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Author's Chapter Notes:

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The story may switch between 1st and 3rd person views withing each chapter, so please be aware.

In a world filled to the brim with plants and wildlife, small villages reside peacefully next to these fields of green, but not as much as to the rule of an evil Goddess that towers over the land. She has given blessings to women whose devotion knows no bounds to, and use their newfound size and strength to instill fear and despair into the people. However, one person stands alone among the people as their last line of defense against the Goddess!

"Brother, you don't have to do this." Says my older sister Caroline. At age 18, she has a good head on her shoulders, vowing never to worship somethig so evil as the the Goddess. For me, I'm only 16 and have been training ever since I turned ten to prepare for the challenges that lie ahead.

"I've already told you Caroline. I'm going to make things right, and show that so-called 'Goddess' that us little people can do BIG things too!" I answered back.

Caroline would normally argue with me, but in a case this serious, she knwe better than to question me, as I was the only one out of the village that could take out the Goddess. But to tell the truth, I was a little scared myself. I had never seen a real giantess before, only stories of their tyranny long before I was even born.

"I'm sure Mom and Dad would be proud of what you're about to do." Caroline reminded.

It had been five years since Mom and Dad died, which was also when they entrusted Caroline with watchhing over me until the day came that I would set off.

"I still miss them." I murmured.

"Me too. Anyways, are you ready?" She asked.

I answered with a sheathing of my sword. It was carried by its carrier, as well as the two twin daggers I held as backup. I also carried a supply bag: A sleeping bag, food, water, and clothes to change into should the ones I had on became ruined.

Good. Let's get a move on." She said as she grabed my arm ans dragged me out the door and up the road. Ahead was the forest that divided the village from the outside world. She gave me a goodbye hug and held back tears as I ventured into the great beyond.

The forest was densely packed with trees that let very little sunlight into the forest. I kept my nervousness in check as I slowly walked through the forest, eventually stopping to rest when I felt that there was nothing around.                                       


Sitting atop a huge throne that looked like a skyscraper sat a monolith of a woman. The woman was known throughout the land as the evil Goddessm and she simply lounged in her throne as she watched a young boy sleep soundly inside a ball of vapor.

"What makes them think a single boy with a sword and some courage will stand a chance against me?!" The Goddess chortled to herself.

Down at the end of the hall, double doors opened as another woman stepped through.

"Ah, perfect timing Haley!" She called.

The woman stepped up and curtsied before the majesty of the Goddess.

"Yes, my Goddess?" Haley asked with much respect.

"I don't have time to dirty me hands with such small work. Go to the forest and stomp that so-called 'Hero' into the dust. Do I make myself clear?" She said sternly.

"Crystal m'am." Haley replied as she quickly turned around and left the way she came.

"Well little hero, let's see if you're really more than meets the eye." The Goddess thought to herself.


I awaoke from a rather short nap by the sounds of trees rustling and the ground shaking. I quickly got up, unsheathed my sword, and fastened my shield to my right arm, the sword in my left. Not seeing anything on either side of me, I began to drop my guard, that is until a huge shadow began to engulf me! I quickly ran out of the shadow and hid behind the tree closest to where I was. The spot where the shadow was was replaced by a rather strange looking object that appeared to extend upwards. I cursed myself as I realized the bag I brought was smothered by whatever that thing was.

"If you're looking for me, look up." Said a soothing, but rather thorny voice.

I craned my head WAY up, and saw what I think was the largest girl in my entire life.

Chapter End Notes:

What will happen now? Stay tuned for Chapter 2.

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