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Rin slid into her apartment, closing and bolting the door behind her hastily. The postman wasn’t too bad looking she noticed as she passed by him in the hall, and she had quickly considered grabbing him for a little fun later, but the concern that some peeping neighbor would spot her and force her to do damage control on the entire apartment and move again kept her from risking it.

This place was a good deal nicer than the last. Somewhere between the previous landlord barging in at the height of one of her and Ayako’s escapades, and her have to render the place a vacant lot overnight their last apartment had lost a lot of its charm. This tenament, despite a few rough edges was much more low-key, more anonymous, and most importantly situated just perfectly that Rin could gaze out the window of any given room and look out over the entire skyline of the metropolitan area.

By day she loitered around the internet cafes, cheap youth taverns, and other innocuous hang-out places for someone of her appearance, anywhere she didn’t have to do any work and didn’t look suspicious loitering. In the old days she could wander, freely moving from one village to the next with no real concern about being recognized or harangued for her practices. But in this new age of surveillance, identity, and its accompanying urban anonymity and sprawl, Rin had taken to a slightly slower paced life within the spacious confines of the Megapolises which had sprung up along the world’s seas.

She had come to this city around a year ago, after the municipals in the last one couldn’t attribute so many disappearances and sudden structural failures to mere anomaly anymore, and began to pry a little too much into the movements of its citizens. Rin despised unannounced visitors, and after the third or fourth batch of urban investigators and cops that had arrived at her door failed to return to their precincts she decided to play it safe and jump ship. Ayako had of course come with her, as she always had.

Rin dropped her skates by the door and pried her arms out of the loose-fitting purple hoodie she had taken to walking about in. It wasn’t her first choice of attire; she found the cheap, mass-produced clothing of the modern city dwellers bland and uninteresting, but the outfit she assembled at least kept her appearance unremarkable. Tossing the hoodie onto her couch she ruffled her lithe fingers through her long purple hair and up and across the smooth fur of her two feline ears.

The baggy sack-like clothing the youths wore at least did a good job of hiding that unique feature, not that she couldn’t have managed a magical solution, but she appreciate the more mundane and hence lazier option. The other illusionary considerations required a bit more effort. She could have simply stuffed her tail down the leg of one of her pants, but surely someone would eventually catch a little glimpse of something twitching within. It was just as likely to be her other asset, which while perhaps more explicable would be equally incriminating in a lineup.

Despite the bother it caused, Rin was somewhat proud to say that the girth of her hermaphroditic sex required some magic itself to keep concealed. A rather simple illusion that kept her monstrous penis from appearing as the massive bulge pressed against her thighs that it would invariably appear as unconcealed.

 In past ages such a factor assuredly had to be hidden, lest the superstitious commoners think themselves in the presence of some twin-sexed deity or witch. Not that they would be at all wrong on the second account, and not that Rin had every so often flattered the idea of rolling with the first, but she had never been one to hold herself in the open. At least now-a-days there was some tolerance for those who didn’t neatly fall into the two genders that human society had built for themselves, but trying to explain one’s prodigious and natural hermaphrodism would prove a tedious and difficult task even for one as accustomed to lying and slinking out of situations as Rin.

Unsure whether to sit and waste some time on the ‘entertainment’ that the television tried to ply to her or to do some actual arcane studying, Rin decided to dodge the question entire and actually glance at the to-do list that Ayako had gone through the effort of putting together for her each week. It wasn’t that she couldn’t perform such simple household tasks with but a few cantrips cast here and there, it was just that it meant less time researching magic or fucking about idly.

 A quick check of the list yielded nothing she felt up to; buying a few groceries, no doubt something Ayako was already out doing now, ordering a few things using the computer, a device that Rin had never quite mastered, and scrounging up a few hard to find alchemical reagents, some of which the humans had made quite hard to obtain in their quest to yoke the world around them. It was always a pain trying to pry where one could get cannabis from some paranoid teen, or being forced to steal nightshade from a botanical garden.

Grunting in frustration, Rin tossed the notepad back onto the counter and slouched onto the couch. She hadn’t had the opportunity for any sexual release in the last few days, and her lower lips and cock were starting to tingle with built up anticipation. She wanted to wait for Ayako to return home, but after a few moments of staring at the ceiling and trying not to enjoy the feeling of her dick grinding into the tight crotch of her jeans Rin groaned loudly and lunged towards the bedroom.

“Among us Felids there is no ignoring the stirring of one’s loins.” Rin seemed to remember one of her sisters or mothers uttering a very long time ago.

Shedding her loose-fitting t-shirt and tossing it onto the floor, Rin exposed her round shoulders and somewhat ample chest. She preferred to go bra-less in the day if she could help it, and though she was hardly as stacked as her companion she still occasionally drew a few eyes hither. Her arms were slender, and her hands were small and lithe of finger.

Her body was of course deceivingly young, barely out of her teens, but her bearing was the contented slouch of someone who cared little for appearances. She set her hands to work unfastening her belt and unbuttoning her jeans, the illusion keeping her less feminine parts concealed dissipating as soon as she lowered the hem past her wide hips. Her ardor had only grown as she pulled her clothing off, and her bulge was already pushing the front of her panties down several inches.

Her figure was somewhat petite and in terms of height she was a good deal shorter than average, which only heightened how disproportionate her endowment was. Though she didn’t quite resent the moniker of being a ‘cute short girl’, she hardly put any stock in it, and privately enjoyed the irony she often imposed on any who called her such names.

Rin did away with her pants as she had her shirt and reclined on her mattress; resting her head on a stack of plush pillows and flexing her stocking clad toes. After savoring the coolness of her bedsheets on her bare back for a moment she couldn’t help but stare down as her cock freed itself from her panties and slapped flat against nearly the entire length of her thigh. It really was a chore keeping the thing satiated, and she was glad to usually have Ayako there to help her, but tonight she would be on her own for a while. She ran some lewd ideas through her head before settling on something simple for the evening. Rin reached onto the nightstand and grabbed a plastic bottle filled with a clear liquid.

Bringing it up to her face she checked the label, “Sexual Lubricant” it read, and she grinned toothily as she peeled her sweat-soaked underwear off and flung it uncaringly onto the floor. As if in response to attention her cock sprung to its full and massive length, shaft thick and glistening with beads of sweat and smooth pink glans bulging with pent up vigor. Rin held the bottle in one hand and sloshed the slippery liquid within about. One thing she could give humans credit for was creating plenty of excellent accessories for sexual gratification, though she knew they never intended them for some of the uses she and Ayako had conjured up over the years.

Glancing out the window of her bedroom she began to eye up some potential targets for the night. One of the giant apartment blocks on the horizon caught her eye, no doubt packed at this moment with countless tenants retiring for the night. It had been a few hours since Rin had done any real arcane work, so she warmed herself up with a few mantras and focuses before she felt the flow of mana into her strengthen. Finally she reached her mind out towards the distant structure, encompassing everyone within its walls and grasping at them with her thoughts. When she felt she had grabbed enough of them she pulled and contracted them, feeling as they disappeared from their apartments in an instant. Rin turned back to the bottle in hand and emptied the thousands she held in her mind inside.

Within a moment of willing it the colorless fluid’s surface was suddenly dotted with hundreds of tiny colorful specks, each a positively miniscule person suspended in the sea of lube. Before they had a chance to settle naturally Rin briskly shook the bottle, churning them evenly through the liquid. She watched rivulets of the tiny-speckled fluid drip down the sides of the bottle for a moment before turning it over the head of her now painfully rigid length and squeezing the contents out in a steady trickle.

Rin emptied a good half of the bottle onto her cock, turning it slightly as she poured so that the stream of person-sprinkled oil oozed down the length of her shaft. She had made them so minute as to be indiscernible, each a good deal smaller than a speck of dust.

As she set the bottle on the nighstand she, for a moment, regretted making them so small and therefor her use of them so impersonal. For all the jaded pleasure her favorite kink brought her she always felt a bit lonely when it was just her and anybody she stole away working her own gear. Still though she had seen the little humans in her mind as she stole them away, and that would be more than enough to get her off. Besides, it was just her first playtime for the night, a warm-up really, as Ayako hadn’t even gotten home yet.

By the time Rin turned back to her waiting cock the shining trails had reached the base of her shaft, and a few mote-filled beads of lube began to pool in the fold atop her plump balls. While Rin couldn’t see the shrunken humans in much detail, she could definitely see and feel them struggling for any kind of relief in the slick waterfall she had cast them into. A few had broken the weak surface tension of the lube and were either clinging to the soft skin of her cock or crawling around feely on the springy flesh of her sack. Quite a few were caught in the bead of lube that pooled atop her flaring urethra, and she could spot some slowly sinking into its depths.

As much as she enjoyed a little voyeurism, seeing wasn’t enough right now, and she quickly wrapped one of her dainty hands as best she could around the girth of her shaft and began to slide it up and down slowly. Anyone who had managed to escape the flowing lube was slicked against the side of Rin’s cock as she peeled back her foreskin and lathered the slippery liquid across any spots she had missed.

Rin started to jerk herself in earnest, the touch of her soft palm made all the more smooth by the oil, with just the faintest touch of texture from the tiny people as she liquefied them against her now throbbing cock. The ones on her glans she left intact, savoring their tingling touch and the sight of them plopping up and down on beads of lube, some flinging off onto the bedsheets, others landing on her thighs or stomach.

She teased the first trickle of precum from her slit which dripped down and joined the rest of the lubricant as she jerked herself faster and faster. Rin’s free hand slowly dipped under her balls, brushing against the lips of her pussy and gently delving in and out. She could feel her release coming on, but she held back as long as she could to savor the feeling of the last few tiny humans between her fingers pulp against her dick.

Finally she groaned and with an audible “Ungh! Fuck!” Rin shot an inhumanly long and thick strand of seed straight up into the ceiling with an audible smack. She repeated a few sultry curses as her release again and again splattered across her chest, legs, face, and the entire bedspread. She finally opened her eyes and pulled her sticky hand away from the twitching pillar of her spent cock, looking for any of her victims which might have somehow weathered her ejaculation.

A few motes seemed to still be feebly crawling about on her balls or swimming in some of the strands of jizz draped over her curvy body.  Rin didn’t feel malicious enough to hunt them down or merciful enough to finish them off, so she simply fell back again on her pillow and sighed contently.  

Rin could feel the spirit force of those she had spent pooling inside of her, the meager amount of sexual gratification each of them brought to her amounting to about as much magical energy entering her body in an entirely different kind of wave of pleasure. This was Rin’s little trick, her relatively guilt-less pleasure and means to gathering magical energy.  This was her craft, so to speak. 


Chapter End Notes:

I hope there is some desire for a story like this, I know there aren't many futanari-heavy stories on this site. I intend to write the last chapter of Jewlery Box before I dedicate myself to this story, so expect that. As always, thanks for reading and all comments are appreciated. 

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