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Cold. That's all I can feel right now. I search my memory for anything to tell me why I'm cold. Then I realize, I have no memory of anything. I can remember English, but other than that there is nothing. A name, a name is coming into focus. Robert. Is that my name? I hope it's my name I like that name. There is a little hope growing inside me. I have a name now. That is more progress than I've made in the last few minutes. How...How come I can't move? Panic starts to run through my body. Where am I? The cold is starting to retreat. I can feel warmth. I still can't move, but the warmth is welcome. I can feel something on my back. It feels metallic, but spidery at the same time. I'm.....I'm on my side, and I'm curled in a ball. Why? A fresh wave of calmness washed over my still cold body. I don't understand. How am I staying so calm? I can feel something melt away from my eyes. I open them slowly. Once they are open I can only see a wall of grey material. I still cannot move my head, but I can move my eyes. I see an ice like substance covering my whole body. That explains why I can't move. I am in some sort of grey walled container. I look up to see frost covered, one way glass. I can tell it's one way because of the fact that I can faintly see large objects flying past the top of the glass. I looked back at the ice and I saw that most of my head had been uncovered. I could feel my body coming back online, my brain now ran at almost full power. Suddenly a gas started to fill the box that I was in. One sniff and I knew what it was, knock-out gas. How did I know that? How could I remember that and not my home? These were my last thoughts as I drifted into another dreamless sleep.

This one did not last as long as the other, and this time when I woke up I was already at 100%. I was still in the box, but the ice had melted almost completely of me. Only my feet remained frozen. I tried to sit up, but I hit the lid, or what I thing is the lid, of the box. I laid back down. Suddenly a hunger stronger than any I have ever felt raged in my stomach. I was starving, literally. Once my feet were free, a few moments later, a loud beep echoed in the small space, and a green light lit up on the outside of the box. I could tell because a corner of the glass lit up with the light. I wanted to move, to try and see if I could open the box and find some way home, but a small part of me told me to stay put. Out of a newly replenished fear I stayed still. Time crawls slowly when you're scared and hungry. After a long period of silence I heard a loud series of high pitched beeps. They went on and on hurting my ears as they collided with my ear drum. A loud moan soon filled the box. Then the ground shook. I laid there scared to move. I could hear something shifting, and given the sounds I heard it was massive. Suddenly there was a lot of movement outside the grey walls. Objects flew over the capsule, and they looked like fingers. A buzz crescendoed outside the box. I looked up to see a white line form on edge of the grey prison. The box jolted as the top flew open. Light flooded into the now open space. "Come forth Sam." A female voice lured.

I thought my name was Robert. I thought.

"I will not hurt you." The voice called. "I just need you to step out of the box." Slowly I exited my old shell like prison. I looked at it once I had fully left it, I turned to see that a human shaped and sized mold laid in the large grey box. I felt something beneath my feet. I looked down to see grass path. I followed it until it got to a sudden drop. At the edge of the drop was a woman dressed in long, white robes. She smiled when I looked at her. As I walked I noticed that the grass waved in and out and gave a faintly audible buzz like a signal break in a TV show. I stopped, bent down and saw that the grass was fake. I wanted to shout this fact, but I knew that if I did I'd never get answers. I kept walking until I was standing right in front of the woman. She had a compact face. Short brown hair hung from her head. She had a nice medium sized pair of tittes. "Sam. I am your conscience. You have done many bad things, so I am punishing you." I couldn't help but snicker. "What is so funny?" She asked with an irritated tone to her voice.

"Well" I said. Noting that my voice was deeper than I had thought. "The fact that you think can fool me with this. I may not have my memory, but I can still see fake grass when I see it. Plus when I was waking up I remembered the name Robert. I'm willing to bet that Robert is my name not Sam." I relaxed and started to think over the evidence that I thrown out without any real thought. She looked at me with a mixed look of awe, confusion, and disappointment.

"Damn it." She said. "I was hoping that your drug resistance hadn't kicked in yet. Alright. You saw through my disguise, and you remember more than most do so I'll make a deal with you. I'll show and tell you the truth if you keep calm. Deal?" I looked at this woman part of me wanted to trust her and part me didn't.

"What will happen if I say no?"

"Then you'll live in here for three days until you die."

"I guess I don't really have a choice do I?"

"Nope." She walked over to the box and tapped the air a few times. Suddenly I felt weird. The whole world was being sucked into the box. "Get in!" She yelled over the deafing noise. "It'll make things go faster!" I looked around the world that was being erased right in front of my eyes. I threw caution to the wind and ran into the box once I got in the box slammed shut.

I laid in the box then another soft buzz filled the space. I sat still for a few moments. After a little while I heard the same female voice only this time it sounded like it came through a pa of sorts. "You can come out now." I pushed up on the lid and it slowly opened. I pushed it all the way open before I sat up to see a gigantic world.

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