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The two women sat together on the couch, watching a cooking show. Amanda was pretty, and she knew it. A slender figure and a suggestive neckline that consistently turned male eyes. She favored her hair let down, casually wrapped over her left shoulder. She held the confidence to match, and combined with her flirtatiousness brought most of her female companions to hot anger and jealousy. Her friend Irene was so different.

Irene was quirky, and this offset most people. Those who saw past her exterior quickly recognized her wilder side. She sported a small cap, bangs shyly covering her dark eyes. Her hair was only neck-length and black. Her Asian figure was a stark contrast to Amanda's. Petite and almost tomboyish, she was a distinct sight. But this only overlay her fierce spirit. One that made her sex life beyond the imagination of most.

Irene wished to include her long time friend in her newest adventure. They weren't really watching the show glaring in front of them. Instead they were sitting close and excitedly discussing sexual exploits. And it soon came to light that Irene's imagination had led her to a far kinkier stream of encounters.

Amanda was almost awestruck as Irene explained how she enjoyed having her partners down between her legs, holding their heads as they licked her on command. How she enjoyed being in charge of her sexual experiences, having her latest boy-toy pleasure her as she saw fit. How she would allow them to enter her as she rode them fiercely with their hands fastened to the bedposts.

To Irene, men were made for her pleasure. And so she shared her latest fetish. She told Amanda about her idea of finding men, and using them as sex toys. Rather literally. Irene explained her idea of going out, and bringing home two cute guys. She hoped to blindfold them as they came in, and then lead them to her room. She told Amanda about a sexy new device she ordered online, that would easily make men into instruments of pleasure. And always pushing her own boundaries, she hoped Amanda would enjoy sharing the experience.

Amanda was still taken aback, her usual air of composure was lost. She knew Irene was far less shy than her appearance suggested. She twirled her long hair, wondering what it would be like, trying to tell herself it was all too fantastical. But her arousal betrayed her. Amanda felt her nipples stiffen as electric anticipation shot down her spine, moistening her thighs.

'Lets do it, I'll follow your lead.' Amanda offered.

'Alright then. Its already late, and I know the perfect spot to find a few hot guys. Why dont we try Straight's, the pub near campus.'

Irene strapped on a pair of boots, and slipped her arm through Amanda's, leading them both out into the night air. Amanda tried to appear calm, but she was too excited. She could feel herself shivering with anticipation, and so could Irene.

'Don't be so nervous! This is going to be wild. You are going to love the feel of a man rubbed against your pussy. Just imagine him helplessly sliding in. I bet he'll love it too. Not that he'll have a choice.'

Amanda swore she could feel herself dripping.


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