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It wasn’t until the next morning (or six am Earth time) that Dr. Elizabeth Monica finally opened her eyes. When she did, she almost screamed.

            There hadn’t been a nightmare. If she had been asked, she would have said she had no memory of any dream at all. She had time after she awoke to realize that she was she was lying down in someone’s bed. Had she been dreaming? Was today the day that she would finally succeed in being the first person to be teleported, and all that about a parallel universe had been nothing but a very vivid and strange dream? Or had she somehow managed to get back to her own universe and she was now in the hospital? How had she gotten back? Had her team managed to somehow pull her back? Perhaps the teleportation had failed and rendered her unconscious and she had the dream of her being in an incredibly tiny world of another universe. Maybe…


            “Oh…you’re awake.”


            It was when Elizabeth found the source of the voice that screamed.


            She was sitting at the foot of the bed. The giant lady. The previous ruler of Earth. The woman from the stars with her blue hair, purple cat suit, and her unholy tech. Even now, as she looked her in the eyes, Dr. Monica could her hear voice: I am taking complete, total, unrivaled control of Planet Earth. This is non-negotiable.


            The very same woman, who had, for some reason, left Earth after something (not everyone knew all of the details) had happened in New York City, was sitting in front of her at the foot of the bed. Dr. Monica immediately tried to get up, but her body got tangled in the coverlet and she fell off the side, painfully landing on her side. The woman from the stars, a calm look on her face, did not react to the scream at all.


            “Careful,” She said. “Don’t hurt yourself.”


            “You!” Dr. Monica wheezed, trying to crawl away from her. “You! You’re…you’re that alien woman! You’re the Avakonian! Please! Please don’t kill me! I…I’ll do anything, but please just don’t hurt me!”


            “Relax,” The Avakonain replied. “I’m not here to hurt anybody. Just calm down and get back into bed. Your body has suffered a great amount of stress and you need rest.”


            “Wha…wha?” Monica could manage only that.


            “You’re on my ship, right now,” The alien woman replied. “I’m Arell, the…well, actually, you seem to remember me, so never mind that part. How are you feeling? As I said, you’ve been through a lot, physically, and you really ought to…”


            “Why am I here!?” Dr. Monica asked, still trying to put distance between herself and the Avakonian. “Why have you brought me here? What do you want with me? I haven’t done anything to you! How could I have!? Please, let me go! I don’t want to die! I haven’t even completed all of my research yet!”


            “I’m not going to hurt you,” Arell said, calmly and soothingly. “Please stop moving so much. I’m quite serious, you really need to…”


            “Please, please!” Elizabeth continued, flailing her arms.. “Just let me go! Let me go home! I promise I won’t tell anyone you’re back, just please let me…!”


            “STOP!” Arell yelled, thrusting her arm forward. The lights that dotted her attire lit up and the power within them suddenly smacked the woman known previously as GeekZilla, causing her to seize up as if she were on a movie screen and someone had hit pause. Arell sighed. “Please…you can’t move around too much right now. Your body has undergone immense re-organization atomically, and there will be terrible consequences if you stress your muscles and your bones now.”


            Arell levitated Dr. Monica from the ground to back into the bed. Using her other hand, she pulled the coverlet back over the terrified scientist.


            “Your research is part of the reason you are here,” The Avakonian said, disengaging her suits power, allowing Elizabeth to move.


            “My research…what?” Dr. Monica asked, too terrified of the woman to disobey her orders to remain still.


            “Yes,” Arell nodded. “Your research has brought you here in a sense. I…”


            “You can have it!” Elizabeth quickly offered. “My research! If you want it, I’ll give it to you. It’s almost perfected, I know it! I was just about to test it myself. I’m sure that your people, as technological sophisticated as they are, can easily…”


            “I don’t want your research,” Arell waved this away. “Teleportation is not something that should be used on living organisms anyway. It causes far too much problems on a biological being for it ever be practical.”


            “It…it does?” Dr. Monica asked.


            “Yes,” Arell said. “It causes a lot of problems. It can cause cancer, it can cause two things to be fused together, it can cause a person to be disintegrated….” She looked at Dr. Monica. “Or…in your case…it can cause someone to grow to incredible size.”




            “You were never in another universe, Dr. Monica.” The Avakonian explained. “You were on Earth the entire time. Your teleportation pod caused a strong power surge, and, as a result, malfunctioned and projected your size to over forty times your original height. My estimates suggest you were around seven miles tall. Enough to even make my own race puny…”


            “Seven miles…me?”


            “When I saw what was happening I quickly reduced your size.” Arell said. “No doubt that both your rapid growth and shrinking has had strong impacts on your body. This is why I need you to rest. Certain parts of your body may have been weakened by all of the molecular…”


            “So…that town…” Dr. Moncia asked, slowly working it out. “That city….those things…were Earth…”


            Arell paused for a moment, a grave look on her face. “Yes.” She said finally.


            Dr. Elizabeth Monica stared at Arell, as a feeling of pure horror sank into her heart and mind. All that time…all the things she had done…how many people had she killed? Why had she even done half of the things she had done anyway? She had just thought it would be a good idea to rip a town in another dimension out of the ground just so she could take it home to study it? Why had that seemed like a good idea!? She had been so cruel to what she had thought was another system of intelligent life in another dimension....why? Everything she had done seemed so stupid!


            “I…I...I can’t believe it…” She said slowly. “My research…I…oh my god, what have I done!? I’m ruined!! They’ll KILL me for this! So many people…I may have…oh god, what have I done!?”


            Dr. Monica ran her hands through her hair and began to sob. Arell sat where she was, quietly watching, a tear falling down her own cheek. She felt everything that Elizabeth was. She had gone through something very similar. The Earthies would no doubt kill her if presented the chance. They’d be furious, and rightly so, at her for the immense damage and loss of life she had caused. Just as the other Avakonians had been when Arell had told them their story. Just as the people of Earth would do to her, the Avakonains had shunned Arell. They hadn’t killed her, but they had essentially banned her. In some ways, though, Dr. Monica had it worse. The Avakonians had showered her with forgiveness after discovering the source of Arell’s madness and warmly accepted her back. She could see no such course for Dr. Elizabeth Monica, who was now banished from Earth, a fate Arell herself had been afraid of.


            “Right now,” Arell said, softly. “You’re about my height…five hundred and thirty five feet.”


            “I’m still big!?” Elizabeth wailed.


            “Unfortunately, yes…” The Avakonian sighed. “And you almost certainly will be for the rest of your life.”


            “No…” Dr. Monica sobbed. “You’re lying…you can’t be serious…”


            “I am.”


            “Then…” Elizabeth choked. “I…I…can’t go back…ever…”


            “I’ve already spoken to my people,” Arell said. “The Avothian, the head of state on my planet, will speak with you about your predicament when we arrive.”




            “Right now, we’re on our way to my home planet, Avakon,” Arell said.


            “Avakona?” Dr. Monica asked. “Why…why are you taking me there!?”


            “It wasn’t really my intention,” The woman from the stars admitted. “You weren’t really part of the original plan. But when I saw you as you were…well, you sort of became an addition. The short story is…I came back for Bradley Peterson, so that he may speak to my…”


            “Bradley Peterson…?” Elizabeth asked, looking towards her. “I’ve heard that name before…somewhere…”


            “Yes, I’m sure you have,” Arell nodded. “He was the Earthy I…uh…well, abducted. He was also the one who brought me to my senses and…I guess saved Earth. I need him to speak to my people. They’re…not happy.”




            “They’ve seen my research of you Earthies,” She explained. “And the reaction they’ve had to it…is as bad as I thought it would be. You see, the reason I…did what I did when I last visited was because I thought I could make you all change. Make you so that I wouldn’t have to lie to my people to protect you and so I wouldn’t have to watch you kill each other day in and day out. I was wrong to do it, I know that now…but because they now know the truth, my people have begun to make the same mistakes in judgment that I have, and now the time has come to finally sit down and talk about it.”


            “I don’t understand…” Dr. Monica sobbed, not really paying too much attention.


            “I’m not surprised,” Arell nodded. “Again, you’re sort of a surprise addition to the situation. In time you’ll be fully brought to speed as to what has happened. Until then, just rest. I’ll bring you some food and drink later.”


            “Do you have a bathroom?” Elizabeth asked, sniffling. “I…I think I need to throw up…” She was thinking of the death toll of her actions.


            “Yes.” Arell said, reaching forward to help the woman up. “Move slowly and calmly and I’ll take you there. I’ll need to show you how to use the facility eventually anyway…”


            “This is stupid. How could we be so stupid?”


            Sarah LaFluer sighed as Todd began to, once again, pace about the floor, clenching his hands together nervously. He’d been going on and on, in episodes, about the situation, and it was beginning to get irritating. Even Colonel Stark had been quiet for awhile, simply sitting off near the window to look at the starry sky. Earlier, he had voiced relatively quiet agreement with McFinnley, but, after some time, had stopped.




            “We’re heading to her home planet,” Todd said. “HER home planet. The lady who tried to kill all of us is taking us to her home planet. Why did we agree to this!? We’re completely fucked! We literally just walked right to our deaths!”


            “Todd…” Sarah tried again.


            “How can we even be sure she’s telling us the truth!” McFinnley interrupted. “She even admitted to several lies the last time she was here. How do we know she’s not just trying to get revenge? That she’s going to take us to Avakon where all of her people will kill us!?”


            “Todd,” Sarah said. “There’s no way that’s the case.”


            “Why not?” Todd asked. “How could you possibly know? This is Arell we’re talking about! She’s never really forth…”


            “Because nothing you’re suggesting makes sense,” Sarah stopped him. “She doesn’t need her planet to kill us or get revenge. And, even if she was trying to kill us, we’d already be dead by now, most likely. The mere fact that she asked us to come along is more proof that she isn’t lying to us than she is.”




            “Because she doesn’t NEED to ask us.” Sarah said. “She could have just beamed us up and said, ‘You’re coming with me.’ She didn’t do that, though. Why? She’s trying to trick us? Why would she need to trick us into coming when she can easily just force us? It’s not like we could stop her if she wanted to just kidnap us. A person with the power she has over us doesn’t need to be come up with tricks to get us to follow her. You’re saying that she’s lying to us, trying to fool us…but none of that makes sense, because we know that’s not what she would do. She didn’t try to trick the planet into accepting her rule. She turned the power off, kidnapped all the world leaders, and made it happen.”


            Todd sat down heavily, grumbling.


            “Now, the best thing to do now is just hope for the best. You think that we have it bad right now, but imagine what Bradley must be going through right now. He’s the one who the Avakonians are expecting to change their minds. He’s the one who, in the end, is going to represent the Planet Earth…”



            Bradley Peterson could not believe that he was going to represent Planet Earth.

            Arell had beamed up an unsold mobile home, one of the more fancy ones that actually tried to look like a house, for her new guests in an effort to make them feel more comfortable. Somehow, the thing had power, which Bradley wasn’t sure how she had managed to do that, but at this point knew it didn’t really matter. Arell was always seeming capable of doing things, and just one more thing shouldn’t surprise him that much. She had sent Sarah and the rest of them back to their homes to gather some personal belongings. Nice of her, but she hadn’t bothered doing so for Bradley. He assumed because she knew that his apartment no longer existed. Thanks to GeekZilla.

            Bradley was now sitting in his new room in the mobile home, staring out the window, which did not have a starry sky outside. Though Arell had placed the mobile home next to a window to allow a view outside her ship, his window just showed the inside, which he was well accustomed to by now. He had to find a way to get out of this, even though he was beginning to think that it was too late. Why had he said ‘yes’ earlier? How could have he been so stupid as to agree to do something so immensely crazy as try to go to an alien planet and try to convince its massive, intelligent, and immeasurably powerful race to change their minds about his own planet and to spare his people. How the hell was he suppose to do that!? He had taken Public Speaking only once in his schooling years, and had been terrible at it then, only managing to get through with a “C”. During his speech assignments, he had always fumbled, stuttered, shifted on his feet, and could not make eye-contact with the audience. Now he was an ambassador (or maybe a diplomat) for Earth to Avakon! As far as he was concerned, this was the worst idea that anybody could have come up with.

            There had been sounds coming from Arell’s room. Probably Arell dealing with the finally awake GeekZilla, who had devastated the planet Earth about eight hours ago. It was difficult to sympathize with the woman, honestly. He understood that she had not meant to do the damage that she had, and was currently looking at spending the rest of her life as a giant freak and never being allowed back on Earth. But at the same time, she had killed untold thousands, perhaps millions, and done incredible damage to everything everywhere she went. That, and she had destroyed his car and his home and had nearly killed him in the process.

            Movement outside the window. Bradley looked  towards it and saw, as the mobile home shuddered softly under her movement, Arell entire the room. He got up and walked out the back door of the mobile home and walked around to the front. Arell must have wanted to speak to him too, as she came right up and knelt down to bring her eyes before him.


            “How is she?” Bradley asked, not sure if he really cared or not.


            “She’s alive,” Arell answered. “Devestated, and lucky not to have literally fallen apart, but…alive.”


            “Yeah, well…she did destroy half of the United States,”


            “Don’t be hard on her. This is not her fault.”


            “It’s not mine either.”


            “I know, but try to think what’s she’s going through right now. She…”


            “I’m not exactly living the easy life right now, Arell…”


            “I know, but, she’s basically losing everything right now,” Arell explained. “Her people now hate her, and all she’s guilty of is trying to design a revolutionary new technology for them. She had all the best intentions, or at least no intention for people to get hurt. And now look what’s happened.”


            “Speaking of her,” Peterson said. “You said you managed to…resize her or whatever. When can I…”


            He stopped when he saw Arell shaking her head.


            “I knew you would ask about that,” She said. “I’m sorry, Bradley, but I can’t adjust your size.”


            “You did with GeekZilla…”


            “I had no choice,” Arell told him. “She was far too big and she was destroying the planet. I had to stop her. And now she’s bedridden because her body isn’t use to such rapid growth and shrinking. It’s terribly unhealthy, and potentially lethal. I had to perform several tests and remove several spores of cancer cells growing on certain organs inside her. She’s very luck, to say the least!”


            Oh, so you guys can cure cancer too, Bradley though, good to know.


            “So I’m going to be talking to your people like this?” He asked. “Tiny little caveman Earthy Bradley Peterson to speak to the mighty, giant, advanced Avakonians? And you think this is a good idea?”


            “Your size isn’t important,” Arell said. “Even if I did make you as big as us, it wouldn’t help you anyway. They don’t care how big you are, they care about the history of you planet.”


            “But I’m only one guy!” Peterson protested. “What on Earth am I supposed to do!? Apologize for the actions of people I have no control over and for the mistakes of generations before me!?”


            “No,” Arell said. “What you need to do is show them what you showed me. When we were in New York, you didn’t stop me with violence, with anger, or anything like that. You, tiny little caveman Bradley Peterson, stood before me and spoke from his heart. What you did is something only a very brave and intelligent being would do. Any two creatures can lash out at each other violently, but it is a beautiful thing when a species evolves past such barbarity. I need you to show that same beauty to my own people. Make them realize that you Earthies truly are something special and not just a race of savages.”


            “I don’t know how you want me to do that,” Bradley said.


            “I know it won’t be easy,” Arell said. “But you’re the only one that I believe can do it.”


            “What happens if I can’t?” Bradley asked.


            “Then Earth’s future is in jeopardy,” She replied.



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