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Dr. Monica saw something flash out of the corner of her eye and turned towards it. She looked in time to see another rocket fly into the sky and burst into a colorful bouquet of flames in the sky. She could just faintly hear the pop of the explosives as they ignited.


            “Fireworks?” Lizzy pondered aloud. In this universe, apparently the beings had fireworks as well. But…why were they firing them right now? Surely most of them would be reasonably terrified of her, with the size difference being so drastic. Yet, here they were, launching them into the air right in front of her. They wouldn’t do that unless…

            Ah! They’re trying to signal me, Lizzy thought.

            She reached down and seized the town and held it in her one hand. Then, she began to crawl towards where the fireworks were going off.


            Something was happening, but Bradley had no idea what it was. He couldn’t understand GeekZilla’s words, since she was too loud to reliably make out, but looking up at her face, something had grabbed her attention.

            Peterson was standing near the middle of town. He had given up trying to find a place to hide and was now mostly focusing on staying alive and atop the rock the town was sitting on. Somehow, some buildings were still standing, but most of them were either destroyed or collapsing. Bradley could do nothing. The drop was too far, GeekZilla was too tall, and he was too small. There was nothing that could stop the giant red head.

            All he could do was wait…

            She was coming.

            The great and powerful GeekZilla ate up the sky and blocked out the sun as she came towards the team. Her face was like a mega sized Mt. Everest that had come to life. Her breasts were like mountains in and of themselves, stretching over their heads forever. The sound of her heart rate filled their ears and the ground quaked harder and harder with every move she made. Fortunately, they had planned for this. The fireworks were fastened to the ground to minimize the chance that they’d fall over. As long as the ground could hold at least to some degree, they wouldn’t fall.


            “She’s not gonna see us!” Fred cried. “She’s gonna crawl right over us!”


            “Fire two rockets!” Stark called. “We have to make sure she stops right in front of us!”    


            “Yes sir!” A soldier cried back.


            “She took the town,” Todd said to Sarah. “I was sort of hoping she’d leave it while she looked at us.”


            “Too late now,” Sarah said, nervously.


            “Over here, GeekZilla!” Kevin called, excitedly. His phone was out and he was taking pictures. “Man! There’s so much boob here that I can’t fit it all in one frame! A blessing and a curse!”


            “Shut up, you moron!” Stark barked.


            “Hey! Who’s in charge of this operation?” Ward asked him.


            “I am, you dumbass!” The Colonel shot. “I’m only doing this because there weren’t many other options and my superiors didn’t want to go with a nuke! Some nonsense about her being a moving target! Apparently we’re not capable of aiming anymore!”


            “Whatever, still in charge!” Kevin laughed.


            “No you aren’t, you...!!”


            “Guys!” Sarah cried. “This really is not the time for you to argue!”


            “He started it!” Kevin grinned, pointing at Stark.


            “I don’t care!” LaFluer shouted. “I’m finishing it!”


            “What’s the hold up with those rockets!?” Stark shouted.


            “Two of them were duds, sir!” Someone called back. “We had to skip to the next set!”


            “Well hurry up!”


            The soldiers hurried to the next batch of rockets lined up and lit them. Two more rockets soared into the air and burst. GeekZilla stopped crawling forward and observed the fireworks for a brief moment. Then, she leaned forward, her eyes closing in on the team. Randy shivered as the biggest cornea he’d ever seen drew ever nearer. She wasn’t looking exactly directly at them, but it was close enough for the plan to work.


            “Alright, she’s looking!” Stark called. “Turn on the flood lights and get that flag unfolded!”


            The bright lights that had been installed came on, and a team of thirty soldiers jogged forward carrying a large, folded American. Up above, GeekZilla’s enormous eyes seemed to register the flood lights, and she was now squinting, apparently realizing that something was trying to tell her something.


            “She knows we’re trying to talk to her,” Todd said, tense, but excited. “It’s working!”


            The flag was unraveled, and the thirty soldiers stretched it out as far as they could and held it into the bright light of the flood lights.



            She saw lights appear where the fireworks were being launched from. Curious, she leaned forward, wanting to see what was happening. It was still very difficult as the beings of this dimension were still immensely small. The lights that she saw were but a small spot on the ground. Visible, but just by a little bit. She focused as hard as she could, trying to see what would happen. They had to be very brave creatures, whatever they were, for trying to contact her, even with this absurd height difference. They…


            Something appeared within the lights. Lizzy quickly strained her eyes to see what it was. Whatever it was, it was striped…she saw that almost immediately. The small size of the thing made the colors blotch together in her vision. There was red and white, those were definitely there. A third color was there too, but it was hard to tell what with…


            Something clicked in Lizzy’s brain and she froze. Striped? Red? White? A third color? Perhaps…blue? She looked at the thing again, focusing as hard as she could now. It was still hard to tell at this damn size…but it could be blue. Red, white, and blue. A striped banner.


            “The flag…?” Lizzy said aloud. “The…the American Flag?”


            All of sudden she was confused. Was it possible that the American Flag was in another world? Maybe this was a parallel universe of some kind where everything was smaller? But…why were they trying to show it to her? What would that accomplish? Was it some sort of peace offering? A token of surrender…no, that was the white flag. What was happening here?

            Or maybe…was she even in another dimension?

            No…she had to be. Everything was so small here and she was so big! This had occurred after the teleportation. How could teleportation result in her being so huge!? This place had to be another dimension…right? Or maybe…it had been the teleportation…somehow.

            She looked down at the signal again. More clearly she saw the red and white, still fuzzy on the blue. It was definitely striped…maybe it was just her imagination. Maybe it wasn’t anything like the American Flag. Maybe she was just so accustomed to that one that a similar flag at this height would confuse her into thinking it was the Star Spangled Banner.

            Or maybe she was wrong?

            She kept looking.



            “Does she get it!?” Todd cried.


            “I don’t know!” Stark yelled back. “Her face is so goddamn huge that I can’t read her expressions!”


            “What do we do?” Randy called.


            “Just stand your ground!” Stark shouted. “This might work! We just need to keep the course until…”


            He was cut off  by a loud hiss that emitted when the two “dud” rockets from earlier suddenly came alive and soared into the air.



            A blinding burst of firework suddenly blew forth into Dr. Elizabeth Monica’s face and she gasped, leaning back immediately to avoid the fire, now resorting a squatting position.


            The sudden movement destroyed whatever remained on the town in her hands. Several people went flying off the edge of the rock and plummeted to Earth. Bradley Peterson was, at one moment, standing in the midst of the town, watching GeekZilla; and the next he was off the ground and sailing off thousands of feet. At one point the “flying” town actually took flight…when Lizzy began to pinwheel her arms as she lost balance.


            Bradley Peterson suddenly found himself falling to his death from over two miles…with a several hundred ton town coming down like a meteor right behind him. Sarah, Todd, Stark, Randy, Fred, and Kevin, as well as the rest of the team from the plan, were all standing right under all of this as the debris of the town, and the town itself, came for them.


            “HOLY SHIT!” Stark yelled. “She’s going over! She’s going over!”


            Everyone tried to run, all of them knowing full well that there was absolutely no where to go.


            Dr. Monica’s pinwheeling arms did nothing to serve her. She lost her footing and began to fall forward. If there would be any survivor of the debris and then the town…they would still have to deal with seven miles of an endowed woman’s body.


            Bradley Peterson, falling in the midst of cars, screaming people, and ruined buildings, eventually fainted.


            His last thought was: I just turned thirty three.



            When she opened her eyes, Sarah thought it was the light of heaven.


            She had been raised Christian, and while she no longer considered herself a follower of the church, she still believed in a deity of sorts, even though she thought she’d never even begin to understand such a being. Heaven had always appealed to her as a child, and even today she still held onto the hope that there was something positive in the afterlife, something that could be called ‘heaven’. The idea of a place where there was no more war, no more suffering, no more pain, and no more fear had brought some motivation in tough times of her life. She felt that heaven was not just a place you got into, you had to live your life and earn a place there. When things got rough, she told herself that someday, if she remained strong and continued working go deeds and loving her family, that she’d find her spot in heaven, where she would be eternally happy.

            She then turned her head, and a sharp pain struck her head. This was not heaven, and she was still alive.

            Sarah LaFluer lifted her head, her cheek squelching on a smooth glassy surface as she did. The first thing she saw was Randy, who was lying on his side right next to her, unconscious. Todd was behind her, his head resting on top of her ankle. In front of Todd was Kevin and Fred, with the former lying on top of the other in an “X” fashion. Next to them, was Colonel Stark, whose hat was now missing.

            They had somehow survived…or at least it appeared that they had.


            “Todd!” Sarah whispered, shaking him. “Todd, wake up!”


            “Hurr…huuuu…what!? Where!?” He popped up into a sitting position, eyes darting around. “What happened? Are we dead? Where’s GeekZilla?”


            “I don’t know…” Sarah said, glancing around. “We’re not in the field anymore, I…”


            “OW!” Kevin cried out suddenly. “Dude, will you stop kicking my head!”


            “Oh, Kevin, there you are…” Todd said.


            “Yeah, hi, now stop kicking me!”


            “Get off!” Fred gasped flailing his arms. “I can’t breathe!”


            “Get your hands off me, you idiot!” Stark barked, as Fred accidentally slapped him.


            “Keep it down, I’m trying to sleep…” Randy murmured, opening his eyes dazedly.


            “GET OFF!” Fred yelled, knocking Kevin off, who landed on Randy.


            “OOF!” Fredrickson gushed.


            “What is your malfunction?” Stark snapped at Fred.


            “He was crushing me!” Bowden complained.


            “Can’t…breathe…” Randy wheezed.


            “Guys!” Sarah cried. “How many times do I have to break up these stupid fights!? Just say you’re sorry to each other and move on!”


            “What’s going on…?” Another voice mumbled. All of them turned towards it. A few feet from where they lay…


            “Bradley!” Todd cried. “You’re alive!”


            Peterson sat up, his head hurting as much as a bad hangover. He turned to see his band of friends leaping to their feet and running to him. And at that moment, he was immensely glad to see all of them.


            “Hey, you guys made it!” He said as Sarah threw her arms around him.


            “We should be saying that to you!” LaFluer cried. “We thought you wouldn’t make it!”


            “Well, well…” Stark said, walking up. “Look who’s still staying alive…”


            “Stark?” Peterson asked, as the Colonel helped him up. “Where…?”


            “Nevermind that now, Peterson.” He interrupted. “Are you hurt? How was the situation in town?”


            “Completely fucked.” Peterson sighed. “The place completely fell apart at the end there. I don’t know how many people fell off or jumped or whatever. I…I think I’m fine…I think. I’m standing…so…I’m just glad you guys are alright. I thought that you might have gotten stepped on.” He paused. “Did you guys do it? Did you take care of…uh…”


            “GeekZilla,” Kevin helped out.




            “I…well…no,” Stark said. “I don’t think…last thing I remember this moron’s plan was falling apart…and down on our heads…literally.”


            “That’s right…” Sarah nodded. “We didn’t do anything…Dr. Monica must still be out there…”


            “Dr. Monica?” Peterson asked.


            “GeekZilla,” Kevin helped out.


            “Oh…” Bradley said. “So…you guys don’t know what happened to her?”


            “Son, right now I don’t know what’s happened to us!” Stark replied. “She was falling right on top of us! And somehow we’ve managed to survive!”


            “Uh...guys…where are we?” Randy asked, pointing ahead. “What are THOSE things?”


            Sarah turned to where he was pointing. “Those things” were a row of mechanical pods built into the wall. Like some sort of Escape Pod that one might see in a Sci-Fi movie. Nothing was in any of them. She eyed each one, and didn’t see anything inhabiting any of them. She remembered what Stark had said. Dr. Monica’s research had been about teleportation. He had mentioned TelePods of some kind. Somehow, they had found their way back to GeekZilla’s laboratory, back where the whole mess had started! Maybe all they needed to do now was gather her research and maybe they could end this whole affair and be done with it!


            “The Telepods!” She said.


            “What?” Stark asked.


            “Dr. Monica’s TelePods!” Sarah repeated. “That’s them, I’m sure of it! We must be at her lab! We might be able to fix her now!”


            “Her lab?” Randy asked. “How did we get here?”


            “I don’t know…” Sarah said. “But I’m sure that’s what those things there are! We can…”


            Bradley emitted an odd laugh, interrupting her. All of them looked at him. He was covering his face with one hand, laughing a terrible laugh. It was the kind of laugh some men might make when they realize that the shit has hit the fan and they can’t do anything about it. Peterson’s skin had gone pale and goosebumps were running up his arms. His head began to shake left and right.


            “Bradley?” Todd asked. “Wh-What’s wrong?”


            There was a noise behind them. A big noise. Everyone except Bradley froze.


            “B-B-Bradley…?” Sarah asked, her voice trembling.


            He looked towards her, his haunted eyes going horribly with the stark, frightened grin on his face. Then, he turned and looked back. The others then did as well.


            And then, they all hid behind Peterson. Even Colonel Stark took two steps back.


            A small smile appeared on Arell’s face as they took notice of her, seated in front of them, her arms crossed under her breasts.


            “Hello, my little Earthy.” She said.


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