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“The Pod is ready, Dr. Monica,”




            The Pod’s large metal door slid open, the interior glowed brightly from the florescent lights on the inside. Dr. Elizabeth Monica (affectionately known as Lizzy to her friends) raked up the zipper of the red catsuit-esque test subject attire and took a deep breath. This was the moment that she had been anticipating for a long time. Now that it was here, she wasn’t entirely sure she truly wanted to go through with it. But she knew she had to, and though her heart hammered inside her breast, there was no way she was going to let her team see her like that. If they did, she didn’t think they would let her go through with it either. She had volunteered to be the test subject, and it was too late to back down now.

            Her team had made magnificent progress in an unprecedented research program; one that sought to achieve the goal of taking a human being and teleporting them from one location to another, unharmed and completely intact. The project was initially started as a way to more quickly and efficiently deliver goods. Vendors and Retailers would be able to meet the demands of their customers without having to employ a mass amount of drivers and spend huge amounts of money on wages and fuel. But soon after that, there was talk of human teleportation. Cars, planes, and most vehicles would be rendered obsolete, and the usage of fossil fuels would go down dramatically. The medical industry could potentially transport patients in dire need to the right people instantly, thus increasing the chance of saving lives in grim situations. People who lived in areas prone to tornados or other natural disasters could possibly escape in mere seconds. And, of course, the military could ship soldiers out to battle much quicker.

            The potential gain from such research seemed to be beyond limits, if the art of teleportation were mastered. So, a team of leading physicists and engineers were banded together to make it happen. The brightest bulb amongst them was the team leader, Dr. Elizabeth “Lizzy” Monica, a Yale graduate who had been a prodigy as a child. She had skipped three grades during her schooling years, and had never once not been on the honor roll. Her GPA was flawless, her marks never falling below an A. At least, it was like that until high school as, while intellectually gifted, Lizzy was not always a shining example of model behavior. She had gotten in trouble a few times for skipping school because she found it boring and an extreme waste of time. Eventually, she found it so painfully boring, that she worked as hard as she could to graduate early, taking extra classes and even enrolled in some college level classes online. By the end of her second year, she graduated with the Seniors and went immediately to Yale University with a full tuition scholarship. She left five years later with a PhD in Theoretical Physics, Engineering, and Mathematics.

            Her constant work was not without its drawbacks. Though not without friends, Lizzy had no one that she would consider a close friend, one that she would tell anything meaningful to. While she didn’t strut her intelligence like a rich man does with his money, Lizzy usually believed that she was smarter than everyone in her life, which occasionally and implicitly reflected in her behavior towards other people, which they often quietly resented. But Elizabeth, in most cases, wasn’t incredibly difficult to have a amicable relationship with. She was pretty, tall, slim, and curved with fiery red hair (short and often tied in a bun), and bright blue eyes, which were enlarged by the black rimmed glasses she wore. She also had large breasts, which were a blessing and a curse. They had come quickly in her physical development, but after some time, she was glad. At the age of fifteen, she looked nineteen, which was often very useful. But at the same time, Lizzy believed that if a woman had large breasts, she was doomed to be labeled an airhead by her peers. She turned this curse on its head by using at just another reason to continue her education, to show that even endowed women had brains that functioned perfectly fine.

            It was only natural that a woman as gifted as Lizzy (both mentally and physically), would want to accomplish something big, something HUGE. And when approached with the offer to lead a team into mastery the art of teleportation, something that would revolutionize the world, she quickly accepted. Funding hadn’t been a problem for the first two years, and in that short time, Dr. Monica was already making extraordinary progress. Her team had already succeeded in transporting small objects, such as pennies and thumbtacks. Bigger objects proved to be more difficult. There were resounding failures. Some went into one pod and came into the other pod either a pile of ash or puffs of smoke. Something never showed up at all, and simply disappeared without a trace. But as a few more years passed, barriers slowly began to fade, and larger objects were successfully transported. Eventually, the only thing that limited what could be transported was the sized of the Pod.

            But life always has a barrier. This barrier came into form as a severe cut in funding. With the extraordinary progress the team was making could only justifiably lose funding for some extraordinary reason. Unfortunately for Dr. Monica…there was one.


            Earth had been invaded.


            It had been three years since the massive woman known as Arell had shut down all major networks of the planet, descended onto the surface, absconded with the leaders of every country, and took complete control of the globe. The American Military had had a chance to attack her, and failed to even inflict any damage upon her. The woman had access to technology that the humans of Earth couldn’t even dream of and her size and strength was far greater than any regular man. She was undefeatable…yet, in the end, she left Earth alone. Not everyone knows why, but everyone knows that something happened in New York City, the last place the woman was spotted. Three years has passed…and Arell, nor anyone from her planet “Avakon” have been heard from. But several people on Earth were still on edge. And so were their militaries.

            The American Government shifted fundings on military weapons, wanting something that could save humanity should the Avakonians appear again. Had the funding not been cut, Elizabeth Monica believe that the moment she was about to experience, the first teleportation of a living, healthy human being, would have happened much sooner.  

            But as the interior of the Pod stared at her, the gravity of the situation hit her. She took another deep breath, her breasts straining the zipper of suit she was wearing.

            “Are you sure you want to go through with this, Dr. Monica?”


            “Of course.” Lizzy nodded, speaking carefully so that her voice didn’t waver. “I am the head of this Program, and it only makes sense that I should be the test subject. Is the Pod at the other facility linked and ready?” She didn’t want to continue talking about whether or not she was ‘sure’ she wanted to go through with the test for fear that she might change her mind.


            “Yes ma’am. The Pods are linked and ready to go.”


            “Very well.” Lizzy nodded again. “Well, then…I guess there’s nothing left than for me to enter. Wait for my signal before you activate the Molecular Deconstruction process.”


            “Yes ma’am.”


            With a final nod, Dr. Elizabeth Monica stepped inside the TelePod. When the heavy metal door slipped behind her, she closed her eyes.


            I really hope this works, she thought, I am in no way prepared for death.


            She raised a fist, which hung in the air in a brief moment of hesitation, and then knocked three times. This was the signal. Outside the button was pushed and the TelePod began to whir and a hum. The sound was soft at the beginning, but slowly began to climb.


            “Alright, the Molecular Deconstruction has begun…”


            The team watched a monitor that showed a 3-D hologram of Dr. Monica’s molecular structure. After the Pod scanned her body, the molecules slowly began to break down into a cloud of atoms that could be transported via the link and reassembled at the other facility, where the other Pod was located.


            “The molecular breakdown has finalized! Her atoms should be traveling across the link now! She’s almost there! It shouldn’t…”


            “Wait, hold on, what’s going on?”


            Something was happening. The Pod usually grew bright from energy during teleportation, but it was currently reaching a brightness that was unusual to the researchers. The hum was also getting louder and started to waver. A loud crack of electricity popped from the cords of the machine, causing the scientists to jump.


            “It’s going to explode! Turn it off! Turn it off!!”


            “Are you insane! Her atoms are broken down! We can’t turn it of NOW!”


            “But we can’t…”


            Before the sentence could be complete, an earth shattering quake ripped through the laboratory, collapsing the structure on top of everyone who was inside…



            It was 2:13 PM when Dr. Elizabeth Monica opened her eyes.


She wasn’t sure how long she stood before she realized that was still alive. A bright white light had taken over her vision, and she had instinctively squeezed her eyes shut when she felt a strong surge of energy course through her body. Next had come a torrent of strange sensations following a loud hum. She was sure that at some point she had lost consciousness, but she didn’t remember when it was lost or when she got it back.


            She wasn’t even aware it was over until a breeze fluttered against her skin, the feeling of which caused her eyes to pop open from the sudden stimulation.


            Her eyes were unprepared for the sunlight and she had to squint her eyes to slits before they finally became adjusted. When they did, she beheld a large open field, a bright blue summer sky above her. No TelePod, no laboratory, no fellow researchers. Just open land, the warm summer breeze through her hair and the smell of the out doors. Somehow she had not been transported to the other pod.


            “What…?” Lizzy quietly asked herself, spinning in a complete 360, looking around. More nothing was behind her. “Where…?”


            Something had gone wrong. That much was already clear. But, whatever had happened, she had managed to survive it…had she? She looked down and quickly examined her body. Everything seemed to be there, no missing limbs, nothing in the wrong place, no hand where a foot should be…


            Dr. Elizabeth Monica looked back to vast field of nothing.


            “I’m alive...I’m alive…” She said softly, her heart pounding in her chest. “But where am I?”


            There was nothing to help her identify where she was. Not a single landmark was clear. There were no lakes, no rocks, no mountains, not even trees. The ground was green, but it didn’t look like grass. It behaved more like dirt under her feet. No sand, so she wasn’t in a desert.


            “Where am I??” Lizzy asked the field of nothing. “What happened?”



            It would later be verified that it was exactly 2:13PM when it all started. Several phone pics were taken and a man who happened to be filming his son’s third birthday also captured the event. The time stamps on all sources converged on the one precise time of 2:13PM. A fair amount of these photos only made it in the hands of Government officials because the owners of the phones uploaded them onto the Cloud. Had they not done so, they would have vanished with their owners, most of whom were dead less ten minutes after the photos were taken.

            Reagan Crandall, the man who was filming his son’s party, had his camera focused on his young child, who was blowing out the candles on his cake, when what appeared to be a flash of lightning shot across the sky. It was the heaviest flash of light that Crandall said he had ever seen and he instinctively cast his camera up towards it. He would later tell officials that he had thought it was rather strange for something like that to occur, since there had not been a cloud in the sky that day.

            Watching the video of the party, one sees Crandall’s son, followed by the flash, then some blurring as the camera is suddenly shifted, and then something that is not easily identifiable…at least at first. Most viewers of the film quickly notice that whatever it is, it’s bright red. The next is that it appears to be a tower or some sort of massive structure that has literally fallen out of the sky. This idea of a building is quickly abandoned in the next moments of the film. The camera continues to pan upward as Crandall tries to get a good shot. Someone in the film, one of the other parents, says “Holy Shit”. The camera pans up and up and up till Crandall gasps (from back pain, officials learned later). Despite the fact that he is looking as high as he can, it is still not clear what he is looking at. A child screams in the film. This sets of a cascade wails and hollering. The massive thing appears to move. Crandall screams himself. Then, something that most viewers could only describe as a massive explosion occurs and Crandall drops the camera, ending the footage.

            Crandall would later tell officials that, at the time, he couldn’t even begin to imagine what he was looking at. When asked why, he told them that his imagination knew of nothing that was that big…


            Dr. Elizabeth Monica finally collected herself to take one small step forward, still looking around for something and still coming to terms with the fact that something had gone wrong and she had apparently survived it. She wasn’t sure if she was supposed to be excited, scared, or upset. She had been transported, but where ever she had wound up, it was the strangest place she had ever seen. It just was an open area. No visible plants or vegetation, no sign of life, no birds tweeting or anything. Just barren nothingness.


            “Hello?” Lizzy called out softly, knowing nothing would happen but unsure what else to do. No one replied with no surprise. She closed her eyes. “Okay…think…get ahold of yourself and think. I’m not dead. So I survived the teleportation, but I was not transported to the right place. Somehow I wound up outside somewhere. I don’t know where. But, I’m fine. I’m alive. And I’m just going to move on and find out where I am.”


            Comforted by the sound of her own voice, Dr. Monica took a long, deep breath and then began to walk. No matter where she looked there appeared to be nothing, so there was no indicator that any direction was any more right than another. So she just went forward.

            The people at the Crandall house were the some of the few that survived as their small town soon ceased to exist. The grooves in the soles of Dr. Monica’s boots had saved them…


            Twenty minutes and there was still nothing in sight.


            “No sign of civilization…” Lizzy muttered to herself, her heart beginning to pick up again. “Somehow my atomic structure was reassembled…in the middle of an abyss of absolute nothing.” She stopped walking and sighed in frustration and worry. “This is bad…I have no idea of where I am or how I got here and there’s nothing to see! Miles of just open nothing!” Placing a hand over her forehead to block the sunlight beating down, Lizzy focused her gaze as far as she could and, of course, saw nothing. She sighed again.


            Though there was a good chance she might not have seen it even if she were to look down, there was something at Dr. Monica’s feet. If it did manage to miraculously register in her visual consciousness, she would have merely dismissed it as pile of little pebbles. There were people on the main street of the town, where life had been normal up to about fifteen minutes ago, when what became a rapidly worsening earthquake had begun. At least an earthquake was what the towns people had all thought it was. In a span of mere minutes, the sleepy town was rocked so hard that buildings simply fell apart. The area was not prone to earthquakes and the structures were not built to handle the heavy shaking. Some people thought that the ground was literally going to break apart. Others thought that something was coming out of the ground. It wasn’t until something of ungodly height stopped right before their town that the earthquake talk finally died down. The four survivors of the incident all said that a massive monster had found the town. Another thing they described was something like a voice that sounded like an explosion that learned to speak…


            “Ugh…” Dr. Elizabeth Monica sighed. The heat that was bearing down on her from the sun was not helping her mood. Where ever she was it was uncomfortably warm. She cast a quick, weary glance towards the sun. “I feel like I’ve managed to get closer to the sun…” She grabbed the zipper of her suit and pulled it down and fanned her ample bosom. “I’m already starting to sweat.”


            At that time a breeze blessed the sweaty scientist’s hot face and she embraced it full heartedly. Bending slightly so that the wind could flow between her breasts, Lizzy sighed from the relief that the breeze brought. From behind her left ear, a small sweat droplet appeared. It rolled down the scientist’s jaw bone, quickly climbed down her neck, and smoothly slid across the full length of her left breast, narrowly avoiding meeting a premature end inbetween the two bosoms. As Lizzy bent, her chest bounced only a little, but it was enough to propel the small drop of off her skin and plummeting to the ground.         

            The drop hit the town almost completely dead on, with almost no one even seeing it coming. It struck the ground with a fierce watery explosion, catapulting liquid in every direction with lethal force, washing away buildings, people, and cars with ease and leaving not one trace. Several people drowned almost immediately if they even survived the impact. Up above, Lizzy reached up and wiped her brow with the back of her hand, flicking off several beads of sweat from her skin. Most of these missed the town itself, but they were bigger than the original drop and the splash send a tidal wave of sweat crashing into whatever remained of the little burg. Soon, what had been a simple small town was now an ocean of sweat, the ground soaking up gallons of the excrement, the storms drains overflowed almost instantly, unable to hold the mass amounts of water. The roads that led into town were also hit by waves, handling any people who were outside the town’s boundaries. The four who managed to survive only by being far away from the drops so that they only got hit by the end of a wave.


            “Ahhh…that breeze felt good.” Lizzy sighed, fanning her breasts again with the neck of her suit, causing her bosom to shake again. A few more beads of sweat fell to the earth, but now there was nothing left below to hit, and they merely added to the mess. She finally unbent and looked around again. “Alright…now…where am I? There is nothing to help me answer this question.” She looked down (she saw the tiny dark spots were her sweat had dropped) towards the earth. “Is this a desert? There’s no sand or anything.” She crouched and reached down and ran a hand along the ground. “This looks like dirt…but it doesn’t feel like dirt…it feels odd.”


            She stood back up and took a few more steps forward, looking around as she did. When there was still nothing to behold, she threw her hands up in frustration.


            “I don’t get it!” She complained aloud to herself. “I still don’t understand what happened! How did this even happen! There’s no way I could have just reappeared in the middle of nowhere! I was supposed to reappear in the other Pod, but I’m in the middle of nowhere with no clue where I am and no one…”


            She stopped in mid sentence. Her eyes widened behind her glasses. No one knew she was here. Hell, she didn’t even know where she was! And she had no cell phone or anything! She had removed those before stepping into the Pod. There was nothing to guide her anywhere, and no one around to guide her. Where ever she was, she was alone. And unless she got incredibly lucky, she had a feeling that nobody was going to show up to rescue her any time soon.

            As these thoughts came to mind, a dizziness manifested in Dr. Elizabeth Monica’s head and she stumbled a little bit, her heart hammering. She had managed to survive the teleportation, even in the face of what appeared to be a malfunction of epic proportions, but now she was in the midst of nowhere with no food, water, or hope of rescue. She cheated Death once…but it looked like he would win round two by starving her slowly. This was very bad…and she was probably going to die when everything was through.


            “No…” Lizzy said quietly. “No…not me…I…I can’t…” She now began to regret ever volunteering to be the test subject. Not only did she not deserve to die, she was far too young. She was still in her twenties, only two more years until she hit thirty! “Stop it…just relax….I just…I need to sit down…and think this through….”


            Dr. Monica lowered herself to the ground to sit. Had she been in a more stable state of mind, she may have seen the town. It was larger than the previous one that she had sweated on, but not by too much. There were no survivors and thus no footage of what the event looked like from within the town has been found in the remains. The only footage that exists was from a news team that was doing another story when the massive being arrived. The camera man tried to film the entirety of the giant creature, but it was so high up that it was impossible to see all of it. It was a person though, of that they had no doubt. They saw enough of the enormous body parts to recognize them as human. The voice was also their, and despite the unbearable boom that accompanied it, it was still somewhat hearable. The camera man filmed as Dr. Monica brought the large bright red rear of the suit down on the ground, completely enveloping the entire circumference of the town and more. A cloud of dust and rocketing debris was shot in all directions and hit the news team, ending the footage and killing the reporter.


            “Okay…okayokayokay…” Lizzy said to herself. “I can get through this. I just have to get ahold of myself and think…panicking will only make things worse…I just…I….eh?”


            What she saw next was so fascinating that she actually forgot that she was in a dire situation for a moment. On the ground ahead of her was what, at first glance, appeared to be an pile of carefully arranged small rocks. Curious, Lizzy leaned forward, getting on her hands and knees and crawled over to the small pool of rocks.


            People had already begun panicking in the city well before Dr. Monica noticed them. They had a fine view of her while she had complained of the heat, worried about her situation, and had sat down. In that short time, she had walked several miles in a span of mere seconds, caused enough quakes to rock the city into next week, and had absolutely terrified the entire population. Now, her massive face hung over the city like a huge moon, the giant eyes staring down at the city with complete wonder. She exhaled a breath, which sent cars and people flying down the streets like pinballs. Screams filled the air, but none were strong enough to reach the height of the woman’s ears. The pitter patter of her heart was strong enough to cause parts of the city to quake and bounce in sync with its rhythm. A long lock of hair turned into a wrecking ball and plowed through several blocks of land in an instant. The smell of cherry bubble gum (which she had chewed earlier before going into the Pod) filled the entire city. One survivor who witnessed the massive scientist later said that he thought that more than a quarter of the city, which had over a million people, could fit in one nostril of the woman’s nose.


            Dr. Elizabeth “Lizzy” Monica stared at the formation in front of her eyes.


            “What is this little patch?” She asked herself quietly.


            The air of her words blew away several blocks.

Chapter End Notes:

Don't worry...Bradley and the others will appear in the next chapter. ;)

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