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Story Notes:

This is my first story and I'm french !

On a road, Alicia (pretty woman brown) driving down the highway when suddenly she see flashing red and blue lights in her rear view mirror.

 "Damn it" she says as she begin to pull over the shoulder.

She is all alone in the car and Alicia begin to think that maybe she should have brought a friend. She look back behind her at the flashing lights to the police car and notice that the front door suddenly bursts open. Emerging from the patrol car was the hottest officer she has ever seen. He was extremely tall, at least 6'4", and had a muscular firm frame. His dark blue uniform was tight on his well sculpted body and his sun glasses his eyes beautiful eyes.

The officer takes out a strange looking gun.

Alicia knew cops carried regular guns but this one looked different, it looked like a futuristic gun. Upon seeing him draw the strange weapon her flinched and accidentally hit the gas. The car lurched body was surrounded in pure white light and a sickening feeling entered the pit of her stomach. Everything was getting bigger and she realize that the entire car is shrinking.

"What the hell... ?"

Alicia see the asphalt road in front of her and it looks incredibly rocky; with pebbles the size of boulders. A normal size car from the highway suddenly passes on the side and resulting gust of wind rattles the little car. The pretty woman step on the gas again! She tries to drive the massive terrain of the road when she suddenly hear massive foot steps. They are so loud they tappear to be coming from every direction! Suddenly an absolutely massive black police boot steeps inches in front of her car! Alicia don't have any time to avoid a collusion and the car slams in the black rubber heal.

She look up through the semi-cracked windshield and she couldn't believe her eyes. Her eyes followed the tight dark pants hundred of feat into the air until they met with a tight buttoned up shirt. The young, handsome officer was now hundred and hundreds of feet high! Alicia saw his chiseled face looking down at she as he cracked a slight smirk revealing part of his perfect white teeth.

In a bellowing deep voice she heard him say "I'M PLACING YOU UNDER ARREST FOR EVADING THE SCENE OF A CRIME, LITTLE LADY!"

Suddenly, she see him bending over as his massive hand reaches for her. She scream but there was nothing she can do. The side window of the car are suddenly covered as the giant officer pinches the sides of the car with his thumb and forefinger. The positive G force she experience is immense. Suddenly, Alicia stops right in front of his sun glassed face.

She scream: "Please, I'm sorry! It wasn't my fault I accidentally pressed the gas! Please, let me go!"

The giant cop just smiled and she weren't sure if he was ignoring her or couldn't hear her. His teeth were huge, it was obvious that he could easily fit the car in his mouth like a tic tac.

Suddenly the car moves again. He was going to put the car somewhere! He was placing the car somewhere on his body.

The giant cop smiles down and says: "I have someplace special to put you for now, lady..."

The cop smiles and immediately loosens his belt. Sliding forwards his uniform pants, he reaches down and pulls aside the elastic of his briefs. Then with great pleasure, he sets Alicia's car down the gap. After that, he fastens back his belt and pats his crotch with satisfaction.

 It was to dark for Alicia to see, so turn on the headlights. But she regret the sight. Her view is obscured by a mass of hair and flesh. She look up and cower in the sight. Alicia was between the cop's dick and balls.

"Oh my God ! This son of a bitch put me to his cock !" she says.

All the while, her captor heads back his home.

She heard the giant cop sneer, resonating like a thunderclap.

"You and I are going to have fun, little lady!"

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