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Story Notes:

This is for a challenge issued by "naoru". I found her idea interesting and so decided to test my hand at writing my very first challenge. Let me know how I did.

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Author's Chapter Notes:

Girl shrinks. Tries to find help. Used by children. That's what happens.

Alyssa walked across the daycare room with the three year old in her hand and another four year old at her feet. With Stacy deciding that she didn't want to come in today the entire centre was severely understaffed and it fell upon Alyssa to pick up the slack. In fact, there was only one other person who was helping her take care of all these children and she had her hands filled just as much as Alyssa did. Emma was standing in the other room changing a couple of toddlers which had obviously pooped their pants as shown by the grimace that was on the young girls face.

Alyssa felt rather sorry for her as she had only recently started working here and was already overwhelmed with the messes that children tended to make. With a frustrated look on her face, Alyssa quickly contemplated what Stacy's punishment would be before quickly attending to the needs of the ever whining kids. 

In her hand was three year old Betty who was well known for chucking tantrums unless someone was there to give her attention, forcing Alyssa to carry her around wherever she went. At her feet was the four year old Thomas who would always ask for more juice even though he hadn't actually finished the one he had in his hand. And Alyssa was currently striding over to Micheal who was eating the paste sitting on the table as if it was some kind of delicious custard.

The stress continued to build as it became more and more obvious that this job wasn't meant to be undertaken by two lone woman. They were already understaffed as it was and now they were one person short. How could this day possibly get any worse?

As if answering this, Betty starting coughing and quickly threw up all over Alyssa shirt in a chunky mess of macaroni and juice. Ayssa groaned with stressed and slowly put Betty down on the floor, who immediately started crying for attention, and headed over to the bathroom. Walking into the cold, tiled room she stared at herself in the mirror and saw a deflated and worn out young woman.

Wetting a paper towel she wiped her shirt clean and walked out of the bathroom with a forced smile on her face. However, upon turning the handle she started to feel slightly dizzy and quickly walked past the kids and landed on one of the adult sized chairs. Her head continued to reeled as if someone was spinning her around and around until she was forced to close her eyes and breath deeply. That was when she noticed how the chair seemed incredibly funny.

Opening her eyes she noticed that the size and width of the seat was rather big for a standard office chair and felt as if it was growing. She grabbed the handles and freaked out when she actually felt them expand in her hand. Soon her feet started lifting off of the ground and the entire playroom seemed to expand before her eyes. The toys, tables, pictures and especially the kids were all growing faster and faster and if she could move at all she would have screamed her lungs out.

Finally the process seemed to come to a halt (or it might have simply slowed down significantly which was a scary thought for Alyssa). The now tiny woman stood up on the massive chair and surveyed the gigantic lang which was spread out before her. Off in the distance she could see mammoth sized, godly figured moving around so fast she could barely keep track with her eyes. These figures must have been hundreds of feet tall and could very well crush her in an instance.

Her heart pounded frantically when she came to accept that these colossal beings were the tiny, innocent children she was looking after moments ago. She wondered how this could have possibly happened and quickly began to think of a way she could undo it.

However, her thinking process was interrupted when a shadowing figure approached her and blocked out all view she had of the room. The mightly figure rose into the air and Alyssa could barely see its face behind the shadows it created. Slowly, its lips parted and began to speak in a deafening tone.

"Toy, toy, toy, toy, toy ..." The giant repeated over and over in an almost sing song tune. Judging by how the giant was speaking Alyssa guessed that this must have been Micheal.

Micheal was a happy and boisterous little boy about 5 years old. He was always talking and making noise and loved to play with action figures. However, the child didn't seem so happy and kind when Alyssa became the toy. With a motion as quick as lightening, the boys hand came down and yanked Alyssa off of the seat and began to fly her through the air.

The child continued to run around in circles pretending that Alyssa was some kind of aeroplane as he made plane noises with his mouth. The sharp turns and insane speed quickly made Alyssa sick as she threw up in the air but this didn't make he child stop as he continued for what seemed like ages. Finally the sickening joy ride stopped and Alyssa felt the boys arm come down to his side as he seemed to run up to something.

Emma had just entered the room after changing the children that needed diaper changes only to find that it was absence of any adult supervision. There were kids screaming everywhere as normal but there was no sign of the responsible and dutiful Miss Wilson. This fact panicked Emma as she realized that she was now trapped with over a dozen children by herself and couldn't come up with any idea as to why Alyssa would simply up and out.

She was about to run over to the phone when a small boy, Micheal she thought his name was, ran up to her and asked if she would play with him.

"Play with me, play with me..." He chanted as he tugged at her jeans but she brushed his hand away and bent over.

"Sorry little boy, I have to make an important phone call to Miss Stewart but I promise I'll play as soon as i get back, Okay?" She said and started tickling Michael who screeched in laughter and dropped Alyssa. "Now, how about you go play with the other kids"

Emma noticed the dropped toy who picked it up and tried to give it to the boy but found that he had already been assimilated into another group of children. Caring about more important business then some limp toy she place it on a nearby cushion and stood up to call her boss.

Miss Stewart was the head daycare manager and over saw several community daycares. It was her responsibilities to make sure that each job was being met to their fullest and that each work area had enough resources. Not having enough workers was definitely a problem that needed to be taken up the her. Emma stood up and walked across the room to the phone to dial the day care administration agency.

Alyssa regained consciousness after briefly passing out and tried to stand on her feet but found that the terrain was very hard to stand on. In her dizzy state she repeatedly fell over and ultimately resigned to simply laying there trying to get her mental state back. That was when she felt a series of stomps approaching her, she opened her eyes to see that another figure looming her diminished body. 

The giant creature appeared to a small boy at the age of 1. He had short blonde hair and wore a blue t shirt and matching diapers. Alyssa recognised him at once as Billy who was a pretty quiet and well behaved baby but had an annoying tendency to put toys ... in his diapers for safe keeping.

With the creature getting closer Alyssa let out a scream and began to crawl across the gigantic cushion as fast as her tired legs could carry her. However, even her frantic escape attempts were no match for the babies extending arm which quickly picked her up and lifted her into the air. Alyssa continued to scream as she was propelled into the heavens until she came face to face the humongous toddler. This, however, only caused the tiny worker to continue her screaming until the child let out a happy, toothless smile.

Alyssa was shocked and disgusted at how she could easily make out the individual strands of saliva inside the childs mouth and knew that she could easily fit inside of the gaping maw. But this was not where the child intended for her to go and was only smiling because it enjoyed the smal, noise making toy in its hand. This toy was a good toy and he didn't want to lose it and wanted to keep it safe.

This was when the shrunken girl felt herself descend as she was lowered past the giants face, his body and finally traveled to the waist line of his diapers. Knowing exactly what was in store for her, Alyssa immediately screamed louder but there was only so much screaming a human voice could door and she instantly found her soundbox silenced from exhaustion. And so she couldn't even scream for help as she was hopelessly pushed into the diapered world of this small boy.

The hand finally let go and Alyssa descended down until she hit and rolled under something wrinkly and soft. With no light in this cavern she couldn't see what she had hit but was able to make an educated guess that it was the boys penis. She let out a heavy groan as the boy shifted his wait and the girl found herself trapped under the heavy appendage unable to move.

That's when a horrible smell reach her nose.

Chapter End Notes:

I feel this story was a little rocky and not as easy flowing as I'm use to writing. If this is so please tell me. Also, if the person who asked for this challenge told me if she wanted anything in particular or any pointers on how she wants the writing style to be that would be awesome.

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