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I don't remember my past. I don't know who I am, or what my purpose here is. All I know is that I need to stay out of the sight of these enormous people, and stick to food scraps in the alleys. I always feared the dreadful things that would happen if a man or woman caught me. But today, today something was different. I woke up to the grumbling of my stomach, telling me that it was once again already time to find something to eat. The days are normally very slow and I don't find much, but sometimes I get lucky. Today however, I was having no luck. Traveling for what seemed like hours I became weak and was about to collapse when I saw what appeared to be a sausage piece! Overcome by hunger, I made a mad dash for piece of sausage, not noticing the metal lining above and below it. The moment I grabbed it I heard a snap and saw that I had fallen for a worn-out rat trap! Realizing that I had fallen for something so obvious I sat down, quietly ate the sausage, and curled up into a ball, hugging my legs and crying that I was never going to escape, being that I couldn't fit through the holes or push the trap open again. Eventually I cried myself to sleep, unknown to me that I was being carried away by someone who stumbled upon my prison and hear my cries of sorrow.

When I woke up later my whole world looked different. I couldn't hear the sounds of cars beeping and flying down the streets, or the sounds of people's shoes pressing into the pavement below. Instead, I appeared to be a girl's room. Sitting atop of pink bedsheets, the girl's room had posters plastered to the walls of people I didn't recognize, and at the end of it was a door. At which it opened immediately when my eyes were on it, and a huge girl who appeared to be in high school stepped into the room. My heart started beating faster and I quickly became frightened by her overall presence, panicking and unsure of what to do. "Oh, you're finnaly awake." the girl said cheerfully.

She reached a hand down in front of me, with the palm completely open, but I backed up quickly, trying to get away. "Hey, what's wrong little guy? I won't hurt you, just come here" She said with a very sweet, patient tone present in her voice.

This time, when she got closer to me, I slowly made my way towards her, and climbed into the middle of her hand, thinking that I could maybe trust this girl as she seemed innocent and nice enough to put my trust in. She slowly lifted me up towards her face, making sure not to make any sudden movements with her hand. The higher her hand rose, the more frightened I became, for fear that she would drop me. When her hand reached her face, she carefully sat down on her bed, keeping eye-to-frightened eye with me. She quickly saw my fearful expression and notiiced that I was shaking almost violently in her hand. "Aww, don't be afraid little guy. I just wanted to help you." She said soothingly. "Now tell me, what's your name?"

"I-I, I don't know..." I said sadly.

"Huh? You don't know you're own name?" She asked with a rather confused expression.

"No, I can't remember anything about myself. All I've known up to this point was to fend for myself, fighting odd-looking creatures and gathering food scraps." I responded, looking rather defeated and embarrased by having to tell such a pathetic backstory.

The girl, which I assumed would start laughing at my expense, looked at me with eyes filled with remorse and seemed very sorry for me. "Oh you poor thing. It must've been terrible having to live out in the world alone, barely hanging on to life." She said with much sadness.

She used her free hand to pet my head and back, but I was taken back by this and quickly scooted back, though there wasn't really anywhere to go. "Calm down little guy, I'm here to help you get better." She said, trying once again to pet me, but this time much slower than before.

I sat there, reflecting on the word she just said, 'Help'. I remembered all the horrid things I went through just to survive, knowing that there was no one to help me other than myself. I couldn't hold it in anymore, as I burst into tears in her hand crying like a baby. She clearly wasn't ready for it as she once again had a confused look on her face.

"What's wrong? Why are you crying?" She asked.

Through tears running down my face and sniffiling, I answered: "I've had to live in allies fending for myself ever since I was little. I had no idea if I was alone or if I knew anyone, but it wasn't before I realized I was alone. No one's ever tried to help me, and I thought that I was just little more than a candle in the wind, desperately clinging to life." I cried, paying no attention to the tears still rushing down my face.

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