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Story Notes:

First time poster, long time lurker.


There will be some jumping around; a midpoint in the story to begin, some history to follow, and a continuation of the opening chapter to follow that.

At some point lineups will be posted to flesh out the opposing teams (as it's a work in progress).

Tags will be added as they appear.

Author's Chapter Notes:

Opening Chapter, Post-Writer's Remorse :-)

"hey... Baseball Star... wake uuuup..."
The words, which started as a soft whisper, escalated into a melodious cacophony on the last word which rippled through the lucidity of my dreams.  As the images of clouds and pasture faded I became quite aware of a tickly itchy feeling dominating the entire left side of my body; it was also hard to breathe, and I was extremely warm and a little sweaty.  It slowly grew more intense and I began to move slightly.  It was then that the pain hit me, reverberating up and down the entire left side and building on itself as I tried to take a few quick shallow breaths.  I also had pain on my right side around my hip.

I couldn't help but cry out a bit, it was so excruciating, but it also felt quite funny, like my skin on the left side wasn't touching anything I could feel.  I opened my eyes to total darkness, and part of me started to panic.  As my heart raced, my head began to throb severely in addition to all the left side pain.

"Gah...fucking hurts..." I mumbled to myself, but I was finding it quite difficult to move much.  The throbbing head pain coupled with my left side...bandaged up?  I felt around slowly with my right hand, of which all was fine, and sure enough, from shoulder to leg, it all felt like gauze...and tape.  All I wanted to do was lie down again as I was simply too mangled and out of it to move.  Bits and pieces of the preceding events were starting to return to focus, but each time I tried to piece it together, the pain in my head became too much and I would lose where I started.

Fully snapped back to whatever dreamless reality I could muster, I lay there... counting seconds, trying to slip off into whatever merciful slumber or unconsciousness be had.  No such luck of course.  I heard the voice again.

"oooh, you're awake," she said, and the voice seemed to come from on high, but everywhere.  "Hold on, I'm going to turn on the light; stay still... oh, and shield your eyes."  She giggled slightly.

In short order, an audible click followed, and my entire view was illuminated.  I took one look around, and I kinda wished I hadn't.  the gauze pads which covered my left side were dotted with blood in about a dozen places.  I looked as much as I could, from shoulder to leg, and everything was carefully affixed with medical tape.  Actually, whoever had done so was fairly adept and didn't leave much to chance.

The rest of the picture I noticed was kinda like the reaction in a horror movie when the victim realizes just how dire the predicament is.  Every subsequent detail about the scene snowballs into one great mass of panic, and all one can do is just hope for something to happen that makes it all go away.

Unfortunately that was not my immediate future to behold.

I saw why I was so warm; the soft bedding around me was wispy cotton, and it filled the enclosure in which I laid.  Said enclosure had a lid, and the lid had golden letters on the inside, facing me; they read... "TIFFANY&CO." and the whole box was turquoise.  I craned my neck around a bit and found that where I laid was surrounded by 4 walls which rose about 10 feet high (to me).  That was a shoebox; it was then that the full gravity of the horrific details washed over me like a merciless tidal wave.  I began to hyperventilate and feel quite ill.  This couldn't be, unless it was some kind of insane practical joke... in which case, who the hell would go through all that trouble?

To top it off, I heard singing in the distance, quite loud and seemingly everywhere, but I couldn't see who it was.  I recognized the tune though, heh, sure enough, pounding head and all.  Singing she was, Audioslave's "Your Time Has Come."

Then things got very, very serious.

Blocking out the light, looking down at me with a wry smile and what I would guess was some kind of contempt was a projection screen sized freckly face framed with red hair attached to a neck which flared out into two thicker toned arms and a torso covered by a navy blue v-neck blouse showing quite the ample cleavage.  The faint scent of cinnamon also permeated the surrounding air.

I couldn't react strongly enough.  Instinctively I pressed myself against the bottom of the box making my body as flat as possible (like that would do anything) hoping against hope that somehow I would sink through it and escape, drawing in a big gasp in utter abject horror of sheer shock and disbelief at the scene before me.

It was Angi, and she was somehow gigantic.  I went to move quickly and was stifled immediately by the awful pain in my head and side.  It was utterly debilitating, and all I could do was lie back down and wait for everything to stop spinning.  A soft giggle followed my futile efforts.

"So, Baseball Star, instead of paying up on your debt, like a MAN does when he gets beat, you chose to renege, and try to duck me."  Her tone at this point was very serious, and her facial expression in a simple frown matched that to boot.

"I dont take kindly to that, and thus you find yourself in your current predicament!"

At this point her voice was so loud and forceful, I could only grit my teeth and endure the sound bouncing through my head as she yelled from above.  I only had use of my right arm and I covered my right ear while turning my head to the left in an attempt to drown out the incoming noise.

I raised my hand in front of me, palm facing her, trying to get her to stop speaking so loudly.  I regulated my breathing so I could speak enough to reply.

"But...how did you get so big?  And...and...why am I so fucking hurt?"  I put my head back and drew my arm to my side and tried to mitigate the constant pain at this point, my voice weakly escaping my lips with an audible croak this whole time.

She raised an eyebrow in surprise.  "You honestly don't remember?  Holy hell, maybe you hit your head harder than I thought, but I will fill you in..." I could only move my head slowly side to side in confirmation as she chuckled.  She replied with a firm tone and a matter-of-fact demeanor of which most villains would be proud.

"It's quite simple, really, Clark, so let me jog your memory..."  

Chapter End Notes:

Much better beginning IMO

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