marriage todeal with and you do want your mother to be happy don’t you? I had planned onyou going off to college but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen nowdoes it?”


“But Mom—“


“I know it’s going to take some difficulty at firstbut it’s all for the best. This was Glen will never know and everybody elsewill think you perished in the storm and flooding the other night. Then even ifhave a search team out looking for you’re body. And it’s better then being deadright?”


“Mom! What are you saying?”


“You understand I have no other choice. I can’tafford some medical curiosity right now Richie. This way you’ll be taken careof. The girls are going to continue to look after you. I thought they had lostyou at one point but you turned up so I can’t be too angry with them.”


“Wh-what are you saying? You’ve known I shrunk?”


“Of course dear. Kelly told me the night you shrunkafter Stacy stole you from Bridget and Tara’s cabin. I’ve got a lot of pressurewhat with the camp sale and marrying Glen and planning the new house and I justdidn’t have time to deal with the eighth wonder of the world. My life is tooshort Richie to spend it sitting by someone’s hospital bed.”


“What the fuck ever Mom, I am your son and nowyou’re like ‘oh, I don’t love you because of an inconvenience’." What kindof parent are you? If your kid isn’t perfect you just don’t love them?  You never cared about me. I don’t want to gowith the girls I would have rather perished in that storm and died because ofyour carelessness and thoughtlessness.


“It’s up to the girls to decide. I’m leaving you intheir care and I’ve made them all promise not to harm you. I believe they arehaving a sign up sheet for girls interested in taking care of you on apermanent basis after the camp closes.”


“WHAT? MOM YOU CAN’T DO THIS! I hate you and goodriddance to a fuck up Mom like you. I can see why grandma always said you werea crack whore.”


“There, there, dear it’s going to be all right.GIRLS COME BACK IN HERE WE’RE THROUGH TALKING!”


The girls quickly filed back in the room and lookedat Richie’s Mom.


“It’s okay now girls I’ve explained to him how itis. You have to promise not to hurt him alright?”


[In unison] “PROMISE!”


“Especially YOU.”


“Promise.” Sighs Jen Jen.


“Ok then what was all the fuss about when I came inhere?”


Bridget spoke up.


“Well after he disappeared Tara and I found him onNavi Island during the sleepover and I was taking him back to camp when he fellout of my pocket—“


“You should learn to be more careful with my son.”


“Yes, Mrs. Hanes”


“And you two, he is not some squirrel he’s my son sobe careful when you play with him.”


[Together] “Sorry Mrs. Hanes we didn’t know we’venever been outside of .LA. before.”


“Now then Bridget I understand you have had himovernight. How many nights have Jen Jen and the twins gotten him?”


“None Mrs. Hanes.”


“Well then I want all of you to make up and befriends. Molly you have Jennifer and Riley and Miranda stay in your cabin soyou can keep an eye out for him. Jennifer he is yours for tonight then Kelly’sand Bridget’s tomorrow. You girls switch off taking care of him until you andthe girls in camp all have decided who is going to keep him. You can start thecompetition this weekend and the winner can take him home on Sunday for keeps.”


“Mom what about me?”


“You will do as you’re told young man. This is foryour own good. You go with Jennifer tonight. And if you are lucky you’re newhome will be a good one. Good bye dear, I’m off to Las Vegas with Glen to getmarried and have our honeymoon.”


I couldn’t believe it as Mom leaned down on the bedto kiss me goodbye. Then I was alone with the six young women as Molly grabbedme in her fist and motioned for the girls to come with her to her cabin.


Twenty minuteslater I was sitting on a bed, now Jennifer’s bed in Molly and Kelly’s cabin.The other girls had all gone to eat, leaving me with Jennifer alone for thefirst time.  I looked up from the bed asshe crawled on, her right hand reaching for me, fingers outstretched…


“Hey Ritchie what is wrong?”


“What do you mean what is wrong? My Mom disowned meand I am going to be bartered away like a mule to you girls. I am not going totake this lying down. I am going to run away tonight.”


“Like hell you are! You’re mine! Look Ritchie I amsure this shrinking thing has been rough on you, but you can’t just run away!”


            Jen grabbed me and tossed me up intothe air and caught me and then tossed me back up again.


“So helpless! So helpless!”


“I am eighteen years old. I am a adult I can dowhatever I want.”


“Well I’m Jennifer Windham and I say you can’tbecause it’s just too dangerous and I won’t allow it. Ritchie, you mean toomuch to way too many people.”


“Whatever. See you around.”


            Before I even took two steps Jen’sfingers were around me. I was lifted back up into the air. I brought face withher.


“Hey let me go! Get your hands off of me.”


“Oh Ritchie, come to Jenny.”


“Come to Jenny? How come you’re not calling meMidget or scrub, or shorty?”


“I never called you scrub but I like that. HiScrub.”


“Oh great I opened the door for more name calling.”


“Yep, now let’s go.”


“Go? We were told not to leave the cabin.”


“Hey I’m Jennifer Windham! I do not conform to rulesthey conform to me. My allowance is more then every girl in this cabin’sparents’ make in a year.  I can buy andsell them all like the little whores they are.”


“There is one thing this camp and your Mom fail tounderstand. Me, Riley and Miranda run the show.”


“I am pretty sure my Mom runs the show for now. ”


“Oh, no she doesn’t! You’re all mine now, Ritchie,You can be in my clique. Won’t that be cool?”


“Umm thanks, but if you set me down I will be goingnow. I have a lot more feeling sorry for myself to do.”


“Oh, perk up scrub it’s not that bad. You get allthe girls now.” [Giggle]


“I lost my family, no I didn’t lose them they threwme out and don’t care to ever see me again like I am yesterdays trash. I haveno value or love by my own mother. I have nowhere to go and I am expected tojust sit here like ‘Gee golly Mom I sure can’t wait to become someone’sproperty.’ Ever since this whole thing happened you and everyone else hastreated me like a little slave. Like I am less then a person. That my solepurpose in life is to please you, worship you, and be your plaything. Well,it’s not. I was born with rights and I still have those rights and--”


“*Yawn*, oh sorry!”


“You aren’t even listening to me are you?”


“Well I know my dad’s one of the most successfullawyers in the world! Since you’re mine now--”


“Hello did you not hear my speech about slavery!”


“I heard it but I don’t see how it pertains to me.You’re not my slave, you’re like my helpless child who needs to draw on mywisdom, experiences, strength and protection.”


“At what point did I become helpless? I am nothelpless. Put me down and I’ll show you I am not helpless.”


“Oh you are. If I left that door open anyone atanytime could just march into here and just grab you and there isn’t anythingyou could do about it. You would be like, ‘oh stop, let me go, you can’t dothis to me. Help, help, help’, then she would put you in her bra, or panties.Or carry you to her cabin and then they would play with you, torment you andpretty much have their way with you until you managed to escape or they dumpedyou off to someone else and then you would once again try to explain and theprocess repeats itself. So really being with me is your best choice. Because thatway mostly Miranda, Riley and Me will play with you. No one crosses me andthat’s just the way it is. So let’s go now! We’re going.”


“Well don’t tell me! You’re the one holding me.”


“Oh right, ha, ha, ha let’s go.”


            Jen Jen and I headed out along thepath that I first encountered her at. As I saw her red convertible in thedistance I already knew where we were going. She slid in and set me down in thepassenger seat.


“Buckle up.”


            I looked over at the seat belt thenback over at her as she easily buckled up.


“Umm Jen?  Ican’t exactly buckle myself up and I don’t think it would help any.”


“Well okay suit yourself scrub.”


            As Jen took off I could hear thegravel being spit out as she drove up the gravel road. As she drove I waspushed back into the seat of the car. I tried to move but the force was toomuch for me to handle. I was pinned to my seat and Jen could only laugh aslooks at my struggles.


            “Slow down dammit you’re going like100 miles per hour! We’ll be killed!”


“I am only going 30.”


“Well it’s not my fault! 30mph is a lot fasterfeeling and looking at my side than I’m used too.”


            The rest of the ride was quiet and Iwelcomed it. I didn’t really feel like talking. I really just wanted to bealone but that’s pretty hard to do when you are the camp’s favorite bookie toyand amusement. As Jen stopped the car I was quite curious as to where we were,because as I looked up from my seat I could only see treetops and the sky. Sowhen Jen got out and I saw a very familiar scene I was quite nervous.


“Jen what are you doing! I can’t be in PleasantView! I go to school in this town.”




“What do you mean SO? I am not leaving this car.”


“Okay suit yourself. You look cute pouting on myseat.”


“I hope I can avoid seeing anybody that new me.”

“DOES ANYONE KNOW RITCHIE HANES?” [At the top of herlungs]


“JEN! What are you doing?”


“Well you weren’t going with me so I thought--.”


“Fine! I will go with you but you can’t attractattention to me.”


“Oh would I do such a thing?” [Giggles]


“What do you think I think?”


“Let’s go then! And don’t get use to me treating youthis way midget.”


“Oh I won’t. I don’t like thinking you have a heart.


“Hey! I can be nice! I just choose not to.”


“Well you come off as a bitch.”


“What did you call me?”


“I said we should see that movie Milo and Stitch. Ijust love how Disney is plugging him into all those other movies it funny yeah[fake sounding laugh] oh boy you look nice today.”


“Uh huh. Thanks.”


            Jen grabbed me and I felt the worldwhiz and whirl by me as we started walking. The world was speeding by way toofast. My legs were kicking helplessly form the bottom of her clenched fist.


            “Help! Jen! Stop this crazy thing!”


“I swear you are such a little itty bitty coward.I’m only walking with you.”


“It feels like being in a hurricane to me.”


“Well it’s your fault if you weren’t so small…oh,wait I’m glad you’re like this never mind.”


We couldn’t have been walking more then 10 minutesbefore Jen was tapped on the shoulder. As her head swung around I got a glimpseof the girl. It was Julia Sands, my High School sophomore sweetheart. She wasalways a bit immature and childish back when I dated since she was a yearyounger than I, but by the looks of her she had grown up real nice.


“Hi Megz.”


“Umm I am not Megan.”


“OH MY GOSH IM SO SORRY! I thought you were my campcounselor.”


“Like oh my god, I can’t swear because I am a whorewith oar stuck up my ass.”[Ritchie in a mocking voice]


“Who said that?”


“Richie be nice.”


“Oh I know you’re not telling me to be nice.” [Jensqueezed me in her fist]


            “OW! Julia it’s me Richie! Help!” 


“What did you say? Richie? Do you mean Richie Hanes!How is that boy! How do you know him? He’s been missing for days! You don’tseem like you’re from Pleasant View. I haven’t seen you here before.”


“Oh I am not! Ritchie is doing well. I keep him on ashort leash these days.”


“Oh so you’re dating him now! He is a real sweetie.I have always loved tall guys like him.”


“Oh I like my men much SHORTER! Well, gotta run niceto meet you!”


            As we entered the park Jen set downnext to a gigantic oak tree. I started walking around the surrounding area. Ihadn’t got to far when I saw Julia coming back this way. I sprinted backtowards Jen and ran up along her legs into her mid section.


“Oooo Ritchie! I never knew you wanted to get intomy pants.”


            “This is no joke Jen, don’t let hersee me like this.”




“Julia is coming hide me.”




“Hi again.”




“OH MY GOSH look at that little doll running! Whatis it?”


“Oh that’s my little Ritchie Doll.”


“You mean?”




[Giggles]“So this is what happened to you. Well,well, well, it looks like you are on a short leash after all. Look at how cutehe is! Mind if I play with him a little? I will give him back.”


“No fucking way. He’s mine.”


“My father is Chief of Police and has a dozen peoplelooking for him. I may have to tell him I saw Richie with you.”


“You got five minutes townie.”




Julia snatched me up and walked over toward theswings.


“You’re so light! Grab onto my hair Richie, I’mgonna give you a ride.”


She forced me tograb onto her locks of hair. She started out nice and slow and it wasn’t to badto hold onto her hair but as started going faster and faster I found myselfflying off and out of her hair. I landed smack dab in the middle of a bunch ofhigh school aged girls having a picnic. I grabbed my head as I rolled over tosee 10 eyes staring down at me, Jen Jen nowhere in sight.


“Holy fuck!”


“What’s that?”


“It’s alive!”


“Ooooo stomp it!”


“Isn’t he cute girls? Remember Richie Hanes? Hegraduated last spring. Something happened to him and I got him for a while.Richie you remember my friends Lilly, Brenda, Lisa and Dani? They used to be inyour study hall.”


I tried getting on my feet but Julia was too quickfor me. In a moment she had reached down and grabbed me in her fist, quicklyholding me up for all her friends to see.


            “God, no Julia please don’t do this.They’ll hurt me. Please let me go.”


            “Jeez Julia listen to him beg!”


            “Yeah typical man!”


            “Yeah beg some more little Richie.Remember when I asked you to the Melon Festival and you said you were goingwith Kathy Barnum? You were the first guy to break my heart. I’ll show you…”


            “You misunderstood Dani! I wasn’ttelling you no. I was merely waiting for something better to take you toobecause you mean so much to me and you’re the most important person in theworld to me. The Melon Festival isn’t deserving of you. We –“


            “Your voice sounds like littlesqueaks!”


            “Is that all you got out of all ofthat. My voice sounds like squeaks. I am pouring my heart and soul out to you.”


            “And what a small heart and soul itis.”


            Dani then quickly snatched me awayfrom Julia. I cried out in terror but that just seemed to strengthen herresolve. Dani clutched me in her fist, holding me high in the air above herstern face. Her brown eyes were focused intently on my struggling figure. Herbrown hair was blowing out from her shoulders in the breeze. I kicked andsquirmed against her incredible girl power. I don’t think she noticed.


“Hey, Dani! How’re you doing? I haven’t seen you fora while, are you excited about your upcoming senior year? I hear yo—“


“Oh shut up Richie. You feel so soft and light in myhand. I could just squish you for going to the Melon Festival with Kathyinstead of me. Oh, don’t worry tiny thing I won’t. That’d be waaaay to easy.Now don’t you wish you’d gone with me? Hmmmmmm? Here let me show you whatyou’ve been missing.”


“NO! HELP! DANI! NO! H—Mmffffffftp!”


I was plunged head first into Dani’s massive chest.I remembered how in study hall I would fall asleep dreaming of this chest. Herbreasts were so nice and small and now it looks there’s the Melon Festivalgoing on inside her sweater. Maybe I should have picked her as the winner oftit fest ’02. Oh yeah right wrong camp it’s getting hard to tell what happenedin at which camp. I started squirming and kicking her breasts with all mymight.


“Oh shush! Don’t be such a coward it’s only mysweater.”


“Hey Dani don’t suffocate him. He might not be ableto breathe in your breasts there.”


“Yeah Dani there ain’t much room for anything elsein your chest.”


“You’re just jealous ‘cause men stare at my boobsall the time. He likes ‘em. Don’t you Richie?”


“MMMMfffpptf! Mffffhpphgefj!”


“He says he thinks your boobs are too big.”


“He what? That’s silly, little guy. EVERY girl’sboobs are too big for you now. Except Brenda’s.”


“Hey! Let him Judge for himself. I think he’d findthem accommodating at his size. Hand him over.”


“Okay little man, Brenda wants to see you. It wasnice seeing you again Richie.”


“Awwww c’mon Dani, don’t give me to her. Put me downplease.”


I grabbed onto Dani’s white sweater as she pulled meout. I held onto the collar with all my might in my body. I could feel Danicoyly pretending that she couldn’t pull me off.


“Oh no! I am sorry Brenda I can’t seem to break hisgrip! Julia, be a dear and grab a leg and Lisa grab the other. Be careful notto rip my sweater. He is strong!”


“Alright.” [Julia and Lisa in unison]


As Julia and Lisa tugged on my legs I felt themhardly pulling at all but even their nonchalant pulling ripped me off of Dani’ssweater. Julia then tossed me to Brenda and as she got me I breathed a sigh ofrelief as she never really had the best of hands.




             “You’re cute. I may never put you down. So doYOU think my boobs are too small? Be honest now.”


            Brenda plastered me against hersmall tits. Rubbing me up against her baseball jersey I could feel her smallbut firm breasts give only slightly as I was crushed against them. Her hardlittle nipples poked up against her shirt and against my chest as I wasflattened beneath her hand against her chest.


            “I’ve seen bigger tits on aMffffffftpt—“


            “What did you say?”


            “I said these tits are spectacular.”


            ‘Uh huh.”


            “He’s coming with us isn’t heJulia?”


            “Well, actually he’s…”


            “C’mon Jules pleeeeeeease?”


            “He sort of does belong to some girlat the camp. I was just playing with him for a while.”


            “Ohhh then it’s all set he can livewith ME.”


            “Hey what do you mean?”


            “I have Malibu Barbie’s dream housefrom when I was little.”]


            “I refuse to live in anything withBarbie in the name and I am not living with you brats”


“What did you call us?”


            They all stared at me with that lookgirls have that they give you when you know you did something wrong. I wantedto run and hide but there was nowhere to go.


            “I am not living with cats.”


            “I don’t think that’s what yousaid.” [In a skeptical voice]


            “Would I lie to you doll face?”


            “Don’t worry we just have outdoorpets so as long as you stay inside my house you’re safe because if you gooutside my rotweiler will eat you alive! We are going to have so much funRitchie.”


            As she said this Lilly reached inand wrenched me away from Brenda’s breasts. After she did so she backed up awayfrom the rest of the girls as if to run away from me.


            “Help me!”


            “Sure precious. Anything you saylittle doll.”


            “I am not precious and I am not yourlittle doll do you understand?”


            “Of course I understand you, youprecious little doll.”


            “Oh brother you are a real bimboaren’t you? You make Dani look smart.”


            “What did you say? Oh that’s itRitchie”


            “Dani settle down”


            “Oh he will settle! Settle in mybelly!”


            “Lilly save me”


            “What? Throw you to Dani?”


            “Lilly stop teasing him. He isn’tone of your toys.”


            “But he’s the perfect size for onearen’t you? My little wind up Richie man?” [Giggles]


            “I am not. Do I look like I’m longand plastic with batteries?”


            “You definitely ain’t long that’sfer sure.” [Snickers]


            “Lilly! Be nice to him.”


            “Oh, sorry I meant you are longenough, tee hee!”


            “Talk about the long and the shortof it.”


            “Lisa! Don’t tease him like that. Hecan’t help being all tiny like that.”


            “Lemme see for myself.”




            “Bull shit. I got you now andthere’s nothing you can do is there?”


            Lisa extended her arm toward Lillyand seized me firmly in her fist. I had no choice as the girls just took melike she would a pen or pencil from a book bag. She let me dangle from oneankle before her face, admiring my minute form.


            “You’re right Lilly. He is a littletoy. Awwww…”


            “Yeah he can be our little toy,right Richie? Are you ready to come back to school with us? It starts again nextweek. From the looks of it the varsity team is off limits for you this year.”


            “I will be in college. I alreadysigned up for—“


            “They don’t let dolls in college.You better come with us.”


            “Yeah we can tell everyone youflunked and have to repeat senior year.”


            “Hey Lisa don’t you dare!”


            “Oooo and what are you gonna do haveus sent to the principal’s office for trying too educate a toy?”


            “I’m not going and that is that! Iam not a Toy! You’re the one who pulls a GPA comparative to a snail!”


            “I get straight A’s and you know itRitchie! I try my best at school and Hey I don’t have to defend myself to you!It’s not like you have a choice shrimpo. You’re mine now and --


            “Well nothing, you girls leave myRichie alone!”




            “There you are little man. Can’t Ileave you alone for one second without you causing trouble? I swear you aremore trouble then you are worth.”


            “But Jen, they caught me and weregoing to take me with them!”


            “Oh, you always say the same thing.How come you are the common element in every version of this story? Well that’snot going to happen now that I’m here. C’mon Julia, tell Lisa to give him tome. He’s mine.”


            “Lisa hand him over Richie is reallyhers, I guess…


            “But I wanted to—“


            “Some other time I need to get backto camp with him soon.”




            “No buts A-Cup. He’s mine. Don’tmess with me. I have papers for him do I have to show you his papers?”


             “Who you calling A-Cup? I see nothing in frontof me I’m jealous of.”


            “My brother has bigger tits thenyou. Calling you A-cup is being generous. I bet my daddy makes more in a weekthan all your daddies make in a whole year.”


            “Yeah well money isn’t everything.”


            “That’s what all poor people say tomake themselves feel better. I have a checking account with 400,000 dollars init and by the looks of your outfit you have never been inside anything but thebargain basement.”


            “BARGAIN BASEMENT, oh that’s itbrawl to death right here!”


            “I don’t want to fight you. I wouldfeel bad hurting the handicapped.”


            “You feel bad about things Jen?”


            [All 5 girls say in unison] “SHUT UPRITCHIE”


            Jen then took me from Lisa’sembrace. Hugging me securely to her chest she walked quickly away from theother girls, who stared at me in silence as I was carried off. I could see thelooks on their faces were not of concern for my well being, but rather of envy.Of course I thought what girl wouldn’t want their own little me? Every girlwants a piece of Ritchie Hanes. That’s just the kind of guy I am. Cute, andpocked sized. Sheesh.


            “Hey Jen please take me back nowOK?”


            “Not so fast there, scrappy. Iseriously doubt that there’s anything in this town I could possibly want topurchase but I guess I’m going to find out. First we are going to get some newshoes at that little ladies clothing boutique on Main Street. Do you think theyhave any shoes by Versace there? Then I need a new sports bra from thatsporting goods store and I also have to get some lipstick and eyeliner and a bottleof styling mousse from that little department store and—“


            “Hey wait a minute Jen I don’t wantto go to all those places! It’s dangerous for me here!”


            “I don’t remember asking you scrub.Besides I will need your advice on shoes and shades of makeup and other stuff.You can stay in my purse until I need your opinion…”


            “Wow you have a light saber in here”


            “That’s a tampon Ritchie”


            “Oh, well may the force be withyou.”


            Jen Jen then closed her purse on me.I had to share her purse with her lipstick and makeup and drivers’ license andother stuff. I found a napkin she swiped from a Wendy’s and I used it for apillow.


            “Jen Jen don’t keep me in hereplease. I can’t see anything.”


            Ignoring my protests, Jen Jencarried me into the small town department store building to shop with her…      


            Shopping CAN be fun, but it neveris.


Inside Jen’s purse is not a place I enjoyed beingin. Her makeup and wallet constantly assaulted me. It was like hell and I wasnot even strong enough to unzip the damn thing. Trust me because I have triedmany times. Jen walked into the first store and I could hear traffic of variouspeople who had no idea I was trapped in here. As she stopped I was quickly plucked out and dropped on top of a displaycase. I looked around and saw Jen staring down at me with two shades oflipstick in front of me.


“Well Ritchie what do you think? Which shade do youlike better?”


“You mean they aren’t the same color?”


“RITCHIE HANES! You better be joking or you will beleft in this store!”


“Okay, okay don’t get your panties in a uproar.”


“Pick please.”

“Umm, the one on the left is nice.”


“Nice? I don’t look nice! I don’t do nice! I ambetter then nice. Nice is something for commoners. I’m exquisite like finewine.”


“Yeah like Ripple.”




“Oh, well neither of them is that great. I think youshould—“


“I think the midget better pick one!”


“The color on the right, it’s so you Jen! It justscreams I make Jen look like the goddess she naturally is without me, but Iaccent her supreme dictatorship.”


“Really? I thought so too. Well back in you go tillI need you again”


Jen set the purse on the counter and held it open soI could walk inside it.


“Jen no, I will be good. I promise.”


“Uh huh, we all know how your promises work out.They end up with you and 5 girls all playing with you.”


“That wasn’t my fault!”


“Oh nothing’s your fault Ritchie dear.”

“Really? Thanks Jen Jen.”




“Sorry I don’t see why I always have to be yelledat. I have feelings too”, I Said as I walked into Jens purse.




“Oh, hi young lady. Can you just--”


“Young lady, who are you calling young lady? No, Ican’t just! You need to get your old wrinkly old ass over here and give me someservice!”


“Yeah why would you call her a lady when she isanything but?”


“I heard that scrub”


“I said you’re a lady who just being around gives mea natural buzz.”


“Uh huh sure.”


I could tell we were on the move because my stomachwas starting to get queasy again from all the swaying of Jen’s purse as shewalked. It banged up against her hip, leg, butt, and god knows what else. Itwas like a constant battle when I was in the purse to see how long I could stayconscious.


“Oh, Ritchie A shoe store! How I love shoes don’tyou? Let’s go in.”


“You ask me like my saying no will stop you.”


“Hmmm, good point! I am glad to see you’re learningmy little man.”


“Learning not to cross you. It isn’t worth it.”


“Good. Maybe if you’re behaving I’ll buy you a softpretzel. I’m hungry.”

As Jen strolled into the shoe store she had a lookof delight and superiority across her face. She sat down on a chair and pluckedme out of her purse and set me down on her lap.


“Jen be nice this time okay!”


“What do you mean?”


“You know what I mean girl.”


“I am being nice.”


“You are so not!”


“Am so!”


“God help me.”


“Aren’t you having fun Ritchie?”


            “If you call barfing in your makeupkit fun.”




            “Um...yeah…joking…that’sit…hahahaha…it was a joke…sure, sure, yeah, yeah.”


            “You have to help me find theperfect pair of shoes.”


“I want to go home Jen! This has been a horribleday. My family has disowned me, hell I have no family. I just want to go home.’

“Don’t worry, I will get some designer clothes foryou once I get home. I will see to it personally. You will looks cute in yournew little outfits.”




“I know what will cheer you up. Like I said before,you can pick out some shoes for me”


“Umm how about I don’t. I am SO outta here!”

I jumped off of Jens lap and slid down her leg. Ilanded firmly on her shoe. I then hopped off her shoe and started for the door.I had had just about enough of this. I got a couple of steps and I saw Jen’sNike slam down in front of me. I started running the other direction but Iforgot that she had two feet. I was quickly reminded by her slamming her footdown in front of me. I ran under the chair just as one of the workers from thestore walked over. I took the liberty of the distraction to run out the otherside of the chair and head towards the door.


“How can I help you ma'am?”


“I want some shoes, Versace to be exact and I wantthem now! Then I need some running shoes something light, yet cool for my feetas I run.  I don’t want my feet sweatingI might have a passenger sometimes.”






“Umm okay, right away ma’am.”


“I AM not a ma’am you will call me Mistress Jen.”


“Umm okay Mistress Jen I will get your shoes.”


“Damn right you will. Now go. GO!”


I was halfway to the door when I saw Kristen walkinto the store. I ran right into her foot as it came out of nowhere. I stumbledback end over end. As she looked down to see what hit her sandal-clad foot Iwas still rolling. Her hands reached around me and she picked me up like a sodabottle.


“Hey put me down! Don’t you even say ‘Hi’ first?”


“RITCHIE!! I was so worried about you dolly. Oh, youcan’t run away like that. I just can’t leave you out my site for a moment.”


“No Kristen you don’t understand! Let me go I’m herewith—“


“Jen Jen?”




[Together] “How do you know Richie?”


“He’s my little doll man.”


“Mine too.”


“Girls I can explain everything.”


“ Ritchie what are you doing with my distant cousin?That bitch shouldn’t be near you.” Kristen stuck out her tongue at Jen.


“Kristen, you never told me you had a cousin at CampHanes.”


“Well I don’t see her too often. I see to thatbecause her parents are very strict like she is their possession or something.”


“Oh you mean how you and your friends treat me!”


“No we don’t, err, well maybe but it’s different. Weare just looking out for you How are you Jen Jen?”


“What are you doing with my little Ritchie?”


“Your Ritchie? He is MY boyfriend!”


“Well not anymore he is my boyfriend now.”


“Ritchie is this true?”


“No, she’s just saying that.”


“He’s coming with me then.”


“Give him to back to me.”


“Never. He’s coming with me aren’t you Richie?”


“Like hell he is.”


Jen swooped her hand out and snatched me fromKristin’s grip into her own


“Let him go you slut!”


“Nope, Ritchie is mine and he is going home with me!See you around skank.”


“Fuckin' whore, you won’t get him! I will see tothat. Don’t worry Ritchie I will get you somehow!”


“Not that I really care but what about your shoes?”


“Oh, yeah. Hey! You! Ring these up and be quickabout it! Here’s my credit card. Chop! Chop! Move it! I don’t have all day.”


“We’re going back to camp. Oh and you Bitch put theshoes in my car! Don’t you ever try to sell me Gucci again when I ask forVersace?”


“We told you we don’t have those. We will have tospecial order them!”


“Well accept your pink slip special ordered! I’mgonna have daddy call the owner of this establishment and can your ass. Andshut up Ritchie I am not in the mood for you whining and sniveling you’re goingin my purse until I feel like taking you out now hush.”


            I wantedto say something but I was afraid too. Jen always scared me when she got riledup like this. She tossed me in the purse and sped off. I thought about Kristen.I really did want to be with her but that was out of the question now. I wasgoing to be put up for public auction so to speak and I my wishes and dreamsmeant nothing now. My Mom made sure of that, I thought. I crawled down andwrapped myself in a napkin in Jen’s purse and cried myself to sleep.


I awoke lying on top of a soft surface that graduallyrose and fell every few seconds. My nose detected a fragrance of lilacs as Iopened my eyes groggily. The room I was in was dark and I could hear therhythmic breathing of the sleeping girls. I looked down to see I was lying onJen Jen’s stomach as she slept. She wasn’t restraining me with her fingers oranything as she slept. I could just get up and leave but where to? It’s themiddle of the night. Everywhere I look are young women just itching for achance to have me for their very own. What was the point of escaping one ofthem just to face the unknown all over again? Better the devil you know. Aglance over at the digital clock on the nightstand showed it was 4:45 AM. In afew hours it would be Saturday, the last full day of the camp season. I was dueto be taken by Bridget and Kelly just as soon as the girls all woke up, andthen it was god knows where as I was apparently going home with one of thegirls. I was to be bestowed on one of them with no say so in the matterwhatsoever. Whatever like I once had is over. My new life was to be a girls’little pet. This is the thought in my head as I drifted back to sleep onJennifer’s firm mattress/stomach…


Three hours later I felt something prod me in thestomach. I felt my body being moved through the air. I looked up to see I wasin Jen Jen’s palm as she stood over the bed, looking me over, already dressed.Bridget was still in bed sitting up, and Kelly was still sleeping, as was Tara.The door was closed so I had no idea what Molly or the other girls were doingas of yet.


“Get up short stack.”


“Hah? Wha?”


“Don’t poke him like that. He’s getting up.”


“Not fast enough.”


“He’s mine and Kelly’s today anyway. You had yourturn give him here.”


I looked up to see Jen Jen staring at me as ifdeciding to play by the rules or not. Suddenly she flipped me across the roomwith just a flick of her wrist over to the bed where Bridget was still lying inher nightgown. I screamed as I flew across the room and disappeared into thefolds of the bed sheets between her legs. In a flash her arms and hands andfingers were rifling through the sheets searching for me frantically.




“Where did he go? Where did he go? I can’t feel himwhere is he? I don’t want to squish him?”

As Bridget squirmed around in her bed I slipped downunder her sheets. I looked around in darkness to see her huge column like legsspreading out on either side of me, her slim body rocking up and down. SuddenlyI was knocked out cold as Bridget’s rear slammed down on top of me, pinning meface down on the bed.


“Ohhhh! I think I just sat on him! Jen that was somean to toss him in my bed like that!”


“You said he was yours.”


“Yeah but you scared him. I bet my rear hurt him!”


“So get off him then.”


“I kind of like how he feels under me.”


“Bridget mmmffft…can’t…breathe…”


I felt Bridget’s hand slip underneath me as sheraised herself off the bed slightly and brought me out. She held me up to herface and inspected me to ensure I was ok, then dropped me into the folds ofblanket over her chest. I immediately stood on her chest and shook my fist upat her face.


“Hey you almost killed me with your huge ass!”


“It’s all Jen Jen’s fault. She shouldn’t have thrownyou like that. You’re so tiny you got lost in the covers pretty easily.”


“I could have been crushed by your enormous ass!”


“What was that you said?”


“Umm, I said if I have to die let it be under yourRoyal Ass.”




Bridget suddenly grabbed me around the middle andstripped the covers away from her chest. She put me on her bare chest, liftingher nightgown up to slip me under.


“Speaking of Royal, wake my Royal Tits.”


“You mean those zits?” Taunted Jen Jen from theother side of the room.


“My Royal Tits. He likes my Royal Tits don’t youlittle Richie. Just look at him go!”


In truth I was doing nothing it was Bridget who hadme helpless in her fist as she slid me around and over her tits. As I was nakedmy tiny cock became hard as her soft skin slid under it and her nipples becameerect from the touch of my hard on. She slid me under the covers and downacross her stomach and then back up again. I tried to kiss her back as her hugelips trapped me against her palm.


“Ok if you are gonna do that with him I am gonna getbreakfast…”


“So go and get fat Jen.”


“Watch it scrawny bitch. I am not fat.”


“Ok Richie she’s gone.”


“Ok thank you Bridget you cannooooooooooowwwwwwwwheeeeeeeelp!”


No sooner had I sad that then Bridget had lifted meupside down and dangled me just over her stomach. I knew what was coming evenbefore she raised herself up off the bed and dropped me under her butt again. Icould hear her amused laughter as she slowly and gently lowered her self downover me. I settled in between her cheeks. I think she was not putting all herweight on me because I would have probably died. My head poked out and I couldlook up to see her pussy over my head.


“Bridget let me out!”


“But you feel so good like this. Enjoy the view.”[Giggle]




“Like what you see?”




“No I like you there. Just stay there a littlelonger ‘k? I love the feel of this mmmmmm…”


It was no use. I was helpless to the playful teasingof the 16-year old cutie. The aroma from her snatch was overpowering my sensesand driving me mad. Yet I was helpless to do anything trapped under theponderous weight of her what was really a normal girls rear.


“Oooof! You’re…crushing…me….please...let…me…out..”


Bridget doesn’t say anything as she lifted herselfoff the bed and pinched one leg and dragged me off the bed. I looked down tosee the bed surface fall away as she plucked me out by my leg and easily liftedme over her body and set me down on the bed next to her.


“Hey you could have—“


“I like this, too tiny.” 


Bridget then quickly flipped over and lowered herbreast on top of me. I went from being crushed by her ass to being smothered byher small tits, which were still too big for a five-inch tall man to handle.


“Hey come on Bridget this isn’t fair, MMMMMpftp!”


“What was that tiny? You feel like you’re in a boobfair?”


“Mffffffftpt Gffffftst!”


“And you’re the judge of the best breast contest?”


“MMFFtf! Mffffffptt!”


“And my Royal Tits are so incredible you needanother five minutes under them? Are you sure?”




“Oh, ok then. Take all the time you need Richie.”


For the next five minutes my world was her breastsas she leaned into me. Her soft boob spread out over me, crushing me into thebed. Periodically she would lift her boob up and then bring it back down on me,aiming her nipple at various places on my body. I was kissing and sucking hernipple as hard as could when I heard Kelly’s voice from somewhere above me.


[Yawns.] “Hey where’s the little man? He’s supposedto be yours and mine today.”


“He’s here. Having his breakfast.” [Giggles]


“You’ve already had a turn give him here.”


Bridget then raised her tit off me and lowered herlips down to give me a kiss. I pretended to try to fend off her lips but theyeasily found me and pressed me against the bed. Then she snatched me up andcausally tossed me over to Kelly’s bed.




I flew across to Kelly’s bed and dropped between herlegs. Before I know what was happening I was again forced down as Kelly’s reartrapped me.


“Ohhhh! I think I just sat on him! Bridget that wasso mean to toss him in my bed like that!”


“You said it was your turn.”


“Yeah but you scared him. I bet my rear hurt him!”


“So get off him then.”


“I kind of like how he feels under me.”




“I know what you mean.”


“Come here doll I want you up here by me.”


Kelly then reached underneath and retrieved me fromunder her rear. She was smiling as she opened her palm and held me just underher face. She delicately began stroking me with the index finger of her freehand. Her finger began twiddling my cock around until it came to life.


“I never get tired of seeing this. It’s so cute onyou my little toy.”


“I’m not your little toy.”


“Awwww, you can’t fight me off can you? You’re toosmall!”

“I’m a free person and I can do whatever I want.”


“You’re our little pet and you have to do whateverwe say.” [Giggle]


“How so?”


“Like this…”


Kelly suddenly, and without warning, set me on topof her ankle. I looked up at the long length of leg and her slender torso tosee her laughing face taunting me. She then lifted her leg in the air and I wasforced to hang on for dear life. Kelly laughed out loud at my predicament asshe lay back on the bed. Her leg was almost as a 90-degree angle straight up inthe air when I lost my grip on her smooth skin and began sliding down the leglike I was on a giant slide. Her soft skin slid against mine as I plummeteddown her leg to her torso. I slid off her thigh and rolled to a stop on herbelly. I looked up to see her spread open hand descending on me and closingaround me firmly. I flew high up off her tummy and floated above her face asshe emphasized her point.


“Put me down Kelly this isn’t fair!”


“See what I mean? I can do whatever I want withyou.”


“This is humiliating. What’s going to happen to me?”


“Don’t you know yet?”


“What do you mean?”


“Later some of the girls are going to have a littlegame of cards to see who gets to keep you.”


“What? You can’t be serious.”


“Strip poker I believe. Jen Jen has a couple ofdecks.”


“Oh maybe this won’t be too bad then I can enjoy theshow.”


“Oh you have to strip whoever wins a hand. Firstgirl naked gets to keep you.”


“What if they’re already naked? It’s not unusualaround here you know.”


“We said everyone has to wear a top a bottom, shoessocks and a bra and panties.”


“How can I strip you girls? You’re all so muchbigger than me.”


Kelly smiled as she lowered me to her breasts. Shestarted absentmindedly crushing and rubbing me over her breasts as she talked,not paying any attention to my absurd attempts to free myself. She wascentering the play on her sensitive nipples, which soon grew erect by contactwith me.


“Oh don’t worry little thing. We’ll help you if youcan’t do it yourself.” [Giggles]


“That’s what I’m afraid of. Who all is in on this?Please tell me.”


“Well ok, there is me and Bridget and Jen Jen andTara, Stacy and Veronica plus your friend Kristin heard about it so she isrowing over from the cheerleading camp with her friends Michelle, Rachael,Embers and Ashley.”


“You mean 11 girls are going to play strip poker forthe right to OWN ME?”


“Well yeah, doll.”




“Don’t worry I will make sure I win you.”


“But that’s what they’re all saying Kelly.”




The rest of the day went by fast. Bridget and Kellytook turns looking after me as they started to get ready to pack for home. Taraand Molly and several other girls stopped by to wish me luck and handle me forthe last time. Jen Jen was there, bickering with Bridget over me, orderingMiranda and Riley around.


By the nightfall I was sitting in the center ofBridget’s bed. The girls in question were on the floor and on the beds allaround me. Kristin has indeed come with her friends from the Cheerleader Camp.


“Bridget let me off this bed at once!”


“Listen to him girls, he thinks he’s free.”


“That’s so cute Richie.”


Embers and Rachel then walked over to the bed. Theywere wearing their cute cheerleader outfits. Rachel immediately snatched me upand started grinding me against her boobs. I felt something soft against myback and realized that Embers was rubbing her tits against my back so I wastrapped in a cheerleader breast sandwich. Embers giggled and started whisperingto me what she was going to do to me after she won me, telling me how I wasgoing to be her little doll and how it would be my job to amuse her and hersisters.


“Embers! Rachel stop! You’re squishing me!”


[In Unison]




“What about us Richie don’t you want us to win you?”


Before I could crane my neck around Michelle grabbedme from the other two cheerleaders. She started rubbing me up and down heruniform clad body, then reached out to Ashley and started doing the same thingto her.


“Richie if I win you you’ll be my pet man for everand ever. I have a fish tank I can fix up for you and you can go to school withme and meet all my friends and I’ll get you some cool doll clothes—“


“Michelle please I’m a person! You can make meyours!”


“Oh yes she can Richie, unless I win you first!”[Giggles]


“Thanks a lot Ashley I thought you were my friend.”


“Don’t worry tiny I will win you for myself then Ican take care of you.”


“Not if I win him first.”


Veronica reached out and took me against her bosom.


“Veronica leave me alone! Put me down!”


“I wanna win you so I can make you into a humanS’mores again little doll man!”


“Veronica that was soooo mean!”


“I didn’t see you try to stop me much Stacy.”


“Only cause I though it was soooo cute!”


“Give him over Ronnie.”


Tara grabbed me from Ronnie and lay back on one ofthe beds, suspending me over her as she studied me.


“Hey Richie remember when I did this?”


She dropped me on her tummy and started bouncing meup and down. I felt like I was on a human trampoline.


Splat, splat, splat, splat, splat…little slappingsounds; that was the sound of my back, slapping against her stomach.


Tara laughed hysterically at my plight as I bouncedhelplessly up and down.


“Here Tara, let me have the little man.”


“Okay Stacy.”


Stacy grabbed me off Tara’s tummy in mid bounce intoher fist. I struggled against her power.


“Richie I can’t wait till I get you home. You aregoing to have so much fun with me. We can hang out together and play and takebaths and sleep and eat and everything. You can be my little pet who neverleaves my side.”


“But Stacy, why can’t you just let me go?”


“Oh don’t be silly Richie.”


“Are we ready to start girls?”


“WAIT!” exclaims Jen.


“What is it fat ass?”


“My ass is not fat Bridget. You’re the one with thebuckteeth. Everyone calls you STD at school you know. We all know how you gotthat nickname.  Good ‘ol ball busterBridget, If you need a good time –“




“It’s okay, I applaud your efforts as an equalopportunity employer.”


“My legs stay closed to all parties.”


“All parties without cash or credit.”


“Well you’re fat so shut up.”


“Anyway, can somebody explain to me how to play?”


“Okay you want to try to collect all the kings. Thefirst person with all 4 kings wins.”


“That is not how you play Bridget. We want this tobe fair.”


[Meganspent several minutes explaining the rules of Poker to Jen and Bridget, wholooked confused]


“Okay now let’s everyone start out easy. Since thisis her first time so you can deal Jen.”


“Okay big slicks wild, betting green only, ante upgirls.”


“Big what? Green only? I am wearing blue!! NO IFAILED YOU RICHIE NOOOOOO!!!”


“You’re not even playing Riley.”


“Oh yeah, GO JEN JEN!!!”


            Michelle the cheerleader picked meup and tossed me into the pile with all the chips. 




            “Awwww, he’s our most expensivechip!”


The first hand went by rather easy. Michelle won thehand so she picked me up and laid back on one of the beds. She set me on herstomach and ordered me to pull up her sweater. I tried for several minutesbefore she clenched me in her fist and removed the sweater by hooking thebottom of it on my legs, then stripping it over her head. Then I saw Jen’s headturn sharply towards the stereo.


“HEY MEGAN! Turn that mother fuckin' shit up!!”


Music Blared through the room. I cringed as I sawJen jump up onto her feet. She grabbed me away from Michelle’s stomach in onehand. Jen spun so her ass was facing the group of girls and started shaking herass to beat of ‘Wild Thing’ by Tone Loc. I then found myself staring at her ass and with the hand I am in Jenstarted making my ass shake in the same motion as hers.




“What do you mean at this point even Bridget? Whatis wrong with Bridget! HMMM Richie? Answer me! What’s wrong with the Bridget,err, ME!”


            Before I could even respond Jenshoved me face first against her tight leather clad ass.  Jen continued to dance and make me grind withher. I continued fighting and finally Jen pulled me away and tossed me up intothe air.




            I slammed into Jen’s palm. I startedtelling her not to do it again when she tossed me back up into the air and thengrabbed me and shot me between her legs. Jen raised her foot up and placed thesole of her Sketchers so it was facing me. I slammed into her Sketcher and shepeeled me off and grabbed each one of my arms and started tugging my arms andlegs to make me look like I was dancing.



Shewanna do the wild thing

Pleasebaby please



            As Jen continued to dance with meall the girls started chanting Go Richie, Go Richie, Go Richie! Jen thenstarted to bend over and set me on her back. I slid the whole way down her backand just managed to grab the waist of her leather pants. I pulled myself ontoto the top of her ass since she is bending down. I began to dance on my ownshowing off my moves to the girls. Kristen then jumped up and started dancing,getting closer and closer to Jen and I found the two of them grinding againstone another. Kristen’s halter-top looks to be about 25 feet above me as I slidinto her rock hard athletic stomach. Two strings were hanging down fromKristen’s halter-top. As Jen started to bend down lower and lower with herknees I leapt and grabbed onto the strings. Kristen started pulling away andwith each move she made I was slammed hard into her chest. The song finallyended.


“Okay girls you have had you fun now I want to winmy Richie doll and go home.”


“Whatever Bridget you or your fat ass isn’t going towin.”


“My ass is not fat.”


“Not fat? I wasn’t sure whether to deal it in ornot. It’s so big it's easy to mistake as a whole 'nother person.”


“Shut up Jen!”


“You know girls…”


“Yes, Richie” [everyone in unison]


“Can I play and then if I win I get to go out on myown.”


[Everybodyburst out laughing. A loud thud echoed in the background as Megan fell off herbed laughing.]


“You okay ostrich?”


“I AM serious girls I want to be dealt in. I haverights.”


“I will handle this one. I am his best friend.”


            Ashley reached out and grabbed mewithout a thought and set me on her knee.


“Want a horsey ride?”


“I AM NOT five years old. I do not want to ride yourknee. Put me down at once!”


“Speaking of riding things. Is Bridget as loose asshe looks?”




“What? That wasn’t me this time. I wish it was thatwas pretty good Embers.”


“Thanks Jen Jen!”


“Are we gonna play ever?” Retorts Bridget in a sternangry voice.


“Now Richie, you can’t play because this is a biggirls game and you are just too little. You couldn’t even hold all the cards upat one time. Secondly you’re not a girl and this is a girls’ only game. Thirdlythis is for your own good. You need someone big and strong, and who loves youto take care of you. Everyone here loves you and cares about you. RIGHTJEN!?!?!”


“LOVE? I never said I loved the scrub. I just wantedto have him for my very own plaything ‘cause he’s so neat.”




“OH the midget knows I care! We have spent somequality time together, right Richie?”


“I said Right Richie?”


“Oh, whatever, right.”

”Now you are going to be a good boy and do your part and by taking off myshirt?”

”WHAT! You have not won yet.”


“Sure I have! You can’t beat my hand.”


“You bitch you cheated. She rigged the hand.”


“I did not Jen!”


“You did too cheater. Let’s throw her out. Come onBridget! We will not tolerate cheaters.”


“Actually I won the hand and you have to take myshirt off Richie.”


Ashley then snatched me up and set me down on thebed next to her.


            After things settled down I startedclimbing up Ashley’s back. I struggled to pull T-shirt up even a little bit letalone off of her.



“Oh, I will help you. You’re so pathetic nowRichie.”


Ashley then took her shirt off with me. Her strongfingers clamped me tight as she stripped her shirt off. Just to be funny sheset me down on the bed again then dropped her shirt down over me, leaving mefighting and kicking in the soft cloth.


“Hey let me out of here Ashley come on please!”


“Girls he is so adorable, look at him struggle undermy little shirt.”


After a few seconds of this the shirt was pulled offme and before I could even look up I was seized by Kelly, who then forced me tohelp her shuffle the cards. I did a miserable job of it as the deck weighedmore than I did. I felt especially tiny and insignificant.


Naturally Kelly won that hand. She set me swingingon her chest and ordered me to unbutton her shirt from the top button down. Istarted unbuttoning and rappelling down her chest one button at a time. Thisimpressed all the girls mightily.


“Wow look at him go!”


“I want him to do that to me next.”


“You have to win a hand first.”


Kelly smiled as I dropped from the last button downto her lap. Her hands came up to trap me there for a few minutes while the nexthand was dealt.


Next to win a hand was Emily, I felt myself beingseized as the girl took me and stuffed me upside down in her bra.


“I can take off my shirt myself little actionfigure. You can stay in my bra until someone else wins a hand ok? You feel socute in there I can’t wait to win you for myself so I can take you home withme. I’m going to make you sleep on top of my chest between my boobs won’t youlike that?”



I struggled in Ember’s bra, my tiny legs kickingback and forth as they stuck out of Ember’s cleavage. The room rang out withthe amused laughter of the girls as I struggled against the petite girls’bosom.


“Rachael! Catch!”


Embers grabbed me by the ankles and pulled me outfrom her bra. She flung me across the room toward the bed Rachael was recliningon. I yelled at the top of my lungs, my limbs flailing.




“Don’t worry Richie I’ll catch you!”


I flew in an arc across the room over the heads ofseveral of the other girls. Jen stuck her fingers up to catch me but missed. Isaw the gigantic figure of Rachael loom closer, her hands out in front of herpoised to catch me. At the last second however she spread her arms out,allowing me to slam against her breasts. I bounced off and dropped to her lap.


“Ooooof! Hey!”


[Giggles] “Oooh! Sorry Richie I missed. Lucky youhad a soft landing cutie!”


Rachael then leaned forward on the bed and trappedme between her cleavage and the bed. I begged her to move her big breasts butthey kept me fast in place. I was held there for a few minutes while more handsplayed out. I tried pushing against Rachael’s soft flesh. Next thing I knewRachael was giving me another tit wash, her breasts enveloping and smotheringand pressing all around me for a long time.


What followed was an incredible winning streak byBridget and Kelly that left the rest of the girls out of the running. Not thatyou could tell by the way they would grab me and fondle me while daydreamingabout all the fun things they could do with a little me in their possession. Ilooked like a two-horse race and I was nearly exhausted from trying to stripthe girls down. Invariably I failed every time to remove articles of theirclothing so I found myself manipulated in such a way that my body caught ontheir clothes and stripped them off while I was in the girl’s fists. I have toadmit I got more than a woody when Kelly used me to strip her bra off andbrushed me against her breasts and erect nipples. She playfully trapped mebetween her breasts until Bridget won a hand and grabbed me and used me toremove her panties.


            This continued ad nauseum foranother eight hands until Bridget and Kelly were down to just one sock each.


            Kelly stuck me under her clothespile, leaving me buried in her cotton top. From outside the pile of clothes thegirls laughed and remarked how I looked like a little ghost with my arms wavingunder the cloth. Kelly then placed her leg over the clothes pile, trapping medown against the bed. After several minutes she let me up and I crawled outfrom her top only to have her snag me quick and hold me against her barebreasts.


I twisted in Kelly’s grip and looked back to see.Jen then grabbed her visor and put it on. I didn’t get a good look at it frommy angle but from how the girls responded I could tell it was one of thosecheesy Las Vegas Casino dealers hats. What was up with that?


“It’s go time now girls. This one’s in honor of youBridget. A ROYAL(tits) flush! Now take off my shirt Richie.”


            Jen then snatched me from Kelly’sbreast and set me hanging from her front. I struggled to undo Jens’ shirt butfinally as I got the last button I slammed into her arm as she slid the shirtoff of her.


            “Ooof! I slipped.”


“You can’t do anything right Richie. You’re soslow.”


            As the next hand started I lookedaround to see Jen with just her bra, Bridget and Kelly both had on just onesock. All the other girls were in various states of undress. As everyone wasorganizing their cards I noticed a clever superior smirk on Jens face. She hadit all night and seemed so at ease about the whole situation; almost cocky tothe point where she looked as if she knew she was going to win.


Before anyone can do anything Jen set her cardsdown. Another Royal Flush, I win, little Richie’s mine and I am out!”


“YOU CHEATED YOU BITCH! NO one can get a royal flushtwice in a row.”


“I did! And I didn’t cheat. It’s called the luck ofthe draw. I wasn’t even dealing how I could I cheat?”


“She does have a good point Bridget.”


“I don’t care! I know that wench cheated.”


“Don’t be a sore loser fat ass.”


“Fat ass? I know you’re not talking with your tinyrack. I think Richie has bigger breasts then you.”


“Come my little Richie we are leaving. Come on boy,come on boy!”


[Jen patted her thigh as she called me.]


“I am not a dog Jen!”


“You’re mine now and we’re leaving. Come on Rileyand Miranda!”


            “I won’t go with you! How about abest two matches out of three?”


            “You’re coming with us. You’re mylittle doll to do with whatever I want to.”


            “Like hell I am! Girls! Help me!”


            “Sorry little man rules are rules.”


            “Come on little forest man. We cansnuggle in the car on the way home.”


            All the girls crowded around me andgave me a final hug and kiss. I felt them crowd around me pressing me againsttheir nubile young bodies as they crushed in on me giving me a final hug,feeling me for the last time ever.  Iheard some of the girls sniffling and crying as they said goodbye to me. Itlooked like a victory celebration from one of those cheerleading competitionsthat they show on ESPN2.


            The trio all walked to Jen Jen’scar.  Jen held me firmly in her hand,holding me like I was a can of Pepsi, my legs dangling from the bottom of herclosed fist.


“I can’t believe you won Jen! The little forest manis ours to keep now.”


“Yeah, so what did you do?”


“Oh it was elementary my dear Miranda. We used mytwo decks and I own three decks all exactly the same.  I pulled out a royal flush out of my thirddeck from my inside pocket in my sleeve when Richie was taking my shirt off.That’s why I made sure he took of my shirt last. I was setting them all up theentire time. When I dealt out cards I knew what I was giving each girl and whowas going to win. I orchestrated the whole game. HAHAHA! Game, set, and match!Hell if I wouldn’t have cheated Kristen would have won and little Richiewouldn’t want to go home with his girlfriend now would he.”

“LET ME GO! I’m telling! You won’t get away withthis. Do you hear me! For the last time, I will not say this again! Jen PUT MEDOWN!!!”


            Jen Jen then squeezed me until Ipassed out.  Hours and hours went by, 13to be exact. When I awoke the next morning I was laying in Miranda’s lap, herfingers stroking me absently. I shot up and saw that we were in Jen Jens car.


“Hey we left already!”


“OH, don’t worry soon enough we will be in sunnyCalifornia. I am going to have my daddy make me legal guardian of you.




“Yeah little Forest Man isn’t that neat?”


“HELL NO!! Turn this car around or I am jumpingout.”


            Miranda then placed her pinky fingeron my chest. I tried to shrug it off but it’s no use. I couldn’t seem to budgeit. She laughed as they drove down the highway. It was going to be a long ridehome, I thought to myself as Riley giggled and snatched me from her sister andhelp me gently to her breasts.


“I can’t wait to show you my room! You’re going tolove it. I got this doll house you can stay in when you stay at our house.”


            After three days of being handledand cuddled and squabbled over in the car we pulled into Jen Jen’s driveway. Istarted to get a little nervous as we walked in. The moment Jen stepped in shewas assaulted with hugs from her dad.


“Hi honey, what’s new? Did you have a good time atcamp?”


“Help me! Please, Jen has me Captive.”


“Young lady! Did you shrink this boy and steal himaway?”


“No daddy! Let me explain. We found him like thisand his Mom practically threw him at us girls so we played cards and I won him!He is my little boyfriend now.”

“BOYFRIEND? What the fuck!”


“That’s great, dear. I am happy for you. As long hestays in your room I don’t see a problem.


“HELLO TAKEN FROM HOME AGAINST MY WILL! I am not aminor! I am my own man.”


“You listen to me you little punk. You’re mydaughters’ now. See how happy she is? That’s what is important. UnderCalifornia State law, I rule you as unable to take care of yourself and mydaughter here is appointed as your caretaker. If you hurt her, young man, youwill be in a world of trouble, do you hear me!”

”Yes sir! Your daughter is in good hands sir.”


“See Richie everything turned out great.”


“JEN we are talking about this when we get into yourroom.”


“Oh Richie, it’s okay we don’t need to discuss ourrelationship. You know it’s silly to try to fight it, scrub. You love me so Imay as well see what happens.”




“Oh you want to play roles okay? I will be the teachersince you’re the bad student. YOU listen here young man!  It’s time someone teaches you a lesson.”


“You two have fun”


“NO wait!”


“To the detention room with you young man. Yourpunishment awaits.” [Giggles]

“JEN We aren’t role-playing! I know very well youunderstood everything I said. You aren’t Riley!”


            As we walked into Jens room shetossed me on the bed along with her cell phone and purse. She then went intoher walk-in closet and put a few things away. Jen then left the room totally ignoringme.


As Jen walkedout of the room I looked around at what would be my new home. A Bon Jovi posterhung above me on the wall. I had to stare at the poster for a few minutes formy eyes to focus in on the sheer magnitude of the poster. It looked more like abanner covering the roof of the Metro dome (home of the Vikings) then a simpleposter. I then looked at her bed. As I saw her bed I remembered her tossing hercell phone onto the bed. I knew what I had to do. I started climbing up thecomforter of her bed. I pulled myself up and over the side. As I stood up onthe comforter I looked at my body. I had come a long way I think to myself. Iremembered that before I first shrank at the beginning of this adventure I wasyour average guy; now I was ripped. I smiled at as I looked at my 6-pack abs.


Not wanting to waste anymore time I began to runtowards the cell phone. On the wall next to the bed I could see a Linkin Parkposter. With every step it seemed like the poster got farther away rather thencloser but I finally stumbled up to Jens cell phone. I looked back at the doorand still saw no sign of Jen. My heart was beating as I climbed onto the phone.I looked back one last time at the door. I pressed down on the on button and anelectronic ping blasted from the phone. I jumped back off the phone and lookedaround nervously. I took a few deep breaths and walked back towards the phoneand started dialing. As I finished the number I looked back at the door makingsure Jen wasn’t there. I struggled to push the dial button but as I put all myweight down onto the button the cell phone started dialing out




I covered my ears and they still bleed as the voicepainfully rang in my ears.




“Hi Kristen, it’s me!”


“OH MY GOD RICHIE! How are you? Is Jen being mean toyou?”


“We just got here. Don’t talk to so loud.”


“Sorry, [giggles] I knew you loved me. I was thefirst person you called. That is so sweet and adorable.”


“So--, YIPES!”


I was spun around at dizzying speed as Jens faceloomed mere inches from me.


“Who are you talking too Richie?”




“Speak! I can’t hear your stammering clearly whenyou mumble.”


“I was just hungry so I was ordering a pizza.”


“Oh really, who is it from?”


“Geo’s pizza.”


“Who? Geo’s we don’t have one of those here.

“I mean Dominos! I just thought Geo’s from backhome.”


As Jen grabbed the phone I silently gulped. As Ispun around in her hand I could see a hand crafted dollhouse sitting on a chairbehind Jen.


“Hello? Who is this?”


“Domino’s pizza! How may I take your order?”


“Oh this is priceless! Your fat ass is actuallyworking Kristen! Richie Hanes!! You are in so much trouble! You are not toassociate with such white trailer trash!”


“Trailer trash? Who you calling…”


“You know Kristen the best part about the phone isthat I can shut you up a lot easier.”




As Jen turned the phone off I saw her glare at mequite angrily. Then she told me she was going to take a shower and would beback in a few minutes so I had better stay put if I knew what was good for me.Before I could squeak out a reply she had turned and left.


“Ummm Jen? JEN!! Oh well I guess I did get what Iasked for. May as well check out her bedroom and the House. Hmmmm….a computer…andit’s on!”


            I had an idea. I started typingfrantically and saving every few minutes. Then I hid the file in a folder whereI thought Jen Jen would never find it. Over the course of the days to come I would sneak on to her laptop andpainstakingly type out my fantastic tale. Then I remembered your email addressfrom the time I was held by the cheerleaders and one of them was talking to youon the web cam. So this is for you, LTFan46. I hope you and the rest of thegiantess fans on the interned who reads this realizes that being an actual dollsized man for young women is different than imagined in many of the storiesposted on the message boards. Yes there are moments of wonder and amazement,but the most mundane of moments quickly becomes rife with terror as a girlhandles me so casually yet so dangerously. And the worst thing of it all ismost of the girls don’t even realize it, and the ones that do take joy inscaring the hell out of me every chance they get.


And that’s how I ended up in my current position asa doll for beautiful young women. Oh, and shit! Here comes Jen Jen! I bettersend this off while I have the chance. Wait a sec….


            “Oh, hi Jen Jen, I wasjust….NO!…NO!…NO!…Put Me D---“




To:     LTFan46@aol.com




Subject:How I became a doll


Myname is Richie Hanes and I am a doll…(Body of Story)





Andthat was it. I mean I saw this hottie scoop him up and that was it. WHOOSH!!!Then a blur of hand, a cry of protest followed by what sounded like a girlgiggling.  Then the web cam went blank.


Isupposed he got punished by his beautiful owner and no longer has access to herlaptop. I sure wish I could get punished like that Richie dude, don’t you? Sothere you have it dudes! What do you think? Pretty cool huh? I wish that’dhappen to me! I mean the guy was passed around from one pretty girl to the nextlike a favorite stuffed animal.


I’msure you think this is all bullshit and I admit I would too if I hadn’t seen itwith my own eyes. But now I’m convinced that shrinking is actually possible!And young women will be enthralled with a little man when they find one. I’veseen it.


Anyway,we may never get to be like that Richie Hanes dude but at least we can all readabout all his wild and crazy adventures thanks to his putting the whole thingin writing. 


Andwho knows? Just maybe little Richie Hanes will contact me again some day withmore adventures in the Land of giant young women.


























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