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I stepped off the bus and headed home, with anitsipation of playing xbox and watching tv. When I opened the door to my two-story suburban home I was welcomed by a water balloon to the face. All I could hear was the high pitched laughter of my 13 year old sister Ann. As my vison cleared I could see the 5'4, dirty blond, medium chest, loose clothes wearing demon laughing in the kichen. A playful rage filled my body, but I didn't show it. I slowly took off my backpack and set it on the ground, and then I yelled.

"I'm gonna get you!" I charged her. When she looked up and saw me charging, her eyes shrank. She turned and ran through the kitchen. I barrled around the corner to see my mom and Suzy washing dishes. I slowed for half a second to enjoy the view. Mom is 5' 7 with a supermodel figure, but she has unnaturally large tits. Suzy is much like my mother at 5' 8, she is 'fat' if you ask a supermodel, but she still has those sexy curves. Just like mom her tits are bigger than most 19 year olds. As I looked in awe I could feel a small hard on growing in my pants. A collision with the wall snapped me out of my day dream. I shook off the blow and refouced on my target. Her foot diappered into the tv room. Quickly and quitely I entered the room to find her catching her breath. An evil smile crept up on my face. As quitely as I could I crept behind her, I hovered my hand just over her back. Then I gave her a nice slap on the back. She obviously didn't expect it beacuse she jumped and landed flat on her back. I stood there laughing at the fall that the little brat had just taken. Her eyes filled with hatered* as she stood up and ran upstairs. Once I stopped laughing I turned on the xbox and tv and got ready to play when mom came in and turned the tv off.

"Don't you give me that look." She said "You know damn well why I'm turning off the tv. How can you be so mean to your sister?"

"You don't know how evil the little troll can be." I said "I mean you work from five in the eveing to eight in the moring. You only see her for an hour or twoa day."

"I know that and I don't like it anymore than you do, but my job pays for everything since your father died in Iran. I'm the reason that you have the devices you have, the reason that Suzy can go on the week long college experience thats starts tonight. Which reminds me. Since I'm working and Suzy won't be home you'l need to watch Ann till I get home, and if you don't then you'll never a another minute on this xbox. Am I clear?"

"Yes ma'am." I said with as much sarcasm as I could put in the sentence. Mom gave me a dirty look as she turned to the kitchen and yelled.

"Suzy get your stuff! You need to get going!" Suzy walked in and smiled.

"Don't worry mom. I've already loaded up my car." She looked at me. "Brad try not to make Ann comitt suicide. OK?" I gave a playful smile.

"No promises."I said.

"You might what to try and say goodbye too Ann." Mom said

"Good idea, but then I have to hit the road or I'll never make it." Suzy walked past and started up the stairs. Mom followed close behind. I leaned back and turned the tv on. I filpped through all the channles we got, but nothing was caching my eye. Soon the three women came down the stairs. I threw a goodbye over the back of the couch as the three started their crying fest.

ug I thought she's just going away for a week it's no big deal. Shortly after Suzy left mom said her good nights and left for work. Ann, still upset, went upstrais and closed her door. I sat and watched TV and slowly drifted off. I was suddenly awoken by a noise outside the window. I figured it was just some birds. I looked at the clock and saw it was ten o'clock. Got up to go check on Ann. I slowly opened her door to see she was sleeping on top of her covers. I slowly, carefully lifted her up and moved her covers over, then I tucked her in. I smiled and whispered good night. I left her room by turing off her light and closeing the door. I ploped my self in front of the TV again. Just as I was getting comfy the nosie from outside piped up again. It sounded like someone was hiding in the bushes. I got closer to see if I could figure out what was making the noise. When I got over there, I heard a sound like a machien spinnig up. Then suddnely I was flashed by a bright light. I backed up from the window from shock. I felt really dizzy and sleepy. Then the ground came up to meet me. The last thing I saw was Ann coming down the stairs and she was running towards me. Then I blacked out.

Chapter End Notes:

Well looks like Brads adventure is just starting. I'm new so I'm open to advice in the form of a review.

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