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The light outside Irene's apartment was a pale yellow contrast to the dark walk home. Nick's arm was around Irene's shoulder. She held conversation easily as they walked. Amanda was impressed by her calm demeanor, her nervous excitement held her rapt as Chris' warm touch cupped her left buttock. He seemed to be enjoying himself, shooting occasional glances to his friend. He must have thought himself a lucky handsome fella.

They entered the hall, and Irene plucked her key from her boot. She unlocked the door and showed her companions the way in, trailing just behind. Nick removed his cap and placed it with his jacket on the coatrack. Irene followed suit, hanging hers just adjacent. She then grabbed a pair of scarves and handed one to Amanda with a knowing glance.

'I think this will be a fun start' she teased heedlessly, slipping the scarf around Nick's face and over his eyes. He chuckled, and pretended to be spooked. Amanda took the orange garment and slipped it over Chris' eyes. He too seemed amused, a stupid grin crawling across his face. Amanda turned to Irene, who returned her look. Almost giddy with excitement, Amanda grabbed his wrists behind his back and led him towards the bedroom. Irene took Nick in tow, a predatory confidence in her grip.

The bedroom was simply laid out. Some necessary lubricant was ready on the nightstand, next to some strawberries and cream. They led the boys next to the closet, which was opened wide. Inside was Irene's aforementioned contraption. Irene approached it and grabbed a thick plastic tubing. She called Nick in close, and beckoned Amanda to bring Chris. They each took their tube, and held them just above the boys' heads. Irene flipped a small switch and a soft sucking sound emerged. The tubes slid easily downwards, enveloping the boys and driving them intowards a small cylinder. Amanda gasped awestruck, as their figures were slowly shrunk, sliding into the depths of the device.

With a small whir, a small dildo landed in a small holder near the base. Irene's toy finished first; Nick was struggling inside the tight confines of a small phallic sex toy. Chris followed shortly after. They looked up towards the giant visage of the girls, their blindfolds lost at their feet, wriggling inside their respective prisons. Irene turned to Amanda and smiled.

'See, easy as pie.' she laughed. 'Now how about we get comfortable?'

Irene lifted her shirt up and over her head, then tossed it aside. Her pants and undergarments followed soon after. She then turned to Amanda.

'Let me get those off you, I want to see your tight body.'

Irene took Amanda's top off, unfastened her bra, and then deftly reached down to slip off her skirt. She licked Amanda's spine down towards her bottom. She then fingered the slip of her panties, and revealed her friend's naked ass. She then dipped to grab the toys and brought them over to the bed, her other hand pushing Amanda's spine forwards.

Amanda lay down on the bed naked, her perky breasts topped by her incredibly aroused nipples. She could feel her breathing, her heartbeat... she was so aroused. She turned towards Irene and returned a kiss to her lips. This was an environment that Amanda knew well, and the initial steps came easily. Irene seemed intently satisfied by the first kiss, but then almost shocked as Amanda traced her tongue to her friend's small mounds, suckling on each nipple in turn. Amanda's hands traced towards Irene's hips, then down to her thighs, and sliding inwards she felt her friend's anticipatory shiver. Her fingers then glided upwards towards Irene's groin, and were met with the warm and wet ancticipation of her pussy.

Irene lay back, enjoying herself immensely. Amanda was gorgeous, and clearly no stranger to the boudoire, but this next part was likely to be new for both of them. She grabbed Nick's trapped body tightly through the dildo, and then brought it down towards her friend.

'How about we try this?' she suggested, handing the phallus to her friend.

'I'd be happy to.' Amanda replied, taking the toy, and rubbing the tip along the length of Irene's vulva. It glistened with her juices, and vibrated with the movements of the young man inside. He looked terrified, but that only made Amanda feel more powerful. She tipped it upside down so Nick's head was poised at the tip, just against the dripping entrance of Irene's pussy.

'Mmm, do it, do it!' Irene cried. And the head dissapeared fluidly, the toy diving inside Irene's tight walls as Amanda began to thrust it rapidly. It vibrated inside her friend with the combined movements of her hand, and its contents. Irene's hands rubbed furiously along her own clit, her body tensing and her back arching. Amanda was entranced, and could feel her own wetness dripping onto the bed as she knelt inbetween Irene's legs. A wave of orgasm spread throughout Irene's body, clenching the toy inside her, and gripping the tips of Amanda's fingers. Irene shuddered and twisted, before slowly sitting up.

'Gah! That was amazing Amanda, I hope you are ready for your turn.'


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