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Something short I whipped up not that long ago

Lillian walked down the length of lush, Emerald carpet that stretched the length of her temple's exquisite worship and offering room. The feel of the thick, warm material beneath her soles offered a pleasing sensation on this chilly spring morning.

At her feet, worshippers prostrated themselves on either side of the carpet, and before her small women tossed lotus petals at her rapidly approaching feet, the goddess seemed to not care as she sped her pace up and trod upon a few unlucky souls, a slight smirk etched on her face as she felt bones break and screams.

As she settled onto the massive pile of cushions and made herself comfortable, she looked to the offerings the people of the realm had given as sacrifice and sighed, her mood soured and the playful smirk now becoming a sneer.

"Tribute, you call this," she waved her hand at the pitiful pile of fruits, vegetables, jewelry and sculptures and a purple arc of light flashed forth and incinerated the items before her, as well as the mortals standing guard over it.
She ignored their screams even as they tried to crawl away as their flesh charred and continued.

"You truly expect me to find sustenance off such a pitiful, lackluster offering," she questioned in an eerily calm voice as she looked to three figures in the fine robes of priests and priestesses.

Before the first of the clergy, a toned, almost Amazonian sized woman could explain, she was roughly grabbed and brought before the scowling face of her goddess.

Lillian regarded her as if the woman were the most insignificant of bugs, her pink tongue then ran across her massive lips before she brought her to her quickly opening mouth.

The priestess heard the dark goddess's voice in her mind, "I do not tolerate such a lack in devotion and such a lack of attention to duty"

She didn't even have time to scream as her upper body vanished past the dark goddess's gums and ivory white teeth, then her body spasmed as Lillian bit down, not enough to sever her body in two, but enough that bone crunched and pain was felt.

Lillian leaned her head back, ignoring the woman's cries of pain and swallowed, her deific senses allowing her to feel every sob and struggle as the critically injured woman was slowly devoured by her stomach acids and allowed to drown in the flesh melting liquid.

She looked to the two remaining heads of the temple, one having stepped back and was now bowing and pleading, and another who could only stare in shock as he spouted and cried about the woman so recently devoured being his wife.

"Never let it be said that your goddess was one to separate lovers," Lillian gave a bored shrug as she placed a hand on her belly as the vocal priest was lifted to scant centimeters from her mouth.

The poor soul could only look on helplessly as he flailed and fought against the invisible force that levitated him, Lillian's ruby red tongue ran across her teeth and wiped away the few scant smears of crimson that stained them and left them shimmering with her saliva.

The priest heard more than felt the clack of Lillian's teeth as they suddenly sheared his arm free, the goddess's power keeping the mortal's lifeblood within his body as she swallowed the severed limb. Then with the barest of looks at him, the pain came, a howling, sanity ripping pain that coursed through his body.

Another bite, this time a leg, which she just let fall to her bare, shapely feet before she casually ground it to a smear beneath her big toe.

"Let this be a lesson to you, my new head priest," she said quietly to the remaining priest who still groveled at her feet, even as she destroyed his compatriots.

"Failure of my clergy in finding a proper offering shall not be tolerated," that same unseen force lifted the cowering clergyman and brought him within a few meters of his mortally wounded companion.

The look of pain and horror was something he'd never forget as the mutilated being was pushed into Lillian's mouth, the last sign that he even existed in this world was the audible swallow of his goddess.

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