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Author's Chapter Notes:

WARNING: This chapter does contain a giant male, but since it doesn't do anything sexual I don't consider it giant content. Just thought I'd place a warning for all the people who get offended by that type of thing.

Also this chapter contains a particualrly dark and brutal scene so just thought I'd place a heads up as well.

I assure everone that this is probably the darkest chapter in the story, and that from now on it will be considerably more upbeat


              Michael sat and stared at the terrifying sight before him in awe. Her eyes were larger than his head and at this distance the amount of detail was infinitely more expressive; he could see the anger and fear in Nephila’s eyes when she spoke.

               And when she spoke it was as if his head were next to a speaker, her powerful voice shook the air itself and vibrated the water in his body; it was that overbearing that his head began to hurt. Her thick, hot, and very damp breath blasted past him with every exhale forcing him to cover his eyes.

               A blast of air flowed forward from behind, followed by a loud whooshing noise. When he finally opened his eyes he could see Nephila in all her glory still standing over him like a divine protector; of course now she had backed up to the edge of the couch and looked very afraid.

               “Nephila?” he asked unsure of what to expect.

               “I’m sorry for that outburst sir. It will never happen again, please forgive me.”
She begged gently through tear stricken eyes.

               “It’s fine, you just… startled me a little.” He lied partially because he didn’t want to give this girl power over him, but also to comfort her. “So? What was that all about? Do you have some kind of grudge against Atlantian’s?”

               “It’s a long story sir, and I shouldn’t have brought it up anyways.” Said Nephila who adverted her gaze.

               “No. I need to know, after all your accompanying me on my mission so whatever personal problems you have need to be solved now.” He declared as he paced back and forth in front of her.

               “Can… we go for a walk?” she whimpered as she leaned forward towards him again.

               “What? Why?”

               “I just… it relaxes me ok, I promise I’ll tell you everything if you take me for a
walk.” Said Nephila who was now on all fours probably under the assumption that if she made herself seem less enormous she would get what she wanted.

               Michael glanced at the oversized door for a second. “Well Athena didn’t really give me any guidelines as to how to deal with her, so I suppose a walk is alright.” He thought as the giantess stared intently at him.

               “Ok, we will go for a walk.”

               “YAY!” she shouted happily and immediately took off for the door.

               Michael struggled to regain composure as her thunderous footsteps knocked him off balance. “Yes we are going for a walk, but only if you wear your collar.”

               “I already have it on sir.” She said pointing to the light green band around her
neck and unraveling the plastic rope from earlier.

               “Good. And another thing drop the ‘sir’ thing, I have a name. It’s Michael” he
lectured as he jogged across the metal floor over to the doorway.

               Grabbing in the rope, he noticed immediately that the end had a device attached to it, a single button with the symbol of lightning on it. Curious his eyes naturally moved up the plastic rope until he noticed the collar had studs surrounding her
jugular; that was when he realized that the collar was not just to control her, but also to kill her should she become difficult to deal with.

               “How about we remove the collar.” He suggested.

               Her eyes lit up briefly with glee before returning to their fear stricken state. “But the collar lets me know where you are. Without it I might… crush you.” She said

               “Well then, I’ll just have to ride on your shoulders.” Said Michael.

               “But… I have never held someone of your size before.” She said nervously. “What if I hurt you?”

               “Just remember to not move to quickly while we walk and I should be fine.” Explained Michael confidently. “And don’t worry about me getting up there; I’ll handle it
this time.”

               Michael adjusted his footing then with merely a thought energy coursed into every atom in his body. And so by controlling the gravitons in his mass and by unifying, enhancing, and directing the magnetic fields surrounding his body he was able to achieve weightlessness regardless of how much gravity there was.

               Nephila looked on with minor interest as Michael gently floated into the air and landed softly on her shoulder. From her perspective everything from the door to the
lights was already magic, so flying Atlantian’s didn’t really surprise her at all.

               “Alright let’s get going.” Said Michael snapping his fingers and causing the door to open.

               Nephila bolted out the door more than happy to finally be free of what was essentially her prison. Michael grappled onto her hair for dear life as her enormous figure practically flew across the floor of the colony; her massive shoulders swinging like pendulums as she ran.

               “Nephila! Slow down!” he shouted as his comparatively puny body was flung back and forth by a force unlike any he had ever experienced in his life.

               Nephila felt a small tug on the back of her hair, then much to her embarrassment she realized that she may have gotten carried away. “Sorry Michael, I was just a little excited and…”

               “No need to apologize I completely understand.” He said somewhat annoyed that she completely forgot what he had told her not even a few seconds ago. “If I was your size and I was trapped in that chamber all day I would react in a similar way as you.”

                Michael managed to finally swing over to her shoulders, but as they proved too difficult to stay on as she moved he relocated to the base of her neck where there was less movement. Looking around, he realized that they were still in the residential area of the colony; this caused him to wonder where she intended to go, if she even had an idea of where she was going at all.

               Considering she had been led by a leash her entire life, he speculated that perhaps she simply wanted to exercise her newly found right to choose. This of course was supported by the fact that she stared out of every window she came across, and for no apparent reason would suddenly stop, speed up, or spin around in a circle as they walked. She was lost in her own little world.

               Taking the opportunity to gather information Michael stretched his hand out in front of him and established a link between himself and the colonies built in central computing system. From his open palm projected a hologram of the planet and the orbiting colony he was currently residing on.

               Like most mass produced orbiting colonies, He observed that this one was nothing special. The colony resembled a giant gyroscope with a rigid outer frame attached to a space elevator to the surface of the planet. Inside the thin frame were several rings which utilized centrifugal force to cheaply simulate gravity.

               “Those little lights. There’s so many of them! Michael what are they?” Nephila said curiously as she stared out of a window which happened to point out into the center of the Milky Way.

               Michael closed his hand causing the hologram to disappear. He figured that there would be plenty of time to collect information. Right now, at least from his standpoint the most important thing on his list was figuring out the mindset of his partner on his mission.

               “You mean you’ve never seen stars before?” he asked with casual curiosity as to how she could have possibly not noticed stars after all her time living in space.

               “Well… I’ve seen them before, but I never really noticed them until now.” she said enthusiastically and pressing her house sized face into the thick glass of the window. “They’re… pretty.”

               From the corner of the window Michael could see Nibiru rise in the distance; the planet containing both the key to all of Atlantian civilization, and of course Nephila’s family, if she had any that is. Looking up at the colossal spectacle that was her face which took up almost his entire field of vision he could see in the corner of her globelike eye a spark of creativity and curiosity. It was an inspiring moment, to watch this monumental girl whose very being was almost godlike contemplate the nature of the stars.

               “GRRAAAAHHHH!” shouted a deep throaty voice from behind causing Nephila to jump at least 20 feet into the air in shock before landing with a dull thud.

               “Nephila? Is that you? What are you doing wandering the colony by yourself you silly creature.” Said a posh sounding female voice from the same direction.

               The hope in Nephila’s eyes faded as this woman spoke, only to be replaced by a blank emotionless stare. Turning around and looking down at the ground Michael could see two figures. A female Atlantian holding in her hand a leash attached to what appeared to be a stocky looking male of Nephila’s species who was crawling towards them on all fours and unfortunately for Michael’s eyes, naked; with the exception of a digital collar tightly wound around the gargantuan male’s neck.

               Michael immediately noticed that unlike Nephila’s sleek studded collar this giants collar was designed to partially alleviate the force of gravity. He wondered briefly why Nephila's didn't have this feature, but dismissed the thought to better deal with the situation at hand.

               “Oh I see you’re not alone then.” She said addressing Michael. “You there. This female is Athena’s pet, what are you doing with it?”

               Michael was stunned at this woman’s arrogance towards both him and Nephila, he realized that Atlantian’s were considered pretentious by other species standards, but this woman’s arrogance was absolutely disgraceful. “Athena asked me to care for Nephila here while she is engrossed with her research.” He lied.

               “I see.” She said with suspicion dripping from her voice as her pet began to grunt and pull at its collar.

               Then out of nowhere the savage looking male crawled at Nephila grabbing her leg and pulling it hard towards him like a possessed maniac. Michael was about to intervene when Nephila screamed loudly and slammed her foot into the giant males face creating a thundering slap as it impacted him. The male fell backward on his back and immediately got up only to throw himself at her again.

               “Futo. Calm down, now!” The posh women shouted at the male as she unenthusiastically yanked the leash to no avail.

               It clearly wasn’t listening to her. Getting up off the ground the behemoth male
stood up shakily on two legs and leaped at her clawing at her breasts and legs in an attempt to grab hold of her. Michael stared deeply into this barbaric male’s eyes as he continued to try and grapple at her enormous body; he had seen this look many times before, it wasn’t anger, it was lust. All the while in the background of this titanic struggle he could feel Nephila’s pulse rise and her body temperature increase significantly.

               “Lady control your pet.” He shouted at the women who had let go of the collar and backed away to a safe distance inside one of the human-only areas of the colony.

               “Just let them sort it out. Nature has a way of taking care of these things.” She said dismissively.

                From Nephila came a powerful thundering shout of such magnitude that he was deafened instantly. Michael stunned by her screech dug his hands into her shirt determined to protect himself from the inevitable battle. He could see a river of shimmering tears roll down her face and she was baring her teeth at the shaggy looking male, it was a far sight from the inspired look she had earlier.

               “Nephila?” said Michael who was now deeply afraid of this colossal girl’s berserk rage.

               She didn’t even flinch at her name; rather she launched herself at the male fists raised, and with one earth shattering punch that sounded like a small explosion the male was launched flat on his back. Michael on the other hand was propelled forward only to slam into the thick fabric of her shirt as Nephila’s tremendous muscles shifted in response to her bone-decimating punch.

               The male leaped up and unsteadily held his ground apparently determined to have his way with her. He shouted and mocked charged her several times. Nephila in turn responded in a similar and surprisingly savage way. This carried on for several minutes until finally the humongous male backed down and crawled back over towards his master with a dark purple bruise across his cheek the size of doorway.

               “Nephila! Calm down, please.” He said attempting to suppress the fear in his voice as he gently massaged her neck which was now almost unbearably hot from her physical activity.

               Finally the sensation of her name being called combined with his efforts to get her attention paid off. Her muscles unclenched, and her breathing slowed; she fell to her knees clearly exhausted from having to fight off the aggressor. This time the look in her eyes was of pure devastation, she was traumatized by what had happened.

               Michael turned his attention towards the woman who was starring absentmindedly into the distance. “You! What the… Fuck is your problem? Why didn’t you stop them? They could have hurt each other!” He said as he levitated down off of Nephila’s shoulders and next to the posh woman.

               “My problem? It’s not my fault that she continues to resist my Futo’s advances. I mean, honestly he can’t help himself, Nephila here is of breeding age and my pet is physically attracted to her.” She said sounding almost as if she and her pet were the victims.

               “That was not an advance. That was rape!” He said becoming increasingly infuriated with this woman regarding an obviously sentient individual with such contempt.

               “Rape? But their just giants, that’s how reproduction is done in nature, you can’t blame my pet for doing what comes naturally.” She rebutted

               “Yes actually I can, and…”

               “Michael. I’ll handle this.” Said Nephila calmly between exhausted breaths.

               “Ma’am for the last time I do not want to… breed with your pet.” She said to the woman who was eyeing her with contempt.

               “Well it’s a shame you feel that way Nephila, you and my darling Futo here would have conceived such beautiful children. But I suppose there is no reasoning with a barbarian, even one who can speak.” She said almost disgusted at Nephila for having the nerve to disagree with her

               “As for you.” she said looking directly at Michael. “Stay out of matters that are none of your concern.”

               And with that the woman tugged lightly on her pet’s collar causing the male to follow behind her; its head bowing in a combination of sexual frustration and shame.

               Michael stared the woman down as she walked off with her rapist pet. Under normal circumstances he would have beat her and her pet to a bloody pulp, but sadly not wishing to reveal his identity by showing his true power he held himself back. The same could not be said for Nephila.

               The battle took a quite a toll on her. Her body was cut and bruised in many places and her entire midriff was exposed due to the male having ripped that part of her shirt clean off. He wished he could help her in some way, but there was simply nothing he could do medically for someone of her size. He was forced to watch as she panted with exhaustion and pain.

               Then out of nowhere Nephila spoke; her eyes red from having cried for the past five minutes. “If you were still wondering whether I hate Atlantian’s or not, let that woman be your answer.”

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