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Note: This is a completely giant male/shrunken female story involving mouthplay, vore and genital play. If any of this offends you. DO NOT READ!

I've been wanting to write some kind of giant male/shrunken female story for a while now so here it is. Different from my usual stuff but I hope you like it! :D

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A very short story: Best friends Mikey and Ellie go on a trip for the weekend, but when Mikey accidentally shrinks Ellie, things start to get a little hot. 

Rated: R
Categories: Teenager (13-19), Body Exploration, Entrapment, Giant, Instant Size Change, Mouth Play, Vore Characters: None
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Shrink: Minikin (3 in. to 1 in.)
Size Roles: M/f
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Published: August 14 2013 Updated: August 14 2013

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