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Story Notes:

For those who would like a visual aid, here is a reference for Ellie


And here's one for Minnie


The Minish


- June 9th 1867


    I write these words down on the spare pieces of paper that were supposed be used to document important observations during an expedition for my people. I’m not sure what purpose this will serve. Perhaps I hope, as strange as it may seem, that these pages will reach my family in the event that I meet my demise out here in these blasted woods. It may help to know what happened, rather than being left in the dark. Or maybe I just do it to keep my thoughts clear as the dread and fear of being lost threatens to consume me. Regardless…


    My name is Daniel, and I’m a Minish who shares a village in a large clearing in the forest. I am what some may call a scout, in that I scout out surrounding areas for resources; food, water, perhaps even more Minishes. The other day, a team of scouts and I went out to perform another expedition. We were exhausting the once plentiful berries and nuts that had existed in our clearing (the situation not helped by thieving birds and squirrels, the monsters) and we needed to venture off to find more. Everything was going fine until a rather unexpected storm blew in. The air had been damp that morning, but none of us had thought it would amount to the hellish downpour that occurred. Powerful jets of water, which would seem like simple streams to a larger creature, washed my comrades and I in several directions. It is only by the grace of the Gods that I managed to catch hold of a rather large leaf and pull myself to safety. I am sad to say I do not know what become of my companions; Maryl, Samuel, George, and Paul. I have searched for them during my long isolation following the storm, and have come up with nothing.


    As I try to find my way back, the forest never ceases to amaze me with its sheer width. I travel day in and day out, but never I seem close to its end. And never, also, do I ever seem to come across a patch that I had traveled in previous journeys. Unfamiliar trees and paths are all that grace me, and the worry that I’ll travel too far into uncharted territory to ever hope of returning to my village is almost too great. I have managed to scrounge meager means of sustenance, but my competitors are larger than me, and beastly in nature. I have no means of driving them off alone, so I am forced to flee from them like a coward in the night. Such a shameful and pitiful exercise...but it keeps me from being eaten, I suppose. I can’t sleep at night. I hear the monsters crawling in the darkness, searching for prey. I keep the fire low as to not attract attention. I have to keep watch for them. I must remain vigilant and be ready for anyth…




    He stopped writing when he felt the quake. So wrapped up in his testimony, he didn’t realize that something was approaching the smoldering remains of his little campfire, the dying smoke drifting up through the morning light. Shooting a look over his shoulder, he caught the glimpse of the sole of a great boot descending right on top of him.


    “What!?” He shouted without thought. “NO! NO! I WASN’T READY!!”


    With the pages clutched in a fist, he hurled himself as far as he could in a clumsy dive off to the right. The great sole pounded the ground, the twig he had been sitting on snapping with a report mightier than canon fire, missing Daniel by almost nothing. A gust of wind blew over him as the other boot swung over his head in a giant step. Covering his eyes, expecting death to drag him into to darkness, Daniel laid on the ground whimpering. If left alone, he might have remained there for some time before finally realizing that death’s fingertips had only brushed him. However, a voice called to him as the receding footsteps of the giant faded off into the distance.


“Oh! What’s this?” The excited voice of a young woman. Daniel glanced up from his hands and froze as he beheld the tallest woman he had ever encountered. He realized, before he even saw the great span of wings protruding from her back, that this was girl was no Minish. He wasn’t sure if the crown of his head would reach her knees.


The immense woman favored him with eyes that almost literally glowed with curiosity. When she took a step towards him, he realized that she was wearing absolutely under the single light, white tunic she was as nude as the day she was born, with no one stitch of undergarments to cover her womanhood as she stood over him. Daniel simply knew to try to not stare, fearing a primal reaction from this giant savage.


“Hey!” She exclaimed, smiling widely. “Yer a Minish, aren’t ya? One of those little people? I’ve never seen your type before!” Dropping down to her knees, the woman brought her huge face down to Daniel. “What’s a little guy like you doing out here all by yourself?”


“Trying to cope with the fact that I just cheated death!” Daniel gasped, panting. That was partially true, but the fact that this beast of a woman was before him wasn’t making things any easier.


“Death, huh?” The woman asked, a puzzled look on her face. It was there for only a moment before her eyes lit up again. “Oooh...did that big dope almost step on you? Sorry about that! I guess she just didn’t see ya. Not that I blame her…” She stood up and gazed down at Daniel with the look a mother might give a charming infant. “You’re just so tiny! You’re even smaller than me! I didn’t know the Minish were so little! How adorable!”


Daniel, more than anything, disliked his diminutive nature being dreaded on for so long. His fear was quickly being replaced with outrage, and he wished the giant lady gone.


“Regardless!” He barked, waving his hand as he got up. “Tell your friend to be more careful! I may not be so lucky next time!”


Despite the rage he had felt saying this, it was gone in an instant when the woman frowned. The knowledge that she was quite larger than him returned and he wished he had remained more friendly. He opened his mouth to apologize when she spoke first.


“You’re right!” She said, still frowning. She cast a glance forward towards where the behemoth had gone. There was a twist in the path and the mammoth creature was gone. Such terrible speed for a big thing. “She should be more careful. In fact…” She reached forward and seized Daniel in her big hands before he even could form a thought. The soft feminine hands didn’t seem to mix with the brute strength with which she easily hoisted him up to her ample chest with and Daniel shuddered. “I’m gonna make her apologize personally! Hold on, little guy!” She hugged him against her tightly and then took flight, soaring from the ground with terrifying speed. Daniel was so terrified that he couldn’t find the breath to scream.


The fairy swished, dove, and soared through the trees and bushes of the forest, crying out “ELLIE!” at the top of her lungs. After only a moment, the immense figure of a human woman came into being. His eyes were drawn by a long wall of fiery red hair that blazed in the bright as lust in the sun’s light. He happened to glimpse the knee high boots the woman was wearing and knew that this indeed was the one who had snuffed out his life a mere moment ago.


“ELLIIEEEEEEEE!” The fairy cried out.


Finally, the human turned, brushing locks of her red hair back. In beautiful contrast her red hair, her eyes were a bright, cool blue. The fairy flew up to these enormous eyes, which were like boulders to poor Daniel who froze before them.


“Hmm? What?” She asked. Her voice had the quality of a goddess: booming and clear, but soft and pleasant as well.


The fairy held Daniel out towards the eyes like an offering. “Hey! Ellie! Look what you almost stepped on, ya big dope!”


The giant known as “Ellie” leaned forward a little and examined Daniel, who had, just moments ago, marveled at the size of the fairy. Now he was faced with this monstrosity. This human was much, much bigger than the fairy, who would only come, barely, up to her shin. Poor Daniel was no bigger than the human’s thumb.


“What is it?” Ellie the giant asked.


“It’s a Minish!” The fairy exclaimed brightly. She held the small Daniel out further. “See?”


Ellie’s eyes light up and Daniel saw the smile on her lips shrine through her pupils.


“Hey, you’re right! I see him now!” She said, delighted. “Let me hold him!”


Daniel immediately wanted to protest, but before the opportunity could even be taken, the fairy dropped him into the human’s massive hand. Ellie’s bright eyes practically burned through him as they stared relentlessly.


“Awww, he’s SO adorable!” The giant ginger squealed adoringly. “Look! I can hold him in the palm of my hand!”


“He’s even littlier than me!” The fairy concurred, taking a seat upon the human’s shoulder.


“Did I almost step on you, wittle guy?” Ellie cooed, one of her great fingers stroking the top of the Minish’s head. “I’m sowwy.”


“You DID!” The fairy huffed, teasingly. “I saw it! And I told him that I was gonna make you apologize!”


Not appreciated being fawned over like this, Daniel struck out at the finger with all the strength that he could muster. As far as he could tell, it made no difference. It only made him angrier at his inferiority.


“Stop that!” He shouted, furious. “I’m not a child! I’m almost certainly older than BOTH of you!”


“Oh, now you made him mad!” The fairy said disapprovingly. “You’re horrible, Ellie!”


“Okay, okay,” Ellie said, ignoring her fairy comrade. She smiled at the Minish. “We got off on the wrong foot. Let’s just start over and take it from the top. Hi! I’m Ellie! And she’s Minnie!” She motioned her eyes towards the fairy. “What’s your name?”


Daniel was in no mood. “On the wrong foot? I almost ended up under YOUR foot! You completely destroyed my camp! All of my…” He suddenly realized that in all of the madness he had left his knapsack at the camp. His clothes, his tools, and what maps he had of charted territory (if he ever got back to those). “Quickly! My camp! I need to get my things before they get lost!”


“Oh...sure!” Ellie said, eagerly. “Uh, where were you located?”


“Over here!” Minnie the fairy exclaimed, flying off the human’s shoulder. “This way, Ellie!”


The fairy guided them back to the camp. Or what was left of it. The fire was smooshed and the knapsack was nowhere to be seen. Where the camp had been was now marked by the grooves of Ellie’s boots.


“My god…” Daniel moaned as he was lowered to the ground. “There’s nothing left!”


“Nice going, Ellie...” Minnie said.


“Hey! It was an accident! It could have happened to anyone!” Ellie protested.


“My knapsack!” Daniel cried, casting his eyes in every direction. “Where is my knapsack!”


“Your what?” The fairy asked.


“My bag!” Daniel shouted. “It has all of my map, my tools, my clothes! Everything! Without it, all I have are these worthless scraps of paper!” He brandished the pages he clutched. They were now wrinkled severely in his hand.


“I don’t see anything…” Minnie said, bent down examining the ground, holding back her long brown hair. “Do you, Ellie?”


“Uh, somehow I don’t think I’m gonna find it,” Ellie replied. She paused. “Unless…”


She raised one of her boots and examined the sole. Almost immediately a sheepish look came onto her face, as she lowered a hand and began to scrap something off of her shoe. In a few moments, the tattered remains of the bag and its contents drifted to the forest floor before Daniel, who stood frozen watching the confetti that had been his possessions. They had been essential to his survival and some of the items had been cherished belongings. But to Ellie, they were virtually invisible, much like the specks of dirt on the ground.


Minnie fluttered over to Daniel, looking at the remains. “Aw geez…”


“I can’t tell…” Ellie said, nervously. “Did anything make it?” She sounded hopeful.


“Nope,” The fairy replied. “You shredded everything pretty good, Ellie, ya big klutz!”


The red head squatted down, her face bearing an embarrassed and regretful grimace. “I’m so, so, SO sorry, Daniel! It was a complete accident! I mean...you’re just so hard to see being so little and all…”


“You’re always stepping on things,” Minnie spoke up. “You’re either crushing them with your big clomping feet, or sittin on ‘em with big bubble butt or…”


“Shut up, Minnie.” Ellie grumbled at her.


    “Well, it’s true!” The fairy snapped.


    “Only because you leave things all over!” The ginger shot back. “We’ve talked about this before, if you leave something lying around where it’s not supposed to be, it’s not my fault if I step on it or sit on it!”


    “Well, maybe if ya looked before ya sat yer big butt down once in awhile…”


    “Enough!” Daniel shouted, kicking at the remains of his knapsack. “You both have been equally unhelpful! How about that!? Now, unless either of you want to ruin any more of my things, I’m going to ask that you two leave so that I can go back to looking for my home in peace!!”


    “I’m sorry!” Ellie tried again. “Really, I….wait, what? You’re looking for your home?”


    “That’s none of your concern,” Daniel waved his hand, turning away to go back to the remains of his camp. “Good day, Ms. Ellie and Ms. Minnie.”


“W-wait!” Ellie cried. She dropped down on her stomach and brought her face right down beside the Minish. The sudden movement caused Daniel to lose his balance and he fell onto his rear. “Are you lost? Is that why you’re out here all alone?”


“If you really MUST know, yes.” Daniel replied, dusting himself off. “But that’s a concern of mine, and not yours. So, good day, ma’am…”


“Well...maybe we can help!” Ellie offered eagerly.


“I think you’ve done enough for today,” The Minish replied, walking along and not looking back at the giant face. “Thank you…”


Unfortunately, Ellie crawled after him. Her size made keeping up a breeze. “Come on!” She pleaded. “Let us help! Please!”


“Oh for…” Daniel moaned, finally turning around. “Fine. Do you know where my village is?”


Ellie paused, uncertain, unknowing. She turned towards the fairy.


“Don’t look at me,” Minnie proclaimed, shrugging. “I dunno!”


“Well...no…” The ginger admitted reluctantly.


“Then, you’re of no help.” Daniel replied. “Now...you may be off…”


“Well...uh...maybe…” Ellie struggled and fumbled. Then, her eyes light up as something crossed her mind. In her excitement, she slammed a hand down in front of Daniel, who cried out and again fell over. “Wait! What if you come home with us? The least I can do is give you a safe place to stay!”


Daniel froze in mid-step. The prospect of shelter was actually tempting. Life in the woods, especially as a Minish, was dangerous and frightening. A nice calm shelter against the elements with big strong walls to keep out the wildlife was very much tempting indeed. Ellie saw his pause and immediately pressed further.


“Some hot food, a warm bed…” She said slowly. “Not animals trying to call you lunch, some friendly company…”


“And wine!” Minnie cheered. “Lots and lots of wine!”


But, then again, the giant “dope” had almost stepped on him. Any carelessness on her part could be just as fatal as anything out here in the woods. And the fairy was loud and obnoxious. Pretty girls both of them, and their hearts may be in the right place, but he’d had his fill of both of them. He opened his mouth to decline…


...and then his stomach let out a monstrous growl. He had hardly eaten anything in the last few days. Most nights he had spent awake due to the fear of some massive beast devouring him. Was he honestly about to turn down safety, food, and sleep just because the two offering it were annoying? Honestly, what HAD he been thinking!? Had the giant redhead not almost crushed him, he would have immediately accepted without a trace of hesitation.


Daniel turned towards the immense eyes.


“Very well,” He sighed. “If you insist…”


“Alright!” Ellie cheered, relieved. She reached forward and plucked Daniel up in her thumb and forefinger and hopped to her feet. It took only a second, but by the time it was over, Daniel felt particularly ill.


“Can you give me some sort of warning before you do that!?” He cried.


“Ooooh...sorry,” The ginger replied, sheepishly. “I got a little carried away…”


“That you did!” Daniel snapped. “And don’t stuff me in a pocket and don’t carry me in your hand! I am not a doll, and I thus will ride on your shoulder, thank you!”


“Well, I don’t have any pockets,” Ellie said, beginning to obey his wishes. But then, her eyes lit up again and she smiled brightly. Instead of taking the Minish to her shoulder, she lowered him to the generous swell of her chest. “Wait! How about here? You’ll be much more comfortable here! Just hold on to this…” Her big fingers offered him the loops of a bow that tied under the collar of her shirt, which he could wrap himself securely in.


Minnie floated up and took a seat on Ellie’s other breast, smiling over at Daniel.


“Hold tight, Danny!” She said. “If you’re gonna ride Ellie’s boobs, you’re in for one bouncy ride!”


“Shut up, Minnie,” Ellie said, brushing the fairy off her chest. Daniel, wanting very much to protest, looked up and met the ginger’s glowing, adoring eyes. “Oooh, you’re soooo cute right there! Even one of my breasts is like a big cozy bed! You just curl up and go to sleep and we’ll be home in no time!”


“Come on, Ellie!” Minnie cried, excited. “Quit stalling and let’s get him home!”

The fairy took off, darting through the trees. Ellie laughed happily and went after her. Daniel did indeed hold tight for Minnie’s prediction of a very “bouncy” ride became unmistakably true...

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