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Author's Chapter Notes:

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"Derrick wake up, you're gonna make us late!"

            Derrick Rockwell reluctantly opened his eyes and accepted the start of a new day as his sister Brittany's voice trailed down the hallway.  Looking up the sky seemed to stretch for miles to the ceiling, way past the walls of his bedroom, which ended around 9 feet.  The sight would be inspiring if it didn't immediately remind him of why he'd rather stay asleep.

            He pushed his blanket off with a sigh, a giant pair of blue cotton panties that he was pretty sure used to belong to his sister Danielle, and got to his feet.  All around he could hear the sounds of his family hustling to get ready for morning inspection, a busy but happy noise that made him smile despite his mood.  The girls' shower was running, Brittany probably went right in after waking him, and he could hear someone on the running wheel.  He figured that was mom.  Erica would like that, she was always happy when their parents exercised.

            Although they technically had more space than they could ever use the Compound was always crowded.  That was nothing new for Derrick though after growing up in a family of 8. 

            'At least the Compound only has 7 of us' Derrick thought as he ventured into the hall, almost colliding with his little brother Sammy who was looking desperately for somewhere to hide a giant gummy bear from his birthday the night before.  'Stick Erica in here and we'd really have a crowd.'

            Venturing into the kitchen he found his dad and twin sister Danielle cleaning up the last of the birthday mess, cinching up trash bags filled with half eaten M&M's and peanut butter cups the size of their heads.  He knew everything needed to be spick and span before morning inspection and was grateful that they'd covered for his sleeping in.

            "About time Derrick, you look like crap" Danielle chided him with a smile. 

            "Yeah yeah, I know, I just woke up.  You heard how late she was up playing music last night, she's probably not even awake yet.  Besides shouldn't we get to take Saturdays off?"

            "Uh huh, why don't you bring that up with Erica, I'm sure she'll just love it.  Here, at least take these bags out you moocher, inspection's in like 5 minutes and you and I both know ERICA IS NEVER LATE". 

            Derrick took the bags with a "sure sis" and an exagerrated smile and marched them outside.  Well, outside his family's miniature compound which resided neatly in the corner of his old mostly empty bedroom.

            He dropped the bags off at the pickup point and looked back at the crude fortress that had been his family's home ever since they'd become victims of the Shrink Effect. 

            A mixture of pre-fabricated models, toy sets and raw construction, it had been his family's main project over the last several months.  Under the supervision of their father Harry, a contractor in his previous life, they'd been slowly modifying a set of "Human Dwelling #424" units from Small Comforts Supplies into a home with real character.  The 9" tall walls (plastic with cardboard siding & felt for insulation) contained maybe a dozen rooms with plans for more, two bathrooms with real plumbing connected to a couple 1 gallon water jugs that towered on one side, and even a Lincoln Log guard tower.  The last was little Sammy's idea, "to make sure nothing's sneaking up on us".  It was a lot of work but Derrick was proud of it.

             No roofs of course, that was one of Erica's rules.  "If I can't see you then how can I make sure you're ok?" she said in that reasonable way she had, as if they had a choice.  Still it beat the hell out of those clear cells they'd originally been provided with.

            In the distance he heard the familiar rhythmic thunder that meant he was out of time.  "Oh crap" he said and ran to his room and dressed in a flurry.  Running back outside he saw the rest of his family already neatly lined up and he took the spot at the end, shoulder to shoulder with Danielle. 

            "Cutting it a little close, huh?" she whispered as the thunder grew louder and closer.

            "I guess I got lost in thought, no harm done."

            "Yup, no harm done.  Of course you do realize that your shirt is inside out, right?"

            Before he could respond Derrick's attention was seized along with the rest of his tiny family as they all looked across the vast expanse of their bedroom to the door that towered hundreds of feet into the sky.  The thumping stopped as the giant door creaked open and their sister Erica entered, all 60 feet of cute 16 year old girl.  A yawn overtook her as she walked in and Derrick would have figured that she'd just woken up except for the coffee mug in her hand.  She was wearing her usual pink fluffy robe left open to reveal boxers and a white tank top, probably what she'd slept in.  Her long brown hair was a mess and she looked half asleep. 

            Derrick had trouble not focusing on Erica's two titanic bunny slippers as she walked toward them, they looked like a pair of huge fell beasts leaping toward them if you just ignored the tree size legs sprouting out of the tops.

            When Erica reached her family she kneeled down in front of them and mustered a big toothy grin, tired as she clearly was.  

            "Good morning cuties, everyone ready for inspection?" she said sleepily and placed her mug down with a loud CLUNK that they all felt, 'World's Greatest Dad' imprinted on the side in what looked like person sized type.  Erica leaned over to get a close look at her family and looking up at the giant smile of his big little sister Derrick had trouble not being a little charmed, she could just be so cute when she laid it on thick.  As always he pretended not to notice the valley of cleavage that peeked out south of that smile. 

            "Morning Erica" everybody shouted more or less in unison to the giant. 

            "Oooh no no no sweeties, Erica has a little headache this morning so I need you to keep it down, ok?" she said and stroked her hand through her messy hair.  "After we wrapped up Sammy's birthday last night and I put you guys to bed Lisa and Gina came over and we kept the party going, so…."

            'At least she won't be too observant ' Derrick thought and looked down the line at his family, each dressed in a mixture of bright doll's clothes, rough home made items and drab mass produced shrink-wear, and lined up shoulder to shoulder to greet their drowsy owner. 

            His Mom & Dad stood at the opposite end of the line, Harry and Marjorie.  Even now they still watched out for their kids and made sure to be the first ones Erica reviewed.

            Next to them was Sammy, 10 and with a big heartfelt smile for Erica.  Derrick wasn't sure if he chose that spot to be next to his parents or because he wanted to get more attention from his biggest sister.

            Cole & Brittany were the oldest of the kids, 22 & 21, and both looked glum but still stood at attention.  They'd all heard Erica and her friends last night and Derrick bet that his older siblings probably wished they could have joined the fun as something other than party favors. 

            It didn't help that Brittany was still getting used to not being the alpha girl, Derrick got the impression that being tall and pretty with a big chest had let her be queen bee at her sorority.  She'd certainly always been the most outgoing girl in the family but she could never seem to maintain eye contact when Erica beamed down on her. 

            At the end of the line stood Danielle and her twin brother Derrick, both 18.  Derrick admired how well Danielle was able to handle Erica, always saying the right thing without seeming fake.  Danielle was slender and energetic, her brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. 

            "Sure thing Sis" Danielle piped just loudly enough for Erica to hear, "Hope you feel better."

            "Aw thanks sweety" Erica said.  "Ok, everybody's looking great this morning, good job, I wish I looked as good as you guys this early.  Mom, you've gotten so fit lately, those hours in the gym have really paid off, dad's a lucky little guy.  Sammy you're cute as a button as always.  Brittany, I told you don't look at your feet and slouch, it makes you look like a slob.  Cole, Gina was asking about you last night, I think she's got a teeny crush on you, let me know when you want me to set up a date."

            Erica's eyes glossed over Danielle and settled on Derrick, leaving him breathless for a second.

            "Derrick, what the heck are you wearing?  And look at your hair, it's a mess.  I bet you woke up like 5 minutes ago, did you even take a shower?"

            Derrick bit back any comments about Erica's own outfit as Danielle stifled a giggle.  "Told ya" she whispered well below giantess hearing range. 

            "I…ah yeah, I'm sorry Erica, I overslept.  I took out the garbage though!"

            "Well I guess that's something" Erica said and absently lifted the trash bags with her thumb and forefinger and stuffed them into her robe's pocket. 

            "Seriously though, I expect you to be looking nice for me in the morning, it's totally disrespectful.  Tomorrow you're gonna be showered, dressed and looking spiffy, got it little dude?" she said and gave him a little poke in the stomach, knocking him back a few steps.  "Ok, everyone else looks great, except for Derrick no one gets a punishment point.  I'm gonna skip compound inspection this morning, way too tired." 

            Erica leaned back and rotated her legs a bit as she sat down on the floor, getting comfortable.  She pulled her notepad out of her pocked and flipped it open.  "Now what's on the schedule today?  Cole & Danielle's Littlest League softball game is at noon so I want everyone ready to go by 11:30, Brittany I'm giving you a haircut after, it's getting out of control.  Sammy, I told your friend Jenny's parents that she could bring over your birthday present at 3 so you be nice."

            "Jenny's not my friend, she's mean" Sammy piped, interrupting Erica in a way that no one else in the family could get away with.

            "Well mean old Jenny likes you buddy.  Trust me when you're older you'll be glad so I want to hear your biggest thank you and don't give her any trouble if she wants to play with you.  Dad I'm still working on getting you that putty and those twist ties you asked for, I think they'll come in the mail tomorrow.  I think that's it for today, am I missing anything?  In that case I'm gonna grab a shower, I feel like crap.  Right after the kiss train of course!"

            Erica laid down on her chest to reach eye level with everyone.  "And don't forget that I love you guys, you're the best little family in the world" she said and turned her cheek to them.   

            "We love you too sweety" her mom and dad said and kissed Erica's cheek together, then walked back to the compound holding hands.

            "I love you Erica!" Sammy yelled loudly enough to make Erica scrunch her face before kissing her and running off. 

            "Love you sis" Cole said and hugged Erica's jaw then turned back home.

            "I love you Erica" Brittany quietly said with a kiss.   "Love you too my little mouse," Erica replied as Brittany darted away.  

            "Love ya you big weirdo" Danielle said and licked Erica's cheek, causing a giggle.  Danielle jumped away and ran to the compound before Erica could retaliate. 

            "I lov….." Derrick started to say before Erica snatched him off the ground. 

            "You and me are going to have a talk little man" she said and stuffed him into her pocket.

            Derrick rocked around in the darkness for a little while, comfy in the cotton pocket but heart racing.  'What was she going to do?' he thought when the giant hand reached back in and pulled him out, plopping him onto cold porcelain.  He was sitting on the sink counter of their main bathroom…well Erica's bathroom now.  Erica was looking at herself in the mirror, examining her morning face. 

            "Erica, I'm sorry, I just overslept and didn't have time to…."

            "Oh I don't care about how you're dressed Derrick.  Well I don't super care, I meant it when I said you better get it together in the morning from now on.  Jeeze why didn't anyone tell me I looked so grimy?"           


            "I got an email this morning from your school, you're getting a D in pre-calc and spanish" Erica said and dropped her robe to the ground.

            Like the rest of the kids Erica had signed Derrick up with online classes.  He was genuinely disappointed; he thought he'd get at least a C in Spanish.


            "Yeah, oh.  Those classes aren't cheap Derrick, I'm not wasting my money if you're just gonna flunk out of high school anyways." Erica pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it to the ground.  It wasn't the first time Derrick had seen Erica naked but he had to fight to keep his mouth from hanging open regardless. 

            She examined herself in the mirror with a critical face scrunch and squeezed her breasts together, each hand just barely filled by perky, creamy flesh, a pair of bright pink nipples poking between her dainty fingers.  "Ya think it's too late for me to still hope I get boobs like Brittany?  I swear she must be adopted."

            Before Derrick could think of an answer she released the objects of his attention and knelt down to look him directly in the eye.   

            "Look, just because you shrunk doesn't mean it's ok to flunk out.  If you keep your grades up you can go to an online college and find something that you like, otherwise the only job you're gonna be fit for is my pet brother.  Is that what you want?"

            Trying not to be overwhelmed by Erica's huge brown eyes Derrick said "No, I want to graduate, I do.  I'm just not good at that kind of stuff Erica."

            "Oh bull, you used to help me with my homework all the time, I wouldn't have passed half my classes without you and Danielle helping me out.  Look, I know you get depressed and it feels like this stuff doesn't matter, but it matters to me.  You're going to study with Danielle every night until you get your grades up, ok sweety?"

            "Ok Erica…thanks.  And I'm sorry, I'm going to try harder," Derrick said, touched by Erica's support.  Sometimes it wasn't so bad having a big little sister.

            "That's better," Erica said and gave him a big wet kiss.  She turned around and started the shower, giving Derrick an eyeful of her giant backside, smooth supple skin that poured down from her long neck over the mountainside of her back and down into the waistband of her boxers, all sillouhetted by a roaring waterfall.  It was so impressive that he didn't notice her grabbing something from the shower.

            "Don't worry about being sorry though, you're gonna make it up me."

            Turning back to Derrick she snatched him up and revealed a big green luffa sponge in her other hand. 

            "You earned two punishment points this morning, so today you're my little scrubber," Erica said before stuffing him into the luffa headfirst.  Facing the ground Eric's last sight as he struggled was of Erica stepping out of her boxers, then his world was filled with hot water, soap, and every crevice of Erica's smooth giantess body. 


Chapter End Notes:

That's it, hope you enjoyed meeting the Rockwells.

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