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Author's Chapter Notes:

This chapter basically sets up the conflict for the entire story. Just so you guys know. Enjoy!

"So, what is it?" Anna asked as she, her sister Queen Elsa, and Kristoff looked over the newly acquired painting on the wall, a gift of friendship from Arendelle's latest merchant visitor.

 "Well," Elsa said slowly as she tilted her head to try and understand what the red, blue, and green splashes were suppose to form. "I think it's a...swan?"

 "Are we sure he didn't just accidently drop paint all over it?" Kristoff asked scratching his chin.

 "Be nice!" Anna slapped his shoulder. "He said it was a rare piece from his homeland. He gave it to us as a sigh of friendship."

 Kristoff just shrugged. "Still looks weird."

Elsa giggled softly behind her hand as the two started bickering. It had been almost a year since the events of her rather disastrous coronation into Queen hood and things had mostly gone back to normal. The most notable changes came from her renewed relationship with Anna and Kristoff's move into the castle. Both had brought Elsa some much needed happiness that she'd not had in many years. And of course there was the other little friend they'd made.

 "Your majesties?" A female servant bowed to the princess and queen respectfully. "Dinner is ready. Should I have the table set?"

 "Yes please." Elsa smiled softly. "We'll be there shortly. Thank you."

  Elsa waited a few more minutes to allow the love birds to quarrel before pulling both to the dining room.



 The dinner was no less enjoyable that night than any other. The food was as good as always, the talks with Anna, Kristoff and herself as pleasant as ever, and Olaf's usual antics kept everyone entertained through the meal. Everything was as it should have been. Until...

 Elsa suddenly started coughing, as if she was chocking on something. Anna rushed over to her to anyway she could. But Elsa held up her hand as the fit quickly subsided.

 "I-I'm ok. Just some soup went down the wrong tube." Elsa assured them.

 And so, they returned to their meal. However, all was not well...





 He smiled happily to himself. He always enjoyed this part, the sounds of his victims' heart beats around him, so calm and relaxed before he attacked. It was so sweet.

 Opening his eyes revealed two blood red pupils that glowed slightly but shown like candles in the dark gloom. He was not able to actually see but his power of the mind allowed him to scan the area. He 'saw' the organic fleshy walls around him, turning and shifting as they did their jobs. The sour smell of the juices below him permeated the stale air as they dissolved the freshly eaten food of his current host. The only strange thing was the temperature. Most bodies he'd been in usually were warm and humid but this place was cooler, almost breezy.

 His smile widened. He could feel it. All around him was the presence of immense power. The very power he had always searched for was finally in his reach. He just had to take it. Still floating in the air above the pool of stomach acid, Micro Jack turned slowly to begin his quest inside the young Queen's body. Even as he did, his mind traveled ahead of him, reaching far into Elsa's own mind. There he searched through many memories until, at last, he found one he could use, a memory of two little girls and miss fired icicle...



 An hour after the dinner, Elsa sat brushing her hair as she readied for bed. It had been a long day, several diplomats had visited, a new trade route had been formed and she had worked out a new tax system to reduce strain on the villagers. None had been very easy and Elsa felt a headache coming on just from thinking about it all. And not just that, she also felt rather unwell in the stomach. This night's soup seemed to be disagreeing with her slightly.

 Putting it out of her mind to prepare for sleep, Elsa walked over to her window. The young queen's room had a wonderful view of the castle courtyard and a good view of the town just outside. Since the events of the previous year, Elsa had come to enjoy watching the town below. Just seeing her subjects going about their lives gave Elsa a great sense of peace. A peace she was more than willing to keep that peace.

 Elsa noticed 2 little girls walking down the street on their way home. She'd seen those two many time before, it was an older girl leading a younger one by the hand. Elsa suspected them to be sister, their bond reminded her so much of the one she once shared with Anna.

 As the 2 girls passed out of sight around a corner, Elsa moved into her bed and blew out the candles. Tomorrow would hold more queenly duties for her to tackle, and thus she needed to sleep off the strange case of illness before then.

 However, as she passed into sleep, Elsa began to have strange dreams. Memoires of pain and fear played out in her mind and her body shifted uncomfortable under the covers in her fitful sleep...



 Anna and Kristoff walked hand in hand through the castle gardens. It was a pleasantly warm and peaceful summer night, and the stars and moon shone brightly over head. It was just too nice to pass up a romantic walk. In the last month or 2 Anna's duties as a Princess and Kristoff's  job as an iceman had kept them apart a lot longer than either would have liked. This was finally their time at last.

 "It's so good to see you again." Anna hugged close to Kristoff's arm as they sat down on a nearby bench. "I missed you."

 "Me too," Kristoff smiled brightly and planted a tender kiss on the red haired girl's forehead. She blushed and returned his smile.

 They sat quietly for a time just enjoying each other's company. Anna rested her head on Kristoff's shoulder and he in turn rested his head on hers. With all the craziness of the last year, it was nice to just relax with a loved one.

 "So," Anna said after a while, "how's your family doing?"

 "They're alright. "Kristoff said. "As crazy as always I guess. I'm thinking of going out to see them on my next day off. Want to come along?"

 "Sure. Wait." Anna sat up and looked Kristoff in the eyes. "Do they still think we're getting married?"

 "Well..." Kristoff looked off nervously. He had actually forgotten that the last time he saw his adopted troll family they had in fact been questioning him heavily on the date of a future wedding. He had sadly also forgotten to inform them that no such plans would be made for some time to come.

 "Sigh." Anna sighed in annoyance and got up from the bench. "Well, now I will have to come with you. They need to know that they can't just force us to get married just like that. Next day off we're going. Got it?"

 "Yes." Kristoff said quickly. He didn't like making Anna made, she would usually get back at him in some crazy way he had no hope of ever seeing coming. It was best to just agree with her to lessen the backlash.

 In truth, Anna wasn't mad at all. She just liked teasing her boyfriend like this from time to time. It was fun. In fact she really did want to marry him, as soon as possible. But the events with Prince Hans betrayal had left her wiser and more cautious. She had no doubt that Kristoff was nothing like that evil man but she wanted to be more careful and not dive head first into anything again.

 "Well, I going to bed for the night." Anna walked away from Kristoff still playing angry.

 Kristoff waved to Anna as she walked off and dropped his head in shame. "Way to go there, Kristoff." He said a loud. "Keep this up and she'll definitely break up with you. I'm really mad at this."

 Kristoff was surprised by a sudden kiss on the cheek and turned to see Anna leaning over the back of the bench smiling like a fox. "Yes you are quite bad at it." She giggled and wrapped her arms around his neck. "Lucky for you then, I find you so cute."

 They both laughed and hugged leading into another kiss. They then walked back into the castle and moved off to bed. Both Anna and Kristoff thought of the troll family out in the forest and wondered what they were up to...



 The king watched the distance with worry. He was old, even by troll standards, had served for many years as his people's king and as a magical sage. He had seen many things, many magics both good and evil, seen many threats, some he'd even faced himself. But for all his knowledge and experience he was worried. Something was wrong this night. The air felt wrong and the night around him seemed darker.

 It was unlike anything he'd felt before. A feeling of dread so complete and terrible it could only be magic in nature. No human force could make this disturbance and no force of the natural world could give off such...evil. Nature, in its self, was neither kind or cruel, it just was. And this feeling held nothing but evil intent. Something bad was coming, that much the troll king knew.

 He moved to a certain cave, one that housed the Troll's greatest treasures. In here were magical items of great power. He knew they would be needed real soon...



 Anna had enjoyed a peaceful night of pleasant dreams and easy rest. Though it was rare that she should have anything else. The sudden shaking by a small snow man was not at all common. The young princess opened her eyes quickly to find Olaf, said living snowman, shaking her shoulders franticly and wearing the most alarming look of terror Anna had ever seen. And with the ever smiling and cheerful little snow man, that alone was frightening.

 "Olaf!" Anna cried. "What's wrong?"

 "I don't know." Olaf said in a panic. "I woke up this morning and thought I'd go say hi to Elsa and give her a hug, since it's been almost 12 hours between the last one and she was feeling sick when she went to bed and I thought hugs make everything better and I wanted to help her out, and so I went to give the hug and-"

 "Olaf!" Anna interrupted not wanting to get in a long talk with the snowman if something was wrong with Elsa. "Just tell me, what happened to Elsa."

 Olaf looked back at the door nervously. "I don't know. I walked into her room and...well...I don't know. Just come on."

 Olaf ran out of the room, Anna hot on his heels. Since Olaf's creation during the Frozen Summer, as it had come to be called, Anna had never once seen Olaf shown anything but optimism. His panic and terror over whatever he'd found in Elsa's room fueled her own fear. Elsa needed her, that alone pushed Anna to action.

 Anna burst through the door to Elsa's room and immediately knew something was wrong. The room was freezing cold, Anna could actually see her breath. The large window across the room was frozen over and indeed most of the furniture was also frozen. Anna was then drawn to the bed.

 There was Elsa. She still wore her nightgown and appeared to still be asleep...If asleep was the right word. Elsa writhed in the bed. Her face was contorting with pain and fear, eyes shut tight, sweat drenching her face. She gasped, grunted, and mumbled in her fitful rest. As Anna got closer her was able to hear her sister's terrified whispers.

 "No, no. Please stop. I didn't mean it, please. It was an accident. I didn't want to hurt anyone. Please, forgive me. Please. Please! PLEASE! NO!"

 The whispering stopped as Elsa arched her back and opened her mouth wide. A horrible scream of both terror and torment escaped her lips as her blue eyes opened. Anna, ignoring the cold and any thoughts of fear, rushed to her sister and hugged her close. The scream slowly turned to sobbing as Elsa returned to the waking world. She realized Anna was with her and grabbed her sister in a deep hug and continued crying into Anna's shoulder.

 "It's ok." Anna said softly as she ran a hand over her Elsa's head. "Let it out. I'm here for you. You don't have to face it alone anymore. I'm here."

 Elsa knew Anna was talking about her deeply rooted fear of her own powers and she was extremely thankful Anna at that moment. She's had nightmares about that before. The night Anna almost died, the day she really did die, and all the pain she'd caused with her powers. But those dreams had stopped after she'd learned to better control and accept the power.

 This time was different. Her dream was of the town turning one her. They'd had enough of the evil she'd put on them. They blamed her for the death of 2 girls who froze to death. The very same girls she had watched the night before. Elsa had tried to tell them that she'd hadn't and that her powers were finally under control, but they pointed out that she had killed her sister Anna with those powers. To prove it, the towns people pulled out a ice statue of Anna...The ice statue was Anna. Elsa was burned at the stake for her crimes and she screamed for forgiveness as she burned. All the while a man in a black cloak watched with a wicked grin and red eyes.

 "I'm sorry, Anna." Elsa cried suddenly. She looked up and locked eyes with her younger sister."I'm so, so, sorry. I never meant to hurt you. I never wanted to leave you behind all those years. I just wanted to keep you safe. I'd almost killed you once, I couldn't let it happen again. I just couldn't."

 Anna just smiled and wiped away Elsa's tears. "I've never once blame you. Not once. Sure I was upset that you shut me out, but I understand now. You were so alone all that time with nothing but fear and I was only concerned with myself.

 "But no more." Anna let a determined smile spread over her face as she looked into Elsa's. "I'm here for you, as long as you need me. Always."

 Anna's smile and her confidence gave Elsa strength. She returned the smile and hugged Anna close again. "Thank you. You're better than I deserve."

 The two enjoyed the embrace for a few seconds before Elsa looked at the mirror. She'd wanted to see just how bad her nightmare would ware in her face that day. What she found prove almost as terrifying as her dream.

 Anna's reflection was there, mirroring her movements as it should. But, it wasn't holding a blonde haired blue eyes woman in a night dress. Instead, it was holding a man in a black cloak with red eyes. He looked right at Elsa through the mirror and smiled that same evil grin.

 She heard a voice in her head. "Isn't that sweat? Two sisters in a loving hug meant to heal and comfort. Too bad it's no use."

 Before Elsa could react the mirror image's eyes suddenly burst forth a blinding red light. Elsa tried to shield herself but fell into darkness.


 "Elsa? Elsa!" Anna cried with horror.

 Elsa had suddenly fainted and now lay motionless on the bed. Anna was unsure of what to do now and was beginning to panic. She looked over at Olaf who just shrugged, clearly as unsure as Anna.

 Just as Anna was considering getting help, Elsa stirred. She sat up holding her head and grunting a little with strain. Anna threw her arms around her ailing sister.

 "Elsa," Anna cried, "Are you alright?"

 "Yes," Elsa answered slowly as she opened her eyes. "Just a little light headed is all. Nothing to worry about." She flashed a reassuring smile at Anna.

 Anna was far from reassured. Something was wrong. Elsa's smile didn't reach her eyes. They looked cold and calculating, the eyes of a hunter waiting to strike. She'd never seen eyes like that from Elsa.

 Elsa stood up and moved to the closet. "I'm sorry for scaring you like that Anna. I'm fine now, so don't worry about me. In fact," Elsa turned back to Anna suddenly after picking out a nice blue dress, "I want you to go out for awhile. Why don't you take Kristoff out to see that family of his? You haven't seen them in about a year right?"

 "But, Elsa. I just said I'd stay with you. Now you want to send me off somewhere outside the castle?" Anna stood up and glared at Elsa.

 "No," Anna said sternly. "You are not pushing me out again. Something is very wrong Elsa, let me help."

 "I don't need any help, little sister." Elsa spoke softly and continued to smile at Anna. It unnerved Anna greatly.

 "Yes, you do." Anna spoke with a serious tone that took away Elsa's smile. "I am not leaving until you talk to me. This is not just your problem, when I died for you it became my problem too. Now, let me help you."

 It was fast, almost too fast for Anna to see. Elsa looked angrily  at Anna and flexed her hands. A burst of icy air shot from her fingers at the floor freezing it instantly. Anna had seen Elsa fire ice at her before but never with such clear malice. But what truly shocked her was her sister's eyes. Elsa had beautiful blue eyes ever since birth, but for that split second of anger, her eyes had shown blood red. Anna backed away with alarm.

 "Who are you?" the princess whispered.

 "Oh dear." Elsa's reply was off-handed and calm, like she'd just let slip some meaningless secret. "It seemed I don't yet have full control. I'll need to work on that."

 Anna grit her teeth. "You are not Elsa. Who are you?!"

 Elsa smiled again, wickedly this time, and bowed in a mocking gesture. When she stood again, her eyes had changed back to blood red, a sure sign that she was now under the other beings full control. It answered through her using Elsa's voice, which unnerved Anna greatly.

 "I am know as Micro Jack, my dear princess."

 "Whatever you've done to my sister," Anna grabbed a candle stick from the nightstand, "let her go right now or I'll-"

 "You'll do what?" Jack crossed Elsa's arms and spoke with mild curiosity. "Attack me? that won't do much good. Elsa may not be in control but this is still her body. Any harm you direct at me will only harm Elsa."

 Anna froze in place. He was right. Although she hated to admit it, right now Anna knew nothing of what was happening to Elsa or how to help her. She placed the candle stick back on the table and engaged Jack in conversion again, both to by time while she figured out what to do and to learn more about this monster that had taken her sister.

 "Fine then. So, what have you done to Elsa?" It left a bad taste in her mouth to talk with such a...thing as Jack.

 "She's safe." A smug smile was placed back on Elsa's barrowed face. "I have no intent to harm her. Her body and magic will be most useful to me."


 "Why not?" The response was so matter of fact it threw Anna off for a second. "Elsa is one of the most powerful magic users alive today. Her power over ice and snow is almost god-like.

 Jack tapped Elsa's head with her finger. "In here, I've seen all of Elsa's memories. She froze summer into the worst blizzard anyone had ever seen, just by tapping on a lake. She built a giant castle of ice, again just by tapping her foot. And she is even able to make snowmen come to life. LIFE! Who wouldn't want that kind of power?"

 The smile Jack shot Anna at that point was full of ambition, power hunger, and greed. The last time she'd seen a look like that, she was laying on a couch watching helplessly as Hans walked out promising to kill Elsa to take their kingdom.

 "I will stop you. You have to know that." Anna stood talk and looked right into Jack's gaze. She was still the princess of Arendelle and she would find a way to stop this threat...Or so she thought.

 "Oh I know." Elsa walked slowly up to Anna. "I have no doubt that you will search until the end of time for a way to save your sister, to stop me. I have all of her memories after all. And I want to see just how far you can go. In fact-"

 Elsa stopped right in front of Anna and Jack had her place a hand under Anna's chin. "I'll give you a chance, Anna. You can leave here, safe and sound, and search for a way to stop me. I've even given you a clue, just remember what I've said here today. So, go and begin our little game. Start with Krsitoff's family of Trolls and work your way out. And of course, the game will have rules.

 "First, you cannot confront Elsa, you have to find me. Second, You cannot tell anyone inside the castle or town about me. Third, when you come back to stop me I should not see you coming. Sound good?"

 Anna continued to stare defiantly at the monster behind her sister's eyes. "And what happens if I break any of these rules? Will you kill me?"

 The smile that formed on Elsa's lips put Anna's hair on end, and the answer was much worse. "Of course, but not as soon as you'd think. Right now, Elsa is unconscious, trapped inside her own body with no idea what is going on outside. But I can make her aware. I can give her just enough freedom to see and feel everything that happens outside her body. If you break my rules in any way, I will do that to Elsa, and she will watch as I kill every person in the castle and town with her powers. She will watch as her body ends the life of everyone she was meant to project as Queen."

 Anna could not stop the horror that had come over her from these words. She knew he meant every word he spoke and what he said next truly terrified her. "After all that, when not a single villager is left alive, I will kill you. I will make Elsa watch as her body freezes you into an ice statue and then smashes you to tiny pieces with no hope of ever being thawed and I will listen with joy as she screams in agony from the nightmare she can never escape. Does that answer your questions, princess?"

 Anna was in shock. That entire scenario was Elsa's worst nightmare, to lose control and hurt everyone with her powers. If that ever happen, if Elsa was ever forced to do such a thing, Anna had no doubt it would break her beyond any hope of repair. And she also knew that Jack would do it, his expression through Elsa's face left no room for doubt.

 The young princess sank to her knees as the full force of the situation hit her. She barely registered when Elsa moved away from her, towards the blue dress on her bed. Anna barely noticed when Olaf, who'd been too scared to move till now, walked up and put a hand now her knee for comfort. Several minutes later, Elsa stood in front of her again, picked Anna up off the floor and smiled at her. The smiled did nothing to clam her.

 "I'll give you 2 hours to get everything you need. Tell Kristoff he's going with you and why, but don't tell anyone else. Or you know what will happen."

 Anna made no sound or any sign of understanding. She didn't even look Elsa in the eye. Shaking and on the verge of tears, she slowly moved out of the room and headed for her own room, with Olaf at her side holding her shaking hand.



 Two hours later, Elsa stood before the window in her room and watched as Anna and Kristoff left on a wagon for their journey. She smiled as Kristoff took a quick look up at her window and glared at her. But, it was not Elsa in control. Deep inside Elsa's head, with his hand resting on the grey matter of Elsa's brain stood a tiny man. Micro Jack watched the whole thing through Elsa's eyes, his only view to the outside world.

 It had worked out so easily, too easily for Jack's taste. His infiltration of Elsa's body and his slow but steady climb into her brain had provided no challenge and his takeover of her mind was even easier. She'd put up no resistance and had no idea how to stop him in the first place. It bored him greatly.

 So, when Anna showed up, it brought a rush to Jack. Even as he controlled Elsa as a puppet, the mere presents of Anna by her sister's side had stirred Elsa's spirit. He wasn't lying when he said Elsa was cut off from the outside world but somehow she still sensed Anna and heard her brave talk of aid and that allowed her to start building some small resistance to Jack's control. Anna was something special.

 His meeting with the red hair princess and the memories from Elsa's own mind had told him that. Jack wondered what Anna could do if she had her own powers. His challenge to her would be answered, of that he had no doubt. For now, he just had to wait and follow his original plan. he had to prepare Arendelle to join his growing forces...They had to be ready for the coming war.


 The Troll King sat stunned after Anna finished her tail. Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven had arrived at the small grove the housed his people earlier that day after a few hours of travel from the castle. That night they had been met with an excited welcome by the other trolls, Kristoff's adopted family. However, none of the party seemed glad for the welcome, though Kristoff did manage a half hearted smile to them.

 Knowing something was wrong, and fearing it had something to do with his earlier feelings of dread, the King meet with Anna at once and listened to the girl's sorrow filled recount of Micro Jack's attack on her sister and his threats that had driven Anna from the castle. He knew at once that the worst was yet to come.

 "From you description I it sounds like Jack is using some very dark magic." The Troll King spoke softly. "He has her body, her mind, and her magic. Such a thing is very powerful and very dangerous for the Queen."

 "What do you mean?" Anna cried, shaken from her despair by the thought of her sister in more danger.

 "Though I do not know of the exact magic that Jack uses, I have seen similar spells used. In short, the longer Jack has control of Elsa's body the more likely it is that it will recognize him as its master. This means that even if you drove him out of Elsa's mind and return control to her, her body may reject her, turn on her and finally destroy her."

 For the second time that day horror gripped Anna's heart. What had once been a problem with no solution was now a race against time. Once again, she had to save Elsa's life with no idea how to begin.

 However, even as Anna wondered what she could do, a new yet familiar feeling came to her. It was the feeling she felt when Hans drew his sword on Elsa, it was the feeling that originally drove her to follow her sister into the wilds of the mountains. Fierce and powerful the emotion burned through her fears and uncertainty. The time to act was now.

 Anna wiped away her tears and stood tall before everyone one in the small cave that served as the King's home. She looked around and saw the entire group of trolls watching her. Almost at her side stood Kristoff and Olaf. They made eye contact  and both felt their spirits lift at Anna's determined smile.

 "We have a lot to do, guys." Anna spoke with all the authority of her station as princess and it was far from ineffective. "I want us prepared and ready to move in no more than two days. So, we need to figure out what to do, right?"

 Kristoff and Olaf both smiled to each other. "Yes ma'am." they cried together.

 "Very good." The king moved in to begin. "Now, everyone, Anna and Kristoff need to begin discussing plans for the attack. I want everyone well rested and prepared to help at moment's notice."

 "Yes sir." The trolls all cried and moved out the door to begin their own preparations.

 With that, the king turned back to Anna. "So, to begin, we need to know how Jack is controlling your sister. From my experience a spell that would allow Jack to have that much control over Elsa requires the caster to be at least within 3 feet of his target at all times. While you were in that room did you ever have anyone else nearby?'

 Anna thought hard. She knew she hadn't seen anyone else in the room, no doubt. But with magic she guest Jack may have been invisible or something. But, no. That couldn't be. Elsa's powers were still active before she lost control, and again when Jack messed up a little and released her powers, that moment she knew Elsa was no longer Elsa. Both times in was clear that her ice had not touched anything unseen and both times the radius had gone passed 3 feet. No. Wherever Jack was he wasn't standing in that room.

 "No," Anna said confidently. "No one else was in the room with us. Are you sure about the distance?"

 The king nodded and looked down to consider more options. His head sprang up. "He said he gave you a clue, correct? Try thinking about everything he said. Something must be helpful."

 Again Anna thought hard, this time joined by Olaf. Both shifted through their memories of the meeting. Jack had indeed claimed to have given Anna a clue. But was he lying? Just giving them a fake trail to throw them off? It was possible, Anna had no idea what was going on inside that maniacs' hea-.

 Anna turned to Olaf suddenly, and by the look he was giving her he'd had the same thought. One memory stood out now about the meeting. One detail that made them think of an impossible possibility. Jack had made Elsa tap her own head and said: "In here, I've seen all of Elsa's memories."

 "He's inside Elsa's head!" Both Anna and Olaf cried together in excitement.

 Kristoff and the King on the other hand had very different reactions. Kristoff looked stunned and confused, he wasn't sure what to think anymore. If magic could actually do such things he was seriously starting to fear it. The king was not stunned or confused. He was horrified and concerned.

 "Anna," he said with caution, "are you sure of this? Do you really thing Jack has somehow physically invaded Elsa's brain?"

 Yes." She had no doubts. As insane as she knew it sounded that was the only theory that seemed to make any real sense from all this. And, while she was still uneasy about the whole thing, she was at least calmer now that she had an idea of what was happening. If they knew the cause than the solution would be easier to find. The king however, still looked afraid.

 " I admit, your theory does make some sense. But it worries me greatly." The king moved over to his chair and sat down roughly the plans of what he'd have to do already forming, what Anna would have to do.

 "What's wrong, sir?" Kristoff, recovered from his shock, asked the worried king.

 "I know now who this Micro Jack is. I told you that I have seen similar magic to this before, and that is true." The king turned and looked Anna straight in the face, informing her to listen well to his story. "A few years after I helped you and Elsa the first time, I heard tell of a conqueror. A man that traveled from kingdom to kingdom taking them over from the inside somehow.

 " It was a young man with red eyes. Each time both the king and strongest magic user of each kingdom would complain of horrible dreams of their worst nightmares. Then, these same people would suddenly not act like themselves, like something was controlling them."

 The Troll king paused to allow that to sink in before continuing. "the rumor said that this man somehow had the power to enter a person's head and take control of them without those familiar with the one controlled ever finding out. I ignored them until now thinking they were just unfounded rumors. But if they true than that means you up against something very powerful. Are you ready to face it?"

 The king's question was pointed right at Anna. She responded with a doubtless smile of determination. "I will help Elsa however I can. Count on it."

 "Me too." Kristoff took his place by Anna's side and shared her smile.

 The king nodded and moved towards the back wall of his cave. From a little hole in side wall he pulled out as fancy box and returned to the group.

 "In this box is a treasure that may help you safe Elsa and your kingdom." The king looked seriously between the two. "It will give you everything you need to enter Elsa's body and to travel within to your destination. But, after that, it is all up to you. Beating Jack, saving Elsa, and leaving her body, that is all up to you. I cannot help you beyond this. Do you understand?"

 Without hesitation they nodded and the king returned the nod. He opened the box and pulled out a small gold pendant with a sapphire jewel in the center. Even as they watched Anna could feel a power emanate from it. Things were about to get a little rough.

 "This," the king gestured to the pendant, "is called The Seeker's Jewel. Like I said it will give you everything you need to start your quest, in this case shrinking you down and taking you to the best place to enter Elsa's body. It will also give you other helpful 'tricks' to aid you on your way. However, I don't know what those will be. You have to find out yourselves and figure out how to complete you task on your own. that's all there is to this. We can start as soon as you're ready."

 Anna held Kristoff's hand and nodded. The king placed the pendant around Anna's neck  and stepped back. Olaf watched from the side in wonder.

 "Now, just say, 'Allow us lone seekers to begin the quest of our hope.'"

 Anna and Kristoff repeated it together. "Allow us lone seekers to begin the quest of our hope."

 All at once gold light burst to life around them. It began to spin and shine brighter. Soon Olaf's wondrous face and the Troll King's worried expression vanished under the light. Anna and Kristoff felt the floor leave them as they seemed to float away. A strange tingling spread over them but they were unable to see anything other than the gold light.

 Then, just as suddenly as it started, the light, the floating, and the tingle, everything just stopped. Anna and Kristoff only just realized they were airborne before they fell. Both screamed and held tight to their hands.

 They plunged head first into water. Quickly they surfaced and saw the strangest sight yet. High above them and impossibly huge was Elsa's face. they had landed in her cup of, a cup that was fast approaching her opening lips. With no time to react or process it all, Anna and Kristoff just smiled at the insanity of it all and held on tight as they were carried past Elsa's tongue and fell into the depths of their queen's waiting stomach. And with a plop, their quest had begun...


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