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Author's Chapter Notes:

First story is possibly a pilot for a story I had undertaken ages ago but never found the right way to frame it. Essentially a story which brought in tons of monstergirls at huge sizes and played with the different ways they might act. The plot to this one is a lot less involved than any other options I had, so that is where I need the most advice would I write it as a full story. 

Tara thought this world was uncomfortably flat. For how open it was, there were no mountains or forests in the distance like at home, just a great stretch of patches of grey sand and green lichen. Her mother had told her that she shouldn’t be scared of the place, that it was a land of pleasure and relaxation, where she and the other mothers and girls went to amuse themselves and one another. Every girl went there eventually, and Tara was old enough now to play with the other girls here.

Tara sat with her legs apart, covering her face as she flushed red with embarrassment. Her fox ears were pressed flat against her hair, and her tail swiped back and forth in anxiousness behind her. She had never been to such a world before, and despite the other girl’s promises of fun to be had she still felt terribly exposed, even if those who looked at her were so insignificant compared to her.

When they had walked through the shimmering portals to this place they had told her that the whole ground here was covered in tiny creatures, who were too small to see and too weak to hurt her. They ignored her fears that they would crawl onto her, simply confusing her by saying if they did to enjoy it.

She walked in to the half of the flat plain that her mother told her the younger girls were to play in, and then left with the others to their own half. She simply looked down at the patchy ground below and sat down, too shy to do much else at the prospect of tiny thinking creatures at her feet.

 Her nude body was bare to the entire world, her little foreskin-clad cock hanging limply over an entire city. Many of the other girls and women bore such a part, and boys were quite rare among their world. Her mother had told her this was another reason they used this world, there was an abundance of men, and if one spent long enough there playing as they did they would be bound to become pregnant.

Her round pink glans poked out from the foreskin, pressing into the ground and eclipsing an entire downtown. The centimeter high skyscrapers disintegrated beneath the weight of her petite penis, and it pushed along the ground digging a deep trench as it went.

The musty scent of her unwashed private parts overpowered everything below, and she moaned as it began to stir against her desire.  Coming to a rest, her short length twitched cutely, flattening tens of thousands with each movement. A single drip of precum issued from the end of her length, beading up and rolling down into the city like a musky tsunami, drowning those under it in cloudy fluid and choking thousands with her odor.

Tara couldn’t bring herself to deal with her arousal in the open like this, so she looked up and away at what the other’s were doing in hopes of distracting herself.

In the near distance she saw another foxgirl and a cowgirl her age doing something she only ever did in private, seemingly with the sole aim of tormenting the tiny world below them. The cowgirl stroked at her little cock and the foxgirl thrust her fingers into her dripping sex, both of their mouths open in expressions of cruel amusement and pleasure.

They panted and muttered lewd words, “Mm- I wonder if they can swim in it” or “I’m gonna squish you if you don’t run away!” Tara couldn’t understand some of the other words they used, but they sounded even harsher to the tiny world at their waists.

After a few moments the cowgirl gave a lusty moo and arched her back, a strand of pre smacking back and forth alarmingly with each jerk against her flushed red glans.

Suddenly her cock spurted a long gooey strand of whiteness across the cityscape beneath her, bowling over skyscrapers and splattering over entire neighborhoods. The foxgirl in reply leaned forward and began to rub her pussy against another part of the immense city, smearing her own leaking fluid across the rubble for a moment squirting clear juices across the metropolis.

The two girls uncaringly drowned the city in their sexual fluids, giggling and moaning at one another’s destructive acts as they rubbed out the last of their climax. The whole city was flooded, and anywhere not outright flattened became a grid of buildings poking out of and sinking into the small puddle of their mixed semen and juices.

This sight hardly helped Tara’s erection, which throbbed painfully below and cast a ‘small’ shadow over a good part of the downtown. She turned her head to look away as the two girls shifted themselves over another city to begin their mischievous play anew.

Further afield some older goo girls had circled around one even larger city, giggling and pointing out the most densely built-up patches of skyscrapers. Their partly transparent bodies were bright hues of blue, purple, and pink, shining in the mostly cloudless sun. They rested on their thighs and rears, and the landscape below them was crushed and drowned in their liquid bodies, some buildings clearly visible floating inside of their legs on in the soles of their feet.  

One of the girls hung her waist over the city, pointing her spread pussy straight down at the heart of the city. With each slight lunge of her hips she dabbed her blue folds into a park, clutch of buildings, or stadium, softly sighing as countless thousands were squished by or adhered to her wet sex. Every time she pulled her hips up again long trails of blue goo hung between the wet ground and her cunt, a puddle of her fluids left behind on the raped ground.

The other girls watched and pointed out more dense places for her to crush, occasionally brushing up a city block or two themselves to twist or rub into paste against their own yielding bodies. The buildings and urban detritus they pressed into themselves were either sucked into their goo or left glued to the surface, giving their breasts or groins the appearance of jelly covered in grey sprinkles.  

Tara felt like she couldn’t resist caving to her urges when a figure settled down beside her, a loud crunch elicited by the city beneath her landing butt.

The older woman had a crop of short black hair, and her eyes were a piercing ruby color. Her head was crowned with a pair of curved horns, and her body was toned and built with strong muscles, her skin was tanned and occasionally scarred.

The minotaur woman breathed the deep breaths of someone who had just came to climax, and a quick glance at her groin revealed her girl privates, wet and open. Her sex and thighs were also totally lathered in her own fluids and several ejaculations worth of another girl’s seed, as well as what must have been the crumbled remains of several cities. Tara thought she could see a few small plane wrecks dotting around her chest and shoulders.

Her skin was shining with sweat, small clouds of steam steaming from her underarms and belly into the cool atmosphere of the planet. The smell of her sweat and feminine parts were hardly helping Tara’s own arousal.

“Hah~ Phew. What’s the matter little one, you haven’t even touched this big patch here?” She queried with a gruff but feminine voice, pointing a finger at the city resting between Tara’s spread legs.

“I- It’s my first time here. It’s a little embarrassing.” Tara replied quietly, wringing her hands a bit and still trying not to focus on the stiffness that the minotaur’s body and scent elicited.

“Heh. No need to be shy foxy.” The minotaur ruffled her hand though Tara’s hair, scratching her ears pleasurably.

“It’s not so embarrassing once you realize how strong it makes you feel. After all, the girls here all do it, and what are the little mites gonna do about it? Some girls just need a little push is all.” The horned woman gently placed a hand on her shoulder.  “You’ve got bull parts do you? Here, why don’t you try something simple first?”

The minotaur suddenly lifted Tara up by her underarms and set her down atop her legs, facing her.

“You’ve put that inside a girl before, right?” The minotaur asked.

Tara nodded affirmatively. She may have been shy, but she was still part of monstergirl society and sex was something very much a part of it.

“Good, so just do what you always do, but this time let’s make the humans join us.”

The minotaur scraped up a huge handful of the nearby city and arranged it between her wet labia, plugging her sex with the downtown of a metropolis. Tara looked expectantly to her as the woman’s large hand gently pulled her hips forward towards her.  

The tip of her penis gently brushed against the interposed city, the tall skyscrapers crumbling pleasurably against her sensitive skin. It felt like the tickling of coarse fur to Tara, and she tentatively slid herself across a few more blocks of the city, buildings barely half the height of her cockhead collapsing beneath or against the pink monster plowing through the heart of the metropolis.

Tara felt a bit more heartened, and even laughed gently at the sensation of feeling so many things brush and pop beneath her glans.

 She felt a little bad for the ‘hew-mans’ that the minotaur had mentioned, figuring they must be the creatures that inhabited this place and lived in all these tiny structures. They must have been really tiny since she couldn’t even see them. Maybe they let the girls use their world for this, or maybe they could swim in her cum like the other girl had said?

The minotaur smiled at Tara’s gentle prodding, and patted her again on the rear.

“Alright now, don’t be so coy. Stick it in, see how good it feels.” She prodded.

Tara nodded more confidently, though she still held her arms defensively at her chest. With a gentle push she thrust her cock through the thin layer of city into the hot cavern beneath, bubbling feminine juices rising around the edges of her length.

The foxgirl moaned slightly, her hands moving down to take hold of the minotaur’s muscular thighs. Slowly she began to slide her cock in and out, the naughty sound it made masking the sounds of concrete and steel groaning and crumbling as skyscrapers were pulled in and pulped in the minotaur girl’s pussy.

“Hnf- That’s right. You’ve got a cute little thing on you foxy, just keep at it.” She gently offered, her hands cupping Tara’s thighs to keep her straight.

The minotaur girl’s pussy was amazing, Tara thought, her tightness only made more so by her strong muscles trying as best they could to milk her of her seed.

The city had by now been crushed between the two girl’s crotches, and the minotaur had shifted Tara so she simply straddled her waist and thrust her hips gently. After a few minutes of thrusting Tara couldn’t hold it anymore. Her tongue hung out of her mouth as she felt her cock squirt a few times into the minotaur’s hot wetness, the woman’s expression showing as much amused approval as it did pleasure.

Gently pulling her out of her pussy with a quiet slurp, the Minotaur set Tara on her knee.

“See? This is a fun place to mess around isn’t it?” She asked, casually twisting her fingers on the ground next to her.

Tara nodded and smiled, and the minotaur woman patted her on the back and gestured for her to run off and play with the others. The minotaur smiled approvingly as the young foxgirl ran over to the other cowgirl and fox, who welcomed her to what seemed to be a spitting contest.

She signed contently, recollecting her own first times savoring one of the pleasure worlds, and turned back to the half of the continent the adults occupied. She could see a lone mermaid resting her breasts on a coastal city and enjoying the sun on her back. She decided she would join her for a little tan.



Chapter End Notes:


Alright, so any critique or ideas for the next story would be awesome! I tend to work in the larger/smaller ranges, but I am asking for lots of different ideas to improve my writing and scope. Hope this idea strikes a chord and gets some replies, so thanks again for reading and replying!


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