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Story Notes:

Originally this was going to end in 1 chapter but now it's 8!!!. Just like my other story That was supposed to be two chapters, but now it's 10! But now this is 95% finished So It should be completed within a month? I like to constantly edit and re-edit my chapters which is why the first chapter of my 30,000 word story isnt finished yet...that and I'm too busy with work and other money related problems.

Author's Chapter Notes:

The conversation that started it all.

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended. 



You were watching the game and drinking with a bunch of your friends at your buddy's house when a commercial came on. It showed a tiny little man trying to steal a woman's phone and her blowing him off the table with a close up of her lips and cleavage.  This is when the aspect of shrinking came up. 

Somebody started off with "That chick was hot I wish she would blow me."

Someone else said "Yeah and after that I would jump in between those boobies."

You would normally continue the conversation and start talking about getting blown by hot girls you know, but instead you asked "You think it's possible to actually shrink that small and not have any side effects?"

"Yeah you dumbass, it's been all over the news for months. That's all anyone can talk about."

"I know that Shithead, don't talk to me like I'm an idiot! What I was trying to say was, If it was possible to shrink down and not have any side effects? You know like your brain not being able to process information fast enough or your body is too weak to move or something like that?"

"I don't think there's any side effects.  My sister works at the hospital and she volunteered to be shrunk for an hour and then regrown and nothing happened to her. They did a lot of tests on people and 99.9% all came out okay except for a few with extreme nausea and not being able to move their bodies sometimes, but that effect wears off after a few minutes.  At least, that's what they tell the public."

The thought of being able to shrink yourself down and spy on women changing, excited you beyond your wildest imaginations.

"Man, If I could shrink myself down to a few inches, I would hide in Amanda's room and watch her unchange from the corner or under her bed. I'd love to see those tits and ass not covered in clothes or a bikini."

"Dude, not cool, that's my roommate. She'd be pissed if she heard you say something like that."

"Cant help it. She's so damn hot, I wouldn't be able to resist." you continued your male and chauvinistic rant about his hot female roommate and failed to notice the back door shut quietly through the rear hallway. "Yeah, I would shrink down to explore Amanda's room in a heartbeat. I'd sniff some panties, watch her unchange, maybe if I'm lucky she'll pull out her dildo and give me a show and how she pleases that tight pussy with that extra large vibrator. Who knows maybe she'll get a little freaky with me and let me explore her body. Those tits are so huge I can massage her nipples for her and oh! That ass! I'd love to view her already ginormous booty at an only one inch tall. It would look like a mountain to me. A  glorious, giant, squishy, bootylicious mountain." All I have to do is avoid the cave. Thats where the danger lies, but I'll be careful and move around it.  There wont be any backdoor cave spelunking for me. Maybe she'd give me a blow job too if I asked?"

What you didn't realize was that Amanda had just walked in through the back door and you didn't see her enter through the hallway on the other side of the living room.

"Excuse me? You would do what now?"

"Oh, uh, Hi Amanda"  You instantly froze and then shrank back in your seat praying she didn't hear everything you said but something in her piercing gaze told you she had heard everything.

"What were you planning on doing and what did you think I would do?"

John blurted out "He wanted to shrink himself, sneak in your room, play with your dirty laundry and hope to get a piece of you and get freaky with him, cuz he thinks your kinky like that."

"Shut up John! I didn't say it like that."

Amanda said "Yeah I heard what he said in the hallway. So you want a piece of my ass?"

You were too stunned to speak at first.  The girl you had a huge boner for, just offered for you to tap that ass while you were tiny. You barely knew how to respond and nervously stammered a response.

"Uh...uhhh....y-yeah.  Damn, I didn't think you would be into this? Are you serious?"

Unexpectedly, she dipped her tush to the ground and seductively rubbed her buttocks with her hands "Well if you shrink yourself down, you can have as much as you want of this ass. That is if you don't mind being my suppository."

The Entire room burst into laughter and you blushed a little bit. Not from her comment, you knew(thought) she wasnt serious about sticking a living person up her bumhole(who would do that?), but you still didnt like everyone laughing at you...

"Yeah right Amanda, you wouldn't stick another human being up your ass like a buttpill. C'mon, I know you couldn't resist if I was tiny. Think of how I could massage your nipples for you. Your tits would be Gigantic (You got a erection as you said this and hid it well.) and with my tiny eyes and hands I could find the perfect spot for..."

Her friend Jane said "Okay. you can stop right there pervert." 

Amanda gave you a weird look and said  "Um, No. I really would shove you up inside me?

"Inside your vagina? Cuz I wasn't really looking forward to it, but I could, depending on what you could do for me?"

"Is this what you really fantasize about? No, you're not going anywhere close to my vagina. You're going up my ass. Thats the only place for you and your Devious, Dirty thoughts." 

"C'mon Amanda you wouldn't really stick me up your ass, would you?

Amanda, hoping to end this conversation said "Yes. Yes I would. I would stick you up there without hesitation. I wouldn't even give you a second thought as I popped you in my sphincter, pulled up my pants and panties and went about my day. Are we done now?"

"Well you do have a nice Big Ass. I guess I could, if it was clean and didn't smell at all. It is clean right?"

"Ha ha, Inside my ass? What do you think?"

Jane said "It's like Anyone's ass perv. It Smells like shit because it's filled with shit."

"Well you can clean it right?" Cuz, I'm not going inside unless it's spotless, has no traces of feces and has no smell of crap and farts whatsoever."

Amanda said" Only one way to find out" and she pointed her finger in an upward thrusting motion right where her asshole would be in her tight work pants.

The giggling and chuckling at your expense stopped suddenly and was immediately replaced with a roaring laughter from before when she first implied your anal insertion that would lead to your unwilling rectal imprisonment.

Your friend Ron said "Dude I know you want her ass, but is it worth being her Suppositive*? (Suppositive: (n) Something inserted in one's rectum that causes a pleasurable sensation.)

Jane said "Yeah perv, unless you want Amanda's sphincter wrapped around your neck and sucking you into her colon, you should probably just finish your drink, be quiet and get rid of your perverted, lecherous thoughts."

Jeremy: Dude are you trying to be a proctologist or something? Ha ha ha. Well if you are, you picked a prime first patient to start your career.

Jane: Yeah, I think my moms got a stick stuck way up her arsehole.  Maybe you could go up there and take it out for me, So she can finally get off my back about my boyfriend. And if you cant find it, you can just stay up there.  No one will miss you.

Rob: Damn, that was cruel Jane. So, what if he's an assman. It's not like he would actually shrink himself and do this. He's just messing with Amanda.
"Uhhhh, yeah, sure I am. Amanda's messing with me too, right?"

"(Sarcastic) Oh yeah, sure. I was only joking about making you my buttplug. I would never stick you up my butthole and if I saw you shrunk we'd have a sexy adventure." She winked at you when she said this.

That little devilish wink she gave made you forget all about the hint of sarcasm in her voice. (Well it was a hint to you and really obvious to everyone else) You took that as a nod that she did want you to get up close and personal with her sacred holes, but she didn't want anyone else to know. (When in reality that was just the cherry on top of the sarcastic ice cream sundae.)

"Okay, Okay Amanda, quit messing with me. I get what you're trying to say." 
You pretended to play along, but inside both your mind and pants were thoughts and feelings waiting to explode with sexual tension and you couldn't wait until you could find a way to miniaturize yourself and get intimate with Amanda.

Everyone finished their chuckling and went back to watching the game. It seemed like it was over. But It only seemed that way.

Chapter End Notes:

The next chapter will be shorter but the third chapter will sum it up nicely.

In case you havent noticed, the main character of this story isnt a bad guy but he's thinking with his dick instead of his brain

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