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Story Notes:
At this time this story is discontinued and Giantess Planet has no plans to continue working on this story.





© Giantess Planet. 2004.  All Rights Reserved.


            Dave Andrews came home from work early that day. He had a bit of stubble on his chin from a couple days of not shaving. Dave ran his hands through his dark brown hair. It draped over his forehead only slightly as he walked up stairs. Dave pushed the door open and pulled off his shirt at the same time. Immediately walking over to his closet he searches through his shirts finally deciding on a dark navy blue polo shirt and Khaki pants, something a little more dressy but not obviously dressy. He squirted a little cologne on and ran out the door so he could make it to his fiancée house before she got off work.

            Dave parked his car a few houses down so that it wouldn’t be noticed. That is one of the benefits to owning a white 95 Chevrolet Corsica is that no one really pays any attention to it. As he got out of his car he smelled smoke from a fireplace. Dave took a deep breath and smiled as he thought about his old home.

            Dave grew up in the Midwest. A small town in North Dakota, his home hidden amongst the open rolling plains, the monotony of the endless farms, the infinite valleys, a place where you didn’t smell the smog of the big cities, you are never awoke in the middle of the night from a screeching horn or loud music. Dave would wake up early every morning and go out four wheeling in the old cow pastures jumping over the hills and doing wheelies.

            Knocked back into reality Dave shook his head as he stumbled over his own feet. He looked around realizing he had nearly passed his fiancées house. Quickly back tracking through the yard. Dave was about to grab his key when he heard a slight thump, thump, thump. He then twisted the handle and walked right in immediately darting his head left to right. He took off his jacket and shoes and crept up stairs. As he walked down the hall the floors creaked and moaned as the house settled.  The sound of water trickling through pipes continued as he walked down the length of the dark hallway.  As he reached the end the hallway it had already gotten hotter then it was just a few moments ago. The thumping was now louder then ever, putting his ear up to the door for only but a moment before he shoved the door open.


“Kelly, turn it down already”


            The head of a young blonde haired girl turns sharply as she faintly hears something over her music.  Her hair twirls and flies up into the air as her head turns, her steel grey eyes fix on Dave. A blue and white striped sweater that was a couple of sizes two small so that you could see her wrists and her pierced navel and also accentuates her smallish 34b breasts. As she stands up you can tell that she has on Capri pants, she stretches out and grabs a remote off of her dresser turning down her music.

“Hi Dave did you say something? What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to surprise your mom.”

“Oh, I see she works late tonight ya know.”

“Well then how about me and you getting a bite to eat?”

“As much as I would love to waste a Tuesday afternoon with you I have plans.”


“Oh come on, Look I know we don’t get along and it’s not like I am going anywhere. Couldn’t you at least try to like me?”

“I could but I really don’t feel like doing anything.”

“We could just hang here.”

“Hang? Since when do you talk like that? Sorry but you look to Brady”


“You know the Brady bunch.”

“Oh thanks”

“That wasn’t a, oh nevermind”

“So how about it?”

“Why don’t you just leave? I will tell mom you stopped by and.”

”Kelly, this is important to me. I want us to have a good relationship.”

“Well fine then, lets go down stairs and “talk” if it will make you happy”


            Kelly grabbed a bottle of lotion and followed Dave downstairs. As they entered the family room they sat on opposite ends of the sofa. Kelly then stretched her legs out so that Dave couldn’t get any closer to her. She curled one leg in and started rubbing the lotion into her feet. Dave’s eyes lowered to her feet but quickly averted his eyes straight ahead towards the turned off television. The chit chat went back and forth a little about nothing in particular until finally Kelly made a bold comment.

“So you like feet don’t ya.”

“No, no of course not, why would you say that?”

“Come on David, I know you do”

            Kelly then raised the left foot, the same foot she had been rubbing the lotion into for the past hour. She inched her foot towards Dave. Dave grabbed her ankle and shoved it away but Kelly wiggled her foot in front of Dave. She smiled innocently at him and lifted up his shirt with her foot.

“what are you doing? This isn’t proper I am 42 years old.”

“Sorry my feet are just cold”

“Your feet are always cold and you have never done this before, besides your slippers are below you.”

            Dave grabbed her foot but Kelly stuck her foot into his chest. Dave grabbed her foot as she forced all the air out of his lungs. He grimaced and grabbed her ankle but he found her foot attached to his chest. As he stood up and backed away he only pulled Kelly with him then his body jolted and shook like he was having a seizure. No longer able to control himself Dave drifted off into blackness.

            As Dave awoke he found something furry shoved into his face. The fur tickled his entire body and smelled of old sweat mixed in with new sweat, his entire body felt hot and he felt perspiration running out of himself.

“Hi mom, how was work?”

“Just great dear, any messages?”


“Okay, well I brought Mc Donald’s home.”

“Be right down”

            The voices were loud, painfully loud however the moment I heard Aprils voice it was like music though. I yelled back to her but I found my voice was weak. It was only but a whisper. My eyes began to focus on what was in front of me. It had a grungy look to it and I felt cold all over however everything around me was warm. For only but a moment I was lifted up and off of the ground before I was slammed back down into the depths of the fur. The process was repeated again and again until finally I felt nothing on me at all but motion sickness began to set in as it was like I was on an airplane going back and forth. The voice of both Kelly and April were both to much to handle and for the life of me I couldn’t figure out what was going on.

            As they ate I drifted off into a lull. There was not much else I could do. The smell stayed as strong as ever but I had almost forgotten the entire thing somehow until I felt tons upon tons of weight shifted onto me.

            It all stopped shortly there after and I heard the same music that I heard at the start of the day here. My entire body then slid across the fur. It was like I was getting rug burn as I sped across the fur and then the light painfully hit my eyes. A few moments later I saw an endless plain of pink extending away from me until a wooden wall rose up where the pink plain stopped.

“Hey Dave, how’s the weather down there?”

            Kelly then moved me to the front of her full length mirror. I screamed as I saw my face spread across the bottom of her foot. I was the sole of her foot. I could see my face wrinkle and tender in some parts with the ball and heel area of my face more firm and rough. I tried to move, I wanted to run screaming out of this house never even returning but I just stayed right where I was.

“I hope you enjoyed the last time I will ever acknowledge your existence as anything more then just the bottom of my foot.”

            She then slammed me onto her floor. A jolt of pain passed through me.  It was short lived as I was lifted up off the ground. The floor looked so far way however it all too quickly was shoved back into my face. This happened over and over again.


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