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Author's Chapter Notes:

A plot afoot at Adder High! Will Dawn and Graham know in time? I came up with this sooner than I expected, the idea was just too good to keep inside for long. This story takes place a few months before the last chapter in Limbo in case you were wondering.

Which means it takes place in the new timeline created by the Dawn saga. 

It was a sunny day on Home but as summer made way for autumn, the mercury began to fall and this meant the weather was amiable for most of the students at Adder High School.


 George and Edmund sat on a bench under some shade, watching the rest of the students play. George was tall and lanky with a long oval face, thin straight mocha coloured hair that stopped at his forehead, wearing an emerald green jacket over a plain red shirt and slacks. Edmund was shorter and stockier than his friend, with curly black hair, a large nose and a weak chin, his choice of garb was a pair of black jeans, black jacket with metallic zips over a dark grey shirt. He had chosen to cover his chin with a goatee but no moustache as he hated having any hair on his upper lip.


 “ Oh George, how is it that she has a mother so loved by everyone while she stands out like a giant freak? Crushing the school fountain on her first day and sitting on the principal’s car have made her the laughing stock of the entire school. She’s even growing bigger, pretty soon her toe will tower us and then we’re done for.” Edmund complained as he pointed at Dawn.


  It wasn’t hard to spot Dawn, she towered over everyone even when sitting down, holding the record for being the only student with perfect attendance without having to ever step foot inside the building.


 George turned his bluish grey eyes on Dawn and Graham. It wasn’t fair, he thought to himself. Some people had all the luck.


 “ She deserves better than that fat pudgy blob,” he muttered to himself. Unfortunately for him, Edmund had heard him and this meant getting rebuked for it. Usually with a little smack to the head.


 “ You mean worse, George. Dawn Martel is a freak of nature, she deserves to be in a circus or some lab being dissected by scientists, not being here with us normal people.” Edmund clipped George on the ear with his hand for his stupidity.


 “ That’s quite harsh, no one says the same about Jessica and she’s been around for years.”

George rubbed his ear, it was starting to hurt less with each blow. Either Edmund was using less force with each hit or he was getting accustomed to the pain, both explanations suited George.


  “ That is because she has the biggest jugs in the galaxy. Her pageant pictures on Paradise nearly crashed the Web once they got uploaded. Not to mention she’s every boys pinup girl when they first go through puberty. Look at Dawn, no curves, no brains, nothing appealing. If she were normal sized she’d be lost in the crowds, nothing to make her stand out.”


Dawn giggled loudly, everyone in the school could hear her as she talked to Graham, often getting snippets of their conversations.


 George looked up at her face, framed by her locks of platinum white hair, he didn’t find her as ugly as Edmund said she was.


 “ Everyone’s beautiful in their own way, Dawn just has a different type of body which appeals to different people.”


 Edmund snorted hard, “ Pfftt!!! That’s just something ugly people say. Besides, she’s so full of herself, not wanting to hang out with us, not joining any clubs or anything.”


“ I heard she tried to join the cheerleading squad when she first came, she did try.”


 Edmund chuckled and stroked his goatee, “ Wasn’t that the one where she nearly crushed a girl while trying to do the splits? The poor girl needed counselling for that one, the sight of a giant crotch nearly turning her into jam.”


 “ Yeah, thats the...one.” George’s heart sank a little as he remembered that day. They couldn’t use the field for weeks after she had caused a huge depression in the ground. Tucker had come down too, Principal Baldrick was livid as he told off Tucker. George thought it was because he lacked the balls to tell it to Dawn so he had to channel his anger through Tucker.


 “ Whatever it is, she stuck her nose into business she should have stayed out of. Take Graham over there, he was supposed to do our homework but she plucked him away and made him do hers instead. I only just got everything up to a B average, five months it took!” He was furious with Dawn for disrupting a deal that had been in place for years.


“ What’s the point of having such a big brain if you don’t use it!” Edmund shouted at no one in particular. His heart began to beat fast as Dawn turned to face him, he had been louder than he expected. He held his breath as she stared at him before turning back, only then did he breathe out.


 “ That was close but I have a plan to get Dawn out of our hair for good. It’ll be simple, just using this,” He reached into his bag and pulled out a small clear bag, no bigger than his palm. What piqued George’s interest was the brown powder inside.

“ Is that some kind of drug?” George wondered if Edmund was going too far with his revenge plot.


Edmund shook his head, “ No. I’m not that fixated on getting back at her but this’ll do. It’s ground up peanuts. Dawn once mentioned she was allergic to them when she had one of her “private” talks with Graham. I’ll slip it in when she’s not looking and then we’ll watch as her face swells up like a balloon.”


 George eyed the brown powder, it was extremely fine and it looked like there was enough to sprinkle over her food.


 “ You usually tell me about your plans, why did you leave me out?” He asked, a little hurt about being left in the dark.


Edmund scowled at George, “ I have my own life you know, I don’t have to tell you everything but don’t worry, there’s a part in it for you.”


 “ What is it?” He asked with gusto.


 Edmund looked over at Dawn with a sly smile on his face, “ Go over there and get Dawn and her toy boy away from her lunch for a few minutes, I’ll put this inside.”


At least I get to talk to Dawn and she’ll talk to me, thought George. He should feel happy but this time not as much. He didn’t really like the idea of seeing Dawn’s face swell up, her pretty mug uglified by her allergies.


 Spotting the couple, he trudged over to them, hoping Dawn wouldn’t see through it.




 “ Oh come on Dawn, you know Sabretooth could beat Wolverine!” Graham sat down on Dawn’s knee while she held her sandwich in one hand, taking little bites out of it while taking care not to get anything on her white shirt denim jeans. Dawn rarely got cold, something she attributed to her size. So while everyone had to wear some sort of sweater to keep warm, Dawn could get away with a short sleeved shirt.


   Graham leaned against her stomach, using her body heat to keep him warm even though he was already wearing a navy blue sweater with black horizontal stripes.


 “ Nuh-uh! Wolverine could easily take him. He has adamantium claws while Sabretooth only has bone and we all know adamantium is the strongest substance in the world, it’ll cut through bone like its paper,” Dawn rebutted fiercely. She and Graham often had these arguments and while she often disagreed with him, she loved that he took an interest in the X-Men.


 No one else on Home knew about them; Dawn knew because Tucker had brought them over to Home on one of their annual trips to Earth. Usually it was to visit his parents who adored Dawn and Jessica despite their large size.


  When he could, Tucker would go out and get things like comics of his favourite superheroes, stuff you couldn’t get on Home and bring it back with home. Dawn had eventually picked one up one day and she couldn’t put it down, insisting they download every copy onto a device for her to read. When Graham found out about this, he jumped right in and the pair would talk about it when they weren’t doing homework or trying out Graham’s experiments.


 “ Take that away and he’s just an angry man with thin bony claws. They both fight using brute strength so the stronger one will win. Which means Sabretooth but not that Wolverine would ever make it easy. It’ll be close.” Graham liked to add the little concessions at the end; Dawn would never bully him into accepting her view, she was not that type of person but he realised it often made the losing party feel better.


“ You have a point,not that I’m saying you’re right.” She took another bite out of her sandwich but her bites slowed as she spotted George walking up to them. Graham had noticed, usually it meant he had to run but this time with Dawn around he had little to fear. Dawn had forced them to stay away but sometimes the pair would feel brave enough to try but she had always put them in their place.


   Dawn set her sandwich on a table where it then shrank to its normal size, she often grew her meals. It was easier for Tucker to make one regular meal, have Dawn enlarge it and then eat it where the contact with her stomach would keep her filled.


 “ Yes George?” she asked in a sweet voice, she kept one hand close to Graham in case she needed to cover him or pick him. It was a reflex action after several incidents.


 “ D-Dawn, Mrs. Meeks wants to see you and Graham.” His legs were shaking but Dawn’s angelic features had a calming effect, what scared him was what she had done to them. He had deserved it, being the one to initiate all this but despite the teacher siding with him and Edmund Dawn could still instil fear in them with a single glare.


 “ Oh so you aren’t here to pick on poor Graham here, that’s nice of you,” Dawn was glad he wasn’t trying anything with her although she hated how always stared at her with she assumed was daggers in his eyes. She could never understand how he could hate her so much.


 “ Come on Graham, lets go see the teacher. George, don’t take my stuff okay? I’ll know its you if you did,” she tried to be as sweet as possible to people when they weren’t trying to hurt her or her friends.


She placed her books on the ground and they too shrank down to their original dimensions and picked up Graham, carrying him off. George watched as walked off, her gentle steps hardly shaking the ground thanks to the soles of her shoes, lined with a special fabric that could absorb the force she exerted on the ground with every step.


 It didn’t take long for Edmund to run up to him and  he gave George a pat on the back.


 “ Well done. This’ll be easier than I thought. Won’t have to climb over a bed of vegetables to do it.”


 He grabbed the uneaten end of the sandwich and flipped over the bread. Edmund then opened the bag and poured the powder all over it.


 When that was done he put the bag in the pocket of his jacket and ran off, George following swiftly. Both hoped that Dawn wouldn’t notice but one of them also hoped that she wouldn’t be hurt too badly.




“ Must be a prank,” Graham mentioned to Dawn as they walked back after being told by Mrs. Meeks that she wasn’t looking for the pair.


 “ It’s not a very clever prank, sure I wasted a couple of minutes looking into windows but it wasn’t exactly a bad one,” Dawn replied as she found her items and thankfully, George hadn’t done anything to them. Picking up her sandwich, which she then promptly enlarged to a more suitable scale, she began to eat it, Graham leaning against the top of her jeans and the hem of her shirt.


“ Hmm…I never noticed this before, Dad must have added something new but it tastes great! I’ll need to ask him what he added.” Dawn commented in between bites.


 “ Not that your Dad doesn’t make great sandwiches but weren’t we debating about Wolverine and Sabretooth?” Graham grinned at her.


 “ Oh? I thought we settled it but if you want to go for round two, lets go then!” She loved this part of Graham, he refused to let it be, always challenging her, the only person in school who wasn’t afraid of her; and why would he be? She had never given him a reason to be afraid of her and would never ever do that to him.



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