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The Weekend Alone: A short by Shrunkenguy666

Mikey and Ellie are best friends. They have been since they were very young. Now 18, they rarely go a day without seeing each other. Whether it'll be going to the movies, or just hanging about in town.

Mikey is a shortish guy with medium brown hair and blue eyes, Ellie is a shortish gal with long blonde hair and brown eyes, there's not much unique about them, but for each other it is more than enough, their friendship says it all.

After a win in a local contest, they are heading to a cottage in the countryside together for a weekend, they aren’t lovers so they are really only going to goof off. They arrive, unpack and settle in. Mikey goes to the fridge to look for something to make for tea.

“Hey Ellie, did you put this in here?” He yells from the kitchen.

“Put what in where?” She replies.

“This weird bottle”

“I have no idea what you're talking about”

“Hmm” Mikey puzzles to himself, studying the strange green bottle before him. “Shrinking potion?” He reads. “Bah, what a con! They could have at least gave us beer!” He sneaks over to Ellie's drink, and taps a little inside. He places the bottle back in the fridge and takes the tainted drink to Ellie.

“Cheers man” She thanks him.

“Hehe, don't mention it” He tries to hold back his giggles as she takes a sip when poof!

“What the-!” Mikey exclaims, then covers his mouth in shock as Ellie stands before him on the chair, only, she is about 2 inches tall.

“Wh... What the hell did you do to me Mikey?!” Ellie flails about angrily.

“Wow, I didn't think it would really work... Cool!” He says excitedly, now face to face with his shrunken best friend.

Ellie and Mikey knew everything about each other, especially one another’s... desires, so to speak.
Funnily enough they were both massive fans of giant and giantess related stuff, and Mikey had a strange look in his eyes as he stared down at Ellie's tiny form, and Ellie new exactly what he was thinking.

“Don’t. You. Dare!” She shouted.

A massive grin spread across his face as Mikey lifts his tiny friend up into the air between his thumb and forefinger and hovers her next to his waist line, he pulls open his boxers to reveal her destination.

“I'm warning y-” she is cut off as she plummets down into his pants, gripping onto his semi erect penis as she falls.

“Now now, don't act like you don't love it. I'll let you out in a bit, so get comfy 'kay~” He chides, winking down at her and then releasing his grip from his boxers, entombing Ellie in his pants. His penis responding to the tiny girl gripping onto his cock and becomes erect, pinning her between his sensitive end and his boxers.

“What an ass!” She said as she begins caressing his skin back and forth. “The sooner he cums the sooner I can get out of here.”

Ellie begins to straddle Mikey's penis like a horse, sitting on top of it and rubbing it back and forth with her whole body, it pins her tighter and tighter against his boxers as it becomes more and more erect but she is starting to enjoy the experience, moaning softly as she rubs.

“Ohh that feels great~ Keep doing whatever your doing in there!” He chuckles down at the tiny girl in his boxers as he strokes the area through his jeans.

A loud mumble of angry groans come from inside his boxers, but he cannot decipher what the tiny girl in there is saying so he just continues to rub the area around his penis, smushing the shrunken girl in his boxers against his fully erect member.

They carry on like this for around 15 minutes, Ellie continues to rubs and lick at the tip of his erect penis whilst thrusting her body against the shaft. Mikey continues to smother her from the outside with his hand.

Once Mikey feels like he is on the verge of climaxing, he delves his hand into his boxers once more and pulls out the tiny girl and his cock. He places her on the table and brings his penis close to her.

“Keep rubbing the tip, and when I cum, I want you to swallow all of it okay? Otherwise there will be trouble” He winks at her.

“You're a twat, you know that?” She groans as she walks towards his fully erect member and begins caressing his tip with her body, kissing and licking around it and rubbing against it with her boobs.

“Im... gonna... Ahh!~” Mikey cant hold it in any longer, he grips Ellie and forces her tiny head against his tip when all his built up pressure comes gushing forth, she tries desperately to gulp his juices down but cannot swallow it all, and ends up getting coated in it, she falls flat on her back, panting, with his penis resting on top of her.

“Looks like you lose Ellie” He chuckles from above. “So what'll it be? Mouth or feet?”

“Mouth or feet what?” She replies.

“Your punishment of course. Would you like to go in my sock, or in my mouth?”

“Your crazy you know that?!” She replies.

“Mouth it is!” With no time wasted, he picks up his tiny friend and dangles her above his mouth, revealing his slimy tongue and shiny teeth.

"Ahh! No! What are you doing?! You can't eat me! Put me down!" Ellie cries, thrashing about in Mikey's grip but to no affect.

“Mmm, You look so tasty~” He says, licking his lips. “I hope you wiggle about this much in my belly hehe."

Mikey wraps his tongue around the lower half of Ellie's body like a snake and coats her legs in his saliva before giving her one last big lick from head to toe, concentrating the tip of his tongue especially on her face and crotch area, covering her whole body in his spit. He repositions her above his mouth and dangles her once more.

"Bye bye Ellie!” he winks at her, before releasing his grip.

A small squeal is heard as she plummets into his mouth, then his lips seal shut, but he hasn’t swallowed her yet, he wants to savour the taste of his best friend. He rolls her about a bit in his mouth with his tongue, poking her into every saliva filled nook and cranny.


“Mikey let me out!” Ellie cries.

“Sorry, no can do!” he giggles, before tilting his head back and gulping hard, feeling his tiny friend slowly slide down the back of his tongue and into his oesophagus, and finally sliding down into his stomach.

“Mikey you bitch!” She yells as she slides down his oesophagus and into his stomach acid, dissolving her almost instantly.


“Hey wake up!” Ellie calls.

“Huh?!” Mikey jumps awake.

“Were almost here”

“Oh... it was just a dream”

“What was.”

“Eh, I'll tell you later” He says, smiling mischievously out of the car window.

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