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Author's Chapter Notes:

This chapter is mainly an introduction and back story with a little bit of girl on shrunk girl action. If there are any mistakes point them out to me, I did write this chapter at 3am after all.

And above all, enjoy the ride!
Happy readings! 

The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones “ - William Shakespeare

“Welcome to www.shrink-service.com! Your one stop shop to all things macro!”

The year; 2081. A dystopian metropolis buzzes with life under a think cloud of pollution. The crowded streets are filled with futuristic vehicles and night-life scum. A faint scream and gunshot is heard somewhere, but is likely dismissed within a second. Eternal night is the only unchanging fact here. A hellish society where law is either un-present or corrupt. Overpopulation and augmented advances in human-bio technology sent the future of mankind into a downward spiral of abusive power hoarding, and with everyone trying to be the next best thing and scrape themselves out of the gutter, anything goes in Dome 71.

An anonymous hypernet user by the handle: 'Axer' sits in a unlit room. A holo-projection of a blue computer screen the only thing reflecting off her thick augment-lensed glasses, she taps the projection and a progress bar appears, parts of a nearby machine hum into life, and a horrible noise, not unlike that of past day dial up modems screeches through the still but polluted air in the dark, 3 meter by 3 meter high rise apartment module.

The words '100% Complete' shine fluorescent green across her screen, and she cracks a sly grin, glancing over at a heavily reinforced box with 6 USB 10.0 cables trailing from it to the holo-computing unit. A flash of light emits from the cracks in the box, the dark room is bathed in a eerie blue glow and a whirling hum is heard and crackles of electricity fill the air. A sharp blast of light and then, nothingness once more. Just a computer screen, a nerdy looking girl and a box.

'About Us'

“Shirnk-Service is a escort service that caters to specific Macrophilia needs, our 6 hand picked service maids will ensure you have the best of experience when doing business with our partnership.

The goal of our organisation is to find the best Macrophillic material there is to offer, and to do this, we go above and beyond the ordinary. That's right, we use real girls! Not stupid little androids or reincarnated unresponsive augmentoids. With camera's augmented into them, they capture every second of your service, as agreed when you purchase one of our services. Then, the best material we gather is turned into movies which we sell. That's right! You can be a movie star! If we choose your material, we will even give you a cut of the profit!

So what are you waiting for, one of our tiny little maids is waiting for you, and she's just a click away!”

Click here to browse our store!

“Its finally ready” The mysterious girl taps the box resting next to her. “Years of work, all about to pay off” she giggles giddily.

Chapter One: You can download that?!

“Now for the maiden test run!.. Click” The girl smiles to herself as she pushes her finger into the holo-screen, another progress bar appears on the screen and the data downlink module leading from her computer flashes to life in a barrage of light and buzzing noises.

“Data downlink complete” An artificial sounding voice soothes from the speakers. In the tray of the downlink module, a tiny one inch tall girl slumbers. Long, flowing blonde hair in a French maid costume. She stirs for a while, before blinking to life.

“It worked!” The girl yells, throwing her augmented glasses in the air, unintentionally ripping out the cable they were attached to the computer with.

Confused by her ominous surroundings, the little girl begins to panic, her tiny head spinning around, trying to pick out a cue from the darkness.

“Don't be afraid little one, you're safe now.” A feminine voice pierces the darkness with a motherly yet sarcastically sadistic tone.

“W... W... Who's there?!” The tiny girl calls, but the darkness offers no response, only the psychological echoes of her own breath, as it becomes sharp and short.

Suddenly a tiny scream is heard shattering the still as the girl is flung through the air, gripped by some mass of flesh around her upper arms, she perilously tries to squirm free from her predator, but to no avail.

“My, my, my. Aren't you the cutest little thing?” The glow from the screen emits a low light which illuminates a face in the darkness, revealing the source of the voice.

“My name's Axcelia, or Axer for short, but you can call me boss since your working for me now, or mistress, 'sup to you I guess.” She strikes up a causal sounding conversation with her shrunken captive, almost with a sense of psychosomatic un-realness, much to the tiny girls discontent. “Hey! hey! Wanna meet your co-workers?” She smiles, grabbing the metal box ladend with USB cables, she flips the lock and opens up the lid of the case to reveal a dark, sponge like matrix with six tiny, human shaped indints in it, five of which contain tiny girls, not unlike the one Axcelia had in her grip. The girl just stared, mortified, not having a single clue in the world what was happening around her.

“What do you think? Huh? Huh?!” Axcelia grins excitedly, holding the tiny girl a little too close to her face as she shouts. Whether she really expects an answer to her question from her captive is pretty much unknown to both of them, seeing as neither has an idea about the state of Axcelia's mental operation.

“Anyway, I'll wake the other five up later, for now, I'm gonna test you out” She grins with a wink.

“T... T.. Test me?! What do you... mean?” The tiny girl finally speaks up.

“Computer, run system operation 511 dash 'B'” Axcelia calls out into the darkness. The room is bathed in a green glow and an isometric grid is projected onto every inch. A radar like scan bar crosses the grid every second or so, and a tiny light is emitted from the shrunken girls head.

“Establishing video feed. Video feed online.” The AI calls out.
A small window appears on the computer screen, which has a point of view video feed for everything the tiny girl is seeing.

“Biometrics online. Life support online. Augmentations online. Control feed systems online. Override systems online. Start up complete. Beginning session. Audio Visual recording Online. All systems functioning correctly. Session host: Amanda Leton, Session customer: Axcelia Axer, Session type: Unlimited. Begin Session.” The AI finishes its checks and the room becomes fully illuminated, showing tiny Amanda her 'boss' in full light for the first time.

Long, light brown hair. a slightly skinny yet normal build. Bright blue eyes. Pale-ish skin. Freckles. A strange, futuristic looking red dress and nothing else. The sheer size, or sheer diminutiveness of her self puts Amanda in a state of shock as she cowers and shivers in Axcelia's grip.

“Let me just make sure the camera works real quick” Axcelia says as she waves a hand in front of Amanda's face, checking the feed on the screen beside her.

“Hehe, works like a charm.” she grins down at Amanda, who's now on the verge of crying.

“And the externals?” Axcelia calls out to the computer, and in response, more windows pop up on her screen, showing her grip around her tiny toy from all different angles.

“Excellent. Right! Shall we begin?” a rhetorical question, from a rhetorical person, as she almost immediately places her tiny friend on her hard, metal floor, inches away from her dirty, unpainted toes which wiggle with excitement.

“I'm going to check your Automated control systems first little one, so don't be alarmed when you start moving without meaning to, okay?” A small, holo-pad appears near Axcelia's right hand and she begins to tap some of the symbols displayed on it.

Like a robot, Amanda's leg begin to clunkily move her body forward, towards Axcelia's left foot, she lifts her retrospectively huge toes into the air to reveal the underside of her sole to Amanda, which is littered with lint and bits of dust of the floor. Amanda who is now broken into tears but is completely unable to control any part of her self, not even her speech, just edges closer and closer towards Axcelia's soft sole against her will. Her legs stop when her head is almost touching her sole, and then they suddenly collapse, leaving Amanda laying flat on her back.

“Be good down there~” Axcelia winks before lowering her toes onto Amanda's sobbing face, smothering her into her soft, bare flesh. “Now for a bit of extra motivation...” She types in something in her keypad and hits the 'enter' key.

Suddenly, Amanda's body becomes free to control again, but she has the unquenchable lust to service the giant foot that lays on top of her, sort of like a drug addiction, she feels she needs to clean this monolith of a foot with her tongue and saliva, even if it kills her. She begins furiously licking at Axcelia's second toe, the one her head is trapped under. The salty sweat and smell fill her senses, but its not enough. She begins to lick faster and faster, using her whole tiny body to massage the girls foot that lays entombing her, she is becoming wet with lust but still feels her desires are not fulfilled. She begins timidly biting at the skin of Axcelia's toe with her lips, the way lovers would do to one another in a sensual show of affection. She was practically making love to the giant toe smothering her face. The excitement is getting to Axcelia too, who now responding to Amanda's service, and watching the video feed being broadcast from under her foot, begins to rub herself.

“This would make great Promo footage!” She chides to herself, as she grinds her foot harder into the ground to get a response out her foot's lover.

The two continue to satisfy each other for the next 30 minutes or so and after finishing their little 'session' and after a few moments of silence and heavy breathing, clean themselves up, obviously Amanda had a little help from Axcelia.

Once the little maid is all cleaned up, Axcelia places her on her desk and returns to her holo-keyboard.

“Wh... What's wrong with me?” Amanda timidly questions Axcelia, sat on her desk twiddling her thumbs as Axcelia reviews some data from the session and edits more coding for her website, “It's like my body is on the comedown from some kind of drug, I feel awful”.

“Since I knew you wouldn’t be all too compliment at first. I injected you all with a special drug that not only brainwashes you, it makes you crave Macrophillic activities, so that you all would comply with my little 'business plan'” Axcelia responded triumphantly.

“I don't wanna hear the big words 'Doc', I just wanna know how to fix it!” Amanda begins to yell up to Axcelia, obviously on edge.

'I think the brainwashing part worked too well, she doesn't fear me at all any more, and all she can think about is Macro-sexual enrichment. I think I need to lower the dose.' Axcelia thinks to herself.

“For fuck sake, we just finished!.. Fine. Come here” Axcelia holds out her palm to allow Amanda to walk onto it. She pinches Amanda between her thumb and forefinger of her other hand and grabs a smelly old black sock lying on the floor of her dark, cold apartment with her now free hand. She dangles Amanda above the opening of the sock for a few seconds before letting her plummet into the toe section of it. She places the sock on the floor under her desk and sits back in her computer chair, bringing her right foot casually into place on top of the sock, smushing its contents into the floor. Amanda is in a state of euphoria, the pheromones and dampness of the sock she has been entombed in, the sadistic-ness of her new found mistress, and the pressure bearing down on her from her foot is way too much excitement for her to handle, she begins to furiously masturbate inside her dark damp prison as the giant foot above grinds her down and toys with her like some sort of bug.

“I needed some externals anyway.” Axcelia grudgingly convinces herself while she types more coding into her holo-keyboard.

'They will all need a little encouragement towards competition, but how will I do that? I need the best of the best material if I'm going to success... Aha! I've got it.' Axcelia thinks to herself, grabbing a notepad and scribbling down idea's.

She writes, 'Completion ideas: Winner is granted freedom, Losers are sold off' and finishes with a slightly psychotic chuckle.

Axcelia lets off a large yawn, covering her mouth and stretching her toes into the ground, smothering her socks captive one more time before hitting the 'end' key on her holo-keypad. A small flash of light is seen emitted from the black sock underneath her foot and instantly Amanda is transported back into the metal box from which she came, once again fast asleep, just like the other 5.

“Sleep tight my little tinies. We have a big day tomorrow. The grand opening of 'Shink-Service.com'!” She ends with an imitated third person' whoo-hoo!' and jumps onto her old, undersized bed, pulling the shades of her small hexagon shaped window shut to hid the ugly metro-scape away while she slumbers.

Chapter End Notes:

Tell me what you think, I'll try to get a second chapter out as fast as possible.
The reason so many tags are involved in this story is because I want it to really span the spectrum and overall test my authoric abilities (authoric probably isnt a word but you know what I mean, I want to get better at writing!)

Anyway, leave a review telling me what you liked or what you didnt like, and if you did like it, feel free to rate it. Until the next chapter...

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