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Toronto Troubles!



Since my dad is the founder and owner of Genitech I had no problems sneaking out the first shrinkasizer. I don’t really know the purpose they had for it but I know the purpose I have for it. I looked at my watch and saw that it is already past noon and I needed to get back to school for the game at 1.

I arrived at school with a half hour left. I put on the specially designed suit. I had no idea what it did nor did I care. I looked like a fag with the suit on but I didn’t care. I was glad that the classes were all in session as I ran down the hall and stopped outside the girls locker room. I put my ear against the door and heard laughter and chatting of girls but not just girls. Cheerleader girls, what could be better then cheerleaders. I began to pull the door open when I realized that if I walked in there the camera’s would catch everything. So I attached the shrinkalizer to my suit and shrunk down to about the height of an ant. I didn’t really care as I was able to control my size so I knew it would just be temporary. I easily made it under the door but the hall was a killer. It looked endlessly long but I knew I had no choice. I couldn’t let the camera see me but as I heard and saw the door swing open a new problem came to me. I saw a now mammoth Rachel Winters. Her white Adidas towered above me. Her foot landed mere millimeters from me sending me crashing into the wall. My back hurt and my body screamed in pain but i knew what I had to do. I ran and grabbed onto her laces just as she took a step. In a mere moments I was in the main locker room surrounded by 7 cheerleaders as I clung to Rachel’s shoelace. She began to play iwth her foot as she talked and i found myself flying across the room and into another shoe but as I hit i felt myself began to grow.

As I hit about 2 inches tall I felt someone grab me. A few seconds later I saw her hand disconnect the shrinkalizer from my suit as she turned me around in her hand. I immediately stopped growing at about 4 inches tall as I saw the shrinkalizer return to its normal size and fall to the ground.That Spot Right There


“Look girls!”

I found myself dangling from Brittany hand as she held me by the clip on the back of my silver suit. Six massive faces all crowded around me.

“You’re small”

“What are you doing here”

“I think he was spying on us”

“We should keep him”

“He looks like a doll”

“Are you girls sure? HE is a person”

“No he’s not. People are big like us. HE is a an animal”

“Its settled we keep him”


“I wonder if my dildo is bigger then him?” (giggles)

“Id hope so or it wouldnt be too much fun”

“We should take him too...oh shit Ms green. Stash him Brit”


I found myself dropped onto the floor and then a moment later a large pyramid was dropped all around me. My screaming and pounding echoed around the room I was in.


I looked up to see a giant eye staring at me through a hole at the top and then vanish. I could hear Ms. Green talking but as she talked no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t the damn bitch to hear me.

“Its a good thing Ms. Green is deaf”

“Yeah, I know”

“He is making quite ruckus in that megaphone”

“OH I KNOW!!!”

I could hear a loud thump, thump, thump. It was like Jurassic park only with giant teens running amuck instead of Dinosaurs. My locked onto the ceiling where I saw a face begin to lower towards me.


Micheala, was always a sweetheart. she was an Asian girl and a short one at that. She only stood about 5’3” but was just about the nicest person you could ever meet. Even with a hint of ditziness she was a great to be around. She had long black hair that fell to about the middle of her back but today was pulled back using an orange and white ribbon. I loved the fact that she had smallish breasts. They were only but a handful but such a perfect handful. She wasn’t to athletic. MOre of a book smart kinda girl but that never seemed to bother anyone with a working dick.

I kept waiting for her to lift the massive megaphone up but I soon saw her mouth covering the hole of the megaphone. Her hot spearamint breathe quickly spread through covered my small room. I kept yelling for her to help me.


Her voice echoed and pounded throughout the room. My ear drums felt like they were about to explode as Michela’s voice resonated in my head and in the megaphone. I could hardly hear the other girls laughing at my plight. As Micheala stood back up to her full height and walked away I found myself unable to hear much of anything.

Time passed by incredibly slow as I listen to the girls gab from inside the megaphone. I try to scale the walls but they are flawless and contain nothing to grip. I can only wait for my teenage captors to free me.

Light began to shine in through the bottom of the megaphone as it was pulled up. I scurried out from under only to meet Rachel’s white shoes. I scampered back right into Micheala’s hands. Her grip was strong and she easily lifted me up into the air.

“Micheala please help me!”

“I was thinking you need this gun thing to get back don’t you”

“Yes, why”

“Well since its mine I guess that makes you mine right”



“Well he can be just as cute with me and he likes my breasts better anyway”

“Oh he does not like your little mosquito bites. He wants to play with my ass”

“Ewww your ass is T.O.L besides he wants to cuddle with me”


“Totally Off Limits DUH”

“Well then little Scotty can be TOL to all of you! Pick who you want to be with me little scott?”

Seven faces crowd around and look sternly at me. I look from face to face and each one is dead locked on me. Micheala’s dark black hair flows partly over her face, Michelle shoves her face in next too Micheala. Michelle’s short blonde hair dangles over her eyes as she stares at him sternly. The more girls who pile there faces in the harder it is too focus on just one of these monstrous faces.

“STOP STARING AT ME!! This isn’t right I am a person”

“I know lets bring him to my house after the game and we can decide what to do with him”

“Yeah, we can watch boys and girls”

“Yeah I love that movie don’t you Scotty!”

“NO!! I want to watch sunday night football”

“Sunday night what? Aren’t they playing in the world series this weekend”

“Oh yeah I heard it’s the Detroit redwings and the Dallas Cowboys”

“I hope tiger woods scores a touchdown”

A new girl who I hadn’t seen before quickly pushed her way to the front. She had long blonde hair that was pulled back. Her skin was quite tan, and her entire body was athletically toned. As she reached towards me none of the other girls said a thing as I was snatched into her hands.

“I want him during the game”

“Alright Lindsey”

I was quickly shoved into her hair as she pulled the ribbon out and re-tied it trapping me in her hair. As she swung her head from side to side my stomach lurched in just about every direction. The smell of peach was in her hair and as it rubbed against me it was soon on me. I tried to pull myself free but her orange and white ribbons which held her hair tied up easily held me in place. Her every movement and swing of the head tightens the ribbons hold on me.

“You can’t do this to me! GET ME OUT OF HERE!! MAKE ME BIG”

“Make you big? You were always this size”


“It’s not nice to lie Scotty”

“Let’s go girls”

As they ran out of the locker room I fought the urge to puke. They soon were in the gym jumping up and down. With each jump Lindsey made I would swing from side to side or slam into her neck. I was like a rag doll trapped in her devilish game.

A techno version of Christina Aguiliera’s new song Dirty blares as Lindsey and the girls jump up and down cheering. I scream for mercy but it falls on deaf ears as millions of on lookers are completely oblivious to me. I catch flashes in the corner of my eyes of her pom poms and then she does a back flip and I find myself dangling upside down with only her orange and white ribbons holding me in place and stopping me from falling hundreds of feet to my death. When she landed I was jarred lose from her ribbons and I grabbed one of the strands of her hair. I felt like a rock climber clinging to the side of the mountain with 50 mile per hour winds swirling around trying to knock you off. The slightest movements send her hair flying from side to side and now had to hold on tightly to this cheerleaders hair if I didn’t want to die. Finally they the music clicked off and they sat down as the tip off began.

“Lindsey be careful, the little man might fall”

“But he feels so good back there.”

“Well if he falls”

“He just wont fall will you little man”

I began to repel down Lindsey’s back using her ponytail for a rope. As she sat down on the bench I would push off her back and let my fingers slide through her hair. My legs would then crash into her back. I finally reached the end of ponytail when she stood up and hundreds upon hundreds of feet appeared as she stood up to her full height. Since I was on the end of her ponytail I was flying from side to side more then ever. Lindsey began to jump up and down doing her cheers when I felt my hands slip and slide and soon I lost contact with Lindsey’s hair.

I was flying through the air like superman wondering if this would be the end of me. I slammed into one of the cheerleaders bright white sweaters with orange trim. I slid down the length of her sweater yelling for her to hear me but I soon found myself trying to find anything to hold onto. I finally managed to grab onto the edge of her skirt. I was hanging freely as she kicked her leg up so it was parallel with her body. I was shot back up into the air by the force of her leg. I managed to grab onto the shoe laces that hung down like vines as her leg was parallel with her. I screamed and tried to yell to her but her eyes were not on me but the “hot guys” playing the game. As her foot began to lower back down I found myself dangling on the lace which was underneath her sole. I frantically tried to climb but the panic and fear of the situation prevented much progress. Her foot was mere millimeters from the floor when a gust of wind blew me and the lace out from under her shoe. As her foot slammed into the ground I was shot out across the floor towards one of the other girls. A shadow loomed over me as I was forced to run or be crushed. I just missed my death but she drew her leg back and did a high kick which sent me hurdling across the floor towards the other teams bench. A loud buzzer rang and I new enough about sports to know that the opposing team had called a timeout. Just at that moment Baby, look at us by Sarina Paris began to play and I saw the opposing teams Cheerleaders break out into a routine. They wore green and white uniforms and did a more dance routine then a cheer. I was forced to once again dodge feet for what seemed like ever. Gusts of air from the slams feet would send me hurdling in all directions. When it finally ended I crashed into a large plastic bottle which had a black mesh material all around it. I began to grab onto the mesh material for no real reason accept for fear.

A group of fingers clamped onto me and pushed me against the plastic bottle as it rose up into the air. I saw brown haired vixen drinking what looked to be thousands upon thousands of gallons of water. As she drank I got a good view of her team name. It was the dragons our most hated rivals. We were raised to hate them. We have been rivals since well before any of us were born. As she drank more and more water the bottled tilted up more and more so her grip was tighter and tighter. I soon found this girls eyes locked onto me. I panicked as she continued to stare at me in amazement. She easily pulled me off of her drink bottle and dangled me in front of her face. The heavy techno beats cut out so I knew that the timeout was over. She looked around and walked a short distance. I heard a sound of teeth being ripped apart not once but twice I was dropped into a mesh like purse. It was made up by thousands upon thousands of tan ropes. The small square like holes were much to small for me to even get out of and then I heard a zip of the inner pocket which she had me in and then another zip of the main compartment. I kicked and pounded to the fabric was more like titanium to me. I could never hope to break even a single strand. I turned towards the zipper and it looked to weigh about just as much as me which meant it was way too heavy for me to move because I was never much of a strong guy. I was forced to watch the Bloomberg Dragons score 43 unanswered points blowing out my team. I was beginning to sulk as I the realization of the situation was setting in. I was trapped in one of the opposing cheerleader’s purses. I could see my team’s cheerleaders looking around for me but would they ever think to look over here. That is when I saw my captoress standing in front of me. She had on a pair of white Adidas superstars. Her legs were extremely long, much longer then most girls who I had seen. As she stood in front of me her sweet aroma made my nose do dances of joy. I looked up at her trying to see her face but it was much to high for me to see. I could only see the ruffled edge of skirt.

Ruining my perfect view of this goddess I saw a pair of hairy legs stand next to her. The voice was deep and I soon found the purse I was in lifted up and slung around her shoulder. I could now much easily see her. She had two simply mammoth sized breasts regardless of any size you are at. They were upper C’s I would guess. I could hear the kissing sounds of the two and they walked off side by side. As they walked towards exit talking about the game I could see her glance down at her purse and smile.

The two parted as the guy walked away and the girl walked towards a group of cheerleaders. I began to continue my plea’s for help as she talks amongst her friends but not one of them heard me. The more I pounded against the side of this purse the more frustrated I became. I eventually came to the realization that the only choice is no choice at all.

I woke up to a thud and everything being dumped on top of me. A few moments later I found myself being pulled out of the purse. Two manicured fingers easily plucked me out and had me dangling in front of a very inviting face. I could only stare as the cheerleader who had grabbed me was now sitting in her panties and bra on her bed.

“You’re a Jacket aren’t you? I don’t recognize you so I know you’re not a dragon”

“Look please help me, my dad will pay you whatever you want”

“Why should I help a jacket huh? I think I might keep you.”

I heard her phone ring and I covered my ears. The sound was deafening as the bed bounced up and down. I struggled to maintain my balance but I ended up tumbling over. My back hit this giantesses thigh. I stared up at her incessantly tall frame. She put on a headset, the kind you see phone operators wear, only this one was white and baby blue with an antenna sticking up about and inch into the air on the left side of the headset.

“Alex, hi you played great today baby”

Her hand reached for me as she talked on the phone with this guy. I didn’t have time to move before her fingers were around me and lifting me up to her face. She blew me a kiss and dropped me into her nightstand drawer. The grinding of the drawer made my ears wince in pain but it all stopped as I was sealed in darkness. The night went by slow as she talked to her boyfriend for hours and I finally managed to fall asleep. Sleep, my savior from this hell, a time, a place that she can’t control.


After a couple of days I heard reports of me missing. It gave me hope that I would be found but as I days went by The dragon cheerleader Amanda, my capturess was not even a suspect and why would she be. Days and weeks passed by and I was her little pet who she kept and played with as she pleased. I always hoped for remorse or sorrow but to her I was the enemy, just as she was too me. You can’t change how you were raised and I forever spent my life as the pet of cheerleader and later to be model.
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