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Kellie relaxed in the hot tub, letting the warm water ease the tension in her legs and lower back. She stretched her arms out around the lip of the tub, feeling the bones in her back release with a small pop. She smiled and laid her head back on the padding of the lip of the tub, her blonde hair cascading over it. It was quiet, which was fine with her. The only sound came from the water gently lapping against her sides and her breasts, half submerged. The bikini she wore was one of her favorites and held her just right. She briefly considered turning the jets and bubbler on, but instead decided she liked the quiet better. It had been a long, but fruitful day. Kellie's smile got even bigger as she thought back to it.

Lazily she reached for a shoebox she had set close to the tub on the deck. Small sounds could be heard coming from it, but she ignored them as she lifted it with one hand. She brought it up in front of her face and grinned, giving it a small shake. The sounds got louder for a second but stopped when she quit shaking it. She actually giggled. Holding the bottom of the box with one hand, the blonde beauty removed the lid with her free hand and peered inside, checking the contents of the box.

Inside she saw seven tiny people, barely as big as her thumb. They were dressed in the clothes they had been shrunk in and were scrambled all over the box. Five men and two women looked back up at her as they lay jumbled inside the box. She smiled down and waved at them but they didn't return her friendly greeting. Some of them looked down and started crying, or hadn't stopped since being shrunk. One man actually looked up at her and shook his fist at her.

"I can't hear what you're saying, but it better not be a threat little man. You are in NO position to make me mad. Besides, I'm in too good a mood to get mad." She smiled wider at them and watched them for a moment. One man went over to one of the women and helped her up. They were wearing matching jogging suits. Kellie assumed they were married from their matching clothes and they way they looked after each other. She remembered shrinking them in the park earlier that morning. They had jogged past her, nearly knocking her off the path and into the mud of the park. Then they laughed about it as the jogged away. Kellie caught up to them and showed them what she could do. Shortly they were tucked in her pocket and on their way with her to her house.

Two other men were making their way towards each other, both dressed in tight shorts and shirts. Weightlifting belts finished their outfits. She recalled reducing them at the gym. They'll never rudely hit on another woman again or call her names when she says no. Kellie grinned. One of them had been the man who shook his fist at her. The other woman was wearing a business suit. Kellie had met her in the ladies room at Starbucks. Coffee and a pet; there's a deal you can't beat for under $7.00. She had thought the woman was pretty and decided to bring her home. So she shrunk her and slipped her in her purse. The woman spent at least three hours in Kellie's purse before the giantess brought her out and set her in the shoebox.

One of the last men was a guy she worked with. He did security in the building where she was a nurse. She had had a bit of a crush on him and was pretty sure it was mutual, but why take chances? She had cornered him in the copy room and shrunk him, then stuck him in her bra until she could get him into the shoe box. He was there the whole day. She left him in there longer than she should have; partly because Kellie didn't want to let him out and partly because he felt so good in her bra, scrambling between her breasts. She somewhat regretted having to had let him out, but she had to keep him safe. There was no way he would have survived in there all day. Though it looked good for him surviving the night.

The last man was a fellow who had knocked on her door as she was about to get into the hot tub and play with her new toys. He wanted to sell her a newspaper subscription. Kellie had no desire to get a subscription, but the man was persistent. So instead of wasting the opportunity, she invited him in. The next thing he knew he was as small as her big toe and looking up at a very, very tall woman who was reaching for a shoebox. Kellie pointed at the two men from the gym.

"You two, get undressed." She ordered. They looked up at her confused. "Now!" The tone of her voice told them there was no room to argue. They looked at each other, the rest of the group in the box then up at the giantess looking in on them. The rest of the group moved away from them, giving them plenty of room. Slowly, they removed their clothes until they were both down to just their spandex shorts. Kellie frowned at them.

"I said undressed. And I meant all the way. Don't make me do it myself. I'm not always careful with toys that don't listen." She looked down at them. Reluctantly, they removed their shorts and looked up, trying to cover their fronts and turn their backs to the people they shared the box with. Kellie smiled and lowered her forefinger into the box.

"Climb on boys." She purred, watching them. The rest of the tiny people huddled in the corner of the box, away from the huge hand that suddenly invaded their space. The two men seemed somewhat unsure what to do next until Kellie nearly knocked them over, tapping their tiny shins with the side of her finger. They mounted her finger like cowboys climbing onto their horses. Slowly Kellie lifted her finger with its two miniscule occupants out of the box to her face. The two men were lying on her finger, straddling it like loggers on a felled tree. They clung to it for dear life. This made Kellie smile more and nearly laugh. She turned her attention back to the box for a moment, setting it back on the deck.

"You guys stay put. I'll be playing with you in a bit." She giggled again as she closed the lid. She didn't really have to close it, as the people were too small to climb out. Besides, what would they do if they did get out? Kellie looked back at the two tinies clinging to her finger.

"Please lady, let us go! We won't tell anyone! It can be our little secret!" one of them pleaded for his life. His partner nodded agreement. They were so tiny Kellie could barely hear them. They couldn't have been more than two inches tall. Kellie brought her free hand up under the men's' perch and pointed her finger towards her palm. The men tumbled into her palm.

"Don't tell me you want to leave already!" Kellie pouted as the men regained their feet. "Why, at the gym you guys were telling me what nice tits I have. And now that you're going to get to play with them, you're gonna chicken out? I'm not too much woman for you two big strong guys am I?" She laughed and before they could answer she dumped them out of her hand towards her chest. She watched as they fell and landed on her breasts, bouncing off and sliding into the water. This caused her to laugh more. To the little men in the water, it was like an earthquake in the ocean. The water was churned up by her bouncing breasts and the men were dunked and thrown out of the water several times before Kellie calmed down enough for the water to become somewhat peaceful again. As they spit and sputtered water, Kellie looked down at them.

"We're going to have a contest." She stated plainly to the two men floating near her breasts. They looked up at her confused.

"What type of contest?" one of them asked, treading water. They were both trying to find a way out of the water, but they knew they could never get out of the humongous hot tub. And if they even tried, the giant woman could easily scoop them up before they got half way to the edge.

"You two are going to climb up me. The first one to kiss my cheek wins. And I would hate to be the loser." She grinned down at the men.

"Climb you?" one asked, confused. Kellie nodded her head.

"Yep. You two are going to start from the water and climb up my top to my shoulder, and then make your way to my cheeks." As she spoke, she traced the men's path. The men watched as her fingers followed the curved outline of her bikini top to the straps that went over her shoulders and disappeared out of view.

"What does the winner get?" she heard called out from the men. She just smiled at them.

"Like I said, I would really hate to be the loser. Are you two ready?" she asked.

"Doesn't look like we have a choice." one of them said. The other actually swam over to one of Kellie's breasts and rubbed his hand against the wet fabric. She could barely feel it, but feel it she could. She reached down and scooped the tiny man out on the tip of her finger. She brought him up to her lips, licked him, and covered his entire body with her lips giving him a kiss then looked at him.

"Getting fresh with the judge doesn't help you win the contest." She grinned at him. He just looked at her then she inverted her finger and watched as he dropped back into the water. A few seconds later he reemerged, coughing water.

"On your mark, get set, go!" she said. The two little toy soldiers looked at her then each other before both decided they had better get moving. They swam to her chest; each one began climbing the inner hem of her bikini top, one on each side. She could feel the tiny men, their hands and feet trying to get a hold of the wet bikini top. Their small bodies brushed against the flesh of her breasts as they ascended her top. She was getting quite excited by the feel of the little men, as evidenced by her slowly swelling nipples. As they made their way up, Kellie grinned at them.

"You didn't think it was going to be this easy did you?" Kellie laughed as she rose up slightly out of the water and shook her breasts, the tiny men hanging on for dear life. After a few seconds of near earthquake conditions to the shrunken body builders, Kellie settled back into the water. She looked down at her handiwork and saw that the one she had kissed was trapped under the fabric of her top and was struggling next to her nipple to get out, pinned to her breast by the taut fabric. This caused Kellie to shudder, the small toy man using her nipple to try and push himself out from under the tight, wet fabric. The shudder caused the other little man to lose his already precarious grip and fall into the water. Kellie considered helping them both back to where they were, but instead decided to let them fight it out.

After much squirming, the man she had kissed was free from under her top and back to climbing. He had used the curve of her breast and the tight fabric to actually help him climb her faster. His partner had fallen behind. Once the first man reached her hair, it was child's play for him to climb a strand of hair to her face and kiss her cheek. As he dangled in front of her face, Kellie could see that the climb had had an effect on him as well. Even though his legs were wrapped tightly around her hair, she could see his tiny erection. This made her smile. She reached up and plucked the man from where he hung in front of her face. She set him in the palm of her right hand and with the thumb and forefinger of her left hand she plucked the other little toy off her breast.

"Looks like we have a winner." Kellie smiled at the man who had kissed her cheek. Then she looked at the other little man, still pinched in her fingers. "And we have a loser." Slowly she began to apply pressure to the little man. He fought and screamed, trying vainly to get out of the giantess' grasp, but it was futile. However, the pleading of his friend stopped Kellie from crushing him in her fingertips.

"Please! Don't do it!" he begged, screaming loudly from her palm. Kellie eased her grip on the loser and looked down at the winner.

"Maybe you're right. Since you won, I'll make part of your winning that I don't crush him in my fingers." She smiled at the little man and set him on her shoulder. He immediately grabbed onto a strand of hair for fear of falling. "Instead, he can get crushed by what he couldn't climb."

Before either man could say anything, Kellie placed the tiny loser between her breasts and squeezed her them together with her hands. She could feel the tiny toy struggle as he was not only crushed by what to him was at least a ton of breast flesh, but he faced a lack of oxygen. On her shoulder, she could hear the winner protesting, but she ignored him. The pleasure she was feeling from having the tiny man smothering in her cleavage and his squirming was nearly orgasmic. Her breasts were barely more than a handful, but to her toys, they were mountains, formidable, deadly mountains. She moaned until she heard a small pop then felt him stop moving. Releasing her breasts, she looked. The tiny man had been crushed against her breast and was nothing more than a stain of pulp and blood. She could still see his face, a mix of terror and fear. This made her feel warm inside. Dunking herself into the water, she let the water wash him off, leaving his body for the filter to disintegrate. She reached for the tiny on her shoulder and laid him on her palm in front of her face.

"I told you that you didn't wanna lose. Wasn't that fun?" Kellie smiled at him, seeing his manhood still saluting. She kissed his whole body again then set him on the deck of the hot tub. As she climbed out over him, she watched him, unable to move as her huge form towered over him, dropping a rainstorm of water down on him. She stood up to her full 5' 11 height, the little man slightly taller than her big toe. She played volleyball when she was not at the hospital. It helped her unwind and gave her a nice form. Her tummy was thin and taut while her hips were a little wide, giving her a nice butt. She ran a hand down her hip and over her wet backside, then down her long, long leg to her knee before standing back up again. He just looked up at her, his mouth open and a look of awe on his face. Kellie nudged him with her big toe, tempted to cover him with it and step down. But she resisted the urge and instead bent down to pick him up. He made no attempt to run or even move as her huge hand engulfed him and scooped him up. Bringing him to her face once more, Kellie uncurled her fist and looked at the little man. He was crying, his salute gone. Kellie frowned at him.

"You won the contest, and here's your prize. Realize that it would have never worked out between us. I like strong men who don't whine." She opened the waistband of her panties and dropped the little man inside, smiling as he squirmed and wiggled, trying to get out. It only served to make Kellie even more aroused. He may have only been two inches tall, but he was in a very sensitive area and making it more sensitive. And the fact that the fabric was wet helped to hold him in even tighter. She reached for him through the fabric and positioned him so he was even more stimulating to her. She squeezed him playfully between her thighs, forcing him deeper within her.

"I guess we both win." She said, turning her attention to the shoebox. She bent over and picked it up. The water had stopped running off of her and there were only a few drips, mainly from her hair. Using one hand, she brushed it back behind her slim shoulders, and then opened the box. All five occupants looked up at her. The husband and wife were huddled together in one corner while the newspaper man and the office girl were huddled in another. The security man was sitting by himself. Kellie wanted to reach in and pick him up, play with him and have fun. But he was last. She was thinking she may keep him as a permanent pet if he was good. Instead she lowered her palm into the box, nearest the husband and wife.

"Get on." She said plainly, a hint of playfulness in her voice. There was no way they could know it, but it was from the tiny man currently giving her one of the greatest massages of her life. And he wouldn't live through it to get a thank you. The couple looked up at her, shaking their heads. Kellie sighed and rolled her eyes backwards. She hated when her toys were obstinate.

"Either you get on or I make things difficult for you." Kellie was much sterner this time and the couple quickly complied, having a bit of trouble getting into her palm. But with teamwork, they managed it. Kellie smiled once again and walked back into the main part of the house. Gently setting the box on the dining room table, she lifted the lid.

"Hold tight little ones. I'll be back for you soon enough." She winked at the man sitting by himself then closed the lid. Turning her attention back to the couple in her hand she carried them out of the dining room and towards a different room. Inside it was an elliptical machine. A sweatshirt hung over it and other assorted nick-knacks were strewn about the room. It wasn't dirty, just cluttered, which explained why Kellie went to the gym instead of working out with her elliptical. Plus she was a social person; she liked being with people, especially when she could shrink them and bring them home. That was her favorite. Tossing the sweatshirt off the machine she leaned against the metal frame, looking down at her two toys. She had to suppress a shudder as the little man in her panties squirmed and caused a wave of pleasure to roll over her body. She shuddered happily. The couple sitting in her palm looked at her strangely.

"Don't worry; it's just a winner getting his prize." She explained, confusing them even more. She set the pair down on the curved metal of the elliptical's frame. They had to balance, but they wouldn't fall. Besides, if they did, Kellie could easily catch them before they got too far. She bent down so her face was even with the couple. She watched amused as they tried not to move so they wouldn't fall off to their sure deaths. They looked at the giantess Kellie and stopped moving, mesmerized by just how big she was to them. Once Kellie was sure she had their attention she spoke to them again.

"You two really should have been nicer this morning. There was no reason to behave like you did. Hopefully I can teach you two a lesson. And maybe, since the two of you look like you're into working out, you can help me with my workout, you know, give me a few pointers." She stood back up and walked around the machine. The tiny couple watched her. Kellie stepped onto the platform that swung back and forth. Leveling it out so she wasn't moving, she turned back to the little people. She scooped them up in one hand, rather roughly and brought them to her face. Opening her palm, she saw them hug each other in fear.

"I just want to know if I'm doing this right and if I'm working up enough of a sweat." Reaching for the man, she pinched him between her thumb and forefinger and lifted him to her right breast. He seemed very confused and his wife watched from the palm of Kellie's other hand. Slipping the miniscule man under the fabric of her top, she set him on her nipple. She felt him clamp his legs around it and spread himself over her breast so as not to fall. But he didn't need to worry. Kellie let the fabric snap into place over him, pinning him to her breast. He could barely move and anything he said was drowned out. Kellie grinned to see the outline form of the tiny man. His wife caught her attention.

"Get him out of there you giant bitch!" she yelled from Kellie's hand. Kellie scowled at her and closed her fist around the tiny woman. There were screams of protest, but Kellie didn't care. She did, however manage to restrain herself and not crush the woman in her fist. She relaxed her grip and opened up her fist, looking down at the woman, who was trembling in fear.

"You really are a rude 'little' thing, aren't you?" her joke made her smile. Pinching the woman the same way she had the man, Kellie slid her under the other cup of her top, being rougher than she had been with the man. Setting her in place, Kellie quickly let the fabric snap back.

"Alright, since you are both so close to my heart, let me know if my heart rate gets too high. And try to hold on." Kellie smiled. Stepping down, she set the machine in motion, her legs scissoring back and forth as she began to bounce. She could feel the little man between her thighs still squirming, and with renewed vigor. The two tinies she had placed under her bra were holding on for dear life. Kellie started working harder, watching her breasts beginning to bounce up and down. She knew it would be unpleasant for the two in her top. But she didn't care. She could always get more.

As she stepped, Kellie felt the two in her top shifting. When her breasts bounced up, they were plastered against the fabric. But when her breasts were on a downward swing, the shrunken people were allowed a bit of freedom. She would feel them scramble over her nipple, exciting her even more. Several times the tiny man between her legs had nearly brought her to climax, but she wasn't ready. She wanted to savor it, enjoy every last bit of it. Then the sensations became too much for her.

Shakily, she stepped from the machine and dropped to her knees, running her hands down her sides and over her hips. She arched her back forward than backward, her breasts high in the air. She barely felt the two tiny people in her top beating on her breasts and couldn't hear their frantic cries for help. But they were short lived. Kellie stretched her long legs out in front of her, closing her thighs tighter on her invisible lover. She rested her upper half on her elbows, still arching her chest towards the ceiling. It felt so good, so exhilarating, knowing a tiny man was completely in her power and giving his life for her pleasure. She laid her back on the carpeted floor and absentmindedly began massaging her breasts, forgetting about the two people trapped in her top. Within seconds on her gentle fondling, they were mashed into pulp on her breasts, never having their pleas for help heard.

Kellie imagined the shrunken man inside her clawing and squirming trying to get out, hoping to get air. He wouldn't last much longer. This aroused Kellie beyond belief and with a long low moan, she ground her thighs together and bucked against the air, knowing she was grinding the little man inside her into nothing. Her climax lasted a good 5 minutes. When it subsided, she found herself sprawled out on the floor, two blood stains on her top. She tried to frown at it, as the blood would probably stain her favorite bikini top, but she couldn't. The tingle she felt between her thighs and running up her back was just too much. She lay there, panting, sweating.

"I guess we both won little man." She murmured aloud. "And I think I definitely got my heart rate up." She looked down at the remains of the two people in her top. She worked herself up into a sitting position and looked around the room. Her eyes transfixed on the box with her remaining toys, still sitting on the table where she had left it. It was time for a shower and she needed company.

Chapter End Notes:

Four down, three to go!

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