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The following story is being marked as "completed", HOWEVER it is not done. I am marking it as such because it does not have a plot, and, in my opinion, is not a real story. I am currently working on a new version, that will be a real story. I hope to add this new story sometime in the next few days. (This update was written on 1/26/2017)


Robert is a normal boy, but his live takes a very abnormal turn when he is sold on the galactic market as a pet. Will is new master be freind or foe?

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PLZ review and tell me if you like the new style of opening.





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This chapter is a little boring, but I think it will help later on.






I stood still for a few minutes. My mind spinning with all that had happened in the past few minutes. I turned to the glowing, blue roof. I picked up a rock from the ground, and lobbed it at the shield that was about 20 feet of the synthetic ground. The rock exploded upon contact with the shield. No way I can get through that. I thought. Well I’m gonna be here for a while might as well tour my new home.

I looked and saw that my new glass prison had a two story house that looked like it was painted my favorite color of red. It had a large backyard area that opened up to a lake. I walked over to the lake. Several fish swam off as I got closer. There were three boats, which bobbed peacefully in the waves, tied to a dock. One was a petal boat with ‘Lover’s Lake’ written on the side. Then there was wooden row boat that looked like it could be fitted with a motor. It had ‘Nose Bud’ written on the bow. A pontoon boat was the last one. The pontoon had a load of fishing gear onboard. I walked over to investigate the boats, when I noticed a sign that had two arrows on it. One arrow read ‘Dock’ and pointed in the direction of the dock. The other said ‘Safe Swim Area and Pool’. It pointed somewhere of in the distance. Out of curiosity I walked along the lake in search of the ‘Safe Swim Area’.

It didn’t take me long to find out what the sign had meant. A roped off area of the lake soon became visible. A few more steppes later and I could see the conceit that outlined the pool. As the pool got closer I noticed that there was a crate with the words ‘Highly Explosive’ drawn in huge, bold letters. I opened it only to find a mountain of pool toys and goggles. I closed the box and walked over the pool itself. The water was clear and crisp. I dipped a toe in the water, and found that it was the perfect tempter. Not too hot and not too cold. If the pool is this good. Then how good is the lake? A few moments later I was dipping my toe in the much murkier lake water. Like most lakes it had warm currents that snapped to a cold current in a few seconds. The water felt dirty, and used. If I ever go for a swim I’ll use the pool. I looked at the house in the distance, and decided that I need to explore the place I would be sleeping.

The red brick house had a short deck with a grill on it, and a sliding glass door. I entered the house to find myself in a kitchen fully out fitted with pots and pans. Even the fridge was fully stocked with bacon and cheese and all my favorite foods, or what I thought were my favorite foods. How can I remember my favorite foods but not my family? How can I even remember what this shit is? The complexity of the memory block once again filled my thoughts. The only other thoughts were on how Tina got the stuff. After exploring the house I found the lower level had a kitchen, a dining room, a gaming room with all the latest systems, and a computer room.

The second level had three bedrooms, each decorated differently. One was a fairly large room with a bed, closet over flowing with clothes, and a wooden desk with Legos spread out over the surface. Clothes and toys cluttered the floor. The next bedroom was almost identical to the first, only the floor was spot less, and everything was organized. The last difference was that everything was colored a bright pink. Girly toys, from dolls to dildos, were piled in a corner. A post it note above the pile called it the ‘shame pile’. Finally I had a room that was a closet compared to the other two. It had a pile of clothes by the door, and a large two person bed. Why do all these rooms have clothes and stuff in them? The only answer I could come up with is that I saw not her first ‘pet’. I went back down stairs. A black box that I hadn’t seen before had a blue blinking light on it. I walked near it and then a blue rays of light ran up and down my body. They flashed green then retreated into the box. A hole opened up on the front of the box. Then a holographic picture of Tina appeared behind me. I turned to see it.

“Hey Robert.” It said. “How are you liking the house?”

“Tina?” I asked.

“Yes and no. I’m a computer version of Tina. She calls me computer, but you can call me whatever you want.”

“Um….. I’ll call you Miranda.”

“Why Miranda?”

“I don’t know. It just sounds familiar.”  

“Ok, so is there anything you need?”

“Yea, why are the rooms upstairs full of toys and clothes?” Miranda’s body suddenly lit up with computer code. “What are you doing?”

“I’m checking with Tina to see if I can tell you.” A moment passed in silence as I thought of why she would need access. “Tina says that I can’t tell you, but she will tell you tomorrow. She also says you should get some rest, you’ll need it for tomorrow.”



“Are you just in the Terrarium?”

“No, I exist in anything Tina owns. All except you. I’m your link to Tina is you ever need it, just say the word and I’ll contact Tina. Now go get some sleep. Tina made it clear that you’ll need all your strength for tomorrow.” Miranda’s holographic form disappeared. I stood for a second think of why Miranda couldn’t tell me why the rooms looked used. I walked upstairs to the room that looked like a closet, laid down in the bed and fell asleep.                  

4. Answers by Shrunken Mazerunner [Reviews - 1] (1024 words)

This chapter will answer a few quesions. It's slow too, but I promise more excting cahpters are coming.

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Sorry guys this chapters a little slow and dscriptive. The next two or three will pick up I swear.





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