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They arrived at the pub ten minutes later. It was crowded. Perfect for two girls on the prowl. Amanda couldn't stop her racing heart. She brought Irene with her, pushed through the crowded room and ordered double-tequila shots. The place was packed. Irene didn't seem to mind.

'Hmm, how 'bout those two' Irene suggested, pointing out two taller guys. They were clean cut and taller, sporting short length beards; the second one wore a cap similar to Irene's.

'I think they're cute,' Amanda hurriedly replied, throwing back a mouthful of the clear liquor. It burned, but she knew it would slow her racing thoughts. 'God damnit I'm excited!'

Irene smiled wide. Her eyes seemed to glisten as she turned her pensive gaze from her targets back towards her friend. She could tell Amanda was nervous, but the tequila should help with that. She was looking forward to her personally tailored dessert, almost as much as she anticipated playing with those boys and her friend's tight nethers. She approached.

Amanda slammed her second shotglass down onto the bar and followed. Irene seemed so fierce, weaving through the crowd seamlessly. It made Amanda wonder about her friend's bedroom mannerisms. She bet they were just as bold. Deep down, she knew it was going to be amazing.

The two guys turned their gazes sideways and down as Irene nearly dragged Amanda into them. Irene introduced herself with a cute hiccup, feigning tipsiness that she didnt feel. Their glances, however, were more directed at Amanda, who turned herself and nearly grazed her lips against one of their neck's. Their eye's met hers politely, but she could sense their true intent, as they fought the urge to ogle her cleavage. The girls never failed her.

'Oh and this is Amanda. She's a bit shy, but it's kind of her birthday, and you know, she was hoping to try something special with me. She's kind of, how you say, inexperienced, and well, wanted to go a bit wild. Think you guys can help her out?' Irene stammered out, sounding playful but brash.

They introduced themselves. Nick was already a little drunk, and it showed in his slow response. Chris already moved to bring his arm around Amanda's waist, confident but cautious to not touch her innapropriately. Irene knew they would do just fine. She almost laughed at how easy men were. Guess it was only mothers who told their daughters not to go home with strange men. She bet it didn't happen that way for the cruder gender.

The guys grabbed a pitcher and they convened on the patio. As they got to the doors, Chris opened them politely, but when he let them go, his hand came to rest on Amanda's ass. Irene turned back, noticing Amanda's surprised look.

'I guess its best he have a feel first,' Irene whispered to her friend, 'seeing as how I intend to shove him in that tight ass of yours when we get home.'

Irene giggled. Amanda only tensed further. She couldn't shake her excited shivering. And she couldn't help but wonder how good Chris was going to feel sliding into her pussy, or better yet her ass. Or both, either way was fine. She felt the familiar sensation in chest and loins, the one that seemed never to recede this whole time. She almost smiled to herself at her next thought. She was going to be so wet when they got home. Her toy was going to slide in so wonderfully simply.


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